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tv   New Day  CNN  January 5, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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so many within the intelligence community and gop. what trump has done is they feel he has made up his mind before he has actually heard what the findings are. >> donald trump is looking to make major changes. trump is working on a plan to limit the power of the director of national intelligence. the director gets in the way of the 16 intelligence agencies it represents. including the cia. trump also wants to expand the human spying capabilities by getting more people out of headquaters and into the field. the source siting criticism that the spy agency has been too reliant on electronic spying and the nsa signals intelligence under president obama. all of this coming hours after
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trump publicly sided with wikileaks founder julian assange. he said a 14-year-old could have hacked podesta. why was dnc so careless. also said russians did not give him the info. >> our source is not the russian government. >> but 17 u.s. intelligence agencies have concluded that russia was behind the electronic cyberattacks. trump's tweet about creating unhooefl in trump's own party. >> i think the guy leaks and steels data and compromises national security. >> for heaven's sakes don't listen to him. listen to the american intelligence community. >> assange is not a good guy or ally or friend to the united states of america. >> trump did not feel the same way about him in 2010 when his website released millions of classified military and diplomatic documents. >> wikileaks, you had nothing to
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do with that. >> they don't think it is disgraceful. >> the president elect's twitter criticism has many on edge. one official saying we're heading into this different era where it's hostile but his team defends his continued tone. >> given some of the intelligence failures of the recent years the president elect made it clear to the american people that he is skeptical about the conclusions. >> trump will get his turn tomorrow. >> going to be very interesting 48 hours. >> they do not have a plan now. >> repeal is happening in the
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political faultlines have never been more clear when it comes to the country's health care policy but the question of the policy is actually put aside for a day. now it's about the message. >> the battle lines are drawn. >> the first order of business is to repeal and replace obamacare. >> vice president elect mike pence rallying republicans to repeal the affordable care act. huddles with democrats looking to save his signature domestic achievement. his advice to the lawmakers. >> look out for the american people. >> sources say obama is encouraging democrats not to rescue republicans. calling on his party to deploy tea party-like tactics to obstruct their efforts. president labeling the gop's half baked plan trump care. while republicans aren't united on how to replace obamacare,
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pence and president elect donald trump want to make sure that the gop is united on messaging. trump tweeting that the obamacare disaster. >> republicans already scoring a procedural win in the fight. in favor of a budget resolution to clear the way toward repealing large swaths of the law. >> we want to be sure that we do it in a transition that doesn't pull the rug out from anybody. >> but democrats are digging in. >> the republicans say repeal and replace. the only thing that has going for it is ill literation. they have no replacement plan. so to repeal and then delay is an act of cowardess. >> the republican plan to cut health care wouldn't make
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america great again. it would make america sick again and lead to chaos instead of affordable care. >> they are pretty honest. they know it's going to be long legislatively but on the messaging issue it appears the senate minority leaders message yesterday has caught the attention of the president elect. donald trump taking to twitter calling schumer a clown and criticizing democrats for not being willing to come to the table and trying to fix the affordable care act. >> just yesterday chuck schumer was laughing about how trump said he likes him better than the gop leadership. he has a pension for saying what he needs to in the moment. let's discuss this with the wisconsin congressman. vice chair of the trump transition team. you have two looming situations that you're going to have to make choices on. let's talk about the first one. tomorrow senator mccain and
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senator graham with the senate armed services committee today. the senate armed services committee is going to have the intel chiefs come up and talk to them. you know what they're going to say. they're going to say that motives aside they believe russia was all over motivating the hacks during the election. will you accept that conclusion? >> i think that's interesting. happy new year to you first. >> happy new year. >> listen i want to see the information and the data. i think our intelligence community usually gets it right. one of my concerns, on the way this whole thing was handle chris was there's usually a partnership between the house and the senate intelligence committees in conjunction with the intelligence community as these investigators could take place. my concern is our committee chairman hasn't had that insight
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from the community. which is a head scratcher for me. i'm interested in hearing today and seeing what is said. i want to see what donald trump says tomorrow. but we should all have faith in our intelligence community and what they say and we should all watch intently with the hearing and mr. trump. >> how do you feel about the president elect's different disposition? he is openly hostile to the intelligence services. he hasn't been briefed. we don't know about any information he has that is different than what the intel community has and on top of that he is taking the word of julian assange. i don't have to talk to you about why people are not a fan of julian assange. he put people's lives at risk.
