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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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those guys had lots of leisure time, sitting around in hammocks trying to figure out how to take over the world. a lot of downtime in world domination. bond was a working classman. that's what i've been missing. all right. summon the robot piranhas. summon the robot piranhas. where is my cocktail? -- captions by vitac -- rising tensions. north korea says it is able to launch its most advance the missile anytime and blames the u.s. as the reason they're stepping up the threat. an act of terror. israel ramps up security after a deadly attack on its soldiers, the prime minister says isis played a role. plus, a big night for the musical "la, la land." live in atlanta, welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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it is 2:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. the newest threat from north korea, it claims to be ready to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile anytime, anywhere. it was the quote. they said they were ready to start testing this long-range missile. let's go to south korea, our paula hancocks is covering this story from seoul this hour. help our viewers to understand the context here. >> reporter: well, george, this is something that we've been hearing for many years, even decades. north korea blaming the united states for their arms development, saying that they need to have this, this nuclear missile program, so that they can protect themselves against what they call a hostile policy of the united states. so this is really in keeping with what we've seen for many, many years now. we heard on sunday from north
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korea, that they said that they could launch an intercontinental ballistic missile at any time and from any location. it really just depends on the north korean leader kim jong un to give the green light. so an increase in rhetoric once again. we heard kim jong un on new year's day, saying that he was close to launching, test launching an icbm, which could hit mainland united states in theory, and one day later we heard from president-elect donald trump saying it's not going to happen. so this is really a response to that. we are not seeing donald trump himself being mentioned, though, by north korea. there's no combative language when it comes to the president-elect, but they saying once again that they blame the united states for the fact that they feel the need to have this icbm program, george. >> so paula, the increased rhetoric we're seeing, the claim
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has been made, it's causing a great deefl concern, but there have always been doubts about the north's capabilities. is there any reason to believe now that they are truly able to carry it out? >> reporter: well, obviously, the one person who knows the answer to that is kim jong un himself. those outside of north korea, the intelligence community, the governments, the officials, the experts. they can just effectively guess. they can see what north korea has been saying. they can look at satellite images. they can see what's happened for example with the satellite launch that north korea carried out just over a year ago. they say it was peaceful, they launched a satellite into space. but experts say that's the same technology as an icbm. you take the satellite off and put a warhead, and really, it's a little more complicated than that, but then you have an icbm. what hasn't been seen physically is the re-entry of this missile,
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the re-entry into the earth's orbit and to be able to strike a target. that has not been proven, but u.s. officials have consistently said they have to take what pyongyang says seriously. it would be far too dangerous to assume that they are not telling the truth. you have to err on the side of caution. >> you touched on this just a bit. let's go a little further with the issue of timing. south korea, as you have reported, has been mired in domestic issues with its president, and here in the united states, we less than two weeks away from a transession of pow power with a new president who has said this is not going to happen. is this important for the north? >> reporter: it's important to look at the last couple of months before the election, north korea had been remarkably quiet. they carried out aa number of
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launches. they have been in a rush to complete this. we haven't heard too much that's been bellicose from north korea, many experts say it could well be that they don't know what donald trump's north korea policy is, they may even be concerned about what his reaction to any missile launches or icbm launches might be. it's the fear of the inknowunkno that could be one of the reasons we're seeing a quieter north korea or at least a more well behaved north korea. >> paula hancocks following the story for us from seoul, south korea. thank you for your reporting. a visit from the prime minister of the taiwan is
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prompting prompting this. if trump renigs on a one-china policy after taking office, the chinese people will demand the government to take revenge. there is no room for bar gainga. moving on to israel. a truck rammed through a crowd of people. it happened sunday in jerusalem. and there is surveillance video to show you, but we to want to give you a moment, warn you going into this, this video is disturbing. it shows israeli soldiers, you see them here getting ready to get on a bus, and hook in the background, this truck that plowed right through the people there. one officer and three cadets died. israeli police shot and killed the driver of the truck. our oren liebermann picks up the story. >> reporter: prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu visiting the scene of the attack minutes after it happened. there are end cations that the driver was a supporter of isis. in the ensuing investigation, police say they've arrested nine suspects, five of whom are family members of the attacker, a 28-year-old palestinian from east jerusalem. police have increased security in and around the area to try to prevent any copycat attacks. police say there are no isis cells in israel, but it's netanyahu who's saying that this attacker may have been inspired by isis. israel's education minister called this viral terrorism, that's promoted and propagated on social media. they have been trying to crackdown on social media incitement, not just over thisattack but over the last several months. three women and one man all in their 20s were killed, as well as a dozen others injured.
