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tv   New Day  CNN  January 3, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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trump has repeatedly promised to drain the swamp and there are still many questions about mr. trump's potential conflicts of interest. donald trump takes the oath of office in 17 days. so let's begin our coverage with cnn's phil mattingly. he is live on capitol hill. give us the latest, phil. >> good morning, alison. >> this is the moment republicans have been waiting years for, the most powerful, ambitious major its will be sworn in in a couple of hours. it's something they did last night behind closed doors is raising major questions about their intentions. in a sign perhaps of what to expect from the new congress, house republicans voting behind closed doors monday night overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal that guts its own independent ethics watchdog tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct among house members. the proposal would place the office of congressional ethics under the oversight of the very lawmakers it oversees.
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house minority leader nancy pelosi slamming the move in a statement. republicans claim they want to drain the swamp. evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new republican congress. the republicans went against their own leadership, house speaker ryan and paul mccarthey did not back the move. it could last at least two years if passed. republicans this week also expected to cast their first votes on repeeling the affordable care act. >> the obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item up in the new year. >> with a major fight over obamacare brewing, top democrats launching a preemptive strike, calling the rapid look to dismantle the law without a clear plan to replace it an act
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of cowardice. >> just repealing it and saying they will replace it sometime down the road will cause huge calami calamity. >> there is a vow to delay trump's nominees, possibly for months. >> the idea is to figure out how from day one how to oppose every single one of these individuals completely sad. >> democrats claim eight of the nominees have not submitted materials that they need to review before the hearings. if republicans quickly think they can jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing process, they are sorely mistaken. >> the reality is there's very little they can do to block trump's nominees, gumming up the
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works is all they can hope for. republicans control the senate and the house, and in a couple of days they control the white house. expect the most conservative agenda put forward in decades. >> let's discuss it with our panel. we have cnn political comment tater, errol lewis and jackie kucinich and host of the podcast examining politics, david druker. great to see all of you. so in this behind-closed-doors meeting, house republicans voted to kill the office of congressional ethics. why did they do that? >> well, we'll find out when we get some statements from them. there will be a lot of microphones placed in front of them, i think. look, this is a startling change from what had been in place before and to be clear the oce, it didn't have a long life to it. it really came in the wake of some serious, serious scandals
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toward the end of the 2000s, it was intended to sput something in place, something independent, something more public facing so the public could weigh in on this, as opposed to the regular congressional. the notion they would do this at night on a holiday, we all know from journalism, that is when you bury the news. it didn't work so well this time. they are clearly on a path to see if they can push aside the public as they get started. they are trying to take away from activists and fellow democrats, and fellow members of the congress who are democrats. >> let's get the "washington examiner" take on this. criticism of the oce is not new. it's gone after republicans and democrats. there's always been a tension about bhaked of -- what kind of rights were aferreded people who
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got caught in its cross hairs. what do you make of the move? >> a lot of members complain of due process issues with the oce. it does hand democrats something to run on in 2018. the minute you have a scandal, people are going to point to republicans getting rid of the oce as part of a broader conspiracy of republicans to run the house of representatives in an under handed way. i don't think so much it's a process issue. after all, we uncovered all sorts of scandal and wrongdoing before it existed. there's plenty in place and always has been to uncover when members do things that are illegal or wrong. i think the issue here is political perception and it does give democrats something to chew on, especially, you know, if and when there's some big scandal and they can point to the fact that the oce was a part of a broader effort, true or not, for
