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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 4, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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top of the hour you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, we begin with a dramatic showdown on capitol hill as obama coins the phrase "trump care." visited with lawmakers in these sort of duelling split screen meetings to strategize on obamacare. the first order of business and it's the replacement piece that democrats are seizing upon. the president directed his party to "don't rescue republicans on
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obamacare" and advising whatever program they advice to take its place "trump care" turn the tables so to speak. >> it will be important that we be careful as we do that in a way that doesn't work a hardship on american families who have gained insurance through this program, doesn't work a hardship on our economy and we are working on a strategy in concert in the house and the senate for both a legislative and executive action agenda to ensure that an orderly and smooth transition to a market based health care reform system is achieved. the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick again, but
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republicans will soon learn that you can't keep the good parts of the aca and remove the rest of the law and still have it work. and that's what they're struggling with and why they're not getting anywhere. let me turn now to manu raju and dana bash. manu first to you on the meeting with president obama and we know that the senate maninority lead was great, but fired up. >> true, they were trying to say the republicans can't repeal the law and not face consequences, they're arguing they're going to face consequences from voters who actually like the provisions in the law and was actually urging democrats do and say they should fire up their basis supporters grassroot reports and
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get them to house districts and in states and let republicans know they should not move forward in this manner. actually said i am told from a source in the room, he said we could do what the tea party did in 2009 when the tea party act v -- activists did which led to the democrats in 2010 losing the house, shouldn't pass a "trump care" to try to rally democrats against a replacement plan, but brooke, not everybody is listening to that advice, i just spoke with senator joe mansion of west virginia about the obama meeting, he skipped it. here is why. >> well, i would caution you the
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democrats bertho eeberthed, now basically going to kill it with bath water, and now try to bring it back with 61, you have 52 republicans, it would be much easier to work and try to fix what you don't like now rather than throwing the good parts out too. >> reporter: would you be willing to be one of the eight democrats to replace the law? >> i would be absolutely happy to repair the law, i'm not going to vote to repeal. >> reporter: what about replace? heck, yeah, you've got to work no matter what they do. >> reporter: that's a significant comment, because not many draemocrats are saying the are willing to work on replacing it. they are in a meeting with mike pence to discuss health care and
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that's really the first meeting we know between a republican and democrats to discuss how to move forward on health care reform, but still a steep hill to replace the law, not a place democrats to go anywhere near where the republicans want to go. >> you threw a lot out there and i would love to hear dana opine on that so let's get to president elect trump. he trump warning his party "to be careful and that the dems own failed obamacare disaster and the increases like the 116% hike in arizona," also "deductibles are so high that it's use less, don't let the schumer clowns to
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take place in denver for the mess, it will fall of its own weight. be careful." dana, i know i asked you this before. what is trump saying? i really mean that. is he saying let it stay and because it's a disaster it will fail? translate. >> what he's saying is actually what his vice president elect echoed in front of the cameras and very likely behind closed doors with republicans today which is we know that everybody has been champing at the built to repeal obamacare. >> for seven years. >> yeah, over and over again knowing it's not going to go anywhere, but chuck schumer said today he thinks it's the dog that finally caught the bus and what donald trump is saying in that tweet is be careful not to be the dog that caught the bus, meaning you know you want to do
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this because it was your promise, but the democrats do have maybe not the upper hand, but they do have a point, a very strong point and the whole reason by the obama administration and the people who work for him, you know, six or seven years ago wanted to do this at the beginning of his administration is because when people have a benefit, even if it is not perfect, to take it away from them, is not easy. and donald trump is obviously realizing that not only that, trump himself has said and his advisors have backed him up in recent days that he doesn't want to take the people who are on the roles now off the roles. it's very, very complicates both in terms of policy first and foremost but also politically and he gets that which is a big part of the message that mike pence came to the republicans with on capitol hill today, which is we want do this but smartly so let's just take a
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breath. >> so i understand that the pence republican meeting, was a rally, set a timeline of sixth months to have a initial proposal. repeal is one thing and replace is another. so you have thing is they don't have a plan, they don't have a plan, being the republicans, from what i understand republicans have different plans, can you just fact check that for me manu and what's the replacement plan? >> they have a lot of different ideas, but there's no one plan, comprehensive plan that the whole party has united behind, there's no specific legislation they have offered that the whole party is pushing right now. there are a lot of different things factions within the republican conference are