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those slain will be post humusly promoted. the driver drove onto a crowded walkway, a group of soldiers, all in their 20s, getting off this bus. the attacker was shot and killed at the scene. now the investigation will focus on where candidate truck come from? was this planned in advance? did anyone else know about it? that is what police are trying to focus on, or was this a lone wolf type attack. it's much more difficult to pin point for flens services and much more difficult to prevent. that will be a challenge to prevent it before it happens. oren lieberman, cnn. jerusalem. ahead next hour, we will talk to a member of the prime minister's cabinet.
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the israeli energy minister will join us to talk more about the investigation in this attack that has been called terrorism. now to a deadly incident that set off a great deal of outrage. this is the scene in gaza, a very different response at this refugee camp. thousands of supporters of hamas marched through the streets praising the attack, yelling out anti-israeli chants, that group saying it is a normal response. the crimes of the israeli occupation. in florida, the gunman who confessed to opening fire in a ft. lauderdale airport will be formally charged on monday. esteban santiago admitted that he planned the attack. two months ago, the iraq war veteran went to a fbi office in alaska and told officials there that his mind was being controlled by u.s. intelligence. authorities took away his gun and referred him for a psychological evaluation. santiago's brother even says after that he still didn't get
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the help he needed. a month later, santiago got his gun back in police. and officials say there was no legal reason for them to keep the weapon. they now believe that is the same weapon that was used in the airport, used to kill five people and wound six hours. there is also new video that appears to show the moment of the shooting. we warn you, going into this, this report contains disturbing video. >> reporter: on sunday, we got an up-close look at exactly what unfolded in the baggage claim area at terminal two at the ft. lauderdale-hollywood airport. you see esteban santiago, he pulls out a .9 millimeter
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pistol. he's emotionless as he opens fire on the people nearest to him. this corroborates a lot of what we've heard from officials. the fact that this was a planned attack. he bought a one-way ticket from alaska here to ft. lauderdale in order to carry out this attack, and he didn't really target anyone specifically. he just opened fire on the people that were closest to him. in the video, after he opens fire, you see him kind of crouch down, and then he starts running, and you see the people all around him in horror as they realize what's happening. many people throw themselves on the ground. one woman gets behind a luggage car, doing anything she can to get away from him. the big question yet to be answered is why he decided to come to ft. lauderdale. we're hearing from investigators that this is still potentially a terror attack. esteban santiago is due in court on monday and facing very serious charges. all of them eligible for the
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death penalty. boris sanchez, cnn, ft. lauderdale, florida. >> as we learn more about the alleged gunman, we're hearing from witnesses, the people who saw this shooting first hand. here's what one told affiliate wsvn about how she survived. >> the lady that was killed, she was standing right next to me. >> in the baggage claim. >> in the baggage claim. i gave her a gift, i turned around, and the pops started. we hit the ground. i turn around, and she was shot in the head and killed. her husband was shot in the face. the guy next to him was shot in the cheek. the guy next to him was face down, he was dead. >> did the man say anything when he was firing? >> i didn't hear anything. people were just yelling "get down "! i have a strong belief in a
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higher power, and i know someone was watching over us. >> another witness to the attack is being called a hero for shielding a total stranger from the gunfire. here's wsbm with that story. >> i heard gunshots. i recognized it immediately as gunshots. >> reporter: and then chao chaos erupted. >> i looked for a place to hide. there really wasn't a place. i saw a smart cart. i went on the other side of that and laid down. >> reporter: the suspected shooter, esteban santiago, had been walking toward her, shooting people as he made his way. >> by the time i was laying town i wasn't looking that way anymore. i was praying to god. >> reporter: her sons are 13 and 11. >> a man basically climbed on top of me and told me i will
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protect you. and it just brought me comfort touring a, you know, the most terrifying experience of my life. wasn't sure if i was going to live or die. >> reporter: but she remained quiet along with her protector. the gunman nearfired over them. her faith in people strengthened rather than destroyed. >> he's just a hero. he just wanted to protect me. >> just wanted to protect her. that was nicole ensilata there. a top aide says there's been a shift in donald trump's position on hacking, but consequences for it remain an open question. we have details on that ahead. plus, hollywood gets a bit political at the golden globes. we'll have more on what film legend meryl streep had to say
