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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  December 31, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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country. and i think we'll continue to see that. it is just fascinating, given what we've seen in this election, to watch them move beyond some of that language and to really help each other, like you said, no one knows what it is like until you have done it. first ladies in particular have a lot of empathy for one another. >> kate anderson, it really is a special sor rorrity of sorts isn't it. next hour of the "newsroom" starts right now. >> hello again, thank you for joining me, i'm fredricka whitfield. the same malicious software used by hackers to meddle in the u.s. election has been found on a laptop belonging to a vermont company. the laptop was not connected to the power grid, but did call this an attempt to infiltrate utility systems, the governor
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lashing out at putin saying vermonters and all america should be both alarmed and outraged that one of the world's leading thugs, vladimir putin has been attempting to hack the electric grid which we lie upon to support our quality of life, economy, health and safety. po polo sandoval is following this. how far reaching this intrusion might be, talking about the vermont government. >> it caught the attention of the feds because at this point burlington, electric, the company involved in this incident is saying that they did notice this malicious code, this malicious software on one of their laptop computers, one of the company owned laptop computers, what is important to keep in mind is this computer was not connected to the organization system, which is good. because officials here saying for example the customer information, also the power grid
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itself was never come plpromise. we expect to hear from them for more information. this happened after the obama administration issued a warning to utility companies ask other similar entities asking them to take a closer look at their network security in light of what has been going on. as a result, this company reportedly located or at least they detected this grizzly step software, that sound ds familiar, because that was the same malware reportedly used by russian hackers to try to influence the november election. that is one of the reasons why this is very important story that is developing right now in the united states. it's getting the attention, as you showed a few minutes ago from the governor, several elected officials, including for example, the vermont senator releasing a statement overnight. i will read you a small portion of it, what this senior is
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saying about the importance of this case here and what has happened. his statement reading in part, this is beyond hackers having electronic joyrides this is now about trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid, and shut it down in the middle of winter. this is a direct threat to vermont and we do not take it lightly. we have seen these kinds of things happen before, fred, for example about a year ago there was a massive cyber attack that specifically attacked power grids in ukraine, hundreds of people affected there. since then u.s. officials have been asking organizations and utility companies in the united states to closely watch their systems for something like this. >> all right. thank you so much. let's talk more about this. joining me right now is former nsa advisor and cyber security consultant, david kennedy and analyst major. happy new year. >> david, you first, what a way
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to begin or say good-bye to 2016 and a bay in which to say hello to 2017. this malware on this laptop in vermont. how worrisome, potentially dangerous is this to you? >> it's alarming the attackers are going after utility grid. one thing we should note is we're doing same things to other countries, it's used for military preparedness. so this is happening all over the place and it's very concerning because usually the energy grid is very vulnerable, it has a number of exposures and very easy to get into. >> so you are saying this is a just in case, that we would hack and other countries might hack ours and so it's not so worrisome to you until the next step is taken? >> reporter: it's worrisome from the fact that our grid is that vulnerable to where we see a lot of these attacks happening. but this is definitely used for
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military preparing to shut down the electric grid. we did the same thing to iran. those were to cripple the centra futures, so we see this happening all the time from china, from russia, iran, and we do the same thing back as well. >> so general, sources telling cnn they are not clear on the full scope or intent or if it is indeed an isolated event even hearing david's explanation. should that pacify a lot of worries or is it still very concerning to you about the potential? >> no, it's very concerning. in fact, what david described is a standard operating procedure where we have access and russia and china and others, north korea, they have access and have taken advantage of that access. what we have with all activities online are competely ungoverned,
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so we have this level of accept edness and the risks of going too far are cataclysmic. if we got -- if the russians got into the electrical system and were able to effect, let's say from charlotte, north carolina, to jacksonville, you have air traffic, banking, financial systems, we have systems which are the electro mechanical systems that governor traffic lights and dams opening and closing and gates opening, elevators working. so just the standard safety procedures, health and hospitals, monitoring of patients, all of that becomes at risk and could be brought down. that's the level that we're talking about. we've reached this level where what we need to do, fred, is establish some kind of protocol, not unlike our efforts 60 years ago with nuclear proliferation treaties and discussions on what we knew as mutually assured
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destruction. we reached a level that is that dangerous and risky. >> to what degree, what are u.s. intelligence investigators looking at, how are they did i secretarying this to try to figure out its origins, trace it, learn more about motivations. >> there is two pieces when you typically identify an incident. there is a technique called reverse engineering, which allows you to take apart that malware and figure out who coded it. there are strings in there that indicate certain patterns russia would use or other countries. we also look for indicators of compromise, how it got there in the first place and the infrastructure that was used to send that. a good example is with the recent jar that was released from dhs, they release the indicators of compromise and long list of infrastructure that was used by reportedly russian intelligence and officials 0 are hackers or what not. those are all things they look at to see if the infrastructure
