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tv   New Day  CNN  January 5, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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the word of julian assange over intel determinations. a man that trump said should be put to death for hacking a few years ago. >> in a few hours, the top u.s. intelligence chiefs >> this as we learn the president elect wants to overhaul the nation's top spy agency. we're 15 days away from inauguration day. so let's begin our coverage with jason carol. he's live outside of trump tower in new york. give us the latest. >> trump's critics are wondering if he's putting the cart before the horse here. he's criticizing the intelligence community before he has officially heard specifically what the findings are. >> trump is looking to make major changes through the u.s. intelligence community. trump is work on a plan to limit
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the power of the director of national intelligence they believe it gets in the way including the cia. trump also wants to expand the human spying capabilities by getting more people out of headquaters and into the field. the source citing criticism that the spy agency has been too reliant on electronic spying and the nsa signals intelligence under president obama. all of this coming hours after trump publicly sided with wikileaks founder. the president elect tweetings a saj said a 14-year-old could impact them. why was dnc so careless. also said russians did not give him the info. >> our source was not the russian government. >> but 17 u.s. intense agencies concluded russia was behind the electronic cyberattacks.
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trump's tweet creating upheaval he compromised community. >> he's not a good guy or ally and friend to the united states of america. >> but trump did not feel the same way about him in 2010 when his website released millions of classified military and diplomatic documents. >> you had nothing to do with it. >> the president elect's twitter criticism had many on edge. one official saying we're heading into this different era where it's hostile but trump's team defends his continued tone. >> given some of the intelligence failures of the recent years president elect made it clear to the american people that he is skept car length about conclusions the
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president is expected to receive his briefing sometime today. trump will receive his briefing friday. >> let's bring in our political pan panel. >> great to have you. >> we just heard trump there say that he thought that what wikileaks does is disgraceful and that he should face the death penalty. that was a flip comment. they were doing a tease but it was revealing of how he felt at that time what has changed? >> he has convinced himself and people on the campaign convinced
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themselves this did expose a lot of collusion. either the media and the clintons or the rigging of the primary system. you saw him talk about that a lot. there's no question that there was a dnc system favorable to hillary clinton. that's true however it wasn't that much of a set up. >> he will change his opinion based on who is being favorable to him so it's also a way for him to under mine the mainstream media and say here is who you should trust. these institutions are not who you should trust. however it cuts against members of his own party. >> so what are you seeing?
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nobody shares the confidence that donald trump does in terms of the leading ranks of his party. so what is happening here? >> he's not some weird guy we shouldn't trust. he has actively worked under u.s. national security. he has been instrumental in putting out documents that put u.s. intelligenassets and when with somebody like that publicly because it's what donald trump likes to do to try to protect the idea that he won the election fair and square and nobody was helping him, it sets up a relationship that he's going to be the boss of in a few days where it's going to be hard for him to do his job to keep us safe to try to fair out all of
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these attacks before they occur if they feel like they are being undermi undermin undermined and they're talking about how this is hard so i think what we have to see is do they see problems with the u.s. intel community that they think need fixing so we can be safer or are they just harassing them because of, you know, personal campaign politics they haven't quit practicing. >> one of his senior advisors there's even a rift. here's the former cia director talking about what he thinks. listen to this. >> i don't think there's any
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point in listening to julian assange. >> how is this going to work? today the heads of the intel agencies go to capitol hill to talk to john mccain and his committ committee. what's next? >> you'll see them make a clear and evidence based case as to why they believe this was russians that were behind this and tomorrow you'll see donald trump attempt to try to pit them against each other and including when this meeting was going to take place. it's worth noting he's the one that briefs him every day one. he has his own issues with the
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intelligence issues and you are seeing agendas going on here. none of this is going to play well. >> there's an old expression the president elect galvanized the intel community in a way that they weren't during the first rounds of this. there's no question that there are different theories about motive. motive. why these hacks were done but there's a now what problem. you said you wanted proof and you wouldn't meet with us. now we met. here's the proof. now what? what does donald trump do? they're going to come in
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galvanized in their understanding about things how does he spin this coming out of it that doesn't reveal this basic motivation of i want to protect myself? >> donald trump doesn't have to square that circle or make the ends meet on the other side because the way he operates is the facts are whatever he decides they are. he hired serious people that understand who russia is and who putin is and they have been critical of these people over the years a traditional republican hawk that takes this seriously and doesn't have any illusions about putin or the other people out there, the same with the general that's going to be the secretary of defense so on the one side you have trump that doesn't seem to take this seriously or at least has a
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different view on the other side you have conservatives that he has hired to do work so so are they going to clash or is this trump for consumption of his base and protecting his political flank but you know when the work, when they get down to business in his administration are they going to be doing this in a way that we would find you know more normal. >> it's a problem right out of the box. >> it's going to be a problem. you'll see people get pressed on this. >> here's what you said. it's going to be tense. >> okay. panel, stick around.