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how do you feel about him. >> i don't think he has been offended by how this story broke and what the narrative has been in the press. there might have been some initiative to under mine his victory that the russians were involved and that's the only reason he won. they had no impact on the election result. we should all push back on that. >> you have heard me say he's no
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friend of america. he exposed top secret information and american lives and again just because he was exposing democrats doesn't mean they're a friend to republicans or americans. >> that was an interview to give him a platform. he just said they didn't get the e-mails from the russians but what about intermediaries. that's how this stuff works all the time so he may have been playing cute with it but that's
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a dangerous proposition. >> you have to say why is this becoming political and our intelligence community should have handled the leak differently. so they have made some statements publicly but also leaked information out to the press. if you're handling a political investigation where an outside entity could have been handling one side of the election. it's strictly based on data and analysis and both sides are brought into the information. it wreaks of politics so i think the intelligence community have played this incorrectly on the political side. >> well then you got one thing -- a situation where each side is playing the same game because if the president elect's moves don't smack politics i don't know what does. let me ask you about another issue while i have you. the fight to change obamacare, you just had the vice president
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elect say all the promises of obamacare failed. you know that's not true. a lot of people now have care. that wouldn't have had it otherwise. you know that people are signing up at different rates. are they all lies? obamacare that has done nothing good for anybody. >> no, you covered this story really really well and you know that they said if you pass obamacare or the affordable care act a premium for a family of four will go down a year by an average of $2,400. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan. health care is going to get cheaper. that was the promise and you know that was the promise and that hasn't come to pass so now what they're saying is -- >> and 20 million people now
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have coverage. >> hold on a second. there's 350 million people who live in america. this is a small percentage that you're talking about. >> also you don't -- >> on obamacare either. >> me in the house and administration they carve themselves up this great plan they love they're not in it. but in my district there's a lot of people who have been priced out of health care. they don't get subsidies. their premium versus gone up. their deductibles have increased and they can't afford health care so if this plan, of the affordable care act is not affordable isn't working why aren't democrats going to partner and say we understand that we lost a lot of elections over the last six years and seven years because of obamacare. the house has been gutted of democrats. we lost the senate. they lost because of this law. let's partner with republicans
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and i'm going to push them to keep the key components of health care that i like. whether it's having health care coverage until you're 26 years old or we're going to have high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions. we're going to make sure that the poor people in our community have access to care. let's work on that stuff but let's make sure that markets work and make sure that you, the american families in control of your health care as opposed to the bureaucrats in washington. they should partner with us on this because the affordable care act isn't working and what you're seeing before we start this debate is outrageous. >> there's no question that america wants both sides to work together to make life better for everyone. we just have to stay straight on the facts. you have 1.7 million people effected by rate hikes. .5% of the population. congressman you're welcome back anymore. be well and happy new year. >> you too, chris. >> as you have been discussing president obama was also on
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capitol hill yesterday with aisha clear message. former democratic vp nominee senator kim kaine was at the meeting. he's going to join us live, next.
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>> make no mistake about it we're going to keep our promise to the american people and we're going to repeal obamacare and replace it with solutions that lower the cost of health solution without ruining the size of government. >> that was mike pence vowing to repeal obamacare. this as president obama met with top democrats on capitol hill as an effort to save his signature legislation. one person at that meeting was virginia senator tim kaine. he was the democratic vice presidential nominee and this is his first national interview since the election. senator, thank you for being here with us. >> hey, allison. glad to be with you today. >> nice to see you. >> let's talk about that meeting yesterday that you were in. we understand that president obama told all of you don't help the republicans fix this. don't rescue them.
