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tv   New Day  CNN  January 4, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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russians were not his source for leaked dnc e-mails. remember, assange always stands fast in the fact that he won't tell his sources. now he's saying what is his source is not, very odd. the questions about the president-elect is what is motivating his resistance just 16 days from inauguration day. let's begin with cnn's jason carroll live at the white house annex, trum tower in new york. >> it's obvious that at least so far the president-elect is not convinced russia is behind the hacking, not convinced that the u.s. intelligence community knows what it's talking about, and he's taking what he feels straight to twitter. president-elect donald trump striking a con spir torl tone again. in a tweet writing intelligence briefing on so-called russian hacking was delayed until friday. perhaps more time needed to build a case.
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very strange. u.s. intelligence officials say there's no delay. they say the meeting was always set to take place later this week, adding president obama has yet to receive the full briefing on russian hacking. trump vowed to reveal inside information he has about the hacks by today. democrat irk congressman adam schiff responding to trump's claim tweeting, this week real donald trump promises new info about ruks hacking. only he knows. next week what really happened at ross well. one intelligence official telling cnn that director of national intelligence james clapper was not scheduled to be in new york city where trump is until later in the week. >> later this week they will -- once the final report on the current situation in russia is made final by the intelligence community, they will ask for -- they have asked for a briefing from senior members of the intelligence community.
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>> officials noting that until now, trump's team has not scheduled a meeting with the heads of top intelligence agencies. by contrast, president obama met with the intelligence leaders shortly after being elected in 2008. for months trump has continued to cast doubts over the conclusion reached by 17 u.s. intelligence agencies that russia was behind the election cyber attacks. >> it could be somebody else. >> it could be russia, it could be china, could be lots of other people. it could be somebody sitting on their bed that ways 400 pounds. maybe there is no hacking. >> reporter: a conclusion the cia director says is ironclad. >> i would suggest to individuals who have not yet seen the report, not yet been briefed on it, that they wait and see what it is that the intelligence community is putting forward before they make those judgments. >> russia says it is not behind the hacking. wikileak founder julian assange,
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once again, says russia is not behind the hacking. donald trump weighed in on that part of the issue again on twitter saying the following. julian assange says a 14-year-old could have hacked pod des sta. why was dnc so careless? also said russia did not give him the info, referring to, of course, john pod des stow, hillary clinton's campaign chairman. >> maybe that was the information that trump said he had that other people didn't know. we'll see at the press conference. thank you very much for all of that, jason. there's a big battle brewing on capitol hill today with president obama and vice president elect mike pens rallying each of their parties on obamacare. phil mattingly live with more. what do we expect? >> reporter: want to fill you in on an interesting conversation. talked to west virginia senator joe manchin. he is a democrat from a state
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that donald trump won by 41 points. he is going to be skipping the meeting with president obama today, the meeting designed to rally democrats in support of defending obamacare. really showing, guys, there are no clean battle lines here, but there is definitely a fight looming. today president obama and vice president elect mike pence heading to capitol hill. it's an effort, aides say, to prepare their parties for the looming battle over obamacare. >> the senate will come to order. >> reporter: the high-profile visits coming as a group of conservative lawmakers are set to unveil the first concrete plan to replace obama's signature achievement, this coming just a day after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell filed a proposal to start the process of repealing the law. mcconnell wasting zero time, his proposal coming within hours of the ceremony swearing in of the
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new congress. the new session getting off to a rocky start. house republicans forced to back down from a proposal to gut an independent committee after major backlashes from democrats and some members of their own party, including a scolding from the president-elect himself on twitter. tweeting, with all that congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the independence watch dog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? focus on tks reform, health care and so many other things of far greater importance. house speaker paul ryan challenging the new congress led once again by republicans to make things happen when trump takes office. >> the people have given us unified government, and it wasn't because they were feeling generous. it was because they want results. how could we live with ourselves if we let them down. >> paul ryan not exactly hedging there. republicans hold all the power up here, but they don't hold
