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tv   New Day  CNN  January 2, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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he promises to reveal those details this week. >> while that is going on, trump's transition team plans to repeal a lot. in quotation marks. of the president obama executive actions on day one. the outgoing commander in chief will try to protect his legacy. we are now 18 days to go until the inauguration of donald trump. let's start with sunlen serfaty live in washington. good morning, sunlen. >> reporter: good morning, joh . ch. president-elect donald trump is back in new york. he heads into the intelligence knows some secret information about this. donald trump back in new york city this morning and gearing up for a busy week ahead. the president elect meeting with intelligence officials for a briefing about russian hacking just days after again expressing
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doubt about the intelligence communities conclusions about the kremlin's interference in the u.s. election. >> i want them to be sure. it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure. if you look at the weapons of mass destruction that was a disaster and they were wrong. >> referencing intelligence to bolster his point and claiming to have inside information about the hacking he says he will reveal this week. >> i also know things that other people don't know and so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> trump's defiance pitting him against the obama administration and many of his fellow republicans. >> when you attack a country it's a act of war. >> he needs to stop talking this way. >> outside of his new year's eve party trump a long time skeptic
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of e-mails offered this advice. >> write it out and have it delivered the old fashioned way because no computer is safe. >> also on the president elect's to do list this week filling several open cabinet spots including the secretaries of veterans affairs and agriculture and giving a definition related to his legal battle. >> to every latino, to every mexican. >> he is suing him after he pulled a plug on a restaurant at trump's new hotel in washington after the president elect repeatedly insulted mexicans during the campaign. >> all eyes ahead. confirmation hearing for attorney general pointing to gaps in the information he submitted to the committee. that hearing is supposed to start next week. >> thank you so much for all of that. the white house announcing moments agatha president obama
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will deliver a fairwell address in chicago next week. this as he plans to meet with democrats on the hill to try to save obamacare. let's get to joe live at the white house with more. tell us what to expect, joe. >> good morning, allison. president obama is expected to give his fairwell speech his hometown of chicago illinois on january 10th. that's a week from tomorrow on tuesday an opportunity for the president to say fair well to his supporters and thank them for the journey of the last 8 years. also talking about among other things health care. also telling supporters it's been the privilege of his life to serve as the president of the
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united states. the latest in a series of legacy building moves as he leaves office. underscored by the fact that the incoming press secretary saying on television just yesterday that as expected donald trump will sign a number of executive actions seeking to undo much of what president obama has done. back to you. >> we want to bring in cnn political analyst and washington post reporter. happy new year ladies. which executive action of president obama can and will mr. trump target first? >> well, there's a lot of things that a lot of them are going to entail. >> meaning like environmental
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regulation? >> they can be environmental and dealing with the consumer financial protection bureau. something that republicans want and business leaders also want. it's also something that democrats oppose but the big fish is really one of the essential priorities having to do with immigration. undocumented minors and their parents, those are executive actions that trump could undo on day one. we don't know whether he's going to do that because those are much more politically difficult for him. >> that's the big one and we don't know and the trump team hasn't been specific about what actions will be repealed immediately but one thing is clear. it's not just what president elect trump will do its also what republicans in congress
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will be doing early and often. they have been working at this for years now. preparing for this for years when they have complete power which they will and i imagine there's going to be a lot of change. >> absolutely. one of the things that's probably going to take longer than they would like is repealing and replacing obamacare because they can't just take it away and not replace it with anything and what that will look like, what actually goes into it's place will take some time to put together because you can't just get rid of it. it's going to be a really hard thing to unravel. another thing is tax reform. it's something paul ryan has been dreaming about for as long as i have covered him. everybody has their own dreams, right? but it's something that they're going to need democrats to help with and something that might get democrat buy in on. >> so president obama is not
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relishing the idea of these things and you see him trying to craft his legacy and address something that he has admitted is one of his failures or at least shortcomings and that's telling his own story. telling his own message. he doesn't toot his horn as much as say president elect trump does so you see this little twitter blizzard of tweets coming out from president obama trying to tell his story. he says, facing the worst financial crisis in 80 years you delivered the longest streak of jock growth in our history. that's about what happened over the past 8 years. he went from the great recession to now the economy chugging along. next, today nearly every american now has access to the financial security of affordable health care. we brought home more of our troops and strengthened u.s. leadership leading with diplomacy and partnering with
