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tv   New Years Eve Live With Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin  CNN  December 31, 2016 10:00pm-12:31am PST

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>> you're hammered. i can tell. >> we're just having a great time. >> 15 seconds. >> here we go. >> ten, nine eight, seven, six, five four three, two, one. happy new year. ♪ ♪
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>> happy new year. happy new year. love you too. love you. love you. happy new year. happy new year. happy new year to you. ♪ >> i need a little more. pour me a little more. amore. perfec on it. i can't hear anything. >> i can't hear a thing. >> i can't hear a damn thing. >> it doesn't matter. >> i know. >> how big a moment. >> 2016 was awful. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> are we going to nashville? >> no. no. i don't think we should go. >> let's not leave new orleans. >> i think we should stay in new orleans and we should live with the jazz viper. look at those crazy people. is there anywhere else to be besides new orleans? >> jerusalem is where my boyfriend lives right now. >> that's great. >> nowhere else. >> hell no. >> anywhere else you'd rather be besides new orleans? >> i just moved from chicago and i love new orleans. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> you love my dress? thank you. >> are you guys married? >> we're engaged. a couple months ago. >> congratulations. >> when's the date? >> september. >> oh wow.
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>> where are you from? >> utah. >> i was just in zion. >> brooke will you marry me? ♪ ♪ ♪ i woke up in the morning ♪ ♪ ♪ there were people running everywhere ♪ ♪ tried to run you know i don't even care ♪ ♪ they say 200000 party over it's out of sight ♪ ♪ tonight we're going to party like it's 1999 ♪
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♪ i was dreaming when i wrote this so shoot me if i go too fast ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, searching for a great used car? i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus youery listing i like it start your used car search at music: "keep on the sunny side" edward sharpe ♪ ♪
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anderson? anderson. anderson. kathy? happy new year. >> wow. >> what? >> sharon stone. >> stony delivered. >> i mean she's got it. >>it. she'll alwayalways. she's cool. >> she's the coolest. and she raises a ton of money for hiv aids. >> yes. she came over an christmas day, and i put a video on my instagram not of me naked but of my mom meeting sharon stone. you're not commenting on sharon stone being at my house for christmas. >> i didn't realize that was in your bathtub. >> and that you weren't invited. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> no. okay she comes over and he's greeting my 96-year-old alcoholic mother maggie, hi, mom, and she's like it's nice to meet you. my mom has been calling me every
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day saying darn it i should have said you're a beautiful person miss stone. i called stony and said will you do a shoutout and she's like i'm about to get in the bath. i said perfect. >> two hours to go before the stroke of midnight 2017. and who else should we welcome the 10:00 hour with but richard quest? >> yes. >> quest means business. >> on your 10th anniversary. look at -- >> a commemorative cake. >> with commemorative wonderful little figurines for your mantle piece at home. >> only if you'll sit on it the mantle piece. >> i'll sit on it any time. >> thank you, richard. >> right now, look it's time for you two to have your -- >> you're bedazzled. >> yes, rather nice isn't it?
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>> i love it. it's perfect. >> this is how this works. word association on new year's eve. times square. the first thing that comes into your mind. >> okay. >> when i say ball drop. >> all i heard was ball. >> ball drop. >> oh ball. >> time square. >> noise maker. >> merriment. >> what? >> merriment. i'm trying to do the cleaned up version. >> papa. >> mama. >> papa. >> mama. >> papa. >> mama. >> uncorked. >> baa booze. >> finally, this is one for you. >> okay. >> word association. what do you think of when i say stroke of midnight? >> i think of richard quest. i hope i earned -- give me a
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minute. >> hook her up. pucker up. >> and that is going to be in the stars not normal section of one of my favorite periodicals. >> the guys at fox are going to borrow that for their 11:00 hour. they'll start off the hour. >> this is in broadway. >> are you celebrating one show in particular? >> every show. the great west. >> each hour you're celebrating a different aspect of new york or times square. >> especially the great white way. >> a construction worker. >> new york sports. >> might i ask where one would procure a coat like this? >> don't tell mamas. >> what? >> it's a piano bar. >> i haven't been there. >> i haven't either but i have
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two friend who love to go there. >> we're taking him. >> he's koeco-owner. trust me. >> this is a local place that produced this. >> you got it from a poor tourist visiting in. >> i think i prefer ball drop. >> i always do. >> so next hour we go the big grand finale. >> what's going to happen? >> you're going to have to wait. >> do you have anything like this innen london? you celebrated new year's eve with us in london one time. >> nothing like this. >> nothing? >> what do you think about harry dating that slutty actress? >> you expect me to answer that? >> no, don't. >> is it a scandal at all in the uk? >> she seems like a lovely lady. >> this is a moment of great tender love in the royal family. >> i know but i feel bad for that shell si davey.
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i always thought she had it. >> i'm more concerned about her majesty with a heavy cold. when you're 90 a heavy cold -- >> tell me about it. >> have you watched the crown? >> no. >> it's really good. >> i'm the only person that doesn't have a netflix contract. >> a contract? >> subscription. >> i didn't know they were signing people up like the old studio system judi garland, but okay. >> there we are. where's the cake? >> i'm sorry. i can't take my eyes off you. i could watch richard quest all night. you could be the yule log channel. >> do you want the stroke of midnight? >> you know i do. >> you feel like a snake a little bit. i meant that in a good way. >> i'm not sure i understand that it feels like a snake can ever be in a good way. >> i like the polish. >> there we are. >> do you drink? i always forget.
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>> i don't really. i'll have a beer or something. >> i forgot the time we went out to dinner and after one glass of wine you were like a skinny model in another way. you were spilling off the secrets. you were in -- you'd be a horrible spy. anyone watching this guy, not a spy. first of all, get this. brooke baldwin was in vegas with dana bash last night. brianna keeler got married, and dana i believe has been drunk texting me. dana starting texting me asking if i know drake. and i go the singer and she's like you know the singer do you know him. i'm like i haven't met him. she said why. i said are you drunk texting me, and she didn't answer. we should get her later. >> maybe we can get her on the phone. >> i would love that if she's conscious. i'm teasing, and no i don't know drake. i will someday.
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since we were dealing with cnn people i want to quiz you. i have a theory. i'm going to see which cnn anchors you can't even identify. >> okay, let's see. >> i'll show you this. who is this? >> george howell. we're friends. >> who is this? >> ward she's amazing. you had to check. >> who's this? >> sports. don't say. sporting morning, andy. andy scholes. >> yes. >> scholes. >> there's no victory lap. you barely knew him. >> oh come on. >> what a shame. what a shame. >> no. >> he doesn't care about the people. >> i'm thinking about scholes. this is deborah feyerick. she's on my show.
10:15 pm
based in new york. she was at my house just recently. brianna keeler. >> okay good. and -- >> michael holmes. >> oh. >> see? most of these are cnn international. you're trying to get with that. nobody say anything. i'm taking my idea. >> that is a shame. >> natalie allen. right? >> i don't know why you're yelling and hostile. she has been keeping this network together in ways you never could. i apologize, natalie. i very much enjoy your work. >> ben wedeman. middle east correspondent. i'm not sure where he's based right now. we spent a lot of time together in egypt. ben is an amazing correspondent. >> do you get along? >> yeah. i like ben wedeman very much. >> do you feel like ben wedeman likes you? >> i don't know about that. >> because i get along with him great. >> really? >> yeah. >> how many languages do you speak? >> none. i can tell you how many i
10:16 pm
studied? >> seven. >> he's fluid in arabic. incredible. >> that's guilt. you do real work ben. and then of course -- >> he does. stop. christine romans. >> you are just on the edge. >> i'm sorry. >> don't hurt my arm. >> i wanted a second. i'm thinking about ben wedeman. i don't process this fast. >> jonathan man. cnn international. rick sanchez, not with cnn. >> by the way, what did you do to him? remember when you would put him in a car and the car would sink? >> yeah. >> i heard you personally said put him in the pool and see if he makes it. >> i don't have that power. he also painful, but nobody and then at one point he ran through the forest being chased
10:17 pm
by blood hounds. >> what is going on here. you people are trying to kill rick sanchez? >> i don't know. it was a couple years ago. >> have you called him today? >> no. >> i have. he's a little shaky from the tazing. >> he was always nice to me. >> of course he is. >> would you say -- what's going on? >> it's an instagram picture. those are my glasses i'm wearing tonight that i'm not wearing. >> what message are you supposed to be sending with this? >> it's zbram. you're supposed to be taking pictures. >> you're a grown man. this is something gee gee ha deed would do. i love how you know who that is? she's a model. what do you do all day? i mean honestly. first of all, when we were showing the shoutouts, i was
10:18 pm
excited about peter berg and mark wahlberg. >> peter is good. >> i'm looking forward to patriot's day. and mark wahlberg i'm a fan of. they're all really nice all the brothers. >> what were mark in the commercial? >> i wasn't saying anything abwere. >> no. >> just about how -- >> he's very attractive obviously. i don't know. >> yeah. that was the start of it. i saw mark last week because i went to the patriot's day party. i did something i thought was amusing. i said hi mark i don't know him, and he said hi, kathy, and i grabbed my boyfriend and i said this is my boyfriend and he's going to kick your butt and then the guy hosting the party said why do you do that? and my boyfriend went why do you do that?
