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tv   New Day  CNN  January 2, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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frame his legacy. >> obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item in the new year. >> for the first time in nearly a dozen years, republicans will control all of washington. >> what happens to those 20 million people who have health insurance? are you going to kick them off. >> he's going to repeal a lot of actions taken by this administration. >> this is "new day," with chris cuomo and allison cam rotity. >> chris is off this morning, john joins me. >> it's my cheat sheet. >> happy new year. >> i like it. we begin with president-elect donald trump renewing his skepticism of russian influence on the american election. he promises to reveal details soon. >> in the meantime, trump's transition team says he plans to repeal, quote, a lot of
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president obama's executive actions on day onement incoming white house press secretary sean spicer will join us in just a few moments. we're just 18 days from the inauguration. let's bring coverage with sun lynn serfaty. >> the president-elect is back in new york after spending two weeks in florida. he heads into his broefing skeptical of the conclusions that russian was behind the hacks. insisting he knows some secret information about this that people don't. >> donald trump back in new york city gearing up for a busy week ahead. the president-elect meeting with intelligence officials for a briefing about russian hacking just days after expressing doubt about the intelligence community's conclusions about the kremlin's interference in the u.s. election. >> i just want them to be sure because it's a very serious charge. if you look at the weapons of
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mass destruction. that was a disaster and they were wrong. >> trump referencing intelligence failures, claiming to have inside information about the hacking that he says he will reveal this week. >> i also know things that other people don't know. so they cannot be sure of this situation. >> trump's defiance pitting him against the obama administration and many of his fellow republicans. >> when you attack a country, it's an act of war. >> if he's going to have any credibility as president, he needs to stop talking this way, stop ten grating the intelligence community. >> while speaking to reporters outside his new year's eve party at para lago, trump offered this advice. >> if you have something really important, write it out and have it delivered by courier, the old-fashioned way. i tell you what, no computer is safe. >> also on the president-elect's to-do list, filling several open cabinet spots, including the secretaries of veterans affairs and agriculture and giving a
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deposition related to his legal battle with chef jose abrase. trump is suing him after he pulled the plug on a restaurant at trump's new hotel in washington after the president-elect repeatedly insulted merks cans during the campaign. >> as the president-elect works to fill out his cabinet, democrats on capitol hill are threatening to drag out votes on trump's nominees claiming they've been slow on providing information. already three liberal groups are calling for a delay in senator jeff sessions' confirmation hearing. the hearing was supposed to start next week. >> sunlen, thanks so much. the white house announced president obama will deliver his farewell address in chicago next tuesday. this comes when the president is set to meet with democrats on capitol hill this wednesday to discuss efforts to save obamacare. joe johns at the white house
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with more. good morning, joe. >> good morning. the farewell speech scheduled for january 10th, a farewell speech scheduled to be given in chicago, illinois, where president obama got his start in politics. the president issuing a statement saying his farewell address follows a tradition started by george washington in 1796. now, this is an opportunity for the outgoing president to thank his supporters for the journey of the last eight years. also to talk about the accomplishments over that period including the affordable care act, clean energy and many other things. the president also trying to extend his legacy now, as you said, meeting with congressional democrats on wednesday to talk about preserving the affordable care act, even though congressional republicans and the incoming president have said they want to repeal it. the importance of this for president obama and the democrats very much underscored
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by the fact that the incoming press secretary has said that president trump, when he becomes president, will very much try to do what he said he's going to do, and that will be to sign executive orders getting rid of a number of the regulations that president obama put into place. back to you. >> okay, joe. let's get more information on this right now. we bring in sean spicer, the incoming white house press secretary and communications director for president-elect trump. happy new year, sean. >> happy new year, alisyn. >> beyond obama care on day one, what specific regulation will he do away with? >> that's to be announced. every leas. some withdrawing from tpp,