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the trump transition, a senior member of donald trump's team says the president-elect accepts the conclusion that russia hacked plelt cal
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operatives during the campaign, but reince priebus stopped short of saying what action would actually be taken. trump received an intelligence briefing on friday. >> he accepts the fact that russia and other entities engage in cyberattacks in the united states, all day long. he accepts the fact that this particular case was entities in. >> reporter: ye in russia. he's going to order the intelligence community to take actions, but i don't think there's anything wrong with trying to have a good relationship with russia and other countries around the world. and that's what the president is saying. >> reince priebus there. another top trump aide acknowledges that there were hacks. but kellyanne conway insists they did not influence the outcome of the election. >> has he been persuaded that russia did carry out a
11:20 pm
comprehensive seeker campaign against hillary clinton, and what is he prepared to do about it? >> jake, if you read his entire statement following the briefing on friday, he makes very clear that russia, china and others have made an attempt to attack businesses and organizations over a period of teaime. i don't want any of your viewers to be misled into thinking that somehow the kremlin and the republican party or that they had shall the creme lien was dealing with any of the hackers in bringing that information back to moscow and somehow anybody that allegedly attempted to influence our elections actually did. if you read the full report, mr. clapper made very clear in his testimony on thursday under oath that any attempt, any aspiration to influence our elections failed. they were not successful in doing that. it's a very important point. we're talking about this, because we had embarrassing
11:21 pm
leaks from the dnc e-mails. there were no fireworks because there were no firewalls at the dnc. >> they said there was no evidence that russia was able to penetrate any of the voting machines and affect the outcome that way, but it wasn't in their charge to determine whether the information that was hacked by russia that was ultimately leaked to the public, whether or not that changed any votes. >> so despite the hacking scandal, donald trumps ha shas that the icy relationship can thaw. >> reporter: donald trump has been tweeting about the relationship between the united states and russia and together solving a lot of the big problems that the world encounters. that, of course, is music to vladimir putin's ears, because he has been saying all along he
11:22 pm
wants the u.s. and russia to work together on things like fighting terrorism. but when you get down to the specifics, that is where the rubber hits the road, and it becomes more difficult, because after all, previous ouu.s. presidents have said much the same thing. here's one example. the iranian nuclear deal. the united states and russia helped to negotiate that agreement. and of course both countries support it. but donald trump does not. does that put him in opposition to vladimir putin? it would appear that it does, unless he changes his mind. these are some of the details that make that relationship much more complicated. essentially, vladimir putin has defined what he believes are the interests of russia, and donald trump will have to do the same. what he believes are the priorities and the best interests for the united states. the question will be, will those interests align.
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jill dougherty, moscow. thank you. a big announcement from car maker fiat chrysler. they will spend 1 billion . last week, ford canceled plans to build a plant in mexico and announced it would invest $700 million in the state of msh mish instead. moving on to the united kingdom. theresa may, in her first interview of the year says that brexit means finding, quote, the right relationship with europe. >> think about this as somehow we're coming out of membership, but we want to keep bits of membership, what we will say is what is the right relationship for a united kingdom that is no longer a member of the european union. people who simply talk about issues around membership of the
11:24 pm
single market, access of the single market are being looking at the means. i'm looking at the outcome. the outcome is a really good, ambitious trade deal for the uk with the european union. >> theresa may was also asked about an upcoming meeting with the president-elect donald trump, after he tweeted that he was looking forward to it. ms. may says that she's already had two very positive conversations with donald trump. britain's queen elizabeth has made her first public appearance in more than a month. the 90 year old monarch attended church service on sunday and finally looks to be over the severe cold that she's been fighting. cnn's max foster has this story from london. >> reporter: changing of the guards. it's one of the routines here at buckingham palace, and it seems that the queen is back in routine as well. she's at her private estate in norfolk, but she hasn't been seen in public for more than a month until sunday.
