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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> i'm airport director. again on behalf of broward county administration, our mayor, county commissioners, express our condolences and sympathies, keep thoughts and prayers with those who lost their lives here today, family and friends, truly horrific incident. number of individuals not only stuck on airplanes that had landed and some on the gates not permitted to leave after the incident occurred. number that evacuated out of the terminal onto the apron areas. working most of the day to make sure everybody was safe and secure. once we received that word from law enforcement partners been in the process of either transporting those individuals to port everglades at terminal four -- we've had dozens of busses transporting somewhere in
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the neighborhood of 10,000 folks over there. broward county staff and red cross over there to assist those passengers and get to destinations, assisting with hotel accommodations, providing food and shelter. through this evening continue to work with law enforcement partners here to continue to try to get the airport back into operational status, working with all the airlines, transportation safety administration and others to get ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport back in operation tomorrow morning. goal is to have us operational at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, but encouraging all travelers to check with individual airlines as some may not be operating right away. clearly this incident has caused a loot of disruption in their individual schedules and other schedules around the country. we encourage everybody to
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contact their airlines. we will continue to provide information through social media, through 2003 @fllflier, at our web page and contact those sources for information. that's all i have for the time being. >> good evening as the sheriff mentioned, the fbi is working very, very closely with the broward sheriff's office in this investigation. we have begun the difficult task of processing the crime scene which will allow us to identify the deceased and making the proper notification to the family members. as you can imagine with this type of investigation and incident, it is a long-term very difficult complex investigation. that requires us to pursue all leads and avenues. we're conducting investigation
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not only here in south florida but in several other states as we try to pursue the suspect's aktsivities leading up to today's horrific incident. the suspect is in federal custody as the sheriff mentioned, a long interview was conducted by fbi and broward sheriff's office and will be charged and most likely have first appearance in broward on monday. again with these incidents as horrific as they are, looking at all avenues, not ruled out terrorism and pursuing every angle to try to determine the motive behind this attack and any soerkts, connections, communication, everything that you can imagine, i assure you, we're pursuing every possible lead. thank you.
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>> flight from anchorage and then minneapolis and then here? >> yes from alaska to minneapolis and to ft. lauderdale on delta flight. at this time it's too early for us to truly know why he came to florida. those are things we're looking at. his travel patterns, what brought him here and his connections to south florida. >> suspect had contact with fbi office in alaska, were they aware he had weapons? anything done to take those away? >> yes, the individual did walk into the anchorage office in november, came in and spoke with fbi agents at that time. he clearly stated that he did not intend to harm anyone however his erratic behavior
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concerned fbi agents interviewing him and contacted local police and turned him over to them. taken into custody by the local police and transported to medical facility for a mental health evaluation. we looked at his contacts, looked at -- did our intraagency checks and at that point we closed our assessment. >> firearms, did you know? >> that question i really don't have the answers to are. again it's very early in the investigation. working very closely with the anchorage field office to determine his activities there but can't tell you about his weapons. >> voluntarily walked into the fbi office in anchorage? >> yes. voluntari voluntarily walked into our office and interviewed by agents
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in that office. >> how long in the mental health facility? >> that information i don't have. again it's very early in the investigation. that's something we'll have to try to determine with the anchorage field office. he was turned over to local custody and it was local custody that took him to the medical hospital for evaluation. >> is the fbi investigating a home in anchorage, a house there? >> we're looking at several investigative leads not only in alaska but other states that we have determined that he's either traveled to or has connections there. >> aboard one of the flights that -- baggage claim -- [ inaudible ]. >> i'm not aware of any type of incident like that. but again it is very early in the investigation. at this point unaware of incident on the flight or at
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baggage claim. >> -- in any way. mentioned some kind of voices in his head. >> again it's very early in the investigation. as i mentioned, not ruling out everything, looking at every angle, including the terrorism angle. but take us time to determine the true nature of the motivation of the individual. i believe he is 26 years old. he was in the u.s. military. we're currently reviewing his military records. i can tell you he was in the military. i believe in the army. but we haven't confirmed exactly his service. >> what type of gun and how many shots fired? >> what i can tell you at this point is that it was a semi auto hand gun. but i'm not prepared to release the type of hand gun and it's
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way to early in the investigation to tell you how many rounds were fired. >> did he try to take hostages in the shooting? >> no he didn't try and take any hostages. as the subject esteban santiago was shooting, seconds after he was contacted by a broward sheriff's deputy, instructions rendered, taken into custody without incident and immediately interviewed by the broward sheriff's office. one more question. >>. [ inaudible ] >> not to my knowledge. we'll be getting into touch to let you know when the next press conference will be when we're ready to release more information. right now just ask that the prayers of the nation be with the people and families that lost loved ones in broward county.