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we have more questions for you. >> all right. the battle over the future of obamacare is ripe. republicans are ready to repeal president obama's health care law but what do they replace it with that seems to be a very dangerous unknown? an there's a dangerous known on the democratic side. if president obama has his way he doesn't want democrats to help with anything that follows balm care. phil is live on capitol hill with more. >> you had the recognition that the battle has started in earnest. >> the american people voted for change in november. >> just two days into the new congress the battle lines are drawn. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace
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obamacare. >> vice president elect mike pence rallying republicans to repeal the affordable care act. he huddles with democrats looking to save his signature achievement. his advice to the lawmakers. >> look out for the american people. >> sources say he is encouraging democrats not to rescue republicans. calling on them to obstruct their efforts. president labeling the half baked plan, trump care. >> president elect donald trump wants to make sure that the gop is united on messaging. trump tweeting the failed obamacare disaster. >> all the promises have been shown to be false and broken promis promises. >> already scoring a win in the fight. in favor of a budget resolution
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that would clear the way toward repealing the law. >> we want to make sure that we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out from anybody. >> but democrats are digging in. >> republicans say repeal and replace. the only thing that has going for it is ill literation. they have no replacement plan. so to repeal and then delay is an act of cowardess. it would lead to chaos instead of affordable care. >> you can pretty much guarentee you're going to hear make america sick again about 10,000 times over the course of the next couple of weeks and months and years as well. the big question is what is the replacement plan and you talked to officials on both sides of the building and they
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acknowledged there's differences here and they're not united and keep an eye on not just capitol hill but also the white house and department of health and human services. a current congressman that's going to become the head of the health and human services. >> there's a lot of options. >> neither side has a clear plan to replace obamacare so where does the fight go from here? our panel takes that up next. i need to promote my new business and do it on budget. i can make that happen. business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out. staples. make more happen.
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>> all right. here we go. the senate advancing a budget resolution that begins the process of repealing obamacare. republicans and democrats have one thing in common. neither side has any idea for what comes next but only one side wants to change what is there right now. let's bring back our panel: there is a supposition coming out of this situation what may exaggerate the ease of this. it's not that easy and they probably can't repeal it with one day's effort either can they? >> no it's going to be more of a process than people realize. what you saw yesterday when you saw president obama go to capitol hill and essentially say fight this, you are seeing
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democrats galvanize against it. republicans probably do have the votes to do it but you'll see democrats try to make it as painful as possible and what we saw with the effort by congressional republicans to try to tinker with the office of congressional ethics there was a backlash from voters. president elect trump did influence that with his tweet. >> there was a lot of voter intensity on this and you'll see democrats try to do the same thing with that. it's the republican playbook from 2010 in reverse in terms of when obamacare was passed in the first place. i don't know that it will halt it but it will cause a lot of pain and possibly will effect what the ultimate replacement is but we don't know what that's going to look like right now. >> we know the primary pillars of what republicans want.
