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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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popular e-sports has become. so that's one thing we're going to keep an eye on here this week. and did you know you could get a college scholarship for playing video games, so all the parents going hard on your kids for playing video games, they might have a future playing video games in college. >> thank you. have fun in vegas. this is c inn breaking news. >> thank you, i'm brooke baldwin. we are following breaking news on capitol hill as republicans have now officially taken control of congress. >> do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, bear true faith and allegiance to the same, that you take this
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obligation freely without any purpose of -- well and faithly discharge the duties of the office of which you are about to enter, so help you god. >> i do. >> congratulations you are now all members of the 115th members of congress. >> and nancy pelosi handing the gavel over to paul ryan. speaking of votes to come, one vote that will not happen this plan to gut the ethics agency, so on the eve of this new 115th congress in the closed-door session, the house republicans had voted to kill, that serves as the independent watchdog but then the tweets coming from the
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president elect and then in an about face the republicans decided to scrap that bid and it remains for now. so manu raju has been on capitol hill. i'm sure your head is spinning, but you're cool as a cucumber, walk me through it. >> reporter: yeah, last night the republican house did not see this coming, this was a proposal from bob good llad from virgini. this is a long standing agency that sometimes over reachreacho their view sometimes in the view of headlines and they wanted to put it in more over vivieovervi very outraged across the political spectrum because of
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the way they tried to do it behind closed doors, this morning they said their hands were tied and were going to prove it in a full house this afternoon, but then donald trump tweeted an he criticized what the republican house members were doing, it prompted them to have second thoughts about going forward. i'm told in this afternoon meeting that house republicans had this emergency meeting to discuss what to do going forward. there was discussion that about donald trump tweeting and there was a discussion they may not have the votes to pass the package after the president elect made his opinion known. they said they were going to let this watchdog ethic stay intact and about to approve this going forward and so a real about face
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from republicans, but also recognition that this is not the optics they want to have on day one of the new congress when they have such an ambitious agenda and as donald trump has said time and again, it is time to drain the swamp, this created the opposite message, which is why a lot of members changed their minds going forward. >> on the mind-changing, do you know if there was any sort of back channel between trump and any of these republicans on capitol hill or mike pence and his old buddy ons ties on the h was it really because of the succession of two tweets? >> reporter: there was not much discussion, it was a decision of trump to move forward, and it
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just showed in how much difficult position they would be going forward and create headlines and two years from now in the re-election races the democrats were not going to let them forget this saying that even the president elect agreed with them so the tweet added to the growing pressure and they decided behind closed doors to unanimously drop it and move forward. >> thank you. i want to bring in the executive chief of the daily beast. and the rnc previous director. great to have all of you on, happy new year. >> happy new year. >> doug, hi, how many years do you have on the hill? >> about ten. >> ten years? what do you make of that, two tweets and it all got scrapped.
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>> two years, house republicans were very tense, i was working for eric canner and we were very worried how many votes he was going to get. this was supposed to be a good, smart moving forward day for republicans so start the agenda under the trump administration, but the first day was a stumble and what they need to do is go back and focus on the bold ticket items, tax reform, get out of their own way and move forward. >> what did you say jacque? >> it was a famous moment. >> was it a trump moment? >> from a p.r. perspective, but he understands good press and bad press and he understood this was bad press and had to see how
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much flak he was getting. paul ryan and kevin mccarthy didn't want them do to this and then it gets scrapped. it shows who's running the show. >> and donald trump has been under fire for a lot of business firings and now he's able to take credit for winning on ethics. >> that's an excellent point. bill go. >> i think they made donald trump look like the grown up in the room. this was so stunningingly stupid for them to do that. it was supposed to be new day, new team, new america, and instead they laid a giant goose egg. it shows number one that some of the crazies are still in charge, that paul ryan are pretty weak
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they couldn't stop this the f t first time around and there's a tendency to over reareach and i think that should be a warning going forward. >> that's a good point. kevin mccarthy and paul ryan didn't want this and youbobgood that say? >> it means we're not going to agree on everything. president obama and nancy pelosi, weren't together on everything. it's not universally popular in congress especially the constitutional black caucus feels that it's targeted their members unfairly and not because congress wants less ethics but they want to do this job well.
