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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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has been on the map, it is the oldest historic al black college since 1867 built by former slaves, so i think that place on the map is secure. i can certainly appreciate and understand the band members wanting to go and exercise their talent, but i think a larger purpose and focus ought to be on the school, which is why they were invited not because they are such great individual musicians but because they're part of talladega college's marching band. >> we will wait to hear from the decision on the college's president whether they will be there on the 20th, i'm now learning the president will be giving the decision on don lemon's show tonight. thank you so much.
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>> you're watching cnn you're watching brooke baldwin, let's go to capitol hill, president obama coined the phrase "trump care." today vice president elect pence decided to strategize on repealing and replacing obamacare, it will be "the first order of business in trump's administration" but it's the replacement piece of that that the democrats are seizing on, president obama said "don't rescue republicans," much more ton the capitol hill trip but vice president elect pence
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spoke. >> in year's past health savings accounts allowing americans to purchase health insurance across state lines. the architecture of the replacement of obamacare will come together as it should, through the legislative process in the weeks and months ahead. obamacare has failed. all the promises of obamacare have been shown to be false. and broken promises. >> cnn's fill mattingly joins us, we are hearing that the dems meeting they were fired up, tell me why exactly. >> reporter: that's exactly right. one member in the room i spoke to it was sort of a pep rally of sorts. with good reason, brooke, just yesterday the senate and the house were once again sworn in as republican control just 16 days from now the white house becomes the same so the
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president's message kind of nailed the top line points but this wasn't a policy based message, wasn't about specific details that needed to be defended but defending in mass and using techniques actually used against democrats, one member said the president said you need to co-op what the tea party did to us that was extraordinarily effective in 2010, 2014 and 2016, the need the rally your base, get to town halls, fight this tooth and nail. this is a direct quote" i envy you so much right now because i would love to be on the field" the question now is if the members of congress will respond. this is what senate majority sl schumer had to say. >> the republicans will be soon executing a full scale assault
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on the three pillars of the support system. the medicare act, medicaid, it wouldn't make america great again, it would make america sick dwagain and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. >> reporter: i think you're going to hear it over an over again. they had a meeting with the president today. he talked about the crazy dynamic about the meetings going on at the same time. the vice president made it clear that's what the democrats were going to do and it was incumbent on them to do it. this was about strategy, pr or recognition that the message might actually win this fight,
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brooke. >> split screen scenes on the hill. thank you so much. let's have a bigger conversation. the writer for u.s. news and world report and malik henderson. good to see you. the fact that president obama talked to his fellow democrats and said you start referring to obamacare to trump care, turn the tables on republicans, david, do you think that's a winning strategy? >> i think it's the best right now. they want to continue to make donald trump be unpopular and put the burden on the republicans. democrats have had the burden the last eight years to have protecting this thing, now they feel like the burden is on republicans to do something. they all know republicans want to repeal it.
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they're likely to repeal it. but today the question and they're going to have their own inner party debate for republicans how exactly to do it so what obama wants to do is say okay, you don't like my health care plan we're going to make you, donald trump, own it. they're wanting the branding to be right at the outsoutsetheout >> make america sick again. the succession of three tweets, he's warning his party to be "careful in that the dems own failed obama disaster with it's poor coverage and massive premiums, also dukoubles are so high and don't let the schumer clowns -- it will fall of its
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own weight. be careful" what do you think he means when he says it will fall on its own weight? >> it's been the republican argument all along that it will fall on its own weight. but now the republicans are in control of both houses and obviously a president who will go along and replace it, the burden now is on them. they have had six years to come up with some sort of plan. but the fact they don't have a plan speaks to have difficulty. >> they don't have a unified plan. >> exactly,exactly, there's the paul ryan plan and hatch plan. but there are a few different versions of the republican party. some don't think that the government should have anything to do with health care and then you have donald trump really sounding at times like obama in
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terms of the provisions that he wants to keep, so it is a real mess at this point and i think if you're a democrat you think that at this point basically if anything at all goes wrong in terms of premium hikes in terms of anything with the health care system, now republicans could shoulder some of that blame. it certainly will be democrat strategy to tie them over and over to whatever missteps go on over the health care system the next months. >> how to specifically replace david, the number i saw today in terms of pennies, nickels and dollars, 350 billion over the next decade. that's the analysis by the buy partisan for responsible federal budget. is that at the heart of why republicans do you think haven't come up with you know unified plan? >> i think that's part of it.