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how did you interpret that message? >> that's not quite what he said but it's close allison. he said, look, can this law be improved? can the health care system be improved? sure it can and we ought to be working together to do that but if they force through a partisan repeal vote and rush into a repeal that strips health insurance away from 30 million americans and then say oh now that we have repealed please help us fix the mess that we made he said don't bail them out of their own problem. the time to work to make improvements is right now before a repeal vote and 13 of us have written to the republican leadership saying let's sit down at the table now and talk about reforms and improvements. if you want to call it a replacement call it whatever you want but as soon as you repeal it you start a process where you're creating both health care and economic malpractice and you're demonstrating that you don't want to negotiate in good
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faith about helping americans. >> so in other words if they repeal it because it sounds like they are already taking the steps in terms of budget residence elections to repeal it first and, in fact, that might have happened by mid february, you're saying if they repeal it all bets are off, democrats don't help from that point on. >> they will have shown us by the repeal that they are uninterested in our input and they will have also shown a heartlessness about 30 million people are going to lose insurance. that's the estimate. 30 million people. that's the combined population of 19 states are going to lose health insurance and then people that have health insurance will lose critical protections like women not being able to be discriminated against in premiums that they're charged. the time to talk about solutions is right now. i noticed a tweet from donald trump that said look democrats and republicans should work together to try to find health care fixes. that's what we should be doing. not rushing head long over a cliff. what the republicans are doing
4:21 am
is saying we'll figure out how to land later. we're playing with the lives of tens of millions and people and that's not exactly. >> not exactly. they're not phrasing it as dramatically as you are. they're saying let's repeal it and go back to the drawing board and by the time those 20 to 30 million people lose their coverage we'll have a replacement plan. >> allison, that's not really what they're saying because the organizations like the urban institute that would look at what would repeal me. they do a repeal and say we're going to repeal three or four years out on the future. they did the same thing about the budget. we're going to impose a punishing sequester on the budget in two years but that will motivate us to find a budget deal and then they never did so there's no guarentee that they will find any replacement but what the urban institute has said is people start to lose
4:22 am
insurance. millions of people lose insurance. premiums go up and insurers start to leave the market. that's what is going to happen and health care is 1/6th of the economy. as soon as you inject the biggest sector of the american economy you're not only going to have effects on the health care system but you'll start to effect the economy too. what we're saying is don't make america sick again. if there's things about the affordable care act you don't like, whether you're a member of congress, a hospital, a patient, a doctor, we should be sitting down at the table and identifying what those are and then coming up as vice president elect pence said or president trump said we're not going to have a gap between a repeal and something that will be better for people. >> let me put up for you what some of the most talented for some republicans are.
4:23 am
they want federally funded high risk pools for the sickest among us. they want to end of course the mandate because that's what their biggest problem is to begin with. they want more money in the health savings account and sell insurance across state lines. what of those can you work with? >> you're springing a list on me that i didn't see. >> you know who these are right. >> but listening to you talk, more tax credits, greater subsidies should be possible. we should allow prescription drug pricing under medicare part d to bring drug prices down. that's an idea that many of us have put on the table.
4:24 am
we will as long as they don't raise costs to families and as long as they don't diminish the quality of care and we will look at any suggestion that doesn't reduce coverage or increase cost or diminish the quality of care. >> let's talk about what is going on today. part of your committee. what do you think of donald trump's public disparagement of the intelligence community where he has tweeted using the word intelligence in quotations and basically saying that he doesn't really trust their findings yet.
