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tv   New Day  CNN  January 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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more. a lot of news to follow for you this morning. let's get right to it. house republicans voting to neutralize the independent office of congressional ethics. >> drain the swamp. >> beautiful people. >> this man is allowed to have a celebration with his business partners. >> trump taking on north korea's nuclear threat in a series of tweets. >> you can't allow north korea to get their hands on nuclear weapons. >> it's a very hard thing to prove. >> case closed is kgb code. >> donald trump fought to know many things that the rest of us do not know. >> he just pushes all of his might. >> a pint-sized super hero saves his twin brother. >> everybody needs to bolt down their dressers. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and allison. >> everybody needs to bolt down their dressers. we don't give it away.
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it has a good ending. i remember getting the l-clips and thinking, do i really need po put this thing against the wall? >> yes, you do. >> yes, you do. >> we will show you later on what happens to that toddler trapped under that dresser. >> again, a good ending. good morning. welcome to you. this is your "new day." it's tuesday, january 3rd. 8:00 in the east. up first, house republicans pulling a fast one, voting to gut the independent office of congressional ethics just hours before the new republican controlled congress gets sworn in today. >> so critics of this move say this flies in the face of president-elect trump's campaign promise, to quote, drain the swamp. many questions persist about mr. trump's potential conflicts of interest. we are now just 17 days away from donald trump's inauguration. let's begin our coverage with cnn's phil mattingly live on capitol hill. what's the latest? >> bold promises and agenda about a file long, republicans are a few hours away from consolidating their power on capitol hill, the most powerful
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they've bb in at least a decade. but it's something they did before they were even sworn in that's raising eyebrows on capitol hill. in a sign for what to expect from the new congress, house republicans voting behind closed doors monday night overwhelmingly to favor of proposal that guts its own independent ethics watchdog tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct among house members. the proposal would place the office of congressional ethics under the oversight of the very lawmakers it oversees, house minority leader nancy pelosi slamming the move in a statement saying, republicans claim they want to drain the swamp. evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new republican congress. the republicans went against their own leadership house speaker paul ryan and the majority leader kevin mccarthy did not back the move. today the full house of representatives is set to vote on the proposal which could last
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for at least two years if passed. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: republicans this week also expected to cast their first votes on repealing the affordable care act. >> the obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item up in the new year. >> reporter: with a major fight over obamacare brewing, top democrats launching a preemptive strike calling republicans rapid push to dismantle the president's signature health care law without a clear dreed upon plan to replace it, quote, an act of cowardice. pelosi urging them to take a second look. >> just repealing obamacare even though there's nothing to put in its place saying they will do it sometime down the road will cause a huge calamity. >> reporter: also another battle brewing, delay confirming trump's cabinet nominees possibly for months. >> the idea that the democrat's choice is to figure out from day one how to oppose every one of
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these individuals just -- is frankly sad. >> reporter: democrats complain that at least eight of trump's nominees have not submitted required materials including financial information. the kinds of materials they need to review before the hearings. incoming senate minority leader chuck schumer warning, quote, republicans think they can quickly jam through a whole slate of nominees without a fair hearing process, they're sorely mistaken. and really the best democrats can hope for at this point is gumming up the works. the odds of them actually blocking any of the president-elect's cabinet nominees is very unlikely. that just kind of underscores the power not just on capitol hill but really all over the washington that republicans currently have. obviously the senate, the house, the 17 days, the white house, most conservative agenda we've seen in decades. that's what lawmakers and staffers hearsay is definitely on the books. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens just a couple of hours from now. thank you very much. president-elect donald trump practicing foreign policy by
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tweet. he's slamming north korea over its nuclear threat and taking a swipe at china for not doing more to stop kim jong-un just as we wait for mr. trump to reveal what he knows about russian hacking. cnn's jessica schneider is live at trump tower in new york with more what have you learned, jessica? >> donald trump still not revealing what he meant when he says he knows more than other people when it comes to hacking and continuing to double down on his doubts about u.s. intelligence that the russian, in fact, were responsible for the hacks during the election season. but overnight donald trump changing the focus a bit to foreign policy. of course honing in on china and north korea. president-elect donald trump airing his diplomatic grievance on twitter yet again. star getting the leaders of north korea and china. trump taunting kim jong-un, the leader of north korea, who threatened over the weekend that his reclusive country was close to test launching a missile that could reach the u.s. trump tweeting, it won't happen.