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instituting a lobbying ban saying if you want to serve in a trump administration, you need to serve this government, not yourself. it's going to have a five-year ban going forward. it also has a lifetime ban of people who want to serve in this administration and potentially lobby for a foreign government. there will be a lifetime ban on that. there will be a slew of other things that come forward. part of this is we'll have a roll-out when we talk about the agenda and how each of those regulation, both ones we'll repeal and put in place, help grow jobs and economic growth. >> okay. sean, let's talk about the alleged russian hacking of the dnc. mr. trump says he knows things that other people don't. what will he be revealing to the american public? >> the president-elect is privy to a lot of classified information, intelligence reports. he gets briefed by his national security team on a daily basis. as president-elect, he is privy to information that most people aren't and he's able to understand what the intelligence is and draw conclusions from
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that. one thing that's missing from this discussion, is that this report is not final. the current president of the united states hasn't seen a phenyl report. the intelligence community is talking about wrapping it up later this week. for anyone to talk about what's in the report, it's not final yet. the idea that we're jumping to conclusions before we have a final report is frankly irresponsible. >> i said alleged hacking. i want to get back to my question. is mr. trump who said he's going to reveal something. he says he knows things. we accept obviously that he knows things we don't know. he is getting intel briefing. is he going to reveal something from an intel briefing? >> he's going to talk about his conclusions and where he thinks things stand. he can share with people his conclusions of the report and his understanding of the situation and make sure people understand that there's a lot of questions out there, alisyn. look what happened april 2015,
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the chinese stole million of records on u.s. current and former employees. nothing happened with the white house, not a single statement. now you have an instant where there was a political activity going on, and the question is, is the response of this administration, the sanctions they put on, proportional with the activities that have happened, and number two, is it a political response to russia or is it a diplomatic response? we haven't seen these kind of sanctions in peacetime in our history. >> sean, just to correct you, you say not a single statement was ever issued or made after the chinese hacking. i have the statement right here in my hands. this is from september 2015, president obama said, quote, we are preparing a number of measures that will indicate to the chinese that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but something we will put significant strains on the bilateral relationships if not resolved. he went on the say we're
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prepared to take counter veiling actions. there were statements. >> he did answer that. the activity occurred in april 2015. six months later he made comments about it. that's different than the activity they're going through right now. let me give you another piece of information. the president of the united states says in september, he, quote, told vladimir putin to, quote, knock it off. if he knew then there was activity going on, why didn't they act? was it because of a political reason, that they thought hillary clinton was going the win and they thought why address this now. it's only until donald trump won that they seemed to want to react to russia. >> sean, i'm more zbinterested what mr. trump is going to do. we're not electing president obama again. you are representing mr. trump. >> i am. >> if the conclusion is that, in fact, russia vladimir putin were behind the dnc hacks and tried to meddle in the election, what will mr. trump do?
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>> he will meet with his team, take recommendations and make a conclusion based on that as to what a proportion response should and would be. >> what does that look like? >> how can you ask me what it looks like if we don't have a final report. >> because you must be planning for that possibility. >> the idea that you should be talking a about the the conclusions or actions you're going to take on a conclusion that you're not final yet is unbelievably irresponsible. >> wait a minus, sean. >> the report is not final. he's not been briefed by the heads of the intelligence community. >> he has not been briefed about the heads of the intelligence community about whether or not they believe russia is behind the hacking? >> no. they're coming in later this week to do that. neither has the president of the united states, frankly, because the report isn't final. the idea you're asking anybody what their reaction should be to a non-final report is unbelievable. >> hold on, sean. >> no, no.