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nations to meet global problems. what do you hear? >> it's a lot of frustration from democrats. this has been going on for quite sometime. even going into the 2016 election they wanted to have a message of progress. here's all the things that president obama did. the economy is doing well. unemployment is statistically near zero but they couldn't do that because people didn't really believe them but what you're seeing now is obama saying, you know, what we're not going to let donald trump take credit for all of the things that i accomplished under my administration and he's going to lay down that gauntlet giving democrats a blueprint to move forward and not -- sort of encouraging them not to buy into this idea that things are on the wrong path and that trump is. >> and already you see it happening that mr. trump is taking some credit for what is happening with the economy and president obama you get the sense is like whoa. >> exactly. unemployment rate, consumer confidence. these are all indicators that
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had been rising. donald trump made claims about jobs being created in the period between his election and now and some of those jobs had been announced months before that so a lot of frustration from the president, from the democrat about who is taking credit for what out tlnchts it's fascinating to see president obama going up to capitol hill on wednesday to meet with senate democrats and house democrats and we think to try to figure out some way to protect some parts of obamacare. it will be hard. what they will be able to accomplish will be very difficult. they have no power going forward. the democrats in this country. they have no power and it's also interesting to think about what the president will do going forward. she said i look forward to standing with you as a citizen. what will citizen obama look like after january 20th? >> it will be interesting to watch because usually there's
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this great book the president's club where it details that presidents that recently left office usually don't weigh in on the person that follows them because they don't criticize other presidents because there's only a certain number of people that understands the unique pressures of that job so if obama chooses to continue to engage in politics that will be a departure from the past. jimmy carter is the only person i can remember that's actually weighed in and been critical so that's going to be something that's going to be very interesting to watch although i do wonder if he is going to get a little bit of push back from democrats that are frustrated with how he has been as president in terms of a growing their party outside of when he was running for office. >> well, just to put a finer point on what john was saying about democrats having no power let's look at this graphic. the amount of losses they suffered during president obama's term. house democrats down by 70. senate democrats down by 11.
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governors across the country down by 10. so what can democrats do? we heard chuck schumer say they're going to put up resistance. what is that going to look like? >> a delay. that's probably the best they can do particularly in the senate. they can force things to take a lot more time than republicans want them to. i think that you'll see republicans try to push back on that in different ways using the rules of the chambers to prevent that from happening but democrats don't have the ability to block anyone but only if republicans are unified and the number one strategy for democrats is going to be to find out where the cracks are. find out who they can pull on and bring them over or at least cause them to waiver because as long as republicans are able to lose two or three members in the senate that's a danger zone that
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allows democrats to do more than they might otherwise be able to. >> great point and we'll see that in the confirmation hearings going forward. that will give us a sense of the coming months. in the meantime breaking news out of turkey. isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly new year's attack that killed 39 people and injured dozens. this as a man hunt for the gunman intensifies. there's new video emerging of the attacker opening fire at the club and fleaing the scene. sarah is live in istanbul with the breaking details. good morning, sarah. >> this is the first time that isis claimed an attack here in turkey. the government has suspected them in other attacks but this is really the first time after all the bombings that happened here over 2016 so a locality of people here responding to that. also this video is so chilling. i want to show you the pictures of what came out and what the country is talking about as well
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as tres of the world. you can see the gunman looking like he is going very methodically as he comes up to the club. you see people ducking out of the way because they can hear the gunshots and you can see the flashes as he is walking up on the surveillance camera and then one by one those that were not able to get out of the way is he shoots them. this is before he enters the club and then shoots at least 39 people. and john we ended up at one of the funerals today of one of the 39 families. it was a very, as you might imagine tearful and emotional day watching as the casket of one of the security guards that was there to protect those and who had survived a previous attack here in istanbul watching as his mother and father broke down in tears having to bury him today. >> thank you for the update from istanbul. back here at home president elect donald trump says he knows things other do not when it comes to russia alleged hacking
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president elect trump claims to have inside information on russia's meddling in the u.s. election. he promises to reveal what he knows this week and insists that russia may not be the culprit. >> hacking is a hard thing to
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prove. it should be somebody else. i also know things that other people don't know so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> what do you know that other people don't know? >> you'll find out on tuesday and wednesday. >> you'll find out on tuesday or wednesday and what does he know that other people don't know? want to welcome back abby phillip and jackie. he says he knows things that other people don't know. is he talking about the intelligence services that have been looking into this? does he know things that they don't know or has he been told things by them that the public hasn't been told? >> you have to wonder. he has been getting intelligence briefings. these conclusions aren't just coming from one agency but from several intelligence and law enforcement agencies in the country and you would think if that information had been distributed to jump they would have also been distributed to president obama example or others but i put this in the
3:19 am