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you have seen divisions over how to repeal taxes. i don't know how you repeal it the funding that is providing the law. it has to come from one person, donald j trump. they have been united around this issue. >> for seven years. >> for seven years. and if you remember when president obama put forth obamacare, he was the driving force and the democrats had a big debate should we have a public option, should we not. what should go in here? but the president was the definer in that role, in the same way you have all the house, senate members different timing, proposals, president elect trump is going to have the define the plan, that's why it's so important that mike pence was up there today because he's going to be the governing negotiator
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in this administration and i think being on the hill talking to republicans they want to see more of mike pence thabecause that's the route to donald trump. >> saw reince priebus over his shoulder. we could see much more of him on the hill. thank you. in the meantime the president elect appears to be taking the word of wikileaks julian assa e assanges word saying a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta, so why was dnc so careless, also said russians did not give him the info. trump reacting to an interview he gave to fox news last night, here is just a piece of that. >> we have said repeatedly over the last two months that our
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source is not the russian government and it is not state party. why such a democratic response? well, the reason is obvious. they're trying to delegitimatize trump administration. >> he tweeted "the briefing on russian hacking was delayed until friday perhaps to build a case. very strange!" >> jim, let me begin with you, i know you feel very passionately about this and how trump tweeted was delayed. it wasn't delayed. this whole time this briefing was supposed to be friday, correct? >> correct, there's no meeting
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with clapper or by the cia, i'm told by several u.s. officials, the review ordered by president obama of hacking isn't complete yet, when it is complete, president obama will be briefed first and he hasn't been briefed yet and just to be clear, this is the first of several stories about this review that donald trump and his team have told just the past several days. in the weekend it was special information that only he had, then walked back by his advisors then it was this idea that the briefing was somehow delayed that we're told is frankly not true, the newest line are the series of tweets saying today trust julian assange over the u.s. intelligence community, but calling into question u.s. intelligence in general putting it in quotes in his tweets,
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folks are reacting with confusion and a fair amount of dismay, the future president throwing them under the bus for lack of better expression. >> so you have the ic piece of this but you also have the julian assange piece of that and what struck you is the fact that assange is even talking about his sources. >> it goes through everything they stand for, the use was to prevent even assange himself from knowing who his sources are, so for him talking about the fact he knows who the source is saying details of who the source is, is so bizarre, imagine that the source was not the russian government which i actually doubt because the 17 intelligence agencies and other public information, so what if it was the dnc insider, but
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assange has thrown them off the red herring and this is what wikileaks has always espoused. >> instead of as jim points out the 17 or 18 intelligence agent >> you had nothing to do with wikileaks. >> i think it was disgraceful. >> i think it should be like a death penalty or something. >> this should be death penalty or something. >> jim choteau to you. >> julian assange and wikileaks has attracted both republican and democratic administrations, exposed u.s. soldiers in the field putting them in danger, and it's exposed private
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conversations potentially damaging relationships and now in effect a political party affecting a race and julian assanges philosophy is to attack what he calls secrecy based authoritarian based government, his not mine, his goal is to under mine the u.s. and other governments, so for an incoming u.s. president to in effect ally himself with julian assange is remarkable. >> do you think julian assange is salivating over this. >> i think he's happy that hillary clinton is not going to be the next president. he knew it would pretty much mean indictments in 2010, he knew she was going to pursue crimes against him, not just for
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sex crimes but for espionage and i think for trump he thinks is probably a wild-card and he might walk free and trump has tax returns among him and we may see wikileaks on the other side in four years. >> if he doesn't say this is wrong, north korea could be hacking the republicans, that's his point as well to your point as well. thank you. coming up next the racist murderer behind the charlton church massacre speaking out in court about his sanity and why he just told the entire jury to ignore his lawyers. your insurance company
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welcome back, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, we were talking about how president elect trump has cast doubt on intelligence while at the same time appearing to support julian assange. political commentator and
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director for the congressional black caucus. happy new year. >> happy new year. why do you think the president elect is siding with the assa e assange. >> trump doesn't think that, he's come out and said he doesn't think assange is good for america. that's not the point, the point is that wikileaks revealed damaging information about the dnc because the democrats were so incompetent -- >> sorry to interrupt you, i've got to go to the president of the united states. this is in fort meyers in virginia. let's listen to the potus. >> thank you so much. thank you. [ applause ] >> good afternoon. turns out these are easier when
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you're talking about somebody else. [ laughter ] >> in moments like this i think of all the times that i've stood before our men and women in uniform. commissioning our newest officers, presiding over promotio promotions, presenting the commander in chief's trophy to the best football team in the military. i will let you argue over that one. [ laughter ] >> i have never taken sides. secretary carter, i could not be more grateful for your gracious words but more importantly for your outstanding leadership. across as you noted more than three decades and nearly all of my presidency. you have always given me your best strategic kouns -- council.