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not hold on. the idea we're asking people and making assumption on a report that's not final is unbelievable. >> so, in other words, lindsey graham and senator john mccain are also unbelievable and irresponsible? >> they're not the ones instituting the sanctions. it's the president of the united states. >> they're planning hearings about it. they've been briefed. >> listen to what you just said. they're planning hearings. they are trying to get it right, listen to what's going on, get the intelligence and then come to a conclusion. >> wait a minute. sean -- >> that's the right way to go. >> they have stated they believe russia is behind this, that's why they're holding the hearings. >> understood. they believe something. then they're having a hearing to get more information and coming to a conclusion. that's what we believe should happen. understand all the information, get all of it, get briefed, make sure the report is final, get the intelligence community to brief usnd then come to a conclusion. >> you guys aren't even having
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conversations about the possibility -- >> i know it's frustrating for you that we're doing it in a logical way. no, we're going to get all the information, get briefed properly and make a decision. we're not going to put the cart before the horse. >> then mr. trump is going to speak with his team and decide something. >> yes. >> sean, i know that you want to talk this morning not about any of this, but you want to talk about the cabinet picks, so let's do this. there are still -- we'll put up who mr. trump has chosen already. i'll tell you what posts have to be filled, secretary of veterans affairs, council of economic advisers, trade representative, secretary of agriculture. >> and director of national intelligence. >> so. since i know your team likes the big reveal we might be getting this week. can you give us a reveal of who might be chosen next? >> absolutely not, but i
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appreciate the effort. i think -- until mr. trump makes the decision, there is no decision. he's continuing to meet with folks this week. he met with a lot over this week, made a series of phone calls and in-person meetings to finalize those picks. that's why he's taking his time. what i think is unfortunate, you saw last night a report from senator schumer about how they're planning to oppose all these individuals. just as a reminder for folks because i think a lot of folks probably feels like this is how it works. in 2008 when president obama came in, the republican-controlled senate confirmed seven of his nominees before they took off and five the following week. so 13 members of president obama's team were in place within five days of him taking office, seven before he got sworn in. that's the kind of way it should be looked at. it's sad senator schumer has chosen to politicize everything. each of these individuals is an unbelievable agent of success
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and change to help this country move forward. the idea the democrats' choice is to figure out from day one how to oppose all these individuals is frankly said. >> so the republicans didn't slow roll or dig in on anything, right, that president obama wanted? they wanted to avoid gridlock. >> there's no question we have a philosophical and political difference of where this country should go. but we showed stlu our actions in 2008, if they nominate call feed people, they should be nominated. we confirmed 13 people of his cabinet within five days, seven before he took office. i don't know how you can prove that more than those kind of actions. >> what chuck schumer has said -- hat the democrats have said, if they're not comfortable -- >> they put out a list. >> why should they go along with it. they'll do whatever they can. >> no, no. they put a list of ten people out saying we're going to oppose these ten people, not on the
5:15 am
basis of their qualification to hold office, not on their qualification to enact change or that they were the best person but because they thought they could score political points. >> and the republicans, again, before president obama ever got into office, you know famously said we're going to oppose everies possible thing that we can. isn't this sort of how the game is played in washington sadly? >> again, just to correct the record. mitch mcconnell, a year after president obama was in in a political setting, our goal is to make him a one-term president. what republican doesn't want to make sure that we have one-term people of the opposition party. that's our job, to make sure we elect more republicans. that comment was said a year after he got in office. the idea that they're now trying to obstruct this cabinet prior to him even taking office is quite contrary to anything that's even come close to that. >> i think your timeline might be wrong. i will check that, sean. i think it was right when president obama was elected. either way, there will be more
5:16 am
days for you and i to debate all this. sean, thank you for joining us. >> happy new year. >> happy new year one and all. a lot to discuss. sean spicer making claims about vladimir putin and russia, making claims about the nomination and confirmation process, about the executive actions president trump will take on day one. we'll talk more.
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most importantly, in 18 days the white house as well. the republicans vowed to push through a makeover of government taking advantage of this total control. what are democrats going to do about this? democratic congressman akim jeffries from new york joins me. we just heard incoming white house press secretary sean spicer speak at length with our very own alisyn camerota. he talked about the executive actions that president trump will take the minute he gets in. among them, executive actions perhaps on tpp and trade. you would support any action he
5:20 am
takes to put that to bed forever? >> i think as it relates to trade we need to evaluate the policy put in place make sure sure for folks where jobs have been lost ka get those jobs back. >> he talked about a lobbying ban. >> what we've seen is conflict of interest emerge as relates to the trump foundation, charitable endeavors of his children as well as the continued entanglement of his business. he's going to talk the talk. the big question is whether he'll walk the walk. >> no question he promised to give a conference on december 15th talking about separating his business. he didn't do that. what efs getting at, there are areas, as a democratic member of congress, where you could see yourself agreeing with a president trump. >> there should be areas if he plans on following up on some of
5:21 am
his promises as it relates to doing things in the best interest of the middle class, those left behind for decades. we've seen wage stagnation back to the early 1970s. what we've seen from president-elect trump is his cabinet picks are inconsistent with his rhetoric on the campaign trail. his proposed labor secretary, for instance, opposes a minimum wage increase and over time pay. proposed health and human services secretary wants to end medica medicare. >> donald trump never supported a federal increase in the minimum wage. he's always opposed obamacare and said he wanted to repeal or replace it. in that sense it is consistent. since you brought up obamacare, let's talk about that. you are a democratic member of congress. there's going to be action very, very soon on trying to repeal and replace obamacare.
