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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 3, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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involved in the hack. joining us now with the latest from moscow, fred pleitgen. good morning, fred. digital fingerprints. what does that mean? >> reporter: digital fingerprints. john, one of the sources told cnn the digital fingerprints mean the services were able to follow this back and trace this back to a keyboard using the cyrillic language. that is the language used in the russian alphabet or russian language. and making the conclusion that the russian government was involved. now we put this all to one of russia's top cyber security and warfare experts. he said it may be the case that russians were involved. it doesn't necessarily mean this was the russian military or russian government. it could be agencies contracted by government here or people acting on their own. however, now you have the case that a prominent member of
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donald trump's transition team, james woolsley says he believes the russians were behind this. unclear to what extent the government was involved and whether or not others may have been involved as well. listen to what he had to say. >> it looks from all the indications that we read about from nsa and cia and so forth, if the russians were there and perhaps principally there. it doesn't mean there isn't somebody else in there. trump is an expert at weaving around and attracting attention. it is what he did during the campaign. >> are you saying he is playing us? >> there's a possibility that he is a little bit. >> is that something a president-elect should be doing a serious issue of national security? >> why not? he is not interfering with anything. not talking about anything classified. >> reporter: so james russians.
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the russians for their part, continuing their line saying there is absolutely no evidence linking them to all this calling the allegations absurd. john, all this playing very big, especially in russia's state-owned media. >> interesting to hear james woolsley come out and saying the russians were involved. republicans on both sides of the aisle in congress. interesting to see. fred, thank you. members of president-elect's transition team are meeting this week to work on executive actions and orders which could be signed hours after inauguration. according to the president-elect's press secretary sean spicer, we can expect a lot of regulations enacted by the obama stati administration to be repealed. the trump team is not specifying which tops the list.
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the potential conflicts of interest in a speech on new year's eve at mar-a-lago resort. trump thanked one family for attending. >> the whole family from dubai are here tonight. >> hussain and his family from dubai. his business partner sajwani. his company is called damac properties. it built the golf course in dubai. the two are working on a second course designed by tiger woods. trump and sajwani's relationship started in 2005. they were to build a tower in dubai, but that plan was scrapped. the two did not talk business. the potential conflict is not a big deal. we could get more details on how trump will separate himself from his business holdings on january 11th.
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the new press conference according to kellyanne conway. a new congress is sworn in today. here to discuss it all with us is ellis henican. best selling author. ellis, nice to see you. >> happy new year. >> nice to see you guys together. >> our lawyer worked things out. we agreed to be here for two hours every morning. >> they should turn you into a team. >> we try to not look each other in the eye. it is all okay. ellis, we have the congress gaveling in at noon today. what do they do the evening before they come in? they strip the innocendependenc ethics panel of power. independence no more. this is not the message republican leaders wanted because house speaker paul ryan voted against it. >> i come from louisiana. i know something about swamps. the alligators are dancing right now. this is exactly the opposite of what we heard through the campaign would happen in the new
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trump era. all is inside dealing and cozy relationships were going to end. i got to tell you, i think it is a huge step back. the system as it stood is not perfect. it has brought a lot of sunshine into a situation that desperately needed it. if you believe the ethics in congress are too high, you will like this. >> do you think the news flow is unbelievable? do you think they misjudged the public interests? >> i think they assume their supporters don't really care. i think they think this is insider stuff. it is people like you concerned about it and most americans don't care. >> to be clear, trump campaigned on draining the swamp. this is not the incoming white house. this is not his team. this is congress. republicans in congress. president-elect could come out and say today this is a bad
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idea. he doesn't think republicans in the house should do it. he called for term limits. he spoken out against congressional privileges before. >> i don't think the incoming president trump in his own administration as it arrives has taken a hard line either. i have the sense the activities in congress are not different from the tone that has been set from the incoming administration. maybe he'll surprise us today. >> let's talk about the tweet on north korea. we are talking about very serious statements from the north korean leader. trump says north korea says it is in the final stages of a nuclear weapons capable of reaches the u.s. it won't happen. then china taking out massive amounts of wealth from the u.s. but won't help with north korea. nice. i have never heard someone, a
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president-elect, using twitter, social media, to deal with issues like this. >> that's true. it is interesting. to the phrase it won't happen. remember how much trouble barack obama got in over the red line in syria. dangerous to lay down specific claims. it won't happen is -- you have to live up to that once you make those claims. how do you do that? i don't know. >> isn't it what kim jong-un wants? he wants a direct response from the white house. >> it elevates him. it puts him, the two leaders on a personal debate with each other. i don't see how that helps our position. >> ellis, congressional democrats. chuck schumer has a list of eight no, ma'am ee kneminees th delay. how much do you think democrats
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really can muck up this process? >> i think it will slow it down. i think it is highly likely the president will get most of his nominees through. there may be one or two. the ones at risk are truly the ones where there are republicans who join the democratic opposition. especially around the issue of being cozy with russia. >> in terms of donald trump and mar-a-lago events this weekend. he was calling out a family of billionaire who he works within dubai. do we have any sense the conflict of interest questions will go away? is it making sense to have a paying audience there? >> unprecedented. in the realm we have gotten used to in the new normal. i don't know that egregious. they are not easy to solve.
