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tv   New Years Eve Live With Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin  CNN  December 31, 2016 5:00pm-9:31pm PST

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sanjay, anderson's trying to get in touch with you. >> who? >> anderson. >> cooper? >> yeah. >> [ bleep ]. just trying to get away for a little bit. needed to get away, meditate. you know, that kind of thing. went to the other side of the world, literally, just to get away. >> actually, we're on right now. >> we're on right now? >> yeah. >> oh. hey, anderson, buddy, how are you doing? kathy. just kidding, guys. happy new year -- ♪ >> announcer: live from new york city, it's new year's eve with anderson cooper and kathy
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griffin. we're live across america. richard quest, high above times square. nischelle turner, starstruck in music city. gary and lindsay tuchman, partying poolside in miami. lynn smith toasting lone star style. and don lemon and brook baldwin all jazzed up in the heart of new orleans. ♪ it's showtime ♪ showtime ♪ guess who's back again and now your hosts, still going strong after ten years, anderson cooper and kathy griffin. ♪ hey, everybody. it's me, kathy griffin, here with anderson cooper, who's very busy reading an excellent new book. is that the bible? >> i can't believe you wrote this stuff. >> yeah. i did. i wrote things in my book that are revealing. some of them about you. >> my attorneys are going to be calling you. good evening, everyone. welcome. we are at the r lounge in the renaissance hotel in times square right now for a kind of preparty party. we're going to be spending a little bit of time here and then
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we're going to -- >> it's in the '20s right now. >> it's a gatsby themed party here. >> 23 skidoo. and i didn't mean to swear. by the way, clearly you kind of think you're jay gatsby. >> i decided to wear a tie because it's a party. but what's sad is it's a tie i moderated one of the debates with. because i'm very short on ties. >> did not see it. but it was -- >> you've been on tour all year round. >> it was edward when you left with barron in his limo. i don't know if he's home schooling or you're trying to get a job with him or he's a cabinet member now. >> that didn't happen. good evening, everyone. it is our tenth anniversary year. they said it wouldn't last. >> it did, though. >> multiple management teams at cnn said it would not last. >> i've been fired by like four heads of cnn. and somehow they still kept you. >> the good thing in tv, as you know as well as i do, is that the more you stick around,
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management changes. and so -- >> but we stay. >> management forgets what happened the year before. >> that's right. >> and they don't talk to the old management. so they don't call up and -- >> they're all fighting. so no one said, for god's sake, don't let kathy griffin anywhere near that player, just keep her on spike where she belongs. by the way, what are your favorite shows on spike? >> well, let me tell you. there's the -- >> wow. >> yeah. spike. i'm not familiar wp. >> at least say -- >> wait, is spike the one that had the ufc reality show of like a bunch of ufc fighters living in a house? >> they have feelings. i know. and also they have a lot of ink competition shows. >> which i'm obsessed also with tattoos. >> by the way, does everyone know he's tatted? you've got sleeves all the way down. >> i think this is the year i'm going to get a tattoo. i've been talking about it for i think all ten years we've been >> and i assume you're going to t the barbed wire? >> chinese character. >> it's more like a couple of pieces of wire. like a -- it's all right.
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we get it. >> that is the danger with tattoos, that you get something that seems okay, say, in the early '90s like a barbed wire and then -- >> you've got to get a tattoo lift. that was very big in the '20s. they were really ahead of their time. >> it is a very exciting night here in new york. there are as many as a million people outside braving the cold temperatures. it's not that cold tonight. >> wait, are we still doing this? >> that's what we do. >> just be honest. there's not one single new yorker down there and you know it. there's a million asians. we feel guilty. we apologize to the asian xhient. . >> there's a lot of people from out of town. >> closet mi bags. >> wow. we're already there? that's usually 11:50 when it's too late to yank you. >> oh, i have a whole plan. my plan this year is try to be fired by 5:00 tonight. you guys fire me the next day. it's so predictable. i think this is the year i'm out of here by 8:45. >> i'm contractually obligated,
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by the way, to hold kathy's book for about 3 1/2 hours. >> until you read it apparently. >> i've read it. >> what are your favorite parts? >> ryan -- basically, the book is it's called kathy's stories of incredible celebrity interactions, which she has incredible -- >> often. >> often all the time. but ryan cranston. >> bryan cranston. or as you call him, ryan. i'm sorry. known as walter white. it was a show nobody watched. >> it's my favorite show. and he's a lovely guy. he's one of the few celebrities in the book who i've met -- >> amazing actor. yes. >> when you saw him, though, what -- >> it was season 1 of "breaking bad" and i was the only person who never saw it. and i knew him from "malcolm in the middle." and i saw him at the emmys where i was nominated. and i remember feeling bad for bryan because you know, he was losing his hair and he had like a weird hat on and i didn't know if i should hug him. >> you thought he was sick. >> i thought he was ill and also had fallen on hard times and maybe was going to hit me up for money. and i was like, uh, bryan, how much do you need? i can give you 100k but i'm not going to give you 500. and then it turns out he played walter whitt or some famous
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character that people love. in the '20s whatever he did would have been legal. >> i ran into him years ago, first time i ever met i am him. i don't have as many encounters with celebrities -- >> drinking game. b.s. statement number one. anderson doesn't know any famous people. i'm sorry. hi, angelina. angelina jolie's over here. she's actually anderson's dresser. she's just making sure his tie is perfect. he's good. >> anyway, i loved "breaking bad." >> hi, pax. i know you know pax. i know you know shiloh. >> i love that you know the names of her children. >> as if you don't. you know you've been to their house a million times. >> i haven't. >> you know all the kids -- >> i have interviewed her a couple times. so i went up to bryan cranston and i said -- i went up to him and i normally wouldn't approach a celebrity because i don't know what to say to them. >> oh, yeah. >> because i always feel like -- >> shameless. i've been with him when he's like pushing me out of the way and i have like a scar on my face. oh, my god, it's heidi and spencer. >> i did go up to bryan -- what's happened to them, by the
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way? >> as if you don't know. >> i go up to bryan cranston and i said i normally don't talk to celebrities but you know -- and i know i don't want to be that guy who's always like going in your face telling you how much i like you but i really, really admire you. and i was that guy. and i got so nervous i just rambled on like i am right now. >> and he said i love you, john king. >> finally, his wife came over and did the whole like he's got to go. >> mrs. cranston -- >> yes. rescued him. >> saved him -- >> from my fandom. >> you officially changed your name for the party. >> you do in the book refer to me as vanderbilt quite a lot actually. >> because you're a vanderbilt. >> let's check in with my good friend richard quest, who is above -- >> my good friend. >> your good friend as well. richard quest. happy new year. >> richard. >> richard? hey, richard. >> yes. good evening. >> can you hear us? >> good evening. >> it's anderson and kathy. >> i can hear you loud and clear. from the other side of -- from the other side of times square.
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i am over here. i'm at the top of number 1 times square by the numbers 2017. so that puts me about 450 feet above times square itself. it's a terrific view. if you wave to me at some point, i should be able to see you. >> richard, is toshiba like a sponsor tonight or something? because it seems like we're giving a lot of time -- >> do you live in that toshiba building? >> i am everywhere tonight. this is truly phenomenal. we're starting -- we're starting off in good old-fashioned constructionwear because we are at the top here. over the course of the next four or five hours, you're going to gradually see things getting more grand. but come and have a look at my view. come and have a look and see what i can see. these letters, by the way -- >> i wish i could see what you see. >> -- are seven feet tall.
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>> wow. >> and every now and again fireworks go off, which are truly terrifying. >> i'm hoping, richard, that your outfit changes tonight throughout the course of the evening you are going to be each member of the village people at one time or another. >> or i.m. pei or richard meyer. is it richard meyer? who's the architect? >> it is richard meyer. >> i tell you what, anderson, i will do the actions if you join me in them. >> richard, i will join you to the ends of the earth. you know this, and i've proven it. also, i am worried about your safety because your brain must be protected because it's your essence. i mean, your body is fantastic. your face is model-worthy, but it's your thoughts that we need, richard. >> my i.p. is out. so you're going to have to run this show. >> i'm happy to. anderson says a lot of bad things about you off camera and his earpiece fell out.
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so i'll tell you later. call me. >> i will. >> richard. richard, i was kidding. don't jump. don't jump. oh, great. now i've gone too far -- >> it's too late. >> the beloved richard quest. >> this is an event. this is an event. for the first time they've allowed a network, which of course is cnn, to come up here and actually be by the flag. look, there's the flag. by the numbers. by the fireworks. terrifying. so bad. they've had to harness me in. now, you know a thing or two about a harness, kathy. >> do i ever. i know a thing about your harness, buddy, and how to get out of it. >> richard, how much have you traveled this year? >> by the way, do you know that that's what you do, you ignore what i say, which i'm clearly trying to get in a harness with richard and you get nervous. >> it makes me nervous. >> and you go hey, how's the weather down there? kathy's serious about the harness, let's move on. go ahead with your boring question. >> my i.p.'s out anyway.
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>> anderson. >> he says 300,000 miles at least, anderson. >> okay. >> and i don't remember the question. but that's a very long way to go, richard. richard, what is it like up there? is it windy? is it cold? are you all right? >> it's not that cool tonight. i've got my thermal underwear on because i thought it was going to be much colder. but it is a little bit breezy. and look, just showing you the view. straight down. that's what it's like up here. >> you know what, richard? i'm not even going to go for that joke. but i could hear you say straight down all night long in your adorable "oliver twist" affectation. because i know you're from boise. i know it. >> we have only just begun. >> seriously. >> that is true. >> i love him. but he needs it. >> it's going to be a bumpy ride all night. and i won't have an i.p. for most of it.
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is this why ryan seacrest practices? >> look, she's got all kinds of big stars going over there. and you know, it's a busy night. does she still have that gig or not? >> he does. >> wait. did you just say -- yes. one down. several to go. >> we're going to be talking to richard throughout the evening. also, randi cruise is on a cruiseship. >> randi kaye. wow. all right. the intern is doing the best he can. >> i just flew in. i just landed. i'm jet laged. >> randi kaye is on a cruiseship. and i have been on -- i have worked many cruiseships. i have in fact -- fun fact. i have actually done nine gay cruises and one heterosexual cruise. >> really? >> yes. and there's a difference. >> like atlantis or rsvp? >> it's so weird how those rolled off your tongue. yes, atlantis and rsvp. and they're very wild.
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and the hetero cruises i'm not going to lie are a little on the boring side. >> we're going to check in with randi kaye on the cruise ship, all our correspondents. we're going to show you new year's eve from around the world. we'll be right back at kathy griffin's new year's eve live with anderson cooper. >> with anderson without an earpiece. ♪ it's getting louder, louder ♪ every time i think about you, about you ♪ ♪ i'll be better off without you, without you ♪ ♪ ♪ i wish my heart would stop beating me up ♪ ♪ beating me up ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ beating me up ♪ i wish my heart would stop ♪ wish my heart would stop ♪ beating me up ♪ i let you get the best of me
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kathy, anderson, happy new
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year. here's to a clean, fresh start 2017. >> hey, kathy and anderson. it's josh groban. my party is all here. we are wasted, and we can't wait to watch you guys count down to 2017. wishing you and everybody watching a safe, healthy, prosperous 2017 and sending you guys lots of love. >> happy new year, anderson cooper and kathy griffin. it's kristen chenowith here. i'm on my way to the oklahoma city thunder game, as you can see by my bedazzled hat that i did myself. anyway, wish i was in new york with you guys, but i'm at one place better. that's oklahoma. happy new year. ♪ >> hi. i'm ron jeremy have a happy new year. >> happy new year, anderson and
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kathy. congratulations on ten bizarre years together. fight on! >> all right. >> slow clap. come on. >> ron jeremy? >> i made some calls. >> how? what? >> i know ron. i had him over for thanksgiving. it's in my book. ron jeremy. >> and i love that he's sort of in a darkened room somewhere. >> and he plays the harmonica among other things. and kristin chenowith sends her love from oklahoma. some sporting event. and josh groban. every time i called him he'd go i have to do it, i have to take a shower. >> so you can just call dave grol? >> yeah. i can call dave grohl. and i go have your wife shoot you in the shower. he goes good idea. and i hang up. >> welcome to new year's eve live from times square. >> with my special guest anderson cooper. but we have even more special guests, if i may. incredibly talented other kathy and anderson. maybe better than us.
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>> this was in case my flight got canceled? >> or in case i got canned. >> hello. >> hey. >> hello. good evening. happy new year. >> happy new year, everybody. >> they're very friendly. >> i'm very life-like. >> you're very life-like. >> hi, anderson. >> i may be more life-like than you are, actually. >> what's sad is you're wearing exactly what i'm wearing except for the tie. >> it was good you called me before the broadcast. >> no, i'm very predictable. >> i just lost the tie. i'm sorry. i lost the tie in times square somewhere because i'm -- frankly i'm a little tipsy. >> oh. tipsy anderson's here. >> not appropriate. not appropriate. >> nothing is inappropriate tonight. i think it's the end of the year. we should just do whatever the heck we want to. >> wrong. i am politically correct, mild-mannered kathy griffin, in case that one does anything out of line. so i'm watching you. >> oh. well -- >> that's a relative term. >> i love what you're wearing, kathy. >> oh, thank you. i got it from your closet. >> you look terrific as a
5:20 pm
puppet. you really do. >> thank you. i finally got my nose right. >> and i can hardly see the stitches. >> thanks. >> it's awesome. it's really awesome. how do i look? >> oh, you look fantastic. >> thank you. i put an extra layer of elmer's glue in my hair. it's not going anywhere. >> that's nice. >> it's white. >> i also very much appreciate that drunk anderson is here and kathy griffin's here. >> well, you're always giving the threat of being fired and stuff. >> you're slurring -- >> am i slurring my words? well, that's one of my resolutions this year, my new year's resolutions. >> cut down on the sauce? >> i want to be the very first cnn anchor ever to go on camera sober. >> oh. wow. >> i'm working on it. but i keep falling off the wagon. you know what i'm saying? >> mine is to meet a good catholic boy, settle down and have a litter of children. come on, michelle.
5:21 pm
>> why do i have this bug here? why is it on my side of the screen? >> remove the bug. >> can we get rid of that? >> it's the bug on the screen. >> seriously. like we don't know the time is passing anyway. >> it's the countdown bug. >> we'll take care of that. >> we like a countdown clock at cnn. >> you don't mind if i just kind of lay here, do you? >> hi, babe. how are you? >> can you see this? can you believe this? >> it's appalling. >> it is appalling, disgusting. thank you, anderson. >> don't mess up my hair. don't do that red, white and blue thing either. that was awful. that's one of my worst memories. so anyway. >> anderson's very fun. >> that's why i'm here. >> and totally appropriate kathy griffin. >> it's the end of the year. we just need to have fun. 2016 pretty much sucked. >> 2016 was the best year ever. >> oh, no. all those celebrity -- >> oh. he passed out. >> no, i'm kidding. i was doing a celebrity death.
5:22 pm
>> too soon. >> too soon. >> i know. how many times have you passed out on the air? >> i don't think i've ever passed out. >> anderson? >> i do it all the time. by the way, you don't mind if i go to the bathroom, do you? >> right here? anywhere you please. >> don't do it! don't do it. not appropriate! >> i'm good now. >> kathy, since you're the professional one, would you please toss to the beautiful randi kaye? >> on a cruiseship. >> cleanup on aisle 6. >> randi kaye on a cruise ship. hi. it's appropriate kathy griffin and friends. hi, randi. >> hi. i'm not sure if i should talk to you guys or your alter egos there. but i'll go with it. i'm working with it. we are on board the "harmony of the seas" somewhere in the middle of the ocean. we are making our way toward the caribbean. sometime around midnight we're going to be off the coast of
5:23 pm
cuba. so this is quite the party here. this is the largest passenger ship in the world. there are 6,000 passengers on board. 2,500 crew members. this is one area where the party's going to be started. this is called the boardwalk. some of the folks here -- wow. okay. you can tell, people are pretty excited. all right. people come from all over the world. where did you come from? >> we came from new york. >> neurotically we're here from new york. >> where did you come from? >> brazil. >> and why did you want to come on a cruise? your parents made you? >> yeah. pretty much. >> what are you going to do at midnight? are you going to be awake? >> yeah. >> where are you from? >> brazil also. >> oh, my goodness. who else is from brazil? >> me! >> really? who else is from new york? no. okay.
5:24 pm
okay. so tell me why you want to go on a cruise for new year's eve. >> this is the first time on new year's eve but i think it's our fourth cruise and it's really exciting. >> you see the ship shaking a little bit? >> a little bit. >> i thought it was because i had a little too much champagne already. but now i'm beginning to -- the party is going to get started. these folks are getting through. let me get through here for one second and show folks what's going on here. this is part of the warm-up act right here. this is the aqua theater. they're going to do some acrobatics and high-flying aerials. that's going to be happening. and in the meantime, anderson, i just have to tell you. i'm not sure how you feel about cruising. but i do know that there was a member of your family who was pretty popular once on "the love boat." we have dug this up from the archives. take a look. that's your mom right there cruising along. one of the stars on "the love boat." i think it was back in 1981. and anderson, tell me if my research is correct.