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even though china supported new sanctions against north korea trump continued. china has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth from the u.s. and totally one-sided trade, but won't help with north korea. nice. this as new video obtained by cnn shows trump from his new year's eve party at mar-a-lago speaking to the crowd of 800 wealthy revelers. >> the ones that really care about the members. i don't give a [ bleep ] about their guests. >> reporter: trump lavishing praise about his dow buy billionaire business partner. >> hussein and the whole family from the most beautiful people from dubai are here tonight. >> reporter: despite pledging to step away from his business and address glaring conflicts of interest, a top adviser spring to trump's defense. >> this man is allowed to have a new year's eve celebration with his friends and his business partners. the idea that he's giving a speech recognizing a friend and his beautiful wife and people are just going to twist that around to somehow it's a
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business favor, i mean, we've got to get ahold of ourselves here. >> reporter: all the while trump continuing to cast doubt on the u.s. intelligence community's conclusions on russian hacking. the president-elect cryptically promising to reveal inside information on russia's alaska ledged election cyber meddling today or tomorrow. >> it can come in a tweet, a press conference, in a statement. >> reporter: and new this morning the president-elect announcing his nomination of robert lighthigher for u.s. trade representative. that's the chief negotiator for u.s. trade deals. lig lighthizer served in the reagan's administration and has worked for several decades at the law firm asked and aarps in their international trade law practice. >> jessica, thank you very much. so u.s. intelligence officials are offering new evidence that they say shows russia was behind psycher attacks during the presidential election. it's not newly developed. they're just offering it up. the intel community doesn't like to put outsourcing and methods
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for obvious reasons. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr live in washington with more. unfortunately the political pressure seems to be getting to the intel community and they are offering up more proof, barbara. >> well, chris, remember, president obama has ordered a full investigation and he wants that done before he leaves office. very little in intelligence is a slam dunk certainty. that generally doesn't happen. a precedent is expected to assess that intelligence and make determinations on how to move forward. where are we right now? the u.s. intelligence community believes there are a number of indicators. they have established some digital fingerprint, if you will, even looking at the keyboards that were used, the russian alphabet, and being able to determine, they say that this goes back to the russian government and intelligence entities it believes were responsible for the hacking. it's the sophistication also of
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the hacking tools that were used. another indicator they say that leads them to official russian government backing of this activity. and the wide disbursal of the nrgs, mainly through wikileaks. now wikileaks say they didn't get it from the russians. it's very possible wikileaks is not very clear on the identity of where it all came from. but the u.s. believes that only vladimir putin inside russia would have had the authority to carry out such a wide spread effort. >> okay, barbara, thank you very much for all that reporting. let's talk about everything that has come up this morning with republican congresswoman marsha blackburn from tennessee. she's also the vice chair of the trump transition team. good morning, congresswoman. >> good morning. >> let's talk about first this vote last night of republicans behind closed doors to effectively kill the office of congressional ethics. were you part of that vote? >> it doesn't kill the office of congressional ethics. what it does is to bring it
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under the jurisdiction or the oversight, if you will, of the committee on ethics. and it provides individuals to the -- the opportunity to have some due recourse and to know who is accusing them, which is not something that individuals have known and members of both conferences have wanted to see this type transparency brought to the office. and so it was the will of the house conference, that was the vote, and it will go to the floor as the rules change. my hope is what you will see is more transparency. you will see individuals with the opportunity to know who is accusing them and that will -- we will see matters resolved in a more timely manner. >> congresswoman, did you vote for it? >> i did vote for it. yes. >> so basically it is congress now policing itself. >> that is what the committee on
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ethics always has been. >> that was an independent group. that was an independent group. >> this is an independent group. >> operated independently. >> that is right. >> that's gone now. >> and anybody -- no, not at all. not at all. it is still there. it will be the office of complaint review, individuals can file a complaint but the difference is individuals are going to have -- those that are accused will have the opportunity to know who is accusing them. this is a move that is supported by individuals in each conference, democrat and republican. if someone is being accuse of something, let somebody know who is accusing them. >> sure. >> where the complaints are coming from. >> sure. fair enough. >> it makes sense to do that. and then to have the oversight from the committee on ethics and i'll remind you the committee on ethics is a completely equal bipartisan committee. >> okay. so why -- since you say that it is bipartisan and you're making the compelling case that it's