5:22 am
>> repeal and replace has been a slogan peddled to the american people pour the last six years. the reality is, now that republicans have an opportunity to govern, the stakes are incredibly high. let's think about what the affordable care act has been able to do, more than 20 million previously uninsured americans now have coverage as a result of obamacare. no american can get kicked off of health care because of a pre-existing condition. we have younger americans who can stay on their parents' insurance plan to the age of 26. these are things that the american people embraced. it's going to be very difficult for republicans to repeal and replace, particularly when we don't see an actual credible plan put forth. >> pre-existing conditions are something donald trump says he wants to keep in place, keeping kids on insurance until age 26, also something they'd leak to stay. it's going to be hard to pay for it without the rest of obamacare, but they same like
5:23 am
this is something they want to do. as a democrat, how will your vote stop them. >> abraham lincoln said without it nothing can fail, without it nothing can succeed. our job will be to communicate the facts -- >> has it not been your job since obamacare was lost and donald trump won the presidential election, republicans keep winning elections in congress? >> we've been dealing with a fog of misinformation coming from republicans in washington for the last six years. we have to do a better job in dealing with that reality, but particularly because they now have an opportunity to govern, we have a chance to clearly communicate to the american people what's at stake. you mentioned his health and human services secretary has been involved in the effort to repeal and replace the affordable care act. what i also said is he wants to end medicare as we know it. these are the things that republicans want to do now that they have the opportunity to govern, and we've got to be able to lay out the stakes to the
5:24 am
american people. there will be buyers remorse because the republicans in washington in all likelihood are going to overreach. they did not wen a majority of americans who came to the polls and voted for a presidential candidate. donald trump lost the popular vote. so we've got to keep that in mind. we can't overcorrect in this country, and i'm confident democrats will be on the rise as we move forward. >> 20 seconds left. president obama coming to capitol hill on wednesday to talk to house and senate democrats about protecting obamacare. what do you want to hear from him? >> i think he's probably going to thank congressional democrats in both the house and senate for the partnership that has taken place, but also lay out a vision for how we can better communicate to the american people the things that democrats want to accomplish on behalf of the middle class and all those who want to be part of it. >> congressman hakeem jeffries, thanks for coming in. >> alisyn. >> what happened when the author of an unflattering donald trump
5:25 am
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a couple days ago, our next guest, a trump biographer was trying to play golf at donald trump's golf course in florida when he ran into donald trump. now, the problem is that that biographer, harry hurt, his book was quite critical of mr. trump. so their exchange was awkward. harry hurt joins us now. he's the author of "lost tycoon," the many lives of donald j. trump. harry, i see you in your lovely golf ensemble. >> yes. this is what i wore on friday. the last two years i've won nothing but traditional golf apparel on the golf course which is sometimes known as knickers or plus fours. that's what i'm wearing now. going to play later today, but not at a trump course. >> right. i don't think you're welcome on a trump golf course again. i get your point, you take the
5:30 am
game seriously. what happened? first of all, why did you go up to mr. trump and what did he say to you when you approached him? >> i went up out of courtesy and respect for the office of the president of the united states. actually, the last time i had seen trump was the saturday before easter in 2015 at the same golf course with my friend david koch. it was the first time i wore nickers. i made a joke about it and he said i hope you enjoy the golf course. i went up to him, and in the spirit of the united states of america and said congratulations, sir. then he launched into a diatribe that i had been rough on him. he used an expletive to describe the content of my book. i looked him in the eye and i said it's all true. he said not in the way you said. i can't believe why you're here. i had been there over a little
5:31 am
over a year and a half ago. i said i came with david koch. he said i think it's inappropriate for you to play here and i want you to leave. i said fine, and we left. >> harry, what were you expecting? in your biography of him you wrote about an episode in which he allegedly raped his -- at the time, wife, ivana. she said that during divorce proceedings. she's since recanted that and said she went too far in making that statement, yet you put it in your book and it was published. what kind of reception did you expect from him? >> well, the book was first published in '93. again, i saw donald a little over a year and a half ago at his golf course. >> did he know who you were, harry? did you introduce yourself? >> absolutely, absolutely he knew who i was. it's sort of interesting, years
5:32 am
