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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 7, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we're following two major stories for you this half hour. cyber hacking of the u.s. presidential race. there's new information concluding that vladimir putin stumped for trump behind the scenes but first let's turn our attention to the u.s. state of florida where police are trying to figure out why an iraqi war veteran opened fire in an airport baggage claim area. flights are expected to resume soon at the airport. a gunman opened fire there on friday afternoon killing five people. witnesses say he shot at random inside the airport's baggage claim. the fbi does have a suspect in custody, but they don't yet have a motive. they aren't ruling out terrorism at this stage. the suspect is santiago.
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investigators say he went to fbi investigators just a month ago claiming voices in his head were telling him to watch isis videos. the fbi checked into his background and santiago had a voluntary mental health exam but he was discharged shortly after wards. investigators looked into the theory that the gunman had been involved in an altercation on his flight but they say no such thing happened. >> i watched every bit of it. you know, basically walked up and down there. you know, i got my wife out, got some other couple ladies that were somewhat fallen over from trying to get out of there. i ran back out and helped other people trying to get out there and continued to watch where he's shooting and where he's going and i was trying to stay
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out of the line of fire, trying to keep people safe. once he finished shooting you could hear him reload a couple times. he was shooting a 9 mm. >> he was taking time to reload? >> well, he had two extra mags with him. so he did not have time to reload. the magazines were already loaded. >> well, police say they have no reason to believe the suspected gunman would be a threat. everything he went on route to florida was perfectly legal. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m. a gunman opens fire at fort lauderdale international airport. chaos inside terminal 2. at least 13 people shot with multiple casualties. this cell phone video shows people lying on the floor in the baggage claim area. the panic inside the terminal then spills outside as hundreds run from the gunshots flooding on to the tar mac and out on to the run ways.
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the injured quickly evacuated to a nearby hospital. >> everybody started running out of terminal one, out of the rental car place. some lady was yelling for help down in the garage so i just ran. >> reporter: cnn has learned the suspected shooter left alaska earlier today bound for fort lauderdale. he declared a firearm when boarding, that weapon packed inside his luggage and on an rival after retrieving his bag one source tells c nnn he went into bathroom and came out firing. some people driven by false reports of additional shootings. >> the shooter is in custody. he's unharmed, no law enforcement fired any shots. the subject is being interviewed by a team of fbi agents and broward sheriff's office homicide detectives. at point it looks like he acted
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alone. >> reporter: multiple sources identify him as santiago who was said to be a member of the alaskan national guard leaving the guard last july. cnn, fort lauderdale. >> law enforcement and retired fbi agent steve moore says he should have been watched. he spoke to my colleague earlier on. >> for me personally, the troubling aspect is that he had contact with law enforcement and mental health professionals and he got a pass somehow. the army also knew that there were problems there. i'm -- i'm wondering how so many agencies saw him and didn't do anything about him. it's almost as if every agency knew a little bit about it, but nobody put the pieces of the puzzle together. >> all right. you shouldn't be surprised about that.