4:25 am
>> when he is quoting julian assange as an authority on this that makes me scratch my head. i want two committees armed services and foreign relations where we receive significant classified information about this. i can't go into that information but i can say this, those intelligence professionals that i respect have reached a unanimous conclusion that russia engaged on cyberattacks in the presidential election with the goal of influencing it for in favor of the election of donald trump. they have reached that conclusion and they are people that i respect and so when i see the tweets that president elect trump sends out, one he is demeaning the professionalism and careers of smart people and second he doesn't go to his intelligence briefings most days. i do go to mine and i know what the evidence is. if he went to his intelligence briefings maybe he will have a
4:26 am
different conclusion about this but the thing that makes me very very concerned and i talked about this during the campaign, why does he take it upon himself to be vladimir putin's defense lawyer rather than listening to and respecting the intelligence professionals in the united states. >> senator he would say he wants to reset. he wants a new relationship. he thinks that somehow our two countries can be allies in the fight against isis. >> i think we could be but does that mean that you trash american intelligence professionals? they are playing an important role in the fight against isis. there's something unusual and suspicious to the way he kicks aside the intelligence community and takes the assange vladimir
4:27 am
putin line. any president of the united states should want to protect american systems by invasion or attack by the foreign governm t government. >> when you say suspicious, what do you mean? >> i don't know. we're going to get to the bottom of it. we noticed a hearing in the foreign relations committee. the intelligence hearing is mostly closed and president obama indicated before he leaves office he will put out as much information as he can about what happened but what i do know is there is a day in this campaign, i think it was the 23rd of july where the front page headline on the times says donald trump encourages russians to use cyber espionage. we have to get to the bottom of this because we have to make sure that it doesn't happen again. >> it has been announced speaking of hillary clinton that she and bill clinton will be going to the swearing in and
4:28 am
inauguration of donald trump and we all understand the peaceful transition of power and the effort for statesmanship. but what will that day be like for her. >> i'm sure it will be a case of mixed emotions. i lived as a young man in a military dictatorship in honduras where people didn't get to pick their leaders and there wasn't a transfer of power but i learned how wonderful it is when we have this transition. hillary clinton is a great lover of our country and traditions and that's why she and her husband are going to be here. >> we appreciate you taking time for new day. thank you for talking to us. >> glad to talk to you. >> we have a programming note next monday night, chris will host a special primetime town hall with the former democratic
4:29 am
presidential candidate and they will focus on a major issue facing the country as well as how democrats plan to take on the president elect and or work with him. so join us next monday night, 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. looking forward to that. >> more important now with what president obama just said to the democratic conference about not working with them. is that what bernie sanders is going to suggest as well? president elect trump says he wants to change/overhaul the cia and limit the powers of the intelligence chief. is that going to put our safety at risk? we discuss, next. that's me.
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ask about nuedexta and go to he wants to overhaul the nation's top spy agency, the cia. this as he continues to publicly antagonize the entire intelligence community over the russian hacking. let's discuss with cnn political analyst and new york times editor and senior congressional correspondent for the washington examiner and host of the podcast examining the politics that i cannot get on. >> very exclusive. >> we have standards. >> so let's talk about the basic premis. big government, bad, small government good. that is a bedrock republican ideology. is that what is going on here or is this seeing more of a
4:33 am
thumbing of the chin to the intel agency by trump. >> well this seems more like a thumbing of the chin because republicans, the one area where they have always been in favor of bigger government or more robust government because they think the one thing that government should do is protect u.s. national security is have a robust intelligence capability. especially since the september 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks as they always say, the terrorists only need to be right once. we need to be right all the time and we felt then that there were massive intelligence failures and that's what makes this very interesting because we know in interviewing the house intelligence chairman for this week's podcast he told me one of the things he is most concerned about is sleeper isis cells in the united states. that's what keeps him up at night.