ago -- say '05 to about '09 had i had a column in "the new york times" called "exec stif pursuit." i wrote about emerald dunes, the one we ended up playing on friday. donald mailed me, clipped out the article and said, harry, long time no see. my course is much better. you should come play it. that would have been probably about '07 or '08. so what am i expecting? the book has been out for 23 years. we've crossed paths a couple of times, either that way when he wrote to me and then at the other golf course. i expected him to act presidential and act like a gentleman. he was consulting with people like mitt romney who called him a fraud about apparently the secretary of state position. >> so you thought bygones, you
5:33 am
thought whatever you had written, he would have moved past it. >> i thought so, it's been 23 years. >> how do you ex-34r5i7b what he said to you, did he throw you off the course? >> he said i think it's inappropriate for you to play. i want you to leave. so i went and told my playing companions. they thought i was joking. i said i'm not joking, and i don't think he is either. a security man came up to me and asked me if i was mr. koch. i said no, i'm mr. hurt, we need to fetch our shoes from the men's locker rooms and collect our clubs. >> they didn't throw david koch. >> you're talking about david koch, obviously a mega donor to the republican party. did they throw david koch off the course, too? >> well, i was the one who was asked to leave. i offered to take an uber
5:34 am
because we had all come in the same car. david and our other companion said no, no, we'll go with you. i said, are you sure? there was security around all of us as we went to the parking lot, but it was me that they were really escorting off the property, not the other players. >> i mean, harry, given that you did paint an unflattering portrait of him in your book and you did include owed yus episodes in your book, why would you want to play golf at mr. trump's course if you believed all those things were true about him? >> well, why not. i've played there several times since i wrote the book. it wasn't my choice to go there. it was the other people we were playing with who wanted to play that particular course. so i said fine. again, i think -- trump has made
5:35 am
signs of mending fences, burying hatchets, whatever you want to call it. again, i had seen him about a year and a half ago, and we had an amicable conversation. we made a joke about my nickers and he said, i hope you enjoy the golf course. i do expect, though, donald will continue to exhibit the erratic behavior that he has exhibited for his entire life, and i think this is just another example of it. >> harry hurt. the book again was "lost tycoon," the many lives of donald j. trump." thank you for coming on to recount the episode with us. have a nice game. >> tip of the cap for alisyn camerota. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer moments ago had heated words a few moments ago. what can we expect regarding accusations of russian hacking? accusations of russian hacking? we'll get that next.
5:36 am
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the idea that you're asking anybody what their reaction should be to a non-final report is unbelievable. >> hold on, sean. >> no, no, not hold on. the idea that we are asking people and making assumptions on a report that's not final is unbelievable. >> okay. so in other words, lindsey graham and senator john mccain are also unbelievable and irresponsible. >> they're not the ones that instituted the sanctions. it's the president of the united states. >> they're planning hearings. >> stop. listen to what you just said. they're planning hearings. they are actually trying to get it right. >> so that was incoming white
5:40 am
house press secretary sean spicer moments ago right here on "new day" with alisyn camerota. so what does this mean for president-elect donald trump and how he will treat russia? joining us, ron brownstein, senior political analyst for cnn and senior editor for "the atlantic." great to have you with us. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> you see sean spicer talking about that, you hear president-elect trump talking over the weekend. he continues to refuse to say that he believes russia hacked into the u.s. election system. he said he'd have a statement later this week, he knows things we don't know. the question from a political standpoint sf we're talking about the bottom line here, ron, is what is the political risk and the political consequences for president-elect and ultimately president trump here? >> first, let's start with large sections of that conversation seemed to exist in some other reality. yes, we are waiting for a final report with final details and specifics, at least what they
5:41 am
feel comfortable releasing publicly. but already on october 7, 2016, the department of homeland security and director of national intelligence issued a joint statement in which they said, quote, the u.s. intelligence community is confident that the russian government directed the recent compromise of e-mails from u.s. persons and institutions, including u.s. political organizations. they be believe based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts that only russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities. we're not talking simply about allegations or something that has been kind of roughly floated. the intelligence community has already released a conclusion that they believe, that they are confident, the term of art, that the russian government did this. the fact that they are still refusing to acknowledge even that i think indicates to me how much they resist this conclusion. i think for two reasons, i think one backward and one forward.