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all on the up and up. why do it the night before congress officially -- the new congress is sworn in and why do it behind closed doors? >> this is the time that the conferences meet. and this is the time that the rules package is voted on. so it becomes a matter of scheduling and doing something that is going to be in place for the entire -- for the entire congress. so it's a matter of timing and it is the matter -- the manner in which the house approaches its business. you put your rules and your process in place and then you move forward for the organizing and convening of the 115th congress which we're going to do at noon today. >> congresswoman, we've spoken to some democrats this morning who felt blind sided by this. they're not happy with the vote that you all took. and basically their argument is,
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if it's such a great move why not open it to debate, why not do it during daylight? >> well, this is something that has been discussed for quite a period of time. and quite frankly, it doesn't matter if -- what the vote is. you're going to have democrats who are unhappy with anything that is done by republicans or in a bipartisan manner or you're going to have them complain about making changes whether it's to a rule or to the epa or to the changing of obamacare or the changing of the tax code. >> i understand. you're not all in lockstep. >> it's not going that partisan bickering. you just kind of expect it and you do the right thing and you move on. >> okay. but what's your response to when they say, how does this drain the swamp? >> what it will do is provide more transparency. any time you can provide more accountability and more transparency to any process that
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is in place, then you're going to take another step toward draining the swamp and i am all for draining the swamp. i think that anyone who knows me knows that. i've spent much of my career working on reducing the size, the scope, and the cost of the federal government and in its place putting accountability and transparency. >> sure. and so you understand as a champion of transparency why something -- a vote that happens with only republicans at night behind closed doors gives the impression of something sneaky happening. >> most people would say 5:00 in the afternoon is not at night. but, you know, we could discuss that. it does start getting dark outside. >> well, you know, behind -- you get the point. behind closed doors. >> it is a conference. that's right. >> it sounds as though -- >> democrats -- the democrats have their meeting behind closed doors, also. and on wednesday when the
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president comes to talk to them about how to fight against the repeal of obamacare and they're going to do that one behind closed doors. and, you know, it is -- the conferences meet together in a room and that is where they have their conference meetings. and each conference does that. and it is bipartisan and it is bicameral. >> one of your first priorities is to repeal and replace obamacare. what is your plan for what to do with the 20 to 30 million people who might lose their -- would likely lose their insurance if it were repealed? >> well, first of all, we have to realize that 7 million americans lost their health insurance because of obamacare. and when you talk about disruption in the health care marketplace, obamacare was the disruption. so to execute a pathway to a
5:16 am
repeal so that you are phasing out the current system and phasing in a more patient-centered system is the right thing to do. now, if you want to know the provisions that we're going to put in place, your viewers can go to my website,, the bills that we put forward that are patient centered. one is what i covered in february 2010 at the blair house health care summit. and it is across state line purchase of health insurance. >> you say that there will be no disruption for the 30 million people, for some of them, the millions of people who would lose it if it were repealed, are you saying that there will be no disruption? >> there are a total, i think right now, of 9 million that are in the individual marketplace. i think what you're going to see for those, you're talking about individuals still that are in
5:17 am
the uninsured market -- >> will they lose their coverage? >> they're uninsured. you have many that are still uninsured. our goal -- and this is what we're working toward -- is to preserve or to restore, to restore access to affordable health care. what has happened through the lead-up to the obamacare process and obamacare was health care has become unaffordable. >> right, i remember that that was the eimpetus for it. but people are covered by obamacare. in fact, there's been a run on it. >> but not everybody. not everybody is covered. >> the people who are covered, when you repeal it what happens? >> if you look at the fact that you had two tracks that you could travel to reforming the nation's health insurance and health care access system. one was government control. >> right. >> that's what obamacare was.
