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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 8, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the florida gunman, his mental health. his brother said he needed help but never got it. the latest on the investigation. donald trump sharing his thoughts on twitter again, this time, over what he wants for the u.s. and russia despite all the intelligence claiming russia meddled in the u.s. election. >> she just needed a minute. a mother hid in her own pantry to escape the chaos of her four children. it is all caught on video. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm hannah vaughn jones in london. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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>> the suspect in the shooting at a florida airport has confessed saying he planned the attack. court documents showed esteban santiago he flew from alaska, loaded his gun in a bathroom after he arrived in fort lauder dale and shot at the first people he saw. five people were killed and six were wounded. the 26-year-old could now face the death penalty if found guilty of federal charges. santiago himself is an iraq war veteran. months ago, officials referred santiago for mental health evaluation. his brother says despite that, santiago still didn't get the psychological help he needed. i want to clarify this for the puerto rican people and all the people in the world. they knew his thoughts and how they weren't good.
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he, himself, went after them to ask for help and they did nothing. they had him hospitalized for four days and then they let him go. how are you going to let someone leave a psychological center after four days when you say he is hearing voices, that the cia is telling him to join groups. >> his brother there in puerto rico where authorities have reopened most of the terminals at the airport in fort lauderdale and florida. we are learning more about the victims. boris sanchez has the details. >> reporter: operations are returning to normal here at the ft. lauderdale/hollywood international airport in the aftermath of a gunman opening fire at a baggage claim area killing five and wounding six others. cnn has uslearned the name of those killed. olga walters and tirerr terry a
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was celebrating his 60th birthday. three required surgery and two shot in the face. >> you can't imagine what they are going through right now. to p if wake up thinking this is going to be another wonderful day in their lives and lose a loved one. >> following an investigation, they revealed the 26-year-old allegedly came to ft. lauderdale specifically to carry out this attack. they don't know why this airport was targeted. any say in november, he had a gun in his vehicle when he paid a visit to the fbi office in anchorage, alaska. the former national guardman p
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his aunt said, his mind was not right when he came back from iraq. he talk bd aed about all the destruction and he had visions all the time. santiago will likely appear before a judge on monday. the second floor of terminal two has been reopened to help processed passengers. there is a bit of good news. one of the six injured being held at broward health is expected to go home soon. >> we also got the fbi to confirm that he was armed when he went to visit their field office in anchorage, alaska. apparently, he had a fully loaded weapon inside his car that agents retrieved. also, inside that car, his infant son, which his girlfriend had to go pick up. important to point out that weapon was confiscated during his mental health evaluation and they held it for about a month. it was returned to him on december 8th. it turns out that weapon that
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was confiscated was the one that was used in the attack. the victims were waiting for their luggage. glad they had made it safely to ft. lauderdale. the next second, they were trying to save their lives. sheldon fox, with wsvn spoke to him. >>. >> reporter: the casings were flying all around us, she said. the grandmother of 13 had just landed in ft. lauderdale for a vacation in the sun. she wound up in the hell that was terminal 2's baggage claim. walking among the dead and the wounded without a scratch, her husband was also uninjured. i sat next to her on the plane the woman said and nearly ten hours later, while waiting at port ever glades to find a ride to her hotel, she told 7 news the rest of the story. >> one of the ladies that was killed was my seatmate on the
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plane. she was standing right next to me. >> reporter: in the baggage claim? >> i gave her a gift. she turned around. i turned around to zip mine. the pops started. we hit the ground. i turned around. she was shot in the head and killed. >> reporter: that shooting victim's husband was hit too. >> her husband was shot in the face and the guy next to ihim ws shot in the cheek. the guy next to him was face down. he was dead. >> reporter: part of an accused masked killer's path of destruction. >> he reloaded and walking with his arms straight out and stone faced. >> reporter: did the man say anything? >> i have a strong belief in a higher power. i know someone was watching over us. now, the u.s. president-elect donald trump says the u.s. should build closer ties with russia even
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after learning how hard moscow worked to influence the 2016 presidential race. on saturday, donald trump tweeted, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think that it is bad. we have enough problems around the world without another one. when i am president, russia will respect us far more than they do now. both countries will work together to solve many of the great and pressing problems and issues of the world. paris sabato says trump is venturing far from long-standing u.s. policy. >> it is pretty clear that a sizeable majority of the american population, not to mention a large majority of congress in both parties disagree with the president-elect. >> when you look at russia and the role in the world and its