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republicans to hide things from the public. >> and it should be noted that paul ryan and kevin mccarthy were against this change, probably because exactly what david is saying. they knee knew the political perception of this would be terrible and so they had pushed against this. this was pushed by rank-and-file members, essentially, who cast aside their leaders, and decided to go forward with this. so you also see a little bit of friction within the republican -- the house republicans as to whether this was the right move. >> so they vote on this today? >> yes. >> is it already done for all intents and purposes? >> it is done unless somebody wants to make a real fight of it and some republican defectors make it a possibility of defeat. the reality is in a worst-case scenario, they bought themselves a year are. even if there's going to be this ammunition provided to the democrats to come back and run
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against them, the pace at which the regular ethics office operates, almost guarantees that you'll be able to say truthfully or not that the 115th congress had no scandals because it take them months and months and months behind closed doors. >> by the way, it was a democrat that raised the radar of the need for the oce, it was maxine waters in california. you had another democrat, duke cunningham got caught up in it early on. it's not about head hunting one party. the president-elect says nothing about this on twitter thread. what do you make of that? >> drain the swamp, baby. look, i don't think donald trump is necessarily going to start out by criticizing members of his own party in congress that he needs to move an agenda forward. on the other hand, i wouldn't actually be surprised if he did criticize them for this because it goes against what he says he is trying to do with his administration, which is, you know, reduce ethical scandal and
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reduce pay-for-play and things that look like they are going against the public. >> not even the tweet. he will talk about his head shot in for tweet after tweet. nothing about this. >> we criticize him when he tweets. i guess we criticize him when he doesn't tweet. the day -- the morning is still young, chris. give it time. >> jackie, let's move on to what's happening with obamacare. so today as congress resumes, you know, there is the big hue and cry for republicans to repeal and replace it. there are a couple of provisions that they like and will try to keep. of course, the preexisting conditions, the children up to 26 years old staying on their parents' plan. what's going to happen? >> this isn't really a buffet. you can't pick what you want with obamacare, because if you pick that, it affects somewhere else. it's not going to be hard to repeal it. they have the votes. they can do that.
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they have someone to sign it. the replacing is going to be hard. now, whether they use something like what tom price is -- who is trump's nominee for hhs, what he's proposed, the devil is in the details here, but they have got -- this is not going to be something that comes together quickly at all. it just can't. >> by all accounts they don't have a plan yet but to your earlier point, they buy themselves time. they get the political points for the repeal. the service contracts that people get for obamacare are a year. you couldn't do anything anyway. you would be hollowing out those contracts. they have a free year to talk about what they want to do but they don't have to do anything. >> that's exactly right. the members of congress i've talked to, the health advocates that i've talk to give estimates from 18 months on. if they really wanted to move at rocket-like speed, it would take them a year and a half to do damage to it. they can start renaming things. they can start under mining some
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of the subsidies that make it work, but to sort of wholesale repeal it is not likely to happen, if they decide what they want to do is throw 18 million people off their insurance and figure out the details later, politically very unwise and unlikely, but they could do it. >> david, what do you predict? >> they are going to move to repeal and row place obamacare i think extremely quickly as trump might say and part of that is the politics wrapped up in this for the republican party. if the republicans slow walk this, their voters, their base, is going to be apoplectic, so the challenge is how do you do this without throwing people off of plans and out of doctors' offices that they like, which is what caused democrats problems to begin with. when you reform the health care system, you make all sorts of big changes. it's possible we can see a one to two-year phase in and phase out of the current law but the challenge is going to be
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allowing people to keep their kids on their plans until they are 26, no lifetime caps, preexisting conditions and exclusions. there's no political will or like for his law to keep republicans in charge. they will come up with something. the issue can they sell it politically and not get caught in the same trap doing it as democrats got caught up in when they passed obamacare to begin with. president-elect donald trump did not tweet about this change in the ethics review in congress but he did decide to tweet about north korea and its development of long-range nuclear war heads. he also blasted china for being weak in their response to what's going on in north korea, all in a series of tweets in just last night. this as we wait for trump to reveal the inside information he's been touting that is leading him to question whether or not the russians were involved with the hacking.