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>> this is from the ranking democrat, chuck schumer. here is what he had to say today. >> america doesn't conduct foreign police by tweet, least of all by flattering putin, after confirming that russia interfered if our election, spurning vital intelligence briefings, that should allow democrats and republicans alike. it is utterly amazing that our republican colleagues who have spent years land basting for not being tough enough on putin are now with a few exceptions are under the circumstances early silent. >> they know each other, new yorkers, apparently have a pretty good relationship, but
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that was pretty brutal. that was pretty brutal on trump, do you think though he was talking to trump or waving the flag for dems? >> sounds like he was waving the flag for dems, because his pain is his gain. they're going to have a reckoning on this, right now they're just talking past each other, but with rex tillerson coming up and john mccain, about russia, trump is going to have to come to terms or face a big fight with his own party and democrats for that matter. >> bill, do you agree? >> i was going to say i think the point where chuck schumer started out you cannot conduct foreign police by tweet. >> meaning north korea? >> exactly. where kim jong-un says we're
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going to release the missile test firing, and trump tweets don't even think about it. i think it appalling as of now he has not met with foreign agencies to discover what happened in the foreign action, what's more important than that briefing? >> doug, what did you think about -- leader pelosi, this is day one of the 115th, the families are there and everything is so wonderful this washington but what did you think of speaker ryan's comments? >> i say they tend to go longer than band songs, but i think paul ryan tried to unify his own
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party but also the whole house as much as possible on some things that republicans and democrats can work on together. but that's the job of the speaker day one to present that message. >> promised seven years in the making republicans vowing to repeal, replace obamacare. the moment has just about arrived, but republicans have a true plan to replace it. >> president el elect and presit obama meeting tomorrow. and the first families who will be in taen taattendance for the inauguration. hillary clinton will be there. back in a moment.
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the fight over obamacare is on. republicans now control congress and the fate of the affordable care act. a budget resolution was filed today that would put that many motion. let's go to m.j. lee, what does this move accomplish? >> reporter: this is essentially the republican party to take the first step to begin repealing obamacare, they're calling the obamacare repeal resolution, essentially this is something that will be debated on for several days according to sources and the second part of this two-part process,
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committees will be crafting a language for a budget reconciliation bill that goes through a fast track so avoid a filibuster, this holds the language to actually repeal obamacare, this is where sources say will take some weeks, lawmakers have reputation for taking their time, so the fact that republicans moved this fast, to get the ball rolling on repealing obamacare just goes to show how adamant they are to make this a prior to under president elect trump. >> what can president obama hope to accomplish and conversely vice president pence heading to the hill to strategize over
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repealing and replacing. >> reporter: this is going to be a split screen moment, president obama and mike pence, the president-ele president elect. democrats including president obama, they understand right now there's not a lot they can do to stop republicans from repealing obamacare and speaking to some democratic leaders, they expect to go around and tell the american people and sort of warning them about the consequences of what republicans are trying to do, premiums could go up and instability in the market. so this is the strategy they're going to do to put the pressure on the republicans and on the republican side, i think the big question is going to be what is going to come after the party has repealed obamacare.
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keep in mind the repeal process is actually pretty simple. they have adopt ddone dry runs, this time they don't have a plan on exactly how they're going to go through with replacing the obamacare so this is going to be a big point of discussion tomorrow. >> tom price, we'll get to him, hhs secretary, with plans to replace. thank you much. bill press, let me begin with you on the obamacare note, and m.j. set it upper affeperfectly. the president going in for one reason, mike pence in for another. for democrats to ramp up support and not chipping every bit of it away, this legacy, what really can the president do or say? >> not much. i'd be honest with you.