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behavior in its own neighborhood and domestically, it is pretty obvious that vladmir putin and his allies there in russia have very different values than american democracy. what is bizarre and difficult to understand is why the president-elect identifies with vladmir putin more so than any domestic politicians. it is something we have no experience with, not just during the cold war but in all the years since then. >> russian lawmakers and commentators are ridiculing the u.s. intelligence report that found president vladmir putin personally sought to boost donald trump in the u.s. election in november. jill dougherty joins us live from moscow. it seems a good relationship with the u.s. and russia is looming. what might that mean for the
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kremlin? >> hannah as i looked at that quote, almost every modern president in recent times has said pretty much the same thing almost verbatim, that we should work with russia on the issue that is trouble the world and we can solve these together. i'll give you an example of where outside of tweets where you have to get the actual details. it gets more complicated. the united states and iran and the united states and russia worked on the iranian nuclear deal. it is something that both countries supported. donald trump criticizes it. now, donald trump will have to, i would think, criticize russia, for supporting the iranian nuclear deal. so nair there is an initial contradiction in how they can work together, how his view of what russia does and whoo that
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want to do gets a lot more complicated when you get into details. generalities are fine. you are going to have to look at specifics and specifics in terms of what vladmir putin wants to do for his country. that is his responsibility. he is looking out for russia and donald trump as the president of the united states will have to define how he looks out for the united states interest. >> jill, is there any concern about backlash against russia once donald trump is in the white house, particularly given the fact that although russia says it has nothing to do with hacking, there is so much concern and pressure on donald trump to take action from within his own country. >> there is. i would have to say if you look at and this is not really objective at this point. there are a lot of people hoff been quoted in the media, et cetera, regular americans, who kind of dismiss this and say the
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hacking wasn't such a big deal. it maybe didn't have much effect. after all, what was revealed was the truth, et cetera. this is actually what president putin has said. it really doesn't make any difference who hacked. the point is, information was released that helped people make determinations. i think it is going to be more complicated. you do have some people in the united states who are very worried. in fact, people who are in the president's own party who are very worried about this relationship with vladmir putin. you have others that dismiss it. what you are going to get when the specifics come out, what does president-to-be trump want to do with russia. we will know that in a couple of weeks. that's where you will get some division of opinion as to what he is specifically going to do.
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>> we will wait to see, jill dougherty, thank you. for further insight, let's bring in scott lucas, a professor of international politics. thanks for being on the program. i want to ask you about your reaction to those tweets. what might a good relationship with russia look like? >> for donald trump, it is one in which he gets to be best friends with vladmir putin afrtle two men create their image of the world. it ignore that is russia and putin have their own interest. they pursueded them by intervening in the election. he is saying we should have a nuclear arms race, which doesn't
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seem to fit well with the relationship. this is trump's personal opinion. >> is there an element of you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours, and donald trump has dismissed that russia's influence had any effect on the election victory? is there pay back, i owe you one? >> donald trump has always put an admiration for putin above any consideration of specific issues between the u.s. and russia. remember during the republican primaries, well before the general election, he talked about putin as being this great leader this, admirable man. he did not address the fact that while we do not want to go to war with russia, there are issues of conflict. russ russia russia annexed crimea.
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it is really more trump's narcissism. he wants to be like putin. he admires putin rather than any kind of sensible approach to foreign policy. >> so much is being made of donald trump's rhetoric. what do you make of this stupid comment? anyone that effectively disagrees with him is branded as stupid. is this a sign of more to come? >> donald trump has always said anyone that disagrees with him isn't very smart. there is something being missed here. you will notice that trump has shifted. he is no longer talking about the intelligence behind the russian hacking being wrong. remember what he said a few days ago. he is saying, everyone is stupid. let be nice to russia. he is on the defensive over the
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allegations in the report released on friday about the extent of russian involvement. >> what might russia have to gain if it is seen they interfered with the election and backed trump? >> from russia got and it is clear from the classified version of the report. they kept hillary clinton out of office. putin personally does not like hillary clinton. in his eyes, clinton and others in the obama administration called him an illegitimate president. if clinton became president, there would be a much tougher u.s. line over the middle east, including syria and a much tougher line over the crisis between the u.s. and crimea. >> thanks for your insight. >> thank you. now, at least 11 are killed
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in baghdad, iraq. isis says they are behind the latest attack. all the details on that just ahead. plus, some soldiers in ivory coast are rejecting a government deal over pay bonuses. find out what they are demanding next. migraines steal moments from my life. so i use excedrin. it starts to relieve migraine pain in just 30 minutes. and it works on my symptoms, too. now moments lost to migraines are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat]
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isis is claiming responsibility for a car bombing in eastern baghdad.