category of things that trump says where you have to basically just wait and see. years ago he said private investigators to hawaii to check out obama's birth certificate. we know that didn't happen. it's not uncommon for trump to make comments like this that have no basis in fact so we should wait and see if on tuesday or wednesday he has something to say that we don't know. >> but maybe he doesn't mean that he has information from intelligence his intel briefings. he does know i'm sure a lot of things that the rest of us don't know but maybe he means from somebody with ties to russia. maybe that's where he is getting some of his information. >> maybe. but i think we do have to wait and see what he says because right now you saw a really interesting thing yesterday and throughout the week and when it comes to republicans who very much believe that russia was involved and did this and donald
3:20 am
trump. yesterday you saw tom cotton talk about stronger sanctions toward russia. there was no doubt in anything he said that russia was responsible where you saw him saying you had to wait and see so you do see us talking past each other and because congress is coming back in session and because donald trump has the ability to get rid of a lot of these executive orders that president obama has put in including the sanctions on russia it will be interesting to see how these two eventually meet because they're going to have to. they're going to have to have a discussion about this in the near future. >> about whether or not donald trump accepts that russia was behind this hack into the u.s. election process. >> do you accept that russia was behind this. >> he has to have the briefing from the intelligence community. it's not a question of getting the information. everyone in the media wants to make a conclusion based off
3:21 am
other sourced information, anonymous sources coming out of the intelligence community. he's going to do this right. >> he was saying everyone in the media wants to jump ahead but it not just everyone in the media. this is republican leaders in congress including people like john mccain, people that want to hold hearings on this and look into it. it will be very interesting to see how far these republican chairs are willing to push this. do you have a sense that they're willing to push this beyond what the incoming white house will want to see. >> i think they are. this is one of the few issues that republican hawks and folks who have been really focused on the issue of russian influence are not necessarily willing to give way to trump on this. i think they feel like the role of congress is to be the counter balance on an issue like this in particular. i don't think trump is going to be able to ease into a more comfortable relationship with vladimir putin quitely without
3:22 am
republicans having a say in that process. one of the things they keep coming back to is the intelligence community got it wrong. they got it wrong to the lead up to the iraqi war with disastrous results. a lot has changed since then. there used to be this siloing of information. we worked to have the intelligence community share things and do it better but that's what he is hanging his hat on and a lot of americans think that is a pretty legitimate thing to go with until you can see proof with your own eyes. take it lock stock and barrel in the intelligence community. >> that's why the investigations that go on in congress are going to be very interesting and important to watch. that all the facts are out there and we can see the overwhelming evidence. hopefully we can see the overwhelming evidence that made lawmakers make up their mind on
3:23 am
this issue but you do have intelligence officials on the record saying this now so just how donald trump handles this after he gets his briefing will be something that all of us will be watching. >> it's a series of tests that are in place. what will he say? what will he tell us if he tells us anything this week. what will he do after january 20th when it comes to russia. when it comes to putin. will he try to reverse the sanctions? the actions he takes or doesn't take will be krushs. >> it's not unlimited. as most that come in know you don't come in with an unlimited well of good will. >> his favorability ratings are lower than we have ever seen for a president in transition. he may have less than other new presidents. >> there's a lot of talk right now from trump about that sort
3:24 am
of, you know, it suggests that he might want to go in this direction but the real test will be will he push congress on the sanctions issue? we know that's going to take convincing republican colleagues in addition to democrats that are likely to remain very much unified on this issue. or will he do more to change the posture toward putin even if it's alienating the intelligence community that's come to him saying that we believe these were basically actions on putin's part and donald trump is basically saying he doesn't believe the intelligence community. that relationship needs to be managed from the moment he takes the oval office. >> a cold forcing queen elizabeth to miss traditional christmas and new year's church
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. incoming press secretary says mr. trump plans to repeal a lot of president obama's executive actions on day one. >> commander and chief on january 10eth in chicago. the president will meet with democrats on wednesday to discuss how they can save obamacare or try. >> isis claiming responsibility from the deadly new year's
3:29 am
attack in turkey. massive manhunt continues for the gunman that killed 39 people and injured dozens more. >> tight security at every intersection to prevent a possible vehicle attack like the ones in europe over the last several months. >> and a prankster gave the hollywood sign a make over on new year's eve. they captured the vandal. no arrests have been made in this incident. look for the guy eating peperoni pizza. >> queen elizabeth delivering a video message to canada for its 150th anniversary. this after cancelling another public appearance because of a heavy cold. this is the second holiday service that the 90-year-old has
3:30 am
missed fuelling speculation about her health. what are you hearing, phil? >> yeah, john, good morning. you join me here just as huge crowds are gathering to watch the changing of the guard. the palace wants everyone to know they shouldn't be worrying about the queen. the palace says it is a cold. a nasty lingering one but she is recovering. there was concern as she missed the successive holiday church services because that never happens. she is the head of the church of england here. she takes that seriously. getting to church at this time of the year is a big part of the job and she hasn't been able to do so so the palace is trying to get out about any speculation about the queen's health by letting everyone know she is okay and up and about and working. she is still going through government papers and documents that she stays on top of as part of her job as britain's head of state but she is staying indoors and that's probably a good move.