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unlimited power basically. that was kind of manchin's point when we spoke. they need democrats to move forward on any replacement plan for obamacare. he said what mike pence and president obama are doing today may poison the well for bipartisan support. >> phil, lots to discuss. republican congressman dennis ross of florida with us, also on the executive committee for the president-elect's transition. long time no see, congressman. good to have you on "new day." >> thank you very much. >> let's talk about what's in the news this morning. on the intelligence side, do you have any basis of knowledge to justify the president-elect's resistance to what the intelligence community has been putting out about russia's responsibility for the hacks, not their motives. we know that gets a little sloppy, but their involvement in the motivation of the hacks. do you know why the president-elect has reason to question it? >> i think we go back to the
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current administration and their questioning of it. on october 18th president obama stated there's no evidence of any russian hacking. in fact, told then donald trump that he needs to quit his whining and go out and get votes. there's been a history of, not that there's been hacking. there's been hacking by the russians, the north koreans and chinese, but as to how much, that remains out there. i would love to see our intelligence community have a handle on this. we haven't seen that evidence, the president-elect hasn't seen this evidence. this all developed over a couple years of not having a very good cyber security policy to protect our national interest. >> the policy of keeping us safe is certainly a concern. but i think separate. as you know, clapper came out in october and said the intelligence community is, you know, concerned about russia's involvement. he was straight about it. since then, while they're not anxious to reveal their methods and source, and you know why. you know why the intelligence
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community doesn't want to do that. you know why russia would love to have them do that, because it gives them a better blueprint for the next time they want to hack. there's been no inconsistency by the intel community on this. there's only been a constant negation of the intel by trump. what does he know that the intel community has not told us? >> i don't have that knowledge either. but there's apparently something out there. to be quite frank with you, i think again it has a result of the history that's led up to this. even clapper said he didn't have direct evidence. we haven't seen it given to the intelligence communities in the house and senate. i think the president should be briefed first. hopefully by friday after donald trump is briefed, we should know what sources are out there of intelligence that have given rise to this discrepancy. >> again, i think clap per was pretty clear about how they do this. as you know, in all due respect to you, i know you understand intelligence work very well. but for the audience, this is not like making a case by the fbi where they say, cuomo did it
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with a hammer in the closet. this is intelligence work. there's an alchemy to it. it's often indirect. they came out and said they have the fingerprints. i don't think you can make the case that the intel community isn't sure that it's russia. that's why i'm asking, why do we have a president-elect who wants to, quote, julian assange as his basis for questioning the intelligence community. >> this president-elect has done a tremendous job in raising awareness to the american people of the vulnerability of america's national security. julian assange is not my source and i wouldn't a want to rest on him a as a source at all when dealing with the intelligence community. we have to make sure our intelligence community is the strongest and best it's ever been. we'll see that transition happen. i think we'll see what the sources are within the next week. again, this is the intelligence
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communi community. a lot of it is secure. >> as it should be. >> as it should be. you're right. the president-elect is showing how vulnerable we've been from cyber security attacks for years. also showing our standing in the international community has fallen. we've got to take direct action to not only secure our borders, but to secure cyber security and again be the leader that the rest of the world is seeing us to be. >> i'm just saying, when they come to him and meet with him, and as you know, it's on the president-elect to meet with the intel communities. he suggested they're delaying the meeting. he's saying that's not true. i don't understand why he would want to alienate the men and women that keep us safe. this ethics turn around yesterday where they voted 119-74 to pass it, what made you guys turn around on this? was it the pressure from constituents saying don't do this? i know you're very responsive to your constituents. >> thank you, chris. that was a great deal of it.