10:19 pm
and mark wahlberg said why do you do that? and i made fun of his lack of muscles. he kept flexing and i was like i get it. and then i flipped him off. that's how i get along with people. let's talk about hall passes. he's your hall pass? >> yes, but he's not interested. >> do you want me to ask him? >> he's not interested. >> would you like to read aloud? >> we have to take a quick break. >> after that cold reading. >> okay, fine. >> much more ahead. some cold reading. the ball is going to drop in one hour and 41 minutes. we'll bring it to you live. all the celebrations as we -- >> as the count down to 2017. what's wrong? >> i was thinking about mark wall brg. >> sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't r well thank you. free at at even if you're not a customer.
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♪ ♪ >> and welcome back. we are live in new york's times square. kathy griffin here for new year's eve celebrating the onset of 2017. i do keep a little -- i
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i usually say 2017. >> we'll find what works for you. >> it's only been ten years. >> this is a great rehearsal. >> you were talking about -- >> i had an amazing experience on christmas day. what celebrities did you have on your house on christmas day. >> i was in myanmar. >> what celebrities came anyway? >> none. >> i had sharon stone, andy dick, and at one point my dog larry was choking on a bone. and david steinberg said if you put your finger in larry's butt he will stop choking. so without thinking i went boom and the bone came out. everyone clapped. i'm fearless. >> i'm trying to unpack that on many levels. >> i could hear the conversation between andy dick and pea wee rinna. oes hello, i was on a soap
10:23 pm
opera and now i'm on the housewives housewives. it was very sweet. >> pea wee hermann sends me the holiday cards. he sends you a card it's like elvis eating a giant turkey wing. >> it's very ornate but i can see he watched me put my finger up larry my dog's butt and a bone came out and everyone is happy. >> i'm surprised there isn't a photo of that. >> there is but they wouldn't let me mentioned dana bash saying she drunk texted you. i believe dana bash has called in. dana are you with us? >> hey, guys. happy new year. >> she's so druk. >> i'm watching you, and -- >> where are you? >> caller: i'm in las vegas. i'm looking out -- first of all, i'm watching you, but i'm looking out my window at the heart attack grill.
10:24 pm
apparently if you weigh 300 pound you get free food. >> what's going on with drake? i'm curious. >> caller: part of brianna keeler's wedding festivities this weekend is an evening with drake. the drake concert is tonight, and my big question is -- >> what? >> caller: yes, the drake concert is tonight in las vegas and we're all going. do you think j-lo will be there? >> i think j-lo will the question is will rihanna be there with a switchblade? did you call me because you know i could get a backstage pass? >> kind of. >> let me call larry ruedolph. >> who's that? >> i'll take care of it. >> thanks for calling in. >> call me in real life. >> say hi to drake. >> happy new i know it is anniversary.
10:25 pm
>> is imoney? >> it's not a box of money. it's our tenth anniversary. two things. here's this. >> should i? >> yes, please. >> oh my gosh. >> it's a album best -- >> it's not just even a photo. first of all, there's you making a pass at me. >> pretty much, yeah. >> it's some of our moments throughout the last ten years. >> what are you thinking in that photo? >> i don't remember that year. that was the night -- >> you don't. you kind of put them away when your head hits the pillow. >> and this the tenth anniversary is tin. yes, so this is -- >> what did you do? >> you got me -- >> a lunchbox. >> something in your product line. this is very kardashian of you to give me this. this is fantastic, and now if you were going to have your lunch, what would be in here? >> an apple. what's your daily thing you were
10:26 pm
telling me you have every day? >> a salad with apples in it. >> what kind? >> a company in new york. >> right. you get a payback, a kick back. how much kickback do you get from the lunch pail? >> i didn't open it. do they still have -- most lunch pails used to have the separation. >> like a hungry man dinner? >> exactly. >> i'm going to put whatever that company is you're hocking. i'll put their food in there. >> a lot more anticipation for the stroke of midnight. we have that ahead. >> and might i say you don't still really know what's going to happen yet. >> anything could happen. >> but you don't know, do you? >> i don't know. >> something. >> we're going to go to nashville. to keith urban. >> are you nervous? >> you make me nervous. >> tweet us your new year's resolutions and photos of your celebration. we'll be right back with keith urban.
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♪ ♪ >> kathy is trying to get at ryan seacrest. >> i see you, seacrest. let me go. this is the year i finally get him. >> all right. we're back. we're on air. we're on air. >> don't you give me a fake hug. >> hello, welcome to the most positive new year's you've ever seen. >> while we were on commercial ryan seacrest appeared to get ready to go do his program. kathy starts giving him a one finger salute while he's searching for the tell prompteprompter,
10:31 pm
look there he is right between us. >> let me at him. let me at him. i don't care anymore. i that guy and for all. seacrest i've had it no i'm not wearing underwear. seacrest this is it. we're not on right? sorry. >> i need to work out more. >> i guess i didn't make my edit class that day. >> that's been going on during the commercial. michelle turner is in nashville and joins us with keith urban. happy new year. >> hey. they're having a pretty happy new year. >> we should be in new york, apparently. >> around's laugh just makes me laugh. >> and kathy's. >> i am here with keith urban, but i think i have to introduce you as three-time grammy nominee
10:32 pm
keith urban. >> thank you take it. >> in australia it's already the new year. >> i'll tell you the lottery results later. >> we're in nashville for music city midnight. this is really cool. it's my first time ever spending new year's eve in nashville. >> not your last i hope. >> better not be. you give me a good show i'm coming back. >> you bet, i'll do it. >> listen you've already been spotted here. there was the screams from you already. what are you going to give these people tonight? it's raining and cold. you know they came out to see you. >> it's fantastic already. >> they all see you over there. >> it' so it's going to be >> i love that you say this is your hometown. i heard your wife on cbc sunday morning say when i was dating i was hoping he would ask me to marry him because i wanted to live here. >> she's backstage. it's a real town real people real life, real living. i've been here 25 years. >> they call it music city and i think tonight it really is.
10:33 pm
i was saying earlier every single music venue in the downtown area has live music tonight. >> all kinds. it really is music city usa. tonight is diverse as well. >> you're going to play music from your new album, rip cord. this is the big album that's nominated for three grammys. come on keith urban. what else can you do? >> hopefully deliver the right show tonight. that's crucial. >> you just came off tour for this. >> we just finished on the 17th. we went down to new zuealand and australia. we wrapped it up. tonight i'm going to do something a little different. i put together a hand full of songs from artists we lost this year. >> i heard you're going to do george michael, prince. >> yep, david bowie and others. >> i might sing
10:34 pm
"hallelujah "hallelujah". i'm here for that. before we send it back what's your favorite new year's eve memory? >> i have too many. i'm almost always playing. just -- i love that countdown moment and then when that year moves to the next one, it's a fantastic feeling. everybody is in the most incredible mood and you think if you could just be that way throughout the year what a great place it would be. >> you got your lady here. >> my ladies. >> make this one a good one at midnight. >> absolutely. >> we'll send it back to you in new york. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. hope you guys have a great new years in nashville. i'm still winded from your -- >> you're clearly winded from my effort to save america from ryan seacrest. i risked my life and i would have died for it. >> what's your thing with him? >> i do believe that you, ryan seacrest and oprah are in a
10:35 pm
covenant to try to kill me. i think you've been doing the meeting, the secret meetings. >> i'm the pickup truck master? >> yes. >> and i feel like you and seacrest have a communication like tonight's the night, and you know who can save me? richard quest. >> i was surprised to see ryan out of his bubble. >> host usual in his pope mobile. >> and he's had a week of rehearsals rehearsals. >> it's weird. we've been rehearsing for two weeks. i texted him and was like if you can do this in a work. people get asked all the time resolutions. i came up with my real ones. you can do cold reading, correct? >> i don't have my glasses, but i'll give it a try. >> okay. >> this is my resolution. >> my glasses are in that blazer i have. sorry. >> we don't have this kind of time. >> sorry.
10:36 pm
>> you just have to go to a read. i'm sure you have a side deal. but just here we go. and the sexy left the room. it left the platform. >> that's why i don't wear these glasses. sorry. at least new year's resolutions of yours? stop having children. >> yeah. i just those days are over. if i have one egg left i'll have it tomorrow with a scone. but since i have none it's just too much. >> i can't do it anymore. >> finally get my well-served 51-50 side cold. >> i think it sounds fantastic. it sounds like a nice staycation. i'll just go. i need some rest. >> it's amazing how celebrities get hospitalized because they're exhausted. >> instead of jail? >> regular people -- >> celebrities go and get help.
