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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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fit. that's what they do. thanks to red wing shoes they make a hell of a pair of boots, by the way, you get a free pair of boots or sneakers. >> frostbite, we see a lot of diabetic complications. i get more blessings than shoes i bestowed. >> he's doing proper shoes can help you your feet from a health issue. just from a dignity issue, employment issue that can make a big difference. >> good stuff. thank you very much. time now for newsroom with carol costello. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. and gm. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. house republican to five party leaders taking a bold step as some say is at odds with donald trump's pledge to drain the swamp. gop lawmakers meeting behind closed doors, skroet to rein in ethics watchdog officend put it under the control of a very members it's supposed to police. full approval is expected on this first day of a new
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congress. phil mattingly live on capitol hill this morning. hi, phil. >> look, this wasn't supposed to be what republicans were talking about as they get ready to be sworn in for the 115th congress. they want to talk about their agenda, bold promises. issues that they think they can take on and pass about a mile long. instead, they're talking about something their members did behind closed doors last night. in a sign perhaps of what to expect from the new congress, house republicans voting behind closed doors monday night overwhelmingly in favor of a proposal that guts its own independent ethics watchdog, tasked with investigating allegations of misconduct among house members. the proposal would place the office of congressional ethics under the oversight of the very lawmakers it oversees. house minority leader nancy pelosi slamming the move in a statement saying, republicans claim they want to drain the swamp. evidently, ethics are the first casualty of the new republican
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congress. but republicans went against their own leadership, house speaker paul ryan and majority leader iks kevin mccarthy, did not back the move. today the full house of representatives is set to vote on the proposal which could last for at least two years if passed. >> the house will be in order. >> reporter: republicans this week also expected to cast their first votes on repealing the affordable care act. >> obamacare repeal resolution will be the first item up in the new year. >> reporter: with a major fight over obamacare brewing, top democrats launching a preemptive strike, calling republicans' rapid push to dismantle the president's signature health care law without a clear agreed upon plan to replace it, a, quote, hackett of cowardice. pelosi asking them to take a second look. >> just repealing obamacare without putting something in its place will cause huge calamity. >> carol, as you noted when you
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talk about that independent ethics committee the move seems to fly in the face of the freeze we heard so often during the campaign, drain the swamp. the president-elect himself has t weighed in was someone has. she took a rather measured approach. >> gutting it doesn't mean there won't be a mechanism. i don't want your viewers to be given an impression that there's no way for complaints to be reviewed but there's been an over zealousness in the process over the years and we don't want people wrongly accusing or mired in months if not years of ethical complaint reviews. >> and kellyanne conway makes the crucial point as to why this happens. sources in the room also night tell me that essentially members who had been accused or alleged to have done things by this office stood up and said that this was an overzealous office, run amok, targeted staffers unnecessarily and some said anonymously being used as political tool. now, obviously this still isn't
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something that wipes away the fact that they more or less took away the primary power of this investigation entity but that explains why these members have done this and it looks like it will definitely be voted in favor of by the house in just a couple of hours. carol? >> i'm just wondering exactly how many have been unfairly accused by this ethics committee. >> yeah, there's no specific number. it's not always known who is being investigated, who is being looked at. when you talk to feel who are talking about some of the members who spoke up last night, people like peter ropsy or blake, their biggest issue has been they don't feel like there was due process. they feel like their names were leaked out or issues were leaked out. again, the primary issue here becomes they believe it's aub used anonymously as a political target. i do -- when you talk to aides on both sides of the aisle, carol, there are a lot of misgivings about what this office did. but if you talk to aids on both sides of the ail they acknowledge when this office was put in place in 2008 it was necessary and it has done some good things since. even republicans will tell you this morning this is the last