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thank you. >> press conference is wrapping up as you see there at airport at ft. lauder dale-hollywood. after the horrific shooting tonight. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemon. going to get to our panel. live for us at ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport, official there's from the fbi, director in charge of that particular area. also the airport director, broward county sheriff speaking out about esteban santiago saying a member of the military, going over his records. trying to figure out his flight from alaska to minneapolis to ft. lauderdale end then in the baggage area taking out a semi automatic hand gun, shooting at
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least five people and wounding at least eight. going over forensics as is customary in this case and more information @fllflyer, said going to release that information through social media, will have another press conference but not sure when. latest information. our reporter sanchez following this all day. suspect is in custody. what else are we learning tonight? >> reporter: i think the most interesting thing you just heard was the fbi spokesperson confirming that this suspect went to fbi office in anchorage, alaska, in november and talked to the officers reportedly about voices in his head.
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felt he was in control of federal agency telling him to join isis. i asked if aware he had weapons on him. we confirmed in the recent past purchased two glocks. and answer was they don't have answer at the time whether or not they were aware he had firearms or whether or not they tried to confiscate them. spokesperson confirmed he was referred to local law enforcement and at the time the suspect said he had no intention of hurting anyone. interesting insight into this person's mind. clearly he felt that something was out of line and we saw the result of it today. meantime here at ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport, i want you to see this huge line, there are hundreds of people still in line, waiting to leave terminal two. just outside terminal two i should say at the airport. these folks have been here all
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day long since the shooting took place. seen a steady stream of busses evacuating them to port everglades, a short distance from here where the red cross and others are helping. spoke to people frustrated, some sitting on the tarmac since the shooting took place. one woman said her plane was scheduled to take off shortly after the shooting and forced to sit in the plane up until 9:00 in the plane on the tarmac. lot of stressed people here, not to mention those with loved ones asktded by the shooting and those recovering now. at least five killed, eight more in the hospital recovering. this is a day that will certainly change the outlook of this community and possibly change the way people feel going to the airport. spoke to one woman in the terminal when the shooting took
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place with family. told me it was chaos and at one point dropped to ground overcome with emotion because separated from family and not sure they were okay. when finally reunited was relieved but changed thinking of going to airport. very concerned. other interesting thing, we asked her, did you think this could happen coming to ft. lauderdale for vacation? she said this could happen anywhere. >> interesting thing is long line and lots of mis activity. not going to reopen until 5:00 a.m. going to be chaotic for a while and once it opens, i don't think it will be business as usual. other thing they mentioned tonight, not ruling out the possibility of terrorism. we'll discuss that with members of the panel here. bring in rene marsh, sources say the suspect had a gun in checked
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bag which we're told he declared. what are the guidelines for traveling with a firearm? >> by all accounts followed the procedures for carrying a gun in checked baggage which is legal. said the suspect declared the gun before the flight and had in the proper casing, properly stored in checked luggage. point out tsa has strict guidelines for this. firearm must be unloaded, has to be stored in a hard side case, and case has to be locked. only the passenger is allowed to have a key or combination to that case. and again it must be declared at ticket counter. all the information that we have received is that this shooter did all of that, followed all the rules but don it appears he
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took advantage of the vulnerability we have at all the airports, the soft targets, the areas before the security checkpoint. >> i've had to follow this procedure while working on a story with a gun but had to take it to special area and pick it up. did this not happen in this case? >> that part is unclear. haven't heard if he had to show i.d. before he retrieved luggage with the actual gun inside. that part is unclear. we do know he retrieved his checked luggage, retreated to the bathroom just steps away, pulled it out and then opened fire. but let's just say don, let's just say they did take his i.d. one would argue that nothing really could stop him if he went through the check and balance from going into the bathroom and pulling out the gun minutes later and doing what he did today.
