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tv   New Day  CNN  January 6, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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>> it was a big day. gop lawmakers sat in attention. no one pushed back on the intel chiefs in any real way. there are more details coming out about what is in the classified report being presented to trump today that >> will the president elect now tell whaus other knowledge he has about the hacks or accept the reality and think we're just two weeks away from inauguration day. the administration hasn't even started yet. we got it all covered for you. let's begin with jason live from trump tower new york. >> today is finally the day that the president elect will get his chance to hear whatever evidence intelligence officials have showing that russia was behind the cyberattacks. the question is, chris, will it be enough to convince him? >> the heads of the fbi, cia, nsa and director of national intelligence will meet face to
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face with president elect donald trump today to brief him on their findings about russian cyberattacks. >> i don't think we ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our election process. >> dni head james clapper making it crystal clear at a congressional hearing yesterday that all 17 u.s. intelligence agencies believed russia meddles with the u.s. election. >> i do believe it's crucial. >> with repeated attempts to undermine the conclusion. >> there's a difference between skepticism and. >> but trump strikes a tone tweeting the dnc would not allow the fbi to study or see it's
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computer info after it was hacked by russia so how and why are they so sure about hacking if they never even requested an examination of the computer servers. what is going on? former chairman of the joint chiefs, retired general martin dempsey striking his rule not to comment on politics. intelligence is hard thankless work. fortunately we have dedicated patriotic and courageous men and women on the job. thanks. >> grow up donald. grow up. >> vice president joe biden calling trumps comments dangerous. >> for a president not to have confidence in, not to be prepared to listen to the intelligence agencies is mindless. >> but to the surprise of trump critics the president elect tapped the former senator to replace clapper. trump's transition team
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insisting it and pushing back on reports that the president elect wants to revamp the dni. >> it's one of his biggest campaign promises. >> house republican officials is looking to u.s. taxpayers. and republicans may try to add billions of dollars to a massive spending bill if mexico to pay for it. >> it could end up losing with a major show down to senate democrats that could end up forcing a government shutdown. trump for his part in addition to receiving that security briefing today on russian sign area tacks he is also going to be meeting with magazine editors
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includi including that. >> thank you very much. sb intel chiefs did not including they have identified the people that acted as go betweens for the russians and wikileaks. evan is live with more. >> the u.s. officials tell cnn the u.s. identified intermediaries who they believe provided the wikileaks website with the democratic party e-mails stolen by hackers working for russian intelligence. this is among the pieces of information that they're expected to provide president elect donald trump at a meeting in new york in the next few hours. today's the first time trump will see an intelligence report that looks at not only the russian hacks and democratic party groups in the next
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election year but also cyber hacks going back to the 2008 election year. we're told that intelligence agencies also collected intercepts of russian officials expressing happiness of donald trump's victory on november 8th. they aren't considered smoking gun evidence against the russians but rather broader evidence. they told senators that intelligence agencies. it's more residenolutely when t made that charge. the russian government wasn't his source but also claims wikileaks never notes it's sources. at this point the plan is for the public to see the classified version of the intelligence report next monday. >> cnn political analyst and
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author of how is your faith and cnn political analyst and kirsten powers. >> you read whatever is in the prompter. i know that. >> you're exactly right. >> 13 years. >> seeing how faith is low at this desk today as you're hearing right now. so clapper came out. the chiefs came out yesterday and said what they have been saying all along. gop lawmakers that said they were skeptical sat there and nobody said anything back and they all nodded in understanding. where does that leave us? >> leave us with a show down between the president elect and the intelligence community. he is now going to get a full range of information. he is going to get what the public sees but he'll get more than that. he'll get what congress will get next week as well. but they have evidence they
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believe that shows putin himself knows this is a full frontal attack trying to tote success of donald trump. trying to spread classic propaganda. all of that trying to meddle in our affairs. my question for president elect trump is you're now president. you won. why not show the confidence in yourself and your victory and say to russia, you know what, this happened, it didn't sway the election but you tried to meddle and i'm confident enough to say you're never going to do this again and we're going to crack down. that will be an interesting question as to whether that comes about. and they want to go after russia hard and they have questioned the intelligence. >> they didn't really talk about president elect trump but james clapper made a reference to the way he has been speaking.