5:25 pm
i think the plot of the show is they were on their way to a fashion show in acapulco and your mom played herself, right? >> yeah. it was a lot of designers appearing on "the love boat." like halston and jeffrey beane. and my mom lost her luggage on the way there, so she showed up in this like big fake fur coat on the cruise. >> and then they actually dressed her? >> no, they didn't dress her. like her only scene was in a big fake fur coat. >> as it should be. >> yeah. but as randi said, she's not sure how i feel about cruising. >> i know exactly how you feel about cruising. >> i have not been on a cruise like that. >> not on a boat. >> exactly not on a ship. >> you got my point. >> i'm all about the cruise game. >> i'm not good at cruising. the high seas -- >> but you've tried. now, look, randi, was it me or did you just say to somebody i'm glad you're white? i thought i heard her say i'm glad you're white. and i didn't know -- >> that's not politically correct at all. >> that's my deal. >> she's making stuff up. randi, have you had a little
5:26 pm
champagne? >> just a little bit. but the night is early. you know me. i'm just getting the party started here. there are 42 bars and lounges on this ship, and i am determined to hit every single one of them. >> and you have earned it already. so go for it. >> you know how new year's goes. >> what's going to happen? you're on a cruise ship. what could possibly happen? >> exactly. >> gary tuchman is poolside next. i'm not even sure. gary's down in miami, i think at the fountain bleu hotel. >> gary e-mailed me last night. >> really? >> yes. gary, did you not e-mail me last night? >> he'll be right back. >> oh, i'm sorry. we'll talk about -- >> oh, there. >> hi, gare. it's me. >> or not.
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♪ welcome back. live in times square. we're live at the r lounge at the renaissance in new york here in times square. they're having a big party at the renaissance lounge. we appreciate hanging out with them. >> it's a great gatsby theme. but we have special guests. >> yes, we do. >> she's special. i'm not feeling very special right now. >> you were just feeling a little tipsy. >> that's right. >> why not? >> you're not supposed to be drinking on camera. >> says who? >> you're a disgrace. this is not the time nor the place. >> i'm trying to get fired by 9:05. >> no, that's me. >> no, that's me. >> i want to thank both of you for coming with us tonight. you guys are fantastic.
5:31 pm
>> who? >> i never felt this way about a puppet before. >> i'm a puppet? >> thank you. >> you shattered my reality really badly. i'm confused now. i'm going to go cry somewhere. >> well, i have a quick question for the puppets. what did you love the most about the roaring '20s, the great gatsby era? >> the drinking. >> yeah. apparently. so you knew the code-word to get in the speakeasy? >> the code word was "kathy." >> oh, hi. get a room. i'll get us a room. >> i think we should smooch. >> oy. >> and so it begins. >> tongue next time, okay? >> you gave her the cheek. >> i apologize. >> well, thank you. >> me next. me next. >> you're so soft. are all puppets so soft? >> so am i. i'm soft. >> a soft interior. >> i want to check in with gary
5:32 pm
tuchman who's poolside in miami beach with his daughter lindsay who i hear is actually moving to join us in new york this winter as a reporter at new york 1. congratulations, lindsay. happy new year. >> is gary a puppet? >> happy new year to you guys too. thank you so much. >> yeah, it's a great honor, anderson and kathy. kathy, we did have an e-mail -- >> there you go. i just wanted to confirm that you and i are so close that we were e-mailing last night at 10:11 at night. >> in honor of journalistic honesty, kathy, i was in bed while we were doing it. yes, we had that e-mail conversation indeed. you're absolutely accurate and correct, kathy. >> there you go. see? i'm very tight with the cnn family. >> so lindsay, this is not your first time on new year's live with kathy griffin. >> no, this is my third time. it's even more special this time because we're in miami beach, which is better weather than the past two years. >> here's the deal to our
5:33 pm
viewers who don't know. lindsay was a reporter for one of our great aquilts, wbotv in salisbury, maryland. she starts at new york 1, one of our affiliates in new york city. but we are now in miami beach at the fein bleu hotel for a very special occasion. this is about to be starting at 9:00 eastern time the largest poolside new year's eve party in the world. right, qulinds? >> yeah. i'll give you a little bit of history of the hotel itself. you're looking at the magnificent 1,500-room hotel, the fountain bleu. it was built more than 50 years ago and it's pretty famous for its architecture and its art. and dad, this may be something you don't know. there are three beautiful chandeliers in the lobby and they're worth $1 million each. >> we should get one of them for your new apartment in new york city. >> that'll fit. >> lots of movies and tv shows -- let's walk down the stairs here. have been shot here. goldfinger, james bond goldfinger. a segment of "the sopranos" has been shot here. lots of stars. frank sinatra, jerry lewis,
5:34 pm
elvis presley. this pool party starts at 9:00. and one of the great reasons to come to the fountain bleu. this pool -- i'm going to show you right now. i'll splash my cameraman. 90 degrees. you can swim all night. there are going to be throngs of people here. open bar. the initial price $500 for a ticket. but it goes much higher. right here is phil goldfarb. he's the c.o.o. of fountain bleu hotel. happy new year. >> thank you. welcome to the fountain bleu. >> how many people will be poolside starting at 9:00? >> we're going to have thousands of our favorite guests as well as huge fans of justin bieber about to enter. we're about 30 minutes away from entering the gates. >> you said the surprise i was about to say. who's performing here tonight? >> it is justin beener. >> on that stage, right? >> on that stage. as well as later tonight will be famous dj skrillex. >> he'll be inside in our nightclub. it's just going to be an amazing evening at the fontanebleu. >> another dj, his name is
5:35 pm
marshmallow. google him. you won't recognize his face. he's kind of anonymous. there are about to be 3,000 people poolside here. anderson and kathy, we throw it back to you. >> gary, can i have you for one more minute? because i have a confession to make. one of the many conversations i was having with gary last night was that i sort of confident tell his daughters apart. and so i wahe wanted to make su knew lindsay was not the one he used to run with. that was sally. am i close, gare? >> well, samantha. very close. >> she's not here tonight, unfortunately. >> is she still running in the park? >> you're right. samantha runs -- samantha's still finishing the marathon. by the way, really quickly, she's at the snow globe music festival in nevada right now. so she's having a good time on the other coast. but lindsay and i are here and her brother and sister are watching football right now. there you go. that's the whole family football. >> did i understand you correctly that justin bieber
5:36 pm
will be performing there tonight? >> that's what he said. >> justin bieber. >> here's the deal. >> the little girl with -- >> justin bieber will be on this stage. it starts around midnight. you can see they're getting the stage ready. but also skrillex, the famous dj, electronic music, very popular man in this business. >> we know skrillex, gary, for god's sake. >> when you see biebs, tell him hi. skrillex? i didn't know you were like the skrillex apologist. >> he was texting with skrillex as well. >> i had no idea -- >> he was snap k459ing with skrillex while he was e-mailing with you. >> he did not have bieber's back at all. it was all skrillex all the time. >> gary likes that edm. >> he probably has that lil' twist or lil' da. and you don't want lil' lindsay to have to deal with that. trust me. i know that world. >> thank you, kathy. >> have you ever gotten in a -- >> i'm looking out for you,
5:37 pm
linds. >> have you ever had any interaction with bieber? >> oh, yeah. i mean, i usually go through scooter, actually. >> scooter braun? >> yeah. >> see? do i not get any props for knowing scooter braun? i don't know him personally. i know him from the tabloids. >> i've been in a fist fight with justin bieber. it was about 30 seconds, and he went down hard. but he can sing. >> do you like the edm? >> well, i don't do it the way you do with all the drugs and waking up not knowing where i am. i love skrillex. you know me. sometimes he gets night terrors when he stays over and just goes where's diplo? he's really into it. calvin harris is his real name. i get it. he's an encyclopedia of knowledge. yes, you love edm. >> is diplo the same thing as calvin harris? >> they're different people. i didn't know it was that kind of night. but yes. here we are in the roaring '20s and anderson is still there mentally. by the way, is this not like a
5:38 pm
normal lunch for you when you were 10? >> pretty much, actually. i worked at a restaurant like this. >> now, when you would have parties like this with your beloved mother -- it's an abercizer. we're going to be selling them later np. >> do not steal this idea. >> it's good for the core. >> it is. but what i wanted to know is when you would have these parties daily, because i imagine this is your life, what would happen when like the rockefellers and coupdupe dupon would come over? would you count your money? what were the money counting parties? >> there were no money counting parties. it was all pretty much money burning -- >> because that's how much you guys had. >> that's what i worried about as a kid, just expenditures of money. to me any party seemed like a big wasteful event. >> it was. >> why do you think i'm working three jobs now? >> why do you think my family came over in steerage? tell people what steerage is.
5:39 pm
as if you know. it's the bottom of the boat. >> the bottom of the note, yes. my ancestors came over as indentured servants. >> not corney. >> one of the vanderbilts. >> who's corney? was that your little brother? who's corney? >> my great, great grandfather. >> people are leaving, they're so offended i'm saying bad things about cornelius vanderbilt. they're like not on my watch. wait a minute. i'm going to bust you. you do know famous families. one time i was with you. we ran into jamie johnson of johnson & johnson. >> i do not know that person. >> it was for your mother. your mother had a book coming out. >> someone at some party. because he did a documentary. i know of him. >> i'm so excited to see someone from the johnson & johnson family. i was like, hey, here's a vanderbilt. he was like i don't even know him. >> he did a documentary that was controversial. that's the only thing i know. >> it's very mariah carey of you to act like you don't know jamie johnson. or -- >> she's playing tonight. isn't she?
5:40 pm
on our show, right? >> yes. mariah carey's going to be here live in 20 minutes singing "butterfly," "vision of love," and we're going to rap. >> we're going to go down to one of my favorite cities in america, new orleans and the world famous spotted cat. one of my favorite bars in new orleans where our cnn new year's celebration continues. we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. ♪ hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at ♪usic: "keep on the sunny side" edward sharpe ♪ ♪
5:41 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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5:43 pm
hello. happy almost new year. >> happy new year. okay. this is a moment you've all been waiting for. >> it's all about new orleans. >> just kidding, kathy and anderson. >> we love being in new orleans each and every year. of course when the shotgun jazz band, they're taking a second to just breathe. this is an insane, amazing crowd
5:44 pm
here at the spotted cat. yes. [ cheers ] >> we are at the spotted cat. >> we're getting them riled up. frenchman street is the new cool bourbon street. >> i wouldn't even compare it to bourbon. it's like music, dba, snug harbor, spotted cat. this is the jam. forget bourbon street. i love coming to frenchman street. >> brooke is making me class it up this year. >> someone has to. >> i'm wearing a little outfit. thanks to brooks brothers. this goes back at the end of the night. >> oh, fancy. >> but i do have -- >> let me show you my shocked face on who's already drinking. dude, do you know what time it is in new orleans? it's not even 8:00. >> it's 5:00 somewhere. hold that. oh, no, no, no, we've got to do it now. cheers. >> this is way too early to start this. this is way too early to start this. what is he thinking? what is he thinking? >> i'm thinking it's new year's eve.
5:45 pm
it's been a really crazy year. we need to blow off some steam. what do you expect us to do on television on new year's eve? >> i fully expect you to drink all of the purple hazes in this refrigerator. >> if you haven't figured out i'm behind the bar. check out my shoes. >> you want a shoe shot? >> check this out. how do you like those? how do you like those babies? >> you have shoe game. >> you like that. >> okay. should we talk about what might happen later? >> besides me drinking and drunk don lemon trending again? which i wasn't really drunk last year, right? >> seriously? he was like, you know i was trending last year, remember that? i was trending. okay. so last year was the year of the hot tub. so many of you loved it. so many of you wanted to see him in a hot tub. >> so -- yes, you did. you wanted to see me. >> so basically, we're upping the antee this year and we want your feedback on a potential tattoo. >> or piercing.
5:46 pm
>> you seem very into the piercing idea. no, i don't want to touch your nipple. >> maybe i should get a tattoo. but if i get a tattoo it's got to be like a stamp, right? >> a tramp stamp? >> can you say that on tv? >> that was totally politically incorrect of me. >> a tramp stamp or should i get a trump stamp? a trump tattoo right there. what do you think? >> no. as for contemplating tattoo situations with this guy we'll be in the spotted cat all flight. the shotgun jazz band rocking out behind us. they were one of the first groups to come back after katrina. >> you did your homework. i didn't do my homework. >> one of us had to. and then two members of the band chicago. we'll be interviewing later when we take over. >> so there's a reason why we're behind the bar. because i like to drink on new year's eve. but do you mind if i go around and talk to people? these guys -- hey, come in here, step in here. where are you from?
5:47 pm
>> malibu, california. >> lindsay and greg. hi. >> malibu. >> what are you doing in new orleans? >> well, you know what? new orleans is the best place to spend new year's eve. hands down. everybody has a good time here. >> you just open up your heart to love and jazz and music and friendship. and that's what new orleans brings out. it's new year. >> you have some serious bead game happening here. >> i was working the floats. i love the parades. it's my favorite thing. you've got to make eye contact. >> what did you have to show for that? >> not one thing. i had to show my heart and -- no. >> her heart and soul. her heart and soul. >> i mean, seriously, though, but new orleans from california every year? >> no, not every year. but i've been here like four or five times in new orleans and new year's eve is the best place. this is one of the great american cities. >> so here's the thing. should i get a tattoo or a piercing? or none of it? >> tattoo. >> you just think about it and
5:48 pm
have the memory of it and you don't do it. >> no. tattoo in a private place like you, honey. >> and we're being wrapped for now. >> i can't hear. >> we're going to go to lynn smith. lynn smith is playing this year. >> where is lynn? >> lynn's in dallas, the big d. >> lynn smith's in dallas in the big d. >> wait a second, you guys. i want to find out, tattoo or piercing? which is it? talk about leaving us hanging. good lord. hey, we're here in dallas. happy new year, everyone. dallas. what a place to be for the new year. we're at an italian restaurant called saint rocco. and here's why. they have this incredible rooftop bar overlooking, ba, ba, ba, ba, phil, show the people. reunion tower. if you've never been to dallas, reunion tower is kind of like the empire state building. and this year it's a first for the city of dallas. they're having fireworks. 4,000 pyrotechnic fireworks
5:49 pm
going off from that tower right there. and let me tell you, i got a tour of this tower a little earlier today. incredible views of the city of dallas. the great city of dallas. but also we got a little sneak peek at what this fireworks show is going to be. no doubt you're going to want to stay around. i know that new york is already going to have their show, but dallas is where it's going to be at midnight central time. let me show you a little bit of what the bar looks like. okay. a tad quiet because it's a restaurant and everyone's downstairs and they're eating. which our food should be here any minute. anyone know where our food is? just kidding. it's coming, it's coming. let me just talk to a few of these people. hey, happy new year. >> yes, we are. early. >> what's your name? >> my name is bill. >> bill and? >> robin. >> so why saint rocco's? why are you guys celebrating here? >> it was her recommendation. >> are you aware there's going to be a huge fireworks display at reunion tower? >> yes. and i'm so excited. >> so you guys are just going to
5:50 pm
sit here with us until this happens? >> possibly. >> you're not going downstairs and >> perhaps. >> i just saw you at the bar. what is the cocktail? >> old fashioned. >> is that what you're haven't? >> chanti. >> going italian. there's an italian margarita and testing this out. we won't start too early and sending it back over to you. see you soon. go cowboys. >> yes. all right. lin, thank you. >> thank you. >> it's very loud. forgive us. brooke, you are not mad at me, are you? >> over which thing? >> how many can i count? >> why am i mad at you? >> i always do crazy things and wonder if i embarrass you on live television? >> i have a thing. i expect nothing less. there is a tattoo parlor across
5:51 pm
the street here. they know we may be coming. >> can i -- i'm going to hop off. can we hop off and walk around? >> ken on a chair with a foot on the bar. >> all right. >> come on, ken. don't fall down. oh! there we go. so we're going to hop off here. i'm going to spin around. you go that way. >> we'll walk around into the crowd in the spotted cat. >> i'm going to walk on the bar, brooke. >> okay. can we get up here? can i get up on the bar? what's up, guys? i should do my cowboy thing. so i'm going to talk to you guys. what's up? there's someone like england right here, right? where are you from? >> london, england! >> what is your name? >> nick, that's clair. >> clair. >> do you mind if i get up here and serve your drink if. >> please do, please do. >> what would you like? a shot?
5:52 pm
>> yeah. we'll have a shot. >> i'll get down here. if i break my neck on live tv you will -- aah! all right. can we get some shots? can i here pour them some shots? what do you want? >> we're going to mexico in a couple of days so tequila. >> tequila shot. which one do you want? >> jose cuervo. >> where's brooke? >> can i do this? here we go. can i get one for me? all right. here we go. brooke! here we go. we'll getting a shot for them. brooke baldwin is here with me. i have to toss back to anderson and kathy. and i'll do a shot for anderson. >> i have moved away from the bar! i have moved away from the bar! don lemon. >> back to you. >> back to anderson. >> all right. all right, don and brooke. you guys are -- you have the spotted cat. >> hi, don, hi, brooke. >> there's no place like times
5:53 pm
square and with you. >> we have puppets. >> i know. >> very special. >> it is like us amplified. >> that's right. oh. they have opposite personalities. the puppet anderson is naughty and the puppet kathy is appropriate. >> how are you? would you ever come -- >> i'm sorry. why doesn't everyone here want a picture? >> they all want to go to the bathroom. >> anybody want a picture? this is pitiful. no? >> no. >> all right. hey. >> they're all from out of town. >> do you want a picture? >> where are you all from? >> wait. where are you from? huh? >> england. >> brooklyn? >> from brooklyn. >> right there. >> it's different. >> you got -- >> understand what everyone's saying? >> yeah. >> how's your english? >> we're working translation. >> having fun? >> having a blast.