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cnn's jessica schneider live at trump tower in new york with more. this revelation from the president-elect has seemingly been delayed. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, that's right. you know, chris overnight donald trump touched on a multitude of topics over twitter. all of that after those new year's comments where he continues to doubt that the russians are responsible for those hacks over the election season, and then, of course, overnight it was donald trump espousing once again on foreign policy on line. president-elect donald trump airing his diplomatic grievances on twitter yet again, targeting the leaders of north korea and china. trump taunting kim jung un who threatened over the weekend that his country was close to creating a missile that could reach the u.s. trump tweeted it won't happen. china has been taking out massive amounts of money and
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wealth from the u.s. in totally one-sided trade, but won't help with north korea. nice. this as new video shows trump from his new year's party speaking to a crowd at 800 wealthy revelers. trump lavishing praise on his business partner. >> the most people here from dubai are here tonight. >> reporter: despite vowing to step away from his business, a top adviser is springing to trump's defense. >> this man is allowed to have a new year's celebration with his business partners, we've got to get ahold of ourselves here. >> all the while, trump continuing to cast doubt on the u.s. intelligence communities
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conclusions on russian hacking. he promised to reveal inside information on russia's alleged cyber meddling today and tomorrow. >> it can come in a tweet, in a press conference, in a statement. >> and speaking of press conferences, there is now a new date for a potential press conference after that original one was delayed in mid december. kellyanne conway says that donald trump will potentially speak to reporters on january 11th about how he will handle his business ventures once he enters the white house. notably, january 11th, the day after president obama plans to give his farewell address in chicago. >> it will be a busy week. thank you very much for the reporting. u.s. intelligence officials offering new evidence that they say directly ties russia to the cyber attacks during the u.s. prel election, they say they found digital fingerprints that point directly to moscow being directly behind the intrusions. the new comes as a top trump
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adviser disagrees with mr. trump on whether russia was involved. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr is live with more. what have you learned? >> highly technical business here, but officials are saying that they are beginning to identify the markers, the digital fingerprints that point back to moscow. what are some of the indicators they feel they have locked down now? well, they say they have been able to conduct a forensics that lead to the actual keyboards that were used using the cyrillic alphabet that russia uses that point back to russian entities, government entities being involved in all of this, that the sophistication of the cyber tools used for this lengthy intrusion, that they were so sophisticated that they mirrored the kinds of tools used by the u.s. national security agency. again, the feeling only that the russian government could have that kind of technical capability to conduct this, and the dispersal of the information through wikileaks that it was so
3:16 am
massive, so ongoing that it would only be vladimir putin that would have that kind of authority to authorize the dispersal of that kind of information, even though wikileaks says they didn't get it from the russians. chris. >> barbara, thank you very much. important to note, these are not relingses. this is information they have had as part of their investigation to finger russia. they are just leaking certain things out now evidently to kind of forward this conversation. so the main questioner of a lot of this intelligence is the president-elect donald trump, now, again, he's taken to twitter. silent on the gutting of the best tool to drain the swamp in congress, but he did take time to poke perhaps the most unstable leader in the world, the leader of north korea. he tweeted about north korea's nuclear capabilities. plus, the latest on these allegations. we're going to discuss and get to the bottom of it with our panel next. hey, ready for the big meeting? yeah. >>uh, hello!?
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america's president elect donald trump taking on north korea's leader on twitter, declaring their nuclear ambitions won't happen. is this the right way to deal with this type of highly sensitive issue? most would say no, but let's talk about it with errol lewis, jackie kucinich and anthony druker. i don't think it's how you do
3:21 am
these things necessarily and it's about what shape they take. it's a very sensitive issue with a very provocative issue. what's your take? >> i would rather not deal with the man-child in north korea through twitter because he is a little unstable and you never know what a tyrant like that is going to do, but this is how donald trump has chosen to duct foreign policy. this is how he's going to conduct foreign policy, so i think what we can hope for and we won't really know until he takes office and his administration is really up and running, we can hope that behind the scenes there are the usual wheels of both diplomacy and military posturing and communication taking place with other countries to flesh out exactly what the president, the new president means by his tweets so that other countries understand what to expect from us, that our adversaries know what lines not to cross and our allies know what they can trust us and how they can trust us.