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a suicide bomber drove into a busy outdoor market and at the time done natetonated the car. it killed at least 20 people. the terror group said the attacker deliberately targeted shiites gathering in the area. in neighboring syria, a massive car bomb has killed about 50 people and wounded 80 more. no one has claimed responsibility for the blast. isis is known to have targeted the town in the past. the bombing happened despite a nationwide cease-fire in effect since december the 30th. cnn's ian lee is follow thg story. is isis the likely culprit?
2:20 am
>> reporter: isis has been known for going after civilian targets, whether it is in syria, here in turkey. so while they haven't claimed responsibility, it appears to be their handiwork. they also like to at times do attacks like this and not claim responsibility. they like to sew uncertainty in the conflict in the areas they are targeting, specifically the fsa, which is in control of this area, has been criticized for not providing a lot of security. this is another strike that potentially could be isis. also, there are other groups, kurds control territory to the west of azaz. that could be part of this uncertainty they are trying to sow. this does appear to be an isis
2:21 am
attack. >> how does this play into turkey's overall response and its reaction given it is still combatting isis on so many levels? >> right now, turkey is battling isis on the front lines. turkey for a while has been pushing isis away from their border, trying to degrade their capabilities to find war. isis has been putting up a stiff resistance despite turkey's efforts for weeks trying to capture the city. they haven't been able to. they have sustained heavy casualty ns th casualties in that fighting. turkey like toss say hs to say have degraded that. they have announced isis. this has been a long and bloody
2:22 am
battle. >> we appreciate your reporting live. thank you the president of the ivory coast says the government has reached a deal to end a mutiny by soldiers. however, some of the soldiers have rejected that deal and they are still fighting. they say they were promised a salary bonus for bringing the president to power. they never received that money. >> i confirm my agreement to take into account this. this way of making demands is not appropriate. it tarnishes the image of our country after all of our efforts in economic development and repositioning. i call on all the soldiers to go back to their baracks to allow for these decisions to be executed calmly. >> the soldiers are asking for written proof that they will, indeed, get paid. for the third time in just a week, a prison riot has erupted
2:23 am
in brazil. firefighters, assault troops and special operations forces are at the prison. a military police captain tells cnn they are awaiting orders to enter the building. the prison had been closed but it was reopened after riots broke out at two other prisons in the last few days. dozens of inmates have died in the fighting so far between rival gang members. some of the alleged ring leaders have been moved to the facility. >> the four suspects charged with torturing a chicago special needs teenager have been denied bail. the attack sparked outrage in the u.s. and around the world when it was broadcast on facebook live. cnn's rosa flores has more from chicago and a warning that some of her report does contain graphic video. >> it is kind of shocking to
2:24 am
know that. >> alonzo thornton says his grandmother lives in the same building month where this was broadcast on facebook. showing a white victim with mental health issues being abused by four black individuals. >> hearing it was in the area, it is appalling. >> reporter: the suspects face a slew of charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and hate crimes. the judge denied the suspect's bond friday and scolded them in open court, saying, i am wondering where was the sense of decency that each of you should have had. one family member of the two female suspects apologized outside of court. the suspects showing no emotion when prosecutors described their alleged every move in open court.