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discussing. one thing mike pence did discuss was moving forward administratively, letting donald trump take executive actions and if tom price gets confirmed as health and human services secretary, that could begin the process of replacing obamacare, they didn't give a lot of specifics about what exactly that means but they want to try to do stuff administratively and that's going to take a lot longer to get support legislation through. >> okay. so much more on that. i do want to pivot because the other huge headline is donald trump is not only taking shots at the intelligence agencies he's about to lead, he's leading with wikileaks asange, the
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hacking was delayed until friday perhaps to build a case. very strange. the meeting was set one day after president obama was to be briefed then you have this, mr. trump tweeted saying asange said a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta, so why was dnc so careless? also russians did not give him the info. >> you just found some interesting sound, but pamela first to you, weeks ago trump was slamming wikileaks, what are you now learning? >> he seem to be siding now with julian asangasange, that he did give wikileaks the e-mails, but if russia is indeed behind the
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hack, it wouldn't be the one handing over the documents it would be a third party and i've been speaking to people in the intelligence community in the wake of these escalating attacks against the intelligence community and there is sort of a growing sense of distress and dismay about this as one person told me, look, you don't want to get off on the wrong foot with the new boss and there's this feeling like they're entering into this new hostile environment -- >> had the privilege of speaking with the house conference and senator schumer and speak to republicans today. it is 2017, we are back to work and just 16 days away from when we'll make america great again. the opportunity to be here with
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the leadership of the house and the senate and talk about the priorities of the president elect and to see the collaboration and the spirit this leadership team has brought to moving the president's agenda forward is truly inspiring. president elect said many times he had a three-part agenda, jobs jobs jobs, and the focus from the out sset after getting our team in place through the confirmation process is to focus on economic growth, repealing onerous regulations, working with leaders in the house and senate to roll back an avalanche of red tape that's come out of this administration. we'll be looking for opportunity before we get to the spring and tax t pass the tax relief for small
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businesses, family farms and really get this economy going again, there will be a focus on infrastructure, border security, immigration, focus on military spending, we building our military and of course the president elect will be naming his choice for the supreme court of the united states. but as i said today, to members of the senate, the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. obamacare has failed. and the american people have sent a decisive message to washington d.c. that they want obamacare to be repealed and replaced with health care reform that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. we're working were closely with the senate leadership on a budget resolution that will begin the repealing of obamacare and for a replacement going forward. we're also working on a series
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of executive orders that the president elect will put into effect to ensure there is an orderly transition during the period after we repeal obamacare to a market-based health care economy in america. look, obamacare has failed. the promises of obamacare have all been proven to be false. i was here in a different capacity in march of 2010 when we were told if you like your doctor you can keep it, not true, if you like your health insurance you can keep it, not true, we were told the cost of insurance would go down if became law, not true, right now people are laboring in extraordinary increases in premiums the average deductible
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for a bronds b- -- bronze policy is $5,000. and the increase has been in states, that comes to an end when with we repeal and replace obamacare. what i can assure you is that president elect is a man of his word. he came forward with policies having america stand great again honoring or constitutional principals for the first order of business today. a i'm grateful to the leader of the house and the senate to repeal and replace obamacare with health care reforms again that will lower the cost of insurance without growing the size of government. the policies will be developing
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in months ahead but president elect strongly supported efforts popularly advancing the congress in health savings accounts allowing people to purchase insurance plans, the architect of obamacare replacement will come together as it should in the weeks and months ahead but the american people voted for change in november, and the president elect and i are working with the leaders of the house and senate are determined to make our promise to the american people and that all begins with repealing an replacing the failed policy of obamacare. [ inaudible question ] >> you talk about the argument that the democrats are making that republicans will own it essentially if you cannot put together -- >> i'm sorry i did not hear the first mapart of your question.