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it is difficult to unwind this stuff. to completely divest. >> kellyanne conway said maybe we will get a press conference january 11th now. now she his it is possible that president-elect will hold a news conference on january 11th. >> you heard trump say i know things others don't know. i'll reveal it tuesday or wednesday. he talks like that. remember the birther debate in 2011 and 2012? he said i know about the birth certificate. i know. he didn't. >> here is the challenge for us and all americans. not to get away from our standards in judging these things. it is easy to say this is just trump. it is twitter. it is no big deal. we need to fold on our own ability to judge these things. it is crucially important as we go forward as we approach the
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inauguration that we remember our values and one of them in this business that we're in. facts matter. if you say something, we will hold you to it. is that fair? >> more report on what people say. we will check if it is true or not. ellis, thank you. thousands of international travellers delayed for hours at airports across the country on one of the busiest travel days of the year. a computer outage from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern. inbound international travelers. customs and border officers had to process passengers through alternative procedures. the agency scrambled to get the computer systems back online. u.s. official tells cnn at this time there is no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature. a territory orist on the ru. the latest for the gunman who opened fire at a nightclub on
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welcome back. in turkey, the manhunt intensifying for the istanbul nightclub gunman. he has yet to be publicly identified. 39 people were killed in the new year's eve massacre. most foreigners. isis claimed responsibility. police detained eight people in connection with the attack. fingerprints found at the scene could help identify the shooter. we have ian lee live in istanbul for us. we have the selfie video released to authorities. they say they have a fingerprint. what do we know? >> reporter: very little except for that right now because turkey authorities have been fairly tight lipped about this investigation. really the only thing we heard from the authorities is that they have the fingerprints.
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they know what he looks like. they say they will use that evidence to figure out if he also had any help. now security experts say it is likely he had help in the operation because he was able to flee the scene so easily. now isis has claimed responsibility. we haven't been able to independently verify that. nor has the terror group released any evidence that confirms he was behind it. if he was an isis operative, there is a chance he may escape into syria. for turkish officials, it is a ticking clock. they have hundreds of security personnel scouring the country looking for him. they have the eight people who have been detained. trying to figure out who he is and where he went and who was possibly supporting him. turkey has been battling isis militants here. isis cells have been operating. this is a threat that turkey is
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used to, but hasn't been able to deal with effectively. >> ian lee on the manhunt for us. thank you. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu faced police interrogation overnight in a corruption probe authorized by his attorney general. this stems from allegations received illegal benefits from business men. he faced three hours of questioning. authorities are not releasing details. the prime minister denies wrongdoing and calls the accusations politically motivated. republican house leaders planning a vote thursday condemning the u.n. resolution against israel. labeling settlements a violation of law. the obama administration abstained when it came time to vote. republican leaders say the obama white house has lost credibility on israel and their bipartisan measure reaffirms the commitment to the jewish state. chicago dealing with its highest murder rate in decades.
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now the president-elect is weighing in. city officials are responding. with the xfinity tv app,
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. donald trump, the president-elect, with new criticism of the chicago mayor over the soaring murder rate. 57% spike in 2016. president-elect tweeted chicago murder rate is record setting. 4,371 shooting victims with 762 murders in 2016. if mayor can't do it, should ask for help. it did not take long for rahm emanuel to respond. rosa flores has more.