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thing they wanted to be talking about on such a big day for their conference. >> all right. phil mattingly reporting live from capitol hill this morning. so let's talk about this with representative steve cohen, democrat from tennessee. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> first question, republicans say the office of congressional ethics is run amok. you heard what phil mattingly had to say. it was accusing lawmakers, independent lawmakers of wrong doing. this is what one of your incoming colleagues from florida said, republican brian mast. le let's listen. >> there are certainly members on both sides of the aisle that want to see this entity go away because of the very far fetched investigations that have gone on that they've had to spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars as individuals to get rid of these investigations that had no merit whatsoever. >> is that how you see it, congressman? >> well, i think the optics of it are just awful, horrendous. if kevin mccarthy and paul ryan are against it, which i suspect they are because they're a
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little bit more experienced than most of the members in the caucus, a problem with the membership understanding some experienced and wise congress people who want to see the optics be different and also want to see ethics maybe prevail. i think this portends problems with leadership having the caucus, the conferences they call it, behind them and -- >> congressman, this is mike pence. he's speaking outside of trump tower. let's listen. >> we look for washed to legislation that will give us the tools to roll back the avalanche of red tape and regulation that have been stifling american jobs and growth. but president-elect has a very clear message to capitol hill and that is it's time to get to work and it's time to keep our word to the american people to make this country great again, make it prosperous again, and we look forward to being on capitol hill tomorrow. say again? [ inaudible ] >> we receive regular intelligence briefings and i'll
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be joining the president-elect today for routine intelligence briefing but over the coming days the president-elect will receive more information about that and other topics on the world stage. okay? >> have you lost confidence in the u.s. intelligence community? >> i think the challenges that america faces on the world stage are going to be met with renewed american strength and renewed american leadership. rebuilding our military, engaging leaders around the world as the president-elect has done on a personal basis, is all part and parcel of i think a new season. it's 2017. we are just a few weeks away from a new administration taking office. i think the world will see that with our president-elect taking office that america will be standing tall in the world again, engaging the world again, and standing firmly for america's interests. thank you all. >> all right.
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vice president-elect mike sense ta pence outside trump tower. we wanted to get in what mike pence was saying on this ethics commission. we missed the first part of what he had to say but you can see that mike pence was choosing his words carefully when it came to the dismantling of this ethics commission. i guess i'll ask you again, the trump people seem to think, you know, they're taking a wait and see attitude? republicans say that it was a commission running amok. and you again have to say what? >> well, you know, i haven't seen it running amok and i certainly know it's bad optics for this to be the first thing for this congress to do. this was a democratic provision put in by nancy pelosi after there was corruption on both sides of the aisle. i think the american public is not rating a congress as very low and this will certainly make it lower. i think if the congress is supposed to be the body closest to the people, which it is in response to the people, they would not deal with this issue. and i think it shows a problem
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with the leadership, paul ryan and kevin mccarthy, apartment pare apparently against this and their wisdom of not going forward, this is going to be indicative of problems down the line and show where paul ryan may need democratic votes to pass any measures at all on transportation infrastructure or some of the better things he wants to do. >> on another matter, there's another item at the top of the agenda. and this 115th congress and that would be punishment. last summer democratic lawmakers including yourself staged a sit-in on the house floor to force republicans to act on gun control. democrats periscoped it which enabled c-span to broadcast the video and that was in violation of house rules. republicans want to impose fines op lawmakers for breaking the rules and that means you. are you afraid? >> not afraid at all. i'll stand or sit with john lewis anywhere. john lewis led us in that demonstration and protest. the republican leadership turned the cameras off, the c-span
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cameras and some of our younger more techie members got the periscope and whatever other means there were to televise this to the people of the world. it was almost like being in a 18 european republic where the protests were cut off by the repressive administration. john lewis knew that there were certain areas where you needed to stand up and make a difference. he said there's trouble and there's good trouble. and this was good trouble. it was good trouble in the '60s with civil rights and voting rights. they wouldn't take a gun control bill -- a simple gun control -- no, in you can't get an airplane, you can't get a gun. no-fly, no buy. the house republican rules wouldn't let it come to a vote. we were trying to see it come to a vote. we wanted to see some sanity and see in people terrorist threats not get guns and terrorize our people. >> still, to periscope from the house floor was a violation of the rules and evidently the fines imposed would be what, 500 bucks for the first offense,