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>> go over what they said in the press conference, and they said not ruling out possibility of terrorism. that was special agent in charge there, george pierrot. what do you know about that? >> at this point we know that law enforcement doesn't have him on their radar as far as being radicalized. you know, they had that incident, encounter with him in which he showed up at fbi office in anchorage, alaska, checked out background and saw military background and referred him to local hospital under the guidance of local police. but it ended there. at this point we don't have any indication that he was on their rad radar for anything more than that. they were aware he had mental issues. name not on the no-fly list. at this point don't have
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indication to believe it was terrorism, even with the comment he said that voices in his head told him to follow isis. i think investigators are zeroing in on this possibly as mental case. >> also talking about a fight or some incident on the plane, what do you known about that? >> we've been hearing reports about alleged fight or altercation on the aircraft, investigators looking into that to see if that angered him enough to get firearm. knot nothing to back it up. remains a rumor. >> wouldn't the plane have been greeted differently? something different if there was altercation? >> exactly. if there was something big enough that occurred on board
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this aircraft that really concerned the flight crew, they would have called for law enforcement to meet them at gate. that's customary, what you usually see when it rises to level that really concerns the flight crew. we didn't see that. so let's just say maybe if he was having a small argument with someone on board, which we have no indication that was the case, if there was something, clearly did not rise to the level that concerned the flight crew to the point they would call for law enforcement to meet that aircraft at the gate. didn't happen. >> do we still have boris? stand by rene. >> still have people on airplanes. i know in lines. not reopening until 5:00 a.m. are there still people on planes? >> fortunately not, they were able to leave the planes around 9:00 this evening.
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essentially sitting on the tarmac for seven to eight hours, not allowed to move. as they were watching people running through the runway screaming and running for their lives as we saw hundreds do that this afternoon. >> stand by, deborah is in new jersey where the fbi is interviewing the aunt of the alleged gunman. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well don what we're hearing is earlier this afternoon fbi agents were here. counted about eight of them. and police as well inside the home. this is part of the routine. got to go through and see who they can talk to and information they can get. but a number of reporters spoke to the aunt and she said that her nephew had a baby, he's the youngest of five siblings. they live in puerto rico and also florida, which my explain
7:20 pm
away why on the way to florida, he served in iraq from april 2010 to february 2011, that was in iraq, deployed. when he returned said he was acting strangely and discharged in august of this past year and couple months later that's when he walked into the fbi agency saying that someone from u.s. intelligence agency was speaking to him, he was hearing voices. that's when questioned and taken to mental facility for evaluation. but aunt said had no idea why this happened, she's very sorry, very sad and asked god to be merciful. impacting the family as well, fbi agents looking at places where he's known to have served, may include missouri, puerto rico, ft. dix, new jersey, and trying to put it together. one of the reasons not ruled out
7:21 pm
terrorism, may be person with mental difficulties or problems, but doesn't mean he wasn't contacted by smchblt they've really got to rule that out to make sure it wasn't a trigger that led to this spiral. >> deb, stand by, rene, and boris as well. cnn is on top of this breaking news story. press conference held in florida moments ago by officials to explain what happened after five people are dead and eight injured as gunman started shooting in baggage area of the ft. lauderdale-hollywood international airport. i know this is a busy time. you've been talking to investigators, what can you tell us about this suspect? >> at this point in time i don't have a lot of details about the suspect, other than what you just heard you speak about on
7:22 pm
afrmt fbi has stated it's esteban santiago and did fly in from alaska to minneapolis to florida, and our thoughts and prayers with the victims and families, and hopefully the individuals at hospitals will pull through. airport status, remain closed throughout reminder of the evening and expected to open up tomorrow morning. >> we're told 5:00 a.m. but could change. you mentioned thoughts and prayers with the injured. any updates on how the injured are doing? >> at this point in time they've not released any further information about the injured. can't give you update on that. >> your team oversees airport
7:23 pm
operations at ft. lauderdale, any indication there were warnings missed about this? >> no, not at this point in time. matter of fact, law enforcement personnel, airport personnel and security acted exactly as they were supposed to according to active shooter training. all evacuations went as planned. did have a few people panicking who ran out on the tarmac. those individuals were kept safe and bussed them over to terminal four in port everglades. >> i can imagine if there's shooting people will run where they can. secured areas and busy tarmacs can be dangerous but someone is shooting, what the heck are you going to do. mayor, do you know anything about incident on the plane, met by anyone? altercation on the flight from
7:24 pm
minneapolis? >> there were reports of some form of altercation with this gentleman on the flight and de-escalated and no need for further action. there was not any alerts as far as meeting the aircraft, as far as detaining him. he was free to go and did go into the baggage claim area and that's when this all occurred. >> do you know if he has any connection, what his connection is to south florida? >> i'm not aware of his connection to south florida, it was just confirmed he was an american resident. because earlier today someone had reported that he was canadian, so we were just trying to make sure we had all the information correct prior to the press conference and release. i'm glad that the fbi has confirmed for you. >> it is unfortunate mayor this happened at your airport.