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so listen to this. >> there is an important distinction here between healthy skepticism which policy makers do include pollty maker number one should always have for intelligence but i think there is a difference between and i have received many expressions of concern from foreign car parts about, you know, the disparagment of the u.s. intelligence community or what has been interpreted as disparagement of the intelligence community. >> he is as low key as you would ever get but he is sending a loud message there. >> so i think it's fair if donald trump wants to say he has a concern that perhaps there's
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too much of the intelligence and that he has concerns about how our intelligence is gathered. usually you would do that behind the scenes. usually you'd look at what was going on once you come into the white house and how some sort of overhaul. and it's essentially humiliating. and that's probably where you would draw the line normally and not do that. the other problem is that we don't really know beyond the fact that he doesn't like the fact that they're saying this could have -- let's set aside whether it swayed the election but they were trying to sway the election. he doesn't believe the cia is giving proper information. >> other than assange. the political question here now
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is how does trump escape this situation without looking as badly as he looks right now. you question things you could have had the answer to all along since he has been president elect. they haven't been hiding this information. clapper put it out. so you could have known but either ignored or didn't take the steps to know. he has suggested he knows other things that have never come out and now it's staring him in the face and he's going to have to say something, i think. >> you're getting to the core of the issue which is that trump is increasingly isolated on this issue. republicans are abandoning him. paul ryan said yesterday that russia clearly meddles. it's very hard for anyone that works in government that cares about national security and the intelligence community to side with him. it's not clear he wants to get out of it. he is making his stand here for some unknown, unclear reason he won't budge and the only way he gets out of it is becomes president and replace what is he
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thinks are the points higher in community serving obama and not him and if they give him the same information then he can turn around and say i believe it. >> if he is afraid of this information, creating doubt and i question those around him and may look around the world. skepticism is fine. why doesn't he believe it? does he have ties to russia we don't know about? why would you want to allow those questions to fester and to have no good basis other than his refusal to accept some of this information. >> what david is getting into here is the open big question. is there something that the russians have with donald trump. a lot of reporters and lawmakers are still looking into this. we never figured out what the connections are. there might be another reason he
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doesn't want to reveal the fact that russia meddled in this election. we don't know. >> but joe biden's theory is that it's immaturity. listen to this. >> grow up donald. grow up. time to be an adult. your president. you have to do something. show us what you have. >> also referring to the fact that he tweeted about chuck schumer being the chief clown which is immature. >> i think the chances is very, very low. the next pivot is this becomes president and this is how he likes to communicate with people. it's unpresidential but seems to be the way he likes to do things.
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>> i like the tweet. >> me too. >> what happens when it changes the next hour? which one was it. >> i don't think the public is as concerned about that. the reality is it is an unfiltered presidency and to understand his expertise is at grabbing headlines. and he understands how to play in that. if he has different views, he said all of these things about the intelligence agencies and he puts dan in that's a total hard
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liner on russia. so we don't know exactly. >> right. so shouldn't there be action is my point? the actions might speak louder. >> you have to look at it all. >> okay. panel, hold that thought. >> like donald trump increasingly isolated. >> on the campaign trail president elect trump promised to protect women and make mexico pay for the border wall but both of those promises may soon be broken. how will this transition team explain what the new plan is. we'll tell you. our panel discusses that, next. little dakota's nose was quivering in fear.