5:18 am
the other are the provisions that we offered, again back before obamacare, that were patient-centered and free market oriented. >> okay. >> the administration chose the government-controlled path. >> right. >> what have we learned about that? >> sure. >> we have learned that it is too expensive to afford and from those that are in the obamacare marketplace, they tell us it's too expensive to use because the insurance costs too much, the deductibles are too high. >> sure, it has its problems, yes. it certainly has its problems. >> you're exactly right, yeah. >> we're out of time. i will look forward to hearing what the plan is to cover the millions of people who are currently covered. >> absolutely. >> congresswoman -- >> let's talk again. have a great day. >> thank you very much, congresswoman. >> bye-bye. so, over in israel investigators are grilling the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. the issue? corruption allegations. the country's leader on the hot seat for three hours over
5:19 am
accusations he and his family took gifts and favors from wealthy businessmen. netanyahu called the accusations, quote, nothing. advising his critics to hold off their celebrations. police in canada arrested a sunwing airlines pilot on suspicion of being drunk. his copilot found him passed out in the cockpit. 37-year-old captain now charged with having control of an aircraft while impaired. two hours after his arrest the pilot's blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit. all right. an amazing story that is actually very frightening. >> it is very scary. >> all right. check out the video. this is from some nanny cam or something. 2-year-old twins. brodie and brock. this happens all the time. the stroke of luck here, the drawer was open. the kid is okay. but look what his little brother does. okay? first he's trying to lift it off. then he's going to push it all
5:20 am
all his might. first he's trying to lift. he doesn't stop. now he starts to push. and look what he's able to do. brock was able to wiggle out. remember, the drawer was open so the kid had a little bit of space in there. gets his brother out and brock does what he's supposed to do, starts to crash. >> oh, my gosh. look at that. i'm so impressed. the ingenuity, the strength. he didn't give up. >> two reasons to show this. one, it's got a happy ending and it shows that people at their core, even as they're developing, can be amazingly loving to one another. >> even when you have the terrible 2s they, at their core, are -- >> and they're brothers. i can't tell you how many times my brother has planned to do things like that to me. >> right. >> how many drawers were you trapped in as a trial. >> i'm still trapped in one, figuratively. the other reason we tell you is, when you buy your furniture take your time and use the clamps and just screw the thing into the wall. this happens all the time. what doesn't happen is this kind of bravery from that pint-sized
5:21 am
hero right there. >> that is so wonderful. we should let you know that those two little boys and their parents will join us live in studio tomorrow on "new day." tune in for that. all right. so democrats are talking strategy wednesday to keep obamacare intact. they don't have the votes to stop anything that the republicans want to do right now. so is there any way to save the aca? next. as a control enthusiast, i'm all-business when i travel... even when i travel... for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. after becoming one of the largest broadband companies in the country.