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>> that's where this is going to go. >> let's talk about that. what you're going to do is you're going to subsidize those and is that cheaper than dealing with the mandate. >> if you get rid of the mandate it forces all of us to buy health insurance and they'll talk about it. here's what is really interesting about this. when you think about it. nobody likes obamacare but president obama won the
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messaging war on health care in this way. republicans are committed to keeping the exclusion against pre-existing conditions and what they're saying is obamacare bad but all of these things that obama created now as the basis for what health care should be are good. the term they used the most was orderly transition. repeal will be law in 8 weeks or so but we'll phase it in in an orderly transition as we phase out obamacare and phase it in so
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nobody feels worse off than they do now. >> easy to say. tough to do. >> that's a very optimistic orderly transition. it's true that a lot of legislators don't like obamacare including some democrats 20 million people that now have health insurance do like it and once you have an entitlement program it's hard to unwind it. >> i think they can unwind this one because republicans if nothing else were elected to get rid of obamacare. the key is and why obamacare failed is its not the people that were extended coverage that we're talking about here. everybody that gets health care through their employer or other means and they like their doctor and their plan, just like what happened with obamacare that caused people to get so upset they'll end up getting mad at republicans probably just in time for an election. >> the one thing i would say about that and i totally agree with you, but remember leading into this election what i was hearing from republican
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strategists on the hill and elsewhere in the states is this has been settled already. donald trump should not be running on repealing obamacare. it is true trump won the election and many voters are upset about their premiums going up and other aspects of the bill but i think it's more of a complicated picture. >> isn't it fascinating to see the tables turn to have president obama go up to capitol hill and basically say don't help them obstruct if you must. but just the play book has completely turned on this. >> there's nothing they can do. all they could do was take perceived flaws and magnify them. we know pretty well what
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interesting here is we don't know what donald trump is going to do he's always been about taking care of people and spending money on health care and it's okay if government does it so who knows what he is going to tell the republicans in congress that he wants to sign. >> great to talk to you. >> our next story is something that everybody should agree on and the consensus should be that this is terrible. a horrible video of gruesome crime that was streamed live on facebook. police have made arrests. you will not believe what was done to one young man, next. with the xfinity tv app,
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>> powerful winter storm now setting it's sights on the south. chad meyers has your forecast. how is this thing lasting so long? >> it's a big storm. it put down 4 to 5 feet in the sierra. big snows. great for california and the rockies and skiers but it's on its way to the east. look at this purple area. there's some spots that will pick up between 5 and 10 feet of snow out there. now we're talking 1 to 2 inch across parts of atlanta georgia but more into the carolinas. could be icy mixing going on in here so the model is not really all that organized just yet. still about 40 hours before this starts to make precip there but the forecast for 1 to 2 inches of snow with winter storm advisories all across the southeast, a light dusting of snow and sleet and 1 to 2 in
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atlanta but more all the way up to the hampton road's area. there could be big snows up there but the good news is that's not a lot. the better news is it comes in on saturday. >> chicago police arresting four people for this attack on a disabled teenager that was streamed live on facebook. ryan young is live in chicago with more. tell us what happened here ryan. >> well, you watch this video it's very disturbing. all the people involved in this are very young so people are shaking their heads about what happened on this facebook live video. we want to warn you this video is very disturbing. >> look at him. tied up. >> this disturbing 30 minute video on facebook shows a man tied up. his mouth covered crouched in the corner of a room. >> it's sickening. it's sickening. it makes you wonder what would
3:30 am
make individuals treat somebody like that. >> chicago police describing the victim as an 18-year-old white male with special needs. the attackers are seen laughing as they kick, punch and cut his forehead with a knife. four people now in custody. all african americans. two males and two females. he was targeted because he has a mental health challenge. they're investigating into the attack was racially motivated. >> they're young adults and make stupid decisions. that will be part of whether or not we seek a hate crime to determine whether or not this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving. >> at this point the superintendent is rejecting any connection to president elect donald trump but the investigation is on going. >> some of it is just stupidity. people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline.
3:31 am
i know that he has mentioned chicago but i can't connect that with what these people did. >> could have been missing from anywhere between 24 and 48 hours officers found him wandering the streets. >> it took most of the night for him to be able to calm down enough to talk to us. >> you can see them forcing his head into the toilet to drink water in there. truly disgusting video. police are looking into all of this and including kidnapping charges. a lot of people shaking their heads trying to figure out exactly how we got here. >> ryan, thank you. look not only is this hideous but it's being also now somehow parlayed into a political statement. some right wing websites believe this is political so we'll have a debate about what is behind
3:32 am
this coming up. >> at the end of the day there's no cause, no cure for stupid. i just wish there was a way to get at the problem without showing the video because in a way you're giving these jerk what is they wanted in the first place which is the attention but i don't know how you ignore it because it's so wrong what they did to that kid. >> president elect donald trump finding an unusual ally to cast doubts that russia was behind election cyberattacks. why would he side with julian assange. the wikileaks founder. donald trump said that assange should be put to death just a few years ago. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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russia was not the source of hacked dnc e-mails. now we're going to talk about how rare it is for something
3:36 am