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[ inaudible question ] >> i think the most important thing for the president elect and for the leaders here in congress is that we keep our word to the american people. look, obamacare has failed. all the promises of obamacare have shown to be false and broken promises and the american people want us to start over to repeal obamacare and replace it with the kind of reforms that will give the american people more choices when it comes to health insurance. releasing the power of the free market is the pathway toward expanding access and afford abili affordability of health care across the country and the american people know it. the simple fact is the american people know who owns obamacare. it's the first half of the title it is obama and the party of obama. what president elect trump and i and leaders in congress are
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determined to do is to keep faith with the american people who have voted in this past historic election both in the presidential election and in elections here in the congress of the united states to give us the majorities and to give us the control of the white house to make good on that promise. the president elect's advisor said yesterday on tv with replacement of obamacare that nobody has insurance now under obamacare will go without it. is that also your prior to? >> let me just say, we have on the floor of the senate now the obamacare repeal resolution. the priorities between now and january 20th are hearings on cabinet members. we hope the minority will treat president elect trump's cabinet selections in the same way that
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we treated president obama. and we confirmed a number on inauguration day itself. we hope to be in a position to do that once again. and we're also going to process the waiver for secretary of defense -- mattis. let me point out i notice my counterpart schumer announced their goal was to apparently never fill the supreme court vacancy, that's kind of an expansion of the biden rule. you recall the biden rule in 1992 was the senate would not confirm a supreme court nominee in the middle of a presidential election year, which was my view last year, senator schumer said in the second bush administration they would not confirm a supreme court nominee
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in the last 18 months of president bush 43's tenure, apparently there's a new standard now which is to not confirm a supreme court nominee at all. i think that's something the american people simply will not tolerate and will be looking forward to receiving a supreme court nomination and moving forward on it. >> on the cabinet nominations, when do you intend to meet with scott pruitt and are you comfortable with the slim majority confirmation that comes? >> yeah, i believe all president elect's cabinet appointments will be confirmed. >> is there concern that president elect trump will not have much of a -- going in if his nominees are not confirmed on or after or just after inauguration day based on half a
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cabinet? >> well, i think it would be great if the democrats would understand that particularly with regard to the national security team, the secretary of defense, cia, homeland security, it would make a lot of sense to have those folks in place on day one, and i hope we get to the point where that will be possible. >> thanks a lot. appreciate you coming up. so you have the vice president elect. they flanked him there on capitol hill there today -- okay i'll continue on. talking about obamacare interesting to note the vice president elect echoing what he said earlier after meeting with members prior to number one to repeal and replace obamacare. also today was also the day that president obama was on the hill talking to democratic members
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saying essentially don't rescue republicans by helping you know pass replacement measures. one other thing i wanted to quickly note where senator mcconnell was saying senator schumer was -- certainecertain a block on, senator mcconnell was saying the same thing with regard to merit garland to put up on the supreme court. we were talking about president elect trump and his up coming intelligence briefing friday and note on julian asang. what you have done despite what trump has tweeted you have dug something that would --
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>> right, him in 2010 basically said that wikileaks was disgraceful. he said this in an interview with fox news. >> today he's siding asang. >> if you remember during the campaign he was basically citing wikileaks every day on the trail saying read wikileaks and he even suggested the death penalty for the leaking of all military secrets. and actually have a clip of it. >> he's going to talk about wikileaks, you had nothing to do with it. >> no, it's disgraceful. >> that's disgraceful? so that was from 2010 entirely different from the tune he is singing now. pam brown back to you and apologies, we had to cut you off to go to the hill but you have more details from u.s. officials
11:24 am
you're in touch with your intelligence sources who are troubled, perplexed by the trump tweet. >> they're perplexed, dismayed and i want to read you this quote summing up the feeling today. this official says it's a sad day when politicians place more stock in vladimir putin and julian asang daily o to provide a objective non-partisan -- that's the feeling in the wake of these tweets from donald trump and today about julian asang a man wanted in the u.s. for leaking classified information. this is happening just days from this high profile briefing where trump will be "face to face" in the same room with the leaders
11:25 am
and intelligence agencies, he's been criticizing. all of these leaders will be in that briefing friday and this is going to be a deep dive on the russia hack, the first briefing where you really get the full picture so there's anticipation among intelligence officials and hope that perhaps things will improve after this briefing on friday. we'll have to wait and see, brooke. >> that briefing was planned the friday before president obama will be briefed. more on this in a moment. but the senate's top democrat with threats against over president elect trump, why chuck schumer is pulling a page from the republican playbook, plus a
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we're back, you're watching