5:54 pm
>> get your selfie. >> stop your porn. >> i don't have to be in it. that's fine. >> get in it. for -- oh. >> happy new year. >> get back to brooklyn. >> let's get a -- we'll hang out with the crowd here a little bit. live in times square. michelle? >> thank you. >> hey, how are you guys? you look like you're having so much fun already. i kind of wish i was there with you but i like that i'm here in nashville. no other night of the year that nashville lives up to the nickname of music city than on new year's eve. they're partying here in nashville. in fact, they already are. hi, guys. >> hello, hello, hello. >> hello. we are here at the honky tonk central. people at home saying, hmm,
5:55 pm
something's going on in this picture. and i'm going to ask. was there a group text that said, hey, i'm wearing my blue shirt with white piping, how about you? >> three, two, one -- >> let's go. >> wow. okay. there we go. now listen. i guess that's what's happening here in nashville. all right. there we go. come back on over here to show you guys where we are. these guys actually -- the rest of the guys from chicago. just show you that nashville is becoming a new year's eve destination, a big one and they've got a huge celebration that's actually over at the bicentennial mall. you can see the people out here tonight and there's a big free concert, as well, tonight. next time you see me i will be over there and they're expecting up to 100,000 people at the bis bicentennial mall tonight and
5:56 pm
headlining is keith urban with me later on tonight, as well. nashville, they do things different. they don't have a ball drop. they have a music note drop and going to be really cool. a 15-foot tall music note dropping from 145-foot tower. we're going to have a great time here in nashville tonight. i think i'm going to rival the central time zone. i heard don and brooke talking about new orleans is the best. lin talking about dallas is the best and i throw my hat in the ring saying nashvilles the best and see who comes out later on top because they cap off the big celebration here with a huge fireworks display which i cannot wait to see because i'm told it's the biggest one, pound for pound, that's to see tonight on new yoreear's eve. we cannot wait. stay right there for cnn's new year's eve celebration live. when we come back, anderson cooper and kathy griffin. that's next.
5:57 pm
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6:01 pm
♪ okay. >> and welcome back to new year's live with kathy griffin and anderson cooper. >> that's right. i like the way you say and anderson cooper. like you know your place finally. >> you are the star. >> stop it. i'm just a legend. we are three hours from midnight here in new york and around us people are very excited. we talked to someone from brooklyn, america. i mean, that is a trek. have you ever gone that far? >> many times, yes. >> where have you been the last few days? >> vacation in myanmar for two weeks. i have not taken a two-week vacation in like 20 years, 15 years. >> you mean last year until this day? >> that's true. >> we have photos of where anderson was in the last few days acting like he was in -- what is it? >> myanmar formerly known as burma of course. >> i know. here's a picture of you and clearly walking around new york
6:02 pm
as the naked cowboy. i'll let the crew put them up there. >> it's a dream of mine. >> and then the next one. >> any day. >> any day. or i can. there you are at yale. i think you went back to yale. >> yeah. i think that's a kayak. >> on the yale kayak team? >> you were boxing with sean hannity. besides boxing, what do you do? >> we just like to shoot the you know what. >> aren't you a professional person who can say things on the air unprompted? >> i'm thrown by the beefcake. i'm sorry. i'm tongue tied. >> are you leaving me a window to assume that sean could be defoined as beefcake? >> those bodies are, you know, clearly standard-ins. >> sean hannity on the show, i'm shutting down right now. i want to know why you're boxing sean in your rachel maddow glasses.
6:03 pm
>> everybody at cnn has to wear the glasses in our contract now. i'm just kidding. >> you want to be rachel maddow. >> she's a mixologist. >> she's a white oprah every friday. >> oprah dprings? >> well -- okay. will you act like you don't hang with oprah? hi, america. and sweden and globe. this guy was probably when he says myanmar, he means oprah's house with gayle drinking more than rachel and fighting with sean. maybe dennis miller came over. he lives down the street. >> where do you think they are right now? >> spooning. >> i'm betting st. barts. >> spooning there. coupling many. >> couple at a big fancy party. >> a big something. >> i don't know what that means. >> that's right. leaving it up for interpretation. >> times square is the place to be, isn't it? >> nice. >> thank you. >> nice. tell me about myanmar because i don't even think you went there. >> we have done the show for ten years and probably every other new year's show out here at some
6:04 pm
point has talked about, like, the size of the crystal ball that's lowered. >> the science and how they build it and stuff. >> or the history. >> never talked about any of this. >> i like to talk about your personal history. what i imagine your history to be and then what i tell you your future will be. >> i was in myanmar. i put my pictures on instagram @anderson cooper to prove it. >> anderson had the nerve to put on the ig. the kids call it ig. >> i knew you would bring it up. for a moment, i didn't post it because i thought kathy's going to -- >> yeah. >> but you did. >> that's -- i'm guessing that's not the photo you're talking about. >> start there and work up to it. explain yourself. >> i was at an elephant sanctuary and used in the timber trade and rescue them. 68-year-old elephants to give them a good life and feed them as a tourist there. it's a nice thing. >> okay. walk me through this. so anderso vanderbilt goe to
6:05 pm
myanmar. yo go see aung san suu kyi. >> no. >> and then you say, god, i miss burma and what? she gets you in the preserve? you have a horrible diet. i fear what you would feed an elephant. >> nuts every day. >> boston market? >> they didn't have it there yet. >> are you an unpaid spokesperson for boston market. >> no. >> you are unpaid by them. >> i used to love the boston market. >> used to? >> like i haven't even tre in a while. i go through fadeses eating the same food for six months at a time. >> that's a psych lodge cll -- freud's like this. i don't have time. it's too obvious. what is the little phase eating now every day three times a day? >> i get a -- there's a company of fresh that makes salads and order your own in front of you. i get a sa willed. >> give me my book. if he plugs the endorsements with fresh salads or whatever it
6:06 pm
is. >> i'm not -- >> i have a book for sale. >> very funny. very good. >> your food company. >> this is the tenth anniversary and this is the best moments? >> proudest moments. >> and i'm, you know, it's an obviously a joy and an honor to be here with you. >> double-edged sbord? >> no. >> i felt like you would say that. >> no. >> while i did put you on the map, i tease you. >> this is the deal and the truth. we have talked about this on the air before. >> yes. >> every year kathy works the butt off to make the show happen and i show up at the last minute and just i ride your coattails. >> this is what i heard and you better confirm this. two hours ago, i said, where's anderson? quote, he's taking a nap. taking -- i start working on this show january 1st. >> i'm jet lagged. >> i start -- jet? i'm not comedy laughing. >> myanmar's 12 hours ahead. >> myanmar?
6:07 pm
and then i asked a jack nap and -- >> what's that? >> you really want me to -- >> no. i don't. >> keep asking. i'm happy to answer that. i could answer that all day in many ways. i love you. >> i got it. i got it. i got it. >> have the nerve to ask me the meaning of that. maybe it's a jaw nap. i don't know. >> i figured it out. >> are you trying to leave? just so you know, he has nowhere to go and yet he's still kind of like thinking he can leave. >> anyway, take a look at one of our -- throughout the nights to show some of the best moments. >> get it together. >> take a look. >> i'm here with of course kathy griffin. >> i'm here with not ryan seacrest. >> someone own twitter said there's a drinking game every time i giggle nervously. >> watch your back. because i'm coming at you full tongue, grabbing your butt. you will have to call security. take it or leave it, andy. >> every year a sign under the
6:08 pm
camera to just remind kathy, no nudity. >> i just thought -- >> are you kidding me? look at the snow. look at the sign. >> you want to hit me? >> yeah, i do. >> you go. ow. it kind of hurt. >> you know what i do when you do that? >> ow. she really has been punching me all night long. >> have you been working out? >> yeah. >> how many times have i punched you? >> this is like the sixth time. >> you know what's sad about that? that was 2010. i'm wearing the same exact sweater. >> what's going on? >> i'm cheap. that's the exact same sweater. >> admitting you're cheap? >> yeah. >> i've been telling everybody, like, tens of thousan of people how cheap you are. >> i'm cheap. i'm cheap. >> now you're just saying it. >> i admit, yes. >> you have a lot of money. not hurting. >> i'm doing fine. i'm doing better than i ever thought i would. >> you have hannity money.
6:09 pm
>> he has the tv and radio money. that's like mad money. >> wait a minute. what is our hook? >> what do you mean? >> we should think of something like there should be -- we should call it joy mangano from "joy" and come up with a onesie and then -- >> i liked the seats before which were -- >> swivel. >> good for the core. >> all right. so before your jack nap, were you working out this morning? >> i did work out. not this morning. when i got home. >> it is so embarrassingly easy to catch him in a lie. you just admitted you were at the gym in morning so -- >> i just flew back! >> in a gym? i don't think there's a gym airplane. >> i flew back. i got back today. >> here's what he does. goes to the gym. goes for a donut. feels terrible and fat. goes home for a cry and then -- ahh and then a healthy lunch. >> you know what's funny about this? in the airport in yangon there was a donut store and bought six and ate them on the flight and
6:10 pm
felt bd. >> you never ate six donuts in your life. >> i did. >> what if your mother see this is? >> she is seeing. >> i love you. i miss you so much and sorry this one ate six donuts. that's not how you raised him. >> she doesn't eat a lot, yes, yes. >> she doesn't need to. she's perfect. >> growing up, i, like, my mom say, you need to -- you should gain weight. i'm like, we have no food in the house so how can i? >> you can live on fabulousness. she is a legend. by the way, i have to my yearly -- it's a tenth anniversary of me telling you no matter what you do -- >> i know. >> you will never -- >> i know. >> be as wonderful as your mother. >> i know. >> you have never fought me on that. >> i admit it. >> i need you to know it. >> we have all throughout the world, gary tuchman and daughter in miami. randi kaye heading to the coast
6:11 pm
of cuba on a cruise ship. >> defecting? >> i'm not sure cuba's ready for us and the first thing -- >> kardashians have been there. not ready for us. >> who are you with? with the captain. >> pretty well. yeah. we're -- that's very funny. we are enjoying a bit of champagne here on the bridge with captain johnny. great to see you. >> thank you. great to have you here. >> great to be here. there's a cnn coup. we have taken over. i'm in the captain's seat and driving the ship and had a fair amount of champagne. >> no champagne if you're the driver. >> should have told me that an hour ago. >> you should have come earlier. >> explain why it's so dark out here. to see outside, see where -- >> when your drive your car, you usually turn on the light inside a car to see out even though you have headlights. it is pitch dark up here normally. so we can actually see out. >> so this is where the party
6:12 pm
isn't happening on this ship tonight. but we are here and i'll take a drive and show me -- you know how all this works, really? >> do. >> it's on auto-pilot. >> no, no, no. we're driving this. if you learn how to drive it -- >> make it official. >> you have to have a uniform. >> i'll take one shot tonight. looking out. we're in the clear, right? so this is the -- this is it? all i need to do? go that way? >> just a tiny little bit. >> whoa! >> whoa, no, no, no too much? >> yes, too much. >> get us back on track? >> we are good. >> good to know it's not really an auto-pilot. we are in great hands. the pilot is not taking part in the partying until after midnight tonight? >> i'll be around. around to see that my 6,000-plus guests and the crew are having a great time and yourself. >> i'll keep the jacket and head back down stairs to the party scene and be back with you in a
6:13 pm
little bit. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. i love seeing her sober. look, randi, i remember last year and i know you don't but as the evening goes on, randi is in danger. remember last year, we weren't sure if she was going to make it back to the city or america or anywhere. >> she said there's like 50 bars or something on board the ship. i looked away for a second and turn back and she is undressing the captain in front of our es. >> a date. i don't know who's hitting on whom. either he's a gentleman or she e stole his official jacket. >> we'll check in with randi throughout the night. richard quest is here down in the crowd. richard, where are you? >> and you look over to your left? you'll see me just over here. fully dressed in all the regalia of new york various sports clubs. we decided a tribute to new york. changing outfits once again.
6:14 pm
we have the islanders. we have the jets. we have the giants. arguably the jets and the giants should they be included in new york regalia? but we'll leave that for another day. we have the mets. we have the knicks. the rangers and right down here we have the brooklyn nets. just don't ask me, anderson, what they all play. because i get my baseball mixed up with my basketballs and my basketballs mixed up with my footballs. and ice hockey. but it is a tri butd. i forgot the yankees. god, i'll never get home in one piece. here we have the crowd! right. we got to find out what time people got here. what time did you get here? >> 1:00 p.m. >> 1:00 in the afternoon. >> 1:00, yes. >> wow. >> not so bad. >> ty have been here since
6:15 pm
1:00 in the afternoon. and, you know, kathy, my question, how have they gone to the facilities? >> richard, you know me well. i assume it's colostomy bags and goodwill. >> there's some very strange looking liquids in some very strange bottles here in times square. >> did he say strange in it wits? >> liquids. >> that's fine with me. i'm judgmental. i know you're not like that. >> richard, i like that you are trying to sell sports teams because you probably know as little about sports as i do. >> all right. anderson, quick question. quick question. what do the brooklyn nets play? >> basketball. i know this. >> basketball. all right. what about the rangers? >> hockey. i know that. i mean, look, i'm a new yorker. i know all the teams. >> oh! >> that's right. that's right. >> now it's big and butch. >> i could not love you more,
6:16 pm
richard quest. i couldn't. i'm not capable. that's how much i love you. >> we go from sports to sparkling when we see you in the next hour. where are you from? >> japan. >> from japan! >> yes! >> why are you here? >> i am new york! yeah! >> do that again. >> huh? >> are you what? >> what? >> you like new york? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes! >> yes! >> all right. there you are. big cheer. come on! >> all right. >> all right. so look. you're very bright guy. you went to choate. so who's the president of japan? >> oh man. >> you don't know shinzo abe? >> i should have known. >> the star player on the nets? >> on the nets? >> yes. >> come on. i have no idea. >> carmelo anthony. >> yeah. okay. i know who he is. >> randy, come here.
6:17 pm
start asking him sports questions. anything about new york sports. >> i appreciate you wearing an anderson hat. >> we have a whole stack. >> fantastic. i'm a new yorker. what's the -- oh, these aren't sports but i love this. when's the fare for local subway line to new york city? >> i have a metro card. i don't know the fare. i think $1.75. $1.50? >> i'm a new yorker. i'm anderson cooper. >> i buy a $50 metro card and that's what i have. >> what? >> let me find my wallet. i have $1.50, $1.75. >> please on twitter, at home, please get this man an answer which is obviously $2.75. >> all right. >> like you to apologize to new york. >> i use a metro card. you know, when i was a kid, it was -- >> when you were a kid? you mean when you went on horse and buggy? randy, what is a sports
6:18 pm
question? >> who won the super bowl this year? >> that would be the -- >> buckaroos? >> denver broncos. >> denver broncos? >> i don't know. >> final answer? >> that is my answer. >> that's correct! >> no, no. randy! who's -- all right. wait. >> how good am i? >> who's the mvp or whatever it is? mvp? >> do you know who won the world series this year? >> oh, oh. wait a minute. no. giants. giants? >> oh sorry, chicago. >> ended the drought. >> of course. the big breaking of the -- >> chicagoans won't be both everied erred by that at all. >> i'm not pretending to know sports. >> of every cubs fan. >> i know carey harry. >> more sports questions. >> who won the olympic soccer? >> brazil. it was an incredible game and
6:19 pm
the final -- final score was incredible. like a penalty kick. >> yes. correct. he's correct. >> and the macarena stadium. >> think of harder ones. you trying to mix with randy and her's the thing. news flash. he lives in brazil. that's only reason -- >> that's the only reason i know. >> please some point please can we put up the picture of him on the cover of our architectural digest. i call it nerve. when i saw that picture, i literally just said -- >> there's the other picture. >> okay. i'm sorry. >> that's why -- put back. >> go back and then crap about your -- >> that's the elephant sanctuary to not only feed the elephants but to wash the elephants. >> okay. so let me just take a minute. everybody put your drink down for a second. this -- i'm going to use the word shar he tin. and known him since he had brown hair. i won't ever take my shirt off
6:20 pm
no matter what. what possessed you -- >> you have to -- you have to take your shirt off washing the elephant. you're in a river. >> every time i take my shirt off on new year's you don't understand it. so now why don't you take your shirt off? >> no, no, no. >> pretend i'm an elephant. >> no. because i would have to maintain that pose to look halfway decent and too difficult. >> please give me the back story and only imagine -- i bet you staged his for hours. he is like barbara walters. >> i had two other people i cut out. >> how big was your crew? no way that was like a quicky. i bet it was a crew. >> about 100 shots and had to edit out -- i edited out my partner and friend pab will. >> cropped out? that is so you. he'll crop your ass out i'll tell you that. you can say a-s-s. how much did you starve yourgs for this photo? one month.
6:21 pm
admit it. >> i've been working out. my trainer is coming tonight to visit with his girlfriend. >> that is so real and relatible. your publicist coming, as well? what's come to you? did the elephant cry? >> no. the elephant seemed happy. like a 60 something-year-old elephant. >> did you have their permission? >> yes. they eat, poop and like to bathe. >> that's why you felt a special relationship with that elephant. now, did you ever, like, did you do tan spray or -- did you draw muscles? i hear a lot of famous people draw muscles. >> no. >> anglo bassett -- >> she doesn't need to. please, angela bassett. >> my name is tina turner. don't make me cry. >> i love that tina turner is sort of like -- i think married recently and she sort of out of
6:22 pm
the public eye. i think it's cool she is like living her life. >> yes. i believe she lives it -- you said a lot of times thinking about this. >> i had a conversation in myanmar with pablo obsessed with tina. i digress. we are on tv. never mind. >> you're getting more relatible by the moment. everybody, in myanmar with pablo, and you're talking about tina turner, that's when you know it's time to go to nashville. >> no. because -- never mind. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we'll go to miami beach, new orleans, even going to hear from the dalai lama? >> yeah. i called him. >> and of course, the -- the dropping of the ball and imagine, all of it. two hours 37 minutes away from 2017.