5:42 am
the backward looking, they view it as casting down on the val validity of the election. forward looking, they want to engineer a significant reset, a change in our relationship with russia, with vladimir putin, and they view this as basically an inconvenient kind of truth. as jain said, though, quoting ronald reagan, facts are stubborn things. >> you know what trump's team says, show us the evidence. we don't just take the intelligence agencies at their word. they got weapons of mass destruction wrong. we need to see the evidence. is that a standard that is too high? will the intelligence agencies ever open the files and show even the president-elect their evidence? >> i assume they will show the president-elect their evidence. whether they show all of us to the public is something else. the question is always the issue in these kinds of espionage questions, releasing information provides the target guidance on
5:43 am
your sources, where you're getting your information. >> right. >> so there's always limits what they can and will release. i assume whatever president obama has seen eventually donald trump will see. >> you heard sean spicer say, we haven't seen the evidence, they have not revealed it to mr. trump. i don't know if he's telling the truth. >> he's saying the report is not complete yet which is sort of parsing it. he has heard evidence from the intelligence brief tinges, hasn't heard from the heads. i think it's a parsing of language there. ron, i want to tap into your historical perspective. the other thing sean was saying to alisyn, republicans have never obstructed before. he was being very critical of what chuck schumer has promised, which is to fight some of the nominations president-elect trump has made right now. if you go back eight years, it is true that the confirmation for most of president obama's nominees early on was relatively smooth. what's not true is the idea the
5:44 am
republicans rolled over and said, hey, president obama, you have whatever you want. there was a famous meeting the night of the inauguration where former speaker gingrich was there with very powerful members of the house where they talked, paul ryan was there, too. they talked about doing nothing but fighting against president obama. >> of course, mitch mcconnell said to my sister publication, "the "national journal"," our principle political goal is to make president obama a one-term president. >> after the dodd-frank law created the office of consumer financial protection, the republicans refused to confirm anyone for the law because they continued to oppose the law creating the institution. the person in the job was only selected after the filibuster was ended for non-supreme court appointments. we have the kind of example of merit garland, the unprecedented decision not even to hold hearings on a supreme court nominee essentially for the last year of a president's term and a
5:45 am
refusal, kind of a blockade of anyone for the job. we're heading toward a heightened kind of -- everything is a fight now in washington, and there are no geneva conventions, and i think we'll see more of that going forward. the big question is how much should democrats fight and where do they feel like they have to make a deal with the new administration and the new republican majority. >> that's what they're debating right now. we shall say, beginning tomorrow. ron, thank you very much. >> thank you, alisyn. mariah carey's new year's eve -- >> perfect segue. >> it's going viral for all the wrong reasoning, or maybe it's the right reason. let's see what happened during this and what she was wearing. . so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. puffs have pillowy softness for dakota's tender nose.
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epic meltdown. much like what john does when something goes wrong with his earpiece, he's blaming the company in charge of production. >> it was never my fault. >> let's watch this. enjoy, everyone. ♪ >> just walk me down. happy new year. we can't hear it.
5:50 am
♪ >> all right. >> so there was a lot of "all right, here we go, let's get this started" but no actual singling joining us is brian stelter and nischelle turner. nischelle, there was a lot of mariah's inner monologue that i've never heard before. we're going to step down, we're walking down. all right, everybody. we're going to get this started. >> that was more organized than what she did. >> i was sweating for her, though. it was almost like she was speaking in her head, well, i don't know, i'm going to turn to the right, i'm going to turn to the left. it's just like she froze and didn't know what to do. it's really painful watching that. i've seen it like 20 times it's still painful every single
5:51 am
time. >> what happened, nischelle? this girl can sing. >> oh, yeah, she can sing. believe she can sing. i don't know what happened. she's saying there was a problem with her inner ear. we spoke to herm manager at entertainment tonight. show told us ten minutes before mariah mention thad there was something wrong with her inner ear. they said the frequency was off because she was in a different area and it would work when she got on stage. apparently when she got on stage, it still didn't work. dick clark productions says they were trying to make sure everything worked, that everything was in place. there's also sources that say maybe mariah didn't do sound check right. she says she showed up at 3:00. i'm not sure what happened. we know there was a technical difficulty. i'm not sure why there was a technical difficulty. >> that's real, right? this is times square, 11:40 p.m. cold, frigid, millions of people watching you.