7:25 pm
do you think airports in florida and around the country need to rethink security in baggage claim areas or soft target areas? >> i'm not sure it's just about security. as soon as this shooting occurred our bso and all of our airport security was right there and right on top of it. i know that some people have said it seemed like it took a long time but in active shooter situation, seconds can seem like minutes and minutes like an hour. >> thank you very much. barbara sharief. still people there, standing in long lines. airport is closed and won't open until 5:00 tomorrow if they can continue the investigation and get it out of the way. suspect is esteban santiago, former member of the military,
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breaking news tonight, gunman opens fire at airport in ft. lauderdale, florida, killing five people and wounding eight others. bring in a panel of analysts. did evening to all of you thanks for coming in. i wish better circumstances. suspect recently discharged from the national guard for unsatisfactory performance, not on the list of terror ties but showed up at fbi office with voices in his head telling him to join isis. what do you make of this? should he be allowed to travel with the gun? >> definitely not but here's the challenge for the fbi and shock many viewers. lot of people go to the fbi or law enforcement and say they're
7:31 pm
hearing things, supports isis, the fbi in anchorage responded by sending him to mental facilities. he also served american government in the military. circumstances may have made them believe he probably had psychiatric or mental disorders but as we heard george piro in florida, respected fbi agent, they are working with airng rath to see what they may have failed to determine. but show up at door of fbi office is not enough to do much except try to commit him for clear mental challenges he was having at the time. >> he tells the fbi he's hearing voices, taken for mental health evaluation, voluntarily checks himself in. at what point is he not allowed to travel with weapon or be on
7:32 pm
no-fly list? >> back up don, really look into the local law enforcement procedure. at least here in state of florida in someone voluntarily or involuntarily commits for a mental health evaluation, there is a procedure in place, that a law enforcement officer, especially if committed at their direction, those weapons in your possession should have been seized and kept in the control of local law enforcement and should have had to petition a local court to prove competency to get those back. it's not question of traveling with the weapon. to me there's indication that somewhere in anchorage somebody missed cue to get these out of his possession. >> harry you were shaking your head saying go to law enforcement all the time saying
7:33 pm
hearing things. >> all the time. >> when i asked about the gun, why allowed to travel with the gun, you also had a reaction. >> basically they didn't ask the right question. when he went to the police department, fbi turned him over to the police department and they turned him over to the mental health facility. somewhere in there somebody should have asked if he had weapons at home. maybe he had them, maybe not, we don't know when he bought these weapons. but if the psychologist he talked to thought this was nothing wrong with him and he was okay to be released, maybe they should have kept him. the psychiatrist let him go, so parentally thought he was not a 38 to anybody at the time. but police department should have checked to weapons at home. as cop working in the precinct
7:34 pm
people came in saying crazy things and you scoot them out the door. >> can't hold them. >> you can't hold somebody says they're hearing voices, can't commit them. move them out of the precinct. >> was something missed? >> i think not at all. i spent two years in the military in alaska outside of ainch rath. everybody has weps in the state. weapons. number two, you go to purchase a firearm, you fill out atf form, there's a question on the form about being committed to state facility. there's no way when atf gets those forms, it's basically a criminal history check because there's no way under the hipaa guidelines that any law enforcement agency can check that particular question on the
7:35 pm
form 4473. >> put up this picture. in the photograph his finger pointing up, are you hearing anything -- any significance in that? >> i think there is significance to the picture so i'm going to analyze the press conference as well. what was telling to me was the fbi continues to have primary jurisdiction and not ruling out terrorism. social media is clearly showing pictures like this. he is in a scarf that some may interpret as being middle eastern, the gesture may be one aligned with gestures seen on other isis photographs. i'm being purposefully caution for two reasons, one we need to verify and validate who he is, he's apparently talking, and what his background is. and secondly as we see in a lot of these cases there are
7:36 pm
multiple motivations. everyone may want to scream isis but there's mental disorders, background issues and then isis. i'm definitely like the fbi not closing the door on terrorism right now. and i think it's telling that the fbi very quickly said we're not ruling anything out. and we have primary jurisdiction. otherwise wouldn't have primary jurisdiction until they rule out terrorism. >> all you have to do is do research online about the finger sign. >> that's isis sign. fact he mentioned isis when he went into the fbi headquarters and had been in the military, whether he was at the time, we don't know. but should have been a little bit of a red flag but they checked him out and not on any lists, had to turn over to law enforcement. >> we don't know, not confirming but all you have to do is do
7:37 pm
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7:40 pm
