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tv   New Day  CNN  January 2, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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spends his final days in august trying to protect his legacy. we're now 18 days away from the inauguration so let's begin our coverage live in washington. >> president elect is back in new york. ske he's skeptical of their conclusions and insisting he knows secret information about this that many people don't. >> donald trump back in new york city this morning and gearing up for a busy week ahead. the president elect meeting with intelligence officials for a briefing about hacking. just days after expressing doubt about the intelligence communities conclusions about the interference in the u.s. election. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a pretty serious charge and i want them to be sure and if you look at the weapons of mass destruction that was a disaster and they were wrong.
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>> trump referencing intelligence failures and the lead up to the iraq war to bolster his point and claiming to have inside information about the hacking that he says he will reveal this week. >> i also know things that other people don't know and so they cannot be sure of the situation. >> trump's defiance pitting him against the obama administration and many of his fellow republicans. >> when you attack a country it's an act of war. >> if he's going to have any credibility as president he needs to stop talking this way. >> while speaking to reporters outside of his new year's eve party, trump a long time skeptic of e-mail offered this advice. >> if you have something really important write it out and have it delivered by courier because no computer is safe. >> also on the president elects to do list filling several open cabinet spots including the secretaries of veterans affair and agriculture and giving a
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deposition with his legal battle. trump is suing him after he pulled the plug on a rest ran at trump's new hotel in washington after the president elect repeatedly insulted mexicans during the campaign. as the president elect works to fill out his cabinets democrats are threatening to drag out votes claiming they will be slow in providing information ahead of the upcoming hearings and three liberal groups are calling for a delay in jeff sessions hearing for attorney general. that's supposed to start next week. >> this morning the white house announcing that president obama will make a fair well speech next week in chicago. this as mr. obama plans to meet with democrats reason the hill next week. joe is live at the white house with details. >> good morning. president obama and the
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administration saying that fair well speech will be on january 10th. next week in his adopted hometown of chicago. the place where he got his start in politics. the president putting out a statement over the weekend saying his fair well dates back to the tradition started by george washington in 1796. an opportunity for the outgoing president to thank his supporters for the journey of the last 8 years. he also put out a series of tweets over the weekend with his accomplishments while in office including the affordable care act clean energy and the tackling of the financial crisis. all of this as a president continues to try to seal his legacy expected to meet with congressional democrats in an effort to push back at efforts by republicans to repeal the affordable care act. all of this t importance of it really underscored by the incoming press secretary that
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said over the weekend that donald trump as expected with sign a series of executive orders to try to get rid of many of the regulations that president obama put into place. back to you. >> thanks so much. lots to discuss now. let's bring in cnn political analyst and washington sports. >> david we just heard him talking about what he had to say over the weekend essentially saying the trump administration is going to get busy on day one overturning as much as it is when it comes to president obama's executive orders. >> it's going to be many big things. on day one he's going to sign a series of executive orders. one is to repeal the regulations and actions that hampered economic growth and job creation and second dloi the same on a forward thinking thing. he's going to start implementing
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things and institute a ban. if you want to serve a trump administration you'll serve this country and not yourself. what do you think the priorities are here. exactly what will be repealed when. are we talking about. >> they're going to have to go through some regulation review southwest airlines process so we know he wants to do away with anything that gets in the way as he sees business growth and job growth. that can be epa based. it can be other things and look this is one of the things that happen when you govern by executive order which president obama has done to get around a republican congress is it gives president elect trump once he takes office the ability to undo a lot of what obama did through
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executive, resending executive orders so i think you'll see things on day one. you'll see more things put in motion but obviously the real work is going to be what can he get through congress and how fast. >> is immigration the big question mark? because obviously he ran on being very tough on illegal immigration and yet he may govern differently so what do we accept? >> it is very much one of the most important pieces of obama's legacy that carries over into the trump administration only for as long as trump wants it to be there and we're talking about millions of undocumented minors and in some cases their parents that have protections on the obama administration and this is something that i think a lot of immigration hard liners want trump to roll back because they don't like the precedent that obama set by extending these protections without the help of congress but the problem is that i think trump has said in the past in the weeks after the election that he thought that