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$2500 for a second offense. those fines would be deducted directly from your paycheck. >> and they would be levied by house staff member which i think is unconstitutional rule a -- the house member should be fining. i think it's unconstitutional. i think it's a question of freedom of speech and freedom of protest in the first amendment and another bad optic the republicans have in this rules package. it's hard to fathom why they come with gutting theettic thisthis ethics commission and then an iron fist on what was a very popular and i think righteous protest to show that the house was not operating in regular order and not allowing bills to come to the floor that had the votes of the majority of the membership. >> but some people might say that republicans are trying to exert total control over the congress, so they can get things done. and marginalize democrats. do you think this is all part of
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that critique? >> no question they would marginalize democrats and show they have a heavy hand and that's unfortunate. we're looking at overall here is olagargy. when citizens united let's the wealthiest people put more and more money into the government, when one of the priorities of this republican team is to cut taxes particularly for the wealthiest and eliminate the inheritance tax, benefit the 5,000 richest families in the country each year, not to have to pay inheritance tax, it gives the rich more and more money and more and more power. right now the republican cap net you're looking at is a cut out the middle man cabinet. they're putting the billionaires as the cabinet members. and you buy your way in with campaign contributions to the trump campaign and then rather than having experienced people operate the departments, they're putting inexperienced billionaires in. so it truly is an olagarky in the formation. the last two people i remember in this western hemisphere that were so close to russia were
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armen hammer who loved oil and money and fidel castro, who loved to talk for long periods of time, hated disloyalty and dissent and eliminated it and was an ego-centric individual. >> you're comparing donald trump tofy se ffy difficult castro? >> personality traits, indeed. you watch the netflix program. castro needed to be the center of attention at all times. he executed certain of his comrades for trumped up charges because he wanted total control and wanted to put that fear into people. he was very close to his family. and he had a multitude in his family. didn't trust others. and it was all about him and public speaking and he liked to speak on and on. he was not -- with the exception of the fact that he was dedicated to a philosophy and to his country making allegiance with russia, there are lot of personality traits that are similar. >> congressman, i feel i have to
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push back on you because those who support trump and want a better relationship with russia would disagree with you. he's trying to evoke change and get washington to work, especially congress, which hasn't worked very well in the last, oh, more than several years, more than a decade? >> i don't think he's anything to do with congress. i don't think even stands the system of government we have in a congress under article i as within independent branch of government. i don't think he understands that it's congress and really the judiciary committee can bring impeachment charges. he needs to work with congress and not threaten paul ryan and threaten other people as he did during his campaign. you don't bully people to have a system work. you need to work together. i don't think this is about congress. i think he thinks he can do a lot by executive action and by independent action that he can't do nlsz the congress passes appropriations bills similar to what he pro potions. they're trying to cut out medicaid and limit medicaid and change it to a voucher system, make people work. if you're sick and you can't
6:15 am
work, you should still get medicaid. they're going to tli to eliminate the affordable care act. people are going to die because they can't get health care. community health centers will be limited in the funds they get. the people at the bottom will hurt. it will be a great life for them. still, it's a great life now but your focus group as president should not be mar-a-lago or whatever it is. >> mar-a-lago. thank you forring with be me this morning. >> m thank you. m thanks for with me. still to come in the "newsroom," trump's foreign policy in 140 characters, one small sentence, big small sentence, big consequences? con. the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running, anywhere in the planet. wherever there's a phone, you've got a bank, and we could never do that before. the cloud gave us a single platform to reach across our entire organization.
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president-elect trump pushes back against a rogue nation and its latest nuclear threat against the united states. trump taking to twitter, batting away north korea's claims it will test a rocket powerful enough to strike u.s. soil. and for good measure trump took a poke at china. jessica snider is outside trump tower with more. >> the president-elect's slamming china for not being tough enough as he puts it on north korea and also continuing to knock china when it comes to trade. all this part of his twitter tirade overnight. president-elect donald trump airing his diplomatic grievance on twitter yet again. targeting the leaders of north korea and china. trump taunting kim jung un who threatened over the weekend that his reclusive country was close to test launching a missile that could reach the u.s. trump tweeting, woint happen.