like that to come out of julian assange. president elect trump is tweeting support for assange appearing to side with him over u.s. intelligence agencies. why is trump siding with assange? we'll discuss with the co-author of isis inside the army of terror and he's also senior editor at the daily beast but on our show yesterday one of our analysts asserted that he was a pedestrian file. he regrets saying it and cnn has no evidence. he wants to face sexual assault allegations there. but there's no suggestion that the women involved were minors we regret it was put out there at all. when it comes tos a saj and what
3:37 am
you're hearing from everybody on the gop side about why they don't think he deserves any credit, remind people of what he has done with respect to u.s. interest in the past to ingender this animosity. >> the idea was total transparency, exposing american hipocracy and lies. >> but then his colab ray tos discover that he's a liar and somebody that does not care about innocent lives. >> please in a lot of the information he was disclosing he refused to redakt the names of government informants in afghanistan. these were people either moles
3:38 am
within the taliban or informing them about what the taliban were doing. putting their lives on the line to do so. he is quoted in the guardian as saying i don't care about them, they're informants. f them. so this is the start of his fall from grace. even in the eyes of those that propped him up. another example, he had hired or wikileak's moscow representative is a man called israel shamir. it's a fake name. he's an antisemimite. he thinks that the protocols was a document. he went and handed state department tables pertaining to that country it still has a secret service and gave them to alexander and you know what can
3:39 am
happen in a regime like that. he denied this guy ever worked for wikileaks but they subsequently left and say it's the case. he was indeed the representative in russia. this is a deeply sinister individual and what i find is this is just something at the moment he starts off on the left and now the way he tweets and the way he talks, the constituent sy to which he is catering it's the right and i notice that people that retweet him are neonazis and the people that put jewish names in the triple parentheses. this is a bizarre state of affairs.
3:40 am
you have done a great service to the united states because you helped get donald trump elected. >> this is a man that always said we shadow our sourcing. we do all we can to not even know where they come from and now he's doing exactly that. he is right to hammer hannity for not asking him did russia have any involvement with how you got it? he never asked him that and he never said that russia had nothing to do with it. he's saying he didn't get the e-mails from russia. those are very different propositions. >> they are and how would he know? as you say he has a mechanism in place by not knowing who they are and he says we can rule out that this was a state actor does he think they couldn't do that?
3:41 am
would he be aware of that fact? there's other sticking points to this. listen to what he says about russia and the refusal to scandalize the russian government. it's true they contain things like a spanish counter terrorism magistrate saying russia is a virtual mafia state but he said i don't want to go after russia because they have an independent and skept car length press as compared to the united states that's one newspaper that lost countless journalists threatened with murder by government officials. brutally gunned down in her apartment building. show me the comparable example here between the new york times and the washington post. this is a guy that's carrying water for the russian federation. the question is why. >> this is not about whether or not the dnc e-mails were authentic. that's been the case. it's where they got them from.
3:42 am
thank you for clarifying the situation. >> sure. >> allison. >> it looks like the holidays were not merry enough for macys. leaving the retail giant to take drastic steps. we'll give you the details, next.
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china anesthesia news agency
3:46 am
is president elect trump over his twitter habit. diplomacy is not a child's game and even less a business dealing. the obsession with twitter diplomacy is undesirable. >> he's suggesting trump is not doing enough to reign in north korea. >> another dramatic day in court for dylan roof. telling a jury considering the death penalty that he is not mentally ill. proce prosecutors saying his jailhouse journey where he said i am not sorry. i have not shed a tear for the innocent people i killed. the jury is now deciding whether he should pay for that with his life. >> macy's struggling during the holiday shopping season and now making deep cuts to try to turn things around. christine is here with the
3:47 am
late latest. >> a big sale at macy's today. they had a tough year and they'll lay off 10,000 employees and close 68 stores this year and now retail experts say they have to cut deeper for a serious turn around. kohl's also posted weak results. it was a good holiday shopping season overall. those were the big seller this holiday shopping season and online sales are also working against the big brick and more to stores. >> thank you for all of that. >> we showed you this sickening video that has gone viral. mentally disabled white teenager was tied up and tortured by black teenagers. this assault was streamed live
3:48 am
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>> it's sickening. it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that. i have been a cop for 28 years and i have seen things that you shouldn't see in a lifetime but it's still amazing that we still see things you shouldn't. >> that was the chicago police chief reacting to a video on facebook showing four black teenagers attacking a white teenager with special needs. during the attack they yelled expletives about president elect trump. so let's discuss with talk radio
3:52 am
host and political columnist john phillips and former executive director of the congressional black caucus. great to have you here to talk about this disgusting and sickening story. so angela these four black teenagers they bound and gagged this white teenager. they yelled f donald trump. f white people. how is that a political persecution story or how do you see this? >> it's disheartening. i just, i have been at a loss of words since i saw the video since i read -- i can't watch the entire video but i don't understand the political connection. the only connection i can make is because he's a white person they're upset with all white
3:53 am
people because of donald trump. while i understand the frustrations of the election of this man, i don't understand how you would abuse any human being, particularly someone with special needs. it's disgusting. >> but somehow they're making a connection here where it's hard to see where one exists but maybe you have insight to this. the blaze says they're in custody after streaming, kidnapping and torturing trump supporter. not sure we know how to disabled teenager is a trump supporter says chicago pd won't confirm if reported antiwhite torture incident is hate crime and the article goes on to say police officials were hesitant to call it an act of hate against the man because he was white and has special needs and potentially a trump supporter. what is this conversation about?