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i think also the president-elect saying, look, there may be problems with the office of conal ethics. don't make it your first order of business. let's look at the politics here. i think we kind of saw the errors of our ways. quite frankly, the president-elect helped save us from ourselves on that. >> let me ask you about that for a second. we have history. i know you to be a straight shooter. you fight hard for people in florida and beyond. what were you guys thinking gutting the investigative mechanism for people in the house, to keep them honest? why would you even consider doing that? >> chris, a miss cricksizing that. putting oversight on the house ethics committee. >> but you took away the ability of the oce to start investigations of potential criminal violations and you gave the ethics committee the ability to stop any investigation by the oce. that is gutting. >> i'll tell you, those are the concerns we expressed in the conference. this is an independent agency that essentially has no
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oversight. it's something that's been debated since 2008, since the oce came into effect. if it's ever going to be changed, it has to be done in transparent fashion and with bipartisan support. those are my concerns, i'm glad we took it out. we'll address our other issues which, of course, is health care, tax reform and border security. >> do you think the jop will find it within themselves to work with the democrats to find a way to improve the aca. i had saxby chambliss on earlier. i know you have for respect for him in the senate. he said it only happens if you get democrats and republicans on board. you can't do it unilaterally. >> no one party has a monopoly on good ideas. we have to work together on this. the american people have spoken. they didn't elect us because we are republicans. they wanted to see a leader, see results, see change. if we're going to fix the affordable care act, we have to reach across the aisle. no question about that. we have to lead with a plan.
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i believe we have a good plan in place. we have to do the repeal first. not only do we have to reach across the aisle for the democrats, but they have to reach across the aisle for us. this can't be the partisan battle it's been for the last eight years. they'll remind us in two years whether we've done a good job. >> takes two to tango. we'll be following this closely. congressman ross, always a pleasure to see you. look forward to having you ban on "new day". programming note, as i'm saying, it takes two sides to tango. next monday we'll have a special prime time town hall with former presidential candidate, vermont senator and leading voice of the democratic party, bernie sanders. how is he going to help his party reach across that aisle? how is he going to help his party to deal with donald trump? what is the democrat's plan? you'll get answers to those important questions next monday at 9:00 p.m. for the one-hour town hall. remember, that's where folks u like you get to speak truth to
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power right here on cnn. a couple of headlines. black leaders are expected to meet today with members of mr. trump's transition team in washington. this comes a day after six naacp members were arrested for staging a sit-in at senator jeff sessions' office in alabama, protesting his nomination as attorney general. the activists say sessions has not acknowledged voter suppression, targeted black voters and falsely accused them of voter fraud. investigators reviewing shocking video from a north carolina high school. the video shows an officer picking up a student, slamming her to the ground. he then pulls her up by her arm, escorts her out of the cafeteria. police say the officer, ruben delos santos was breaking up a fight. the officer on administrative leave pending the review.
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excessive force. vice president joe biden -- a nice video for you -- he tried to steal a kiss while swearing in lawmakers yesterday. one baby was not having it. watch this. oh, no, oh, no, you don't. >> this is the granddaughter of senator richard burr tuesday. >> slow that down. >> you're familiar with this move, chris, from college. biden laughed it off. >> i don't like that you slowed it down. when you slow it down, you make it look much, much more shady. it's tough kissing babies. people take it for granted. that's why i don't. i haven't kissed any of my kids since they were born. won't give them the chance to reject me. you also probably remember this viral video we first showed you yesterday. 2-year-old twins, body and brock were climbing on their bedroom dresser when it toppled over and