5:52 am
imagine how hard it would be if your inner earpiece didn't work. you have to roll with the punches. don lemon can give her some advice. >> don can't hit those notes either anymore. bob, let me read you what the response was. they told "the new york times" every monitor and in-ear device worked perfectly. i can't comment beyond that and don't know what her non-technical issue might have been. >> ooh. >> okay. shots fired. >> i think that speaks for itself. >> dramatic reading of mariah carey's tweet. blank happens, have a happy and healthy new year. here is to making more headlines in 2017. >> that's the perfect reply. i think "the new york times" is right, this is all about getting attention. pop stars, they thrive on attention, their job is to get attention. it's working. >> does mariah really need that? mariah walks down the street and she gets attention.
5:53 am
i don't think something like this she needs to do to get attention. >> thank you, nischelle. i think your nude sequin body suit can get attention. >> that's what i need to do? >> again. it's almost like she didn't know the words to some of her songs. >> sometimes artists do forget the words. i don't know if they forget every single word to their song. but mariah's camp went a step further and threw out the word sabotage, that maybe she was being sabotaged. dick clark productions didn't like that at all. they're saying, listen, don't go out and say we would sabotage an artist. this could be a fight we see going on for a little bit because both sides are dug in here. >> all right. golden globes, i'm told, are coming up this sunday. brian stelter, based on the films i've seen this year which is "rogue one," they will win
5:54 am
every award. what are the favorites. >> la-la land, manchester by the sea, moonlight. that's the one i need to see between now and sunday. i wasn't impressed by "manchester by the sea" or "la-la land." >> brian stelter! >> i thought manchester by the sea was so depressing. i don't know. am i wrong? >> i thought it was a really nice piece of cinema. i thought casey affleck was really, really good. i can understand what you mean. >> soul crushing. >> it's a movie that weighs on you. it definitely is. i thought it was brilliantly acted. the film i thought was really good. "la-la land" the same. i love a musical and i love a love story. i love both of those very much. "moonlight" was definitely my favorite. >> i'm sure "rogue one" will get some rewards for technical excellence, both the golden globes and the oskars. soon we'll have oscars soon. >> is there a technical award
5:55 am
for general awesomeness? >> did you love it? >> it was the best movie i saw last year. >> you only saw one. >> why do you have to see another? >> i finally watched "lion," my favorite of the week. that was my favorite. >> my favorite movie of the year. a brilliant film. go see it. nicole kidman does her best work to date and dave patel grew up and got real fine on us. >> best actor? >> i think casey affleck will win that award. >> don't tell brian. >> we'll talk about it next week. >> thank you, guys. great to talk to you. >> we have "the good stuff." that's next. your insurance company
5:56 am
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it's time now for "the good stuff." an oregon man is turning up the heat against poverty. fred colgan started a group called in stove where volunteers help bringing clean burning cooking stoves to other countries. his latest, $25,000 fund-raiser for women in ghana. >> i bring these stoves to afghan women and look at the little file and pot boiling away and they say that's not possible. >> fred is hoping to change the world one stove, he says, one stove at a time. >> oh, my gosh. what a great endeavor.
6:00 am
>> little things like that. it seems little, but it's huge. it can make all the difference in the world. >> absolutely. if youer rad cat poverty or help fight it, that helps fight against wars and violence and lots of other things. >> happy new year. >> yto you. you're right. >> best show ever. >> time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> it was a great show. you did a terrific job. happy new year! "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol cos stale low. thank you very much for joining me. president-elect donald trump says he knows things other people don't about the hacking of our election. he says within the next day or two, he will share new information about why he doubts russia's role in that. this morning trump's communications director sean spicer backed the prelkt and slammed the obama white house for questioning trump's


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