10:37 pm
>> another one, push my 96-year-old mother down the stairs just to save the money. >> look maggie i love you, but you're not cheap. one nudge down the stairs nobody is going to know. can i tell you what my mom said. it's horrible. my mom said and there was boxed wine in her. you know what? next time i fall, i hope i stay down there. isn't that horrible? everyone wants you maggie forever. she also told me that she that caitlyn jenner turned pack into bruce. >> finally taking off the last 150 pounds. >> my figure is everything. i'm in hollywood. >> another one -- >> that's so ryan seacrest and these are razor blades. he's showering us with razor blades. >> you. >> not your face. not his face. it's his fortune, ryan how
10:38 pm
could you? he's so bitter. >> another resolution. anderson can you score me blues and reds? >> i want to try being a drug person for one night. >> you have never done -- you had a drink in my life. >> i want to try poppers and quaaludes. >> i don't believe they're manufactured anywhere. >> spend less time on social media and back to trolling people face to face. like i'm doing with you right now. >> that's right. i'm going to troll people face to face. >> was there something below this fold? >> that's for later. >> okay. >> what are your resolutions? is it to take your glasses off to try to make the sexy come back, just snnin? >> i don't make resolutions. i stopped making resolutions when you kept telling me how boring they were.
10:39 pm
>> they are boring. it's unbelievable. can you make some up? >> no. they're all just boring. >> wait. what is it really? i know it jim moore. >> yes. >> i want to get in better shape and healthier. >> i'm right here. what he does what he knows he's getting bust second down he talks like this. >> i'll tell you for a second. i got distracted. i thought there was a guy in a red hat -- up 80s references? >> curtis from "the guardian"? i'm afraid to take the subway now. what's another resolution? >> beyond that -- i don't -- >> lhatever y of one anderson cooper's entire resolution list is go to the gym more and be in better shape because when you're a journalist that's whatcounts. ask benwedeman. he's going to hit the gym more. seven platform with
10:40 pm
something. you're going to help the children. people in need. people in need. >> i'm actually working on something. i don't want to talk about it publicly it seems -- >> what charities -- do you ever help another person? >> yes, i do. >> prove it. >> i don't like to brag about giving money to charities. >> i've gone to iraq and afghanistan, in fact wait a minute. i have awards. i think i have more gay awards than you. >> that's very possible. >> hold it. i have the -- do you have any glad awards? >> i do have one. i have a couple of them. >> but you don't have the vanguard. >> i have the veto rousseau glad. >> what about trevor? >> no i have not. >> okay. that's interesting. i have the trevor life award from trevor project for lifetime
10:41 pm
achievement. lam illegal? >> do you know what it is? >> it's an organization that works with for -- no they did a lot of stuff on gay pride,ork they work with huge bunch of issues. >> it's a legal organization that helps people in the community that don't have the money to pay for it. >> but it's specific anti-discrimination stuff. people who get fired because they're gay. >> yeah. i got it. you got one. and what about do you have a do something award? >> no. >> you've done nothing? >> what? >> it's a do something award. have you not done anything? >> i have not done anything. >> who are we listening to? >> someone said listen. >> are >> listen in to -- to what they're airing on times square silento. ♪ boom watch me watch me ♪ ♪ boom watch me watch me boom
10:42 pm
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looking at times square from the marriott marquise hotel. right in the heart of times square. a little more than an hour to go before the stroke of midnight. excited to be here. oh. you got your book out. >> my new book. kathy griffin celebrity wherever books are sold. >> there you go. very funny. >> first of all, i know we go to gary tuchman my new boyfriend in a minute but this is an advisement for the event of cnn's history, which is tomorrow. they are doing a special on the band chicago called -- now more than ever, trying not to cry. i'm a chicago the band fanatic. >> you are? >> yeah. i saw peter citara in concert six months ago. how many members of chicago can you name? >> no. >> obvi. >> peter citari. >> yes. walter lamb. a sing
10:46 pm
♪ take me as i am ♪ ♪ put your heart in mine what song is it? will you still love me? >> yeah. >> peter the solo career. as you know, the '80s he burst out. he had restless heart. he had a little song with a lady named cher. >> oh really? >> when i saw him in concert backstage we made a little video singing that very duet and i kind of outsang him. ♪ after all t >> this is your part. >> it comes down to me and you. ♪ this is meant to be ♪ ♪ forever you and me ♪ >> wow! >> yeah. i got skills. >> there you go. >> skills. >> tomorrow on cnn? pretty excited. >> everyone's talking about it. >> i know. >> you have to stop doing because i think it could be the full chicago the band station 24/7. pitch it. >> pitch it.
10:47 pm
>> yeah you know why? because you are a hard habit to break. >> got it. >> hi, david foster who co-wrote that with peter cetera. you know what's hard? >> hard habit to break. >> you know what, it's hard to say i'm sorry. >> who is your favorite band in the '80s? >> i don't know. duran duran. elvis costello or something. girl bands. >> one of the first i saw is costello. >> with the wheel of fortune and pick a song? >> no. >> that's a catalog. how's your catalog? >> i wish i did have a catalog. >> i have a catalog? >> do you? >> i own my stuff. i feel when i'm dead they'll be worth something. i was doing a book signing and got a nice compliment. a nice gentleman said, thank you so much ms. griffin you have made me laugh through hard times and then he said, i think you should know i think that you're going to be a legend when you're dead. >> wow. wow! >> and i took -- >> what do you say to that? >> i signed the book and said thank you.
10:48 pm
and i also signed two books. these are big book signings and at borns and noble. signed because the guy thought that i was reba. and i was happy to sign the book. he bought the book and another one comes up and -- >> why would he think that? >> i look like reba. he's such a fan and saw the hair and lost ill, reba.atching you since i was 4 and that chemistry you have with regis. i wrote blessings kathie lee. hashtag blessings. >> you wrote about her in the book. >> i did write about kathie lee. i don't know if she will find it humorous but i hope she does. >> blessings. >> #blessings. how often do you sign off your text with that? >> often. >> i get a lot of blessings from you. ♪ you're the inspiration ♪ >> yeah. do you ever follow people on instagram who you think you will like in real life and then follow them and start to hate them on instagram? >> are you talking about me? i'm right here. i didn't know if that's your way of saying. >> no. someone you think is cool or interesting and then, like, start to follow them and use the horrible hash tags or of themselves in business class.
10:49 pm
on a plane, drinking a glass of champagne. >> or when you were following teala at that goala? >> i didn't know that she was still around. la tequila is going to nazi parties? >> i did once i saw that thing. >> you should watch the news and thank god for christine romans. she loves the money section. >> and natalie allen. >> and john berman. it is the entire i could recite. >> it is amazing how much cnn you watch. >> by the way -- >> how much as much as donald trump. >> oh boy. don't say his name. i'll all barren all the time. focusing 100% on baron. >> we'll take a quick break. a lot more ahead. what time -- oh! just a little bit more than an hour. an hour and three minutes before the ball drop, fireworks, the rest here in times square. a view of the crowd and then the party continues in new orleans. as our cnn new year's celebration just keeps rolling on. >> say new orleans the way you say it. >> new
10:50 pm
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10:52 pm
hey, anderson. it's megan mullaly and nick offerman here. we wanted to wish you a happy new year and extend an invitation to you to join us in our bed. for some sex. >> bring it. >> see you soon. >> hello, kathy. >> we love you. >> what? >> come on, people. >> i mean -- >> megan and nick. >> wow. >> give it up. >> i mean. >> that's commitment. and a nice invitation i thought.
10:53 pm
very friendly. >> i mean -- >> have you been to their house? >> i have not. >> never mind. i won't tell you about it. i don't want to hurt you. >> they're incredibly talented. >> incredible people. >> yes. midnight is fast approaching here in new york's times square. go until 2017. >> may i sto >> yes. >> there are so many moments you are responsible for we need to revisit. i don't know. like the time you were on 60 minutes with your bonopos. >> is there a clip? >> yeah. there's a clip. trust me. >> oh, okay. >> and there's some explaining to do after the clip. so -- ♪ >> he will not leave you because you are so nice first. they're interested by the hair. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> so i have a lot of questions. >> it's a sanctuary in congo. >> i watch. all right.
10:54 pm
first of all, the bonobo's behavior, is that how you see me in your life? like a little like that's jumping on you and -- >> no. >> you don't really -- you're like accepting. >> they're get. >> but when i try to pick things out of your hair you get mad. >> i worry. >> i'm grooming you. >> okay. >> here's a question to ask you to be honest. i know that's a stretch. did you illegally bring a bonobo back -- >> no. >> yes, you did. it's so something you would do. >> i don't believe in, you know, there are people who buy exotic animals. if i could, i would get a sloth. >> you have a sloth thing like i have never seen. >> it would be a sloth. it's not appropriate. >> i would say you have a lot of energy so why do you like sloths? because you envy them. >> they sleep 18 hours a day. >> so do you. jack nap. >> poop once a week always in the same spot. >> so do you. so do you. >> when they do they lose a third of their body weight. >> don't go to the gym. >> hug you and move really slowly. have you ever seen a baby sloth?