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made sure we were investing in long term. as as as a -- i know our families are grateful for the compassion you have shown to us and the families over the years, so on behalf of us thank you for your outstanding service. [ applause ] >> general dunford, we've relied on you on the marine core as commander in afghanistan and now as our nation's highest ranking military officer, i thank you and general silva for the
12:24 pm
untarnished military advice that you have always provided to me, for your dedication, professionalism, for your integrity. because of you, because of this team, our armed forces are more integrated an better prepared across domains. a truly joint force, which is why as a white sox fan i can over look the fact that you love the red sox. more over on a personal note outside of your professional qualities, you are a good man. and i am grateful to have worked with you and thank ellen for allowing you to do this. [ applause ] to members of congress, vice president biden who along with jill has known the love and the
12:25 pm
pride and the sacrifice of a military family. to deputy secretary wark, service secretaries, distinguished guests, dedicated civilians from across the defense department, my national security team, most of all our men and women in uniform, i thank you for this honor and for the warmth and respect that you have always shown me, the support that you have shown michelle and our daughters during these past eight years, and so although i recognize that the formalities require me listening to praise directed in large part to me, i want to turn the tables, i am still commander in chief, and so i get to do
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what i want to do and i want to thank you. of all the privileges of this office, and there are many, i will miss air force one, marine one, but i can stand before you today and say there's been no greater privilege and no greater honor than serving as commander in chief as the greatest military in the world. [ applause ] when i took office i noted that presidents and those of you in uniform swore a similar oath. to protect and defend this country and the constitution that we cherish. by stepping forward and volunteering, by raising your right hand and taking that oath, each of you made a solemn pledge.
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you committed yourself to a life of service and of sacrifice and i in turn made a promise to you, which to the best of my abilities i've tried to uphold every single day since that i would only send you into harm's way when it was necessary, with a strategy and well-defined goals with the commitment and support that you needed to get the job done because that's what you rightfully expect and what you rightfully deserve. i made that pledge at a time when less than 1% of americans wear the uniform, fewer americans know someone who serves and as a result a lot of americans don't see the sacrifices you make on our behalf. but as commander in chief, i do. i've seen it when i look in the
12:28 pm
eyes of young cadets knowing that my decisions could very well send them into harm's way. i've seen it when i've visited the field. in baghdad, far from your families. risking your lives so that we can live ours safely and in freedom. and so you have inspired me, and i have been humbled by you consistently. and i want every american to know what i know, through year after year after year, of continuous military operations you have earned your place among the great estrogest generations. the list of accomplish. s that joe and ash so generously mentioned, they're because of you. it's what i tell my staff. i'm the front man.
12:29 pm
but you're the ones doing the work. because of you our alliances are stronger from europe to the asian pacific. because of you, we surged in afghanistan, trained afghan forces to defend their country, while bringing most of our troops home. today, our forces serve there on a more limited mission because we must never again allow afghanistan to be used for a safe haven in a tax against our nation. it's because of you particularly our remarkable special forces, that the core al qaeda leadership that attacked us on 9/11 has been decimated. countless terrorist leaders include including o sam bin laud.