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is the same, where it is tied back to and who they are monitoring. it's a let ti methodical way of going through things to identify. it's a difficult process, because these infrastructures change all the time. >> general, does this mean an investigation of many major utility companies across the country to investigate, see if there is malware, that will appear on anyone else's computers. >> i would hope so. i would hope everybody is doing a very aggressive job of getting into their systems to determine where their vulnerables are. again, let's be frank with each other. vulnerables exist, it's a very porous system, it's a matter of time before we have this cat ka lyssic event. the only thing monitoring this behavior -- russia decided not to go further than to plant this malware and not activate it, see how far it could go in the
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electric grid system that could affect all of the north east. >> and vice-versa. >> absolutely. it's essentially a constant reconnaissance as a military guy, that is the way i would put it. we probe, evaluate, and peer over the shoulder 24/7 online all the time. russia does that to us and china does that to us. we need to have the discussions that lead to protocol so we can know exactly what is on the table and we know what we're talking about so we don't have some bad event occur because somebody has a hair to tell them to pull the trigger, push this bu button to make it happy. >> thank you. >> we're all uplifted, happy new year. next, a new year's message from donald trump and it's not the typical holiday greeting from a
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! >> welcome back. so president-elect donald trump is issuing a new year's greeting today, but it seems to be directed at his adversaries, tweeting this, happy new year to all, including my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly, they just don't know what to do. love. bring in cnn ryan noble. ryan, there is that and then there are the sentiments dismissing u.s. intelligence, criticizing president obama's retaliation against russia and trump's continued praise of putin.
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so, how is this setting the stage for what could be a pretty important pivotal first week in the new year? >> reporter: you could argue that this is has become one of the biggest issues confronting donald trump as he gets set to take office here in a couple of weeks. this controversy over the relationship between the united states and russia and where he intends to take that relationship is something that many here in washington are debating. putin decided not to retaliate to president obama after a president obama put in that new round of sanctions over the past couple of days. take a look at this tweet from trump which came out a few days ago. he said, great move on the delay, and then he put in parenthesis, by the putin. i always knew he was very smart. and this follows a pattern by donald trump. he is often talked about vladimir putin in glowing terms and he said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he would like to forge a better relationship between the united
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states and russia. that stands in very much opposition by the current administration and by many republicans and democrats in congress. >> and what is the expectation of how this could upset republicans who do support sanctions, in fact are even asking for more? >> reporter: i think that will be one of the biggest things donald trump has on his plate in the new year is this group republican senators in particular who are not enamored with the idea of cozying up. hear what mccain said about the alleged intervention in the united states election. >> when you attack a country, it's an act of war. and so we have to make sure that there is a price to pay so that we can perhaps persuade the russians to stop this kind of attacks on our very fundamentals of democracy. >> reporter: this is so important because there is only
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a four seat majority for republicans in the senate, so that means donald trump needs all four of those votes if he wants to enact his agenda. for the most part these senators, who criticized trump during the campaign have warmed up to him on an over all basis. on this key issue of russia there is serious diseven shun and that could make life difficult for him. >> thank you. let's talk more about this now with cnn political commentator and the former lieutenant-governor of new york and donald trump supporter. good to see you and happy new year. >> so tara you first, how wore i some is this issue of the malware being found on a vermont utility laptop, all on the heels of this praise that donald trump continues to pile on to vladimir putin and the ties being made between russia and the malware. >> i think it's a legitimate
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concern. donald trump and the incoming administration they cannot continue to put their heads in the sand when what russia is trying to do. mitt romney had it right back in 2012 they are our greatest political foes, vladimir putin has been thumbing his nose at president obama and the united states for the last few years and you have donald trump coming in, poo-pooing reports and russia brazenly with their interference in our election. this is real. and as a republican and as someone who worked for a member of congress who sat on the foreign affairs committee, we've been watching what is going on with russia and it's something that i think other fellow republicans, including like we just saw in the report, especially in the senate foreign relations committee, are well aware of and not going to sit back and accept. i caution my other fellow republicans who have been excusing this away, i don't know, we're supposed to be the
9:18 am
reagan would not be happy with what is going on and the way we're handling russia. >> betsy, donald trump said he will tackle it when he gets into office. there was you know, the sentiment coming from putin to delay this, then you have donald trump who says he is praising him for being smart, for delaying it. why is it important to send that message and then send a message of new year's you know, greeting to my enemies as opposed to taking this matter really seriously. >> he is taking it seriously and pursuing the smarter strategy. >> what do you mean by that? he will fortify american defense. he is putting into the top positions people like michael lynch and mad dog mattis. >> isn't he -- >> he is doing substantive things, unleashing the energy development, all to make america a stronger country in the world.