3:22 am
>> that's an optimistic view, david. >> i said we can hope. there's a lot of thoughtfulness going on. here's the tweet. in case they missed it. north korea just stated they are in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. that's typical trump rhetoric. we have no idea how kim jung un will respond. >> david talked about the behind the scenes. i wonder if the ones behind the scenes will curb trump's foreign policy. when they are trying to work on something and he tweets it and it muks something up, that is going to be a problem for him. that is going to be -- then he's going to start hearing it from the inside. whether he cares or not, that's something else entirely, but you
3:23 am
have to wonder if his people are going to put up with this for the duration of his administration. >> and the question then becomes to, well, what is "this"? to the outward to the uninitiated, it's a show of strength. in the first part of it, he validates north korea's claim that they are close to getting this, which the united states doesn't usually do. when north korea says we are about to, usually u.s. officials laugh it off and says let's see your next test that goes plop in the water. and in the end, he says it won't happen which suggests something we don't know. >> as a journalist, maybe we're hearing through this tweet some of what he's getting in his classified security briefings. when he says it won't happen, maybe that's what he was told by the national security operation, the apparatus has said to him look they are nowhere near. the next missile is going to
3:24 am
fall in the ocean like all the other ones. they don't have the technology or capability of doing this, don't worry about it and he converted it somehow into a tweet. some of what he's doing, if you take the belijerance of the tweet at face value, i'm going to say what i want, keep people guessing. our adversaries might have to think i might be crazy and in the case, you are dealing in this case with the hermit king who actually might be crazy. the problem with trying to out man man a man man. >> as you know, donald trump and his team have expressed skepticism at the findings of the intel agencies that say they see a direct link between russia and the hacking and the dnc computers. yesterday, we had his incoming press secretary come in, sean
3:25 am
spicer who basically chided us to even deigning to ask the question why the president is skeptical about this before the final report that's coming out this week. let me play this for you. >> one thing missing from this discussion, alison, is that this report that everyone keeps talking about is not final. the president -- the current president of the united states hasn't seen a final report. the intelligence community is talking about wrapping it up later this week. for anybody to come out and talk about what's in the report, it's not final yet and i think the idea that we're jumping into conclusions before we have a final report is irresponsible. >> there have been two reports already that have become public that according to the intelligence agencies have definitely made the link to russia. what kung of their argument? >> you know who else has commented on the veracity of the intelligence is his boss, donald trump. so it's not just critics and people suggesting that russia had something to do with in and people who believe the
3:26 am
intelligence reports. it's the president-elect himself who has commented on it before the report is finished. i spoke on monday with devon nune se and what he explained to me is that they have long been worried about russian hacking. they have long felt that russia is one of the few countries capable of the sophisticated kind of hacking that occurs when you try and do the kind of things that putin has been up to, and so the issue isn't, you know, were they not capable or were they capable? they are definitely capable. the issue is whether or not some of the things that went on during our campaign actually happened. it's possible that it did, and i think that we know the motive was there and we will find out over time if it happened. >> did nunez say to you he doesn't think that russia was involved? >> he didn't say.
3:27 am
what he said he he wants more information. he reaffirmed what many republicans have been telling us for years, that the russians are bad actors, that they have been trying to hack our systems, they have the capability, that not everybody does by the way, it's not just some fat guy in a basement. >> we've been working this story hard. i haven't found anybody, anybody connected to the intel or any of the political side of it who will say that they don't think russia had something to do with the hacks. why they did it, they will go in a thousand different directions, but i haven't found anyone to say maybe it wasn't russia. just for the record. >> panel, thank you very much. meanwhile, we have to tell you about this story because the intense manhunt is still under wayin istanbul. authorities are releasing new video of the man they say opened fire killing dozens of people at a new year's party. we have a live report for you next. america's most awarded brand. with the most 5-star ratings... and the highest owner loyalty...
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the manhunt continues in turkey for an isis terrorist who opened fire at that istanbul nightclub on new year's eve killing 39 people and injuring dozens more. police have released this new video. take a look at your screen. this is the suspect. they say they have his fingerprints. so far, they have arrested 14 people in connection with this attack. cnn ian lee is live in istanbul with the latest. >> reporter: what's so chilly about this new video that we're seeing is that just looking from this live location i can see actually where he filmed it. it's about 50 to 75 yards away from where we are right now.