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planned parenthood would be on our reconciliation bill. >> speaker paul ryan should tie it to the bill attending obamacare. could that jeopardize the effort. >> it sounds as if they fold this in in an effort to repeal obamacare and then some senators have made and might not vote for
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it. >> it looks like they're not going to be able to get support for it. this is something that people in his conference really want. this is very important to the conservative base. >> this is a negotiating tactic. >> it may not end up. >> it's just one of these things that matters to the conservative base and they passed a similar bill before and it's going to be essentially the same thing as what they're going to come up with which is try to take the funding that will go to planned parenthood and put it to community health centers. >> in a way it's the same thing as repeal or replace. >> this is the same thing. you don't know what you're going to do with planned parenthood. it goes through the reproductive practices of abortion but met
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f -- it means so much. >> they're going to spend it on whatever they want. it hasn't been proven. you're getting to the bigger point which is that they don't have a plan and you have the senator in the republican leadership. saying we're not going to do a comprehensive bill. we're hearing it won't come out until june or july and then this planned parenthood thing comes up. planned parenthood is popular and the worst issue first and seems like terrible political strategy. >> almost half of those people also support planned parenthood. it's also an even split. >> it's also like social security. bernie sanders sitting down with chris for the town hall on monday is talking about holding the president elect to his word on preserving social security. it speaks to something very
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interesting. donald trump wins support among working class voters. many of whom will support the programs. at the same time he created all of this space for the conservative movement to flourish. a lot of these conservatives may not like donald trump but they have all the power and he is giving them more or less of a free hand for now. we don't know what he is going to tweet today or tomorrow about planned parenthood or where he will come down or the white house will come down. that's so interesting to their point about how this all settles in and whether the white house weighs in on health care for example and says well a revamp is fine but we have to protect this or that based on trump talking to president obama. we just don't know. he also said mexico is not for it. it sounds now according to trump
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officials, what he is asking for is for congress or budget proposals because the u.s. will pay for it and then be reimbursed by mexico. that's going. >> he said they'll pay us back through and fill in the blank. that was never part of the promise. we'll find a way to make it back. >> this is dishonest media that does not report that money spent on building the wall for sake of speed will be paid back by
3:23 am
mexico later. it's worked for him up to this point but do you remember him ever saying will front the money and i'll get it back from mexico? >> no, this was a bold promise and i suppose those around trump and supporters will argue. it was a symbolic lecture to say we're going to sufficienten border security. you can see him making that claim and maybe illuding a lot of the accountability as a result. but let's also remember in context that there are incoming politicians make promises about things they want to do and it doesn't come to pass. president obama said we're shutting down guantanamo bay. >> signed it his first day. >> but hold on a second.
3:24 am
i want to take the trump side. what does it matter? if you're reimbursed for it. >> he's not going to be reimbursed. how are you going to make mexico reimburse you. >> through tariffs. >> that's not reimbursement. if you're going to start a trade war that's a different situation but for him to say this is one of the things he said during the campaign when people asked him how and don't worry have the details and now he is changing the story, we think. we don't he even know what the story is. we don't even know that. so i don't understand how does that happen. >> it's part and parcel of his entire approach to foreign policy. what they're going to do, that's not how foreign policy works. you have to negotiate and have diplomacy and engage. >> he always said this will be a negotiation. he will hold out a carrot or stick and make mexico pitch in so it doesn't increase our deficit. >> all we know is that the mexican government made it clear that the terms are unacceptable and they're not going to do it
3:25 am
so unless there's some big change. some big new initiative or some drive that we're not aware of its not going to work the way he says it is. >> we have to create space everybody for what the trump effect, which is the unpredictable and the unexpected. we don't know, i mean, i agree with josh in terms of the norms of foreign policy but i don't know whether some of his pronouncements creates room for negotiation that just might work. we just don't know. it can be so different that it creates different results. >> unpredictability is good for adversaries and it's not first degree alabama lice. >> politicians make promises and don't deliver. that's not new. it's just that trump was supposed to be different. >> thank you very much. great to talk to you. >> a quick programming note. next monday night we'll have a special primetime town hall with former democratic presidential candidate and vermont senator bernie sanders. as you may know the vermont senator has been dubed the
3:26 am
message man for the democratic party. he's going to go on a tour all over the country right around inauguration day making the case. next monday night at 9:00 eastern he will take your questions here on cnn. who are the democrats, what are they fighting for. >> we also have an update for you on the story we covered so much yesterday. these four suspects heading to court in chicago today. they're charged with that horrifying hate crime that's getting a lot of attention. even that. president obama. we have a live report with all the developments for you. we live in a pick and choose world.