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pinned little brock, as you can see. >> watch body. >> lift with the legs. >> lifted it off of him, but when that doesn't work, he pushed with all of his might until brock could wiggle out. those bionic boys and their parents are here in our studio exclusively -- >> that's body by the way. >> having their way in the green room and having a lot of fun with it. wait until you hear their story on our program. >> he's going to walk on the table. >> a glass table. after a dresser falls on you, you fear nothing. senator chuck schumer making one thing clear in his first week, he's prepared to hold donald trump's feet to the fire. cnn's dana bash had a very, very interesting interview with chuck schumer next. ype of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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chuck schumer delivered his first speech as minority leader making it clear he intends to hold president-elect trump and the gop accountable. cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash joins us with more on her sit-down interview with schumer. tell us about it. >> accountability is not what chuck schumer wanted to be doing in his new role as democratic leader. he wanted to be helping a democratic president get an agenda passed. he said his job now is more important. chuck schumer arriving for his first day as senate democratic leader. his large suite still strewn with unpacked boxes. >> you have some decorating to do here. >> a lot. not my forte. >> reporter: schumer was hoping to be the democratic majority leader working with hillary clinton in the white house. instead, he's leading the trump opposition. he proudly described a recent
5:21 am
conversation with trump. >> i said, mr. president elect you went after the democratic and were an anti exchange pick. in your early announcements you seem to be embracing the hard right. >> you said that to him? >> i did. >> what did he say? >> nothing. i said if you do that, your presidency will not come close to being a success. >> reporter: for schumer, success will be even more complicated, a fine line between when to work with trump and when not to. >> the only way we're going to work with him is if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his republican colleagues. 90, 95% of the time we'll be holding his feet to the fire and holding him accountable. we're democrats, we're not going to just oppose things to oppose them. >> schumer climbed the democratic ranks as a fierce partisan and pro licht fundra e
5:22 am
fund-rais fund-raiser, but in recent years worked to become a successful lake late tore, playing a key role crafting senate immigration reform though it stalled in the house. >> i've known you for a long time. you love a deal, not like the prelkt. i find it hard to believe you don't want to make deals with him. >> here is the problem. the republicans in the senate and the house have been run by a hard right group, almost tea party group. >> now they have a deal maker in the white house, just like you? >> we're going to look at the specifics of what is proposed. of course i'd like to make a deal. >> that makes progressives in schumer's own party nervous. >> democracy for america leading progressive group says democratic leaders from chuck schumer down need to stop playing footsie with trump. >> my feelings are exactly the same as elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >> since when? >> both said the same exact thing. if we can work with him and be
5:23 am
true to our principles, we're not going to reject it. overall we're sticking to our principles. >> reporter: the two new yorkers have a history. schumer says he doesn't know donald trump well, but he was one of his early political donors. schumer confirmed the president-elect told him he likes him better than gop leaders. >> he said something close to it. >> were you surprised to hear a republican president tell a democratic leader he likes you more than republicans. >> you have to take it with a grain of salt. >> reporter: trump is hardly schumer's only concern. he's also in charge of fixing his defeated democratic party. his prescription? >> a sharp edged economic message that talks about helping the middle class and people who want to get to the middle class get there more easily. >> reporter: just the task for the man who put himself on the map in the 1980s by being media savvy. >> the most ding rouse place in washington is between a camera
5:24 am
and chuck schumer, the famous line. >> said by bob dole after he was mad i passed the brady law which i'm proud i did. >> reporter: now when we try to talk to you in the hallway you pretend you're on the cell phone. that has changed a lot. >> in the early days the press was a very good way to bring out problems that needed to be fixed. now i have other leaders of power, so i'm hardly inaccessible. i'm sitting here with you. you can say a lot of bad things about chuck schumer. inaccessibility is never going to be one of them. >> reporter: same goes for authenticity. >> leader or not, refined he will never be. >> put a fire escape down there, it will be like brooklyn. >> that's right. >> alisyn before he has a clans to unpack the boxes, he'll have a very important meeting on capitol hill, president obama is
5:25 am
come, they're going to try to figure out a way to stop republicans from completely dismantling obamacare. phil mattingly reporting he spoke to joe manchin, conservative democrat from west virginia up for re-election in two years, he's not even going to show up here. that's a case-in-point example of how far difficult chuck schumer's job will be keeping the democrats in line especially since joe manchin is one of ten up for re-election. >> great interview. fascinating to see how he's evolved and what he plans for the future. thanks so much for sharing that with us. >> as president-elect donald trump prepares to take office, house speaker paul ryan will take part in a cnn town hall hosted by jake tapper, that's next thursday, january 12th, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. president-elect trump is quoting julian assange and antagonizing u.s. intelligence agencies over the russian hacks.
5:26 am
why would he choose assange over his own intelligence agencies? we get the bottom line with david gregory next.