4:34 am
we can't -- it's hard with technology for us to know everything so we need those capabilities. so if donald trump has a problem with effectiveness and capability i think republicans on the hill, i think the intel community would be very receptive to reforms and trying to make things better. one of the things he wants to do is push more agent out into the field but if this is about reducing personnel because it's too bloating without dealing with effectiveness there's going to be a lot of push back that was created after 9/11 to streamline things better. what's the issue there? >> the issue is that donald trump sees the intelligence community as in effect if not intent destabilizing his own incoming presidency right now and he is going back to the intelligence community and poking holes in ways that might
4:35 am
resinate with americans that republican failures over the year. they all need to get it wrong on once. what he is doing, this goes to his brand of leadership. it's about making very short-term calculations. going on the attack. raising questions about the judgment and accuracy and believing these relationships will sort themselves out. it's in his interest right now to create questions about whether the intelligence community is right on russian hacking and that's what he is doing. >> how you do things matters a lot and to borrow that italian expression again he couldn't have done it in a more gross way toward the intelligence community than bringing up julian assange and putting his
4:36 am
information on par with their own. you'll hear a lot of negativity about julian assange but it should be accurate as well. one of our analysts incorrectly asserted he was a pedestrian file and he regrets saying it and there's no evidence to assert that assertion. he is wanted for extradition for sweden to face sexual assault allegations. that is true but i never heard that the women were involved as minors. there is no proof of that. so we regret that was said on our air. you hear a lot of people getting on him because he did get quoted as saying i don't care that we're putting out the name of operatives inside the taliban and afghanistan and we're helping out the u.s. their informants tom and pete got a lot of criticism at that time and there after. now trump is putting him on par with u.s. intelligence. >> this is part of the problem because donald trump is going to need our u.s. intelligence capabilities abroad to perform and to do that we'll need
4:37 am
informants and people helping us and if they think they can't trust us and they're going to be exposed it's going to make all of us less safe. i find it odd he would elevate him because he always worked to undermine u.s. national security and doesn't care about the united states. he made what is going to be donald trump's number one responsibility a lot harder and he's just a bad guy so you can question. >> president elect trump isn't an arbiter of these things and i remember interviewing him in october and he was so excited by what julian was pointing out. he doesn't bring this to a lot of his analysis of things. we always considered him a bad guy and we're going to continue that because that's u.s. policy. for him the short-term political interests was that assange was leaking e-mail and putting up hacked e-mail from hillary clinton's campaign that was effective for him and i remember in that interview and other
4:38 am
conversations, you know, he was elevating the guy. >> in 2010 when he said that wikileaks was doing was dispickable and he should face the death penalty so yes he can turn his opinions sometimes on a dime. >> thank you. very much. great to talk to both of you. >> thank you. >> dond trump's growing feud with the u.s. intelligence community and public support is even fuelling a divide within his own party. what are some of even his own transition team advisors telling him? we'll discuss that, next. sometimes when brushing my gums bleed. no big deal. but my hygienist said, it is a big deal. go pro with crest pro health gum protection. it helps prevent gum bleeding by targeting harmful bacteria on your gums. left untreated, these symptoms could lead to more serious problems including tooth loss. gum crisis averted.
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russia did not give any leaked information from the dnc or hillary clinton's campaign. his public support and criticism of the intel community is now dividing his own party. here to discuss, the senior editor of the atlantic and the editor of the weekly standard. bill crystal. great to see you. >> thank you. >> billet me start with you. this metaph aphorasis. sarah palin that called him an antiamerican operative with blood on his hands because he released hacked e-mails from her yesterday says this. i apologize. please watch shawn hannity's interview. this information opened people's
4:43 am
eyes to candidates and operatives that would not have been exposed were it not to assange. what's happening bill. >> he wrote a great piece when he was winning the republican nomination. trump isn't corrupt. there's a reason people could support him and lots of republicans supported and voted for him and won the election but the international rationalizers didn't just say he has unfortunate aspects but they somehow felt the need some of them to defend every foolish and irresponsible thing he says and does. it's unbelievably foolish and irresponsible for a president elect of the united states to cast out on the intelligence community. he wants to take a look and shake it up, fine. think of what signal he is sending to the world when he says i have no and then to
4:44 am