11:25 pm
she's had a very heavy cold and missed some benchmark church appearance over the christmas period. the palace said she had a eld coul cold. but on sunday she came out, she walked quite briskly and looked pretty well. she'll be back in london in february to start a fresh round of official engagements for 2017. max foster, cnn, london. >> thank you so much. now to los angeles, the 74th annual golden globe awards. many of the top stars of the silver and small screens showed up for the biggest party sunday night. >> and the golden globe goes to "la, la land". >> the musical "la, la, land"
11:26 pm
dominated awards. and for best movie musical or comedy. the coming story, coming of age story, rather, "moonlight", took home the golden globe for best movie drama. on the tv side of things, "the people versus o.j. simpson", took home best actress. the best actor twoepwent to cas affleck for "manchester by the sea." netflix's "the crown" won best tv series comedy drama. meryl streep was honored and she got political and praised adversity.
11:27 pm
>> so hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if you kick them all out, you'll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts. >> she blasted the u.s. president-elect donald trump for mocking a disabled reporter during his campaign. >> and this instinct to humiliate when it's modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody's life, because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. disrespect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. when the powerful use this position to bully others, we all lose. >> streep also saluted the press and called for those in power to be held accountable for their
11:28 pm
actions. officials believe the gun that was used in the florida airport shooting was taken away by police months ago. why the suspect was able to get that gun back. plus, the man who played a bloody role in the iran/iraq war is dead. we're live in the united states and around the world this hour, you're watching "cnn newsroom" from atlanta.
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you're watching "cnn newsroom." it is always good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines we're following for you this hour. north korea says anytime anywhere, its leader, kim jong un, could launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. north korea blames the united
11:32 pm
states for its missile development, citing a hostile policy toward pyongyang. benjamin netanyahu says the palestinian driver who rammed a truck into a group of soldiers sunday may have been an isis sympathizer, an officer and three cadets were killed. israeli police shot and killed the attacker. he has been identified. nine other suspects have been arrested in connection with that attack. the suspect in the florida airport shooting, the man you see here, will be formally charged on monday. esteban santiago could face the death penalty if found guilty of those charges. five were killed, six others wounded in ft. lauderdale, florida. he has confessed to planning the attack. according to court documents, he told authorities that he loaded his gun in a bathroom and opened fire at the first people he saw in the baggage claim area. our dan simon has more on
11:33 pm
thisathis story. >> reporter: his problems began after serving time in iraq. he spent ten months in the war-torn country, earning a combat action badge. his brother says the changes in him were apparent. >> translator: they had him hospitalized for four days and then let him go. how are you going to let someone leave a psychological center after four days when he says he's hearing voices, that the ca is telling him to join certain groups. >> reporter: santiago's brother referring to the 26-year-old's meeting with the fbi and a subsequent mental health evaluation. santiago on hit own walked into the fbi's anchorage office. >> he walked in to report that his mind was being controlled by a u.s. intelligence agency. he appeared agitated, incoherent and made disjointed statements.
11:34 pm
>> reporter: authorities say they didn't find his behavior threatening, but there was ample reason to alert the local police who took him to a local psychiatric hospital. he said he had a gun, which was seized by the agents. >> santiago was having terroristic thoughts and believed he was being influenced by isis. he had a load magazine on him but had left his firearm in the vehicle. >> reporter: the investigation lasted less than 72 hours, santiago a free man. and a month later, he got the gun back from police, the same gun law enforcement sources say he used to shoot 11 people at the ft. lauderdale airport. his trouble history also includes a domestic violence case involving his girlfriend. in court document, he was charged with assault and criminal mismischief. he allegedly broke down the bathroom door at his girlfriend's home and he yelled
11:35 pm
obscenities while strangling her and smacking her in the head. he pled no contest and the charges were set to be dismissed if he stayed out of trouble. santiago's neighbors are left wondering why he chose ft. lauderdale as his target. >> you know, we'd be out in the alley sometimes, getting firewood. he could have shot everybody up in the vicinity, if he went all the way down there to shoot someone. >> reporter: despite the february's interaction with santiago, he was not placed on a no-fly list. >> there have been concerns raised about why he was not placed on a no-fly list. i want to be clear. during our initial investigation, we found no ties to terrorism. he broke no laws when he came into our office, making disjointed comments about mind control. >> reporter: so why would someone who is clearly mentally disturbed be able to get his gun back? the u.s. attorney in alaska says there was no legal basis to prevent him from having it. a judge would have needed to
11:36 pm
declare him, quote, mentally defective to deny him his second amendment rights. dan simon, cnn, anchorage. >> thank you. in eastern baghdad, now, isis is claiming responsibility for two suicide bombings at a busy market on sunday. the first happened when an attacker blew up his car in sadr city. at least 11 people were killed in that attack and 25 others wounded. in another attack, a man wearing a suicide vest blew himself up. isis says the bombings targeted shiites. iraqi counter terrorism forces have reached the east bank of the tigris river. it is the first time they have reached the river since the operation began in mid october. troops have also retaken a key hospital in mosul. security forces killed more than 125 isis militants sunday.