6:20 am
eastbound though china supported new sanctions against north korea trump continued. china has been taking out massive amounts of money and wealth from the u.s. in totally one-sided trade. but won't help with north korea. nice. this as new video obtained by cnn shows trump from his new year's eve party at mar-a-lago speaking to the crowd of 800 wealthy revelers. >> the ones that i really care about the member, i don't give a [ bleep ] out there -- >> reporter: trump lavishing praise with his dubai business partner. >> hussein and whole family from the most beautiful people, from dubai, are here tonight. >> reporter: despite pledging to step away from his business and address glaring conflicts of interest, a top adviser spring to trump's defense. >> this man is allowed to have a new year's eve celebration with his friends and his business partners. the idea that he's giving a speech recognizing a friend and his beautiful wife and people are just going to twist that around to somehow it's a
6:21 am
business favor, i mean, we've got to get ahold of ourselves here. >> reporter: all the while trump continuing to cast doubt on the u.s. intelligence community's conclusions on russian hacking. the president-elect cryptically promising to reveal inside information on russia's alleged election cyber meddling today or tomorrow. >> they can come in a tweet, it can come in a press conference, it can come in a statement. >> reporter: new this morning donald trump announcing his nom nice of robert lighthizer for u.s. trade representative. that's the chief negotiator for u.s. trade policy. lighthizer did serve in the reagan administration as deputy u.s. trade representative and he also worked for the past few decades as a law partner at scat and arps heeding up their international law trade practice. carol? >> reporting live outside of trump tower this morning. thank you. as you heard jessica say, trump is lashing out against china for to the stepping up to help deal with north korea. now, china is pushing back.
6:22 am
>> translator: china's position has been clear and consistent. we insist on denuclear rising the peninsula and maintaining its peace and stability and resolving the issue through dialogue and consultations. china has been making great efforts in maintaining regional peace and stability as well as promoting a peaceful and effective resolution on the north korea nuclear issue. our efforts have been obvious to all and widely recognized. >> okay. so let's talk about this. with me now james jeffrey, former ambassador to iraq and turkey and fellow at the washington institute. david joins me, cnn political commentator at "the washington post" and rebecca burke is here, too, for real clear politics. ambassador jeffrey, i want to start with you. you've testified before congress on the implications of the iranian nuclear deal. as someone who has dealt with putting a lid on nuclear proliferation is mr. trump's tweet wise?
6:23 am
i'm specifically talking about this one, this is what trump tweeted. north korea just stated that it is in its final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the u.s. it won't happen. so again, i ask you the question, is that wise? >> as a diplomat i'm a believer in washingtoning softly but carrying a big stick. the key thing is how do we stop this from happening? there are both military ways to do this and we looked at this in the bush administration and there are diplomatic way which go through china. one way or the other the sentiment is correct. we have to stop this from happening. >> so are you saying -- i wasn't clear. is it good or bad that trump is tweeting this and challenging north korea and challenging china as well? >> currently we have one president, that's president obama for the next three weeks. what north korea does it doesn't do is his responsibility. then it becomes mr. trump's responsibility. i'm not a fan as i said of
6:24 am
speaking out publicly before you take decisions of one or another military or diplomatic matter which the situation now. but the underlying problem is what north korea is doing and what china isn't doing about it. >> so how might kim jong-un who many people feel is an unstable leader, take a tweet like that from the future president of the united states? >> in my mind he's not going to react in any kind of way that i or anybody else can predict in advance. i've had personal experience with his father's very unstable reactions to american moves. this is an extremely dangerous situation. this is an extremely dangerous individual, no matter what we do they seem to up the ante. >> so the tweet won't make a difference? >> i think the tweet will be taken as an indication of what
6:25 am
trump will do once he becomes president. but again, the north koreans are going to think of what's going to happen in the next three weeks. >> so as far as china is concerned, could china do more to tamp down on north korea? >> absolutely. china goes through the motions but essentially fuel much food and the materials that north korea needs to run its very, very large army all flow through china. and china could cut back drastically on that. what they've said for decades and bebuy this mantra is, oh, we can't deal with refugee flows and such. while turkey, iraq, and jordan are dealing with 10 million people flowing out of syria in the last couple of years, china could deal with north korea. it doesn't want to for whatever reason. it probably involves putting pressure on the united states. >> so i'll pose this question to david. you heard what the ambassador said. >> yeah. >> maybe trump is on to something, that those critics who say he shouldn't be tweeting
6:26 am