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the 115th congress gets sworn in today. there's going to be a new reality. house republicans voted last night to gut independent ethics panel. they don't want to be reviewed independently. how's that going to play? we'll see. there's also a big move, the pledge to repeal and replace obamacare. the first part is easy. repealing is a sign of a pen with a vote that they have. but what will they do next? joining us this morning is out going congressman steve israel,
5:25 am
the new york democrat retiring from congress after 16 years. you quitter! no, you served it long and ably, steve. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> we know that you're still concerned with the state of play. so let's talk politics and then policy. there's a lot of hand wringing, oh, they're just going to repeal it, they don't even know how to replace it yet. fair criticism. but almost fair criticism that what comes around goes around. you guys choked the aca down the throat of the republicans. you didn't debate it the way you normally would. and now they're coming back to haunt you. >> well, chris, here's where we're going to learn about the vast difference between the convenience of the sound bite and the challenge of governing. republicans have said their first order of business will be to short circuit the process and repeal the affordable care act. you are right when they say that will be easy. they will be able to do that. here's what they're going to learn. the brand of obamacare may get some mixed reactions even some
5:26 am
pretty hostile reactions. but the substance of obamacare is wildly popular with the american people. they like the fact that pre-existing conditions are covered. they like the fact that their kids can stay on their insurance policies until the age of 26. they like to preventive health care aspects. republicans tinker with that they're in trouble. >> okay, again, you know, a lot of this, we want to keep the politics straight on. first of all, you didn't answer my question about what comes around goes around. you choked it down their throats. they said they were going to come back to get you. >> i disagree. >> you didn't open it to debate. >> chris -- >> you passed it the only way you could without opening it up. even sikh emanuel says the plan would have benefit fred more discussion about how to iron out the things we're now seeing about the inefficiencies of the aca. criticism? >> i disagree. look, i distinctly remember the president of the united states calling republican senators to the white house to have a long meeting about what they would contribute to the discussion. he opened up the doors to them. they came to that meeting and said, we're not going to pass the affordable care act.
5:27 am
no way, no how. mitch mcconnell began by saying even if it's a gd idea that president obama has we're going to resist it. so the criticism that the president didn't do enough to engender debate is a misplaced criticism. if the republican have good ideas, sense i believed as without eliminating insurance for the uninsured and removing toes consumer protections i would advise my former colleagues to support those ideas. >> okay. >> but this notion of just repealing and then saying, well, we're not sure when we're going to replace is going to create political fishers among the republicans. half of them are going to want to repeal and replace tomorrow. the other half are going to want to repeal and not replace so quickly. i think there's going to be a lot of pressure on them over the next few months and years on this. >> the affordable part and then the care act. i think that you're right in terms of the biggest links of congruence si between left and right will be about things like pre-existing conditions and kids being able to stay on their parents' plans. you know, there are certains a
5:28 am
sxeths they like. it's the affordability. the president-elect just put out a dwoup couple of tweets on this and targeted towards the cost part. uses the democratic governor of minnesota saying it's no longer affordable. he tweeted that obamacare doesn't work because there have been 116% increases. he's cherry picking here. i think that's arizona. but costs have been higher than anticipated. that is something that families are struggling with. why isn't that something to fix? >> well, of course it should be fixed. in fact, it's being fixed. look, here's why those premiums spiked over the past couple of weeks. what was happening is not enough healthy young people were signing up for the plan. and so insurance companies did raise their premiums to adjust for that. but then what happened over the past few weeks in open enrollment? millions and millions of americans chose to subscribe to the affordable care act. chose to join those exchanges. now that they're in you're going to see premiums begin to stabilize. i think republicans and democrats have a responsibility
5:29 am
not to tweet quick and easy sound bites, not to go on camera and criticize without constructive alternatives but to look at the long term implications and consequences of their policy making and make sure at the end of the day where obamacare can be improved it can, but don't repeal it and let's be careful about how we're going to replace it. >> steve, the ethics reform vote that they had last night, a reform using the term loosely. marsha blackburn was just on. she's obviously working with the trump transition, obviously in congress. she said this is about increasing transparency, allowing for more due process. there were democrats and republicans who said, boy, they really come at you on this oce, counsel doesn't work the same way, you never know who comes at you, it never ends. they removed the ability of the oce to independently bring potential violations of criminal behavior and they gave the politicians on the house ethics committee the ability to stop
5:30 am
any investigation by the oce. do they have to do that in order to ensure due process? >> of course not. look, you know they said they were going to drain the swamp. they've just -- they're distributing free swimming passes in the swamp by this change in the regulations. and i'll tell you one thing, my friends over at the democratic congressional campaign committee have already started to write the scripts for the ads in the 2018 mid-term election because this issue is going to haunt republicans. as asubstance, here's what's important. let's remember why we had this office in 2008. three members of congress had gone to jail. they had gone to jail by committing crimes under a system where the house ethics committee wasn't really capable of investigating and coming to a resolution. democrats in 2008 decided we need an independent, autonomous entity to take these investigations, do the investigati investigation, refer them to the ethics committee.