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president-elect trump tweeting more about the alleged russian hacks this morning, saying, quote, julian assange said a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta. why was the dnc so careless? also says russians did not give him the info, exclamation point. is that the special information that trump trom missed on new year's eve to reveal. let's get the bottom line with cnn analyst david gregory. this is curious, why is mr. trump seeming to side with julian assange courtesy of a sean hannity interview, over intel chiefs? >> it will con found and disturb people for a while. julian assange has been called a high tech tear roft by vice president biden. president bush wouldn't speak at an event where he thought julian
5:31 am
assange would be appearing as well. oh, what a change. this is just ex-ped yentd. trump issic maing it claer as he comes into office he's going to keep the intelligence communityality arm's length. challenge the institution. he doesn't want anything -- there's a bipartisan congress that's going to try to get to the bottom of this and very disturbed by what russia did a lot more than the president-elect. >> what do you think the end game is on his backing assange. put aside why he's held up in the ecuadorian embassy in the first place. isn't this a slap in the face to the intelligence community, consistently tweeting him as his resource? >> yeah, tweeting and tweaking them as people who can't be
5:32 am
believed. he's going to come into office as the president, and you can't constantly run against the government when you leave the government. it's one thing to talk about wanting to reduce the department of education. it's another thing when you have to rely in your formulation of foreign policy on our professionals in the intelligence community who risk their lives, don't always get it right, but who are a resource that are going to provide an incredible amount of information. i think there's a dangerous game the president-elect is playing. we'll see what his tone and comments are like after he has a chance to get the briefing and read it. that's what the current cia chief brennan is saying. we have a chance to read the report and know what we know. >> that will be fascinating. as we know he's often impressed after he meets with people one-on-one and he then sort of comes around, much like he did with president obama after first meeting with him. it will be fascinating to hear what he thinks after he meets with the intel agency. >> this will require him to
5:33 am
admit he was wrong. we haven't seen that. >> look at his about-face with president obama who he couldn't stand or at least questioned his ability. it's been announced hillary clinton and bill clinton are going to go to donald trump's inauguration. could they have skilled this one? >> i think it's very hard. the peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes america great, just one of the things that makes our democracy great. it's such an important part of who we are. thinking back in history, despite the bitter political feud between stephen douglas and abraham lincoln. there's the story of lincoln standing up at his inauguration and looking for a place to put his stovepipe hat. it's stephen douglas that takes it from him and rests it oven his lap. hillary clinton is married to a former president, and donald trump is part of a very small
5:34 am
club of living former presidents. it's totally appropriate when they're able, that they should show up and mark the transition. >> all right, david gregory. appreciate it as always. you always give us that bottom line. what do you think out there? you've got the chance to tweet me at chris cuomo, @alisyn camerota. is gregory still with us? did he leave? >> i'm here. >> you and i, we're good guys. you think alison likes you, right? you notice it's just me? >> where did she go? >> she threw us under the bus for a better man. >> yoo-hoo. >> in fairness, i might have done the same thing. >> i'm here with my new best friend mark wahlberg. >> look at the look on wahlberg's face. >> mark and i have a lot in common because we both love boston. i love boston. >> and both incredibly jacked.
5:35 am
>> we're going to talk about mark's new movie "patriot's day," a fantastic movie about our be loved boston. we'll talk about the making of it and why it's so important to see it when we come right back. have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ] [ laughs ] [ doorbell rings ] when you bundle home and auto insurance with progressive, you get more than a big discount. that's what you get for bundling home and auto! jamie! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. we're gonna live forever! you get sneaky-good coverage. thanks. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempasĀ® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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the new movie "patriot's
5:39 am
day," a clip from the film that takes us inside the investigation and the tough decision that law enforcement faced that fateful day. >> gentlemen, if i may, right now boston is working against us. normally you've go a murder, no one rats. we don't got that problem. in this city, when it comes to terrorism, everybody wants to talk. a lot of people talking, but talking about the wrong people. they released the photos of our guys, sit back and listen. trust me, you've got to start letting boston work for us. i'm telling you. >> i understand boston, but i can't just snap my fingers. the decision goes all the way up to the decision general. >> give me his number. i'll call him right now. this is my [ bleep ] city, rick. release the pictures. >> that was actor john good man portraying commissioner ed davis. he joins us along with mark wahlberg.