out stuff like this, maybe they should just wait and see. >> well, carol, look, tweeting in general has been a pretty effective means of communication for president-elect trump. both in terms of campaigning and he has had some interesting forays during this transition period. in terms of what ambassador jeffries said i think this is not speaking softly and carrying of big stick. this is speaking rather loudly, whether or not it works, i think remains to be seen. one of the benefits for president-elect trump is that he can have these sort of short, crisp communications with the world, with americans, with people abroad without having to go before reporters and answer questions. one of the downsides of these tweets though is that they do leave room for ambiguity in terms of what he means. what the north korea tweet -- when he says this won't happen, does he mean that the tests of the intercontinental missile won't happen or ult mittly north korea won't develop the capability? with the china tweet, carol,
6:27 am
does he mean that we have to yun let rally increase our posture with north korea or does he mean china get onboard and work with us? that's the challenge with tweets. no matter what you're talking about, is that you really have a very limited space to say quite a lot. >> well, it's certainly illustrates one thing, rebecca, right? china is listening. right? and it's already reacting. >> absolutely. absolutely. and so i think that is maybe the most significant element of this -- these tweets from president-elect trump, because any u.s. president would come in wanting to prevent north korea from proliferating its nuclear weapons from obtaining nuclear capabilities but what is unique about donald trump has always been his very aggressive stance towards china and his very vocal way of addressing them. and so it is very significant of course that he is doing this before he is sworn in as president but also significant in the context of after that, after the inauguration how he will deal with china.
6:28 am
of course he is also promised a trade war with china. so we need to think about how that would potentially affect his capability of negotiating with them on an issue like north korea. it might tie his hands a little bit. but really i would agree with david that we don't know what the details are of donald trump's plan because he hasn't had a press conference because he hasn't gone into these details. what would he recommend for dealing with north korea? kellyanne conway, his incoming counselor in the white house, suggested in an interview that he would consider more sanctions on north korea. well, some people would question whether that would have any affect over a leader like kim jong-un who is so unrepriktable and somewhat rogue. and so these are the questions that donald trump is really going to need to address moving forward. >> well, but ambassador, is it possible that donald trump is just laying the groundwork and making china think and that once donald trump becomes president of the united states china will know what it's dealing with and
6:29 am
they'll talk in that way? >> i think it's more china won't know what it's dealing with, as one who is not a real expert on china but i've been there several times and i've had to deal with it when i was in the white house. china sees us as very predictable, that we operate within certain boundaries. and it has been able to take advantage of this in many different ways. with trump beginning with the call with the president of taiwan, it's obvious that there will be a new situation, a new administration can use this to its advantage to get our relationship on a more equal, a more long-term basis than it is now, and the chinese are well aware that they may have to respond differently and they may have to make some compromises that they haven't been willing to make in the past. believe me, north korea would be at the top of the list. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom," new arrests in turkey's terror attack has
6:30 am
police reveal selfie images of the suspected killer. we're live in istanbul next. but first, moments away from the start of business on wall street. i almost forgot about you, kristina. >> how could you, carol? >> i don't know. >> you're killing me. >> well, yeah, investors see a lot of optimism in this market and there are several reasons for that. first off, they're optimistic about company earnings and optimistic that trump could pull off some pro-growth policies that we've been hearing about. and you see that in the estimates for 2017. most of the major brinks are predicting a rise in the stock market of anywhere between 12% and about 3%, which is pretty good, carol. but any hiccup could be an excuse for investors to sell. anything they don't like on the economic front in terms of economic data, if trump isn't able to pull off his policies as quickly as they thought. that could be a good excuse for selling. one stock that's taking a beating this morning, carol, gm. that's because trump tweeted out
6:31 am
attacking the company for manufacturing some of the smaller cars in mexico, threatening them with tariffs. the market did not like that. the company is responding in a very carefully worded statement. basically clarifying that it still makes some of these smaller vehicles in the u.s. it still makes majority of the ones that they sell in the u.s. in the u.s. in ohio. but that it builds the hatchback version, there you have the statement, gm builds the chevrolet cruze hatchback for global markets in mexico, with a small number sold in the u.s. so, carol, another example of, you know, a company trying to walk this line between clarifying the record, making sure the facts are out there, and not really getting on the bad side of the president. but this is part of a much larger debate around where our goods should be manufactured because at the end of the day the consumers benefit by the cheaper cost of goods. >> many thanks.