praise him and by the obama administration and is antiamerican. and damaging property that caused death of americans and american friends so it's terrible that some people have become trump apoll gists and they have forgotten about the country's wellbeing. >> how do you see it? >> he published the hack e-mails but it was russians that did the hacking in the first place. assange is merely a conduit for russian intelligence products. what was in the hacks from the democratic national committee, they're boring. nothing. the only reason they seem powerful is because russian intelligence found a willing colab ray to in donald trump that insisted that these things reveal a vast network of
4:45 am
corruption and criminalalty which is false but he insisted on them. when the leader insisted something is true 40% of the country will believe that leader so it had an impact. why does trump downgrade the u.s. intelligence because they have the information that shows what trump did. his problem is not i'm meditating. do i think he is more reliable than the cia. donald trump knows better than anybody where that information came from and who used it. >> what do you mean? >> hold on a second. what do you mean he knows better than anybody where that information came from? he hasn't met yet with the intel chiefs. how does he know better. >> why doesn't he meet with the intel chiefs. >> i don't know. >> because he know what is they will tell him. if -- donald trump, we have a situation, donald trump is essentially when you listen to him talk and he says, he the throwing this confusion, he's not talking like a president
4:46 am
trying to get the truth. he's talking like a defendant that knows that the evidence points to him. >> what evidence points to him. >> the evidence that russians hacked material across the american political spectrum as they did in the british election last summer as they're now doing in germany. and donald trump took information that the russians found that assange published and he publicized it. he was the one that falsely said these e-mails show something important when they didn't. he knew what he was doing and he did it and the cia has the evidence of where the information came from so of course he doesn't want to hear it. >> do you see nit that same way? >> who knows what is in trump's mind. he is partly being a defendant. he is partly being irresponsible. he is partly going for some short-term gain. here's what i think is interesting though and you were all talking about this earlier
4:47 am
too. frankly just apologists for trump at this point. what about members of congress that are serious people on the foreign relations committee that had access to this material for years. some have been critical of trump. they all want to bend over backwards at first to give the benefit of the doubt. what happens at the confirmation hearings? i know those two gentlemen. these are serious people. i bet they know a lot about him and have strong feelings about him. >> thank you very much for your perspective. great to talk to both of you. >> so you have seen this video. it's going viral online. a mentally disabled teen tortured by four black kids. why did this happen?
4:48 am
we'll talk to two former law enforcement officers about how this should be treated as a crime and what it means in a larger political discussion and what it does not, next.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
this is a sickening story that has gone viral. chicago police arresting four teenagers for torturing a mentally disabled teenager. this attack was streamed live on facebook. cnn's ryan young is live in chicago with more. what have you learned, ryan? >> this is just a tough story to talk about. at one point they stuck the young man's head in the toilet and made him drink the water. this video is very disturbing. what you're going to see is something that police are still investigating. >> look at him. tied up. >> this disturbing 30-minute video streamed live on facebook shows a man tied up, his mouth covered, crouched in the corner of a room. >> it's sickening. it's sickening. it makes you wonder what would make individuals treat somebody like that. >> reporter: chicago police describing the victim as an 18-year-old white male with special needs. his attackers are seen laughing as they kick, punch and cut his forehead with a knife.
4:53 am
>> [ bleep ] donald trump. >> reporter: four people now in custody, all african-americans, two males and two females. police say the victim was targeted because he has a mental health challenge, but they're investigating whether the attack was racially motivated. >> they're young adults and they make stupid decisions. that certainly will be part of whether or not a hate crime -- if we seek a hate crime to determine whether or not this is sincere or just stupid ranting and raving. >> he represent trump -- >> reporter: at this point the superintendent is rejecting any connection to president-elect donald trump, but the investigation is on going. >> some of it is just stupidity. people just ranting about something that they think might make a headline. i know he has mentioned chicago, but i can't connect that with what these folks did. >> police say the victim was taken from the suburbs and could have been missing from anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. officers found the victim
4:54 am
wandering the streets in crisis tuesday afternoon and brought him to a hospital. >> he's traumatized by the incident. it took most of the night for him to calm down enough to be able to talk to us. >> just horrible, but it must be discussed. alt right media are blaming this torture attack on black lives matter. in fact, the hash tag blm kidnapping is the top trending on twitter. we have president and founder of seven star consulting, demetrius roberts and retired nypd detective harry hawk. everybody should agree on one thing, it's a crime and these guys did the biggest favor they could to law enforcement by putting this live on facebook. why? >> exactly. i've had cases like this before where we dealt with people that are mentally insufficient. the fact is these cases are very hard to prosecute because -- even where the chicago police