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he will try to boost the democrats and encourage them to be as strong as they can in their opposition and in getting the message out clear of the advantages of obamacare, but it's going to happen and i just say this, brooke, i think republicans have to do this, if they don't repeal obamacare immediately they will lose credibility immediately. they have promised it seven years, it's like the dog that catches the car, they're stuck with this and then what? they don't have a plan. how do you tell 21 million american family that we're going take your insurance away and your kid or spouse gets sick and you go to hospital, the coverage that you have been able to afford for the first time is going to be taken away from you and replaced with what? nobody knows. >> jacque, we know republicans
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have been singing the chorus of repeal and replace, has there been a fight looming tween the president and republicans over how to handle this? >> i don't want to say president elect trump doesn't understand, i don't want to sound condesce d condescending, you can't take certain parts that are good parts and leave the parts you don't like. this is all intertwined and is going to be very hard to bill's point to unring this bell at this point because it is so complicated and more like a ball of twine than a ball to pick up and run with it. >> everything i've head about
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him he's -- read about him is come to me, this is how we should repeal and replace. >> it's like when putting forth a bill forward. it was really annoying, because jacque asked a lot of questions, the result was we weren't able to put all of our ducks in a row, that's one of the challenges that house republicans going are going to face, they're further along, and there are things they want to keep such as preexisting conditions, but conservatives don't like massive bills like this because when you create an environment it's impossible the take it away, to take it away, demonstrates that point. >> i hear you, but i want to make this point of rand paul,
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and saying you have to replace simultaneously or otherwise it will be this mess, he said if they fail to repeal it. on the replace. -- partial repeal will only ale accelerate the current chaos. >> i think senator paul has a point. look, they have had seven years, obamacare has been there seven years. before that they were debating it two years, republicans still don't have a plan. >> well, they have had president obama sitting over at the white house -- >> but even doug pointed out they had a chance, they did not come up with their own plan other than price talking about the savings account, maybe the fact that nine years later
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there's not a better plan. this is going to to be a real problem for them. you can't piecemeal like jacque said. >> no, it's a great point and jacque, no one may know how long this may take, but to bill's point, there may not be a change in that lane for some time. >> actually, they didn't agree on all the replacement options so until they kind of get their acts together, yeah you're right, could be quite a while. >> two or three years. >> two or three years? >> quickly before i let you go -- i don't know if i have more time or not, so i'm just going to keep asking, what do you think of the fact that bill and hillary clinton are going to be there for the inauguration?
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>> i think it's good, i hope she takes a will the of xanax. she's going need it. >> thank you to all of you. schumer prepares for a showdown. wait until you hear the compliment though he says he received from the president elect himself.
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chuck schumer vowing to hold
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donald trump account accountable in his very first speech today. he says the democrats will be willing to work with donald trump if he moves in their direction. dana bash sat down with an interview with senator schumer before he went on the floor, hello, what did he say. >> reporter: he is clearly trying to walk a very fine line, trying to make clear that he understands that as the opposition leader that he is now that he was hoping today as the new democratic leader he would be the majority leader working with hillary clinton in the white house, neither happened now he is the opposition leader, so the fine line is making fellow democrats especially progressives who'v even talk abt
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working with donald trump makes them realize he is a legislature and wants to get things done. they're both new yorkers, and donald trump was one of chuck shumer's early donors and the two of them had a phone call which schumer confirmed to me that he likes him better than republicans who actually run congress. >> the president elect reportedly told you he likes you more than his fellow republicans here in congress, did he tell you that? >> i don't want to get into what he told me. this was reported by someone called from the transition team. look, i don't know donald trump very well. i never played golf with him, i crossed his path in new york, but that's going to have very little effect. my guiding light is going to be the principals of our party and
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country, helping the middle class and trying to get there. >> but you're not saying he didn't say that. >> he said something close to it. >> were you surprised to hear a president elect telling a democrat that. >> when you're in my position, people do like to tend to flatter you so you have to take it with a grain of salt. >> when he made his speech today as the democratic leader is you were to sum up the speech in one word the hope in schumer-land was it would be accountability, he will be focused on that he and those who run congress are held accountable. one thing i thought was interesting was both his parents came from new york, mother and
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father were there to see their son sworn in as i believe the first jewish leader of either party in congress. >> how about that. well when we watch the maiden speech as you put it watching senator schumer take donald trump to task on russia, north korea, and what manu has been all over, with regard to oce, which you know with the ethics committee and how that vote got scrapped because of the tweets. i'm curious if you think trump is getting too much credit for the tweets because now we hear there were these angry constituents phone calls. >> and they have been working the hauls since this whole thing blew up and they are reporting
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that's exactly what is happening. probably a combination of all of that, donald trump's tweets gave the leaders in the house who didn't want to do this in the first place who were surprised by this behind closed doors, yesterday in their first meeting coming back from the holidays, they didn't want this to happen, so they were given some backup by donald trump with their tweets. if the tweets had happened without constituents anger who knows if they would have been able to turn this around as quickly as they did this morning. >> thanks. two new ties to that deadly attack on tonight club in istanb istanbul, we'll discuss it and to to turkeys former ambassador to
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that country.