5:40 am
wahlberg's character representing a composite of several brave figures. >> i watched it. it's fantastic. >> thank you. >> hard to relive the pain of that time. mark, why did you want to make the movie? >> ultimately the hope. seeing not only my city, but the victims, survivors, how everybody responded. it was really a pivotal moment for me and reminder of what boston strong really means and how proud i am to be from boston. >> i love boston. it's not just a slogan, boston strong. it's a real spirit. i think the movie captured that. ed, one of the things the movie does so well is capture the chaos of the attack and how gruesome and grisly the scene was and you having to swing into action and figure out who did it. what were those hours like? >> well, the first thing is the human toll, the loss of life, so many people injured and hurt. we had to take care of them. but then very quickly, there was
5:41 am
an urgent sense to run these guys down, to make sure we get them off the street. we were afraid they would do more damage to people. so it was an extremely complex investigation, and i think the movie shows how complicated these things are involving different agencies and different justice systems at the state and local level and federal level. it's a tough undertaking. >> there's a great scene where you're sort of having to sift through all the surveillance video to try to figure out among that crowd of tens of thousands who the perpetrators were, and you do a great job of that. i thought it really brought to life how to zero in on that needle in a haystack. was that accurate? >> yeah, there were obviously hours and hours of sifting through this footage and very smart fbi investigators noticed that one of the brothers had moved a little bit left when everybody else turned the other
5:42 am
way. that's where the first light wentoff. >> he was going in the opposite direction. commissioner, there was a debate in the movie, and i wonder how real this was -- what we just saw there, when to release the suspects' photos. why was that such a heated debate? >> there was an agreement. some of the high level prosecutors, wanted to catch up with the guys before we let them know we knew what they looked like. they wanted to sneak up on them. i was on the other side of the argument because people in fenway park and boston garden were calling to see if they could open up the park that day. how could i let people come to that game and possibly be attacked by someone when we knew what they looked like. i made it clear i was not on board to keep these images
5:43 am
private. >> how did it work? you had suspects. you had the photos. how long did it take for you to release them? >> it took a full day. we found the photographs in the middle of the night between wednesday and thursday. and then they were finally released thursday evening which prompted this other incident to occur in watertown. in fairness to rick, the fbi agent. he was supportive after the first few hours. he came back and said, i think you're right, we're going to go to justice and fight and get the pictures out there. it was a difficult situation, but it was a short-term thing. when you think about the complexity of the investigation, it was the only problem that we had. >> mark, in portraying this police officer, did you go back and spend time with the police officers who were involved? >> i did. obviously being from boston, i had to, and wanted to and welcomed the fact that i could go and speak with everybody. i first and foremost wanted to make sure everybody understood our intentions, the kind of film we wanted to make.
5:44 am
>> were you getting pushback on that? did people not want to relive that? >> mostly with the media. i assumed that was also the public's feeling, but once i went to boston and i had an opportunity to speak to people, i realized that that was not the case. when you talk about survivors, victims' families, reenacting the worst day of their lives. i don't think it's ever going to be a pleasant experience. ultimately they were going to make the film regardless. i said, if it's going to be done, it will be done the right way. >> there was one boston police officer's family who expressed some displeasure or maybe disappointment that there is a boston police officer who died a year later from his injuries sustained in the explosion and he wasn't included in the movie. do you want to respond to that family? >> obviously in telling a two-hour story, it's extremely difficult. if you look at my character, it's based on three police officers. we didn't want to give credit to
5:45 am
people for fings they didn't do which is why we created a composite character. telling the story in two hours is extremely difficult. we have the utmost respect for the simmons family. the movie is in honor of all law enforcement including him. >> what does boston strong mean to you, ed? >> it stands for the toughness of the city and the fact that people responded so whel wen we asked him to help. i'm so proud of what mark has done here. he's a tough kid from the street. he never for got where he came from. he came back to boston and took care of something that needed to be done in a way that no one else could because of his connections here. >> the great thing about the message of the movie is love will always win and we will always come together as one. these kind of attacks, you look at what happened in istanbul and all over the world. people need to come together and know that good will always win. >> a hard movie to relive, a beautiful movie you do so well. i recommend everybody go see it. called "patriots' day."