4:55 am
officers say it took several hours to calm him down to be able to get a statement from him. the fact that we have video and somebody to go back on the video and find the perpetrators is tremendous in the case like this. prosecutors would find it hard to put a man like this on the stand because he could be easily manipulated by a defense attorney. the fact we have all this evidence that we've tracked down, the location where it happened, the clothes the perpetrators were wearing, the clothes he was wearing, we'll link all this together. >> i don't even know how i feel about blurring the faces. demitri, how do you feel this should be seen by people watching the video? >> i think it should be looked at in the way that it is. this is hate. hate doesn't have a color. for folks to talk about this is somehow connected to black lives matter is absolutely the wrong way to look at this. hate is hate. hae doesn't have a color and we
4:56 am
cannot respond to hate with hate. it's just going to perpetuate the cycle. what i think we can do in this situation is say that these are individuals that acted alone. if we look at it that way, now we can really focus on rectifying the problem. the problem is cultural ignorance. these folks are ignorant. it was flat-out stupid just like the superintendent said. let us also not be ignorant in our response to this. let's say what is the solution here? i think the solution is, one, understanding where this cultural divide is happening. folks want to be facebook stars, for lack of better terms, but that's not the right answer either. this doesn't have anything to do with donald trump. this just has to do with these young people thinking that this is the right way to get their message out. as we know, chris, this is not the right way to do anything. >> no question about that. you've got black kids beating up a white kid and they talk about donald trump. next thing you know, harry, you've got black lives matter in the trending twitter topic because people start seeing it
4:57 am
in that context. what's your take? >> i think black lives matter does have something to do with what's going on in this country today. it's a contributing factor. it's not the specific reason why this is going on. i agree with dimitri, these kids laughing over what they're doing here. what i look at right now, i don't think that this is in any way connected to trump. i think it's a bias crime. i think they committed this act against this young man because he was mentally insufficient and the fact that he was white. but as far as what dimitri said regarding black lives matter being part of this, i think there's definitely some indication with this narrative that's going on out there that might make some black individuals attack whites. >> here is the deal.
4:58 am
>> let me just say one more thing. the fact is, if we're looking at four white guys doing this to a black mentally insufficient young man, we'd be having riots on the streets. black lives matter would be taking advantage of that narrative and so would other people who are part of the narrative. >> dimitri? >> we have an opportunity here. let's not be further divided around these issues. this has nothing to do with a hash tag. folks always feel thaey have to be on one side of the issue or the other. this is a hate crime. hate doesn't have a color, culture doesn't have a color. let's address why this happened. this happened because there was some ignorance and there were folks that wanted to sensationalize their! . let's not start promoting hash tags or be on one side of this issue where you have a real opportunity to unify. what i'll further say to the viewers is let's not respond to
4:59 am
hate with further hate. let's respond to hate with peace and that's how we can further address these issues, not just in chicago, but nationally, chris? >> dimitri, don't you think at least part of that black lives matter narrative could somehow be part of what happened? we see it happening with police officers, white police officers being attacked. we're seeing it every time a police officer shoots an unarmed perpetrator and it turns out that the officer was correct in actually shooting the perpetrator. don't you think -- i'm not blaming black lives matter for all the problems, but i think they are partially connected to this in some way as a result of that narrative. >> but it's up to us, chris, to change that narrative. that's why we're here. we're sitting on the national spotlight right now talking about this issue, and it is up to us to change that narrative. yeah, it could be connected, but it doesn't have to be. that's my message today. let's not make this connected to something that it's not.
5:00 am
these are young folks who committed an act of hate against another individual regardless of their skin tone and regardless of who they are or what background they come from. listen, i come from the same places that these folks come from, the southwest side of chicago. this is not a reflection of what good african-americans, young african-americans are doing on the south and west side and what folks like black lives matter or blue lives matter are doing to bring peace. so let's talk in peaceful terms and let's resolve this in a way that we can make, not just the city of chicago stronger, but the country stronger? >> dimitri, harry, one thing is for sure. when bad things happen, people use them to politicize and advance agendas. i'll tell you a great step of progress is the way you two gentlemen discussed it right here on "new day." thank you for your ideas and the way you discussed it. >> thanks, chris. a lot of news for you this morning. let's get right to it. >> our source


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