10:55 pm
>> adorable. >> i have seen them on your show. and i think you are speaking in such detail that you have them. the other clip we'd like to show -- >> these are from the past year. >> highlights. you know that admit i tend to laugh involuntarily at inappropriate things? >> yes. >> show the clip of anderson on "who do you think you are." burrel dakotain cause of death, killed by a negro. boykin murdered by a rebellious slave. >> wow. >> your ancestor was beaten to death with a farm hoe. >> oh my god! that's amazing. this is incredible. i'm blown away. >> you think he deserved it? >> yeah. >> you do? >> i have no doubt. >> it's a horrible way tolaves. i don't feel bad for him. >> i don't think -- i think that's an appropriate response. >> okay. the nerve or as my mother would
10:56 pm
say the crust of you acting surprised you had slaves. >> i have never heard of my great -- my great, great, great, great grandfather on m >> what have his last name? >> burwell boykin. i have never heard of him before. >> you have no idea? >> the cooper. >> the vanderbilt. >> it was my dad's side from mississippi. they fought for the # confederacy and thought they would have owned slaves if they could have. they were sharecroppers. >> never heard that until that moment? >> i had not. >> do you currently have any slaves? >> no. i honestly not heard that. that's a great show on public television. it is not -- >> not who do you think you are? >> finding the roots. >> you are right. >> skip gates. >> but it's a great, great show. i was fascinating. >> i thought you would go, i know. >> i was blown away. tomorrow while the watch the chicago marathon tomorrow about the ban chicago? all right. now we move on and lighten it up with who's your hall pass? yours is mark wahlberg.
10:57 pm
i want to you do a cold reading even though my boyfriend is here. sexy alert. sexy is leaving. leaving manhattan. >> all right. these are your hall passes. charles osgood. >> so hot. >>morning. just retired. >> a bow tie, nothing else. >> a great writer. david gurgen. i knew that. >> professor. don't insult me. >> jimmy carter is your hall pass. >> president jimmy carter in a heartbeat. no offense rosalyn. >> sydney portier. >> he's in my book. i have a deal with sydney and his wife joann and i, we'll swap one night to give each guy a night off. >> and the entire horn section of chicago. >> yeah. duh. >> all right. >> i assume yours is the same list? >> yeah. exactly. hey, let's check in with richard quest, who each hour has been -- >> new outfit change maybe? >> he he's been sort of embracing a whole new look. oh! richard, wow. >> yes. >> richard quest means business. >> we have decided to upgrade the look of the evening.
10:58 pm
sort of thing, anderson, you might have as a come as you are every night party. >> yes. >> just a little thing that we've put together. >> oh. >> a couple of -- now let's meet the crowd as we truly head towards midnight. all right. >> north carolina. this is hunter and liz and they have the distinction of being the very first people in times square. >> very first. >> what time? >> 7:00 a.m.! >> all right. have you been to the toilet since 7:00 a.m.? >> yes. once at 10:00 a.m.! >> 10:00 a.m. right before -- >> oh! oh. right. where are you from? >> auburn, alabama. >> alabama. >> australia. >> australia. why are you here? >> to celebrate with everyone. >> all right. let's have a big cheer.
10:59 pm
>> woo! >> oh,! that is pathetic. try it again. >> woo! >> where do you come from? >> peru. >> where? >> peru. >> are you enjoying yourself? >> oh yes, of course. i love it. >> is this your first time in times square? >> first time here. >> would you do it again? >> excuse me? >> would you come here again? >> yeah. i will. >> what time were you here? >> like 1:00. >> i think in the afternoon. the extraordinary thing about the atmosphere here is just the shear number of people, the million and a half down here. where are you from? >> i'm from japan! >> from japan? >> yes. >> very nice. >> thank you! >> you're having fun? >> yes. very fun. >> good. >> hi. >> hello. >> hello. >> where are you from? >> i'm from japan! >> lots of people from japan. who decided to celebrate. anderson, look to your left.
11:00 pm
>> there you are. look. there you are. >> i'm ready to do a twirl and a dance. >> oh. okay. >> i love him. >> there's nobody like richard quest. >> no one. i have to say the person that he was physically beating with a bay acce probably hurt a little bit. >> you know. >> megan mullally and nick offerman they have a comedy special "summer of 69" shooting january 14th in irvine at the barkley. and people can go and be a part of that. >> meg in "why him" with franco and bryan cranston. >> they're both so good. so talented and so, so funny. we are coming up on midnight. 51 minutes from now. >> wait. tomorrow's -- >> this has flown by i have to about it lying by. >> tomorrow, i know you like your binge watching. >> i love to binge watch. >> i -- because of my job, doing 80 cities this year on the celebrity run-ins tour i can't really watch great tv. >> if only we had a listing of all the places you were going to
11:01 pm
be -- >> if only a scroll of just some of the dates i was playing -- >> some of the 80 days. >> 80 cities. >> there is a scroll. >> get tickets while you can. i'll tell you everything about tonight he would never admit to. first of all, what are you binge shows going to be tomorrow? i snow you are very hoity toity. >> i'm binging "vikings." from the history channel. there are four seasons. i've been binge watching. almost done with the four seasons. i have watched all seasons. >> what else? you always have a -- >> i just finished "the crown." you know? it's netflix. >> i heard about it. >> very good. netflix. i watched a lot of, like, the fall season three. just netflix bought it and bbc northern ireland. >> you are an old lady. an old lady. should have like a tea cozy because here is my binge list. i would like you to read it proudly. >> i got to get the glasses. >> bye, sexy. bye! see you guys next year.
11:02 pm
and there he is. >> yeah. see? yeah. all right. oh, this is what you're binge watching. "my 600-pound life." i have watch that. >> i just have to say something and i just -- i have to be honest. they had an an intervention the other night that was a 600-pound life meets intervention with a transgen i could watch it ten times. it was someone transitioning, but also dieting, and stopping drinking and transitioning. that's why i binge watch. what else? >> "scientology and the aftermath." >> have you seep it. >> i did an interview with him. >> showed the clip of you busting the people. >> yeah. >> it's riveting. lea, you are doing the best work of your life. i love it. >> "intervention." >> delivered. now there's a canadian one and i'm drunk, eh. i have to stop, eh? >> i feel -- i feel so bad for some of the folks. >> i do, too. >> "90-day fiancee."
11:03 pm
i watched once and didn't understand it. >> of course not. it's about people that love. you have 90 days to bring someone from another country which you have done several times, and then you have 90 days to marry them or they don't get their citizenship. >> really? >> yes. it's a k-1 visa and a lot of couples that -- >> seems wrong. >> you're not pulling for them. go back to your country no matter how horrible it seemed. >> "married at first sight." not 90 day fiancee. that's what i saw. yeah. >> wait. now you're sexy and so you don't know what you're talking about. okay. that's how this guy works. the glass come off, and he is like a dumb blond. he doesn't know how to delineate. you meet in a not very nice ballroom and fight until you divorce. >> okay. that's the one i think i saw. snap we talked about. >> not enough. >> and who the bleep did marry? >> women realize they married someone not the way he seemed and then we scheme, i mean, they
11:04 pm
scheme at a way to get him where we/they won't be caught. >> and rachel maddow or you, same difference. >> did i write that down? >> yes. you did. >> sorry. >> let's check in with gary and daughter lindsay in miami with a special guest. gary? >> anderson and kathy, we are at the world's largest poolside new year's eve party. justin bieber is performing on the stage. no one's in the pool. they are dressed to kill. with us, two of the other acts, after justinst act is with us? >> it's skillerz at the afterparty later. >> and marshmallow. named that for obvious reasons. we don't know his identity and a lot of deejays do. anonymous and both great. marshmallow and skillerz, how's it differ performing on new year's eve? >> it's new year's eve. everyone's excited for a new beginning. everyone with all their people and having a good time already. already has a -- exciting time of the year i think. or the most exciting time.
11:05 pm
>> why do so many dejas like to be anonymous and you are quiet, too? >> we're producers and focused on production and sometimes sit in the background and used to that. >> i know lindsay wants to ask you something. >> there's a funny story object -- about my dad here. he came the me after working out. he was listening to your -- you have to listen to this song. i was very surprised that he loved it. tell me how do you appeal to all these people of all different ages? >> i have no idea. i make music that i love and hopefully other people like it, too. i never know who likes what and always comes out naturally. >> you're very -- appealed to us. >> thank you. >> what are you performing after justin bieber and then marshmallow. i don't know if we can hear him. let me ask you this. it's very loud and i can't hear my own voice. give me a nod yes or no. do you wear the helmet because you want to be anonymous? do you want to be anonymous because you shouldn't take the glory of the musicians you work with do you love what you do? and are you excited about being
11:06 pm
marshmallow, it's nice talking to you. never talked to a marshmallow before. is this the craziest party you have ever been to? >> yeah it's definitely out there. >> of course. >> it's off the chain! look around! look around! >> takes a look around. around 3,000 people here at the party. paid from $500 a head to $50,000 for being pampered and inside this amazing hotel. fancy, beautiful, elegant and impossibly chic and all having a wonderful time especially with these guys. by the way, i talked to -- i have a friend in the business in los angeles who said this man right here is the most polite, uber passenger in los angeles. is that true? >> got to keep the five stars always. >> it's important. it's important. >> skillers and marshmallow. >> anderson and kathy, i can hear you. back to you. >> marshmallow, thanks. talk to you later. >> thank you. >> we're about 45 minutes away now from midnight. much more ahead from times
11:07 pm
square. we'll bring you all the sights and the sounds at the stroke of midnight. the ball dropping all the music. all the emotion. full night of music. cocktails as i understand it. >> hold on a second. you totally made that up. >> what? >> you said all the emotion and wasn't in the prompter. >> wasn't. i made it up. >> what emotion. >> well, there's a lot of emotion at the stroke of midnight at times square. >> you didn't even act like you cared about skrillz. he has feelings. and dj marshmallow. >> there's a lot of emotion. a lot of emotion. you know what i was thinking? how you need -- you're the point of your life you need like a nickname. >> yeah, okay. >> you know maria is money honey? >> yeah. >> i came up for some with you. >> let's take a quick break and then we'll get it. >> a lot of anticipation and emotion. >> yes. ♪ my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your
11:08 pm
most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free. the world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member, i can embrace them all. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at
11:09 pm
kathy, anderson, happy new year. here's to a clean, fresh start, 2017. >> hey, kathy and anderson, it's josh groban. my party's all here. we are wasted. and we can't wait to watch you guys count down to 2017.