5:46 am
>> important to remember. i spent a lot of time with the commissioner and his men and women. we've got a different kind of strength for you on the show. 2-year-old strength in the form of a boy named body. can you imagine god forbid this happened in your house. guess what? he's here with his brother and his big brother and his beautiful mother and father. they're all okay. body keeps picking stuff up and throwing it around. we'll get them out there to tell their story next.
5:47 am
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5:50 am
this video has been all over the world, with good reason. you've seen it. the dresser goes down. two little boys, one trapped underneath it. who are they? body and brock shoff. watch bodie, he keeps trying to find ways to move this off his brother. eventually he figures it out. a lesson we'll talk about here. we've got them all here, the whole family, running around the whole down thing. bodie and brock along with father ricky and kayli. the big brother happy he has nothing to do with this. thank you for being here. thank you for being here. so let's talk about what this was like for you as parents.
5:51 am
you've got twins and the 5-year-old. you know chaos. nanny cam in the room. who saw this first? who knew what was going on? >> mom saw it first. >> you saw it on the video. >> like a live feed -- >> so it was live on my phone, and i just saw the dresser had fallen down and no kids to be seen. so i jump out of bed, run down stairs, fling open the door -- >> heard nothing? >> heard nothing. >> what time was this about? >> 8:20, 8:30. >> morning or night? >> morning. >> they're in toddler beds, so they can get out and play for a little bit and then we go get them. i fling open the door and they're quietly playing in the corner. >> brock wasn't crying anymore? >> no, not at all. >> when did you figure out what happened? >> we went back and looked at the video because it records all movement. >> i pulled it up and watched it. we already knew they were okay, and i was just like -- my heart dropped as you can imagine.
5:52 am
i'm like how did this happen? then i'm watching the whole thing unfold for like a minute, minute and a half that he's under it. bodie does what he did. i was just like -- >> how do you explain -- unless bodie is bionic, what he did? >> he's pretty tough. >> he's a strong kid. but we think there was a little extra help in there. >> bodie -- >> he's looking at himself because he's so handsome. i have that problem. took me years to get over it. >> he likes that licorice. i learned that early on, too. for us it was fig newtons. you could get the kids to do anything. you realized they were okay. could you believe they were okay. god forbid, if that drawer hadn't been open, it looked like brock got protected by the extra space. >> we couldn't believe it. he would have had to have been
5:53 am
hurt somehow. >> not a scratch. >> who put the video out? >> it took a couple days. we were really hesitant because it's hard to watch, as you can all see. >> why did you put it out? what did you think? >> awareness. >> it was like, yeah, something really personal, but there's probably a lot of other parents -- in fact, a lot of people have messaged us saying, we've now got our dressers bolted. >> i'm the mother of twins. i have twin girls, not quite as rambunctious as your climbers, but they did move around the room. i never bolted the dresser. i bolted a big bookshelf. >> never bolted anything anywhere. >> good point. i mean my people bolted a big bookshelf that was precarious. i didn't know to bolt down a dresser until i saw your video. >> i give you no break on that. we know that hardware comes with
5:54 am
a lot of pieces of furniture, we've all assembled them. but you never think this is going to happen to you. what was the response? did you have people coming at you saying, you got lucky, bad on you? >> of course, you're always going to get that. we've had a lot of positive. >> what do you have? what is it? this kid is the best kid in the world. my kid would take my whole hand up. >> i'll get you another one. >> that's so fawn any. >> don't let him get it. >> what do you think of your little brothers? >> right back in the pie hole. seven-second rule. >> i heard them, and i come in the door and i said, oh, my god. >> wow, that is a good response from an older brother. >> did you see bodie trying to move the dresser or you came
5:55 am
later? >> i sawed it. >> wow. >> i get that. >> is bodie strong? >> i think so. >> so you work for the camera company, the surveillance camera company, and some people have thought this was a publicity stunt. what do you say to those crazy people? >> i mean, it's ironic that it actually worked at my house, like we caught something like that. it's for security, but also to keep track of the kids. we were able to pull up the clip because it's recording constantly, we were able to pull up the clip and see the miracle that unfolded. >> we'll give you the benefit of the doubt, that you didn't want a dresser to crush your kid for publicity. >> why would we put our child in harm's way. >> initially we did the smaller clip without it falling. then people were like, hey, he's under there, the drawers are open. hey, why would we put our kid under a dresser. >> a cynical society.