9:19 am
but let me just finish. >> he is making a convincing argument on that. you are trying to make that convincing argument because you are not really addressing the matter at hand. >> i am. why not mollify an egomaniac who has hands on nuclear weapons. he is -- rather than i can 'ing a fight with a bully from a position of weakness. look what barack obama has done. he has ejected 35 petty diplomats from a mansion in maryland. did he go after putin when he invaded crimea, no. did he go after the chinese -- >> this is now on u.s. soil. >> i am going to finish. did he go after the chinese. >> are you saying that the sitting president should not, before his term is up, address this issue? >> not in such a petty way. let me tell you he has ignored cyber security for eight years. for example, when the chinese hacked the office of personnel
9:20 am
management and exposed the records of 22 million americans, barack obama did nothing. no expulsions, no sanctions. again and again when nations have attacked us, when the iranians seized our sailors, no sanctions, no expulsions, so the fact is that trump is going to increase the strength of this nation and the world before he picks a fight with a petty dictator. >> why do you -- >> strength with insults. >> at issue right now is a response to evidence coming from 17 intelligence communities. >> they're laughing at the response, the russians are laughing at the response, 35 diplomats ejected from a maryland mansion, what difference does it make, it's nothing. >> as much as i agree that president obama's response to russia and china and others has
9:21 am
been tepid, we agree on that. but barack obama is leaving office in a couple weeks, he is not going to be president any more. donald trump is. and what donald trump has been doing is when betsy just said, we should mollify an ego tis ti cal maniac, were you talking about putin or trump? because donald trump is an egomaniac that has an affinity for strong men. no u.s. president -- >> that is a stupid insult that does not convenience the interest of the united states. that's a stupid insult that the president-elect does not advance the benefit of our country. >> putin, it's right there in front of us. maybe you need to tell that to donald trump. because he is the one who continues to praise putin who is a -- >> i will not tell that to donald trump. what i will say for eight years barack obama ignored the cyber security. >> when someone is trying to chime in you are call it interrupting, you are doing the
9:22 am
same thing. >> you are insulting the president-elect. >> it's fact what he has been doing with putin. let me say something else about what he is doing, he is a s shch -- which used to be the kgb, for years he's been consolidating that, representing what stalin did. that is scarey stuff. is he doing serious things while donald trump is over here tweeting about how smart putin is. so these are legitimate concerns that the american people should pay attention to and that is what our congress is supposed to do for oversight to balance this out. this is not advancing. you think donald trump snding out a tweet talking happy new year to my haters, that's a mature way for the ez president the united states to begin office. >> for eight years president
9:23 am
obama ignored cyber security. the inspector general's report from the state department revealed that the cyber security protection set up after 9/11 to safe guard the communications between our diplomats is totally in sham bells. instead of just talking tough, president-elect -- >> mixed messages are being sent. you are talking about tough messages, mixed messages -- >> i don't think about talking like a bully until you prepare your nation to adequately -- he chose mad dog mattis and mike lynch to replace two utter weak lings, ashton carter and susan rice, there will be a more formidable defense budget. he will unleash energy production in our country so we will not be dependent on foreign
9:24 am
nations for the energy surprise. that is countermeasures to strengthen the american power. >> i think this representative of what that first week or first 100 days might be like in 20 days after the inauguration and the swearing in president-elect donald trump. we're going to leave it right there. thank you so much, ladies and happy new year. can we say that, can we agree on that one. >> happy new year, tara. >> new york city meantime preparing for tonight's big new year's eve celebration. security is very tight, as many as 7 thousand police officers on duty tonight. we'll go live there next. and the party begins right here on cnn at 8:00 eastern time with kathy griffin and anderson cooper and we will be right back. ♪
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>> welcome back. live pictures of time square, the excitement is building and lots of folks are already pouring in. they want to get their perfect spot in time for the ball to drop tonight for the celebration. as many as 7,000 police officers are also there, side by side with the throngs of people patrolling times square making sure it is a safe, fun night. the city is ramping up security after recent terror attacks in
9:28 am