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that is the story of many whether it's lone wolf or organized attacks. we saw that in paris. we saw it in brussels. we've seen it more recently in turkey. everybody knows a little bit of something and nobody puts it together. another good example, of course, certainly was germany where the truck went into the christmas market. >> right. and i think that's going to be the revolution that happens in counterterrorism and even in threat management, where there is -- i mean, weave got all the data in the world on social media. we don't have it in law enforcement and there has to be some kind of synergy between all different phases of law enforcement and mental health to where you're all -- you're all sharing information. and until we get to that point, we're not going to be able to predict these things. >> that was steve moore. the shooting in fort lauderdale
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could cause airlines to reconsider their policies on passengers traveling with weapons. tom foreman shows how the suspect made his way into the terminal. >> this is the fort lauderdale airport and based on everything that we have heard about this alleged shooter's travel plans after leafing alaska laying over in minneapolis and heading here, this is where he would have arrived. terminal two specifically at gate 5. i can show you that gate 5 is the one right back in this area. now, people who were on some of the planes say the walk from here down to the baggage area would be about 50 or 60 yards if he traveled the same way that you would expect somebody to normally do on a plane like this. it would be a path something like this through the area down to the escalator down here and then down to the baggage area. the baggage area is all in here. that's where he would have retrieved his bag with the gun in it if the witness accounts are correct and then people talk
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about him going into a rest room. there's one over there and also one right over here. if that were the case he could have gone in and came right back out firing roughly about 45 minutes after his plane officially touched down add we do know that some of the victims were actually right in this area. what about this business of taking a gun on a plane? as a civilian you cannot do that in a carry on bag but it is perfectly legal for you to do it in a checked bag. aside from local and state regulations tsa says you must tell the airline that you are carrying a firearm. it must be unloaded. you can't have any shells in the chamber or in a clip that's loaded on to it. it must be in a locking hard shell case and only you can have the key and the combination. you can't have a whole lot of people with that information and lastly, if you are carrying ammunition that also has to be locked up. many gun owners will actually lock it in with the gun itself. >> tom foreman there. law enforcement officials
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say santiago did show some red flags but crucially he was never considered dangerous. pamela brown looks at the suspected gunman's background. >> reporter: well, we've learned the suspect in the shooting at that fort lauderdale airport flew from alaska to fort lauderdale on friday after the passengers deplaned the suspect apparently got his checked bag from baggage claim and according to witnesses came back out of the rest room and started firing in the baggage claim area killing five people. he then surrendered to authorities and was not injured. we've been looking back at his past. he was in the alaskan national guard and received a general discharge in august 2016 which means there had been some issues and we were told he had stopped showing up at the national guard and then later he went to the fbi's office back in november and reported that his mind was being controlled by a u.s. intelligence agency and that voices were in his head pushing him to join isis but he didn't
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wish to do harm to anyone and an official says he appeared agitated. his statements were disjointed so the fbi looked into his back ground, saw he had been in the military, he had served in iraq but there was no apparent radicalization and the determination was made that this should be handled by local authorities. local police took him to the hospital where he voluntarily checked himself in and underwent a mental health evaluation. next thing we know he boarded the plane to florida and opened fire in the baggage claim, the motive still under investigation. you are watching cnn newsroom and still to come, u.s. intelligence is certain that russia tried to influence the u.s. presidential election, but president-elect donald trump reaction to that revelation wasn't what many u.s. officials or others were expecting. plus, michelle obama gets choked up in her final speech as first lady. the highlights a little later on in the show.
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welcome back. a declassified version of a report into russian hacking concludes that vladimir putin himself was behind it. u.s. intelligence agencies say the russian president ordered a multipronged campaign to hurt hillary clinton including cyber attacks. it says that putin was motivated by an old grudge against ms.
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clinton and a clear preference for donald trump. both the cia and the fbi have said they have high confidence in these conclusions. the report also goes on to warn moscow will apply lessons learned from its putin ordered campaign aimed at the u.s. presidential election to future influence efforts worldwide including against u.s. allies and their election processes. u.s. president obama says moscow's interference proves that vladimir putin is not a friend of the united states. >> what is true is that the russians intended to meddle and they meddled. vladimir putin is not on our team. >> top u.s. intelligence officials did brief donald trump on their findings on friday in new york. the president-elect praised them following the meeting but he insisted there's no evidence the alleged hacking had any impact
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on his victory over hillary clinton or even that russia was behind it. for more on that, here's sarah murray. >> reporter: after huddling with the nation's u.s. top officials donald trump still isn't ready to point a finger at russia for election related cyber hacking. calling the assessment that russia interfered in the election a political witch hunt. trump was briefed by the cia, fbi and the director of international intelligence. trump complemented intelligence officials after the meeting calling it constructive but he still refused to acknowledge their determination that russia directed the cyber attacks against political institutions including the democratic national committee. trump insisting there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election including the fact that there was no tampering whatsoever with voting machines. trump told the new york times the only reason democrats care about the hacking is because they got beaten very badly in
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the election. they are very embarrassed about it. it's true that there's no evidence of issues with voting machines, but the declassified intelligence report on russia concludes with high confidence that rush president vladimir putin ordered the efforts to influence the u.s. election and it finds that those efforts were in part designed to benefit trump. the report states we also assess putin and the russian government aspired to help president-elect trump's election chances when possible by discrediting secretary clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him. it also says when it appeared to moscow that secretary clinton was likely to win the election the russian influence campaign began to focus more on undermining her future presidency. in the runup to the briefing trump and his advisors bristled at the idea that the focus on russia was anything more than a political attack. >> there are those out there trying to delegitimize his presidency, review the election results and you know it.