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charged with hate crimes in that horrible torture attack on a mentally disabled teen. they're going to be in court today. ryan young live in chicago. and putting it out on video for police to track. >> absolutely. everyone has been talking about especially in the community of chicago has been talking about the idea that they can't believe it was streamed live on facebook. a lot of people looking to facebook to see what will change to stop this from happening in the future but now these teams face serious charges. everything from hate crime to kidnapping and aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated battery with a weapon. when you look at this video, we'll warn you about what's in it but these young people tortured this young man for quite sometime. police detailing some of the things they did. making him drink toilet water and taking a knife and trying to scalp a piece of his head. not only has this community
3:31 am
reacted but the president of the united states has some words about what he saw on this video. >> what we have seen is surfacing a lot of the problems that have been there a long time. whether it's tensions between police and communities, whether it's hate crimes of the despicable sort that recently surfaced on facebook. i take these things very seriously. >> there's a lot of questions about the crime here in chicago. and everyone agrees about what they saw on this tape. >> thank you very much about reporting. snow falling here in the northeast and winter storm shaeding to the southeast this weekend. chad meyers has our forecast. what do you see chad? >> the good news is its the
3:32 am
weekend. because if not this city should be shutdown. charlotte would be shutdown as well. going to get significant snow here. probably 2 to 4 for atlanta but it starts early. it probably starts somewhere right around rush hour for today for atlanta. already seeing light snow across parts of louisiana. but winter storm warnings from mississippi to delaware. if you're in chicago for two inches you're laughing at it but atlanta don't take care of this. 2 to 4 here. could be spots around 6 inches in the metro area here. and there won't be 8 inches of snow. and that's the big swath we're talking about. most of this is just rain. >> chris. >> thank you very much. you'll keep us on top of it. so do you repeal if you're not
3:33 am
ready to replace. that question surrounding what to do about the affordable care act also known about obamacare. you'll hear from someone engaged in the fight and maybe worried about the future for their republican party.
3:34 am
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more than 20 million americans that use it are in limbo. that includes one trump voter that is now voting that mr. trump will think twice. >> it was a familiar story in america. and risk of heart disease and diabetes and also self-employed
3:37 am
and no company wanted to offer him health care insurance. he was considered too big a risk. >> was that tough? >> i didn't like him but it was the reality of the situation. >> when did you first hear about the affordable care act. >> it was all over the news. >> what did you think? >> i thought it was a good idea. >> even though i'm conservative. >> when did you first sign up for obamacare? >> when it was first available. it was october i remember and i wanted to be covered because it's important. >> and as a result starting in 2014, bob was able to get insurance and it was a big relief. >> it's the feeling of coming out of the rain, if you will. you're out there to the breezes. you can do all you can. you can get healthy and try to be safe but there's a certain
3:38 am
amount of fate that's just out there so to have coverage it was -- >> which makes what happens next all the more surprising. >> repeal and replace. >> you voted for donald trump who promised to repeal something that you're very much benefitting from. how do you explain that to people. >> i did what i thought was correct for the overall good of the country. economic strength cures a lot of things. i rather not need the subsidies. >> we are reverse the stagnation and usher in a period of true opportunity and growth. >> that repealing obamacare would be good for the economy. it's a common refrain but the
3:39 am
committee for a responsible budget accepts the opposite. >> if he does repeal obamacare what is that going to do? >> truth is some of the states that most benefitted from obamacare had a majority that voted for trump. like his home state of florida. in fact, florida has the highest percentage of enrollees in the nation. one in ten floridians under 65 signed on for health insurance under the affordable care act. >> he credits obamacare with profoundly changing his health. because of that, this lifelong conservative will wrestle for the first time with the idea of voting democrat.