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the children who had been brought here undocumented by their parents of no fault of their own maybe shouldn't be penalized or pun lished for that. it's still very much up in the air of how trump feels about that policy and whether some of the hard line immigration folks including jeff sessions and some of the aids that he brought in along with that will push him to go further on some of those issues. >> we just learned that president obama is going to deliver his fair well address on january 10th. that's going to happen in chicago. it's all part of a pretty serious action being fought by the white house as it exists. it's gone back to george washington who submitted his to a newspaper but presidents give speeches on their way out the door but he is going to congress to try to meet with democrats to figure out a way to protect obamacare. he's fighting to maintain his legacy right now. >> he's fighting to frame the
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legacy. he's really fighting to save his legacy. 8 years after obamacare passed. about of years or so he's going to the hill to try to work with democrats to preserve it. there's things you can say this president did well. he came into office and the economy was a mess. it's on a stronger footing than it was. that's an achievement nobody can take away from him but you look at his signature legislative achievement would cost the democratic party more politically than anything we can remember and the affordable care act and republicans are going to repeal and replace it. he is fighting to try to keep it in place and there's not much he can do about that and he came in with historic majorities that began in 2006 and continued with him and on down to the state legislative level is a mess. it's decimated. some of it is extremely, i wouldn't give it a good grade but others, other things he
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achieved obviously we can look back and say he did a good job but it's definitely mixed. that's why he is fighting so hard to frame it in a positive fashion. >> also he doesn't want donald trump to be able to take credit for things that happen on his watch so let me show a graphic illustrating what david just said about the losses on president obama's watch for democrats in power. house democrats down 70 seats. senate democrats down 11 seats. democratic governors also lost by ten but here is how president obama is trying to frame his successes. job growth, health care and diplomacy. the worst financial crisis in 80 years you delivered the longest streak of job growth in our history. he is taking credit for it.
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after decades of rising health care costs today every american has access to the financial security of affordable health care. we brought home more of our troops and strengthen u.s. leadership leading with diplomacy and partnering for problems. it's a window into the things he's feeling defensive about or suring up in his legacy. >> democrat hearsay this problem for so long. they're always trying to convince the american people to buy into this progress or so look at it as progress. the affordable care act is there. there's many more covered people that have insurance that wouldn't have had insurance before but in this election the affordable care act is one of those lightning rod issues and voters said this isn't working for me. it's a difficult line they're trying to walk here where they have to bring the american people along with them on this like journey toward saying that this is actual progress and it's
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difficult and that's one of the reasons why he is doing it is because it isn't just to give him that the unemployment rate is low and people feel like it's low and the economy is doing well. people have to be convinced of that and for democrats going forward that's going to be a real challenge getting americans to believe that what they're experiencing is actually progress. >> one quick question on russia. president elect trump over the weekend said he has information that the rest of us don't have about the alleged russian hacking. he still doesn't think or hasn't stated that he thinks russia did hack into the u.s. election system. he tells us what he knows on tuesday or wednesday. my question for you is there any political risk or what is the political risk for him going forward? >> the political risk scoring position that it is the same way president obama's did. george w. bush failed when it came to putin and russia. this sounds to me like donald
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trump's secret plan to defeat isis. if there's things he knows he doesn't have to meet with our intelligence officials to be briefed on what may or may not have happened and this is typical of the president elect, talk in circles and have us running around trying to chase his tail but, you know, eventually russia will either, if trump is successful start to act in ways that benefit the u.s. and our national security and we will reassert our influence around the world. it's one of the areas where president obama leaves a poor legacy or putin will have his way and the american people w will know it and president trump is going to have to answer for that. same way his predecessor has to answer for that. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> isis has claimed responsibility for the deadly new year's attack at a night club that left 39 people dead. dozens hurt including one
