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tv   New Day  CNN  January 9, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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republican controlled congress moves forward with their plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> so the president elect will face tough questions when he holds his first press conference in months on this wednesday. we're 11 days away from inauguration day. he is live at trump tower in new york. >> good morning to you and you know a number of people on both sides of the aisle waiting for answers to a number of key questions. repeal obamacare and replace it specifically with what? build a wall at the u.s.-mexico border? payment comes when and will it come from mexico. russian intel reports where exactly does the president elect stand? these are some of the questions that were going to be raised this week. >> donald trump and the republican controlled congress moving full speed ahead with an ambitious agenda. confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for some of the
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president elect's key cabinet nominees while the senate is expected to hold a series this week to begin repealing obamacare but details of replacing the outgoing president's signature law still remain unclear. >> it may take time to get all the elements of them in place. >> trump will also finally answer questions when he holds his first press conference in nearly six months. now declassified intelligence report on russian acts expected to be a major focus but questions remain about whether trump accepts the reports conclusions. >> he's not denying that entity is in russia and we're behind this particular hacking campaign. >> hillary continues to lead by majority of americans as unlikable. it has nothing to do with moscow. >> over the weekend, trump tweeting having a good relationship with russia is a good thing. not a bad thing. only stupid people or fools would think that it is bad. when i am president, russia will
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respect us far more than they do now. and both countries will perhaps work together to solve some of the many great and pressing problems and issues of the world. for months trump has cast doubts about u.s. intelligence that russia was trying to interfere with the election. >> it could be somebody else. >> there is no hacking. it could be russia but it could also be china. it could also be lots of other people. also somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. >> trump's skepticism dividing his own party. >> if after having been briefed by our intelligence leaders donald trump is still unsure as to what the russians did that would be incredibly unnerving to me because the evidence the overwhelming. >> president obama did not down play the threat vladimir putin owes to the united states. >> i don't think i underestimated him. if we get to a point where
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people in this country feel more affinity with a leader who is an adversary and views the united states and our way of life as a threat to him then we're going to have bigger problems than just cyber hacking. >> and chris when it comes to some of the unanswering questions, trump vowed to eliminate any potential conflicts of interest with his businesses but he layed out a plan in terms of how he plans to do that. hopefully those answers will come as well. >> you're correct. thank you for standing out there in the frozen wind. the president elect was supposed to have a press conference laying out his plan and it never happened so this week republicans are vowing to move forward with a full slate of confirmation hearings despite
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concern from democrats and government effort watchdog groups and telling him to grow up and live on capitol hill with more. he also said all the paperwork would be in before any vote, right? >> that's right. >> this is a huge week for the incoming trump administration here on capitol hill with a full slew of cabinet nominees of further hearings and it is notable that before this week you had the office of government ethics sounding alarms about a peace of the hearing saying it's a great concern that many haven't been properly vetted yet. they said the schedule created undue pressure on staff and ethics officials to rush through the important reviews more significa
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significant significantly shortly before their hearing. they're pushing back saying some are trying to points highlitciz process. these nomination hearings are on as scheduled and that complaints otherwise are just sour grapes. >> we confirmed 7 cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either. all of these are related to their frustration in having not only lost them but having lost the senate. i understand that. grow up here and get past that. >> going into this week, nine of trump's nominees are going to be facing potentially sharp questioning up here on capitol hill starting with tomorrow, jeff sessions, attorney general and now the transition team expressing confidence. saying they are confident that all of their nominees will be
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confirmed. >> thank you so much. let's discuss all of this. it's a very critical transition. >> great to see all of you on this monday. we'll pull it up one more time. what's expected to happen this week on tuesday starting tomorrow. senator jeff sessions and john kelly are going to have their hearing. do you think that sessions is going to be the most confrontational of all of these? >> there will certainly be a lot of complaints about sessions. he has a long record and controversial record that people can't dig into. his office in alabama. there's going to be a lot of political heat on him. it's different and we should distinguish between that and nominees late in the week for
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whom it's not known and not completed and the process of trying to discover and resolve conflict of interest has not been done and in some ways the administration is going to get a political fight. right up front with jeff sessions. much more so than with some of the others. >> this week could be the most important for the president elect since the election. these cabinet members whether it's their own portfolio that gets attacked or they're having to justify what the president elect has said in his promise that threatened during these intervening weeks as well as his own press conference. how big of a deal do you think all of this is? >> it's going to be a big teal and fireworks on the hill with some of these nominations. democrats are in the process of working on paperworks. their ethics paperwork and they're going to pick issues from obamacare to the issue of russia hacking and they're going