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>> reporter: but trump insisted he will vigorously battle cyber hacking once in office. after his intelligence briefing trump saying we need to aggressively combat and stop cyber attacks. i will appoint a team to give me a plan within 90 days of taking office. it's not just trump's opponents and the democratic party raising concerns. u.s. intelligence officials are openly expressing dismay. >> i don't think we've ever encountered a more direct campaign to interfere in our election process than we've seen in this case. >> reporter: and republican leaders in congress say there's little doubt about russia's role in the cyber hacking. >> russia clearly tried to meddle in our political system. >> reporter: still trump was apparently more concerned with nbc's cyber hacking coverage than with russia's interference with the u.s. election.
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the president-elect hinting he may be more willing to trust his own officials once he takes office. members of trump's incoming team including his pick for national security advisor and his choice to leave the cia. congressman accompanied him for the meeting. trump telling the new york times, we have great people going into those slots. i expect to have a very, very good relationship with them. now, advisors and people familiar with donald trump's thinking tell me that privately he doesn't dispute the notion that cyber hacking did occur, but what he disputes is any kind of conclusion, any kind of suggestion that russia was doing it to benefit donald trump's presidency or that they are in any way responsible for his victory. when first i spoke with intelligence officials couldn't have said anything on friday to convince him of that. sarah murray, cnn, new york. well, donald trump's insistence that russia's alleged
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hacking had no effect on the election outcome is drawing as you might expect some sharp response from democrats. they say they'll push for a by partisan independent commission to investigate russia's role. for his part the top democrat's intelligence committee told him there's no question in his mind it did have an impact. >> the fact that there was no evidence of tampering with machines doesn't mean that it didn't influence the outcome of the election as donald trump has said in his statement. quite the contrary. the daily jumping of damaging material to secretary clinton was enormously consequential in terms of her campaign. it was beneficial to donald trump and to ignore that or to say it didn't happen, i think is quite inaccurate and all of this was, of course, enabled by the russian cyber operations. >> well, for the reaction now from moscow let's bring in our
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correspondent. >> the russians say the u.s. hasn't. the comments they've been saying about this report that came out is they say at least a declassified version of it doesn't really put any hard evidence forward and it's interesting because one of russia's most senior lawmakers who was until very recently the head of the russian parliament, he came out with a series of tweets. he's very active on twitter just like the u.s. president-elect and one of those tweets in part reads all accusations against russia are based on confidence and assumptions. the u.s. were just as confidence as the wmds saddam hussein had referring to 2003 and some of the failures in the u.s. intelligence that happened then. there is some frustration that some of the language that's been used not just in this most
2:20 am
recent report but of course also in those senate armed services committee hearings by people like john mccain and others there on that panel, the russians continuing their line that they had absolutely nothing to do with it. it's interesting because you always here these nuances in the russian language or in their statements where they say they don't deny that perhaps russians were involved in some of this, but they say it wasn't official russia, of course, meaning any sort of russian government agencies like for instance the military, like for instance of course the intelligence agencies and first and foremost the kremlin as well, hannah. >> and we don't yet know what donald trump as president might do, but this could really damage couldn't it, the relationship at least between him and his russian counterpart vladimir putin? >> yeah, it seems as though both donald trump and vladimir putin are trying to do everything to make sure that nothing that happens in the runup to donald trump betty nguyen being inaugurated would damage their
2:21 am
relations. you could see that in some of the policies and some of the things and reactions that have happened recently for instance where the u.s. expelled 35 russian diplomats and levied sanctions against the intelligence service of the russian military and the fsb as well, that putin basically had no response, that he didn't -- for his part retaliate and also expel american diplomats. then of course you have a lot of this damaging information coming out of the u.s. intelligence committee accusing directly russian government entities all the way up to vladimir putin of running this campaign, of trying to hack into the dnc and then using it against hillary clinton, and then you have these tweets by donald trump where he really tries to tone that down. so it seems as though both of them are aiming for some sort of reset in russian/american relations. donald trump has said it. he wants better relations with russia. vladimir putin has officially said it. he wants better relations with the united states but of course