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american now identifidentified. the attacker is opening fire at the club and fleaing the scene. the gunman remains on the loose. president obama expelling dozens of russian democrats linked to sign area tacks. president putin not responding in kind. did the russian president outsmart the u.s. president? a congressman thinks so. he joins us next. our family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. 35 russian diplomats are back this morning after being expelled from the united states by president obama. russian president, our next guest says mr. putin out smarted president obama. he is new york republican congressman, a member of the house foreign affairs committee. he joins us now. great to have you in studio. how did putin outsmart president obama. >> first, he is a bad dude. he is an aggressor and he is an adversary to the united states. in his response to the sanctions
4:18 am
he was collected. he created a perception of being cool as a cucumber in his response. the international perception of what would have happened could have been if president bum balm is escalating a conflict. >> for retaliating. >> international perspective there might be other people and countries around the world that might view the response as deescalating between two countries. it's a bermuda acception from other people around the country that vladimir putin's response might have been the better response for him. >> do you worry that putin will outsmart dnld trump? >> i fear whoever our president is or was in the past that the russians and specifically vladimir putin, he thinks five
4:19 am
or ten steps ahead. it's a chess board for him when he is making a decision and pursuing a policy today he knows what the next move is because there's literally a million different paths to pursue as far as policy with russia. >> what do you think about the path donald trump thus far pursued which sounds complimentary, are you comfort wbl that? >> it needs to be part of a long game. not just playing nice out of the box and let's see where this takes us. you can pursue the path of being the complete opposite. >> you could be hostile or friendly. you need to have a long game when doing it in the best interest of foreign policy. this is a kbie that looks in the mirror. he thinks he issel feet -- on
4:20 am
his feet. >> he would love to put the soviet union back together again. he would love the legacy of being vladimir the great. he is in syria in a way he wasn't a year ago. the way that he is aligned with the taliban. with intelligence sharing in ways that not too long ago russia wasn't involved in different areas of the world he is more involved today. >> very quickly do you doubt u.s. intelligence agencies that say vladimir putin and russia are behind it. >> i don't. our intelligence community is great. what i would like to see more of, hopefully thiit's this weekt president obama said in the coming few days he would be providing a new detailed report
4:21 am
to congress because what was released publicly was brief. >> wasn't enough for you. >> it was a very sort report. >> you're not satisfied with president obama's relationship. what do you think is about to change? >> israel is our nation's greatst ally and we should be standing shoulder to shoulder with them when they're being tested and they're being tested in many different ways. more a long time we have not been favored and we would never allow the u.n. security council to provide a resolution. the palestinian authority provides financial awards to a
4:22 am
terrorist. >> so you say stop. >> yes. absolutely. he was a united states military academy graduate killed in israel and the palestinian authority was praising that murder of an american service member they would win an election within the palestinian authority. there's a lot of challenges faced in this region and also with foreign companies targeting the economy today. >> what is your plan starting tomorrow and by you i mean all the republicans in congress. what are you going to do about obamacare? >> repealing and replacing obamacare. >> specifically starting tomorrow what is your first
4:23 am
move? >> now you have a president that would be willing to sign that legislation and the key is americans talk about certain aspects of obamacare. continuing to cover people with pre-existing conditions with strong support. >> but if your first move is to repeal don't those go away? >> actually the position is in favor of keeping those parts of obamacare where, what is so important is that when you get to the 50 foot level of dealing with the issues we don't debate as much as the american public is that there are literally
4:24 am
thousands of individual different decisions that have to get made in order to have the best possible policy. over 100,000 new yorkers lost their insurance because we picked an entity that didn't know how to create a health care plan. they know how to sell it and they mark it down and they went to new york state looking for permission to raise their policies and new york said no make it work and then they went under. >> it's complicated. >> it's complicated. when we deal with the thousands of individual small elements we need the best possible decision to make sure that the math works and this doesn't collapse on its own. >> thank you for being here. nice to talk to you. >> president obama's legacy in jeopardy. this as president elect trump aims to repeal many of his
4:25 am
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could be in jeopardy. many of obama's legislative action and what can democrats do about it. joining us now is congresswoman and representative from michigan. thank you for being with us. happy new year to you and your family. >> president elect trump made no secret that he wanted to repeal and replace obamacare. he is going to sign as many orders as he can to overturn some of president obama's executive actions. my questions to you in broad term what is can you as a democratic member of congress do about any of this? >> well, let's start with health care reform, obamacare, some
4:30 am