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to be interesting or not and this has to be a potential restart moment for how this incoming administration sets the tone for how it's going to work in washington. you have trump on twitter reaching for his base, taking on the media, how is he going to be in a press conference as president elect and as well as how will these nominees manage the fact that they are not going to be in sync with trump on everything he said? they're going to be responsible for their areas. >> let's talk about that press conference. how he is going to november gate common interest with the trump organization. >> i expect he will address the conflict of interest issue. i don't know what he's going to say. it's still going to be his two sons don jr. and eric that will
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be in control. they may bring in a third party so we'll be talking about that. i think that he's going to roll out the blind trust and i think also he's going to open the question to anything and everything. we shall see. i have seen donald trump as i have covered him for a long time now be very charming and he can be funny but he can also give as good as he gets. and for example on russia. he may just move on to what he wants. he had this entire time of giving out a message to america through his tweets and he may decide this is my favorite after he goes through this press conference. >> you think this week he and
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his staff will say the truth as the intelligence community sees it. >> russia was behind the hacks. >> i would be amazed if they actually did that. i think what really matters and this will come out at the press conference is to try to find out nothing is going to acknowledge what he is actually going to do because there are a number of different things that follow a statement that we had better relations with russia. it looked like a lot of that fight is over. so now what is the point? where is it going to go? who is going to manage it? what are the points of agreement? what does russia have to say about this? that's the substance of this but as you get them to acknowledge it, it undermines credibility in his eyes.
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and you can say yes they got involved but it did happen. it was important. it does matter. it goes on in other countries as well. he won't acknowledge that. >> and that, by the way, that's a real problem as we discussed before because of the potential for russia to do it again. for russia to target the united states again. i think the trump team including the president elect himself is going to keep kind of picking at all of this. why didn't the obama team pick this up sooner? why didn't they respond sooner? it didn't have anything to do with the election. why did they have such poor defenses and on and on. my question is did people around trump impress on him the importance of a new relationship but to also send a more clear
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and quite message maybe in retaliation or about what will come if this is done again in the trump administration. he is going to play into it. you've seen it before and from previous administrations including this current one. >> what are the people around mr. trump telling him? >> i think that they are saying what you displayed early on. it's that, you know, the president elect acknowledges that there have been hacks by russia and other countries as well. he's not coming out and neither are his top people coming out and saying this has been a severe hack. they try to influence the election. that's just a way to not go there but i do think that what he will do is try to get lots of other issues. to let people ask anything and everything and we'll see where that goes. >> thank you. stick around please. coming up on new day, mr.
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trump's special advisor kelly ann conway is coming back for a repeat performance from friday. talk about how the president elect is preparing for this critical transition. >> did you watch the globes last night? a little late for us. >> meryl streep won. not a surprise. her speech some what of a surprise. use the opportunity to go, i would suggest, directly at the president elect donald trump. didn't mention him by name but was talking about a bully and how will the president elect respond? the answer to that. i'll tell you next. per roll
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ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. meryl streep slamming president elect donald trump last night while accepting a lifetime achievement award. >> it was that moment when a person asked to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitat a disabled reporter. someone he outranked privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. it kind of broke my heart when i saw it and i still can't get it out of my head because it wasn't in a movie. it was real life. and this instinct to humiliate
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when it's by someone on a public platform, by someone powerful, filters down into everyone's life because it gives permission for other people to do the same thing. disrespect invites disrespect, violence invites violence. i think it will be remembered as a moment that represents hurt from the campaign that's never been resolved. >> trump has said over and over again we have to unify the country and move on. a lot of people aren't ready to move on. i don't know a family that doesn't have somebody in their family disabled in some way.
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people don't just forget that stuff and all the different antics that trump did, he always said, well, you know, people voted for it and i won. that's not the end of the story. >> let's go back to the moment that meryl streep was talking about. this was on the campaign trail. watch this. >> right after a couple of good paragraphs talking about northern new jersey written by a nice reporter. now the poor guy. you don't know what i said. i don't remember. he's going like i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years ago. they did no retraction. >> so let me read to you what mr. trump said now in response to meryl streep bringing that moment up. i was never mocking anyone. i was calling into question a report who had gotten nervous because he changed his story.