2:25 am
from suspect jordan hill picking up the victim as this mcdonald's on new year's eve to hill allegedly beating the victim before these cameras started rolling. once they did, according to prosecutors, hill even asked for ransom. >> the defendant hill communicates with the victim's mother and demands $300 ransom in exchange for getting her son back. >> when a neighbor called police, that's when prosecutors say the victim got a window of time to escape. >> neighbors tell us that this is the house where the abuse happened. they also point out that on the same night, there was a separate fight. the blood from that fight still remains. >> a tough neighborhood in a city that is no stranger to violence. >> reporter: now, a call for justice for a teen who police say is still traumatized by the torture he endured. as for the victim, i spoke to the family spokesperson and he tells me that the victim is with
2:26 am
his family and they are asking for privacy and prayers. rosa flores, cnn, chicago. coming up on "cnn newsroom," a gunman shoots a u.s. official in mexico. u.s. officials are offering a hefty reward for his capture. pope francis baptizing more than two dozen babies at a special ceremony at the sistine chapel. we'll have all the details from the vatican next.
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hello, welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom"
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with he, hannah vaughn jones. the suspect in the shooting at an airport in florida has confessed he planned the attack. his brother says esteban santiago asked authorities for psychological help months ago but didn't receive the care he needed. five people were killed and six others wounded on friday at the airport in ft. lauderdale, florida. donald trump wants the u.s. to have closer tie was moscow. he says, only stupid people would say that having relationship was russia will be a bad thing. isis is claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing at a market. it killed 11 and wounded a further 25. in ivory coast, some soldiers are rejecting a deal by the government to end a mutiny.
2:31 am
the soldiers say they were promised a salary bonus for bringing the current press iden to power. they never received that money and want proof they will get paid. authorities are looking for a man that shot in mexico. they opened fire on the car. the fbi is offering a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the gunman's capture. the wounded owe figure, fficial stable condition. a milestone has been reached in the case of my jenigeria's mg school girls. 1,000 days have passed since they were captured. i know you have been following this story closely. some of the girls have been able to return home. there are still many more
2:32 am
missing. >> reporter: yes, indeed. hi, there, hannah. there are 195 girls who are still unaccounted for. so as you can imagine, to haved 1,000 days goes by is a time of incredible pain and suffering for their families. 24 have been reunited with their loved once. the grassroots organization that has led the outcry, one in which they are calling for activities around the world, that people come out on the street and express their outrage, there will be activities, at least activities are scheduled for washington, d.c., paris, lagos. calling for this as a global week of action to shine a spotlight on the outrage and missing 195 girls, hannah.
2:33 am
>> what sort of reaction are we having from the nigh jeerian government? the president wants international help to locate the girls and defeat boca har ran. >> reporter: the nigerian president did tweet and in a number of messages said he was hopeful that the chibok community and nigeria and the world will soon welcome the remaining girls from captivity and saluting the efforts that have brought some two dozen girls back and also the same message saluting those advocates that have continued to shine a spotlight on this issue. he has not shied away from acknowledging the day and what it means. in terms of efforts to secure the release of the girls, our last understanding in terms of our most recent understanding of
2:34 am
the situation is that negotiations being led by the nigerian government were on going to secure the release of these girls. we don't know where things lie now in terms of negotiation efforts to get these girls back to their loved ones. >> what about those that have been able to return to their loved ones. how are they? >> cnn was able to travel with 21 of those girls back to chibok just before christmas. it was their first journey home since their abduction back in 2014. hannah, it was just a replarkable experience being close to them, spending time in their presence and seeing how they were gradually finding
2:35 am
their confidence and self-esteem. we had seen them in october immediately after their release. i can attest to the difference in the space of ten weeks. they have been undergoing counseling and therapy and all kind of rehabilitation in abu gentleman, so you could actually see the fruits of those efforts when we saw them just before christmas. it has to be said, the last girl was only discovered some three days ago. we don't know how she is doing. the other two, that did not accompany the 21 home back at christmas. we don't know how they are doing either. all we can attest to is the 2 1 who we were able to see and spend time with. they seem to be doing okay. many of them expressing a desire to go back to school after everything that has happened to them. >> it certainly is remarkable indeed. issa sesay, thank you.