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two foreign nationals arrested today at istanbul's airport. they are being held in connection with sunday easter r -- sunday east's terror attack. his name has not been released but authorities say they do have his fingerprints. mr. ambassador, welcome back. >> thank you, brooke. >> first on the manhunt, as this
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counts as they're look for this man, looking at the region, how confident are you that turkey will find him? >> the border between turkey and syria remains porous, to move isis supporters in and out of turkey, i don't know how successful they're going to be to crack down on that. >> we've talked about the rise of attacks before in turkey, how does the president handle it? >> he is facing threat from the pkk which attacks authorities
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not civilians, but it's now focus on international trade and economy, he's got a military force that's pushing against the isis forces which is why isis is reacting against him, he's trying to defeat isis, but paying a high price for it. >> you had the attempted coo, then the power broker in syria, why the rise in attacks? how is the kribtdicontributing? >> between him and the turkey, and bases in iraq and aligned with the pyd, but he has
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non-military functions, so that's a possibility. with isis, we have got to destroy isis, he's put tanks and troops on the ground to go after isis, that's the right step. they need to be supported by us and the rest of the international community putting as much skin in the game, if you will, to take down isis and mosul, raqqah and wherever they are, our friends are going to be threat threatened and we are too. >> mr. ambassador, president elect tweeted criticism of president obama's of prisoners of gitmo. there should be no further releases from gitmo. one argues that they abuse human
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rights by detaining the pr prisoners. >> there's a recidivism, who has been released, it is troubling, not only president obama, but president bush did want to close the operation because of the bad black eye it gives us internationally, but in and of itself you have to have a place to detain people that you seize on the battlefield and it's very difficult to put them in prisons in the united states so i think we're stuck with guantánamo. >> thank you so very much. former u.s. ambassador to iraq and turkey. >> new details of the hacking of the u.s. election, this as one of the national security advisors suggests that mr. trump
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might be toying with us a little about what he knows.
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the classified review of election hacking ordered by the obama administration could be finished at some point this week. the obama administration now saying it is 100% certain of russian's involvement pressure is growing for president elect trump to accept that evidence. one of his national security advisors tells cnn he has a different view. >> it looks from all the indicators that we have read about in cia and so forth as if the russians were there and perhaps even principally there, doesn't mean somebody else isn't
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there, donald trump is perfect for weaving around. >> are you saying he's playing us in effect? >> that's a possibility a little bit. >> is that something that president elect should do on a subject of national security. >> he's not doing anything talking about anything classified. >> let's go to pamela brown. what officials are calling a digital fingerprint. >> we learned there was new information uncovered the specific keyboard relating to the keyboard that had russian text with the malware code used this the hacks, so this is just one piece of the puzzle of many different digital fingerprints and footprints that the
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intelligence community has gathered and learned that russia was behind it. russia has one again today come out saying the text can be used everywhere and that the russian government had nothing to do with it but we do know the comprehensive review ordered by president obama the expectation is that it will be handed other the president and president elect trump will be briefed by leer lee leaders in the intelligence community and why they believe russia is to blame. >> that was quite the sound bite by james wool ssewoolsey. >> new york could be the first state to offer free college tuition to families who earn
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less than $125,000 a year. governor cuomo proposed such a plan, as mandatory today as high school was one generation ago. >> college is a mandatory step if you really want to be a success and the way this society has said we're going to pay for high school because you need high school, this society should say we're going to pay for college because you need college to be successful. >> we bring in deborah furyk. goes to legislature first. >> this is interesting, new york state college students are graduating with average debt of $30,000 for a basic education, but that is mandatory, crucial really to land a job if the current economy, and that's why
12:49 pm
the governor and bernie sanders proposed this to middle class families who earn $125,000 and under sounds like a lot of money, but for a family who has children, it's a lot of money. they must be accepted to a two or four-year program, must apply for aid and it covers whatever is left over. making tuition free. this could make nearly 940,000 house holds eligible. it is expected to cost $163 million a year. it does not cover outside tuition like room, board, books but the governor did praise this as really the first in the nation and fazed in over three
12:50 pm
years, beginning this year in 2017, targeting families making $100,000 or less, next year $110,000 or less, and from then $125,000 or less. how did they pay for this is the question and go to legislature? criticizing the cost of this program saying it is unfair because he's saying the governor is telling them to write a bigger check. the reason for this is they're really trying to boost on-time grand wa gr graduation. it's designed to fix that problem. accelerate education by promising students that it's going to be free for all eligible and get kids in and out
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and into the job market. >> okay. it could be great. could be the beginning of many things to come, but this has to happen and this and this and this. >> of course. >> thank you. one of the most recognize bab able faces in news is leaving fox, where is megyn kelly going and why? with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go.