like to call it. and the fact that speaker ryan wants to privatize medicare. there's a lot of people out there that have come to depend upon this and donald trump is not a not smart politician. he said he didn't want to do away with people being able to be denied insurance or kids can stay on their parents insurance until they're 26 or you can't suddenly have your insurance cancelled because you get diagnosed with cancer or diabetes so the things that people really like he know versus to stay and as we just heard the devil is in the details. you have to figure out how to pay for that. republicans are having a hard time figuring out how they're going to replace. it's become very important to the american people and if they try to take away a guarentee to seniors across this country that they would have health care when they retire at 65 you would hear
4:31 am
a cry across this country that will scare many republican members. >> paul ryan in the past talked about doing things with medicare and medicare reform. donald trump hasn't so we don't know what he wants to do with medicare. that's a separate issue going forward. >> they get tied together. >> there's overlap for sure. you are in the minority in congress and starting on january 20th, you're not going to have a democratic president either so when they act, the republicans in congress and republican president there's not much you can do to stand in their way, is there? chlts i would say our job is to make sure that the american people know what they're going to try to do to them. our job is to talk to our constituents and constituents within our states and warn them about what could happen so they're making their voices heard so we will act on what's
4:32 am
right for the people of america. we're making sure that people understand what the implications are. >> communicate as good what elections are about also, right? you do that in campaigns and if you look at what happened since president obama took office in 2008, democrats, he did win re-election but democrats across the board lost a lot of ground. just to review here you lost 70 seats in the house. 11 seats in the senate. 10 democratic state houses not to mention the legislatures around the country right now. democrats have taken a beating across the country. the question is why do you think democrat versus faired so badly across the country the last 8 years. >> as you may or may not know i was for two years that said donald trump could win the election. there's an anger. people are frustrated and we as democrats have to hear that anger and make sure that we're doing a good job of communicating with people and understanding what it is that
4:33 am
they want and if we don't do that we're a permanent minority. we have to come together collectively. we can't be identity politics. we have to be a big caucus that's going to understand what the issues are for working men and women of all demographics and all geography and we're going to fight for them right now. >> i know he's coming to capitol hill to talk to democrats about how to preserve aspects of obamacare. >> each of us has a responsibility to make sure that we're with people and it's exciting that the house and senate are getting together as democrats. we never do that. we need to do that. we're not going to be able to
4:34 am
fight for the policies that we have to be out there being a voice for and they're very wise people and he is one of them he would be one of our smart leade leaders. is the leader saber rattling or is this a real threat? that's next.
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>> the obama administration is putting north korea after testing an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> good morning, john. yes, huge concern but important to separate the rhetoric from
4:39 am
reality. what do we really know? we know that north korea has nuclear weapons conducting two tests alone in 2016. the fifth and largest under kim jong un's watch in september that resulted in sanctions but that doesn't seem to be stopping him as we heard in his new year's day speech. he believes he has an intercontinental ballistic missile and he's close to testing it. we also know that north korea conducted, laumplged a satellite in february 2016 which a lot of experts say points to the fact that this could be a template for launching a long range missile. an intercontinental ballistic missile has the minimum range of 5,500 kilometers and beyond taking a missile like that way out of just this region alone in terms of the threat it poses. now he is also on a path and time line to complete his nuclear ambitions in 2017
4:40 am
according to a recent defector that spoke out here he said he is anxious to carry out more nuclear tests as president donald trump moves into the white house. >> thank you for all of that background. let's talk more about north korea's latest moves and possible consequences. joining us is a georgetown university professor and chair for the center of strategic and international studies. thank you for being here. how do you interpret the latest moves? saber rattling or a real threat? >> i see it as a real threat. north korea under kim jong un has carried out 65 ballistic missile and nuclear tests over the past 8 years. 20 in the last year and there's a clear pattern to them targeting u.s. elections and inaugurations and periods in which they would like to do more testing and more demonstrations
4:41 am
after strength with a new incoming president coming to washington. >> you see it as a real threat and are they also racheting up their technical know how each other? >> yeah i think the fact that the testing has been so frequent, the tempo has been so strong shows this program is designed to improve different technical thresholds in order to be able to have a nuclear icbm that can reach the united states whether that is the launch capacity. whether it's solid fuel prop propelent. these are all thresholds they need to cross and they need the testing in order to do that and that's what we have been seeing over all of this time. it's a military testing program.