2:21 am
>> reporter: the city mayor's office responded by saying, quote, we are hardened. he is taking the issue seriously and looking forward to working with the administration. let's dive into the details. in 2016, the city of chicago saw 762 murders. 3,550 shooting incidents and 4,331 shooting victims. most of the killings happened in five districts on the south and west sides of the city. in an area they say where gangs are fighting for territory. if you ask the former police superintendent, he will say that the chicago police department is in crisis. here's what he told "60 minutes." >> officers are under attack. that's how they feel. that's how they feel in this environment. and they're not going to put
2:22 am
themselves and families in jeopardy. >> reporter: the chicago police department responding to the former superintendent by saying the police across the country are more cautious in this climate. they arrested more bad guys they called them in 2016 than they did in 2015. if there were one thing that could change and help them do their job better and keep chicago safer, they say is tougher laws for repeat gun offenders. that's what they are hoping for in 2017 to make chicago safer. john and christine. >> rosa. it is so hard to talk about policy in tweets. what if under federal control, what would trump do? education system? law enforcement? what would he do? that is what i would be interested to know. let's talk about weather. 22 minutes past the hour. violent storm system across the southern u.s. blamed for five deaths. emergency officials say four
2:23 am
people were killed in southern alabama when a tree collapsed on a mobile home during a tornado. a fifth weather-related death in florida. trees ripped from the ground in a dozen counties. no injuries have been reported. look at that damage. 20,000 customers without power at this hour. let's get the latest from meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> good morning, john and christine. what a wild monday across portions of the southeast. you know the number there out of the tornadoes is four fatalities. we had 17 fatalities in 2016. we start off rapidly across the southeast and country with the tornadoes in the past 24 hours. the line of active weather as it migrates to the east. i want to show you what we are dealing with over the tornadoes on monday afternoon and evening. about 130 severe storm reports across the country. 12 of which related to
2:24 am
tornadoes. this accounts for 1/3 of all tornadoes in the month of january. we have seen them in the first couple days of 2017. the storm system pushes to the north and east. a lot of rainfall in store for the northeast this afternoon and evening. particularly for the major metro cities toward sunset as the storm pushes to the east. the cold air behind it works off to the south. bismarck, minus 1. temperatures in new york city, 45. cooling in store the next couple days. thank you, pedram. a south carolina judge cleared the way for church shooter dylann roof to represent himself when the citisentencing phase bs tomorrow. the judge issued an order to prevent roof from approaching the jury. he is reviefusing to present an evidence at the sentencing
2:25 am
phase. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. the daughter of carrie fisher and granddaughter of debbie reynolds is speaking for the first time since losing both last week. billie lourd post a picture with herself and fisher and reynolds who died one day apart. posted receiving all of your prayers has given me strength. your love and support means the world to me. spacex resuming rocket launches five days from now. it will use revised operational practices to launch falcon 9 rocket on january 9th. spacex suspended flights after the september launch test went up in flames. a problem with the helium tank caused the blast. overnight, the house republicans voted to take the independence away from the
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there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. new overnight. republican house members ready to do away with their ethics watch dog. why would they strip away the power of the panel as president-elect gets ready to take office? new details linking russia to the hack of the u.s. election season. as an advisor to trump says he sees evidence of russian involvement, but president-elect has not revealed information that says gives him pause. and trump addressing nuclear weapons on twitter. direct message for north korea. we have that in minutes. welcome back to "early start." good morning, john. >> good morning, christine. 29 minutes after the hour. what a day.
2:30 am
what a message. a new congress gavels in at noon. set to neuter the ethics office that watches over it. you heard that right. republicans usher in a new era of power with congress and the white house and after president-elect trump promised to drain the swamp, last night behind closed doors, republicans voted to end the independence of the independent office of ethics office. they require the office to refer complaints to law enforcement or house ethics committee. the mets you a measure would allow to stop the ethics investigation and bar the committee of public statements. in english, that means it gives congress the right to stop investigations of itself. they would stop investigating anonymous tips and do away with press secretary or public communications from the ethics office. they control the message from t it. just takes away independence.