5:31 am
they have worked. at times that i have been overzealous? yes. at the end of the day the ethics committee had the responsibility of moving on those referrals. now you have the people who are being investigated controlling the gate investigators. they through the office of congressional ethics under a bus. they didn't drain the swamp, they made it more murky. >> steve israel, appreciate your service. look forward to have you as a voice on "new day." so that closed door republican vote to gut congress' own ethics watchdog as we were just talking about, this is the first move of the new gop-led congress. what's next? the bottom line is, that's what. taking a holiday in britain, are ya doll? well, the only place you need go... london's got the best of everything. cornwall's got the best of everything. sport sport nightlife nightlife (both) fashion adventure
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does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] republicans facing some criticism before the new congress is even sworn in today because house gop members voted yesterday evening to basically gut this congressional watchdog agency. let's get the bottom line on this and more stories with cnn political analyst david gregory. david, how are you? >> good. happy new year, my friends. >> you, too. we just had congresswoman marsha blackburn on, republican from tennessee, she did vote to gut the office of congressional ethics. her rationale she says is that now without that watchdog people will -- they will be more transparency, she argued, because people will be able to know who their accuser was. apparently they didn't used to be able to know that.
5:36 am
>> they can talk a lot about process around this and whether there's a better process to pursue. it just doesn't make any sense in terms of the timing on a couple of levels. first of all, congressional leaders like the speaker of the house was opposed to doing this. it looks like it came out of no where just as congress is opening in the new trump era and they've got this ambitious agenda. why would you want to do this when you have an ethical cloud hanging over the president-elect ability all of his business conflict of interest? this is now the republican brand. and a new republican brand. they are part of -- that donald trump is a bigger part of the incoming president. so it doesn't make a lot of sense. gives i think some hope to democrats who have got some new issues to run on in terms of ethics against the president-elect and now the new leadership of congress. >> they say the oce was for investigating congress, not the president. but your point stands. i don't think the sensitivities as much about when they did it or how they did it, but why they did it. it does seem like they must have something to hide because you
5:37 am
could have done all the due process stuff that you want and democrats and republicans have complained about that but you didn't have to take away the ability of the oce to independently review criminal violations and you didn't have to give the politicians the unilateral ability to stop any invis indication the oce. that's just hiding, david. >> also seems counter to the message of the incoming president, who while he's got all of thesest call questions about his business dealings, didn't like this kind of politics as usual. >> not a single tweet from trump about the oce vote. >> but it's also about who is really in charge. the question of the republican leadership's ability to move a particular agenda, whether it's trump's or whether it's their own, raises questions when you can have the rank and file kind of rising up and doing this over their objections. and again, just the timing of it i do think matters because it's going to get a lot of attention just as they're convening. >> let's talk about the newly named u.s. trade rep robert
5:38 am
lighthizer. before you start snoring the reason we're talking about this is because trade obviously has been so central to president-elect trump's message. what do you think of this? >> look, in terms of organization and this priority around trade, renegotiating trade agreements around the globe, opposing the pacific trade agreement, donald trump has been very organized. he's got a big team here. a trade counsel office that he set up. and multiple key players who are in line with his protectionist policies. it's clear he's going to get to work right away on these issues and he's got the team to do it. >> now, trump did say he was going to have people negotiating the deals that come from the business world, not government people. that's not what lighthizer is but he does have a good resume. what do you make about this point of intrigue about donald trump and let's wait and see for all the evidence and comparisons to the o.j. trial and what we heard about waiting for all the evidence to come out? why have you brought this on to our desk? >> well, you know, i saw "the
5:39 am
new york times" had this headline this morning and its transition briefing which i was thinking myself which is that trump, his allies, others are raising all the specter of conspiracy and other people being involved. it's like o.j. simpson still looking for the real killers. bottom line is there's consensus in the intelligence community about russia's culpability, the president-elect is going to get a formal briefing on this. but he's been shooting off the twitter storm without getting all of the facts because i think he's so sensitive about the implication that somehow it delegitimizes his election. i think what the incoming administration needs to be to us canned on is the fact that a new administration, russia is not just going to put down all of its tools to disrupt america. and trump has got to start thinking about the presidency and the country at large as being vulnerable to russia and not just the specter of him being seen as an illegitimate president. >> okay. david gregory, thank you. great to see you. thanks for the to the bomb tyne. all right, so after we went