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you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. >> fox news about to lose one of its biggest stars, megyn kelly announced today she is heading to nbc news late they are year. her last day at fox will be this friday. her future has been hot speculation in the tv news business. ryan has been waiting for the news to drop, our correspondent, are you surprised by the move? >> i have to admit i was surprised. i expected her to stay at fox or maybe go to cnn or abc. she had been in talks with a
12:55 pm
bunch of networks. i hadn't expected nbc. she's known for defiant expectations. she's doing that again. she's leaving fox as of friday, starting nbc later this year. and she'll be having a daytime news program, not something we're used to in daytime on broadcast networks. of course you come to cable. >> cnn, yes. >> she's trying something a little like katie couric. kelly believes there is room for her, maybe a combination of oprah and charlie rose. still have the primetime news magazine. >> she has kidos. i'm sure the hours will be better for her. in terms of pennies, nickels. >> fok would have offered her 20 million to stay. money was not the driving factor. that's code for saying she's actually taking not as much money as she could have. i'm sure she's still going to make $15 million or something.
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she's sacrificing some money to have a better quality of life, to be with her three young children. bottom line, brook, she wanted out of fox news. fox would have moved heaven and earth to keep her. she wanted something new. >> good luck to her. thank you very much. with fewer than three weeks until inauguration day, i believe it's 17, are we at 17 days to be precise, president-elect donald trump already proving to be a president like no other, and his historic run for the white house is chronicled, the election that changed everything. the first ever book from cnn, thomas lake joins me. congratulations. i lugged four of those books home, two to give to my family members. i wanted to ask you specifically a piece in the book, one of the biggest controversy of the campaign, the release of that hollywood, that access hollywood tape where trump was on with billy bush, caught with sexually aggressive language is how we can characterize that, about women. so, in the book you write this.
12:57 pm
quote, the video forced elected republicans into excruciating c contortions. many rebuked him. some said he should step aside and let mike pence leave the ticket. when trump refused to quit, several republicans who had unendorsed him or called for his withdrawal said they would vote for him after all. in a different year the video might have been a campaign ender. not this time. you give color about why the tape didn't really have as big of an impact as the clinton campaign was hoping. tell me about that. >> yeah, my colleague on this book, jodi, got a fascinating piece of insight from the clinton campaign. she spoke with their director of opinion research who talked about an ad, the clinton campaign wanted to cut based on the access hollywood tape. this would sort of use this scandal against trump.
12:58 pm
and polls showed the vast majority of american voters knew about this scandal. well, then a few weeks later the clinton campaign is setting up this focus group to test the ad and it's a republican mother who is basically saying, well, and then he dismissed it all as locker room talk and i realize that i couldn't answer to my own daughter if i voted for him. well, to the clinton campaign's surprise, more than half the people in that focus group did not know what she was talking about. and that was only about three weeks after this happened. people seemed to have short memories. also, there were so many of these moments like that that knocked people for a loop, so to speak. it was hard to keep track of all of them. trump seems to have benefited from that. >> you know, in 60 seconds, were do you think -- i think it's fascinating weeks after that. i remember when the tape dropped. at the washington post, poof, there it went.
12:59 pm
why do you think it didn't stick? >> i guess in the end there were just enough voters who wanted change. hillary clinton was, other than potential for being the first woman president, she was something of a status quo candidate. and you just saw no matter how far down trump went in the polls, clinton almost never hit 50%. that was a danger sign for somebody who was sort of a de facto incumbent. so, people who wanted the system blown up, they were willing to forgive so much from a guy who promised to do just that. >> this is a book that covers everything. it's about 17 months' worth from really start all the way, i know you were writing it till the very end, until november 9th. thomas lake, i really thank you. congratulations on the book. again, if you'd like to pick it up, it's called unpress identified, the election that changed everything. if you want to boy it, go to at
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big day on capitol hill today, the swearing in of the 115th congress. of course our coverage continues in washington, d.c. i'm brook baldwin here in new york. thank you so much for being with me. jim schudo sitting in for jake tapper on "the lead" which starts right now. >> thank you, brook. put lawmakers in charge of their own ethics. what could possibly go wrong? the lead starts right now. and breaking news, day one drama, a major about face by the brand-new republican controlled house. dropping an attempt to gut the agency that polices congress. something that put them at odds with the man who said he's going to drain the swamp. tweet heard around the world, after a nuclear threat, president-elect trump tells north korea not going to happen. and takes a shot at china as well. plus president-elect's new year guest, a reported felon nicknamed, no lie, joey no so