11:10 pm
wishing you and everybody watching a safe, healthy, prosperous 2017 and sending you guys lots of love. cooper and kathy griffin. kristen kren wit here. i'm on my way to the oklahoma city thunder game as you can see by my bedazzled hat that i did myself. wish i was in new york with you guys but i'm at one place better. that's oklahoma. happy new year. ♪ >> hi, i'm ron jeremy. have a happy new year. >> congratulations on ten bizarre years together. fight on! >> wow. >> do you think that ron slept with every one of those cheerleaders. for money, not for free. just asking. >> i won't ask how >> he comes to my house for thanksgiving every year. we're friends, pals. >> there you go. >> would you like to read the names?
11:11 pm
mooerp we were saying maria is the money honey. go ahead. >> i got to -- i'm old. >> it is over. all right. here's some of the new names to get you a little bit of a hook. >> okay. this is for rebranding me? >> you need to be rebranded. >> ander son cooper, he's got the scooper. that way you get the dog community to care about news. >> a lot of people dog. if i have the scooper -- >> yes. >> hello, rescue people. >> yes, okay. at this age anderson should be ander-dead cooper. >> that's if you want to be in pbs later.dy. just five. >> anderson r. morrow. anderson cronkite. >> might want to up the ante a little bit. >> we are about 38 minutes away from the stroke of midnight. we got so much more ahead. and also, even after midnight our coverage on until 12:30 and then continues on until past 1:00 a.m. so you get to see the -- >> does it ever. with don and brooke. >> let's go to new orleans right now and check back in. >> i'm all about it.
11:12 pm
>> with brooke baldwin and don lemon who are at the spotted cat. don, brooke? >> hi, guys. >> hola. >> happy almost new year. we are at the spotted cat. the time has almost arrived. >> okay. tell them what's going to happen. i'm going to get something. >> so, we have invited our new friend chris over. chris clearly has much, much ink. and the decision all night has been should it be a tattoo or a piercing? >> or a piercing? >> i mean what are you thinking? the people want to know what crazy, silly -- >> let me ask. let me ask. kathy -- i think kathy. anderson might -- >> ask kathy. kathy griffin, come back in. >> what should i do? >> nipple! nipple! nipple! >> no, don. >> i love you, kathy. i love you. >> you don't want to hear the other answer. >> we really don't need to see what's about to happen here. >> no, no, no.
11:13 pm
don. >> i love you, don, no. >> no, no. >> keep it closed. keep it closed. >> i love >> since i promised. since i promised -- thank you, kathy. thank you, anderson. that was good advice. the decision is, brooke? >> i'm thinking ear. >> or something more fun but ear is cool. ear is cool. >> let's do it. hang on. hang on. >> tell them what you have to do. we have to be in way everything. >> everything is presterilized, ready to go. >> the ear or the nipple? >> cutting you off after this one. should i cut him off? >> hurts? >> not going to hurt me. you will be fine. >> all right. let's go. >> seriously this is about to happen. don't get blood on my jacket. >> do you need to hold my hand? >> yeah. if this hurts i'm going to be so mad. >> is your mother watching? i bet your mom is. mama lemon, i don't know what he's thinking. >> hold on. know what i'm saying? >> here we go.
11:14 pm
oh, god. >> oh! >> don't get blood on the jacket. goes back to brooks brothers. >> here's the needle. here's the needle. oh! oh. >> ow! mother. >> the crowd. >> the crowd is like what is going on? >> wow. >> why are you doing this, my >> clap. end of "rudy." slow clap. at the end of "rudy." someone gene hackman is doing this. >> it's an fleur delis. >> i can't believe i'm doing this. hold on hold on, hold on. ow, ow, ow, ow. >> oh! >> oh. >> all right. >> ken, close-up. on lis. we are in new orleans. >> wow. >> how are you feeling, honey? are you all right there, don? >> i don't know.
11:15 pm
>> honey, talk to us. >> i feel like i was squeezing your hand more than you were squeezing mine. >> i need to see this. anderson? it didn't hurt that much. >> looks great. >> cooper you have got new orleans connections. what do you think? >> good. it's new orleans, you have a place there. it's good. >> looks like he's going to bar -- barf. don't pass out. >> yeah. are you feeling all right? >> this is what happens when a lot of tequila happens. >> griffin, what do you think? >> i love it, don! i say get it all the way down and stop when i decide. all the way down. >> we got to take a quick break. we'll have more, more with don, more with brook. >> more ears. >> who's in charge over there? almost midnight. 34 minutes, anticipation building. we will have it all for you live. >> a lot of emotion? >> a lot of emotion here. a lot of emotion. be right back.
11:16 pm
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11:18 pm
welcome back live to times square. >> am i too excited. >> look at the crowd. >> it is a time. >> for what? >> seth, the cameraman, may i see you for a moment? seth the cameraman? >> this is when i get scared. >> something is happening. you don't know what it is. >> i don't know what it is. >> you know it's something fun. >> in past years handcuffed me. >> well -- >> painted my hair. >> well. >> i don't know. >> dyed your face orange. >> you dyed my face orange which was difficult the come off, i will say. >> this is seth the camera guy, and seth has a long beard. >> he has a long beard.
11:19 pm
scissors please. >> this is all up to you. if you answer the questions correctly -- >> are you kidding? >> i won't cut your beard. if you do i won't. first question, anderson who did you vote for? >> i can't answer that question. >> whoops. >> are you kidding? >> anderson how much do you weigh? >> 162 pounds. >> i don't believe it. >> ah! >> i don't believe it. >> my god. did you agree to this? >> three years. >> how much money do you currently have total? how much money, anderson? >> seth, i'm sorry. i'm sorry! >> if only anderson had answered the questions. >> three years to grow. >> sorry sechlgt he lied on everything. >> everything. >> you are a good sport. you are a good sport. >> looks better, seth. >> no, no. i think -- i apologize. >> oh my god. that's a real one. >> i just -- i thought he would be honest. but he doesn't want to say his worth.
11:20 pm
it was up to him. >> i blame anderson. >> i do, too. thank you seth. >> i'm sorry. >> i appreciate you and apologize. >> i appreciate you, too. >> i can feel my chin again. >> go back to manning the camera. we have to celebrate. anderson do you know what the tenth anniversary is? >> tin. >> okay. and because you failed so horribly at saving poor seth, i am now going to wrap you in tin enti i don't know how and i kind of didn't think it through the way i thought. i'm hopeful for any help from anyone, because my tin is just falling. but i'm going to do this if it's the last thing i do. >> okay. there we go. there's some. >> okay. >> and then it's -- >> this is not well thought out. >> not working. >> this is a thing like if like ryan seacrest with rehearsals and probably work.
11:21 pm
>> i swear i tried it at the hotel a million times. it is the tin anniversary. >> we have been together, doing the show for ten years. >> been together for ten years. >> this was -- >> fun. i'm trying to wrap it around you. and i'm having trouble with the tin breaking. however -- there will be a rhyme and reason. >> should we take a break? >> yes. we'll do a break and just one more thing. >> uh-huh? >> which is because you shaved off sean's beard i have decided -- >> seth's beard. >> i'm miss beard and i would like to do the broadcast, ladies and gentlemen, wolf blitzer. >> all right. we'll be back from the situation room with more. >> live from the sit room. >> i said that.
11:22 pm
11:23 pm
11:24 pm
happy anniversary, honey! hey, everybody. just tuning in, it's me kathy griffin with anderson cooper and it's our ten year aluminum anniversary. and we did it right. how do you feel? >> it's an interesting sensation, actually. >> and out of all the things i have edone over the years, what did you would be happening this year? >> i had no idea. i didn't know that you would cut seth's beard and growing it for at least three years that i -- >> i did. >> yeah. >> you wouldn't be in the fix if you were honest and seth is crying and you are in tin. >> the crew hates me so yeah. >> would you say that this resembles your emotional armor? isn't this who you are and you might as well be walking around with this on and in fact if i know you, you're photographed in this tomorrow trying to be incognito. >> i feel safe in this, of course. >> you are swaddled and never felt safer in your life.