5:40 am
through months of trumping the media by only tweeting, the president-elect has set a date for his first official press conference since winning the election. that said, they were kind of squishy about whether this is going to happen at all. and this is like the third time sthaif gotten squishy about supposedly coming out and talking to the press. what's going to be the real deal? next. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise
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time now for five things to know for your new day. number one, the 115th congress gets sworn in today but before that can even happen house republicans voting to gut the ethics office created eight years ago to investigate them. president-elect trump slamming north korea's missile threat and china's response on twitter. mr. trump declaring the kim jong-un's nuclear ambition, quote, won't happen. u.s. intelligence officials say russia's digital fingerprints all over the election-related computer hacks. officials tell cnn the administration traced the hacks to keyboards that featured characters used in the russian language. at least five people are dead after a tornado and severe storms tear through the south. four died in alabama when a tree fell on their mobile home. florida man drowned. chaos at airports across the country last night after u.s. customs computers crashed for four hours.
5:45 am
now things we're told are back to normal. no word on what caused the glitch. for more on the five things to know go to for the latest. >> i was not affected by that glitch. >> i don't know how you avoided that glitch. donald trump is president-elect but he's also an executive producer. the new season of "the apprentice" appears with a new post. >> and new tag line. >> do you like it? >> i love it. >> don't tell them. >> okay. that's next. day we'll play someg besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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wait for it. >> i'm waiting. >> arnold is the new donald on "the apprentice." well-done? 2017. feels good, vodka. >> just quit now. >> is he even better than trump on "the apprentice"? tyra banks, carson, boy george, a few of the celebs submitting themselves to the terminator. trump remains an ep on the show. here's a taste. >> i think that you missed it in a big way. it was a very risky thing to do
5:50 am
clearly. there are, carney, you're terminated. s a stay la vista, baby. >> will rt. >>s that awesome. >> there's that. and then also team trump says op presser is coming. a press conference. they've said that three times. remember the one about new intel on russia is going to happen, today, yesterday? we'll see. the one on how trump is going to fix his conflicts, crickets. cnn senior media correspondent brian is here and bill carter. let's start with the most important question. brian, what did you think of the terminator and how do you like the new tag line? >> i love the new tag line. >> me, too. >> he also used the get to the chopper reference. this is all of arnold schwarzenegger's greatest hits. such a made for tv thing. isn't it? we've got the former reality tv star taking office. the former office holder taking over his show. nbc couldn't have scripted this more perfectly. >> i think he could have used a
5:51 am
different line. i'll be back but you won't. >> i like it. >> i like that, too. >> maybe we will hear that. >> maybe in episode two. this is so parallel universe. as you say. >> we're in the mid of the trump show and now we have the arnold show, too. >> which one is reality and what is happening here? >> even the contestants, four or five reality show cones the tants. "real house wives" are on the show, and snooki is on the show. >> what? >> reality inside reality. >> because you've got arnold who was a sitting governor, can't run for president because he wasn't born here. replacing the man who went after the man who was president saying he wasn't born here. >> i hadn't even thought of that. that's a good one. >> complete the circle, of course, let's see if trump weighs in. is he still an e.p. only a technical title. let's see if he weighs in on the premier. arnold says he wants to beat trump's ratings. >> why not? >> it's ratings. >> you don't think they can pull it off? >> i don't think the "a pent
5:52 am
tris" is going to be as big as it can be. >> already on the down slide. >> you don't think he's going to pump it up? >> i don't think so. tremendous football game last night for one thing. >> 52-49, the rose bowl. >> that's right. >> let's talk about the press conference that mr. trump is promising to have on january 11th. he's promised to have press conferences in the past and they haven't come to fruition. one of the ironies is that he was very critical of hillary clinton for not holding a press conference, i'll remind you of what he said then on july 27th about hillary clinton. listen to this. >> so it's been 235 days since crooked hillary clinton has had a press conference. so just ask yourself why she doesn't have news conferences. and honestly, the reason is because there is no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad.