12:30 pm
they're gone. these terrorists have lost about half of their territories, they are losing their towns and cities are being liberated and i have no doubt this bar barbaric group will be destroyed because of you. not letting our forces get drug into sectarian wars but with smart sustainable principal partnerships. that's how we brought most troops home from nearly 180,000 troops down to 15,000 today. even how he suffered here at home from boston to orlando. no foreign terrorist organization has successfully
12:31 pm
planned and executed an attack on our homeland these past eight years. because of you, the world has seen the awesome reach of american armed forces. in some of the first few weeks of my job when so mamalisomali took phillips and jessica buchanan it was you that risked everything and brought these americans home to their families. the world has seen your compassion to help you deliver in times of crisis from the earthquake in haiti to the tsunami in japan. think of ebola and the countless
12:32 pm
lives this armed forces saved in west africa. it was you that set up the architecture ant set the example for the world's response. one woman in west africa said we thanked god first and then we thanked america second for caring about us. that's the difference you made, you continue to make in the lives of people around the world. as you noel with service comes great sacrifice and after 15 years of war our wounded warriors bear the scars both seen and unseen. in my visits to their bedsides and rehab centers i have been in awe watching a wounded warrior grab his walker and pull himself up and through excruciating pain take a step and then another.
12:33 pm
or hearing groups how they grappled with post traumatic stress but had the strength to ask for help. as a military and a nation we have to keep supporting our resilient and incredibly strong wounded warriors as they learn to walk and run and heal as they find new ways to keep serving our nation, they need to know that we still need your incredible talents. you have given so much to america and i know you have more to give. and then you have not seen the depths of true love and true patriotism until you have been to dover. when our troops receive our fallen heroes on their final journey home. until you have grieved with our
12:34 pm
gold star families who have given a piece of their heart to our nation, a son or a daughter, a father, or mother, a husband, or wife, a brother or a sister, everyone a patriot. every single one of these american families deserves the ever lasting gratitude and support of our nation. today, after two major ground wars our armed forces have drawn down and that is natural and it is necessary. and after reckless budget cuts of se quester we need to keep improving and training and modernizing our forces so let me
12:35 pm
take this opportunity to appeal to our friends from congress who are here. we cannot go back to sequestration. investing in strengths and economic security, investing in the reform and support and equipment that our troops need including the pay and benefits, quality of life and education and jobs that our troops an veterans and all of your families deserve. make no mistake, even with the challenges of recent years, and there have been challenges, our allies and adversaries alike understand, america's military remains by far the most capable fighting force on the face of the earth. our army tested by years of combat is the best trained and
12:36 pm
best equipped on the planet. our navy is the largest and most lethal in the world on track to surpass 300 ships. our airforce with it's precision unmatched, our marine core, unmatched, our coast guard is the finest in the world and we're also the best because this military has come to welcome the talents of more of our fellow americans. service members can now serve the country they love without hiding who they are or who they love. all combat positions in our military are now open to women. and joe biden and i know that women are at least as strong as men. we're stronger for it.
12:37 pm
it's one of the reasons that our mill tar stan military stands apart as the most respected institution by a mile. [ applause ] >> the american people -- the american people look up to you and your devotion the duty and your integrity and sense of honor and your commitment to each other. one of my proudest achievements is that i have been able to i think communicate through the constant partisan haze along with so many others, how special this institution is. and the esteem in which our military has held has held
12:38 pm
steady and constant and high throughout my presidency and i'm very grateful for that because you remind us that we are united as one team. at times of division, you have shown what it means to pull together. so my days as your commander in chief are coming to an end and as i reflect on the challenges we have faced together and on those to come, i believe that one of the greatest tasks before our armed forces is to retain the high confidence the american people rightly place in you. the responsibility not simply for those of you in uniform but for those who lead you, it's the responsibility of our entire nation, and so we are called to remember core principals. that we must never hesitate to
12:39 pm
act to defend our nation, but we must also never rush into war because sending you into harm's way should be a last and not first resort. it should be compelled by the needs of our security and not our politics. we need to remember that we must not give into the false illusion of isolationism because in this time oceans alone will not protect us and the world still seeks an needs our leadership as the one indispensable nation. we have to remember that our military needs to be prepared for the full spectrum of threats, conventional and unconvention unconventional. from 20th style aggression to 21st century -- threats.