6:23 pm
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6:24 pm
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6:25 pm
6:26 pm
aloha, kathy. aloha, anderson. weird al here. just wanted to wish you all a happy new year from beautiful, boise, idaho. >> kathy, anderson, it's so warm here. do you know where the new year is? happy new year, everyone. 2017. >> what's up? kathy and anderson cooper, happy new year. god bless. >> hey, anderson, hey kathy, it's pen and tiller. sorry we cannot be in times square with you. we are in las vegas, nevada, where there is a lot of
6:27 pm
celebrating going on. happy new year. have a great 2017. penn and teller, vegas. >> finally, 2016 is over. i'm so happy. you got any predictions for 2017? >> it is funny you should ask. i have a prediction. it's the same for 2016. >> and what would that be, jeffrey? >> donald trump will be the next president of the united states. >> oh, i know. i know. >> but, van? >> yeah. >> one thing to agree on, buddy. >> that's true. >> happy new year, kathy and anderson! >> ah. >> see? >> penn and teller. i've never seen their show. dying -- always wanted to see it. >> yes. you have to love van jones. >> jeffrey lord is so sweet. mostly van. >> i know. van jones -- >> i'm biassed. >> amazing and generous and
6:28 pm
smart and -- just a really great, great guy. >> a guy to bring to a family argument and go, van -- van, take over. >> nobody -- if only marshall -- talking and i happen to have him. >> how many times did you have dinner with -- that's so typical. first of all. the elephant picture for a second. >> okay. yes. >> did you even learn the name of the elephant? >> they're not anthropomophizing. >> is that a word for making them human like? >> maybe. >> can someone call yale? >> they did not give it -- >> did your poor mother have to pay for yale and now you don't -- >> yes. yeah. i majored in like -- >> how much money do you owe your money? all she put into her dream, how much do you feel bad about? quite a bit? >> quite a bit. >> i know.
6:29 pm
>> let's check in with gary. >> i have a hair in my mouth. >> do you really? >> right there. >> there? >> i noek how you trust me so little you think it's a bit. what will you do? >> i don't have my glasses. >> because you're as vain as america thinks you are? >> i didn't bring the right ones and they're the nerdy science glasses. >> go to get cheaters. >> i have a -- i don't know. >> you think they're not -- >> astigmatism. >> how's your manopause going? suzanne somers said it creeps up and gets you. are you hot flashing? >> i don't know. >> okay. >> let's check in with gary and lindsay at the fontaine bleau hotel. >> would you say it's loud here? >> can you say that again? >> i assume you hear us because we have very good microphones. we talked in the last hour, the world's largest poolside new
6:30 pm
yore's eve party started and that's an estimated 2,700 people here because on stage just before midnight, justin bieber is going to be performing. who else tonight? >> it wouldn't be miami beach if there wasn't an afterparty after the midnight party. here haring from deejay skillerz and marshmallow later tonight down stairs so we'll be kicking off the caffeine. >> i can't hear what you're saying. a minimum of $500 to be here. all the alcohol you want to drink and probably wild night and up to $50,000. some people paid $50,000 for a table of ten next to the stage and stay in a motel for a few days and treated like a king or queen and as much fine champagne they want. people come from over the country to be here. >> abby? >> from here.
6:31 pm
>> boston. >> why did you come tonight? >> he's our age and something to look forward to. >> justin bieber? >> of course. >> did you see him before? >> yes. i saw him open for taylor swift a long time ago. >> hope you have fun. >> don't drink the alcohol. you won't be able to drive after this. a tip of the day. >> this is ben who i believe is a bleeber. where are you here tonight? >> with my family to see justin bieber perform. >> what is your newier's resolution? >> get better, get my grades up in school. >> thank you so much. enjoy it. happy newier. >> thank you. you, too! >> you can't help but want to dance with the music playing. anderson and kathy, one thing i'm slightly worried about covering news, lots of swimming pools here and people are going to be drinking a lot and i talked to security people and what do you do if somebody falls in the pool? it's a little side party. they say, we are here to rescue them. i used to be a lifeguard and happy to participate.
6:32 pm
>> can't hear a word you're saying. but agree with it all. >> back to you. >> all right. well, we'll check back with you once -- >> we will. i have to own something that just happened which is embarrassing with lipstick on my teeth. >> i didn't see that. >> and i think someone caught me doing that. not as vulgar -- i apologize. how do i look? >> great. >> you can tell me. i have no problems. i don't have an ego like you. i'm a person to understand that we have frailties. and i'm sorry. i think you wanted to know some of my -- >> you're on tour, aren't you? >> my upcoming celebrity run-ins 80-city tour. >> 80-city tour? >> babe, i did 80 last year. >> wow! >> 80. 80 city is in the year. only some of them. check my website. my social. there'll be more. >> wow. >> i love it. there's a lot of material i have. i have -- >> 80-city tour. amazing. >> like i have a book to support
6:33 pm
with stories inspired by a real life. >> funny book. we talked with bryan cranston. >> what about -- >> you wrote a nice thing about me. >> people want to know about the commercial breaks and i told what happened in the commercial break last year when i sprayed his face with more spray tan than j.lo whether or not she's with drake. what about that? what about that? >> i didn't know she broke up with the younger guy. >> do you know anything -- how did you get this job? >> i don't know. >> if lindsay taking over for you? that was a subtle way of like coming to new york -- >> yes, no. that's how it happens in tv. >> and then you're out. >> you're out, yeah. >> what job would you go back to? mole or "abc world news"? >> i don't know. as you know, i have no actual skills. >> would you go back to the sears catalog? >> i do remember my pose. that was -- >> you mean the one that we happen to have racked up and
6:34 pm
ready to go so the whole world can see it? yes. we own your modeling career all 20 minutes of it because i feel like you had it. when you were modeling, did you feel like someone like tyra banks should have said, congratulations, you're america's next top model? >> you do stupid poses like running and -- >> that's fine. i love it. off camera, kathy, they're on tv right now. they're not. maybe they'll just throw them up. >> live in times square. as many as a million people they say could be here and pretty warm. look. there's the modeling shot. >> hold on. let's just take a minute. so, first of all, was that like what? >> that was probably macy's newspaper ad. >> be honest. >> how much did your poor mother have to beg to you get that gig? how many times can d she say he doesn't have skills and slow and a technical term. >> i was cheap and i was as a
6:35 pm
young kid concerned about saving up money for my future so i got a job as a model. i know. >> someone has to step in here. so your name is anderson vanderbilt. >> it is not vanderbilt. it's cooper. >> you're worried about money? how old were you? >> like 11 i think when i started. >> wasn't your stock portfolio up to $3 billion? >> i believed in being independent and -- >> you know what? here's how i'm calling bs. do you remember when i was playing a wonderful theater in staten island? i sent him a selfie of me on the ferry and cool to go to my own show for thousands of people on the ferry. i sent him a picture and see how #humble i am? i believe your text was because my family owned that island. >> that is not true. i never said -- >> owned staten island. >> they had a farm and late 1600s. >> a farm, going with they had a farm? >> first guy was an indentured servant. >> railroads? >> they started running a boat
6:36 pm
between, a small boat and built up. >> there's not very much money in boating and railroads? >> i don't have it. it's -- you know, doesn't exist anymore. >> you thought doing -- >> do you think i'd be working three jobs if -- i would be, actually. >> you told me that. >> so would you. >> yes. but that's my achilles heel. how much did you get for the modeling? >> $75 an hour. >> you remember that? >> of course i do! i'm cheap. i remember every dollar. >> 12 years snoeld. >> yes. every day after school call up the agent and i'd go for a go see and i would go for auditions and then, yeah. booked it $75 an hour. >> would you refuse to take your shirt off at a go see? >> no. no. >> in myanmar you're all about it. >> all right. we have to take a break. >> okay. >> we have a lot more. two hours 23 minutes and a few seconds before 2017. we'll be taking -- >> ushers in. >> in ushers in. >> that's what they say. >> i thought you meant usher is
6:37 pm
here. >> live in 20 minutes and going to sing "yeah." >> no. >> live. >> we want to give a big thank you to the folks at the hotel for the great shot from their -- well, i guess it's from their roof top? >> roof top or, you know, a window. >> well, it's from the marriott marquise. an amazing view. >> i love when the prompter stops and this one has to think. >> the word is mangled. i don't know what it says and not sure what part of the hotel it's in. >> can't associate them with being mangled. >> thanks to them. we'll take a break. and we be right back. ♪ eyes open? good. because it's here. cue the confetti. say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. xiidra is the first prescription eye drop solution approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye.
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6:41 pm
welcome back. you're live with kathy griffin and me. >> and confetti. >> look at that. not new year's yet. >> your personal new yore's because you're looking at -- >> joe jonas was performing. >> joe, i'm on to you. i don't think you were singing. a cute jacket but honestly. all right. here's the deal with joe. i know nick is your jam. >> yeah. i'm a fan. >> has to hit the gym more. i told him, i said you need to be in better shape for a hotter girlfriend. you doubt i would say it to his face? a week ago. you should hear the things i say
6:42 pm
to anybody. mostly it's you. >> yeah, well -- >> there's confetti in front of the prompter and i love to watch you improvise. >> i can go to hours. >> i'll go to 3:00 in the morning. don't you start. don't you two snaps me. >> welcome to times square new year's eve. we want to check in with lin smith down in dallas for us. lin, when's going at's going on? >> anderson, kathy, happy new year. dallas, texas. they do everything big here. last we checked in with you, right over there. fantastic italian restaurant with a beautiful view of reunion tower. hey, everyone. come 12:00 central time they're great fireworks and producers have done some research and found out just across the street there's a wedding under way. and i figured let's be folk singers from salt lake city and crash a wedding. come on. come on in!
6:43 pm
happy new year! hey, you guys. wait. first question. is this open bar? >> it is. >> yes! i came to the right wedding. let's meet the bride and groom who being a seasoned journalist as i am i did a little research myself about them. mr. and mrs. erica hall! whoo! come on over, erica, connor, come over. beautiful bride and groom. let me tell you. they have beauty on their side. look at these two. come on over. hello. congratulations. you guys are so adorable. i looked at your not profile. erica, you snagged a good one. so, connor wrote their entire story, love story. you met fresh men orientation. what did you think of when you saw her? >> when i got off the car, she is the first girl i saw and
6:44 pm
thought college would be great and i don't know why i was thinking about her after that, the month later because i didn't talk to her but it was history. so -- >> the first thing that went through your mind when you said i do? >> shock. starting this so excited. so excited. >> starting this brand new, beautiful life. can i play a little newlywed game with you? testing them here. what is his favorite type of ice cream? >> cookies and cream? >> yep. >> yes. oh, we have a good start. coffee or tea? >> both. >> both. >> perfect. see in they're perfect match. they don't need us. but you know, you guys, this is a wedding. can we all get everybody on the dance floor and start breaking down? are we ready? >> why. >> everyone? can we get everybody on the dance floor? let's get some music going on. come on!
6:45 pm
>> oh. oh. oh. >> going to the dance floor. >> they're doing it. >> let me just say this. >> what? >> the best connor, the husband and beautiful wife bride gorgeous dress. >> all you need -- >> incredibly boring. b, do they- >> bring a wedding party together. >> do they not seem like a couple on "discovery i.d."? >> no. that's not true. they look like a great couple. >> you don't watch lifetime? >> like, snapped. snapped. >> i love snap. she locks like she like snap. that's all i'm saying. >> in. >> connor, watch your back. >> 2017! >> even snapped marathon now. >> they're dancing. everyone's dancing. >> is she okay? is he okay? i'm going to be honest. i'm more suspicious of her than him. because if you watched snapped and we do, she has a plan and making maybe his coffee and then -- just be careful.
6:46 pm
>> we wish them the best in dallas. having a lot of fun. thank you, lin. talk to you later. >> bye, lynn. >> you don't know who she is. >> i do know her. >> did you talk to her? >> no. >> that's how you think you know someone. >> i know she works at hln. >> because i just told you. go to break. >> all right. >> just do it. >> a short break. in a moment, also checking in with don lemon and brooke baldwin in new orleans at the spotted cat at frenchman's street and knows how to party and folks here in new york. we'll be right back. (vo) it's that time of year again. when you realize you still didn'tet quite what you wanted.
6:47 pm
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6:49 pm
6:50 pm
hey, kathy, anderson. i want to wish you a happy and safe new year. i would be there right now if kathy didn't insist on carding me in public places. >> happy holidays and happy new year. >> hello, anderson and kathy. >> happy new year and happy 2017. >> go see our new movie "patriots day". >> happy new year. >> happy new year anderson cooper and kathy griffin from cookie monster! happy new year! >> hi, this is gilbert gottfried, and you know new year's is upon us and new year's has become very commercialized so let's not forget this year
6:51 pm
what new year's is all about, heavy drinking and making a damn fool out of yourself. so happy new year! >> thank you, gilbert. >> that's so cool. >> that was a great collection by the way. >> these are people you called up. >> i produced the show this year. >> you produce the show every year. >> first of all let's go back one by one. so we have a special guest. gavin? >> gavin. gavin degraw, ladies and gentlemen. i love this guy. >> how is it going? >> gavin degraw, international superstar. >> you're the superstar. i'm just here. it's good to be near you. >> the chemistry here. >> we are comfortable. >> we haven't hung out a lot. >> why don't you come over? >> call me next week, come over. >> what neighborhood you living
6:52 pm
in? >> in l.a. >> herish but nashvillish but not in l.a. but in l.a. most of the time. >> you can stay at my house if you are in l.a. >> you know who she lives next to? >> what is your thread count. >> 1,000. >> i live next door to kim kardashian and kanye. >> do they come over a lot and apologize for having so much press outside all the time. >> kim did one time. >> she's like i'm really sorry. >> everybody says she is nice by the way. >> you had a great year, by the way. >> i think we all had a great year, we're in times square. >> we're lucky. >> tell me what you love about the road. no lip syncing. i love that about you. >> i mess up sometimes, that's why i like it. >> fast what makes it special.
6:53 pm
>> i'd say venues, msg is the best. >> madison square garden. >> fenway park is the best. i know you hate each other. >> i saw you at the hollywood bowl. >> how many gigs you do a year? >> hundreds. >> wow. >> hundreds of dates a year. >> do you love being on the road? >> i love the road. i don't know what my house looks like as well as the inside of my luggage. >> your luggage is your house. do you have your system? >> i know where my exercise t-shirts go. >> there are smells involved. >> and you get to know the compartments because you deal with limited space. >> are you an expert packer? >> i'm a terrible packer. i'm a roller and bundler. >> have you ever been to times square on new year's eve? >> i came here as a tourist. i had not two nickels in my
6:54 pm
pocket. i couldn't get in any bars because i had no money and now i'm playing times square. >> anderson has the same story. >> are you picking on him right now? >> always. >> i made a career on it. >> he has feelings too. >> i haven't seen one. >> i push them deep down inside. >> but they are hidden under his prada suit. >> you're bad. >> i get worse. >> what is it like playing in times square? >> magnificent. first of all there's nowhere like new york city. but to add to that there's nowhere in the world like playing times square in new york city on new year's eve, period. it's the absolute -- >> have you ever had a microphone go out or what is the craziest thing -- >> a lot of things go wrong just in life. but on top of that in public too, and one of which is for a second i thought i was james
6:55 pm
brown and i had a face. we all have phases. >> did you jump off -- >> i did the split. >> how did that go for you? >> that came after my aerosmith phase. i tried to go over a barrier and my shoe was caught in the bars but the rest of my body went over. i became three people. i was folded up like a cube. >> during a show? >> yeah, it was great. and i did sort of like a scene from i don't know like "les mis." >> who are you? >> i was like cosette. >> dropping the knowledge. >> my college roommate -- >> what name -- >> jean val jean. >> i want to wish you a happy new year.
6:56 pm
>> thanks for time. i'm such a fan. >> you too. >> you know i'm a fan. >> give me a real kiss. >> we'll take a break. we're live from times square. a lot more with you, we'll be right back. >> happy new year, i wish i was with you. we have a special guest, your holiness, will you wish our viewers a happy new year? >> i would like to express happy new year. i think happy new year, not just a party and some cake, some wine, not only that, i think happy new year should include
6:57 pm
peace of mind, happy mind, then combine physical comfortable and enjoy some drink or some sort of cookies and meantime mentally peace, happy, that's the real meaningful happy new year. >> happy new year, your holiness, thank you. thank you. >> thank you. ♪
6:58 pm
♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
anderson? anderson? anderson? kathy?
7:01 pm
>> happy new year. >> wow! >> what? >> sharon stone. >> stoney delivered. >> she's got it. >> sharon stone's got it. >> she's cool. >> she's the coolest. >> and she raises a ton of money for hiv/aids. >> she came over on christmas day and i put a video on instagram of my mom meeting sharon stone. you are not commenting on sharon stone being at my home for christmas. >> i didn't realize that was in your bathtub. >> she didn't take a bath -- >> so stoney comes over and is greating my 96-year-old alcoholic mother maggie and she's like it's nice to meet you and my mom is star struck and my mom has been calling me every day saying darn it kathleen i should have said you are a
7:02 pm
beautiful -- miss stone and i'm like, i'll tell her you said that. and i call stoney and said will you do a shout out. she went i'm just about to get in the bath and i went perfect. >> it's 10:00 two hours before the stroke of midnight 2017 and who else should we will the 10:00 hour with but richard quest. >> richard, please. >> quest means business. >> and your tenth anniversary. >> look at this. >> a commemorative cake. >> with commemorative figurines for your mantelpiece at home. >> only if you'll sit on it. i mean the mantelpiece. >> i will sit on it any time. >> it is time for you two to have your -- you've -- you're bedazzled. >> i love it. >> it's perfect.