2:31 am
>> and zero public debate. virginia republican bob goodlett says his proposal strengthens the mission and due process rights for house members under investigation. nancy pelosi blasted the change. saying it would destroy the ethics office. she tweeted so much for draining the swamp. speaker paul ryan and other republican leaders oppose the change. this morning, advisors to president-elect trump say he might not make public the secret information he has to cast doubts on the intelligence community's allegations of russia's hacking on the political season. this was seen your advisor kellyanne conway on ac 360. >> i want to be clear about the information about the hacks that trump knows. quote, you will find out on tuesday or wednesday. will he actually announce the information on tuesday or wednesday as he said he would
2:32 am
after being briefed? >> he did not say he would announce it. he is saying that we'll find out and he'll find out. it is contingent on what o officials reveal in the briefing. >> so kellyanne conway edging back from the big reveal. the white house press secretary sean spicer suggesting trump will not offer information, but offer analysis of existing intel. >> as president-elect, privile privy to information most people are not. he will talk about where things stand. he will not reveal privileged or share classified. >> all of this as u.s. officials tell cnn they have identified what they are calling digital fingerprints and computer code
2:33 am
to add to the evidence that mass could you was behind t moscow was behind the intrusion. one breaking away from the team and saying russia was behind the hack. we have more with our senior correspondent fred pleitgen. walking us through the last 24 hours. >> reporter: christine, the digital fingerprints are interesting to many people here in russia and in the u.s. as well. what that source was telling cnn, they were able to trace all of this back to a keyboard. one specific keyboard using the cyrillic alphabet. that is the alphabet used in the russian language. the conclusions that in some way, shape or form, the russian government was involved in all of this. it is interesting because the second source told cnn the information, quality of intelligence they are getting on
2:34 am
russia is a lot better than the intel ligence they get from othr places like china or north korea. they believe the evidence they are getting leads them to say russia was involved. of course, you noted that president-elect is still casting doubts on all this. one member of the transition team, james woolsey is saying the russians were involved, but it is not clear what level or if they were the only withones. >> it looks like everything we read about from nsa and cia and so forth, as if the russians were there and perhaps principally there. it doesn't mean there isn't somebody else in there. donald trump is an expert at weaving around and attracting attention. >> are you saying he is playing us in effect? >> there is a possibility that he is a little bit, yes. >> is that something a president-elect should be doing
2:35 am
on a serious issue of national security? >> why not? he is not interfering with anything. >> reporter: james woolsey speaking to jim sciutto yesterday. the questions and denying any involvement. they continue to call the claims baseless. all of this playing out in russian media as well. especially sean spice erin afr r spicer interview. that is getting a lot of air play. >> thank you, fred. congress returns to work this morning. republicans take the reins in congress. on the top of the to-do list. dismantle. get rid of. abolish obamacare. republicans do not control enough seats in the senate to repeal and replace right away. instead, they likely will gut some proper investigativisions others. cnn money has done a nice deep analysis showing some of the
2:36 am
changes that might be coming. first, tax credits instead of subsidies. that could help more middle class families who don't qualify for help, but hurt lower income families. high risk pools for the sick. this covers some people with pre-existing conditions who have insurance and send money to states for new enrollees. states get federal block grants for medicaid. that limits how much money the federal government spends on insurance for the poor. some worry limits coverage for the poor. finally, bolstered health savings accounts. hsas are common with high deductible plans. for eight years now, obamacare has been slowly working through the health care system. a lot of discussion that are part of the health care architecture. how hard it would be to pull back. >> let's talk about it. joining us now is ellis henican. best selling author. thank you for being with us.
2:37 am
>> good to see you. >> repeal and replace. trump promised to two it if elected. republicans have control of congress. the new congress sworn in today. trump sworn in in 17 days. you know it will happen. the question is how much and how soon? >> how much is a branding question? christine was pointing out a lot of the elements of obamacare is engrained in the system. we will not get rid of the pre-existing rules. we are not going to bump all those kids in their 20s off their parents insurance. >> you have to pay for them. you have to show how you will pay for it. >> you don't have to call it obamacare. maybe what we'll see in the end is a lot of the stuff that people like. get rid of the things people don't. a lot of the thing we like. give it a different name. honest to god. >> could they fix the things wrong with obamacare? >> one problem with that is the
2:38 am
mandate. >> individual mandate. >> that is really what finances the other things. telling americans you have to have health insurance because that would bring in some of the healthier people who are supporting the people less healthy. difficult to come up with a finance at equation that does the stuff you like without having everybody. >> it is complicated because of the congressional rules here to overturn the individual mandate. that would probably take 60 votes in the senate, which republicans don't have. however, you could do away with the tax penalties for not signing up. you could have an individual mandate without enforcing. >> penalties are not that high. people who don't want it, i think they are swallowing the penalties, aren't they? >> let's talk about foreign policy. trump tweeting about nblgorth korea. he said north korea stated in the final stages of developing a
2:39 am
nuclear weapons capable of reaching the u.s. it won't happen. he slams china. saying china is taking all of our money, but not helping with north korea. nice. is this appropriate for a president-elect, not even the president yet, to talking directly to the north korean leader and slamming china in a 140-character tweet? >> the president-elect part gives me the willy. i'm in the school of one at a time. he will be the president soon. that part of the issue will fade quickly. it's an odd way to deal with highly complex policies. you know what? it's trump. i don't think it will change. i think we can point out some of the limitations. i think we will keep getting it. >> he says it will not happen. that is another way of drawing a red line. that could be problematic if north korea tests it in two weeks. >> do you have a plan? i don't know.