11:25 pm
i knew you would feel this way. >> i know. >> will you do the show tomorrow night in this? >> maybe on the inside. maybe i'll like inside my jacket or something. >> will you watch the cnn "chicago now more than ever" about the band chicago in this outfit tomorrow? >> can i break out of this? >> yes. go ahead. one, two, three! oh boy. ow. >> sorry. >> you can't just punch me because you're -- oh boy. everybody turn your volume down at home. what's going on? >> very quiet in here. >> when did you get here? >> wow. >> now, when you said you were cheap, i thought, well, here's a new suit. cost as much as reynolds wrap. no i'm not a paid spokesperson. >> all right. >> what? that's what anniversaries are for. >> i guess my mike went dead. >> i think the booth said to help you and i can't, you guys. i'm not capable. >> yeah. huh. all right. so we're --
11:26 pm
>> celebrating the anniversary. >> we're about 20 minutes away. celebrating the tenth anniversary. 20 minutes away from 2017. >> that's right. and you -- as we get you out of this adorable look, it's going to be on the runways next year. trust me. john-paul call i want you to know that i am serious about working on this show all year long. what happened? >> you do. i mean, look. no joke. i show up and you pour your heart into this. you work hard. >> i produce the show. >> you produce it. >> when we win the emmy, i'll thank you. >> it's an honor to be with you every year. >> oh you. >> it really is. >> oh, oh, oh. >> ten years ago, it started when i was out here alone because no one else at cnn wanted to do new year's eve. >> story of my career. i came up to do a block. somebody didn't show up. you said, do you want to stay? i did. that's the story of my career. you were a guest on the mtv show back in the day. >> i well remember. >> you met my mom and dad.
11:27 pm
>> your lovely dad who i miss. >> i know. my mom was afraid to talk to you because you're a real-life vanderbilt. >> she's now 96. >> loves you forever and ever. i wanted to tell you that i ran into something your wonderful mother gloria vanderbilt knows. barbara davis. wife of -- oil tycoon marvin davis, of course. a good friend of mine. as i'm preparing for this evening, if someone tells me a story about you, maybe something from your childhood or before you became famous, and decided you're all about bonobos i'm excited. so what i wanted to ask you about was your rompers. >> rompers? >> yeah. will you act like you don't remember? >> i don't remember. >> that's interesting. so barbara davis said to me, when you see gloria tell her i said hello. hello, glo, from barbara davis. she said she would see your mother and george jensen when you were a little boy and your mom would be buying you rompers with bows on them and quilted smocking. >> that would be very possible. >> all right. will you admit you still
11:28 pm
sometimes wear rompers? the ones with the bows and the quilted smocking. >> no. that is not true. >> spit up a little bit but feel safe and then you call your mom and say i haven't changed. i'll never grow up. can i have another color? you have the powder blue, pink and yellow and this is a year you wanted lime. >> there is in terms of relatable stories, there is a photograph of me when i was 5 shaking charlie chaplain's hand and wearing a black velvet vest with a pirate shirt like richard quest earlier tonight. very relatable. >> did you have -- >> i did not. a spanish matador outfit sent by my aunt. >> dme at the time? >> no my aunt -- oh, it is a long story. >> wait. hold on with the charlie chaplain part. i mean, what do you mean -- i love how you act like i'm the name dropper. we were hanging out with a charcally chaplain in a romper
11:29 pm
and i had a pirate outfit on. that's how insane you are. he doesn't know when he says things like this. >> i knew that was a not relatible story but i story that popped into my mind. >> did ydrugs with charlie? >> no. he was in exile and first time back in the united states to accept the academy award. my parents threw him a party. >> i remember that. >> he came to new york first i think. >> did you have the outfit? >> he actually -- >> no do you still have the outfit? >> no. >> in storage somewhere. >> i knew it. what is your romper size? if you got one today, a 42 regular? >> yeah. about this. >> please. anyone watching, please -- >> 40 regular. >> besiege the cnn buildings with pink adult rompers with bows and guilded smockings and say love bar after ththe way through to the new year. we are live in times square. with the view from the marriott marquise. >> and a lot of emotion. >> we'll be right back. ♪
11:30 pm
the world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere. and as a marriot rewards member, the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts at
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11:32 pm
dad: maybe he's really focused. mom: maybe he likes spinning the wheels. dad: maybe he just loves trucks. announcer: preoccupation with objects is one early sign of autism. learn the others today. i'm going to ask you what you were thinking. okay. >> welcome back. new year's eve, times square. 13 minutes before the new year. going to see it all live. no more commercials. all the way through the new year. here with kathy griffin. >> with a question. >> yes? ask you to make out with me you won't because apparently i'm
11:33 pm
too chubby. and then says next year have you take ten weight off. it's a little routine and then he says time for the third nose job and hangs up. last year we made out for the first time off camera. and i have a photo. >> look at that. >> so i want to know what your thoughts were during this. >> you have very soft lips. >> did you have feelings in your naughty parts? >> no, i don >> emotion? wow, really, i'm going to laid a lot after this reaction. it was the greatest kiss of my life, kathy. >> the greatest kiss with a woman ever. >> okay. >> i mean you know. >> why, why hidden? why not be proud? >> i'll go wherever you go tonight. wow. already. >> oh my god. >> i thought we would have a little build-up. >> shh. did i call you ryan out loud? >> i thought i would have to prepare.
11:34 pm
>> i don't doeplay. >> i don't -- abc is closing. we have one more clip to go to. >> we do? >> yes. this is the one -- it might hurt a little bit. i think we should watch it. >> okay. i think i know what this is. -- on life, t crusmeyoat eneof their women. >> arnold schwarzenegger. >> yes. >> cheech again. >>al pacino. >> cheech? >> pillow talk. >> cheech? >> what is never never land. >> cheech? >> camelot. >> cheech? >> what is a baiser? . >> yes. your charity gets $50,000. and the other charities -- >> i know. i was so stunned. because i won the first time on "jeopardy." second time, that was the second time.he must have no because of all the pot. by the way, he is really funny. >> don't try to walk it back. >> destroyed me. >> easy, kellyanne.
11:35 pm
the best part of that was you saying i was so shocked. meaning that anyone would be smarter than you. >> no, no, no. no, no.t's clearly the meaning. >> it was -- >> obvious. >> if you're going to lose that he -- from cheech and chong, you would think he's smoked so much pot. >> i get it. i got it. sister mary elephant. >> what? >> sister mary elephant. i know the records. so you still haven't gotten over it. >> i haven't. >> i have a really quick thing to recite to you. this country's main two ethnic groups are pun jabbi, in bolivia, and postune, living in afghanistan. anderson? >> wait. i'm sorry. what? i didn't -- i'm still thinking about cheech. >> wait. did i get you again? everybody play at home and see if you can get it faster than anderson. >> pakistan. >> yes. >> didn't i get it in that? >> no. you pushed the button too late and you lost. >> oh, okay. right. >> actually you tied but somebody else beat you you because you didn't buzz in. >> oh. >> is it all coming back to you now? >> yeah.
11:36 pm
>> who beat you? >> in this one? oh! that was the last time, lara logan. >> a real journalist. >> yes. i've been on four times. i've lost twice and i have won twice. >> when you go to bed at night, what do you tell yourself to tell yourself you're way smarter than lara logan. >> i don't think i am. >> do you beat yourself up? >> you know what's funny about that i was so cocky after the rehearsal and did so well and in fact i did so well early on. >>uld beat you. >>rted giving and the other girl who was playing. >> advice. >> advice on how to win and then she destroyed me. destroyed me. and i bet all wrong. >> that's your relationship with all women. this is just coming into focus? you give them stuff and then they use it against you and destroy you. >> no that's not true. >> i wrapped you in tin. i have sprayed your fa i have done everything s of like shoot new the -- i won't say it. how do you not -- i love it. i love this guy because he never gets it.
11:37 pm
it's awesome. you could wrap him in tin. you could wrap him in feelings. it's fantastic. it's an emotional night snits an emotional night. >> when you lose jeopardy and shame your mother. when you call your mom -- >> that was a hard loss. >> how do you say it. >> my mom doesn't care about that sort of thing. >> she does. >> no she doesn't. >> sthooe she called me.i'm going to be your mom, hell go. >> didn't know -- >> yes she did. >> you know what was hard walking into the newsroom, you lost but cheech marin destroyed you. >> toobin was he hard on you, toobin? toobin can be ruthless. who else? tapper? i bet tapper let you have it. did christine robins give you the one finger salute. >> that was a hard wrong and losing to lara because we both worked at 60 minutes. >> why do you keep going on. just stick to the face. it's all this people this is the money right here. >> i love jeopardy. have you ever been on? you would do really well.
11:38 pm
>> i was on rock and roll jpdy and i won. i'm really proud. the questions were like what is two plus two. >> i was on the dumbed down celebrity jeopardy as well. >> it's not rock and roll which isn't even on the air anymore. >> i will say -- >> did alex trebec give you a look like oh, oh, how sad, he used to be something. >> i did -- my third time i beat tom friedman of the "new york times." and i was nervous. >> i know who tom friedman is. >> i did beat him. he is pulitzer smart not jeopardy smart. >> tom friedman i no you are going to hear about this somehow. anderson said ysmart, with the tone. >> pulitzer smart is real smart. he is real smart. >> are you accusing tom friedman of being merely jeopardy smart. >> no no i'm not even jeopardy smart. >> that's the answer i want. i'm not jeopardy smart,
11:39 pm
everybody else is better. good evening, everybody, that's acue in that imagine. and then i won. >> seven minutes until the stroke of midnight. >> what does this mean? i want to know what this neeps. >> i was looking down to see where richard quest is just to check in with him, let's quickly check in with him. >> why not? he has a beautiful scarf. >> good evening. >> with a top hat, come on. >> raising the quality once again, adding a bit of something. these two are the people who have been here the longest. why did you want to be here in times square? >> because i've never been here and i have always wanted to come. because you watch it when you are a kid on tv. i'm like i want to do that. >> i'm -- what do you think now that you have done it? >> it's awesome. >> we have a practice. i want you to do a five four three, two, one -- are you ready, everyone. here we go -- >> five four three, two, one!