5:56 am
let me ask you, though, the experience after it now, did you pick up any difference in the vibe of the boys after this happened? like was there any kind of -- the dynamic between bodie, he's a little bigger than brock. has that dynamic always been in place, if one of them going to be the strong guy, it's usually him? probably a little triangular pain going on. any difference since then? >> no, not really. >> when we went down to check on them -- >> dynamic is the same. bodie is not more protective? >> no, he's the same. a curious 2-year-old. >> he's roaming the studio. >> i think they'll always have a special bond and a love for each other. >> bruce is holding brock. i want to see if bodie sees what he's doing, runs over and kicks him in the ankle. >> our producer is corralling
5:57 am
th them. >> it's chaotic. every single day it's something new. every single day they get a scratch or a bump. they just do. they're boys, they're curious. >> how has life changed because of the video? how many millions of views do you have. >> what has it done to your life? >> it's crazy. >> ignore that thump. >> that was just him kneeling down. >> do people in the community know you're the dresser kid video parents? >> we haven't been home quite yet to experience it, but i think so, yeah. >> how long was it out there, the video? >> it's been out two days. >> this just happened -- >> this happened thursday and we waited two days. >> it was friday. >> and we waited two days to think about it. >> do you think it was the right decision to put it out? >> yeah, i'm really happy with our decision. >> because? >> because we've gotten a lot of positive input.
5:58 am
i'm reading my facebook messages and a lot of people are saying, i bolted my dresser. >> a lot of people out there hadn't done it. obviously we hadn't. thank heavens it didn't turn out worse than it did. if it helps one person or one child from having an accident. >> then it was worth it. >> look at these guys. this is what your life is like all the time. they're so curious, cruising the studio, tripping over things, picking up electrical wires. >> let's be honest, you can never be safe enough. it's easy to say i should have bracketed the dresser, but there's always something. do you have the gate up in front of the stairs? is the door alarm on? are they too close to the stove? there's always something. >> what i've been telling everybody is you can't 100% child proof your home. i think it's impossible. if you have, kudos to you. i think it's impossible to 100% -- >> people come to our house,
5:59 am
they can't get silverware because it's locked. >> you have those latches on the drawers? >> yeah. >> these kids will have no interesting scars if you keep them safe from all these things, all the stories that our generation has. i can't believe it's only been two and a half days. i see this everywhere, this video. it's not like we're starting it. it's out there everywhere already? why do you think? >> i think it hits home to a lot of people. it's something a lot of people haven't thought about really a lot. >> i don't know what i'm more impressed about, the luck -- there's luck. >> absolutely. >> but the kid trying -- my kids don't do that? >> they would leave one under the dresser. >> she was actively thinking at 2 years old how do i move this -- >> yeah, eight or ten seconds he's analyzing the situation. my brother is hurting, i've got to help him. what can i do. >> that part was remarkable.
6:00 am
he was dealerly deliberating which is great to see. >> at 2 years old, human beings know what the right thing is to do. >> they know -- >> intuition. >> thank you very much so for coming here and sharing your sons with us. the crew is having a great time. they've been a blast. >> the next media exposure i think will be some type of photo shoot because you are all gorgeous. >> on that note, time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> just in the nick of time. have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me at this hour, a remarkable showdown between president barack obama and vice president elect mike pence. each man due to arrive and lead duelling obamacare strategy


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