6:32 am
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining. two new arrests. this time in istanbul's airport as the manhunt intensifies for the turkey attacker.
6:36 am
you can see two men being detained. turk irmedia reporting there are two foreign nationals who are being held in connection with that terror attack. the arrest comes as police reveal the face of the man they say opened fire inside of a packed nightclub on new year's eve. his name is still unknown. but police say they do have fingerprints. armed guards now blocking the club's entrance where 39 people were killed. cnn's ian levi in istanbul with more. hi, ian. >> hi, carol. and that selfie video that the police revealed is quite chilling, especially when it took place just about 30, 40 yards from where we're standing right now. it was in a market that was selling used books and also antiques. someplace that i've gone quite a few times to look around. he was looking -- he was scouting out the area appears like with the way this video was shot. also we're hearing right now about those two people detained, two foreign nationals. we've seen the video of it.
6:37 am
that increases the number of people who have been detained to 16. they are being interrogated to find out if they have any sort of connection to this. but police have told us that the fingerprints along with the picture of the suspect is giving them clues on who he is but also who if he had any support, anyone helping him carry out these attacks. now, security experts believe someone could have most likely helped him because he was able to get away so quickly. with isis claiming responsibility for this, if he is, in fact, an isis operative, there is a chance that he might try to slip back into syria. for investigators the hundreds of security forces, members of security forces were looking for him right now, there is a bit of a ticking clock to try to get him before he slips away. >> all right, ian reporting live in istanbul. still to come in the "newsroom," trump hasn't held a press conference in months. instead he's been taking to twitter. in a few short weeks that could change when he says he will finally face the press.
6:38 am
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president-elect trump is about to break his 160-day streak of no press conferences. at least we think so. the supposed dates is january 11th, one day after president obama's farewell address. remember during the presidential campaign trump chided hillary clinton for not facing the press. >> so it's been 235 days since crooked hillary clinton has had a press conference. so just ask yourself why she doesn't have news conferences. and honestly, the reason is
6:42 am
because there's no way she can answer questions because the job she has done is so bad. >> okay. so ask yourself that question. back in december mr. trump announced he would hold a presser in the, quote, near future after cabinet picks but he did not. brian is joining us now and host of sources to outline how he's going to separate his business interest from being president of the united states and he didn't. >> right. he promised major news conference that day nds post porsched it. trump is a magser aft these sorts of events, these sorts of press conference formats taking questions from reporters, the tougher the better and yet he's chosen not to do it. since july is the last time he had a full-blown press conference. he was doing it when he was convenient for him in the primaries. he chose not to hold the events during the general recollection or after he was elected in november. now, kellyanne conway is saying january 11th is the day but
6:43 am
there's a caveat. watch what she said last night. >> i believe it was rescheduled for january 11th original fally and if the lawyers and the compliance officers feel like we're ready, then we'll stick to that date. it's really up to them. i talked to the president-elect today about press conference and i know that's the current plan. >> so that's the plan right now. january 11th. but she added that caveat there if the lawyers are okay with it, kellyanne conway says it's all about whether his plans for his business empire are in place. what he's doing to do with those businesses when he's president. bottom line, why does this matter? i would ask the viewers at home, what questions do they have for president-elect trump? i have a lot of questions. the voters who support him do. the voters who didn't support him do. there are a lot of questions for this president-elect. >> feels he's talking directly to his supporters via twitter, right, or these rallies that he's held, right? why would he hold a press conference? why does he care? >> i don't think any voter,
6:44 am