3:20 am
people keep saying i intended to mock a reporter with disability. as if meryl streep and others could read my mind. i did no such thing. and i remember meryl streep introduced hillary clinton at her convention. >> trump as a now politician and president elect introduced into the campaign any offense that he created and the hurt he created among women and many minorities and the disabled. that's part of the candidacy. how he deals with that, we'll see. he still wants to dismiss it but it's part of who he is. the other piece of this is those that oppose trump have to find a way to move on and it's not surprising that hollywood uses a major platform to speak out and there's a lot of people in the country that will agree. a lot of people will look at that and say oh my gosh.
3:21 am
there's hollywood's liberal bubble that it is speaking out against the president. now they have to find a way to get along with the new president just like many others felt alienated and outside and one says it's not about the policy and line of desense that the president elect can say he's not a politician and now he is by default but he's mastering the art. he was mocking that reporter. everybody knows it. you can't watch the clip and think otherwise but he denies it because it's inconvenient. how do you they will suit him going forward? will stick to his story and we'll have to see how that plays
3:22 am
out. may have to learn to adapt and i have to say watching the awards last night and watching meryl streep i was invisioning being in a lot of those towns with donald trump when i was covering on the trail with him and people who are in his rahal lillies th would say well of course they're slamming donald trump, drinking their champagne in their $10,000 gowns. so in some ways it plays into the trump supporters. >> this is exactly what megan mccain tweeted last night. this meryl streep speech is why trump won and if people in hollywood don't start recognizing why and how you'll help get him reelected. but why would meryl streep defending a disabled reporter insult mr. trump's supporters?
3:23 am
>> well i didn't mean that her comment about insulting, about his insult toward a disabled person. i'm saying the entire context of slamming the president elect in a hollywood elite party would aggravate and mobilize his supporters. the same old thing and that's the reason we voted for donald trump. the issue about the reporter, you know, that, i don't think donald trump will ever change his story on that. he has told me and others as he did last night he was not mocking the reporter. >> and it's not that -- i think that's cliche too. oh you see this is exactly why he won. yes a lot of voters think that and i think supporters of trump are willing to overlook that. other pieces of this. but this attempt to delegitimize whoever the president is. whether it's people on the left doing it to president george w.
3:24 am
bush or conservatives or other opponents doing it to president obama. that's the kind of thing. that's what is going on here. so the notion that hollywood rises up in a major forum like this to go after trump, not surprising. >> all of these issues that continue to tear the country apart raise the obvious question. how do we come back together? programming note for you tonight we'll host a special primetime town hall with former democratic candidate bernie sanders. why? he has been appointed by the democrats to go around the country taking their new message to the people. what is that message? how does bernie sanders and the democrats plan to work with the president elect? join us tonight with your questions from real voters here on cnn. >> terror inside an airport. travellers running for their lives in fort lauderdale. we have new video that captures the gunman opening fire. the live report after this.
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this as we learn about warning signs leading up to his deadly rampage. rachel is live. >> new details emerging surrounding this horrible attack including the fact that the gun used to carry it out had once been in the hands of law enforcement. also shocking new video as you mentioned revealing the moments
3:29 am
that this terrible attack garn. >> it all happens in an instant. travellers walking through terminal two when suddenly shots range out. a security camera capturing 26-year-old esteban santiago wearing a blue shirt and suddenly pulls a gun from his waste band opening fire. people scrambled to take cover as the shooter begins his deadly rampage. >> he never spoke. he just walked along pow, pow, pow. just like that. emptied a full magazine. >> this terrified passenger seen walking among the dead and wounded in the cell phone video recognizes her seat mate from the plane killed in the melee. >> she was standing right next to me. we hit the ground and turned around and she was shot in the head. >> among the five victims she
3:30 am
and her husband were set to go on a cruise when her life was taken and the 62-year-old was also killed with his spouse at his side. >> i can't imagine being there through all of this. >> amid the chaos there are stories of heroism. mother of two recalls one stranger willing to risk his life to save hers. >> a man basically climbed on top of me and told me i will protect you and brought me comfort during the most terrifying experience. >> it makes me incredibly proud. >> now at 11:00 today, an arraignment will be held where he will face three federal charges. all of which are eligible for the death penalty. >> thank you for the reporting.