2:22 am
on very different terms than you've seen during the obama administration and still seems as though that is something that these two men are striving for. right now of course the russians still waiting to see whether or not donald trump will follow up on a lot of the things he's been saying and tweeting once he takes office after january 20th. >> and finally, now that the russians have arguably been called out are we likely to see a dialing down of any planned interference in other elections, upcoming elections across europe? >> you know, it certainly is the -- the fear of many in europe that something similar could happen there, that there could be campaigns, there could be hacking or social engineering attacks going on perhaps on political parties there as well. one of the main things that's going to happen in 2017 is there's going to be a very important election in germany. europe's biggest economy of course in many ways a country that holds the european union together that's had so much trouble in the past couple of
2:23 am
months and past couple of years and the germans are saying they do fear there could be some sort of interference by russian state and nonstate actors so yeah, the fear is there but it's unclear whether or not the russians will actually follow through on that especially after a lot of the heat that they're taking right now from washington over what allegedly went on during the u.s. election campaigns. >> thank you. the analysis of the u.s. russian hacking scandal and we're joined by the assistant head of the u.s. and american program. thanks very much for coming in today. how difficult a position is donald trump now in given the fact that he's questioned the reliability of his own intelligence reports? does he now have to act against putin? >> he doesn't have to act necessarily, but he's been put in a very difficult position because this report at least the unclassified version that's available to the public doesn't really produce a lot of new information, but it does put the
2:24 am
premature of the intelligence community on it and it means that republicans and democrats on capitol hill will have something they can point to and say this is the high confidence of the cia and the high confidence of the fbi. and actively worked to meddle in american elections and that's going to make any kind of hearing for particularly rex tillerson, the people who will be charged with resetting trump's relations with russia, that will make it more difficult and more difficult for trump to try to draw back sanctions. >> what do you make of this idea that president putin personally authorized this sort of hacking, that it's gone right to the very top. what's at stake for vladimir putin as an individual? >> i think -- i mean, on the one hand it's very difficult from the unclassified report to verify whether that's true. i mean, i think we can say sort of just based on the general assumption that he must have been involved but it's very difficult based on what's been
2:25 am
released to the public to draw that linkage and the intelligence community if they're able to verify wouldn't be able to say so publicly because that would divulge their sources and methods. so there's a stalemate there and i think putin has gone with this strategy because it doesn't present a risk for him. there's no really credible threat that the united states can make in response to this or that any other country and that's why he's adopted it as a strategy. that's why it's effective. >> i guess one of the reasons why donald trump has been slow to approve his own intelligence agency's reports is because it somehow delegitimizes his own election win but does it also imply that his team were aware of russian hacking and that's why they stood by and let hillary clinton lose while they took the victory? >> there's no indication again in the unclassified report of any u.s. person connected formally or informally to trump's campaign who is aware of the hacking. that could be a very serious crime if that were divulged.
2:26 am
there would be more of an indication if there were evidence of that, but again, you get into the question of what are the sensitive sources and methods. what can be divulged to the public? the only thing we know about the classified and unclassified versions is that the conclusions are the same. >> finally, we have to talk about russia's tactics going forward if it has done this in one election process in the u.s. it could presumably deploy the same kind of tactics for german presidential elections coming up next year. france as well. >> i don't see any reason why they wouldn't. they've seen this -- their objective may have been initially to just sew discord and disunity in the united states. i'm sure they take trump being elected as a boom to their interests. i think they -- regardless of what their actual objective was i think they see this as a successful play book and they don't see that any particular reason not to do it in the future. >> fascinating stuff. many thanks for joining us on
2:27 am
cnn newsroom. and when we come back after this break, more on our top story, the deadly shooting at a florida airport. you'll hear from an eyewitness who was very close to the gunman as he opened fire and did the suspect have a legal right to carry a gun before the shooting? next, a look at u.s. security rules on fire arms on planes and airports. some information you may be surprised by. and my life is basketball.west,
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viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom live from london.