france and germany. jessica snyder is in times square. jessica, what more can you tell us about the precautions being put in place and how really people are starting to pour in to times square and are very much comforted by what they do see in terms of security. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. you see the crush of the crowd all around me. the people who are already in the pens, they're just over that way through that massive crowd, but they have gone through extensive screening to get into those pens. to give you a better glimpse at exactly what it is like out here. i will make our way through the crowd and go back toward the barriers, these barriers extend for about 20 blocks here. the nypd putting in significant security measures, even enhanced measures. 65 sanitation trucks are set up all over the perimeter of times square, filled with sand and they'll be used as a barrier if there were to be any sort of
9:29 am
threat out here. again, there is no credible threat against times square or new york city itself, all of these are precautions, they'll have 100 blocker vehicles, also 7,000 police officers stationed throughout the city. including 550 new graduates from the police academy. in addition 65 pens are set up like this one and they will be filled to capacity, expecting upwards of 3,000 people in each of these pens. i talked to some of those hearty people who have been waiting out here already for hours. >> we all live together at usf and so we planned this trip out a year ago and so we're really excited. we've been looking forward to the ball drop since last new year's. >> i'm looking forward to watching the ball drop with five of my really good friends. >> reporter: already the pens have begun to fill up. the people trickling in throughout the day and waiting for that ball drop at midnight.
9:30 am
of course, there will be a visible presence of those heavy weapons officers as well as counterterrorism teams that will be out here making sure that everything stays safe and back at police headquarters there will be about 30 reps from city and state agencies keeping an eye out on all the video monitors out here all over times square. keeping it safe and keeping it fun as well. fredricka? >> very important combination. thank you so much. the ceasefire in syria is holding at this hour. a truce brokered by russia and turkey. our next guest says the u.s. has lost its place of power in the region. we'll look at the crisis as peace talks are set to begin.
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oh, thank you, thank you. you're welcome, are you ready to go? oh, i sure am. we can provide the right care, right at home. >> i'm fredricka whitfield, thank you for joining me here from manhattan. rebels say they will no longer follow the ceasefire if they
9:34 am
continue to violate it. the ceasefire is holding. and that has allowed some in aleppo to come out into the streets as you see here today. the u.n. security council expected to vote on a russian-backed resolution backing the ceasefire. we have two expect rts to discu what will happen next. i military analyst and former u.s. attach shi in syria. michael wieft. so lieutenant, you first, you wrote on your blog that you outlined the steps being taken in the ceasefire and you say, i'm quoting now, it appears that once again president putin and foreign minister have outplayed american president obama and secretary of state john kerry. the new power brokers in the region, especially when it comes to syria are russia, turkey and
9:35 am
iran. so in your view, will that still be the case once donald trump is sworn in, given the kind of relationship that appears to be evolving between he and putin? >> yeah. great question. if you read what the russians have said, they're willing to allow the united states to take part of these talks which will take place about a month from now. if the situation allows those talks to go on. so it looks like putin is not only taken charge of the situation on the ground in syria, he has forced people to come to the table. now he is deciding who sits at that table. so he is in the driver's seat right now and i believe that he is doing this as a snub to president obama, you know, the relationship between those two has really deteriorated over the past few weeks. we saw what happened with the expulsion of the russian diplomats. i don't see any hope we'll be in
9:36 am
a position to broker anything that is going on in syria until after january 20th. >> michael based on our previous conversation you are very much in agreement with that with russia being in the driver seat. putin may have orchestrated this to his liking but could that potentially change because of this on display kind of romance between he and trump and perhaps he would invite him to the table, would it be like that? >> i don't think so. not only has trump a additioned to be the prom date and he has agreed with him how to handle the middle east. but putin's great skill as a tack tigs is to make a -- force enemies, particularly the united states into accepting it. he did this with the red line issue, obama's famous thou shall not pass this, putin said hang a minute, let's do a deal to remove chemical weapons, look at that deal today.