7:03 pm
>> here's the words. >> all right. >> word association. >> on new year's eve. >> times square. >> the first thing that comes into your mind. >> okay. >> when i said -- ball drop. >> ball -- i mean all i heard was ball. >> ball drop. >> times square. >> noise maker. >> merriment. >> what? >> merriment. >> i'm trying to the the clean up version. >> hopper. >> mama. >> uncork. >> i didn't know what he said. >> the booze. >> finally this is one for you. >> okay. word association what do you think of when i say stroke of midnight? >> i think of richard quest. >> i hope i earned -- i mean
7:04 pm
with the mistletoe. >> pucker up. >> a tha is gng to be in the star's not normal section of one of my favorite periodicles. >> this is in celebration of broadway. >> are you celebrating one show in particular? >> every show. >> every show. >> the great white way. >> each hour you are celebrating a different aspect of times square. >> >> a construction worker. the new york sports. >> might i ask where one would procure a coat like this. >> don't tell mamas. >> it's a piano bar. >> i have seen people who watch this show. >> i haven't been either. but i have two friends who love to go there.
7:05 pm
>> we're taking him. >> he's like co-owner. trust me. >> this is a local hostelory. >> i didn't know your big british words. >> i think i preferred ball drop. >> i always do. >> so, next hour, we go the big grand finale. >> what's going to happen? >> you're going to have wait. it's going to be -- >> do they have anything like this in london? you celebrated in london with us one time. >> nothing like this. >> nothing. >> what do you think about harry dating that slutty actress. >> you seriously expect me to answer that? >> she seems like a lovely lady. >> it's a moment of great tender love in the royal family. >> i feel bad for that chelsea. i thought she had it. >> i don't know who that is.
7:06 pm
>> i'm more concerned about her majesty who has a heavy cold. when you are 90, a heavy cold -- >> tell me about it. >> have you watched "the crown". >> >> no. >> it's really good. >> i'm the only person who doesn't have a netflix contract. >> a contract? i didn't know they were signing people up like the old studio system like judy garland. but okay. >> there we are. where is the cake. >> i can't take my eyes off you. >> when was the first -- >> you need to be the yule log channel. >> you wanting the stroke of midnight? >> why are you asking? >> you feel like a snake a little bit. in a good way. >> i'm not sure, anderson it feels like a snake could ever be in a good way. >> there we are. >> we are going to toss to -- can we see what don lemon and brooke baldwin are up to?
7:07 pm
>> i shudder to think. i will look through closed eyes. >> are you at the spotted cat? >> we are at the spotted cat. but don't go anywhere for all of you guys, we have word association for you guys as well. so what's the first thing you think about when you hear the words voodoo -- and budapest, i think of hungary. >> a voodoo stick. >> i'm enjoying it. >> voodoo stick. right here. >> it's a voodoo stick. >> okay. >> it's a voodoo stick. what is this? >> it's a thing i built out of a cigar box and a cypress stick from the swamp. and you play it with an electric speaker. and you plug it in and i play it -- >> we're here in new orleans at the spotted cat and we asked for
7:08 pm
some characters and you guys showed up. we had to talk to you on tv. you have lived in new orleans for 50 years. why do you love it so much? >> the music, the food, the voodoo sticks, you know. >> should we walk? >> we'll walk. this is dave and amesly, we're going to walk through this crowd. people are from everywhere. where you from? >> michigan. >> why are you here? >> a good time in the big easy. >> i'm with him. >> where are you from? >> new orleans. >> and you? >> how is the right way to say it? >> new orleans. >> orlando. atlanta, georgia. >> he's really handsome, that guy. >> san francisco. >> and you? >> chicago. >> why are you here? >> for a great weekend. >> why did you want to come to new orleans? >> the soul, the spirit, the music, the love. it's amazing. >> is it not the best? have you been to the spotted cat
7:09 pm
before? >> my sister was married a few blocks away. it was amazing. an amazing place. >> brooke and i are going to serve some drinks behind the bar. will you help us? >> will you help me pour shots. >> that's in my repertoire. >> follow me, okay? >> we're going. >> this is a long way to the bar. >> where are you from? >> san antonio. >> here we go. >> keep walking. >> lost in the crowd. i'm going to jump over the bar here, you go around. can i get over here? >> oh, my gosh, i love your dress. >> we were about to do a shot. >> here i am. help me down. here we go. >> okay. >> i'm pouring. you want some cuervo.
7:10 pm
>> tequila for everybody. what are you doing here? >> from new orleans. >> are you going to have a shot for us? >> brooke, are you safe? >> they're in danger. i feel like they are trying to send us signals. >> they are about to be in danger with those shots. >> i hope you are counting how many times he is doing this. >> i'm up to 13. >> brooke, how was vegas? >> 14. >> it was so great. it was so great. >> our colleague -- >> was i not supposed to say that. i will tell you later. >> i was in vegas. >> you were in vegas with diana and brianna. >> i was! >> i know. >> the tequila is emitting from your pores.
7:11 pm
i don't know how i landed. brianna keilar got married. >> congratulations to brianna. >> tip it. tip it, everybody. >> cheers! >> how many has don had? >> should we discuss what is happening next hour? >> how many have i had? >> what is happening the next hour. >> you know what you're going to get when you ask that question. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> i don't know if you should look forward to it. >> you're doing my face -- >> i don't hear don. >> a tattoo and a piercing parlor across the street and we have decided which one i'm going to get. and we are going to do it live. >> wow. >> that's fantastic.
7:12 pm
>> that we look forward to. >> no one turn the channel. this is real deal stuff. >> i can't wait to see what happens. a few more shots, maybe. don and brooke. oh, my lord. we'll talk to you soon. >> the spotted cat in new orleans. >> do you drink? >> i'll have a -- >> when you go the a bar. >> i'll have a beer or something. >> after one glass of wine -- >> i know. >> you were like a model. in another way. but you were spilling all the secrets. >> i get -- i'm a lightweight. >> and everybody is watching. i promise, this guy not a spy. first of all get this, brook baldwin was in vegas with dana bash. >> how do you know this? brianna keilar got married and dana has been drunk texting me
7:13 pm
asking if i know drake. and i go the singer, do you know him? and i go i haven't met him. and i thought you would know him. i said are you drunk texting me? i think we should ask if she has stolen drake from j. lo. >> i don't know drake but i will some day. >> i wanted to quiz you. i have a theory. i'm going to see which cnn anchors you can't identify. >> all right. let's see. >> i'm going to show you a picture. >> george howell. >> you know who that is? >> george and i are friends. >> who is this? >> clairissa ward. she is amazing. >> you had to check. >> who is this? >> sports -- don't say, sports
7:14 pm
morning, andy -- andy scholes. >> yes. >> just because you can spell -- there's no victory lap. >> someone in my ear said s-c-h. >> come on. >> no, no, no. >> what a shame. he doesn't even care about the people. >> i'm thinking about scholes. >> this is debra faric. >> briian that keilar. >> and -- >> michael holmes. >> most of these are cnn international. >> you are trying to get me. >> nobody say anything. >> i'm taking my -- >> natalie allen. >> right? >> i don't know why you are yelling and hostile. she has been keeping the network together in ways you never could. i enjoy your work. >> ben wedeman. >> let's just take a minute.
7:15 pm
>> a middle east correspondent was based in rome. >> cairo. >> it's cairo. >> fluent in arabic. >> what is going on with you and ben? >> he is an amazing correspondent. >> do you get along? >> yes. >> do you feel like ben wedeman likes you? i get along with him great. >> really? >> how many languages do you speak? >> none. i can tell you how many i studied. >> you can't give him credit for seven? >> i know he is fluent in arabic. he is incredible. >> that is guilt. you do real work. >> he does real work. >> and of course -- >> stop. christine romans. >> you are on the edge. >> sorry. >> and you hurt my arm. >> sorry. i was -- i wanted a second. i don't process this fast. jonathan mann. see, cnn international. >> rick sanchez. not with cnn.
7:16 pm
>> what -- by the way, what did you do to him? >> what do you mean? >> you put him in a car. >> the car sank. >> i heard you personally said put rick in a car and put it in a pool and see if he makes it. >> i don't have that power. and he also tasered. >> he was tasered -- he was a don't tase me bro. he was the bro. >> he is like it hurt and was painful and no one died. and he ran through the forest being chased by blood hounds. >> have you called him today? >> no. >> he is shaky from the tasing. >> would you say that -- oh, all right. hold on. >> i love it when -- >> what's going on? >> it's an instagram picture. those are my glasses that i'm wearing tonight that i'm not wearing. >> what message are you supposed to be sending with this?
7:17 pm
it's instagram. >> you are a grown man. this is like something gigi hadid would do. by the way i love how you know who gigi hadid is. >> i barely know -- i think i -- >> oh, boy, she is a model. what do you do all day? i mean, honestly. first of all when we were showing the shtouts i was excited about mark wahlberg and peter berg. >> he is an amazing director. >> and a vet advocate. >> and i'm looking forward to "patriots day" and mark wahlberg. i like them all. he has a brother, jimmy wahlberg who runs his foundation. >> what were you saying about mark in the commercial? >> i wasn't saying anything about mark in the commercial. >> i think you were. >> just about how -- >> he is very attractive,
7:18 pm
obviously. >> that was the start of it. >> i saw mark last week. i went to the party. and i did something i thought was amusing. and by the way i don't know him. i went up to him and said hi, mark and he goat hi kathy and i grabbed my boyfriend and said this is my boyfriend and he's going to kick your butt and i walked away. and david o'russell goes why did you do that and my boyfriend went why did you do that? and mark said why do you do that? >> he is talented. >> real deal talented. i was making fun of his lack of muscles. i get it and then i flipped him off. >> that's how you roll. >> let's talk about hole passes. he's your hall pass. >> would you like to read aloud. >> we have to take a break.
7:19 pm
>> we'll do some cold reading. >> much more ahead. some cold reading. the ball is going to drop in 1:41. we'll bring it to you live all the celebrations as we -- >> as we countdown to 2017. what's going on? >> i was thinking about mark wahlberg. >> again? ♪ 2000 party over it's out of time so tonight i'm going to party like it's 1999 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:20 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find.
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show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new
7:22 pm
♪ >> and welcome back. we are live in new york's times
7:23 pm
square. kathy griffin here for new year's eve celebrating the onset of 2017. i do keep a little -- i always -- i usual say 2017 but -- >> we'll find something that works for you. >> it's only been ten years. >> this is a great rehearsal. >> you were talking about -- >> i had an amazing experience on christmas day. what celebrities did you have on your house on christmas day. >> i was in myanmar. >> what celebrities came anyway? >> none. >> i had sharon stone, andy dick, and at one point my dog larry was choking on a bone. and david steinberg said if you put your finger in larry's butt he will stop choking. so without thinking i went boom
7:24 pm
and the bone came out. >> if you could have heard the conversation. and lisa rinna was so sweet and went i was on a soap opera and money to i'm on the housewives. >> pee-wee herman sends me holiday cards. >> the funniest ever. >> it's like elvis eating a turkey wing. >> but i want to say that pee-wee herman watched me put my finger up larry my dog's butt and the bone came out and everyone was happy. >> i'm surprised there's not a picture. >> dana basas in vegas asking me about drake. >> dana bash has called in. are you with us? >> hey, guys. happy new year. >> she's so drunk. >> dana -- >> i'm in las vegas.
7:25 pm
i'm looking -- first of all -- >> still. >> i'm looking out my wdow at the hearattack grill. and apparently if you weigh 300 pounds you get free food. >> wow -- >> what is going on with drake? i'm curious. >> part of brianna keilar's wedding festivities this weekend is an evening with drake. it's a drake concert tonight and my big question is -- >> what? >> yes, the concert is tonight in las vegas and we're all going. do you think j. lo will be there? >> i think j. lo will definitely be there. but with rhihanna be there witha switch blade. >> let me call larry rudolph and get you backstage. >> who is larry rudolph?
7:26 pm
>> dana thanks for calling in. >> happy new year's guy. >> just call me in real life. >> happy new year. >> i know -- it is our tenth anniversary. >> is it a box of money? >> no. it's not a box of money. it's our tenth anniversary. so two things. here's this. >> should i? >> yes, please. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's a photo album of our best -- >> it's not just a photo. is this a -- there's you making a pass at you. >> pretty much, yeah. >> it's our moments throughout the last ten years. >> what are you thinking in this photo? >> i don't remember that year. >> do you remember any of the years? >> i don't. >> you put them away when the head hits the pill loy. >> and the tenth anniversary is tin. >> what did you go and do?
7:27 pm
>> you got me -- >> a lunchbox. >> something from your product line. this is very kardashian of you. >> i mean, this is fantastic. and now if you were going to have your lunch. what would be in here? >> an apple. >> what is your daily thing you have every day? >> a fresh and co salad with apple in it. >> it's a company in new york. >> a pay back. how much kick back do you get from the lunch pail? >> do they still have the -- do they still have the -- most lunch pails used to have the separation like a hungry man dinner. >> i'm going to put that company's food in there. >> let's check in with randy kaye. how is it going? >> hey, guys, how you doing? i'm still here on the ship. i've left the bridge and given the captain back control of the ship. but i have found another bar.
7:28 pm
this is called the risen tide. this bar moves from deck five to deck eight. we are already on deck five. we're going to make our move to deck eight. but this is the bar for all of the v.i.p.s on the ship tonight. but there is a very special bartender here who's going to make a drink for us. he says it's one of the most popular drinks on the ship. i couldn't turn down that opportunity. this is pablo from ukraine. great to see you. so what is the most popular drink going tonight on this new year's eve? >> sour cranky anchor. >> i'm sure you heard the recipe. >> i have heard about it and have the recipe with me. let's make it. two ounce gray goose vodka. you got that? let's go with that. then following the two ounces of vodka it's two ounces of social anxiety. do you have two ounces of social
7:29 pm
anxiety. >> i think so. following that, a half a cup of soda water which we add at the end. and 17 eye rolls. can you add that in? 17 eye rolls. >> perfect. sounds great. and the 17 eye rolls. there we go. >> it was 16. >> one more. >> one more eye roll. and you have a silver fox syrup back there? look at that. that is beautiful. and now we're going to shake it up. and this is going to be served once we shake it up it's going to be served over four ice cubes that look alarmingly like jeffrey lord. we're going to pour that into a nice glass for me to taste. look at that. that is very tom cruise-esque. pour that over ice cubes. you have some shaped like jeffrey lord.
7:30 pm
or how ever many you want. this is the cranky anchor. it's most popular drink on the ship. let me get a taste of this here. look at that. nice technique. nice. that looks good. >> let me see if i can taste the social anxiety. and a bit of soda water at the end. perfect. here we go. now i'm told that this is best consumed wearing a very tight black t-shirt. so this is the cranky anchor. and i'm going the take this with me as we go along. i think we're getting close, anderson and kathy, here we are. we have arrived on deck eight which is central park. so from -- they call this central park on the ship. from my central park to your central park, there where it is so cold. and here it is so nice and warm in the middle of the sea somewhere, probably 80 degrees
7:31 pm
or so i'm going to enjoy the cranky anchor. cheers to you, anderson. >> what an unusual name for a drink with your picture on it. >> i like the jeffrey lord ice cubes. we'll check back in with you. we have to take a quick break. a lot of anticipation for the stroke of midnight. >> might i say you don't know what is going to happen yet. >> anything could happen. >> you don't know, do you? >> i don't know. >> something. >> we're going to nashville. >> are you nervous? >> you are making me nervous. keith urban is there. tweet us your new year's resolutions and photos. we'll be right back with keith urban. taking a holiday in britain, are ya doll?
7:32 pm
well, the only place you need go...
7:33 pm
london's got the best of everything. cornwall's got the best of everything. sport sport nightlife nightlife (both) fashion adventure i'm tellin' ya, britain is the only place you really need go. expedia. everything you need to travel britain better.
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7:35 pm
♪ kathy's trying to get at ryan seacrest. >> i see you, seacrest. let me at him. let me go. this is the year i finally get him. >> we're back. we're on air. we're on air. >> don't you give me a fake hug. >> hello, everyone. welcome to the most positive new
7:36 pm
year's you've ever seen. >> just explain what happened here. while we were in commercial, ryan seacrest appeared. to do his program. kathy starts to give him a one-finger salute which while he is searching for the teleprompter, there is ryan right between us. >> let me at him. let me at him. i don't care anymore. i'm going to take that guy down once and for all. seacrest, i've had it with you. no, i'm not wearing underwear. this is it. >> geez. >> we're not on, right? >> sorry, i -- >> i need to work out more. >> i guess i didn't make my how is your breathing?ay. >> nischelle turner is in nashville with keith urban. happy new year.
7:37 pm
>> hey. >> good recovery. >> they're having a happy new year. >> we should be in new york apparently. >> anderson's laugh makes me laugh. >> and kathy's too. >> definitely. >> i'm here with keith urban. but you are three-time grammy nominee keith urban. >> thank you very much. >> i didn't start off with happy new year. in australia it's already gone. >> i'll tell you the lotto results later. >> i like that. we're in nashville for music city midnight. it's my first time ever spending new year's eve in nashville. >> not your last, i hope. >> if you give me a good show i'm coming back. >> these guys will do it too. >> you have been spotted here. there was the screams already. what are you going the give these people here? it's rainy and cold. >> it's fantastic already. >> they all see you.