2:36 am
now, as many as 300 million orthodox christians around the world spent saturday in christmas celebrations. according to russian orthodox tradition, christmas begins at mass followed by celebrations at home. they use the calendar that observes christmas 13 days after most other christians do. on saturday, the russian president, vladmir putin, attended midnight mass at a cathedral just outside of the russian capital, moscow. britain's queen elizabeth is scheduled to attend church service this sunday morning. the 90-year-old monarch has been noticeably absent from the public eye as she continues to battle a heavy cold. max foster joins me live from outside buckingham palace. all eyes on her majesty perhaps more so than ever before. >> she was due to go to church
2:37 am
on christmas day and new year's day. she canceled both of those because of this heavy cold. we haven't seen her for more than a month. her next appearance is due to be in just over an hour at church again. we have been allowed cameras to the church to see whether or not she shows up. we were expecting a statement by now in the day telling us whether or not she would be going. we haven't had that statement yet. all eyes on the church and just one camara loud there. we are expecting to hear something before she does or doesn't appear. it has all been a mystery at the moment. we don't think there is anything majorly to worry about, nothing that leads me to think there is something more serious to worry about. it is clearly a cold that has been affecting her for weeks. >> from royalty to politics, donald trump, the president-elect of the united states has been taking to
2:38 am
twitter. what has he been saying? >> he is basically saying he is very much looking forward to a visit she is due to make in the spring. he used the word special, which in this country something we often hold dear when it comes to the relationship with the united states. there is some concern that perhaps teresa may wouldn't have the same sort of relationship with donald trump perhaps because the first british relationship he had was with her. there is some concern that that relationship won't be solid but there is some on twitter. a lot about britain's future leaving the european union. one of the assumption was always was that britain would have closer ties with the united states to make up for the loss of the relationship with europe.
2:39 am
all eyes on the trade links. if theresa mae can build a bond with donald trump, that will be seen as good for the british economy and nation. >> if there is a visit that, brings in the royals, doesn't? >> reporter: it does. the suggestion is it will be autumn next year and donald trump will be staying here at buckingham palace. we don't know what the queen thinks of donald trump but we do know that donald trump is a fan of the queen. that will be a very high-profile visit. that relationship with the u.s. is so important. the greatest diplomatic tour is the queen. everyone loves to come to a state visit here at buckingham palace and say nelson mandela
2:40 am
famously said it was his favorite state visit. barack obama was always very key to come and meet the queen, whenever he was here. even if it was a state visit. it will be interesting to see how that relationship develops as well. if donald trump can build a relationship with the queen, that might be useful if theresa may can't. >> thanks, max. the pope has baptized 28 newborn babies in the sistine chapel marking the feast of the baptism of the lord. john allen join mees live from rome. explain for us the significance of this event in the christian calendar, john. >> it is a very cold morning here in rome. so cold that the vatican's charity office has positioned its car ns spots around the vatican to allow homeless people to sleep in them during the night to try to fight this cold. it was a very warm atmosphere this morning in the sistine
2:41 am
chapel where pope francis baptized 28 children of vatican employees, including 13 girls and 15 boys. as you say, this is the feast of the baptism of the lord commen roar rati orating that scene where jesus was baptized by john the baptist. for the popes, this is a rare moment where they don't have to be a head of state or media celebrity. they get to play the part of a simple parish priest. for these vatican employees, it is a very spoegs moment too. in many ways, working in the vatican is a sort of tough gig. long hours, you have to work the holidays. the pay isn't that great. this is part of the benefits package. for these families, it is something they are going to remember for the rest of their lives. >> tell us more about the 28 or
2:42 am
two dozen or so very lucky babies. presumably, they can almost call the pontiff their godfather, can they not, after this? >> reporter: they will all have their own godfathers. this is a very small pool of people. these baby vs. no idea what's going on. obviously, as they come of age, their parents will be telling them these stories. the pictures of their baptisms will be on their mantles in their homes for the rest of their lives. they are part of a very select group of people who will be able to in catholic parlance kind of have bragging rights. it wasn't just father so-and-so in such and such a parish but the holy father, the pope, himself. that will stay with them
2:43 am
forever. >> to find their future as well. >> we appreciate it, thanks, john. coming up here on "cnn newsroom," a storm slams the southern u.s. and it is not done yet. we will tell you where it is headed next. so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe" so, what are we supposed to think? switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer. and my life is basketball.west, but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®... a latest-generation blood thinner. then i made the switch.