12:40 pm
do everything in our power to prevent the loss of innocent life because that's what we stand for. that's what we should stand for. we have to remember that as we meet the threats of our times we cannot sacrifice our values or our way of life. the rule of law. and openness and tolerance, that defines us as americans that's our greatest strength and makes us a beacon to the world. we cannot sacrifice the very freedoms that we're fighting for. and finally in our democracy the continued strength of our all-volunteer force also rests on something else, a strong bond of respect and trust between those in uniform and the citizens that you protect and defend. at a time when two few americans
12:41 pm
truly understand the realities or sacrifices of military service. at a time when many political leaders have not served. if some in the military begin to feel as though somehow they are apart from the larger of society they serve, those bonds can fra. -- fray, as every generation learns anew freedom is not free. americans can do their part in the very there's to support the military. every business, profession, school, every state to reach out and to give back and to let you know that we care to help make the lives of our troops and your
12:42 pm
families just a little bit easier. everybody can do something and that's why michelle and jill biden have mobilized more americans to honor and support you through joining forces and after we leave the white house michelle and i intend to keep looking for ways to help rally to be there for you just like you have always been there for us. so we can't say it enough and we can't show it enough. thank you for your patriotism, thank you for your professionalism, thank you for your character. in representing the very best of the american spirit. our nation endures. we live free under the red, white and blue because of patriots like you. it has been a privilege to serve
12:43 pm
a lifetime with you, i have learned much from you, i'm a better man having worked with you, i am confident that our forces will remain the greatest force for freedom and security the world has ever known. god bless you and your families and god bless the united states of america. [ applause ]
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[ applause ] attention. honor guard.
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>> right shoulder. ♪ ♪ ♪ powerful speech from the president of the united states, commander in chief who has the job for 16 more days addressing our men and women in uniform there at base meyer in virginia calling it a privilege of a lifetime, battles at home and abroad and addressing the
12:46 pm
patriotism and over an over addressing the words thank you. >> barbara joins me from the pentagon, especially when he was talking barbara, dover, goosebumps. >> you know, there really are. henderson haul is up the hill from the pentagon, very well known of the military and what we witnessed this afternoon cannot be over stated perhaps mutual r mutual patriotism. they are bidding farewell to their commander for the last eight years and thes tit is the commander in chief, bidding farewell to his troops but to the military families to all who have really served in last eight years of war. president obama has always been a powerful speaker but perhaps
12:47 pm
today a very special moments as he thanked the troops and talked about the respect that the armed services have in the united states. a very small portion of americans actually serve in the military but there is tremendous respect for them and that's something that i think the president very well understood, that is something that has to be maintained. perhaps that was part of his message today. he went through the chronology, but talked about the fact that the united states remains the most powerful military on erart, that it should deploy when the nation's security is at risk, but not carelessly be deployed. the president of course has been the subject i would say of endless conversation for the last eight years, did he leave
12:48 pm
iraq too soon, afghanistan too soon, should they have gone into syria? was there another way over the last eight years to conduct the nation's business and perhaps people have their own alternatives, own ideas how the military should be used, but for u.s. military families one of the big differences that is so important during the heavy years of combat in iraq and afghanistan, the caskets were coming back the dover as you mentioned. >> yes. >> thank you >> thankfully the casuals are down but for military families there has been continued deployment but certainly less casualties, less wounded, brooke. >> i like how you put it a mutual patriotism.
12:49 pm
>> thank you barbara starr. >> the convicted killer murdered nine worshippers in a charleston church is telling the jury today who decide whether he lives or dies to ignore his lawyers, also what he had to say about his own sanity coming up.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
>> you want to put up mitigating thing, something that will save a person's life, i'm sorry for what he did, i'm remorseful. >> even in his remarks in >> there is no remorse coming out of his mouth. even in his journal that was put into evidence, he wrote, i don't care about these people. i'm sane. nothing is wrong with me.