5:53 am
>> so? >> that was actually his last press conference. it was back in july. about 160 days ago. and, you know, clinton should have been having more press conferences back then. trump should be having more press conferences now. norm artically it's within a fe. interesting last night kelly an conway for the first time said it's going to be january 11th, that's the plan. implying she knew that for a while. when is obama's farewell? we just found out the 10th. >> it is good position of rebuttal for him but what do you make of these non-events with these early ones? i'm going to tell you about my conflicts, i've got my lawyers. kellyanne was still running that line in recent interviews saying when the lawyers are comfortable, we'll do it. this is a quick legal discussion. it can be done in about 45 minutes. >> just like releasing the taxes. he doesn't have anybody really making him accountable so he can continue to push the thing i don't. who is going to say, you must
5:54 am
have a press conference. you don't have to do it. he promised to do his taxes how many times? he doesn't done it. >> we were just talking about this before. he never said he would show his taxes except to say i'll show them when the audit is over, which ask somewhat of a phantom. right? because what is this audit? we don't even know if he is being audited, when it would end. he just doesn't want to show them and he won anyway. >> what is the impetus for him to do any of these things? >> that's right. why does he have to? hold on a second. >> the voters. >> delayed reaction. >> this is the point. in the new media world you don't actually have to have a press conference. he goes to the voters through twitter. he could start his own trump tv. so why does he have to have a press conference? he'll say that's a vestige of the old way. >> over time that can add up and disappoint voters who supported him and citizens who did not support him. delayed. let me express a concern. what if he doesn't believe his public opinion ratings?
5:55 am
what if he doesn't believe the polls? presuming he does believe his approval rating, presuming he does, like president bush and obama, care deeply about his approval ratings, that would be a reason for donald trump to take the press more seriously and answer the questions. >> the president will come to the press because of reach. he wants to match the reach. >> eventually. >> he still has more reach on television than on twitter. >> absolutely. >> that's something to keep reminding ourselves actually. this is still the main medium for him to reach the american people. >> brian and bill, thank you. the good stuff, next. ruin . trust safelite. with safelite's exclusive "on my way text"... you'll know exactly when we'll be there. giving you more time for what matters most. (team sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled
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good stuff. you know ho you don't know someone's struggle until you've been in their shoes? what if they don't have any shoes. all right in is called the healing place. it's a nonnot in louisville, condition. you're going the see a lot of shoes there. you know why? you would be shocked how many people even in america don't have shoes and they can make a life changing difference. >> donate us food and everything. they getting our size and everything. i think that's very nice. >> needed the boots to get a job on a construction site. dr. george quill and his orth peetd tick staff makes sure
6:00 am
folks get the right size and fit. that's what they do. thanks to red wing shoes they make a hell of a pair of boots, by the way, you get a free pair of boots or sneakers. >> frostbite, we see a lot of diabetic complications. i get more blessings than shoes i bestowed. >> he's doing proper shoes can help you your feet from a health issue. just from a dignity issue, employment issue that can make a big difference. >> good stuff. thank you very much. time now for newsroom with carol costello. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. and gm. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. house republican to five party leaders taking a bold step as some say is at odds with donald trump's pledge to drain the swamp. gop lawmakers meeting behind closed doors, skroet to rein in ethics watchdog officend put it under the control of a very members it's supposed to police. full approval is expected on this first day of a


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