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cnn i'm brooke baldwin, i want to read to you, anything you heard in my phase i ask you to forget it. that coming from a man allegedly killing nine people at a church in charlotte north carolina. speaking to the men and women of a jury who will ultimately decide whether he should live or die. they were murdered in june of 2015, the killer said he was trying to start a race war. and in his voice today he told jurors "i am not going to lie to you through myself." he went on" there's nothing wrong with me psychologically and anything you heard from my
11:31 am
lau lawyers in the last phase i ask you to forget it." what a day. i just can't stop thinking of the family members in charleston who have to sit through this and ultimately be cross examined by him. >> right. i have to tell you i was in the courtroom this morning, brooke, when all this played out and it is the most powerful and spen suspenseful moments i have seen. and here you have a man who is convicted self-admitted racist mass murderer who is going to get up and defend himself and speak to this court in the death penalty phase for the very first time an he did. the problem is nobody really knew who he was going to say and how he was going to act, the only person who knew was dylann roof himself. he went to the podium to address
11:32 am
directly the jurors. there were a few shifts by the security team, but all this had been carefully worked out ahead of time. the judge wanted to make sure dylann roof didn't look any different. he was wearing a gray sweater, black slacks and no restraints whatsoever but then he spoke in a very soft voice, didn't offer any defense, mitigating factors and he said maybe you might have heard or thought through my attorneys that there was something wrong with me mentally. he said don't listen tony any that, about 90 seconds then he was done, there was no, here is why i shouldn't die. he kept a jailhouse journal. it was found six weeks after he committed the crimes and in it he said if you thought any remorse had set in while in
11:33 am
prin prison, he said no, i want to be crystal clear, i had to go forward and to what i did. stunning and you could hear family members sobbing at times, one buckled over being attended to, and three walked out. one saying this is just a load of crap densely densely emotional morning in that courtroom. >> stunning in charleston, we'll talk more about this penalty phase whether or not he lives or dies, thank you very much. coming up next, president obama in virginia at an armed forces farewell ceremony, a goodbye to their commander in chief plus president elect trump makes his pick known for who
11:34 am
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we talked a couple moments ago about president elect trump siding with wikileaks julian assange when it comes to the presidential interference election. here is what assange said. >> i repeatedly said over the last two months that our source is not the russian government. and it is not state party. why such a dramatic response,
11:39 am
well the reason is obvious, they're trying to delegitimatize the trump as it goes into the white house. >> the non-profit internet and -- rob great to see you, when you saw trump's tweet, what did you think? >> first, i don't think he's siding with julian assange, he's citing him -- >> is he not siding with him with the fact that it was russia to help him? >> fair enough, he is certainly putting a certain spotlight on assange here and clearly creating doubt an questions about the source of the information that got to wikileaks, look, even if the
11:40 am
information went to the russians and i believe it probably did because there's a preponderance of the evidence not only from the private companies that did the investigations that that's where the russians got their hand on the data, but that doesn't mean they're the ones that shared it with wikileaks, there are other parties that could have got the data themselves and possible the russians moved it through other parties. so there's a number of different scenarios possible while also holding that the intelligence community assessment is correct and assange's statements are correct. >> to me you have a man who will be commander in chief when he puts his hand on the bible and puts "intelligence briefing" in quotes, and we have heard referring to disrespect. this is a man who will be leading the intel community in 16 days and that relationship as you well know, is crucial.
11:41 am
>> yes. look, this is a power struggle like we've seen seen before between the incoming president and the intelligence community and there's always an adjustment period when a new president comes in and there's three different relationship models one is when the president himself comes out or the national security establishment like george bush senior, he was going to shake the community, he didn't need any new briefings, he was an expert, the other is a senator comes in and has some experience and a peer to peer relationship with the intelligence community and the other one is if someone gets elected and kind of green and the ic may have the lead for a while and kind of freeing them up to speed and in this case trump is coming out from day one saying i'm the leader, sit down
11:42 am
and listen to me, and putting the ic in between a rock and a hard place. >> we talked to members of the intelligence committee who said if you are a green use your word, you would be the one listening, not jabbing at the intelligence community, that said, do you think there's any sort of positives of trump publicly challenging intention? >> clearly, he's challenging them and that's his pattern. this is a tough guy, who takes on anyone who criticizes him or questions him whether it's in business now in politics, and agility around this issue, and how he's positioning on one statement at a time starting with no computer is safe, which is absolutely correct, then making the statement that attribution is difficult. absolutely correct and then positionening and pivoting to
11:43 am
we're not sure where this came from and the world has changed, brooke. if you look ten years ago most intention came from human intelligence, we or from signals that the nsa does, but there's an explosion of open intelligence, on social media, out on the internet everywhere, it's a trove of information where you can also drive your conclusions from. clearly trump is moving in that direction, but this is a power struggle. very difficult for the intelligence community. i have a lot of sympathy for the great leaders we have in the community and the pressure they're under. with a current administration that may have one political take and incoming administration that has another. very, very difficult spot. >> set to happen on friday that intelligence briefing and then we will be hearing from mr. trump for a news conference.