3:31 am
don't let the blue skies behind me fool you, britain's winter weather is no place for anyone with a cold. especially a 90-year-old. back to you. >> it does look chilly there. thank you for the update. well, breaking overnight, isis claims responsibility for the istanbul nice club attack. there's an international manhunt underway for the gunman. why is turkey a target for terror now? we'll discuss that next. we live in a pick and choose world.
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>> isis is now claiming responsibility for a deadly new year's attack at a night club.
3:35 am
there's a man hunt underway at this hour. he is intensifying to find the attacker. and cnn commanding general for europe and retired lieutenant general. nice to see you. thank you for being here. i want to start with you. isis is claiming responsibility. what jumps out at you. >> we haven't seen isis claim in turkey before. the remember was that they're hoping beyond hope mistakenly that the turks wouldn't align for the russians and the turks would pull away from the fight as a result of earlier attacks by isis unclaimed in turkey. now what's happening is isis is saying the turks are not only bombing us but their alliance with russia appears to be unshakable. we're going to start claiming attacks so that the leader of
3:36 am
turkey knows that the cost of cooperation with russia is dead bodies. i think the implication is clear. >> so, what does this mean since turkey has born the brunt of many terror attacks now. >> i'm going to add to what phil said, if you don't mind. you are the s turkey is all kinds of things going on now. call it gihadi central for a reason. it's been going on for several years. in fact, over a decade. you have a president that's the victim of an attempt and he has dissolved much of his armed forces and he's suspect of his intelligence community. that's not a good thing to do. he has a combination of enemies and not only isis that sees him as aligning with russia as phil just said and he also has a threat by the pkk that he
3:37 am
perceives. all of these things contribute to him doing some things that are not quite in line with a normal democratic republican. he is rolling up a lot of people throwing just thousands of people in jail with no evidence. he has banned reporters in many cases all of these things will contribute to some problems find whog the right terrorists are. i had a conversation with an intelligence official not named phil over the holidays and we were talking about where the next terrorist attack would be. to a degree they said it will certainly be in turkey. there will be many more in 2017 just because of the policies. >> that's chilling. you laid it out perfectly. this could not be more complicated for turkey. so phil what does that mean for the u.s. relationship with turkey. what does that mean for trying to stamp out terrorism? >> i think there's going to be a
3:38 am
difficult conversation and he's already indicated where that conversation is ahead. that is to continue to support syrian oppositionist who is are at some level more moderate. and the dictator of syria that used chemical weapons against his own people but just in the past week or so we had the iranians and the turks get together and coordinate a ceasefire without american participation. we have a simple bottom line. do we support the continuation of the regime so that we can all focus and the americans and russians and everybody. do we continue to argue he has to go quickly. we're going to cooperate with the russians. >> how do you see it? >> the other thing you have to consider too that's part of this play is turkey is a member of nato. it's the people coming together
3:39 am
in this peace approach. no nato members are involved other than turkey. passing intelligence to the rest of europe is important. the rest of europe has taken on the immigrants and refugees from syria. turkey is allegedly an ally with the united states and is some what going on its own in many areas so all of these things play a part to more complexities. not less and any kind of a peace accord that doesn't include the syrian defense, democratic forces is going to be problematic in the future. >> so isis said basically that they helped perpetrate this attack in retaliation for turkey's involvement in syria and iraq. they also seem to revel in their statement that it was during the christmas holiday and that they were christians who were targeted so phil, isis, i mean, we talked about this a lot on the program, that we just have
3:40 am
to be prepared for more of these virtually smaller attacks. not 9-11 style attacks and does that mean that isis is more powerful or less powerful now. >> they are less than powerful than two years ago. you can look at the pace of attacks in western europe and isis inspired attacks and you can draw conclusion that isis is on a role. that would be the wrong conclusion to draw. look at the characteristics of leadership, money, recruiting. there is none of these where isis stands as strong as they did two years ago. one of the implications of this attack is that isis, look how they're characterizing the turks, isis is trying to use this attack to portray turkey as alive with the west. with the christians and to portray itself as defenders of muslims because i think most people including in turkey and syria review them as themselves.