4:42 am
>> so how do you think this will go when donald trump becomes president? what do you think that his relationship will be like with kim jong un or north korea. >> i don't know if i call it a relationship. the number one priority is that he has to stop this program. it's certainly important to deter a country like north korea. an unpredictable and dangerous country like north korea from carrying out nuclear tests or carrying out missile tests but it's just dangerous for a country like this to even have these things. to have missiles and nuclear weapons that might give them a sense that they can coerce other countries in the region into doing things they want. to me this is the number one priority for the incoming administration in terms of national security. >> so when you say stop this
4:43 am
program, how? how can they do that? >> there's obviously diplomacy. it can be used to try to get them to stop testing. beyond that there's sanctions that are new and treasury department sanctions that have gone through a public comment period and are effective in terms of cutting off their finances in the international system. there's moving military assets to the region. there's changing a declaratory process. there's a number of things that need to be done. the first thing is a very strong statement by the incoming president that this will not stand under his watch. that north korea will not be able to develop a weapon that can reach the west coast of the united states. >> but does kim jong un respond to a strongly worded statement from the president? >> well, i think he doesn't respond -- we know that he
4:44 am
doesn't respond to weakness. he responds to strength and every time they have come to the table and it's the willingness to sit down and talk to them and get from china to other countries. this is a sort of policy decision that the incoming president has to make where that person has to say this is something that cannot happen under his or her watch. >> we don't know that for sure. especially the latest iteration of sanctions that the chinese have agreed to undertake will cut revenues for the north koreans by some 40% in terms of revenues from mineral exports
4:45 am
from china and they will not allow the regime to have access from the financial system and it's the elites and not the regular people from north korea that have access to the financial system. so these are more targeted sanctions that may be more effective. >> donald trump said it wouldn't be a bad thing if south korea or japan had nukes. had nuclear weapons at their disposal. what do you think of that comment. >> there could be a domino effect in which other allies that had previously been under the administration extended nuclear umbrella would feel the need and urge to develop their own capabilities and the key to that is not stopping south korea
4:46 am
or japan. it's stopping them from acquiring this capability. >> thank you for helping us understand what is going better. >> thank you allison. >> president obama spending his final days in office trying to protect his legacy. what will he be remembered for most? a biographer that's written about president obama and also donald trump joins us live. that's next. your insurance company
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the city of chicago plans to fortify its police force in 2017 after the deadliest year in almost two decades. police say there were 762 murders in 2016, the most since 1997. chicago also saw a surge in gun violence. police investigated 27 shootings last week alone. two high-flying dakota pipeline protesters were arrested at a minnesota vikings game. you can see them hanging from what appears to be repelling gear. they also put up the banner with the message divest. the vikings stadium is owned by u.s. bank with apparent ties to the pipeline project. two babies born 11 minutes
4:51 am
apart this weekend. everett shea was born a minute after midnight on new year's day, his older brother sawyer at 11:50 on new year's eve. born in separate years. the mother holly says the birth was perfect. we are both the parents of twins. >> yes. >> different sets of twins. >> not shared twins. >> four kids here if you're doing the math. my point is that the older kid is going to lord over his brother for a lifetime. >> as my daughter does to her sister. my daughter was born three minutes before her sister. she considers her sister her little sister. lords it overall all the time. >> we told our boys they were born at the same time. i don't think we've told anybody. >> would you like to reveal it now? >> absolutely not. the point is, it's an issue that will linger forever. >> that is so genius on your part. superior parenting. once again, john berman,
4:52 am
impressive. >> there we go. >> that's great. moving on. president obama heads to capitol hill in hopes of saving his signature health care law from repeal by republicans, also in the trump administration. this comes as the president defended his legacy on twitter and reveals a date for his farewell address. that date, by the way, january 10th, next tuesday. michael dantonio is the author of "a consequential president, the legacy of barack obama." he also happened to write a biography about donald trump. you hit the daily double. >> got them coming and going. presidents everywhere. >> president obama has 18 days, right? he's using them to try to frame his legacy. such an interesting time. he leaves as a very popular president. >> he does. >> a very popular president who in many ways his legacy was repudiated in the polls. >> we do seem to be lurching from a data-driven,
4:53 am
reality-based president to a president emotionally driven, on twitter all the time. that's where he's going to conduct policy. the contrast is profound. we have to remember the majority of voters actually supported hillary clinton. that's not an abject repudiation of obama. trump won by virtue of the electoral college. i think we should acknowledge obama's successes. there are many. he was playing a long game. the question is whether the end of the game is going to undo some of his achievements. >> right. that's what we're seeing right now. we're seeing him, interestingly, take a page from donald trump's playbook whereby president obama is tweeting out, you know, accomplishments, that are tooting his own horn that he doesn't normally do. in fact, he has admitted that he and his team have done a lousy job in eight years of trumpeting their accomplishments. why is that? having written a book about
4:54 am
4i78, why didn't they do that better? >> i think they were so concerned about these almost interlocking policies, focused on getting energy done so then they could do the environment. you think about how that then plays into foreign affairs, all of these things are interlocked. it is rather brilliant what they did with their agenda. they didn't take the time to explain it very well. so we have the paris climate accord, and i don't think most americans understand how big a deal that was, 200 countries brought together for the first time to really do something. and yet i imagine people couldn't tell you what is in the accord. >> it's almost a point of pride for some of the obama people over the last eight years. they don't play the silly washington games, right? but my question is, does it matter what they think they accomplished if in the end much of it is overturned? do they deserve credit for not playing the games.