walk in, call it a soft target. should the security perimeter be expanded? >> i don't think it's the right answer to it. what's important is the procedures in the soft target areas are really responsive. it's an area where when you get back from travel, worried about the security situation, get to baggage claim, get the bag, sigh of relief, i made it, everything is great. vigilance is down. not as high as going through security. this is a lesson for us as travelers, remain vigilant all the way until you're home. this can happen in your travels. it's important to remain vigilant and protect yourself and be aware of what is happening around you. it's not well protected. >> i wonder if should be more stepped though, people check weapons and ammo for all sorts of reasons. should that be allowed or be extra steps before the person is
7:41 pm
reunited with the weapon? >> i think so. there are extra steps getting it on the airplane. why not the other end? did it make it through? perhaps taken off in the baggage exercise in the controlled areas. there's checks and ambulances that could be improved. and important to point out. some airlines do not allow you to check your gun or in the same bag as ammunition. others do. faa simply says can't be loaded, in the chamber and connected to the weapon. couple of things to be tightened up. who travels with a weapon and had to check theirs? harry. okay. so good. art, harry, and stewart, talk to me about -- have you gone
7:42 pm
through this process? starting with harry. at this airport? >> kennedy airport. i take guns to south carolina all the time. i have a house down there. but you have to have port authority police see you. check the weapon, check the permit, identification, make sure it's all good. make sure my gun is in specific kind of package, a hard piece of luggage. and it's got two locks on it, mine and tsa where the tsa can open it whenever they want to. once information is checked with port authority, give it to jetblue or whatever, and pick it up when i get there. >> same experience? >> in florida same almost in entirely. however in florida because guns
7:43 pm
are within the possession of most citizens down here, never had occasion where law enforcement officer necessarily has been called specifically to inspect my identification for the gun itself. routinely it's a ticket agent, supervisor comes over to verify the information and form. gun is then checked and pick it up on the other end of the destination. to be honest with you, certainly traveling to certain locations, one of the first things that i do after i retrieve my luggage is retrieve my firearm, load it up and put it on my person. >> so my experience art is from the denver airport to atlanta, called ahead, carry i to separate space, give it to you in separate location. what's your experience? >> it's generally the same, not 100% the same at every location. i've flown in and out of probably every major airport in the country carrying under the
7:44 pm
retired law enforcement federal law passed after 9/11. it is in a hard case but sometimes on the baggage conveyer belt or sometimes have to go to the baggage office. it's not 100% in every airport. changes here and there. >> what works better do you think? >> i think having to identify yourself in the baggage office to collect your bag, which i do flying into dca, is definitely better way to go. more secure and you have to show your identification to get your bag back. >> that's probably a great thing to do. fact is myself when i fly down there, pick up bag and that's it and walk out with weapon. i think somebody should check when you get to destination, you know that you got your weapon and show your identification to get it. i don't think would have -- do
7:45 pm
you think it would have helped her at all? >> i don't think made a difference but one extra step from him he was in altercation or whatever, from going in his luggage. >> one of the things i learned is tsa has guidelines and each airline has a little tweak or different guideline. it's very difficult. you can fly into one airport and different procedure from another. i think showing i.d. to pick up bag is way to go. >> see you back here later on, covering breaking news, and then international coverage past 1:00, coming up more on the deadly shooting rampage at ft. lauderdale. and more breaking news, report that blames vladimir putin for hacking aimed at beating hillary
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breaking news tonight, in a report released today, the u.s. intelligence community concludes vladimir putin ordered a campaign aimed at hurting hillary clinton and helping donald trump. let's discuss with cnn chief national security cress poentd,
7:50 pm
jim sciutto, and -- and josh rogen. mr. sciutto, break this down, the declassified version. the classified version has been released, among the conclusions is this, we assess russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at u.s. presidential election, goals to undermine public faith in the democratic process, denigrate secretary clinton and harm her electability and potential presidency and developed a clear preference for president-elect trump. it's unequivocal that russia did it and did it in part to help donald trump. what kind of evidence did they have? >> the report laid out assessments and conclusions but not a lot of the evidence, which
7:51 pm
is to be expected. gets to sources and methods and some of the most sensitive intelligence gathered by u.s. agencies. only so much they can show to the public but headlines -- imagine yourself in the room there don between donald trump and four most senior intelligence officials in the country including director of national intelligence james clapper, having to deliver this line. interfered with the intention of helping you win the election. difficult message to deliver. other headline i get from this report is the agencies concluding that didn't just hack the democrats but hacked republicans as well. heard from donald trump and supporters that only reason this information came out about the democrats is that the russians only hacked them. in fact the u.s. intelligence community says hacked both parties but only released material targeting one party.