3:40 am
>> if hi voted for what i thought was strictly best for me, i would have voted for her. because the health care plan gives us piece of mind, medical screening. >> he has no regrets about voting for president elect trump but he would tell him this. >> one thing to come in, health care act and taken the worry away. >> cnn, west palm beach florida. >> one of the reasons, first of all, thank you. once again putting a human face on a very common situation. not just the need for insurance but the complexity of the situation. it's fair criticism to say repealing is easy, politically but if you're not ready to replace it, there's a lot of balls to keep in the air.
3:41 am
>> but he made a compelling case that what he did is for the good of the country and if it's an improved economy. >> the voter did what he thought was right. however i'm talking about the lawmakers. they better think long and hard about what they do. there's millions of people in the balance. >> we'll have an opportunity to talk to them about many of the people. >> you're going to hear about a lot of bathroom bills going on around the country. north carolina was the beginning and not the end. now in texas transgender people may be in the cross hairs and you might see north carolina-like backlash of texas. next.
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>> it declined to use it's veto power and allowed the resolution to pass. it calls the settlement expansion a violation of international law. >> texas lawmakers taking a page from north carolina's play book proposing a bill requiring transgender people to use the bathroom matching their gender at birth. supporters say it's about public safety. the measure will spark protest
3:46 am
and cost billions in revenue just as in the tarheel state. >> wait until you hear this story. there's a royally close call. the times of london reporting that queen elizabeth was almost mistaken for an intruder and almost shot by a palace guard while off on an early morning walk. she reportedly told the guard next time i'll ring through beforehand so you don't have to shoot me. the 90-year-old monarch is recovering from a stubborn cold. yeah. that would have been bad. >> so in the context of the queen mother's apparently recovering. so some of the grave concerns. the queen. some of the grave concerns can put them to the side. she's out taking a walk. >> why was the queen walking in a hoodie when she approached the guard gate at 3:00 in the morning and when the guard approached she would only say, so, so. she would not give i.d.
3:47 am
>> i was wondering where we were going with this. >> i didn't hear the hoodie element. >> we're still tracking down whether or not there was a physical altercation. >> i don't think there was. >> the two front runners for the nba mvp going head to head in houston. andy has more from the ces in vegas. this morning's bleacher report. you don't get to cover the best stuff in the world sports. but you get to do it from the coolest place in the world. out in vegas and get all the new gadge gadgets. >> good for you andy. >> i have been here for five days now which is a personal record. halfway home to getting out of here but having a lot of fun checking out the new cool stuff here. >> going head to head. they opened up an 18 point lead in the 3rd quarter. he would lead the thunder back
3:48 am
in this one. on his way to 49 points. this game would be tied in the closing seconds and you'll see him under the basket. he'll knockdown both free throws. one of the coolest things i have got to try out here while i have been in las vegas is all the new virtual reality products. well next vr it's an amazing new way to watch sporting events. it puts you in the action like you're sitting courtside. they broadcast one game a week in virtual reality. he is excited about the future of this technology. >> it's the closest thing to being live in an arena and of course when you have a global game like ours only a tiny fraction of our fans will probably ever be in the united states. let alone be in an nba arena and therefore we can replicate the experience. especially the courtside experience. talk to fans on your left. talk to fans on your right. hear what players are saying on the floor and move around the arena, those are the things
3:49 am
we're very focused on. >> nextvr is also providing highlights. they hope to do more with them in the future. playoffs start tomorrow night. you have the lions at the seahawks and you have the no one has a quarterback bowl. >> thank you very much for sharing all of that with us. >> so we are learning more about this sickening case, the torture of a mentally disabled teenager by four people. it was streamed live on facebook. so what president obama is now saying about this crime in his hometown of chicago and what can be done to stop things like this. that's next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source.