4:55 am
maybe had they played the games better, more of it would last longer? >> oh, i think you're correct. they did neglect rebuilding the democratic party the way obama should have, to help his would-be successor hillary clinton follow on. they didn't play that game. that is the thing they were criticized the most for. >> why didn't they play that game? what was it about president obama that didn't allow him to engage in that? >> he's a pretty cool character. when you think about him, he's a little aloof, not the guy who easily back-slaps on capitol hill. i think that was held against him. it wasn't in his nature. if you take apart the policies, health care, for example, if we had another year or two, we might see the whole thing cohere and deliver on all of its promise. but we may not see that happen at all. >> no. the republicans have promised to repeal and replace obamacare.
4:56 am
it will not last as it is, period, end. there may be parts of it that exist going forward. the president was able to get that passed, albeit without republican votes. now he's left with a political loss because the democrats lost seats badly, and a legislative loss as well, because it will not exist anymore after the next year. >> what will probably exist is the mandate for people to have coverage for pre-existing conditions. our kids up to age 26 will probably retain their coverage. trump says he wants that. there will there are a lot of things that will remain, but he won't get credit. >> when you say a controversial president, what -- >> i think if you look at the hope and optimism from 2008, elected at a time of incredible crisis. this was the worst economic crisis since the great depression, unemployment at double digits, it was a mess. >> that hope and optimism,
4:57 am
wasn't that squelched during the angry and vitriolic campaign we just saw? >> a lot of it was. americans make their choices. we went this optimistic option. i think, also, you cannot discount the fact that he was our first african-american president. this is a major breakthrough, not only here, but the world. people saw america as a different place once someone named barack hussein obama was elected. >> a different trump biographer, harry hurt got kicked off a golf course. he had interaction with prelkt trump. they didn't seem to get along very well. the biography was not flattering, per se. but are you surprised this incident happened, that this book that was written in 1993, so long ago, could still be a source of such tension.
4:58 am
>> trump doesn't forget anything. he's offended personally by criticisms. there was a passage in harry's book that was really inflammatory. i know him. he's a pretty provacative guy. he probably did this for fun. i'm going to go play on this golf course because i know donald might be there. the thiabout president-elect tr, he doesn't seem to let go of any slight. going forward, i don't know how he's going to keep track of all his enemies. he tweeted a new year's greeting to all his en anies. is that the 65 million people that didn't vote for him? that's what worries me about him, moving from a rational president to someone emotionally driven, we've never seen that before. >> have you ever tried to play golf on a trump golf course? >> no, i haven't. >> would you ever attempt that? >> i don't have the nerve. but harry is a great golfer.
4:59 am
and he was playing with one of the koch brothers. >> you don't think you'll ever get thrown off a golf course if you're golfing with david koch? >> no. but it happened. you have to marvel at the theaters of it. two fellows in trump and harry, who have real sense of theater. i think every moment of trump's presidency will be theatrical. >> the book once again is "a consequential president." >> we'll speak with the biographer who says president-elect threw him off the golf course. harry hurt gives us his side of the story in just minutes. we're following a lot of news this morning. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer joins us. let's get to it. >> i know a lot about hacking. hacking is a very hard thing to prove. >> he needs to stop denigrating the intelligence company. >> when you attack a one stri, it's an act of war. >> president obama will try to
5:00 am
frame his legacy. >> obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item in the new year. >> for the first time in nearly a dozen years, republicans will control all of washington. >> what happens to those 20 million people who have health insurance? are you going to kick them off. >> he's going to repeal a lot of actions taken by this administration. >> this is "new day," with chris cuomo and allison cam rotity. >> chris is off this morning, john joins me. >> it's my cheat sheet. >> happy new year. >> i like it. we begin with president-elect donald trump renewing his skepticism of russian influence on the american election. he promises to reveal details soon. >> in the meantime, trump's transition team says he plans to repeal, quote, a lot of


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