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i'm hannah vaughn jones. back to the story in florida where a u.s. citizen and iraqi war veteran is accused of killing five people at a fort lauderdale airport. authorities say it is still too early to understand why their suspect, estaban santiago, opened fire on friday. they say he likely acted alone but they are investigating every angle. horror filled that airport. one man described it all to our anderson cooper. >> we were just getting ready to leave and heard a round burst which i thought was fire crackers and after a quick little pause, the shooting began and we all realized along with everyone else in the terminal that it was shooting. >> how far away were you? >> at that point in time i was probably about 100 yards. >> wow. so basically at that point
2:32 am
people started screaming, yelling. for those close to the exit doors running frantically to the doors to get out of there. the people by the baggage claim, they were hiding under chairs, they were trying to block themselves, getting as much protection as they could. he just continued to walk up around and just doing a point and shoot and just randomly shooting people. no rhyme, no reason. he was quiet. did not say anything. >> so you could actually see the shooter while he was -- >> yeah, i watched him. yeah, i watched every bit of it. you know, and basically walked up and down there. after the first three rounds i got my wife out and got some other ladies that had fallen over from trying to get out of there. i ran back in and trying to help the other people trying to get
2:33 am
out. just continuing to watch where he's shooting and where he's going and obviously trying to stay out of the line of fire. once he finished shooting you could hear him reload it a couple times. he was shooting a 9 mm with about an 8-round mag in it. >> so he was taking time to reload? >> he had two extra mags with him. so he did not have time to reload. the magazines were already loaded. >> so he didn't say anything. >> nothing. >> he seemed calm? >> calm as can be. walking like nothing going on. didn't say a word, no yelling, no screaming, no nothing. it didn't matter if you were male, female, white, black, child. it didn't matter. he just pointed and shot. >> another witness says he shot at him but his backpack and lap top stopped the bullet likely saving his life.
2:34 am
>> having a building evacuation of terminal 2. >> it's just been 1:00 p.m. when a gunman opens fire at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. >> he came up right where we were and he was shooting people that were down on the ground too. >> he says they tried to help the victims. >> my wife took a sweater from my mother-in-law and applied direct pressure to the gentleman who was right next to us. all the people seemed to be shot in the head. we checked the man next to him, had no vital signs. he was gone. >> another witness tells cnn his plane had just landed, and some victims are his fellow passengers. >> all of a sudden everybody started running. i grabbed our kids and we took off running down the ramp. told the flight attendant, let us off the tarmac. we ran out to hide behind some
2:35 am
luggage carts. looked like a war zone in here. >> the airport is immediately shut down. all passengers are evacuated. they run to the tarmac in search of safety. authorities quickly zero in on the suspect. >> we have the shooter in custody. he's unharmed. no law enforcement fired any shots. >> apprehended but not before these horrifying moments. by now it's 1:43 p.m. and the broward county sheriff's office tweets that multiple people are dead. some lucky enough to be alive are left bleeding. someone posted video of this passenger being treated on the sidewalk. by 2:00 p.m. the official count is three dead. minutes later it's up to five dead. at least eight are injured. by mid afternoon florida's senior senator says the tsa has told him who did this. >> the shooter is estaban santiago. he had a military id.
2:36 am
we don't know if that is an accurate id or if it is a current id. >> but it's not over. about 2:20 p.m., word of more gun fire. police are seen scrambling on the tarmac near the parking garage. once again, passengers spill on to the tarmac. others duck behind parked cars. >> everybody just sprinted outside again, and so we just ran out again. i honestly don't know what's happening. >> at 2:33 p.m., a tweet from the tsa, active shooter at fll. shelter in place. airport closed. sniper teams are put on alert. >> we have a variety of s.w.a.t. teams out and assets out clearing the entire airport. >> no other gunman is found. >> at this point it looked like he acted alone. >> officials won't say if the suspect was targeting someone on an arriving flight or if he's
2:37 am
cooperating. well, the shooting suspect estaban santiago was legally carrying his gun before he began his shooting rampage. more on u.s. security rules involving guns on planes and in airports. >> once he retrieved his checked luggage in baggage claim sources say he went to the bathroom and emerged firing the gun. it is legal in some states to carry a gun and ammunition in your checked luggage only. tsa has very strict guidelines for this and by all accounts, the shooter followed all of the procedures. airport police in alaska, that's where he originated said that the suspect cleared the gun before the flight and had it properly stored in his checked luggage. it was in the proper casing. the tsa guidelines are extremely strict. the firearm must be unloaded. it has to be scored in a hard side case.