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>> now facing hate crime and other charges. let's discuss this with political editor for the and professor of political science and communication at morgan state university. professor johnson. good to have you there. let's start on the ground, frank. what is this being taken as in the city of chicago? >> well, as you know, chicago has been royaled by racial tension over the last year because of police issue so this
3:54 am
is more fuel of the fire involving race. the mayor weighed in on this yesterday as other politicians he called it sickening but he also said look chicago is also a place where millions of people come every year so, you know, there are obviously tourists that feel comfortable coming here and this doesn't represent chicago as a whole. >> people were wondering if they were going to be charged with a hate crime. yes they have been in part because of the racial component. you can hear them saying racist things but also because they targeted a mentally disabled teenager. that also constituted a hate crime. what it did not turn out to be according to police, we have to go to the primary source is at all connected to black lives matter though right wing websites for claiming that. >> racists are going to say racist things. if i committed a bank robbery
3:55 am
tomorrow with a giant's jersey on its not eli's fault. this is how the justice system is supposed to work. people did something bad and they got caught and they have been publicly condemned and two white students raped a mentally disabled teammate and they escaped. they weren't given fines or anything else like that so i hope future cases are treated this way. >> as you know this but many people don't when police are involved in one of these situations, all of these anlages are being drawn between this situation and what's been happening people often complain and say why wasn't that cop arrested the way i would be. that's not how the system works. police are given a suggestion of use of force as part of their job. they don't get arrested the way you or i would. that's something that people need to learn when reviewing something like this as well. >> that's true. that's one of the things that lots of criminal justice activists are concerned with.
3:56 am
if your a state agent and use violence you should be under greater scrutiny because we're expected to be more responsible when you're a police officer but when we go back to this case, this is open and shut. you beat up some random person and you abuse some random person streaming live and they have been caught for it. that's how our justice system should work. >> the streaming live aspect of this was of course deplorable though president obama had a different spin or a different take on it. he basically said that social media is now allowing these things to be seen in a way they weren't before. listen to him. >> in part because we see visuals of racial tensions, violence and so forth because of smartphones and the internet and the media. what we have seen is surfacing a lot of problems that have been there a long time. whether it's tensions between
3:57 am
police and communities and whether it's hate crimes of the sort that has recently surfaced on book. i take these things very seriously. >> it's interesting. i read that you haven't covered him and say it's often the practice to broadcast themselves or their actions. >> right so there's no indication that these defendants were gang members. in chicago for years gangs antagonized each other by going on facebook and posting messages and video and that kind of thing and society is using social media every day. i can point to four or five cases over the last two years in which hate speech or alleged hate speech was caught on video.
3:58 am
i woman was at a festival and used the n word and spat on someone and she was charged with a hate crime. white and black people have both been charged with hate crimes in chicago in recent years and the hate crime statute here is a very simple statute. all it says is that it has to be one of the motivations that you had when you committed a crime and what the police department was saying is its the speech on the video that constituted hate. >> it's a double edged sword. it does reveal what is going on but also might insight it. jason, frank, thank you very much. >> thanks to our international viewers for watching. cnn newsroom is going to begin for you in moments. for our u.s. viewers, new day is going to continue right now.
3:59 am
>> he won fair and square. >> it was also propaganda and this information and news. >> iran, north korea and china. >> he will fight that decision to defund parenthood. >> donald trump, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell. >> trump slook to ask u.s. taxpayers not mexico to pay for his proposed border wall. >> that wall will go up so fast your head will spin. >> you got to do something. >> this is new day. >> they are going to make their case that russia interviewed in the congress and russia's
4:00 am
intervention went well beyond hacked e-mails and so-called fake news. >> and what is in the classified report mr. trump will see today. will the president elect accept what is represented and that's the question today. we are now two weeks away from inauguration day. we have it all covered for you. he is live in trump tower in new york. good morning. >> good morning to you allison. we're now just hours away from the president elect receiving that briefing from intelligence officials and what evidence they have showing that russia was behind the sign area tacks. >> they will meet to brief him on their findings about russian cyberattacks. >> i don't think we ever


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