3:41 am
i think they're losing allison. i think it's clear. >> we really appreciate that context. thank you very much. >> happy new year. >> you too. >> the nfl playoff picture is set. this after the packers beat the lions to win the nfc north. we'll have a look at wildcard weekend. that's comes up in a few days. the bleacher report is coming up next. after expanding our fiber network coast to coast. these are the places we call home. we are centurylink. we believe in the power of the digital world. the power to connect. and that's what drives us everyday.
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good morning. >> there's nothing like playoff football and last night's game
3:45 am
between the packers and the lions decided who wins the nfc north. winner gets a home playoff game and hey they were struggling. they're on a four game losing streak. still take the division. they haven't lost since. four touchdowns against detroit. 31-24 win. they were peeking at the right time. this was their 6th straight victory going into the playoffs. let's look at the playoff. saturday you got houston texas. they have to travel through seattle and face the seahawks. and the packers they hold the giants. and will have byes which means the patriots chief, cowboys and falcons all get a week off and finally for the second straight year it's alabama and clemson
3:46 am
for the national championship in college football. the crimson tide rolling past washington in new year's eve. bama is favored. it is next monday night should be a great game. in a shoot out 45-40. now there's four more bowl games today which include the rose bowl. but it's a nice day to sit back and watch some college football and have fun. >> if there's nachos involved i'm there. >> and came face to face.
3:47 am
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there is a man hunt underway at this hour for a driver that shot an oklahoma city police officer during a traffic stop. the officer was walking back to his patrol cruiser when the driver opened fire hitting him in the leg. that officer was in critical condition. meanwhile police found the
3:51 am
suspects abandoned car. police are reviewing dash cam footage of the shooting. >> 2016 was the deadliest in chicago in two decades. 762 murders last year. that's the most since 1997. they also saw a surge in overall gun violence with more than 3500 shootings. 4300 victims. nearly 100 officers are joining the city's police department in 2017. >> the convicted church shooter plans to reprecert himself in the second phase of the trial that begins on tuesday. first he must undergo a mental competency test today. he was convicted of murdering nine people. >> a busy weekend from president elect trump. the tweet that made headlines. want to discuss the latest development with the senior media correspondent and host of
3:52 am
reliable sources. president trump went golfing this weekend and bumped into someone he did not want to see. a man that wrote a biography that donald trump doesn't find in anyway flattering. in fact, it wasn't flattering. this is a hard hitting biography. anyway they had this altercation at the golf course this weekend, he posted this on book. he said this is what happened. i said congratulations sir and shook his hand. trump said you were rough on me harry, really rough. that blank you wrote was inappropriate for him to play at the club and had a security detail escort them to the parking lot. >> this is david koch the billionaire conservative heavyweight. someone that donates to conservative causes and he's being kicked off the golf course? an amazing story.
3:53 am
>> david disputes this version of events saying that when he came back he said i got to go. that he decided on his own. but either way. >> the detail by the biographer though, the idea that he is there playing and had this relationship with trump for decades and perhaps he wanted him to leave, it's interesting that he wanted him to share this because it's revealing with where the president elect's head is at. >> happy new year to all including my many enemies and those that fought me and lost so badly they just don't know what to do. love, exclamation point. but this combined with what happened to show that he missed president elect donald trump doesn't give up fights. he has people he doesn't like and he will hold a grudge for a long, long time.