3:32 am
he filmed this cell -- selfie video. meanwhile, we are hearing that six more people have been detained. they are being questioned by turkish authorities bringing that number up to 14, but with this man allegedly being an isis operative, we haven't been able to independently confirm this. it is likely that he might try to make it to syria, so authorities really are under a ticking clock so find him before he makes his way to syria, if that's where he's going to try to go. so right now this nationwide manhunt, hundreds of police officers looking for this man who killed 39 people on new year's eve. >> all right. thank you. please stay on top of that. we'll check back with you throughout the morning. we have breaking news throughout the u.s. at least five people are dead after a tornado and severe storms tore through the south. four died in alabama. a tree fell on their mobile home. in florida, a man accidentally
3:33 am
drowned. the storms carved a path of destruction leaving damage buildings and downed trees and power lines all through the region. u.s. customs computers are now back on line after an outage caused chaos. airports officials across the country reported delays, look at these pictures, ranging from 30 minutes to two hours. it is not clear what caused the disruption. you were hoping i got caught up in that, but no. >> how did you avoid it? how did you fly over all of that? >> part of the mystery that is me. >> and the cape that he uses. u.s. intelligence officials are repeating once again what they have said all along. the hacking of the dnc has russia's digital fingerprints all over it, so why is the united states president-elect doubting those findings? we dig deeper next.
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u.s. officials have never expressed doubt as to whether or not russia was involved in the hacks, specifically those of the dnc emails. they now say they have russia's digital fingerprints all over these hacks, so why are presidential elect donald trump and his team continuing to cast doubts over the conclusion that you just heard. here to discuss are two experts in the field of intelligence. cnn counterterrorism analyst and former cia agent phillip mudd and counterterrorism expert and senior fellow for the foundation of defense of democracies, david gartensteen ross. please educate us, mr. mudd, what are digital fingerprints? >> if you look at a physical room, if you go into a hotel
3:38 am
room where there's been a murder, you are looking for fingerprints, dna. think of this in the digital world. are people using the same passwords they have used in the pass? what kind of code or language they are using when you've seen the hack? we've seen reporting, some of the hacks were seen realtime. they didn't just gather fingerprints after the event. they were watching russian entities or people hired by the russians during the event. this combination of factors, passwords, language, code allowed them to go back and say we've seen this before. this is the russians. >> quick follow, it's not final yet, we don't understand why with you media want to jump to conclusions. do you know anybody who questions whether or not russia was involved? >> what the hell is that dude talking about? his boss has come out and already drawn conclusions and said i don't believe them.
3:39 am
meanwhile, on the other side, republicans and democrats in congress and the intelligence community have come out and said with high confidence we say that the russians hacked information related to the elections. i agree with the judgment and it's not clear why they did this or that this had anything to do with swaying the election but to say either from the trump camp or from the government camp that we don't know what happened and we're going to wait for the report, do we ignore history here? i don't get it, chris. this is ridiculous. >> david, when you look at how the intel community has concluded and obviously, they are always a little cryptic about what they find, they don't want to give up their sources and their methods because that's a great informational gift to whomever they are investigating but does anything about this situation seem unusual to you from the intel side? >> no, not from the intel side. you, of course, have two different things going on here, one of which is that digital forensic analysis is an imperfect science. that is, you could have false
3:40 am
flag that are built into code, for example. these are things that the trump team are pointing to. that being said, that's just part of the medium. it's difficult to have absolute certainty in the digital sphere in this kind of optic of having the incoming president-elect disagreeing with the intelligence community is very dangerous when it comes to decisions that have to be made extraordinarily quickly. the second thing that's going on is you have distrust of the intelligence community for key members from the trump team, mike flynn was forced out for a variety of reasons, one of them is he disagreed with other members of the intelligence community and ic consensus on certain issues, including al qaeda's comeback, you have some distrust and belief that intelligence has been politicized under the obama administration. in terms of internal processes, there's no red flags for me. >> have you heard from anyone that they believe that russia
3:41 am