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plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. a dangerous winter storm that dumps snow and ice on the southern u.s. is now clobbering the east coast as well. near whiteout conditions are possible in some areas. the storm is being blamed for dozens of vehicle pileups and car crashes. crews have been working around the clock to clear the icy roads and authorities are telling people to stay home for their own safety. let's take a look at where the
2:47 am
snow is headed next. meteorologist, eric van dam, has the latest from the cnn weather center. >> we just came across a stat na authorities responded to over 500 accidents in the state of virginia. 650 abandoned vehicles because of the winter storm that moved to the region. can you imagine just driving through some of these treacherous roadways, almost impossible. we have blowing and drifting of snow. you have dangerous conditions and unfortunately the bad roadways have led to two fatalities from this east coast winter storm that moved through. there was another weather-related fatality on the other side of the storm. here is an image coming out of north carolina. some areas getting up to 18 inches of snowfall. the good news is, this storm has moved offshore, off the new england coastline.
2:48 am
in fact, cape cod, we have lifted the blizzard warnings in effect overnight. they are waking up to clear conditions this morning. certainly, plenty of snow on the ground. the big story going forward for the east coast is the drastically colder temperatures that have settled southward, as far south as southern florida, believe it or not. 30 million americans. that is not a mistake. 30 million americans under a windchill advisory as we speak from the appalachians through northern georgia, including atlanta metro where cnn world headquarters is located. as the system dweparts to the east. a weather-related fatality, a large treetopled over on to a 50-year-old woman. the greatest flood threat this area has seen within the past
2:49 am
10-25 years. it is thanks to this atmospheric river. we have used this term a lot. we can trail its original nation all the way into hawaii, believe it or not. so it is picking up a specific amount of moisture and you can see with our high resolution forecast radar, the rain that is overspreaded california and nevada into washington as well as oregon. that is not the only picture here. we have high elevation snowfall measured in feet. look for the inner storm warnings. the potential for an inch of ice accumulation just east of portland, oregon, it is a very active weather scenario shaping up across the united states as we speak. back to you. >> it looks like it. thanks very much for the update, derrick, appreciate it. coming up on "cnn newsroom," the stars will be glittering on sunday night for the 2017 golden globe awards. we'll take a look at the big contenders in film and
2:50 am
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live pictures from london. the queen has just arrived to attend church at her norfolk estate. this is significant not just because she is the monarch but because she hasn't been seen for so many weeks now. she does traditionally attend church on christmas day morning and skipped it this last christmas only because she and her husband, prince fiphilip, he been suffering from a heavy cold. now, we understand that the queen's daughter, princess ann, had said that her mother was feeling better and, of course, she is now attending church. we wish her well. the 90-year-old monarch attending church after suffering a heavy cold. now, the hollywood awards season is in full swing. stars of film and television will walk the red carpet on sunday. the 74th annual golden globe awards. cnn's stephanie elam gives us a sneak week. . >> reporter: the glitz, the
2:55 am
glamour, the golden globes. hollywood's annual kickoff to award season looks to honor the best in film and television. with seven nominations, "lala land" leads the pack. >> it is very, very exciting. >> it is a traditional medium, hollywood musical, which has been around for a century, and reinvents it for a modern audience. >> reporter: the emma stone and ryan gosling movie is up for best musical or comedy alongside "20th century women," "dead pool," and florence foster jenkins." "mine light" has six nominations including one for best motion picture along with "hacksaw
2:56 am
ridge" ridge", "come hell or high water" and manchester by the sea. the people versus o.j. simpson dominates the tv categories including a nomination for best miniseries or television movie. for the fourth year, "game of thrones" is up for best drama series. it will face off with newcomers "the crown," "strainer things," "this is us" and "west world." >> i am practicing wearing this every single night and handing out awards to random people. >> taking a stab at the masters of ceremonies, jimmy fallon. >> i am practicing wearing it every night and handing old awards to random people. >> reporter: the late night host follows rickie gervais and tina fey and amy poehler. >> what makes the golden globes fun is the sense that anything can happen and that goes with the host as well. >> reporter: from first bottle to last trophy, the show should live up to its title as hollywood's biggest party. stephanie elam, cnn, hollywood. thanks so much watching. i'm hannah vaughn jones.
2:57 am
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this was a planned attack. the suspected gunman is now facing federal charges and potentially the death penalty. he walked into the office to report that his mind was being controlled by the intelligence agency. >> there seems to be a host of mental health issues. >> i don't think we should vote to confirm a supreme court nominee well outside the


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