whether you supported trump, clinton, stein, joen son, or the man on the moon thinks it's okay to just tweet and not actually answer questions from reporters. those reporters are there to represent them. >> even people who don't trust the media. >> because if they don't trust the cnns and abcs and nbcs, they do trust the foxes and bright bartz and they're right in the room for the press conference also. >> we'll see what happens on january 11th. thanks so much. checking some tough stories for you at 44 minutes past. deadly storm striking alabama overnight. tornado killing four people in houston county when a tree crashes into their home. this morning wide spread damage across much of the state. the storm's also killed a man in florida who drowned inside his car. south carolina judge says dylan roof is competent and can represent himself. the sentencing phase for the convicted church shooter starts tomorrow. roof will not be allowed to approach the jury or any witnesses during the proceeding and of course he's facing the death penalty. roof was convicted last month of killing nine people at the
6:45 am
emanuel ame church in charleston. surprising find inside the cargo hold of a united airlines plane. a baggage handler popping out as employees opened the plane in washington, d.c. it turned out the baggage handler was trapped before the plane left charlotte, north carolina. air traffic control scrambling to id him. >> security incident until we can, i guess, get confirmation that he is who he is even though he's in trade dress for a ramper in charlotte. the flight crew doesn't remember seeing him or anything like that. >> the flight reached an altitude of 27,000 feet. united is looking into what went wrong. check out this pint size super hr row after a chest of draws falls trapping his twin brother underneath -- whoa. the video, well, you can see it's hard to watch but trust me, that little boy is okay. after the fall the quick thinking twin sprung into action. he tried to push the dresser off
6:46 am
his brother with all of his -- there he goes. he eventually moves it far enough for the little guy's little brother to escape. >> i usually hear anything. we didn't hear a cry. we didn't hear a big thud. so we just -- we woke up, looked at the camera. what's going on? are they still sleeping. we saw that it was all of the way down and they were still playing. >> those are some tough little boys. the boys' mom said she decided to release the video as a reminder to all parents to bolt the furniture to the wall. four children are dead after they were exposed to a poisonous cloud of pesticide in their texas home. the amarillo fire department said someone tried to wash away the chemical with water causing a reaction that unleashed the toxic gas. >> there was a fumagant that they were using to get writ of pests here. it contained a chemical called aluminum phosphide and when mixed with water it creates a
6:47 am
gas called phosphine gas which is highly poisonous. >> cnn's boris sanchez has more for you. good morning. >> good morning, carol. important to point out this is being investigated as an accident. we just heard from the amarillo fire department and the father of the family of ten got his hands on some aluminum phosphide, a very strong pesticide from a friend. and he apparently applied it to the bottom of the home. we're not sure why but at one point he decided to wash it off and that -- that's what ultimately triggered a chemical reaction that forced paramedics to his home at about 5:00 a.m. yesterday. when they got there one of his ate children was unresponsive. the paramedics tried to administer cpr but the child was dead at the scene. nine people had to be rushed to the hospital. four of the children ultimately passed away. five people are now being treated for exposure to this
6:48 am
hazardous chemical that as it turns out is not meant for residential use at all. it's actually meant to be used on wider areas. here's one expert on pesticides discussing it. >> when we use it, we can't use it within 100 foot of a structure. we have to notify all the neighboring people where we're using it. and so we don't really use the product in a residential setting. we use it maybe out in the country where -- where you're acres and acres away from everybody. >> so clearly a tragic mistake there. as i mentioned before, five people are recovering including the children's mom which we understand is now in critical but stable condition. one last thing, carol, a family friend of started gofundme page. they have raised about $17,000 right now. still to come in the "newsroom," israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu grilled for three hours by investigators. what he's accused of and why he
6:49 am
says the accusations are, quote, nothing.