7:38 pm
>> it's my hometown. i'm looking forward to playing. >> i love you saying this is your hometown. what is it about nashville? >> it's just a real town. real people. real life. real living. i have been here 25 years. >> they call it music city. i was saying earlier that every single music venue in the downtown area has live music tonight. >> all kinds, too. tonight, so diverse as well. >> so you're going to play music from your new album "rip cord" this is nominated for three grammys. i mean, keith urban, what else can you do? >> hopefully deliver the right show tonight. that's crucial. >> you just came off tour for this. >> we finished on the 17th. we went down to new zealand and
7:39 pm
australia. new zealand for the first time. never played there. and wrapped it up. tonight i'm gngo do something different too. i have a short medley of the handful of artists that we lost this year and i'm going to play that tonight at midnight. >> you're going to the a little george michael and prince. >> haggard. glenn frye, leonard cohen. >> i'm here if "hallelujah." what is your favorite new year's eve memory? >> i have too many. i'm almost always playing. i love that countdow moment and when that year moves to the next one it's a fantastic feeling. everybody is in the most incredible mood. and if you think if you can be that way throughout the year what a great play it will be. >> you have your lady here with you. >> my ladies.
7:40 pm
>> ladies. make this one a good one. happy new year! >> happy new year nischelle and keith. i hope you have a great new year's in nashville. i'm still winded -- >> you are clearly winded from my effort to save america from ryan seacrest. i risked my life and would have died for it. >> what is your thing? >> i believe you are in a coven to try to kill me. >> i'mn the coven. >> you are holding the meetings. >> i'm the puppetmaster. >> and you have a communication, tonight is the night. you know who could save me? richard quest. >> i'm surprised to see seacrest out of his bubble. >> he's normally nice and safe in a pope mobile. >> and a week of rehearsal. >> we have been rehearsing for two weeks.
7:41 pm
and i'm like if you can do this in a week, good for you. but we work. you know what i mean. can you read some of my resolutions? mine are kind of boring. you can do what is called cold reading, correct? >> i'll give it a try. >> this is my resolution. >> i do need my glasses. the jacket i had. >> we don't have that kind of time. you just have to go to a dwayne reid and i'm sure you have a side deal with them. so here we go. and the sexy left. it just left the room. it left the platform. >> that's why i don't wear these glasses. >> go ahead. >> these are new year's resolutions of mine. stop having children. >> i just -- those days are over. if i have one egg left i'll have it tomorrow with a scone. but since i have known it's just too much. okay i can't do it anymore.
7:42 pm
>> finally get my well deserved 51/50 cycle. >> kanye had one, britney had one. if you want to put me on one tonight i'm not going to fight. i need some rest. >> celebrities get hospitalized for being exhausted. >> instead of jail. >> regular people go to jail. celebrities get help. >> another of your resolutions, push my 96-year-old mother down the stairs just to save the money. >> i love you but you're not cheap. one nudge down the stairs. no one is going to know. this is so horrible it might not be funny but i think it is. my mom said there was a little wine in her. she says next time i fall i hope i stay down there. isn't that horrible? everyone wants you, maggie, forever. she also told me that she thinks that caitlyn turned back into
7:43 pm
bruce over the weekend. >> why would she think that? >> she was watching a rerun of the kardashians. >> another resolution for you, take off that last 150 pounds. >> my figure is everything, right. >> this is another one. >> that is so ryan seacrest and these are razor blades. he is showering us with razor blades. not your face, not his face, it's his fortune. how could you? >> another of kathy's resolution. try poppers, quaaludes and whippets. >> you have never done -- you don't drink alcohol. >> never had a drink in my life. but i want to try quaaludes and poppers. >> i don't believe quaaludes are manufactured any more. kathy wants to spend less tine
7:44 pm
on social media and back to olling people face to face like right now. >> i'm going to troll people face to face. i'm an expert. but doing it online is almost a waste. >> is there something below this fold? >> that's for later. what are your resolutions? to take your glasses off to try to make the sexy come back. the sexy is in queens. that's how far it went when you put the glasses on. >> i stopped making resolutions when you told me how boring they were. >> they are so boring. it's unbelievable. can you make some up? >> no. they're all just boring. >> what is it really? i know it's hit the gym more. >> yes. >> are you serious? >> yes. i want to get in better shape and healthier. >> what he does is he talks like this no, i want to get in shape. >> i got distracted. i thought that curtis -- was over there. there is a guy in a red hat --
7:45 pm
>> are you bringing up '80s references? are they back? i'm afraid to take the subway now. that's a good gig for you. you could be a vigilante. what is another resolution? >> beyond that i really don't -- >> ladies and gentlemen, put down whatever you're doing and make a note of one thing if nothing else, anderson cooper's resolution list is go to the gym more and be in better shape. when you are a journalist that's what counts. ask ben wedeman that's what counts. he with his seven languages. you have to come to the platform with something. you're going to help the children. people in need? >> i'm working on that. but i don't want to talk about it publicly. >> what charities -- do you ever help another person in any way? >> i do. >> prove it. >> i don't like to brag about giving money to charities.
7:46 pm
>> i have gone to iraq and afghanistan with the uso. i have awards. i have more gay awards than you. >> that's very possible. >> hold up. >> i have the -- do you have any g.l.a.d. award? >> a couple of them. >> the vanguard? what about hrc? >> no. >> i'm the ally for equality. >> what about trevor? >> no, i have -- i have not. >> i have the trevor life award. lam da legal? >> no. >> do you know what it is? >> i do. >> what is it? >> it is an organization that works for -- they did a lot on gay pride but they have lawyers that work with housing rights. i mean they work on a bunch of issues. >> it's a legal organization that helps people in the community that don't have the money to pay for themselves.
7:47 pm
>> but specifically it's anti-discrimination stuff. >> yeah, okay. i got it. you got one. and what about -- do you have a do something award? >> no. >> you've done nothing? >> what? >> it's a do something award. have you not done anything? >> who are we listening to? >> someone just said let's listen -- >> are you hearing voices like joan of arc? >> let's listen in to what they're hearing in times square. >> we never get to do this. ♪ ♪ watch me whip, watch me nae nae ♪ ♪ watch me me watch me watch me ♪ ♪ watch me watch me watch me ♪ let's go ♪ do the stanky leg do the
7:48 pm
stanky leg do the stanky leg ♪ ♪ do the stanky leg do the stanky leg ♪ ♪ now break your leg break your leg ♪ i'm so frustrated. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. you could start your search at the all-new that might help. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports at the all-new
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7:50 pm
♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
7:51 pm
jooerk welcome back. looking at times square from the marrio marriott marquise hotel. heart of times square. a little more than an hour to go before the stroke of midnight. excited to be here. oh. you got your book out. >> my new book. available wherever books are sold. >> there you go. very fun n. >> first of all, i know we go to
7:52 pm
gary tuchman my new boyfriend in a minute but this is an advertisement for tomorrow cnn is doing a special on the band chicago called -- now more than ever, trying not to cry. i'm a chicago the band if i gnattic. >> you are? >> yeah. i saw peter citara in concert six months ago. how many members of chicago can you name? >> no. >> obvi. >> peter citari. >> yes. walter lamb. a sing-along. ♪ take me as i am ♪ put your heart in mine what song is it? you still love me? >> yeah. >> peter the solo career. as you know, the '80s he burst out. restless heart. he had a little song with a lady named cher. >> oh really? >> when i saw him in concert backstage we made a little video singing that very duet and i kind of outsang him.
7:53 pm
may we run that? >> oh. ♪ after all that we've been through ♪ >> this is your part. >> it comes down to me and you. ♪ this is meant to be ♪ forever you and me >> wow! >> yeah. i got skills. >> there you go. >> skills. >> tomorrow on cnn? pretty excited. >> everyone's talking about it. >> i know. >> you have to stop doing anything resembling news. it could be the chicago band station 24/7. pitch it. >> pitch it. >> you're a hard habit to break. >> got it. >> hi, david foster who co-wrote that with peter cetera. you know what's hard? hard to say i'm sorry. >> who is your favorite band in the '80s? >> i don't know. duran duran. girl bands. >> one of the first i saw is
7:54 pm
costello. >> with the wheel of fortune and pick a song? >> no. >> that's a catalog. how's your catalog? >> i wish i did have a catalog. >> i do. >> do you? >> i own my stuff. i feel when i'm dead they'll be worth something. i was doing a book signing and got a nice compliment. a nice gentleman said, thank you so much, you have made me laugh through hard times and then he said, i think you should know i think that you're going to be a legend when you're dead. >> wow. wow! what do you say to that? >> i signed the book and said thank you and signed two books. these are big book signings and one of them i signed because the guy thought i was reba and i was happy. he bought the book and another one comes up and -- >> why would he think that? >> i look like reba. he's such a fannd saw the hair and lost it. so i just wrote bye, y'all, reba. another said i've been watching
7:55 pm
you since i was 4 and that chemistry you have with regis. i wrote blessings kathie lee. >> you wrote about her in the book. >> i don't know if she'll find it humorous but i hope she does. >> blessings. >> #blessings. how often do you sign off your text with that? >> often. >> i get a lot of blessings from you. ♪ you're the inspiration >> yeah. do you ever follow people on instagram who you think you will like in real life and then follow them and start to hate them on instagram? >> me? i'm right here. i didn't know if that's your way of saying. >> no. someone you think is cool or interesting and then, like, start to follow them and use the horrible hash tags or a picture of themselves in business class. >> and why do i follow her? >> i didn't know that she was still around. >> you don't know tila tequila
7:56 pm
is going to nazi parties? >> i did once i saw that thing. >> you should watch the news and thank god for christine romans. she loves the money section. >> and natalie allen. >> and john berman. >> it is amazing how much cnn you watch. >> by the way -- >> how much as much as donald trump. >> oh boy. don't say his name. i'll all barren all the time. focusing 100% on baron. >> we'll take a quick break. a lot more ahead. oh! just a little bit more than an hour. an hour and three minutes before the ball drop, fireworks, the rest here in times square. a view of the crowd and then the party continues in new orleans. as our cnn new year's celebration just keeps rolling on. >> say new orleans the way you say it. >> new orleans.
7:57 pm
hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing i like it start your used car search at
7:58 pm
p is for privileges. o is for ordinarily i wouldn't. l is for layers of luxury. a is for alll the way back. r is for read my mind. and i... can't see a thing. s... see you in the morning. polaris, from united.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
hey, anderson. it's megan mullaly and nick offerman here. we wanted to wish you a happy new year and extend an invitation to you to join us in our bed. for some sex. >> bring it.
8:01 pm
>> see you soon. >> hello, kathy. >> we love you. >> what? >> come on, people. >> i mean -- >> megan and nick. >> wow. >> give it up. >> i mean. >> that's commitment. and a nice invitation i thought. very friendly. >> i mean -- >> have you been to their house? >> i have not. >> never mine. i don't want to you. >> they're incredibly talented. >> incredible people. >> yes. midnight is fast approaching here in new york's times square. less than an hour to go until 2017. >> may i stop you? so many moments you are responsible for we need to revisit. i don't know. like the time on "60 minutes" be your bonopos. >> is there a clip? >> yeah. there's a clip. trust me. >> oh, okay. >> and there's some explaining to do after the clip. so -- ♪
8:02 pm
>> he will not leave you because you are so nice first. they're interested by the hair. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> so i have a lot of questions. >> it's a sanctuary in congo. >> i watch. all right. first of all, the behavior srks that how you see me in your life? like a little like that's jumping on you and -- >> no. >> you don't really -- you're like accepting. >> they're get. >> but when i try to pick things out of your hair you get mad. >> i worry. >> i'm grooming you. >> okay. >> here's a question to ask you to be honest. i know that's a stretch. did you illegally bring a bonobo back -- >> yes. >> yes, you did. something you would do. >> i don't believe in, you know, there are people who buy exotic animals. if i could, i would get a sloth. >> you have a sloth thing like i have never seen. >> it would be a sloth. it's not appropriate. >> i would say you have a lot of energy so why do you like
8:03 pm
sloths? >> they sleep 18 hours a day. >> so do you. jack nap. >> poop once a week always in the same spot. >> so do you. >> and they lose a third of their body weight. >> don't go to the gym. >>ug you and move really slowly. have you ever seen a baby sloth? >> adorable. >> on you show and i think you have them. the other clip we'd like to show, you know, i admit -- >> things from the past year i think. >> highlights. you know that admit i tend to laugh involuntarily at inappropriate things? >> yes. >> show the clip of anderson on "who do you think you are." >> holy crap! burrwell bokin, killed by a negro. boykin murdered by a rebellious slave. >> wow. >> your ancestor beaten together with a farm hoe. >> oh my god!
8:04 pm
. that's amazing. this is incredible. i'm blown away. >> you think he deserved it? >> yeah. >> you do? >> i have no doubt. >> horrible way to die. >> he had 12 slaves. i don't feel bad for him. >> i don't think -- i think that's an appropriate response. >> okay. the nerve or as my mother would say the crust of you acting surprised you had slaves. >> i have never heard of my great -- my great, great, great, great grandfather on my dad's side. burrwell boy kin. >> you have no idea? >> the cooper. >> the vanderbilt. >> they fought for the confederacy and thought they would have owned slaves if they could have. they were sharecroppers. >> never heard that until that moment? >> i had not. >> do you currently have any slaves? >> no. i honestly not heard that. that's a great show on public
8:05 pm
television. it is not -- >> not who do you think you are? >> finding the roots. >> you are right. >> but it's a great, great show. i was totally stunned by that. fascinating. >> i thought you would go, i know. >> i was blown away. >> are you recovering from that during the chicago special? all right. now we move on and lighten it up with who's your hall pass? yours is mark wahlberg. i want you to do a cold writing. sexy alert. sexy is leaving. leaving manhattan. >> all right. these are your hall passes. charles osgood. >> so hot. >> a great writer. david gurgen. i knew that. >> professor. don't insult me. >> jimmy carter is your hall pass. >> in a heartbeat. no offense rosalyn. >> sydney portier. >> he's in my book. i have a deal with sydney and his wife joann and i, we'll swap one night to give each guy a
8:06 pm
night off. >> and the entire horn section of chicago. >> yeah. duh. >> all right. >> i assume yours is the same list? >> yeah. exactly. hey, let's check in with richard wrest and each hour has been -- >> new outfit change maybe? >> sort of embracing a whole new look. oh! richard, wow. >> yes. >> richard quest means business. >> we have decided to upgrade the look of the evening. sort of thing, anderson, you might have as a come as you are every night party. >> yes. >> just a little thing that we've put together. >> oh. >> a couple of -- now let's meet the crowd as we truly head towards midnight. all right. >> hey! >> your name is? >> hunter from charlotte, north carolina. >> north carolina. this is hunter and liz and they have the distinction of being the very first people in times
8:07 pm
square. >> very first. >> what time? >> 7:00 a.m.! >> all right. have you been to the toilet since 7:00 a.m.? >> yes. once at 10:00 a.m.! >> 10:00 a.m. right before -- >> oh! oh. right. where are you from? >> auburn, alabama. >> alabama. >> australia. >> australia. why are you here? >> to celebrate with everyone. >> all right. let's have a big cheer. oh! that is pathetic. try it again. where do you come from? >> peru. >> where? >> peru. >> are you enjoying yourself? >> oh yes, of course. i love it. >> is this your first time in new york? >> first time here. >> wld you do it again? >> excuse me? >> would you come here again? >> yeah. i will. >> what time were you here? >> like 1:00. >> i think in the afternoon. the extraordinary thing about the atmosphere here is just the
8:08 pm
shear number of people, the million and a half down here. where are you from? >> i'm from japan! >> from japan? >> very nice. >> thank you! >> you're having fun? >> yes. very fun. >> good. >> hi. >> hello. >> hello. >> where are you from? >> i'm from japan! >> lots of people from japan. who decided to celebrate. anderson, look to your left. >> there you are. look. there you are. >> i'm ready to do a twirl and a dance. >> oh. okay. >> i love him. >> there's nobody like richard quest. >> no one. i have to say the person that he was physically beating with a balloon was very accepting. >> very accepting. >> and probably hurt a little bit. >> you know. >> he's questy. >> megan mullally and nick offerman they have a comedy special "summer of 69" shooting
8:09 pm
january 14th and people can be part of that. >> meg in "why him" with franco and bryan cranston. >> they're both so good. so talented and so, so funny. we are coming up on midnight. 51 minutes from now. >> wait. tomorrow's -- >> this has flown by i have to say. >> usually we complain about it but this is flying by. >> flying by. >> tomorrow, i know you like your binge watching. >> i love the. >> i -- because of my job, doing 80 cities this year on the celebrity run-ins tour i can't really watch great tv. >> if only we had a listing of all the places you were going to be -- >> if only a scroll of just some of the dates i was playing -- >> some of the 80 days. >> 80 cities. >> there is a scroll. >> get tickets while you can. i'll tell you everything about tonight he would never admit to. first of all, what are you binge shows going to be tomorrow? you're hoyty it toty.