12:53 pm
>> i am not sorry, i have not shed a tear, i do not feel sorry for the innocent white children forced to live in this sick country. i do -- excuse me. i do feel sorry for the innocent white people that are killed daily at the hands of the lower races, a jail house journal that was presented as new evidence in court today. >> that's the type of thing that will get someone the death penalty. even people who are opposed to the death penalty, they look at this case and say, if there is one to ever be implemented, it is this one. nine people in a church praying for him, he went in there and murdered them. >> i have to agree completely with eric on that because here, the rare case where the victims' families, some of them indicated opposition to the death penalty. >> correct. >> this is the kind of case where he went in with a defense that he was mentally ill, that he was sorry, that there was some mitigating circumstances, maybe, maybe a shot. but he's ruined it for himself. >> last question then i've got to go.
12:54 pm
this man, this killer will be cross examining family members, people who have lost to this man in court. that's what gets me more than -- >> the judge can't do anything about it. if he chooses to cross-examine these people, the judge has to give him enough latitude because this is a death penalty case. you have to have -- you have to give them a broad brush, let them do almost anything to preserve their life, and if anyone deserves death, it's this guy. >> okay, paul and eric, thank you so much. we'll follow the trial along, penalty phase in charleston. neck, though, ivanka trump chooses a new home in washington, d.c. guess what, one of her neighbors, president obama and the first lady. we'll talk to a d.c. realtor about the high-end neighborhood they will both be calling home. you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling.
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keeping you on course. so call now and discover how an aarp medicare supplement plan could go long™ for you. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ very soon ivanka trump and her husband may be close neighbors with the obamas. trump and husband jared cushner
12:57 pm
reportedly settled on a home two blocks from where the first family will be living after they move out of the white house. both in a very upscale d.c. neighborhood called kalorama. someone with me who knows d.c. well, real estate expert, co-host of a new show airing called d.c. flippers. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> okay. first, the pictures, the trump-cushner household, show me. >> the trump cushner household is very much like ivanka's style, modern, classic, clean, it's a beautiful house. it's going to be a little bit of an upgrade in terms of square footage because this one is about a little over 6500 square feet. and, so, while the obamas are going to be downsizing from their 55,000-square-foot house, the house a few blocks over -- >> 55,000 square feet, that's the white house. >> that's the white house, right. >> wow. >> and they're going to be moving a few doors down. i think they might be able to
12:58 pm
borrow sugar from each other. >> i mean, we were joking earlier. will they run into each other at the pink berry, will they share the neighborhood soul cycle? they're that close. >> they are. kalorama is an awesome neighborhood. they are going to be -- i think they will enjoy it. it's really central to d.c. and yet still very neighborhoody. and i don't think it's -- go ahead. >> a piece of this is privacy, right? there are many, many fancy neighborhoods in washington. why do you think they both chose kalorama? >> i think they chose kalorama for the privacy for sure. they are larger homes. there is a very big embassy presence there already so security is pretty tight. i just really feel bad for the folks who have to deal with the secret service every time that they're going home because it's going to be like double the amount of secret service this time. >> how much are we talking for these homes in said neighborhood? >> both houses are over $5
12:59 pm
million apiece. like i said, the obamas was a little bit more and is a little more in terms of square footage, but both houses, $5 million for the houses. >> one final question. any other celebs in this neighborhood? >> you know, d.c. types of celebrities are different, so, i think there is definitely a big political -- >> ambassadors -- >> lots of ambassadors. they'll be in good company. >> okay. both moving to this neighborhood in washington, d.c., the first family, of course, for the youngest daughter to finish high school there in town, and ivanka trump and her husband jared cushner. ati williams, thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you, brook. >> and thank you so much for being with me here. of course, day two of the 115th congress, lots to talk about coming up on cnn including the split screen aim j of both
1:00 pm
president obama and the vice-president elect mike pence talking about repealing or replacing obamacare, we'll have both messages for you on cnn. i'm brook baldwin. jim chusciuto and the lead star right now. >> thank you, brook. did you say the president have faith in wikileaks more than his own spies? that starts now. trust the entire senate and the intel or side with julian assange? donald trump unloading on had i intelligence community again in russia's role in hacking. a battle building in six years, president obama heads to capitol hill to tell democrats to fight as the next administration says job one is to rip obamacare apart. plus the future of really, really fast on display at the consumer electronics show in vegas. the car that everyone is talking about, plus other gadgets that would make even super heros