11:37 pm
hundreds more residents are fleeing mosul, and troops recaptured neighborhoods. the u.n. says more than 125,000 people have been displaced in all this, and about 2300 people each day are fleeing. iran has lost a pivotal figure in its modern history. the former president died. he was 82 years old. state media report he suffered a heart attack. he was the president from 1989 to 1997. becky ander s dederson has a lo at hishistory. >> reporter: the somber announcement, the former president dead at the age of 82. known for his political tenacity, rafsanjani dominated the political land skam scape i
11:38 pm
for more than three decades. a close confidante of ayatoll ayatollah khomeini. he was elected in 1980, a position he held until 1989, a period coinciding with the iran/iraq war. under khomeini's direction, he served as a de facto commander in chief of the iranian military throughout that eight-year conflict. of a the war, his two consecutive terms as president of the islamic republic was dubbed as the reconstruction period. rafsanjani pursued liberal economic policies and tried to rebuild ties with iran's neighbors. after his presidency, rafsanjani remained a powerful player in iranian politics, including
11:39 pm
serving as a close adviser of ayatollah khomeini, who he had supported in becoming the supreme leader. his political leaning began to die verge from khomeini, a fact that would sideline the old revolutionary. in 2005, he ran for president but lost to mahmoud ahmadinejad, an opponent he criticized for his bombastic foreign policy language and populist ideology. and after the disputed presidential elections in 2009, rafsanjani sided with the protesters. while his decision helped his popularity among supporters of the green movement, it was politically costly, diminishing his influence behind the scenes. but by 2013, rafsanjani's moderate vision for iran put him back in play, as his close associate rouhani was elected as
11:40 pm
iran's seventh president. his death and just months away from iran's next presidential election will deal a major blow to moderates such as rouhani, who've lost both a leader and a mentor in rafsanjani. becky anderson, cnn, abu dhabi. so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. but if you hurry, the holidays may be over you can still get the best deals on the best network. like verizon's best smartphones
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." i'm george howell. on tuesday, confirmation hearings will begin in washington for u.s. president-elect's cabinet nominees. but the ethics department says several nominees have not yet been vetted. that means they have not
11:44 pm
completed the elt ickes review that's required. among those is trump's pick to lied the department of homeland security. trump's transition team responded to this latest news saying that all the nominees are qualified. trump's nominee for attorney general is scheduled to be the first to go before a senate committee for confirmation hearing. it is senator jeff sessions who will face opposition. the allegation that sessions faced back in 1986 may welcome up again. >> reporter: republican senator jeff session he session he iess senator to many come out in support of donald trump. the appointment broke down at 1986 confirmation hearing when allegations over his alleged racial remarks took center stage. allegation that sessions angrily
11:45 pm
denied then and now. >> i am not a racist. i am not insensitive to blacks. i have supported civil rights activity in my state. i have done my job with integrity, equality afairness fr all. >> reporter: transcripts show that a black former ouu.s. assistant was called boy and he joked about the ku klux klan. >> i have never called mr. figures boy. >> reporter: and gerald heber, who was a justice department lawyer also testified, sessions called the naacp and aclu un-american and communist inspired. he recalled sessions said that they thought they did more harm than good when they were trying to force civil rights down the throats of people who were trying to put problems behind them. in a heated exchange with then senator joe biden, sessions denied calling the national
11:46 pm
council of churches and the naacp un-american. >> my popinion is they have not. they may have take positions i consider adverse -- >> does that make them un-american? >> no. >> reporter: sessions also denied a statement that he thought klan members were okay until he learned they smoked marijuana. >> this assertion is ludicrous. i detest the klan. >> reporter: he went on to say i am loose with my tongue on occasion and i may have said something similar to that or could be interpreted to that. his seat on the court was denied. but ten years later he was elected to the senate and went on to become the judiciary committee's top member. he said in 2009 that the allegation of racism were heartbreaking. >> that was not fair. that was not accurate. those were false charges and distortions of anything i did.