7:52 pm
that's one of the main reasons they assess the intention was to help one party, the republicans, donald trump, over hillary clinton. >> and put it mildly, that's just one of the shall we say misstatements, coming from the incoming administration because bob baer intel chief said high confidence. but this is the official statement in part from the trump administration. while russia, china and other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of the governmental institutions, including the democratic national committee, there was absolutely no effect on the election, including no tampering with voting machines. it's not exactly true. page six says we did not make an assessment of the impact that russian activities had on the outcome of the 2016 election.
7:53 pm
the intelligence community is charged with assessing the actions and doesn't analyze u.s. political processes or public opinion. so what's the truth here? david? >> listen, i don't think -- i think we do know that the basic truth here is this report has taken us further than anything else we've seen so far. pins responsibility directly and personally on vladimir putin for ordering a massive interference is american elections, trying to den agrate hillary clinton and in the end trying to elect donald trump president. and had various reports about the celebrations on moscow's part since election results came in. it's understandable that donald trump would be angry about all of this, does undermine the legitimacy of his election and i
7:54 pm
think he appropriately said didn't change the outcome but even so the way it's unfolded has been painful to watch. never had president-elect have to little confidence in massive intelligence operation we pay billions of dollars for, and he's basically saying i respect what you say but really don't believe in it and told the "new york times" before you released it, this is a political witch hunt. >> but for me, says no effect on the outcome of the election, including no tampering with the voting machines and report itself says it didn't make that assessment. >> so donald trump has now gotten all the information that the u.s. government has, and decided he still doesn't believe it and putting out information about that meeting that is incorrect and -- >> that is lie. we've been nice. it's a lie. not what the report said. >> it's unprovable. no evidence. you can call it a lie, a
7:55 pm
mistake, spin, whatever it is, not part of what he learned in the brief. said to ap after, i learned a lot and they did too. he still thinks it's his job to tell the intelligence community what they're supposed to be telling him. take a step back. he's going to be president and have the power to tell the intelligence community to do whatever he wants. now first thing he wants to do is do a leak investigation who leaked the details of this report. >> it's declassified report meant for public consumption. >> priorities are totally out of whack and working on agenda that has nothing to do with what is good for national security, what do we do to make sure never happens again and what do we did abouted fact russians are doing this all over the world? >> donald trump has been
7:56 pm
questioning this for hours before he was briefed. told "new york times" his rivals behind the entire thing. beaten badly in the election, won more than ronald reagan, they're embarrassed about it. it's a witch hunt. they're still focused on this. is he still questioning the intelligence community here? >> i think so. maybe changes when he gets his guys in there. pomp pom peo, will be fascinating hearing. getting him in. maybe after inaugurated the talk of they're trying to take away my victory will go away. but investigations are ongoing. house and senate are doing them. see a lot of data and get information leaked or not over the next six months to year.
7:57 pm
>> get back to jim, pointed finger straight at vladimir putin and said moscow will apply lessons learned from this putin ordered campaign aimed at presidential election to further influence efforts worldwide including to u.s. allies and their election processes. trump has said flattering things about vladimir putin, wants to reset the relationship. does the report change that? >> it's up to him. from his own party there's trepidation, many republicans are pushing for tougher sanks than president obama ordered. clash in the party if he holds to this line. also the intelligence community said russia learned from this. in fact that they can have an effect on an election and u.s.
7:58 pm
intelligence community expects them to do it again. big elections coming up in germany and also in the u.s. because in effect it worked. this is a point that mccain and graham have made. it was democrats this time and could be the republicans next time. that's the attitude they have. that's not a step the president has taken to stay it's attack on the country and we have to come together and defend against future attacks. he's taking it as personal attack against him it sems and is reluctant to accept the conclusion. >> says a lot about the person, current president barack obama saying quote vladimir putin is not on our team. thank you gentlemen. more on the breaking news. donald trump's reaction to the report on the election hacking, and report of the deadly shooting at ft. ,
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
we're following two big breaking news stories tonight in florida and washington. this is "cnn tonight," i'm don lemon. five people


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