3:54 am
>> i don't know if i rely on glenn beck to put things in perspective but this is the most horrifying thing that i have seen in a long time i'm getting a lot of feedback. i have a nephew that is special needs. he is in his 20s. he has the mentality of a 4-year-old and you rely on people and compassion and you rely on people to understand that there are differences and to treat them well. that doesn't always happen. they have to deal with bullying and they have to deal with things that are unfortunate but what you saw here was beyond that. what you saw here was the kidnapping and torturing of someone for 24 hours. when the cops found him he couldn't speak. this is beyond normal political discourse. this is beyond us going on television and disagreeing with one another and sometimes things getting spicy and sometimes things get salty. that happens.
3:55 am
angela is a wonderful, descent person who is horrified by this. the same way i am. and what you saw happened play out on this tape is something that is beyond civil discourse. i can't explain what it was. but it's something that shocks all of our consciouses. >> absolutely. we all agree there. it is repulsive. it is hideous. the part that is confusing is what people are doing with this video. so let me just read to you what glenn beck tweeted in response to somebody last night. he said you are right. stand up with me and demand justice in chicago for the beating of a disabled trump supporter by black lives matter. >> horrible. >> what? >> so i think this is the issue that i take with this. i agree with everything that john just said. >> of course. >> why would you then use this as an opportunity to start targeting black lives matter. they have tarnished the name of this movement from the outset and i'm saying they and i shouldn't generalize either.
3:56 am
i'm talking about extreme right wing publications and trump supporters did this. you cannot blame police killings on black lives matter. this was started because of the death of travon martin. they're trying to protect black lives. it's horrible to put that at the feet of black lives matter. >> maybe the facts will lead us to a place where we find out that there was some political argument. >> but according to the police there is no evidence of that. listen to that. >> i think some of it is just stupidity. people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline. i don't think that at this point
3:57 am
we don't have anything concrete to really point us in that direction but we'll keep investigating and we'll let the facts guide us on how this conclud concludes. >> the police believe he was targeted for his disability. that in and of itself is a hate crime. you can look at the transcripts and there's a variety of racial components that are part of this and these people had no control of themselves. when you look deeper into this you'll find out there's probably some component to it. the word gang popped up in the transcript on the video tape so there's a lot of dysfunction at
3:58 am
play and they posted this so their friends and family could see. that was also something beyond the pale. >> john, angela, thank you very much. we appreciate you trying to talk with us through all of this. thank you. we'll speak again. meanwhile we want to thank our international viewers for watching us. cnn newsroom begins for you in moments and for our viewers in the u.s., newday continues right now. >> this was done by the russians. >> our source is not state party. >> every american should be worried about this. >> he's not a good guy or an ally. >> they want to repeal it and try to hang it on us. >> democrats ought to start calling it trump care. >> we'll be in the promise keeping business. >> this isn't politics. this is real life. >> i want to warn you this video
3:59 am
is very disturbing. >> a sickening attack on a disabled man streamed on facebook live. good morning. welcome to your new day. mr. trump's public criticism dividing even his own party. >> in just hours it will finally happen. our president elect will meet with the nation's top intelligence chiefs. this is much later in the process than we're used to seeing with the president elect but the subject will be who was behind the election hacking. live outside of trump tower in new york yes the white house annex. >> good morning to you, chris. here's what is so troubling to
4:00 am
so many within the intelligence community and gop. what trump has done is they feel he has made up his mind before he has actually heard what the findings are. >> donald trump is looking to make major changes. trump is working on a plan to limit the power of the director of national intelligence. the director gets in the way of the 16 intelligence agencies it represents. including the cia. trump also wants to expand the human spying capabilities by getting more people out of headquaters and into the field. the source siting criticism that the spy agency has been too reliant on electronic spying and the nsa signals intelligence under president obama. all of this coming hours after


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