6:50 am
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6:52 am
the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahus is corruption allegations against him are nothing. she was questioned for three hours. netanyahu and his family are accused of taking gifts and favors from wealthy businessmen. he says the whole investigation is politically motivated. cnn correspondent oren lieberman live in jerusalem with more. good morning. >> good morning. the latest on this investigation is that it's now officially a criminal investigation. prime minister netanyahu is a criminal suspected of violations of moral integrity. the attorney general and police won't say too much more than
6:53 am
that. this has been an ongoing story that started as an examination and hadn't yet reached the level of criminal. the attorney general says it was about one month ago they got evidence into their investigation that led them to believe this had risen to the level of a crime and that is when this started. police arriving at netanyahu's residence at about 6:30 last night. they questioned him under caution. what that means is netanyahu is officially a criminal suspect and what he says in that interrogation can be used against him. netanyahu has repeatedly denounced the investigation calling it nothing. here's what he posted on facebook earlier today. he said accusation of forbidden election financing, nothing. accusation of fixing the primary results, nothing. accusation of receiving benefits abroad and funding flights, nothing. there will be nothing because there is nothing. carol, it's important to remember this isn't the first time netanyahu has been the subject of a criminal investigation. during his first term in the late '90s he wise investigated
6:54 am
on suspicions of corruption. didn't lead to an indictment or charges. netanyahu predicting once again that's what will happen now. >> oren liebermann reporting live for us. still to come -- youtube yelling and twitter takedowns. the online uproar over mariah carey's mess of a new year's eve performance.
6:55 am
why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to drive old blue forever, do you? [brakes squeak] credit karma, huh? yep, it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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6:57 am
the final minutes of 2016 gave us the first major viral story of 2017. mariah carey's new year's eve meltdown. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: my, oh, mariah. they won't be forgetting this new year's eve performance any time soon. instead of singing to her 1991 hit "emotions," mariah carey's vocals went missing. >> we're missing some of the
6:58 am
vocal, but it is what it is. >> we're missing the vocals. >> viewers got very vocal. >> what is going on? is this how 2017 is going to treat us? >> reporter: mariah vamped around the stage. awkwardly killing air time. as she called for technical assistance. >> get these monitors on, please. >> a train wreck happened. but as the train wreck was happening, a plane crashed into it. >> reporter: and the tweets flew breaking mariah carey has blamed russian hacking for her performance. the last thing 2016 killed is what's left of mariah carey's career. >> who did mariah carey kiss at midnight? her career good-bye. isis has claimed responsibility for mariah carey's new year's eve performance. >> reporter: and how did mariah describe it? >> that was -- amazing. >> reporter: so amazing, she
6:59 am
later tweeted [ bleep ] happens. at least the puppet was sympathetic. >> mariah, you're bad. >> reporter: the singer was given a malfunctioning ear piece and they complained about it before the performance. the producers of new year's rockin' eve, dick clark productions, said they had no involvement in the challenges associated with mariah's performance. at one point, you could see a dancer struggling with an audio pack and mariah repeatedly feeling around for her ear piece. an ear piece that had some piecing together evidence frame by frame. your face when you realize you are the first meme of 2016. at one point mariah just let the mike drop. ♪ as her prerecorded voice continued on. no wonder this guy thinks he lip-syncs to mariah better than mariah herself. ♪
7:00 am
jeanne moos, cnn, new york. next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. house republicans challenge their own party leaders taking action that some say undermines donald trump's pledge to drain the swamp. gop lawmakers meeting behind closed doors. they vote to gut the ethsices office and put it under the control of the very members it's supposed to police. full approval is expected on this first day of the new congress. phil mattingly live on capitol hill to tell us more. hi, phil. >> hey, carol. to get some context and background. this independent entity was created in 2008 in a wake of congressional scandals. the entire point was to operate outside of the reach of lawmakers and provide recommendations after their investigations. that looks like


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