2:40 am
>> let's ask about what happened in congress overnight. the republicans in congress voted to take the independence away from the independent congressional ethics office. this was created in 2008 after congressional scandals. over the last eight years, it has investigated members. some don't like it. now essentially gone. >> i have never met a politician who enjoys being the subject of the ethics investigation. >> that's the point. >> it's not something most people like. you ticked off a moment ago, john, provisions in the exchange. one struck me. refusing to accept anonymous complaints. you have been around law enforcement long enough to understand you have to have anonymous complaints. particularly when the enforcement agency is beholden to the politicians you are investigating. not only will they know who is making the complaint, but investigators will not have independence to investigate it. that is not much of an investigative operation. >> swampy.
2:41 am
>> a little. >> ellis henican, nice to see you. >> i love seeing you all together. all is right in the world. >> mutual admiration society. come back often. thanks, ellis. thousands of international travelers delayed for hours across the airports on the business busiest travel days of the year. customs and border officers forced to process passengers through alternative procedures. >> the old way. >> u.s. official tells cnn there is no indication at this time the disruption was malicious in nature. >> it is interesting. >> computers do malfunction. >> so do people. 41 minutes past the hour. the manhunt intensifies in turkey for the gunman who opened fire at the nightclub be in tur
2:42 am
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tadirectv now.
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stream all your entertainment! anywhere! anytime! can we lose the 'all'. there's no cbs and we don't have a ton of sports. anywhere, any... let's lose the 'anywhere, anytime' too. you can't download on-the-go, there's no dvr, yada yada yada. stream some stuff! somewhere! sometimes! you totally nailed that buddy. simple. don't let directv now limit your entertainment. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. welcome back. in turkey, the manhunt intensi y intensifying for the attacker. this is selfie video of a man wanted in connection with the new year's eve massacre. they released this to turkish media. 39 people died. most foreigners.
2:46 am
isis claimed responsibility. police detained eight people in connection with the attack. fingerprints found at the scene to identify the shooter. we have shave ian lee with more. ian, they released this video. >> reporter: this appears to be the man they are looking for. it is chilling to think about him walking around the streets before he is going to commit that attack. the next time we see him in video is the night of the attack where he is methodically moving into the nightclub shooting people and then slips away. the manhunt is really nationwide. hundreds of police officers looking for him. the real risk here is if he is an isis operative, he might try to slip back into syria where isis has territory and out of the grasp the authorities.
2:47 am
they have eight people detained and interrogating them. they are looking for any other connections he may have. with isis operating in turkey, this is not the first attack. they have cells here. authorities are going to be looking to see if they can disrupt the cells and find the cells and prevent an attack like this happening. on new year's eve, a heavy security presence in istanbul, yet this man was able to slip in and shoot the club and run away. which is creating a lot of questions about security in turkey. can authorities really secure this country? >> they have a fingerprint and that selfie video. we'll look for developments hopefully soon on the manhunt. ian lee in istanbul. thank you. let's take a look at what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> how is the health regimen going, john?
2:48 am
>> great. >> 115th congress sworn in today. there is controversy already. we will take you through the details of what's going on with the office of the committee for ethics. now what has just happened? there was a move, this is not really new. you have to cover these straight. the idea of a separate ethics panel that doesn't have just sitting congress members on it that may be able to pursue very aggressively against members in congress. it has been controversial. right now, it is being gutted by a new set of amendments. we will talk to representatives on both sides of the aisle. how does it line up to drain the swamp? plus, gop leaders promised to repeal obamacare and replace it. the first part is easy. a stroke of a pen. the second part is very he hard. what will be done with the
2:49 am
millions of americans on the plan right now? we will talk to the man who shaped the affordable care act. he is honest about the things that need to be improved. what does he see? is there any chance of middle ground here? >> all right. chris cuomo, happy new year. >> happy new year. it is the first trading day of 2017. do you know where your money is? we will show you bullish and not so bullish stocks for 2017 when we get a check of cnn money stream next. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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2:53 am
the 103rd edition of the rose bowl. usc down seven. sam darnold with the third touchdown catch to tie the game up. penn state trying the late-game drive. with the interception on the ill-advised pass. that sets up usc kicker matt boermeister who missed two other field goals. this one was good. the highest scoring game in rose bowl history. yesterday, broncos head coach gary kubiak is picking his health and family over football. last year's super bowl winning coach announcing his decision at the press conference to step away from coaching. he got emotional when thanking his wife. >> i thank my buddy.