9:37 am
the regime accused of using gas and violating the terms of the deal that was considered this landmark achievement. what putin is doing is saying to trump, you don't want to get involved in another war in the middle east, let me handle it. let's take this away from geneva and i will handle it, we're alike. we can do business, iran is basically my new client. this week it was shown special forces on the ground in syria wearing the patches of his bola terrorist. that is how the relationship is. in terms of the ceasefire, it's holding, in the way that all the other ceasefires have held. there is some respite and breathing space, people are turning out and protesting the regime again. >> not to make it last. >> they're bombing neighborhoods in damascus which is going to
9:38 am
suffer extraordinary crisis because it lost its water supply. these are the thing that's get smuggled under the radar. the headlines are always ceasefire and political solution instead of em broiling insurgency. >> what is the motivation, if putin wants to be in the driver seat is displaying he is in the driver seat. what is the end game, what is the sole ambition as it pertains to syria. because already in recent years, it shows or at least history has revealed that putin and bashar al-assad seem to be on the same team. so what is the -- what's the real, i guess end game here? >> well, i think we're seeing the end game form right now. and that is going to be the result of these peace talks x when these peace talks happen they'll go from a position of strength. bashar al assad has little to
9:39 am
fear. he will remain the ruler of syria, that will be the bottom line for the russians and iranians, the turks will acquiesce to that because they have other interests that the russians can help satisfy. there is hey change on the ground. the rebels are trying to bargain from a real weak point. this loss in aleppo was not only significant it really hurt them militarily and if you watch what is happening with the russian bombing and they'll pivot out of the south west and go avid lib and we're going to see the russians emerge again, dictating what happens. and bashar al assad will remain in power. as michael said this, is exactly what they will do, present this to the world as this is the solution, sign onto it orris being just creating more of the bloodbath we've seen for the past six years, people are tired of it, i think putin may be onto something here. >> so michael, the goal for the u.s. has been peace and the removal of bashar al assad.
9:40 am
would the goal change with a new presidency? >> the stated goal has been the removal of the bashar al assad. the actual policy has been put a little pressure on him, that is what the cia was doing with their program and then force him to the negotiating table. the problem is his allies, namely iran and russia, went all in on his behalf and really intervened to smash whatever remaining u.s. interests there are. now, those interests are almost non existent in the country. as rick said, america has become irrelevant. there was a report about them sitting around a table trying to carve up syria and do a new deal and then eventually they'll present it to the united states. >> what does it eventually look like, who is there, who is left? >> as rick was saying, the opposition from aleppo is going into idlib province and that is run by the jihadi groups. this is beautiful for putin
9:41 am
because they can say there is a jihadist especially rate in the northest and they can go after them like you and in iraq and fallujah. they will do that under the guys of counterterrorism. what is interesting to my mind, if you look at what the russians are saying about who is the opposition now. the very groups they had black listed as terrorists, the leader they took out in air strike. >> all right. michael, lieutenant, thank you so much, appreciate it, gentlemen. happy new year. it's hard to keep saying that after such heavy, heavy serious topics, i wish you the best in 2017. a look back at 2016, the big crime stories, we'll count down the top stories of the year.
9:42 am
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>> terror attacks spike, in homicides, national drug epidemic and capture of a drug lord. 2016 has been an interesting year for crime and justice as well. >> reporter: we are not going anywhere, we're here to do a job. >> a 41 day occupation at a federal wildlife ref ug in oregon ended. one of the leading occupiers was killed the month before heightening tensions. the armed occupiers frustrated with the feds over land right issues. >> the world's most wanted drug lord, he will chap po, captured. >> mexican navy special forces captured the notorious drug kingpin in a predawn raid. six months earlier he broke out of a mexican prison through a
9:46 am
hole in his shower stall that led to a tunnel. this was his second escape. heroin is the devil. >> law enforcement facing a national heroin epidemic. ohio police posting this picture to demonstrate the impact op families. >> people do not understand what it is doing and how it affects families overall and the little kids that get caught up in this. >> and the video of a couple overdosing, going viral. >> i find myself unable to put it down. it's devastation, pain, anguish. >> the addiction beginning for some with prescription drugs, the crisis made even worse this year by deadlier drugs, 2016 showed an increase in fen ta nal related deaths and overdoses. >> we should make a billion gun arrests a year and it will not make a difference. >> more than 7 hundred homicides in chicago as of december. the worse year for murders in two decades. there are an average of 82 shootings per week.
9:47 am
on that morning, all that i was told was that i had been found behind a dumpster. potentially penetrated by a stranger. >> stanford swimmer was released from prison after three months. he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the move angered the public and the victim's heard wrenching statement seen by millions. apple refuses to comply with the california judge's order to help the fbi retrieve information from the iphone of san bernardino gunman farook. the phone unlocked by a third party, but the refusal set a precedent. they may refuse to comply with a court subpoena power. >> there has been been explosion in the chelsea neighborhood. >> lone wolf terrorist, 29 injured, no one was killed.