11:47 pm
and it really was not. i never had those keend of views, and i was caricatured in a way that was not me. >> reporter: today he says he stands by his testimony from 30 years ago. >> the allegation that i made against him and the things i heard first hand in him were things that demonstrated gross, racial insensitivity to black citizens of alabama and the united states. >> reporter: he says sessions shouldn't be anywhere near the cabinet. >> he has never backed off the comments he made at the time, he never has apologized for them. the fact that he would be considered to be a cabinet level position is alarming to me. >> reporter: heber has not seen jeff sessions since they sat next to each other during that hearing in 1986. since then, sessions has become the u.s. attorney for alabama
11:48 pm
and an is that right. heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures have settled in europe and that has turned deadly. pedram javaheri is here to tell us more about it. >> a couple weeks from now, it begins to culminate. the snow element is in there. i looked at ataturk in istanbul, the single-most impacted airport on our planet. on sunday, the same story, over 500 flights canceled. same thing on monday, over 200 flights canceled. and place out of greece, showing you the video out of this region. it is brutally cold outside. blustery weather. the snowshowers that have come down in earnest. and it is a rough go. we have rail service disupt ared. shipping and i want to show you
11:49 pm
those temperatures, because how cold are we talking? what if i told you in moscow, temperatures dipping to minus 30. that's the wind chill, but the actual low temperature without the wind, minus 30 degrees. single coldest they've seen in 120 years. they're used to cold. but kiev, 17 below. in warsaw, feels like minus ten. in paris, temperatures above the freezing mark. but when you talk about minus 30 to minus 45, it only takes a couple minutes for exposed skin to succumb to frostbite. notice it gets warmer. it's almost funny when you say getting warmer is below zero. but that is more in line what you expect for this time of year. we've had fatalities in an avalanche in switzerland. the coldest temperatures naples
11:50 pm
has seen at minus 7. and over 50 neithcentimeters ha come down in places like albania. for a couple more days it will continue. and by the end of the week it will moderate. but it is harsh out there. >> that's good to know. thank you. still ahead here, nissan is turning to nasa to help get millions of driverless cars on the road. more on some of the fascinating new technology still ahead.
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monday marksm ten years of the first iphone was introduced to the world, can you believe that. apple said it sold more than 1 b()srj-t$ones at that time. the company commemorated the journey for what it called the gold standard and the ceo said the best is yetç to come. the latest innovation in technology and gadgets of the future, they were all on display in las vegas, nevada for the annual consumer electronic show and one company showing how drivers could be doirchg
11:55 pm
something different, in fact, the driving÷ú could some day cod become a desk job. here is more on the report for us. >> it feels like the c standards for cars and that's becausep there's so much packed into vehicles these days that they're all present, here is the consumer electronic show. nissan made an veryç interesti announcement, that self driving cars can't do everything themselves, at least for now. that's because nissan justç announced they're working on a new service, if a self driving car gets into a situation it can't understand, let's say road block, construction, and it needs tob cross yellow dotted line, then what nissan is proposing is that a service, which human beings, actual humans doing ÷újob, use cameras look and give the car new instructions. they're not saying when that's going to come out,÷ú they're working on it right now. now, one area it's really
11:56 pm
interesting to be technology correspondent, when you see thiú cross-section, this is actually meant for people who are ÷ú recovering from parkinson's, you flip it on. no matter how much i shake right now, the spoon is meant to keep the food on it. i'm shaking and still that spoon is keeping as still as possible. this will cost about $300 if q in it. to see how technology might be used to improve people's lives. >> what a cool side. the u for being with us for this i'm george howell of cnn world headquarters in atlanta. hour number two of÷ú "cnn newsroom" is still ahead. stay with us. of shrimp,obster's bigl get your perfect pair for just $15.99. choose 2 of 6 new and classic shrimp creations, like bold new firecracker red shrimp.
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an act of terror, israel rav ramps up security after deadly attack on its÷ú soldier. prime minister saying, isis played a role. also ahead, disturbing new video, the moment the gunman opened fire onç people in an airport


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