11:40 pm
woo! >> now -- >> it's not midnight yet richard. we are going to check with you after midnight. it is six minutes to the stroke of midnight. >> it's not midnight. >> in one minute they are going to play imagine, after that you will see the ball drop and you will experience what it's like to be here. i got a text the kids call it last night from a number i didn't recognize. it was none other than kardashian. and her text to me because -- by the way i deleted the text. >> oh, no. >> because i was so afraid. >> kim. >> of losing the phone and someone finding out her phone number. >> not my fault. i told he was like this. you thought he was so sweet. >> anyway, the text was -- please be sweet to my boo, k.g. she is a national treasure. >> they wrote you read the part
11:41 pm
where it says text ac. you didn't have to read the part where i told her to tell you i'm a national treasure. you don't read the stage directions. >> it was very sweet. >> she is very sweet. >> we are five minutes away. are you excited about 2017? >> i'm excited to go on my tour. i'm excited about my book. i love how people keep putting it away. it is a wonderful read. what did you think --? >> i read the whole thing. >> how about your mother's section, you go to her house and she is more fun than you are, how many people told you that? >> everyone. >> joel gray? >> joel gray he is fun. >> wes anderson. ? >> my mom has cool interesting friends. >> why don't you go to her dinner parties anymore? >> she doesn't invite me. she wants to happening with you more than she wants to hang out with me. >> i wonder why that is? >> you are more fun.
11:42 pm
i fullied a mid it. >> next time i might bring skrillx. they are about to begin john lennon's "imagine". they always play that here in times square. we'll bring that to you. then we'll watch the ball drop. a lot to do. let's listen in. ♪ it's easy if you try ♪ ♪ no help below us ♪ ♪ above us only sky♪ ♪ imagine all the people ♪ ♪ living for today ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ imagine there's no country ♪ ♪ it isn't hard to do ♪
11:43 pm
♪ nothing to kill or die for and no religions too ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ imagine all the people ♪ ♪ living life in peace ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ ♪ but i'm not the only one ♪ ♪ i hope some day you'll join us us ♪ ♪ and the world will be as one ♪ ♪ imagine no possessions ♪ ♪ i wonder if you can ♪
11:44 pm
♪ no need for grief or hunger ♪ ♪ no ♪ ♪ a brotherhood of man ♪ ♪ imagine all the people ♪ ♪ sharing all the world ♪ ♪ oh, ♪ ♪ you may say i'm a dreamer ♪ ♪ but i'm not thenly one i hope some day you'll join us ♪ ♪ and the world will live as one ♪ >> i love you guys so much. happy new year, everybody.
11:45 pm
>> new york's mayor is going to start the ball being lowered. >> this is it. the big countdown, everybody. >> one minute -- 51 seconds until 2017. >> as you say two thousand and seventeen. look at this i mean it is packed tonight. >> as many as a million people here waiting to celebrate the new year. >> it's nice-ish. it isn't bitter cold. >> we've had some really cold nights. >> oh, yes. >> here we go. get ready to count along with us at home. >> yeah. the entire city is just pulsing with excite. >> and ten seconds. >> nine eight, seven, six,
11:46 pm
five four three, two, one -- >> happy new year, everybody! ♪ ♪
11:47 pm
♪ ♪ ♪onging to stray ♪ ♪ right through the very heart of it, new york, new york ♪ i want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep ♪ ♪ and find i'm king of the hill top of the heap ♪ ♪ these little town blues ♪ ♪ are melting away ♪ ♪ i'll make a brand new start of
11:48 pm
it in old new york ♪ ♪ if i can make it there i'll make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ ♪ ♪ eps ♪ ♪ and find i'm a number one, top of the list king of the hill, a number one ♪
11:49 pm
♪ these little town blues ♪ ♪ i'm gonna make a brand new start of it in old new york ♪ ♪ and if i can make it there i'm gonna make it anywhere ♪ ♪ it's up to you new york, new york ♪ ♪ new york ♪
11:50 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ple mountains' majesty above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ now wait a minute ♪ ♪ america ♪ sweet america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea
11:51 pm
to shining sea ♪ ♪ america, america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ and crown thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪
11:52 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
11:53 pm
♪ainbow so pretty in the sky are also on the faces of people going by ♪ ♪ i see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do ♪ ♪ say i love you ♪ ♪ i hear babies cry ♪ ♪ i watch them grow, not much that i'll never know, and i think to myself what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ yes, i think to myself, what a wonderful world ♪
11:54 pm
>> welcome to 2017. i hope it is a healthy and happy new year for all of you watching at home or parties, wherever you are. >> happy new year, everybody. may i read an e-mail that we just got from anderson's lovely mother, the one and only gloria vanderbilt. i don't know how to say it to you. she sent it to me. >> that's okay. >> i mean, i guess i could forward it to you. >> that's all right. >> dear kathy only. dear kathy and anderson. you look gorgeous, kathy. you look nice. your momacita is tickled pink. she's my true mother. i knew it. mom, sorry, it's over. i'm a vanderbilt. gloria vanderbilt is my mother.
11:55 pm
i am so tickled pink and proud of you even though you have to i'm so proud of you. what a great team you and randy, your boyfriend are. we're going to clean this up and post. no. she of course is proud of you and says hello. >> that's nice. >> and she is my biological mother. just go with it. i needed this my whole life. it's why i bought a big house. it's why i'm bragging about who i'm having dinner with tomorrow. >> who are you having dinner with tomorrow? >> cory booker. >> wow. you span the globe. politics, entertainment. >> andy ended up being at my party and the next thing you know maybe forcibly being removed by three body guards. >> it's 2017. we can all change. >> a lot can happen. >> for better or for worse. >> especially your resolution to, what was it?
11:56 pm
gosh it's so unusual. ten years it's been go to the gym. let me guess. this saturday night where you stay up all night because you feel so chubby you hit the gym at 3:00? >> no. i actually want to go eat because i haven't eaten. >> are you going to have that meal you have three times a day? when you go to your shrink often, what does your shrink tell you eat the same meal three times a day? >> it's a comfort. otherwise orderless existence. >> easy niechie. >> no. i was just going to say at some point we should check in at -- >> at every point. richard. >> he's not ready yet. i see him. >> he's getting arrested, i believe. he's with police officers. >> all right, richard. >> all right. >> here we go.
11:57 pm
>> i want to find out from the couple who were here from 7:00 this morning whether they thought it was worth it. so you got here at -- >> 7:00 a.m. >> was it worth it? >> yes! >> is she your girlfriend? >> entry level. >> give her a kiss, please. >> well, i have no idea what that was all about. was it worth coming here -- >> happy new year. >> it was so worth it? happy 2017! many blessings. >> people are beside themselves. i can honestly say a brilliant new year, guys. >> i hope it is a good year for, richard, and you kathy. >> i wouldn't mind one more costume change from richard.
11:58 pm
>> i don't know if he has it in him. >> we all want to know boxer or briefs? god, i love him. >> boxer trunks. >> okay. boxer trunks. >> did he say box of trunks? >> boxer trunks. >> it's actually easier to just go door-to-door than sell it on national television. it's called kathy griffin celebrity run-ins. >> very funny. 80 cities. >> i'm starting my 80 city celebrity run-ins tour. >> our cnn there's some of your -- we stop at 12:30 but the party does not. they take it over and ring in the new year's and new orleans.
11:59 pm
>> when you're reporting down there on your beat, you really crank it up. >> i do not crank it up. new orleans. that's the only word i say. >> but when you get back to manhattan, it's new orleans? >> no, it's not. it's new orleans. >> why do you feel a kin ship? because my dad went to high school there in 1944. and he used to take me down there and i spent a lot of time there obviously during katrina and the aftermath. >> is this before or after the slaves? i had to do a call back. i'm going to hell in a hand basket. what's a hand basket i don't really know what one is. >> we should bring those back. it's amazing for a million people who have packed into times square how quickly it starts to dissipate. >> yes. i know when you're struggling. we were talking earlier about his beat, because in the news business that's what we call it. what's your beat? >> the world.
12:00 am
the world is my beat. we're going to take a quick break and have more from times square and the country when we come back. >> did you say that out loud or think it? uh, you asked to see me, coffee? yeah, listen, sugar, we're, uh... lettin' you go. wait, what? people love sweet taste. that's true but sweet ain't enough anymore. it's that splenda naturals gal, isn't it? yeah. i knew it! look, not only is she sweet she's got natural stevia no bitter aftertaste and of course, zero calories. ohh, not the calories again. sugar, you're full of calories. i know! ugh! so all the partners agree? even iced tea? especially iced tea. goodbye, sugar. hello, new splenda naturals.