8:10 pm
>> i'm binging "vikings." four seasons. i've been binge watching. almost done with the four seasons. >> what else? you always have a -- >> i just finished "the crown." you know? >> i heard about it. >> very good. netflix. i watched a lot of, like, the fall season three. just netflix bought it and bbc northern ireland. >> you are an old lady. an old lady. should have like a tea cozy because here is my binge list. i would like you to read it proudly. >> i got to get the glasses. >> bye, sexy. bye! see you guys next year. and there he is. >> yeah. see? yeah. all right. oh, this is what you're binge watching. "my 600-pound life." i have watched this. >> i just have to say something and be honest. they had an an intervention the other night that was a 600-pound life meets interessential with a
8:11 pm
transgender person in canada. it was mind blowing. i could watch it ten times. transitioning and dieting and stopping drinking and transitioning. that's why i binge watch. what else? >> "scientology and the aftermath." i did an interview with him. >> showed the clip of you busting the people. >> yeah. >> lea, you are doing the best work of your life. i love it. >> "intervention." >> delivered. now there's a canadian one and i'm drunk, eh. i have to stop, eh? >> i feel -- i feel so bad for some of the folks. >> i do, too. >> "90-day fiancee." i watched once and didn't understand it. >> of course not. it's about people that love. you have 90 days to bring someone from another country which you have done several times and then 90 days to marry them or they don't get the citizenship. >> really? >> yes. it's a k-1 visa and a lot of couples that -- >> seems wrong. >> you're not pulling for them.
8:12 pm
go back to your country no matter how horrible it seemed. >> "married at first sight." that's what i saw. yeah. >> wait. now you're sexy and so you don't know what you're talking about. okay. that's how this guy works. like a dumb blond. he doesn't know how to delynn nate. you meet in a not very nice ballroom and fight until you divorce. >> okay. that's the one i think i saw. snap we talked about. >> not enough. >> and who the bleep did marry? >> women realize they married someone not the way he seemed and then we scheme, i mean, they scheme at a way to get him where we/they won't be caught. >> and rachel maddow or you, same difference. >> did i write that down? >> yes. you did. >> sorry. >> let's check in with gary and daughter lindsay in miami with a special guest. gary? >> anderson and kathy, we are at the world's largest poolside newier's eve party. justin bieber is performing on
8:13 pm
the stage. no one's in the pool. dressed to kill. with us, two of the other acts, after justin bieber. lindsay is with us. when's the first act is with us? >> it's skillerz at the afterparty later. >> and marshmallow. obvious reasons. we don't know his identity and a lot of deejays do. anonymous and both great. skillerz, how's it differ performing on new year's eve? >> everyone's excited. you know? new beginning. everyone with all their people and having a good time already. already has a -- exciting time of the year i think. or the most exciting time. >> why are so many deejays to be anonymous and you are quiet, too? >> we're producers and focused on production and sometimes sit in the background and used to you something. ay wants to ask >> there's a funny story object
8:14 pm
my dad. he was listening to your -- you have to listen to this song. i was very surprised that he loved it. tell me, how do you aspiel to everyone of all different ages? >> i have no idea. i make music that i love and hopefully other people like it, too. i never know who likes what and always comes out naturally. >> you're very -- appealed to us. >> thank you. >> what are you performing after justin bieber and then marshmallow. i don't know if we can hear him. let me ask you this. it's very loud and i can't hear my own voice. give me a nod yes or no. do you wear the helmet because you want to be anonymous? do you want to be anonymous because you shouldn't take the glory of the musicians you work with? do you love what you do? and are you excited about being here for new year's eve? marshmallow, it's nice talking to you. never talked to a marshmallow before. is this the craziest party you have ever been to? >> of course.
8:15 pm
>> it's off the chain! look around! look around! >> 3,000 people here at the country paid from $500 a head to $50,000 for being pampered and inside this amazing hotel. fancy, beautiful, elegant and impossibly chic and all having a wonderful time especially with these guys. by the way, i talked to -- i have a friend in the business in los angeles who said this man right here is the most polite, uber passenger in los angeles. is that true? >> got to keep the five stars always. >> it's important. it's important. >> anderson and kathy, i can hear you. back to you. >> marshmallow, thanks. talk to you later. >> thank you. >> we're about 45 minutes away now from midnight. much more ahead from times square and all the sights and sounds at the stroke of midnight. the ball dropping. all the music, all the emotion. full night of music, cocktails as i understand it, as well. >> hold on a second. you totally made that up.
8:16 pm
>> what? >> you said all the emotion and wasn't in the prompter. >> wasn't. i made it up. >> what emotion. >> well, there's a lot of emotion at the stroke of midnight at times square. >> y didn't even act like you cared about skrillz. >> there's a lot of emotion. >> you know what i was thinking? how you need -- you're the point of your life you need like a nickname. >> yeah, okay. >> you know maria is money honey? >> yeah. >> i came up for some with you. >> let's take a quick break and then we'll get it. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient?
8:17 pm
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♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
8:19 pm
anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. kathy, anderson, happy new year. here's to a clean, fresh start, 2017. >> hey, kathy andande, it's josh groban.
8:20 pm
my party's all here. we are wasted. and we can't wait to watch you guys count down to 2017. wishing you and everybody watching a safe, healthy, prosperous 2017 and sending you guys lots of love. >> happy new year, anderson cooper and kathy griffin. i'm on my way to the oklahoma city thunder game as you can see by my debecause led hat i did mylf. sh i was in new york with you guys but i'm at one place better. that's oklahoma. happy new year. ♪ >> hi, i'm rodgn jeremy. have a happy new year. >> congratulations on ten bizarre years together. fight on! >> wow. >> do you think that ron slept with every one of those
8:21 pm
cheerleaders. for money, not for free. >> i won't ask how you got ron jeremy. >> he comes to my house for thanksgiving every year. we're friends, pals. >> there you go. >> would you like to read the names? money honey. go ahd. >> i got to -- i'm old. >> it isover. all right. here's some of the new names to get you a little bit of a hook. >> okay. this is for rebranding me? >> you need to be rebranded. >> oonds scooper, he's got the scooper so you get the dog community people that care about the news. >> a lot of people dog. if i have the scooper -- >> yes. >> hello, rescue people. >> yes, okay. at this age anderson should be ander dad cooper. >> that's if you want to be in pbs later. now about the fit but five pounds overweight body. just five. >> anderson r. morrow. anderson cronkite. >> might want to up the ante a little bit. >> we are about 38 minutes away from the stroke of midnight. we got so much more ahead.
8:22 pm
and also, even after midnight our coverage on until 12:30 and then continues on until past 1:00 a.m. so you get to see the -- >> does it ever. with don and brooke. >> let's go to new orleans right now and check back in. >> i'm all about it. >> at the spotted cat. don, brooke? >> hi, guys. >> hola. >> happy almost new year. the time has almost arrived. >> okay. tell them what's going to happen. i'm going to get something. >> so, we have invited our new friend chris over. chris clearly has much, much ink. and the decision all night has been should it be a tattoo or a piercing? what are you thinking? the people want to know what crazy, silly -- >> let me ask. let me ask. kathy -- i think kathy. anderson might -- >> ask kathy.
8:23 pm
kathy griffin, come back in. >> nipple! nipple! nipple! >> no, don. >> i love you, kathy. i love you. >> you don't want to hear the other- >> we reay don't need to see what's about to happen here. >> no, no, no. don. >> i love you, don, no. >> no, no. >> keep it closed. keep it closed. >> i love you more, don. >> since i promised. since i promised -- thank you, kathy. thank you, anderson. that was good advice. the decision is, brooke? >> i'm thinking ear. >> or something more fun but ear is cool. ear is cool. >> let's do it. hang on. hang on. >> tell them what you have to do. sterile place. >> don't give him shots by the way everything. >> everything is ready to go. >> the ear or the nipple? >> cutting you off after this one. should i cut him off? >> hurts? >> not going to hurt me. you will be fine.
8:24 pm
>> all right. let's go. >> seriously this is about to happen. don't get blood on my jacket. >> do you need to hold my hand? >> if this hurts i will be so mad. >> is your mother watching? i bet your mom is. mama lemon, i don't know what he's thinking. >> hold on. >> at least it's just his ear. you know what i'm saying? >> here we go. >> oh! >> don't get blood on the jacket. goes back to brooks brothers. >> here's the needle. here's the needle. oh! oh. >> ow! mother. >> the crowd. >> the crowd is like what is going on? oh, i'm in pain. i'm in pain. >> wow. >> why are you doing this, my friend? >> clap. end of "rudy." slow clap. at the end of "rudy."
8:25 pm
gene -- >> it's an fleur delis. >> i can't believe i'm doing this. ow, ow, ow, ow. >> oh! >> oh. >> all right. >> ken, close-up. we are in new orleans. >> wow. >> how are you feeling, honey? are you all right there, don? >> i don't know. >> honey, talk to us. >> i feel like i was squeezing your hand more than you were squeezing mine. >> i need to see this. anderson? it didn't hurt that much. >> looks great. >> what do you think? >> good. >> you have new orleans connections. what do you think? >> it's new orleans. and you have a place there. it's -- you know, it's new orleans. it's good. >> looks like he's going to bar of. don't pass out. >> yeah. are you feeling all right? >> this is what happens when a lot of tequila happens. >> griffin, what do you think? >> i love it, don! i say get it all the way down and stop when i decide. all the way down.
8:26 pm
>> we got to take a quick break. we'll have more, more with don, more with brook. >> more ears. >> more ears. who knows what else. >> who's in charge over there? >> much more from times square. 34 minutes, anticipation building. >> a lot of emotion? >> a lot of emotion here. a lot of emotion. be right back. ♪
8:27 pm
8:28 pm
i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke l day. it's the best thing that er ppened to me. every great why needs a great how.
8:29 pm
8:30 pm
it is time. >> for what? >> may i see you for a moment, seth the cameraman? >> this is when i get scared. >> something is happening. you don't know what it is. >> i don't know what it is. >> you know it's something fun. >> in past years handcuffed me. >> well -- >> painted my hair. >> well. >> i don't know. >> dyed your face orange. >> which was difficult to come off i will say. >> i thought it would -- all right. this is seth the camera guy. >> hi. >> he has a long beard. scissors please. >> i do. >> this is all up to you. if you answer the questions correctly -- >> are you kidding? >> i won't cut your beard.
8:31 pm
who did you vote for? >> i can't answer that question. >> whoops. >> are you kidding? >> oonds, how much do you weigh? >> 162 pounds. >> i don't believe it. >> ah! >> i don't believe it. >> my god. did you agree to this? >> three years. >> how much money do you currently have total? how much money, anderson? >> th, i'm sorry. i'm sorry! >> if only anderson had answered the questions. >> three years to grow. >> he lied on everything. >> everything. >> you're a gad sport. >> so sorry. >> i you're a good sport. >> looks better, seth. >> no, no. i think -- i apologize. >> oh my god. >> i just -- i thought he would be honest. but he doesn't want to say his worth. it was up to him. >> i blame anderson. >> i do, too. >> sorry. >> i appreciate you and
8:32 pm
apologize. >> i appreciate you, too. >> i can feel my chin again. >> go back to manning the camera. we have to celebrate. do you know the tenth anniversary is? >> tin. >> okay. and because you failed so horribly at saving poor seth, i am now going to wrap you in tin entirely. i don't know how and i kind of didn't thinkt through the way i thought and i'm helpful for help from anyone and going to do this if it's the last thing i do. >> okay. >> there's some. >> okay. >> and then it's -- >> this is not well thought out. >> not working. >> this is a thing if ryan seacrest with rehearsals and probably work. >> i swear i tried it at the hotel a million times. it is the tin anniversary. >> we have been together, doing the show for tenniers. >> been together for ten years. >> this was -- >> fun. i'm trying to wrap it around
8:33 pm
you. and i'm having trouble with the tin breaking. however -- there will be a rhyme and reason. >> should we take a break? >> yes. we'll do a break and just one more thing. >> uh-huh? >> which is because you shaved off sean's beard i have decided -- >> seth's beard. >> i'm miss beard and i would like to do the broadcast, ladies and gentlemen, wolf blitzer. >> all right. we'll be back from the situation room with more. >> live from the sit room. >> i said that. known for its perfect storm of tiny bubbles, it has long been called
8:34 pm
the champagne of beers. ♪ if you've got the time welcome to the high life. ♪ we've got the beer ♪ miller beer
8:35 pm
8:36 pm
8:37 pm
happy anniversary, honey! hey, everybody. just tuning in, it's me kathy griffin with anderson cooper and we did it right. how do you feel? >> it's an interesting sensation, actually. >> and out of all the things over the years, what do you think is happening this zbleer. >> i had no idea. i didn't know that you would cut seth's beard and growing it for at least three years that i -- >> i did. >> yeah. >> you wouldn't be in the fix if you were honest and seth is crying and you are in tin. >> the crew hates me so yeah.
8:38 pm
>> would you say that this resembles your emotional armor? isn't this who you are and walking around with this on and in fact if i know you, you're photographed in this tomorrow trying to be incognito. >> i feel safe in this, of course. >> you are swaddled and never felt safer in your life. >> i know. >> will you do the show tomorrow night in this? >> maybe on the inside. maybe i'll like inside my jacket or something. >> will you watch the cnn "chicago now more than ever" about chicago in this outfit tomorrow? >> can i break out of this? >> yes. go ahead. one, two, three! oh boy. ow. >> sorry. >> you can't just punch me because you're -- oh boy. everybody turn your volume down at home. what's going on? >> very quiet in here. >> when did you get here? >> wow. >> now, when you said you were cheap, i thought, well, here's a new suit. cost as much as reynolds wrap.
8:39 pm
i'm a paid spokesperson. >> all right. >> what? . that's what anniversaries are for. >> i guess my mike went dead. >> i think the booth said to help you and i can't, you guys. i'm not capable. >> yeah. huh. all right. so we're -- >> celebrating the anniversary. >> we're about 20 moneys away. celebrating the tenth anniversary. 20 minutes away from 2017. >> that's right. and you -- as we get you out of this adorable look, it's going to be on the runways next year. trust me. john-paul called and said how do you do it, darling? i am serious about working on this show all yearlong. what happened? >> you do. i mean, look. no joke. i show up and you pour your heart into this. you work hard. >> i produce the show. >> you produce it. >> when we win the emmy, i'll thank you.
8:40 pm
>> it's an honor to be with you every year. >> oh you. >> ten years ago, it started when i was out here alone because no one else at cnn wanted to do new year's eve. >> story of my career. i came up to do a block. somebody didn't show up. you said, do you want to stay? i did. that's the story of my career. you were a guest on the mtv show back in the day. >> i well remember. >> you met my mom and dad. >> your lovely dad who i miss. >> i know. my mom was afraid to talk to you because you're a real-life vanderbilt. >> she's now 96. >> loves you forever and ever. i wanted to tell you that i ran into something your wonderful mother knows. barbara davis. wife of -- oil tycoon marvin davis, of course. a good friend of mine. as i'm preparing for this evening, if someone tells me a story about you, maybe something from your childhood or before you became famous, and decided you're all about bonobos i'm excited and i wanted to ask you about your rompers. >> rompers? >> yeah.
8:41 pm
will you act like you don't remember? >> i don't remember. >> that's interesting. so barbara davis said to me, when you see gloria tell her i said hello. hello, glo, from barbara davis. your mom would be buying you rompers with bows on them and quilted smocking. >> that would be very possible. >> all right. will you admit you still sometimes wear rompers? the ones with the bows and the quilted smocking. >> no. that is not true. >> spit up a little bit but feel safe and then you call your mom and say i haven't changed. i'll never grow up. can i have another color? you have the powder blue, pink and yellow and this is a year you wanted lime. >> there is in terms of relatible stories, there's a photograph of me when i was 5 shaking charlie chaplain's hand and wearing a black velvet vest with a pirate shirt like richard quest earlier tonight. relatible. >> did you have -- >> i did not.
8:42 pm
a spanish matador outfit sent by my aunt. >> did you have a spanish name at the time? >> long story. >> wait. hold on with the charlie part. i mean, what do you mean -- i love how you act like i'm the name dropper. we were hanging out with a romper and i had a pie rot outfit on. that's how insane you are. he doesn't know when he says things like this. >> i knew that was a not relatible story but i -- only story that popped into my mind. >> did you do drugs with charlie? >> no. he was in exile and first time back in the united states to accept the academy award. my parents threw him a party. >> i remember that. >> he came to new york first i think. >> still have the outfit? >> no. he had the outfit? >> do you have the pirate outfit? >> in storage somewhere. >> i knew it. what is your romper size? if you got one today, a 42 regular? >> yeah. about this. >> please. anyone watching, please -- >> 40 regular. >> besiege the cnn buildings
8:43 pm
with pink adult rompers with bows and guilting smockings and say love barbara davis. >> a quick break and count down to the ball drop. after this, no more breaks. all the way through to the new year. we are live in times square. with the view from the marriott marquise. >> and a lot of emotion. >> we'll be right back. the world is full of surprising moments.
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
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8:46 pm
i can embrace them all. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at ♪ i'm going to ask you what you were thinking. okay. >> welcome back. new year's eve, times square. 13 minutes before the new year. going to see it all live. no more commercials. all the way through the new year. here with kathy griffin. >> with a question. >> yes? >> many, many years in a row i ask you to make out with me at midnight. you won't because apparently i'm chubby. and then says next year have you taken the weight off and time for the third nose job and hangs up. last year we made out for the
8:47 pm
first time off camera. and i have a photo. >> look at that. >> so i want to know what your thoughts were during this. >> you have very soft lips. >> did you have feelings in your naughty parts? >> no, i don't think -- >> emotion? wow, really, i'm going to get laid a lot after this reaction. it was the greatest kiss of my life, kathy. >> with a woman ever. i mean, you know. >> why, why hidden? why not be proud? >> i'll go wherever you go tonight. wow. already. >> oh my god. >> i thought we would have a little build-up. >> shh. did i call you ryan out loud? >> i thought i would have to prepare. >> i don't -- abc is closing. we have one more clip to go to. >> we do? >> yes. this is the one -- it might hurt a little bit.