was not involved with the hacks of the dnc emails? >> no, i haven't. what i've heard from some is the view that, a, the finger was pointed at russia very quickly, and b, that digital forensic analysis is imperfect. that being said, the vast majority think that the evidence, though not conclusive, because it's hard to get conclusive evidence in this sphere, is very strong that russia was involved. >> you know, former cia director, james woolsa, you've been on with her before on this show. he says i think the russians were in there but it doesn't mean other people weren't too. part of the reason that trump is casting doubt is he like to play with the media. what's your take on that? >> i think this is simpler than that. i think my 8-year-old nephew could figure it out. this is an inconvenient truth. we have a president-elect who
3:42 am
says our relationship with russia isn't working. we had putin decline to deport american diplomats after president obama ordered russian diplomats out of united states. there's a game can going on about improving relations with russia. from left field, you have the intelligence community with a lot of degree of conference of saying that they hack. i think he wants to cut loose from the intelligence community and move forward with the russians. >> thank you very much for your perspectives. this is day one of the 115th congress. republicans are poised to repeal obamacare and democrats are determined not to let that happen without a fight. so we will discuss the battle ahead on "new day." everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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oh, boy, oh, boy. the highest-scoring rose bowl of all time. it came down to a field goal that put one team over the nickel mark. 50 points. heinz ward has the highlights this morning in the bleacher report. nothing to complain about in this game unless you are a nittany. >> no question. the rose game yesterday lived up to all the hype between usc and penn state. this game went back and forth.
3:47 am
usc down 7 with 1:30 to go in the game. sam darnell finds burnett for the third touchdown catch on the day to tie the game up. penn state trying to come back with a late game drive but leon mcqauay, that sets up usc kicker matt boymiceter. the trojans win. to the nba, milwaukee they are hosting oklahoma city. russell westbrook with the cardinal sin in the state of wisconsin. after making a three-peat -- three-pointer with a discount double check move. lots of packer fans on hand to watch. they let him know how they felt with a lot of boos. look at this dump dunk right here. that's awesome. they would go on to win the
3:48 am
game, 98-94. when you do a good hit, let's give a aaron rodgers discount double check move. >> you got that. >> i got a big waistline so i can give the full. >> true dat. >> i love it, chris. there's a preemptive strike by house republicans, they have gutted their on independent watchdog, what will democrats do? that's next.
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3:52 am
just hours, but last night they already made a big change. house republicans voted to gut an independent ethics oversight office. here with his reaction is massachusetts democrat congressman seth multen, he is a former marine and iraq war veteran. good morning, congressman. >> good morning. >> when did you get the news that republicans had made this move about the ethics commission? >> late last night. they completely blind sided us and it's absolutely ridiculous. i mean, there any american out there who thinks congress is too ethical? donald trump and the republicans say they are going to drain the swamp and the very first thing they do is dismantle our outside ethics watchdog. >> so why did they do it? >> well, it's frightening. i guess what they have on their agenda might run into trouble with ethics. i don't know what else could be the reason but we're going to stand up to this just like we're going to stand up to all the
3:53 am
things that republicans want to do that are bad for the american people, and clearly this is getting off to a really bad start. >> how are you going to stand up to it since it's virtually already happened? yes, you'll vote on it today but they have the numbers. >> well, i mean, this is the frightening thing. obviously, they are trying to do this at the last minute without any consultation. i was elected on a platform of bipartisanship, of working across the aisle with people, where we can find common ground. you know, the good news on things like this is there are republicans who oppose it. even speaker paul ryan opposed this change, so what democrats have to do is find common ground with republicans who are reasonable and thoughtful and are willing to stand up to crazy changes like this and things that donald trump wants to do that are harmful to the american people. >> right. but i mean, so today, when you all are going to vote on it, you are going to scour the halls of congress and try to lure paul ryan and other republicans to
3:54 am
not vote for this? >> well, look, that's what we have to do, is we have to say to our republican colleagues, this is not the right thing for the institution of congress. this is not the right thing to represent the interests of the american people, so rather than just vote the party line here, do the right thing for the constituents you represent. that's what i go to washington to do every single day. fundamentally, that's my job as a public servant, and this is not congress doing its job. >> well, you said that you can't fathom why they would do this. we have some insight because they have spoken about it. it sounds like bob goodlatt thinks that the oce, the office of ethics was too powerful, it was overzealous, and it was at times too aggressive and took away people's due process. what do you think? >> i think that congress needs more ethics.