9:48 am
two other devices found in new jersey, this one detonated by the bomb squad. 28-year-old ra he me was captured after a shootout days later with police in new jersey. in february, u.s. supreme court justice scalia, the outspoken conservative voice, died in his sleep. who would replace him and what impact would that have became front page news in this election year. president obama's attempt to replace him blocked by republicans, the next justice will be appointed by president-elect trump. >> police shootings and race relations dominated the conversation reaching a cre sen doe for four days in july. sterling shot by police in louisiana, ka seal shot by police in minnesota. both died from their wounds.
9:49 am
and then in dallas, in the evening hours of july 8th, 12 police officers shot, five killed during protests as a gunman ambushed police. it ended when a bomb squad robot killed the gunman after negotiations failed. >> this must stop. this divisiveness between our police and our citizens. >> it was the deadliest single incident for u.s. law enforcement since 9/11. other shootings of and by police officers would follow, reigniting the national debate about law enforcement in the u.s. >> i can hear the shotguns closer and he shoots the girl next to me. i'm laying down and i'm thinking i'm next, i'm dead. >> the deadliest shooting in america, 49 killed, 53 wounded during a gunman's rampage inthe nightclub in june.
9:50 am
telling police he was a soldier of isis, was killed after a three-hour standoff with police. >> most of the victims who died were under the age of 40. young men and women full of dream zpz full of plans. >> all right. thank you so much. and we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back. college football final four set to get under way in a few hours, washington takes on number one alabama at 3:00 p.m. east everyone in atlanta and then ohio state place clemson later on at the fiesta bowl, that's where we find cnn, it's empty now, but won't be long, you will have some company. >> reporter: the calm before the storm, that's exactly right. it's been a long season. it all comes down to this, ohio state and clemson, one one away from playing for the national champion. these teams are no strangers to the big time.
9:54 am
they missed out on the playoff completely last year even though they had a team loaded with talent. this season it came roaring back and favored by three points in this game against clemson. led by meyer, who is 10 and 2 ball time in bowl games, one of those losses to sweeny's tigers, they fell shy of winning it all last year, barely beaten by alabama in the title game. they're led by the two time heisman finallist. the winner move on to play the winner of the peach bowl. the husky's taking on alabama and the criminal son tide own the longest winning streak, 25 dating back to last season and won four of the last 7 national titles. you have the leader looking to get one step closer to winning his six national title overall. if he pulls it off it would tie him with bryant, his discipline
9:55 am
appetite for success and no nonsense demeanor made him one of the greatest leaders the sports world has ever seen. he seems mean, one of the guys you don't want to mess with him. what do his players have to say about him. >> a maniac, he is amazing. i don't think i ever met anyone like him. the drive and determination, i have never seen him relax. >> he is not as intense as everyone thinkings he is, they think he is uptight and intense and always so strict and he actually a little more laid back, not a lot more, a little more laid back than people think he is. >> reporter: he reminds me a lot of bill belichick, i played in the nfl for nine seasons and i had to go against him two times every year and there is something different every time. he has the same demeanor. that kicks off at 3:00 p.m. eastern, followed by the game,
9:56 am
the fiesta bale, this place is going to be packed as you mentioned. i'm getting goosebumps thinking about what is going to happen. >> i know, you are reminiscenting on your nfl days and being at the college bowls also makes you think about your college ball playing at stanford, too, doesn't it? >> reporter: absolutely, fred can't wait. it's surreal. i'm the lucky guy at cnn, get to go cover all the sports, i know you love sports, too, i apologize, but i will not take it for granted. >> don't apologize. i appreciate it. you are bringing it there, we're living vicariously through you. happy new year. >> coming up next, counting down to 2017, the fun is already starting and so is the tight security. next why police are using sand as part of the security plan this year. we're live in times square next. healthy, free, the world before me,
9:57 am
the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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9:59 am
>> hello, thank you for joining me. we begin this hour with new year celebrations around the world, just last hour, crowds in ban
10:00 am
cob cheerd as the new year rang in. >> four, three, two, one. >> and this morning hong kong and taiwan also with dazzling fireworks to celebrate the new ♪ ♪ >> parts of the world are already celebrating the new year, cities in the u.s. still preparing for their big parties, live pictures of new york's


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