8:48 pm
i think we should watch it. >> okay. i think i know what this is. >> as conan the barbarian, to crush your enemies and to hear the lamentation of their women. >> arnold schwarzenegger. >> yes. >> cheech again. >>al pacino. >> pillow talk. >> what is never never land. >> cheech? >> camelot. what is a baster? your charity gets $50,000. and the other charities -- >> i know. i was so stunned. because i won the first time on "jeopardy." second time, that was the second time. i'm like, he must have no synapses and really funny. >> don't try to walk it back. >> destroyed me. >> easy, kellyanne. the best part of that was you saying i was so shocked. meaning that anyone would be smarter than you.
8:49 pm
>> no, no, no. no, no. it was -- >> obvious. >> if you're going to lose that he -- from cheech and chong, you would think he's smoked so much pot. >> i get it. i got it. sister mary el fnt. >> what? >> sister mary elephant. i know the records. so you still haven't gotten over it. >> i haven't. >> i have a really quick thing to recite toou. joups are punjab and parent ic tooun living in afghanistan. anderson? >> wait. i'm sorry. what? i didn't -- i'm still thinking about cheech. >> wait. did i get you again?ever ody play at home and see if you can get it faster than anderson. >> pakistan. >> yes. >> didn't i get it in that? >> no. you pushed the button too late and you lost. >> oh, okay. right. >> tied but somebody else beat you because you didn't buzz in. >> oh. >> is it all coming back to you now? >> yeah. >> who beat you? >> in this one?
8:50 pm
oh! that was the last time, lara logan. >> a real journalist. >> yes. been on four times. lost twice and i have wtwice. >> when you goo bed at night, what do you tell yourself to tell yourself you're way smarter than lara lo again. >> i don't think i am. >> do you beat yourself up? >> i was so cocky . >r i dip >>l >r i dip > first roundp>> you never t could beat snu. >>p >> you never could beat snu. >p >> i start>>on destroyed me. ar and i bet all wrong. >> that's your relationship is all women. this p this is juthis is ju. yyou givp you give them st ththey uspthey use it agthd destroy you. p i hai have done everythi shoot you. i won't say.phow do yo. ri lovp i love thi lover
8:51 pm
gets it. it's awesome. yr you cyou can wrap hi. it's fantastic. it's an emotional night. t r >> it p >> it is an em r >> wh>> when yop >>s oh. >> that was a hard loss. r >> h>> how do >> that was a hard loss. r >> h>> how d you say? p >> s>> she doesn't care so of stuff. >> i'p >> i'm going to be yo. p >> you know what was har? walkip walking inwalking i next day? r >> d>> did shp >> d>r one-finger salute? r >> th>> that was one-finger salute? r >> th>> that wa a ha. r >> w>> why dp >> why? jujust stick r >> w>> why dp >> why? jujust stic to the face. itr it's all this, peo. >> r >> i lo>> i love .
8:52 pm
hahave you ever been on? r >> yp >> you wouldp>> ror rorollp >> i act>> ror rorol jeopardy and. ap and iand i'm really proe pquestions aquestions are ? p>> this is -- i wr>> p dodown celebrity jeopardy. >> i wilr >> i wip - >> i wilr >> i wip >li how sad. rhe used to bep >> mups so nervous. r p>> i know w>> i k> . r >> i did beatp>> tom goigoing tp going to hear way. just remember. andersanderson vanderbilpa pulitzer smart. >> that's real smart. he's very smart.t >> >>g
8:53 pm
nearr nearly jeopardy s? >> no. p >> everyo>> everyone els. good night, everybody. aand then i won. p >> seven minutes until t strostroke of midnight. >> ok.trostroke of midnight. and then if we. >> i'm watchin you sing. now you've done it. >> all right. i want to have a quick practice. i want you to do --
8:54 pm
>> are you ready? here we go. five, four, three, two, one. >> richard, we're going to check in with you after midnight. in about one minute they're going to start to play john lennon's imagine and then the ball will drop and you'll experience what it's like to be here. i got a text the kids call it last night from a number i didn't recognize. it was none other can kim kardashian. i deleted the text because i was so afraid of losing the phone and someone finding out her phone number. >> i told you he was like this. you thought he was so sweet. >> anyway, the text was -- please be sweet to my boo k.g.
8:55 pm
she is a national treasure. >> except why did you read the part that says text a.c. you're not supposed to read the part where i clearly had to teller to tell -- for you to tell me i'm a national treasure. >> it was very sweet of her. everybody says -- anyway, she's very sweet. >> she is very sweet. >> we're about five minutes away. are you excited about 2017? >> i'm excited to go on tour. i'm excited to sell my book. i love how people keep putting it away. it's a wonderful read. how much of my book have you read? >> i've read the whole thing. >> what about your mother's section? about how i go to your mom's house and she's way more fun than you? how many people have told you? >> everybody. all my life. >> ben bradley? wes anderson. >> my mom has interesting friends. >> why don't you go to her dinner parties? >> she doesn't invite me. she invites you.
8:56 pm
she wants to hang with you more than she does me. >> i wonder why that is? >> you're more fun. no doubt about it. i fully admit it. >> that's how your mom is. she's up on everything. >> they're about to start john lennon's imagine, one of the traditions in times square. we'll bring that to you. then you'll see the ball drop. a lot to watch for. let's listen in. >>. ♪ if you try ♪ no help below us ♪ above us only sky ♪ imagine all the people living for today ♪ ♪ imagine there's no country
8:57 pm
♪ it isn't hard to do ♪ nothing to kill or die for ♪ and no religions too ♪ imagine all the people living life in peace ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ i hope some day you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one
8:58 pm
♪ imagine no possessions ♪ i wonder if you can ♪ no need for greed or hunger ♪ a brotherhood of man ♪ imagine all the people sharing all the world ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer, but i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ i hope some day you'll join us and the world will live as one ♪
8:59 pm
>> i love you guys so much. happy new year everybody. >> and new york's mayor is going to start the ball being lowered. >> this is it. the big countdown everybody. >> 1:51 until 2017. >> or as you say 2000 and 17. >> look at this. it is packed tonight. >> as many as a million people here waiting to celebrate the new year. >> it's actually nice. it isn't bitter, bitter cold. >> it is. we've had some really cold nights. >> here we go. count along with us at home.
9:00 pm
>> the entire city is just pulsing with excitement. >> and ten seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, happy new year,
9:01 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ start spreading the news ♪ i'm leaving today ♪ i want to be a part of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ these vagabond shoes are longing to stray ♪ ♪ right through the very heart of it, new york, new york ♪ ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep and find i'm king of the hill ♪ top of the heap.
9:02 pm
these little town blues ♪ ♪ are melting away ♪ i'll make a brand new start of it in old new york. if i can make it there i'll make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you, new york, new york ♪ ♪ new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that never sleeps ♪ ♪ and find i'm a number one, top
9:03 pm
of the list, king of the hill, "a" number one ♪ ♪ these little town blues ♪ are melting away ♪ i'm going to make a brand new start of it ♪ ♪ in old new york ♪ and if i can make it there, i'm going to make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you, new york, new
9:04 pm
york ♪ ♪ new york ♪ beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountain magesties ♪ ♪ above the fruited plain ♪ i'm talking about america, sweet america ♪
9:05 pm
♪, you know, god shed his grace on thee. he crowned thy good on brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ america, america, god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ he crowned thy good, he told me he would ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea
9:06 pm
♪ i see trees of green, red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom, from me and you, and i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ i see skies of blue and droughts of white, the bright
9:07 pm
less ed day. the dark say good night. and i think to myself ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ the colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky are also on the faces of people going by ♪ ♪ i see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do ♪ ♪ say i love you ♪ i hear babies cry ♪ i watch them grow, not much that i'll never know, and i
9:08 pm
think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ yes, i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪ >> welcome to 2017. i hope it is a healthy and happy new year for all of you watching at home or parties, wherever you are. >> happy new year, everybody. may i read an e-mail that we just got from anderson's lovely mother, the one and only gloria vanderbilt. i don't know how to say it to you. she sent it to me. >> that's okay. >> i mean, i guess i could forward it to you. >> that's all right. >> dear kathy only.
9:09 pm
dear kathy and anderson. you look gorgeous, kathy. you look nice. your momacita is tickled pink. she's my true mother. i knew it. mom, sorry, it's over. i'm a vanderbilt. gloria vanderbilt is my mother. i am so tickled pink and proud of you even though you have to work. never mind. i'm so proud of you. what a great team you and randy, your boyfriend are. we're going to clean this up and post. no. she of course is proud of you and says hello. >> that's nice. >> and she is my biological mother. just go with it. i needed this my whole life. it's why i bought a big house. . it's why i'm bragging about who i'm having dinner with tomorrow. >> who are you having dinner with tomorrow?
9:10 pm
>> cory booker. >> wow. you span the globe. >> andy ended up being at my party and the next thing you know miaybe forcibly being removed by three body guards. >> it's 2017. we can all change. >> a lot can happen. >> for better or for worse. >> especially your resolution to, what was it? ten years it's been go to the gym. let me guess. this saturday nighthere you stay up all night because you feel so chubby you hit the gym at 3:00? >> no. i actually want to go eat because i haven't eaten. >> are you going to have that meal you have three times a day? when you go to your shrink often, what does your shrink tell you eat the same meal three times a day? >> it's a comfort. >> easy neat cheese, wow.
9:11 pm
>> no. i was just going to say at some point we should check in at -- >> at every point. richard. >> he's not ready yet. i see him. >> he's getting arrested, i believe. he's with police officers. >> all right, richard. >> all right. >> here we go. >>. i want to find out from the couple who were here from 7:00 this morning whether they thought it was worth it. so you got here at -- >> 7:00 a.m. >> was it worth it? >> yes! >> is she your girlfriend? >> entry level. >> give her a kiss, please. >> well, i have no idea what that was all about. was it worth coming here --
9:12 pm
>> happy new year. >> it was so worth it? happy 2017? >> people are beside themselves. i can honestly say a brilliant new year, guys. >> i hope it is a good year for, richard, and you kathy. >> i wouldn't mind one more costume change from richard. >> i don't know if he has it in him. >> we all want to know boxer or briefs? god, i love him. >> boxer trunks. >> okay. boxer trunks. >> did he say box of trunks? >> boxer trunks. >> it's actually easier to just go door-to-door than sell it on national television. it's called kathy griffin celebrity run-ins. >> very funny.
9:13 pm
80 cities. >> i'm starting my 80 city celebrity run-ins tour. >> our cnn there's some of your -- we stop at 12:30 but the party does not. they take it over and ring in the new year's and new orleans. >> when you're reporting down there on your beat, you really crank it up. >> i do not crank it up. new orleans. that's the only word i say. >> but when you get back to manhattan, it's new orleans? >> no it's not. >> why do you feel a kin ship? because my dad went to high school there in 1944. and he used to take me down there and i spent a lot of time there obviously during katrina and the aftermath. >> i had to do a call back.
9:14 pm
i'm going to hell in a hand basket. what's a hand basket i don't really know what one is. >> we should bring those back. it's amazing for a million people who have packed into times square how quickly it starts to dissipate. >> yes. i know when you're struggling. we were talking earlier about his beat, because in the news business that's what we call it. what's your beat? >> the world. the world is my beat. we're going to take a quick break and have more from times square and the country when we come back. >> did you say that out loud or think it?
9:15 pm
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9:18 pm
anderson is trying to get in touch with you. >> who? >> cooper? >> [ bleep ]. >> i don't have as many encounters with celebrities. >> drinking game. bs statement number one. >> i'm hoping, richard, that your outfit changes. throughout the course of the evening you are going to be each member of the village people. >> is it richard mier? >> hi. good evening. happy new year. happy new year, everybody. >> they're very friendly. >> i'm very lifelike. >> hi, anderson. >> may be more lifelike than you are. >> was there a group text that said hey, i'm wearing my blue shirt with piping what about
9:19 pm
you? >> let's go. >> wow. okay. there we go. >> do you wear the helmet, the marsmmallow because you want to be a nononymous? and do you love what you do and you're excited to be here? >> nods head. >> i never talked to a marshmallow before. >> just go that way? a little bit to the right? >> trying to talk business. >> on your tenth anniversary. >> look at this. a cake. >> i am definite going to put it on my mantel piece. only if you'll sit on it. >> i'll sit it on anytime. >> thank you, richard. >> what do you think of when i say stroke of midnight?
9:20 pm
>> i think of richard quest. i hope i earned -- >> i'm here. >> give me a minute. >> pucker up. >> and that is going to be in the stars not normal section. >> i was in vegas. >> you were in vegas last night too? >> i was. >> i know. >> the tequila is emitting from your pores zblch. >> kathy is trying to get ryan seacrest. >> let me go. this is the year i finally get him. >> we're back on air. we're on air. >> don't you give me a fake hug. >> hello everyone. welcome to the most positive new
9:21 pm
year's you've ever seen. >> let's explain what happened. when we were on break ryan seacrest appeared -- >> kathy starts giving him a one-finger salute while he's searching for the teleprompter. oh, look, there's ryan right between us. >> let me at him. let me at him. i don't care anymore. i'm going to take that guy down once and for all. that's so ryan seacrest. and these are razor blades. he's showering us with razor blades. not his face. it's his fortune. ryan, how could you? he's so bitter. >> hello. where are you from? >> i am from japan. >> lots of people from japan. >> don't get blood on my jacket. >> if this hurts, i'll be so mad. >> is your mother watching? i bet your mom is.
9:22 pm
momma lemon, i don't know what he's thinking. at least it's just his ear. >> if you answer the questions correctly, i won't cut your beard. if you don't, i will. first question. anderson, who did you vote for? >> i can't answer that question. >> are you kidding? >> anderson, how much do you weigh? >> 162 pounds. >> i don't believe it. >> anderson, how much money do you currently have total? how much money do you have, anderson? >> i'm sorry. >> if only anderson had answered the question, seth. he lied on everything. you're a good sport. >> seth, i'm so sorry. >> hey, everybody, if you're just tuning in, it's me kathy
9:23 pm
griffin with anderson cooper. it's our tenth anniversary. >> out of all the things ooi do i've done over the years, what did you think would possibly be happening? >> i had no idea. i'll go where you go tonight. >> wow, already. i thought i would have a little build up. >> did i call you ryan out loud. >> i thought i would do a little build up. >> i don't do fore play. personal highlight for me, richard quest randomly just going up to someone and going you're from japan and then hitting them with a rather large balloon. >> that was interesting. >> do you think he was triggered. do you think something about that poor person made him feel like i can't take it anymore? >> i think he just saw the balloon and thought i'll just pop the person on the head. >> it's questy being questy.
9:24 pm
i wouldn't change a sequence on his jacket. not a top happen that flopped open. i didn't miss a beat. >> by the way, the amount of, like, glitter and stuff that is on this podium is amazing. you know what's weird? it's normally -- i guess they're only letting a small number of people out. >> it is dazzling the mass exodus that happens, but people are like i have to pee, get me out of here. >> the nypd hasone a great job of keeping everybody safe. >> do you think they really did if they didn't arrest richard quest for assaulting somebody with a rather large balloon? >> that is true. >> questy, come back. >> richard. >> pat, the whole nine. i need it all. i'll hold this for you. >> you've had a chance zbl. how do you do this?
9:25 pm
>> i'm natural. i'm natural. >> top of the morning to you. i don't know what that is. >> i think you do. this is so his eighth grade picture. you have no idea. put me in a tuxedo. and short tails and very shiny shoes. >> very, very shiny. >> so i can run to school first ahead of the other two parts. we have railroads. i love you, mummy. see you on george jetson. >> have you finished? >> i've seen it all. yeah. >> he just peed. he peed a little bit. don't hurt yourself. >> nobody makes me laugh like kathy griffin. >> i say this with love. why assaulthe woman with the balloon on the head? it was swt. it was stealth. >> that was much discuss between us.
9:26 pm
>> first of all, it was a man. >> okay. game on. let's get a tire iron. >> interesting sort of appropriate at the moment. >> it was a balloon. >> it was a loving tap. >> did he take it well? >> no. no, frankly. there was sort of a look of horror and shock about him as he sort of wandered off into the distance. >> i also love that you're fascinated by how people are not able to go to the bathroom until seven ovgs clo 7:00 in the morning. >> there are some bottles down there with some strange -- >> oh, no. >> questy. shocked by virgin ears. >> did something happen when mariah carey was performing? >> you don't know? >> let's talk about it. >> you really don't know? >> we were broadcasting. >> so she starts her performance
9:27 pm
and -- >> and it's her world. >> yeah. but she's lip syncing and she can't hear it and it's going badly so eventually she abandons and she just starts dancing around. then she says to the crowd you finish the song. >> no. >> yes. >> what was the song? >> butterfly? >> i was too busy. then she says something like i guess that didn't go as well as it couldn't and went off. >> when she left, she did not look happy. that i saw. >> i think that's a understatement. twitter is exploding. >> i have to act like a have feelings and empathy. but if that isn't in my act, nothing is. that is fantastic and horrible. >> happy new year, i hope 2017 is a great year for you. >> i adore you and everything about you. >> ten years. thank you so much . it's been initial. >> started as a fluke and now
9:28 pm
it's a thing. >> that's a slogan. we're going to wrap it up. our coverage continues with don lemon and brook baldwin right after a break in new orleans. have a great 2017. >> thank you for watching. thank you, thank you, thank you. imy moderate to severeng crohn's disease. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor
9:29 pm
about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. if you're still just managing your symptoms, talk with your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. ♪usic: "keep on the sunny side" edward sharpe ♪
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