11:44 am
thank you. >> coming up president elect trump making a controversial pick for his cabinet. why democrats will not be happy with this choice and a historically black college band deciding not to perform and backlash on campus. we'll talk with the woman who organized the petition. rodney and his new business. he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students!
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president elect trump making more administration announcements naming jay clayton as chairman of the ccc, he defended big banks in crisis.
11:49 am
he is an expert on regulatory law and ensure our financial institutions can thrive and create jobs by playing by the rules at the same time. christina ale sshi with with me. tell me more. who is he? >> it's really interesting to see donald trump blasting wall street throughout the campaign tr trail saying the hedge-funders get away with murder and now plucking these to fill his administration. he's interesting because though he doesn't work for a bank, he works for the go to law firm of wall street and his boss is sort of like a legend in terms of the lawyers that wall street turns to. personally clayton has represented goldman saks in a sum of issues, another one was
11:50 am
when warren buffet decided to invest in goldman saks, he advised in that traction and also works for them. and we have steve ma musimusioay colm, an economic advisor will be helping trump run the government. >> he says he will help create jobs, true? >> it an interesting argument. it one for the banks to say we are more free to lend and then small businesses can throive, bt the left is not because it may mean more freedom for wall
11:51 am
street to get in trouble for what they did during the financial crisis. so there's a balance between the banks with enough leeway to make the loans but the last thing we need is another subprime crisis or another form of it. >> thank you. just ahead police arresting a naacp activist, over his past and evan -- i veronivanka trump neighbors, who else will be living there.
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gadgets at the electronics consumer show, you told me yesterday if i'm a good gamer i'll get a college scholarship. hit me today. >> reporter: electronics is a good thing, always here you know somebody wearing an i ffit watc and this one brought to you by ford, you wear this one around your waste and it gives you how high you're jumping, or how much stress, the miami heat, mens and womens volleyball and collegiate teams around the country are using this technology and it's now doing to be available for all of us. >> we're going into a whole new world where intensity trackers
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and performance trademarks are what consumers want and when you can give them real measurements on what they're doing in their workouts gets consumers excited so if i ran and saw my stress level was only 10% i knew it wasn't damaging to my body but if i ran and it was high, i knew something was wrong and i need to find out what's going on. >> you can take a picture while you're jumping and gives you a meshment of how high your vertical jump was. >> did you do it andy? >> reporter: i did. i'm not going to give my jump on air, well the g-vert module and
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app tells you. >> i thought you were going to tell me i was going to lose weight by drinking wine and other stuff. thanks. this campus in alabama, historically black college, this marching band accepted an invitation to take part in president, talladega college form founded by former slaves, they are to take part in the parade following the swearing in of our next president. this is sparking duelling petitions online and today the college's president is to indeed decide if they will perform for trump. joining me is the one who started the petition urging the
11:59 am
band not to perform. shirley, i know you have over 1,200 signatures, what are you hoping to accomplish? >> well, thank you, first of all cnn for allowing me to express my point of view and i'm excited that we do have in excess of 1,200 supporters for the band not the take part in the inauguration hoping that that will help to shape the decision to be announced by the college president today. and hope that he will in fact say that the band will not go and take part. >> now shirley, some current students would disagree. they want to be there, one student said we believe this parade is not about politics. another student is kmiexcited f that the performance would put the school on the map. >> i don't think so, talladega
12:00 pm
has been on the map, it is the oldest historic al black college since 1867 built by former slaves, so i think that place on the map is secure. i can certainly appreciate and understand the band members wanting to go and exercise their talent, but i think a larger purpose and focus ought to be on the school, which is why they were invited not because they are such great individual musicians but because they're part of talladega college's marching band. >> we will wait to hear from the decision on the college's president whether they will be there on the 20th, i'm now learning the president will be giving the decision on don lemon's show