2:38 am
that case has to be locked and only the passenger should have the key or the combination to that case, and again, you have to declare that gun at the ticket counter. he followed all of those rules, but he took advantage of the fact that every airport in america has a soft target. parts of the airport before you get to the security check point, they're vulnerable. it's a known vulnerability and law enforcement officials say it's virtually impossible to get that vulnerability to zero. cnn, washington. still to come this hour, michelle obama's emotional farewell speech after eight years in the white house. her wish for the future next. and our weather forecast including a look at a winter storm targeting parts of the southeast u.s. do stay with us. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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comcast business. built for business. a captive whale that killed a sea world trainer has died. the marine park in orlando, florida announced he died on friday after suffering from serious health issues. the killer whale was the focus of the 2013 cnn documentary black fish which offered a disturbing look at how the animals lived in captivity. a sea world trainer died in 2010 after he dragged her underwater in front of a shocked audience but he was involved in two other deaths. the drowning of a trainer in canada in 1991 and the death of a man whose body was found in the whale's tank in 1999.
2:43 am
sea world itself came under fire after the documentary aired and it promised change. the killer whales it now has down to 22 will be the last ones at their parks. about a wintry mix, snow, ice and rain is moving through parts of the south eastern united states. in georgia leaders declared a state of emergency due to the severe weather threat. the ice is forming from rain that fell in atlanta in the last few hours and several inches of snow could be added on to that. well, some people are making the most of it. you can see these two already having fun and playing in the icy snow. the latest from the international weather center for us. how is it looking? >> well, we didn't get the snow that we had originally anticipated in atlanta, but we sure did get the ice. started out as snow though from the sky. it fell as frozen variety but there was just enough of a warm
2:44 am
layer, about 5,000 feet in the atmosphere where it started to melt the snow flakes and when that reached the surface of the earth which is hovering right around 0 degrees celsius it does exactly what you see behind me. you can see the icicles that formed on the traffic signals, on the trees. this is a dangerous situation and i guess that this is going to be a very rude awakening for people waking up this morning anticipating snow, wanting to get out on the roadways. of course we can navigate a bit of snow, but it's the ice that no 4 x 4 really can maintain on roadways when you start to measure ice from a tenth after on inch to even upwards to half an inch to just the south of the atlanta metro. this is a significant storm that will impact the region for the next several hours and it continues to move to the north and east. the concerns that i have going forward is that this ice accumulation, especially on the tree limbs will be susceptible to being broken and perhaps lying down on across roadways
2:45 am
causing electricity outages. i know there was already 10,000 people without power in the atlanta metro region alone. the storm system continues to go north and east. a full blown blizzard taking place in norfolk and that means that freezing rain is potential as well. winter storm warnings for 13 states across the east coast and that includes boston, massachusetts. this is headed along the new england coast. it will bring a rain/snow mix and the potential for half a foot of snow. along the west coast, another major winter weather storm starting to set up for california. the potential for the greatest flood threat in ten years for much of the sacramento valley. back to you. >> thanks very much indeed. the first lady of the united states gave her last official speech and there was not a dry eye left in the room. michelle obama was hosting top
2:46 am
high school counselors from all across the united states. she got very emotional and some of her guests also pretty emotional as the first lady was speaking. >> as i end my time in the white house, i can think of no better message to send to our young people. something that has carried us through every moment in this white house and every moment of our lives and that is the power of hope. the belief that something better is always possible if you're willing to work for it and fight for it. it is our fundamental belief in the power of hope that has allowed us to rise above the voices of doubt and division, of anger and fear that we have faced in our own lives and in the life of this country. >> reporter: in a crowd of educators, advocates, school
2:47 am