2:54 am
she kept me in one piece for a long time. she let me go do what i love to do. i'm coming home. that probably scares the hell out of you. i'm coming home, but i love you. >> and to college basketball. duke announcing that coach k will have back surgery on friday. the 69-year-old coach will have the surgery and then he will step away from the team to heal. the recovery time is expected to be around four weeks. assistant coach jeff koepel will take over. and russell westbrook after making the three pointer, he gets the double check move. lots of packers fans on hand to watch. they let him know how they felt about it. bucks go on to win. 98-94. back to you.
2:55 am
>> you have to be careful where you do your celebrations and how you celebrate. hines ward, thank you. a violent storm system sweeping across the southern u.s. blamed for five deaths right now. emergency officials say four people killed in southern ba alabama when a tree fell and collapsed a mobile home. a fifth weather-related death happened in florida. and in mississippi, trees ripped from the ground in a dozen counties. no injuries have been reported there. a south carolina judge clearing the way for convicted church shooter dylann roof to represent himself. when the sentencing phase begins tomorrow. after a day-long hearing monday, the judge ruled roof is competent to act as his own lawyer. the judge issuing an order to prevent roof from approaching the jury or witnesses. roof plans to make an opening statement. he is refusing to present
2:56 am
psychological defense. prosecutors seeking the death penalty. the daughter of carrie fisher and granddaughter of debbie reynolds speaking publicly for the first time since losing both last week. billie lourd posted the picture with fisher and reynolds. lourd posted the picture saying receiving all of your kind words and prayers at a time i thought it could not exist. let's get a check on cnn money stream. stocks set to ring in 2017 with big gains at the open. rally mode. dow futures jumping 125 points. s&p futures up too. the optimism from global stocks. rising come rising comodity prices. lots of data to consider
2:57 am
this week. including the jobs report. the final jobs report for last year. one of the best for jobs gains in a very long time. a solid start to the year for stocks. what about the finish? predicting how the stock market will perform is merely impossible. royal bank of canada is predicting an 11.6% increase by the end of 2017. citigroup forecast a 4.8% increase. goldman sachs with a 2.8% gain by the year end. a lot of us talk about a law going into effect in france. it gives workers the right to ignore e-mails when not at work. the french labor minister says it is to protect a better work/life balance. companies with 50 or more employees have negotiate new
2:58 am
e-mails regulations. if management and staff cannot agree on terms, the firm must publish rules on when to switch off. they have long looked for a disconnect rule. this created an explosion of undeclared labor. can you imagine? i like it when my boss e-mails me at 11:00 at night. >> it never happens. it never happens at all. why limit to after hours? why not ban e-mails at work also? that's creating a lot of stress. >> i don't want to be hacked. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. independent ethics panel overseeing congress. not independent anymore. big change overnight. "new day" starts now. >> congress set to neuter the independent ethics office.
2:59 am
>> drain the swamp. >> this man is allowed to have a celebration with his business ne partners. >> trump using twitter to challenge north korea. >> hacking is a very hard thing to prove. >> case closed. >> donald trump ought to know many things that the rest of us do not know. >> lines were chaotic. >> thousands of travelers delayed for hours. >> everybody was yelling. people fainting here and there. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> welcome our vuiewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." tuesday, january 3rd. up first, house republicans secretly voting to gut the independent ethics committee hours before
3:00 am
this after president-elect trump has repeatedly promised to drain the swamp and there are still many questions about mr. trump's potential conflicts of interest. donald trump takes the oath of office in 17 days. so let's begin our coverage with cnn's phil mattingly. he is live on capitol hill. give us the latest, phil. >> good morning, alison. >> this is the moment republicans have been waiting years for, the most powerful, ambitious major its will be sworn in in a couple of hours. it's something they did last night behind closed doors is raising major questions about their intentions. in a sign perhaps of what to expect from the new congress, house republicans voting behind closed doors monday night overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal that guts its own independent ethics watchdog tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct among house members. the proposal would place the office of congressional ethics under the oversi


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