3:54 am
>> he doesn't take the first punch that he always fights back when he feels he has been fought. >> aren't you supposed to hold a grudge to somebody that included a rape accusation later recan'ted in your book? of all the grudges isn't this one an understandable one. >> it did happen at least a couple of decades ago. it's an awfully long time to remember what happened and to bring it up again but, you know, without knowing the details of that case, certainly we're going to see what it's like when you apply grudges and this sort of behavior to foreign policy or domestic policy. voters knew what they were getting with donald trump. it shouldn't be a surprise that he's a fighter and that he's always on the offense and to see this tweet on new year's eve talking about his enemies this is what he was saying years ago before running for president. >> not your typical message. >> it was also on new year's eve and it was a little bit early. i have to say though he was
3:55 am
relatively, dare i use the word restrained on twitter the last few days. people are analyzing his twitter account. >> but talking about his enemies on new year's eve -- >> only by trump standards. >> all right. let's talk -- >> i was thinking about he hasn't said anything factually untrue on twitter. >> let's talk about that. the editor and chief of the wall street journal has sort of spoken out about his policy from what he is going to do when mr. trump says something untrue. so listen to this. >> when donald trump says thousands of people on the roof tops of new jersey celebrating, i think it's right to investigate that claim, to report what we found which is that nobody found any evidence of that whatsoever and to say that. i think it's then up to the reader to make up their own mind to say this is what donald trump says. this is what a reliable trustworthy news organization
3:56 am
reports and i don't think that's true. i think if you start ascribing a moral intent to someone by saying that they lied i think you run the risk that you look like you're not being objective. >> i think that's interesting because you can say this is dem demonstrably untrue but when you go a step further and say he's lying doesn't that inscribe a moral intent that we don't know. >> lying is like the word divorce. you don't want to throw it around too loosely and yet with trump in particular he lies differently than past presidents have. the obama's administration's plan that you could keep your health care plan if you liked it, it was called the lie of the year. even though the policy documents say otherwise, that's one kind of lie. it's a lie to advance a policy agenda. donald trump lies differently. he lies casually and contradicts
3:57 am
himself on stage or on twitter so that's a different kind of misleading falsehood. there are certain case with this president elect where you do need to describe it as a lie but you're right this does sometimes, you run the risk of thinking you know what is in a person's head and that's why this word has to be used carefully. >> cnn has this book unprecedented coming out or available in bookstores that looks much like this picture on your screen right now. i understand you got new details about sort of that tuesday night election night about what reporters were thinking and realizing as that night was going on. >> well for the inauguration issue of the book coming out this week we interviewed dozens of reporters and anchors and commentators about what was happening during this evening. people went in truly believing hillary clinton was going to win. that wasn't just based on assumptions. it was based on lots of different at a data points and
3:58 am
trump campaign as well believed she was going to win. by 10:30 p.m. a trump aid says do you believe in miracles? so i tried to do a tick to be of exactly what happened and how the battleship turned around. >> fantastic. thank you so much. you can get your copy of cnn's unprecedented the election that changed everything. it's available now and online and bookstores. get it anywhere. >> we're following a lot of news this morning so let's get right to it. >> he's going to sit down with the intelligence committee heads next week and get a full briefing on the situation. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge. >> if he's going to have any credibility as president he needs to stop talking this way. >> president obama announcing he'll deliver his closing remarks as commander and chief
3:59 am
next week. >> he's president until january 20 and after that it's our turn. >> republicans will try to pass a budget that will allow them to repeal much of obamacare. >> almost every country on earth sees america as stronger today than they did 8 years ago. >> this is new day. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. chris is off today. john joins me. great way to start the new year. >> it's the happiest new year ever. >> is it? >> up first, president elect donald trump casting new doubt on russia's meddling in the u.s. election. mr. trump claims he had inside information about the cyberattack that others don't know and trump seemed to reveal those details this week. >> trump's transition team says he plans to reveal quote a lot of president obama's executive actions on day one. the outgoing commander and chief
4:00 am
spends his final days in august trying to protect his legacy. we're now 18 days away from the inauguration so let's begin our coverage live in washington. >> president elect is back in new york. ske he's skeptical of their conclusions and insisting he knows secret information about this that many people don't. >> donald trump back in new york city this morning and gearing up for a busy week ahead. the president elect meeting with intelligence officials for a briefing about hacking. just days after expressing doubt about the intelligence communities conclusions about the interference in the u.s. election. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction that was a disaster and they


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