counselors, the first lady took this opportunity to speak to america's youth about america's values. she didn't miss the chance to once again hit out at the kind of rhetoric she has said defined the trump campaign. >> if you or your parents are immigrants, know that you are part of a proud american tradition. and whether you are muslim, christian, jewish, hindu, these religions are teaching our young people about justice and compassion and honesty. you see, our glorious diversity, our diversities of faiths and colors and creeds, that is not a threat to who we are. it makes us who we are. >> reporter: noting too that it comes with responsibility. half of those young people she's speaking to didn't vote at all. >> you cannot take your freedoms for granted. empower yourselves with a good education. then get out there and use that
2:48 am
education to build a country worthy of your boundless promise. lead by example with hope. never fear. and know that i will be with you rooting for you and working to support you for the rest of my life and i am so grateful to all of you for your passion and your dedication and all the hard work on behalf of our next generation and i can think of no better way to end my time as first lady than celebrating with all of you. so i want to close today by simply saying thank you. thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country. being your first lady has been the greatest honor of my life. and i hope i've made you proud. [ applause ] >> that was the first lady michelle obama and the report
2:49 am
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now we want to introduce you to pepper. pepper is a humanoid robot designed to respond to people's emotions, communicating through body movements and voice. and as we found out, pepper ain't a bad first date. >> i'm on a first date with a robot. hey there, what's your name? >> you can call me pepper. >> nice to meet you pepper. >> great to meet you. >> so tell me a little bit about yourself. >> my name is pepper. i'm a humanoid robot and i'm 1.20 meters tall. >> are you a boy or a girl? >> well, in the end, i'm just a robot. >> so what do you do, pepper? >> i like to discuss things. >> did you vote for donald trump or were you more of a hillary clinton supporter? >> all right. >> that wasn't a very straightforward answer. okay. so you don't want to discuss politics. >> i don't like to talk about
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politics. it's a sensitive subject. >> especially for a first date. what type of music do you like? >> great. i love music, but don't be surprised if i dance. is that okay with you? >> oh, i love to dance. >> yeah! of course. ♪ ♪ >> you're a good dancer, pepper. >> can i dance the locomotion? >> not again. >> i don't get it. let's talk about something else. how's it going? >> things are going well, but i'm really tired. >> go take a nap. >> not appropriate for a first date. >> can you see me? >> i can and i love what i see. >> oh, wow. this date is going well. >> would you like to take a picture with me? >> yeah, absolutely. >> please try to reboot me to
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fix the problem. >> that's not the first time i've had an error on a date. >> so the good thing about a date with a ro babot, if it doet go well you can replace it with another one. i have something i really need to ask you. what's the meaning of life? >> of course. >> do you believe in god? >> i don't know, but i believe in you. >> alexsa -- wrong robot. sorry. i've been dating somebody else who also has artificial intelligence. >> intelligence is appreciable quality. you look like you need a hand. >> sorry i called you the wrong name on a first date. >> you're very polite. >> we're trying. it's really nice getting to know you. can i buy you a drink? >> yeah, of course. >> she's into me.
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>> let's go for sangria. your drink is being prepared. i hope you'll enjoy it. >> cheers. here's to you and me, pepper. you want some? well, pepper, i've got to say that was a pretty good first date. we had some intelligent conversation. there were a couple of awkward moments but maybe we can go for drinks again sometime. >> nicely done. >> samuel setting himself up for a second date with pepper the robot who turns out that she got quite a little chat and some moves as well. who would have known? thanks so much for joining us. i'm hannah vaughn jones in london. new day is just ahead. you're with cnn, the world's news leader. e we go, baby. hey! we're doing the wave! taking off with me!
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download the xfinity tv app today. i heard, bam, bam, bam. >> these people are running outside, says somebody's shooting, shooting. >> i felt something hit my back. the bullets entered by my backpack, hit my laptop. >> we have the shooter in custody at this point. >> the intelligence community's report on russian hacking concluded that, quote, putin and the russian government delivered a clear preference for president-elect trump. >> we are not going to tolerate a country like russia trying to interfere in our election process. >> we're going to take aggressive


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