12:01 am
12:02 am
12:03 am
anderson is trying to get in touch with you. >> who? >> cooper? >> [ bleep ]. >> i don't have as many encounters >> drinking game. bs statement number one. anderson doesn't have any famous people.
12:04 am
>> i'm hoping, richard, that your outfit changes. throughout the course of the evening you are going to be each member of the village people. >> is it richard mier? who's the architect? >> hello. >> hey. >> hi. good evening. happy new year. happy new year, everybody. >> they're very friendly. >> i'm very lifelike. >> hi, anderson. ou are. >> was there a group text that said hey, i'm wearing my blue shirt with piping what about you? >> let's go. >> wow. okay. there we go. >> do you wear the helmet, the marsmmallow because you want to be anonymous? and do you love what you do and you're excited to be here? >> i never talked to a marshmallow before. >> just go that way? a little bit to the right?
12:05 am
>> trying to talk business. >> on your tenth anniversary. >> look at this. a cake. commemorative cake. >> i am definite going to put it on my mantel piece. only if you'll sit on it. >> i'll sit it on anytime. >> thank you, richard. >> what do you think of when i say stroke of midnight? >> i think of richard quest. i hope i earned -- >> i'm here. >> give me a minute. >> pucker up. >> and that is going to be in the stars not normal section. >> i was in vegas. >> you were in vegas last night too? >> i was. >> i know.
12:06 am
>> the tequila is emitting from your pores. >> kathy is trying to get ryan seacrest. >> i see you, seacrest. >> let me go. this is the year i finally get him. >> we're back on air. we're on air. >> don't you give me a fake hug. >> hello everyone. welcome to the most positive new year's you've ever seen. >> let's explain what happened. when we were on break ryan seacrest appeared -- i guess to get ready to do his show. >> dog and pony show? >> kathy starts giving him a one-finger salute while he's searching for the teleprompter. oh, look, there's ryan right between us. >> let me at him. let me at him. i don't care anymore. i'm going to take that guy down once and for all. that's so ryan seacrest. and these are razor blades. he's showering us with razor blades. not his face.
12:07 am
it's his fortune. ryan, how could you? he's so bitter. >> hello. where are you from? >> i am from japan. >> lots of people from japan. >> don't get blood on my jacket. >> if this hurts, i'll be so mad. >> is your mother watching? i bet your mom is. momma lemon, i don't know what he's thinking. at least it's just his ear. >> if you answer the questions correctly, i won't cut your beard. if you don't, i will. first question. anderson, who did you vote for? >> i can't answer that question. >> are you kidding? >> anderson, how much do you weigh? >> 162 pounds. >> i don't believe it. >> anderson, how much money do you currently have total? how much money do you have, anderson?
12:08 am
>> i'm sorry. >> if only anderson had answered the question, seth. he lied on everything. you're a good sport. >> seth, i'm so sorry. >> hey, everybody, if you're just tuning in, it's me kathy griffin with anderson cooper. it's our tenth anniversary. we did it right. how do you feel anderson? >> it's an interesting sensation. >> out of all of the things i've done over the years, what did you think would possibly be happening? >> i had no idea. i'll go where you go tonight. >> wow, already. i thought i would have a little build up. >> did i call you ryan out loud. >> i thought i would do a little build up. >> i don't do foreplay. personal highlight for me, richard quest randomly just
12:09 am
going up to someone and going hitting them with a rather large balloon. >> that was interesting. >> do you think he was triggered. do you think something about that poor person made him feel like i can't take it anymore? >> i think he just saw the balloon and thought i'll just pop the person on the head. >> it's questy being questy. >> quest means business. >> i wouldn't change a sequin on his jacket.d open. i didn't miss a beat. >> by the way, the amount of, like, glitter and stuff that is on this podium is amazing. you know what's weird? it's normally -- i guess they're only letting a small number of people out. >> it is dazzling the mass exodus that happens, but people are like i have to pee, get me out of here. i love the new year, get me out. >> the nypd has done a great job of keeping everybody safe. >> do you think they really did
12:10 am
if they didn't arrest richard quest for assaulting somebody with a rather large balloon? >> that is true. >> questy, come back. >> richard. >> pat, the whole nine. i need it all. i'll hold this for you. >> you've had a chance. how do you do this? >> i'm natural. i'm natural. >> top of the morning to you. i don't know what that is. >> i think you do.ade picture. put me in a tuxedo. and short tails and very shiny shoes. >> very, very shiny. >> so i can run to school first ahead of the other duponts and the others. i love you, mummy. see you on george jetson. >> have you finished? >> i've seen it all. yeah. >> he just peed. he peed a little bit.
12:11 am
don't hurt yourself. >> nobody makes me laugh like kathy griffin. >> i say this with love. why assault the woman with the balloon on the head? it was swift. it was stealth. >> that was much discussed between us. >> first of all, it was a man. >> okay. game on. let's get a tire iron. >> interesting sort of appropriate at the moment. >> it was a balloon. >> it was a loving tap. >> did he take it well? >> no. no, frankly. there was sort of a look of horror and shock about him as he sort of wandered off into the distance. >> i also love that you're fa not able to go to the bathroom until 7:00 in the morning. >> there are some bottles down there with some strange -- >> oh, no. >> questy. shocked by virgin ears.
12:12 am
>> did something happen when mariah carey was performing? >> you don't know? >> let'sdon't know? >> we were broadcasting. >> and it's her world. >> yeah. but she's lip syncing and she can't hear it and it's going badly so eventually she abandons and she just starts dancing around. then she says to the crowd you finish the song. >> no. >> yes. >> what was the song? >> butterfly? >> i was too busy. then she says something like i guess that didn't go as well as it couldn't and went off. >> when she left, she did not look happy. that i saw. >> i think that's an understatement. twitter is exploding. >> i have to act like a have feelings and empathy. but if that isn't in my act, nothing is. that is fantastic and horrible.
12:13 am
>> happy new year, i hope 2017 is a great year for you. >> i adore you and everything about you. >> ten years. thank you so much. it's been incredible. >> started as a fluke and now it's a thing. >> that's a slogan. we're going to wrap it up. our coverage continues with don lemon and brook baldwin right after a break in new orleans. have a great 2017. >> thank you for watk you, thank you, thank you. when you have a cold pain from a headache can make this... feel like this. all-in-one cold symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand.
12:14 am
tylenol® when you have a cold pain from chest congestion can make this... feel like this. from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®
12:15 am
12:16 am
look at this crowd. >> i mean, brookster, if you're going to be anywhere on new year's eve -- >> you have to be in new orleans. people are saying, i'm lit. yeah, i'm lit, who cares. new orleans is lit. >> bring in the new year in new orleans every year.
12:17 am
>> yes, we get paid to be in new orleans every year. i grew up in bot ton rouge about an hour down the road and i was here almost every weekend growing up, especially when i went to college. we would come here. >> i'm sure you behaved. we would drink until midnight and have a designated driver of course. and then we would come to new orleans an hour away and party till 6:00 in the morning. >> can we talk about the text you just got from your mother. >> my mom said you are tripping it's beautiful. i shouldn't touch you so much. >> yeah, stop touching. there's a lot of alcohol. >> someone said that you saved me from getting a nipple piercing. should i get one? >> don's mom, you're welcome. he needs to just cut him off. no. we're just going to keep having fun. that's what new orleans is all about. this is amazing. >> come o tell me, honestly, how jealous do you think kathy and anderson were they couldn't be here?
12:18 am
anderson loves new orleans. >> he love this band. and the spotted cats is a special place i know for him. my name might be on that wall. have you gotten to sign your name? >> i'm not a big enough celebrity. >> we can't all be don lemon, but some of us are asked to sign walls. >> have you thought about new year's resolutions? >> i have. >> you're kind of an anti-resolution guy. >> i always live my life to the very fullest. >> yes, you do. >> i need a little more balance in work/life. i may be open to a relationship this year. >> breaking news. don lemon might be open to a relationship? >> yeah. actually being available to be in a relationship. i'm a bad person to date. i'm not selfish.ive you my -- >> are we >> i'm not going to be as self-centered. >> but i don't really do resolutions. i live my life to the fullest.
12:19 am
i don't care what people think about me. i do what i want because it's my life. you know what i'm saying? don't put me in a box, brooke baldwin, or anybody. >> are you going to ask me? >> to marry you? i think james might have a problem with that who's standing right over there. anyway, what's your resolution? >> i don't do any deep super mega resolutions. i agree with you we should be living our life full and in balance. i was in zion national park. i want to climb more mountains and be in more national parks. i love climbing. i love being in the elements. i love getting dirty. >> enough about us. what do you think of us. >> do you believe in resolutions? >> send us your new year's resolution.
12:20 am
>> do #cnnnye. and tattoo/piercing guy is still here, so if you want me or brooke to -- >> you are still totally flirting with this tattoo thing.. >> you were discussing a trump thing on your -- >> i'm not even going to say part of that. i'm just going to drink my beer. >> what's up, new orleans? >> so we are a little bit more than 20 minutes aw year's central time in new orled >> lynn is where? >> lynn smith is in dallas, texas. >> so she's in central time zone too. she can ring it in with us. >> happy almost new year's lynn. >> hey, you guys. happy almost new year's. the party is simmering down in new york city, but as you know the party is just getting
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