3:55 am
i wish congress had the ethics that i found in the marines. i served with marines from all over the country, marines from massachusetts and vermont, but also alabama and texas. we came together with remarkably different political beliefs, different political backgrounds, different religious backgrounds but at the end of the day we found common ground to do what's right for the american people. we were able to put america first. i don't think there's anyone out there congress is putting america first if it dismantles congressional ethics. we need a higher standard. >> thank you for your service. as a veteran, who do you want to see now in charge of the va? >> i want to see someone who is going to improve and strengthen the va, someone who has the experience of leading a large organization who can fix the va, who can lead it, and make it
3:56 am
work for american veterans. what i don't want is someone who disman tells the va and puts veterans out on the street. that's what donald trump is talking about doing. he's talking about privatizing the va, which veterans are opposed to. if you privatize, wait times will go up. they will go up for every american because there are so many veterans who will be on the system. we need someone to lead and reform the va, not tear it apart. >> obamacare, republicans have said this is basically their first order of business starting today. they want to repeal and replace obamacare. what is the democrats' plan? >> well, they want to repeal and replace by the same token but all they dpsh replace obamacare, but they don't have a plan to replace it. 20 million americans will be put
3:57 am
out on the street without health care. all those americans will have to go to the emergency room when they need treatment, which is going to raise health care prices for everybody else, so this is the height of irresponsibility, and it's not doing the right thing by working families. it's not doing the right thing about the american people. we have a health care plan that while not perfect is working well. it's actually bringing health care costs down. in fact, the republicans have to break their own rule about budgeting in order to repeal the aca because all the estimates show that it will increase the deficit if they do this, so they are being incredibly hippo critical. they have no plan going forward. we're going to stand up to that and we're going to make sure the american people know this is not the right thing. >> thank you very much. it will be very interesting to watch what happens with congress beginning today and obviously through the next many years. thanks so much for your input.
3:58 am
>> thank you. we want to thank our international viewers for watching us. cnn "newsroom" begins for you in moments and for our u.s. viewers, we are following a lot of news this morning. so let's get right to it. house republicans secretly voting to gut their own independent ethic watchdog. >> republicans went against their own leadership. >> i'm concerned about a bunch of the nominees. >> the democrats choice is to oppose every one of these individuals is frankly sad. >> digital fingerprints pointing the finger to moscow. >> it's often no fool proof to say who it is. >> we don't believe that intelligence efforts should interfere into politics. >> leaked videotape is still hanging out with his business partners. >> hussein and the whole family are here tonight. >> 762 murders in the city of chicago last year. >> i feel scared in chicago. i don't want to be shot. >> why is chicago so deadly? >> they are under attack. that's how they feel. >> this is "new day" with chris
3:59 am
cuomo and al isn -- alisyn cammarota. >> president-elect donald trump has repeatedly promised to drain the swamp on the campaign trail. many questions remain about his own conflicts of interest. who will take them on now? we're 17 days from the inauguration. let's begin our coverage with phil mattingly live on capitol hill. happy new year. >> it's the moment that republicans have been waiting for. they will be sworn in for the 115th congress in just a few hours. a group with a powerful, ambitious agenda, one they believe they can finish up quickly, but first a rather questionable move last night. >> in a sign perhaps of what to expect from the new congress,
4:00 am
house republicans voting behind closed doors monday night overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal that guts its own independent ethics watchdog tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct among house members. the proposal would place the office of congressional ethics under the oversight of the very lawmakers it oversees. house minority leader nancy pelosi slamming the move in a statement. republicans claim they want to drain the swamp, evidently ethics are the first casualty of the new republican congress. the republicans went against their own leadership, house speaker paul ryan and kevin mccarthy, who did not back the move. it could last at least two years if passed. republicans this week also expected to cast their first votes on


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