3:31 am
we'll pick up on this story. a lot of big issues have to be addressed. prime minister benjamin n netanyahu says he is an isis sympathizer. it's graphic and also the truth of what happened. the driver killed four soldiers and injured four others on sunday. police shot and killed the suspect, a 28-year-old palestinian from east jerusalem. authorities arrested nine people since the attack. >> well it was a clean sweep for lala land. 74th golden globe awards. musical won a record setting 7 awards including best musical or comedy film and acting awards for its two stars emma stone and ryan gosling. moonlight taking home the golden globe for best dramatic film. casey aflec winning for his role in manchester by the sea and winning best actress for the french film elle.
3:32 am
>> i love watching the fashions and the dresses and the glamour. >> up next, more on this deadly attack at the airport this did not have to happen. more and more what needs to
3:33 am
3:34 am
3:35 am
change. new details in the shooting at the fort lauderdale airport. >> the shooter walked into the anchorage fbi office two months before his rampage. he told them he heard voices and that they were forcing him to watch isis videos. discuss more with our counter
3:36 am
terrorism analyst. somebody that comes in and seems mentally ill says voices in his head make him possibly want to do violent things, what does the fbi do? >> certainly we would be opening a substantial case on this. we reviewed thousands of cases every morning when i was at the bureau. in this case ever came to the table we would be laughed out of the room. an individual has a weapon. that's his constitutional right. >> right. >> but he also says i have voices in my head. what if he says one of the voices says his mom is a cocaine dealer. is that a investigation? >> they did they called the local police and brought him to a psychiatric hospital.
3:37 am
>> that's right. >> now after that shouldn't the fbi follow up? >> no what's the federal violation you're pursuing? mental illness? claiming that you have inspiration by isis. >> i understand what you're saying that there has to be a violation but what about the fact that this is a precursor to a violation. >> 3,223 million americans do y want to investigate everybody. >> possibly somebody with symptoms and a weapon, yeah, i do. >> how many agents do you want? half a million, a million? the fact that you cannot take somebody's weapon unless they're forcefully committed. >> they did take his weapon and three days later he got up and they gave him his weapon back.
3:38 am
now again it -- listen, that sounds like that. >> there is. excuse me. don't call the fbi. call your congressman and the question is do you want people who do not meet the standard of forceful admission to a mental health facility to have a weapon? >> here's what his brother says. the fbi failed here. we're not talking about someone to do something like this but the federal government knew about this for months and they had been evaluating him for awhile but they didn't do anything. aren't we at a point to be proactive now. >> no, i is zero sympathy that say the fbi should do more. the problem in this country is how you treat mental illness. not whether you think he is a federal risk. that is not a predicate for a federal investigation. now not. not ever. >> how about the local police. should they have given him his
3:39 am
gun back? >> yes. this is not a question of whether they want to. it's a question of what the state or federal law says. >> so you're saying there's no law post player prevent somebody hearing voices from having a gun. >> if you voluntarily go into admission can you get your weapon back? and the answer is yes. and people are turning to federal investigators and the fbi is saying why don't you do something about it when we have national debate about gun control that doesn't allow the feds to do something. >> do you think they should be able to have their guns back. >> no, there is a flip side. there should be a combination of who has a weapon's license and when somebody goes in to say i'm hearing voices in my head. there's a flip side. people will say -- i don't agree with them but they'll say you'll discourage individuals from seeking treatment and my answer would be if the cost of that is allowing someone that hears voices to have a weapon i'd say it's fine by mean.
3:40 am
>> thanks for helping us understand. >> chris. >> donald trump's inner circle now says he does accept russia was behind the election hackings. what would have changed his mind? we know the answer to that. maybe it was a classified intelligence briefing but what will the president elect say when he meets the press this week? will he acknowledge what is so clear to so many and if not, why? we dig deeper, next.
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live in tampa covering the college football championship game tonight. he has this morning's bleacher report. what a throw and what a catch. >> unbelievable. we've seen that a couple of times before haven't we? i'm here for the rematch between clemson and alabama in the national title game. we'll get to that in a second. first we have to check out o'dell beckham jr. no shirts, no pants, no problem, right? wrong. fresh off their much criticized miami boat trip. dropped and kept dropping eli
3:45 am
mannings passing. unbelievable. fans cannot be happy about that. now the play of the game. possibly the play of the year. end of the first half. time winding down and rogers throws to randall cobb and somehow comes up with a catch. look at that. rogers dropping that thing down the honey hole. 38-13. next up for the pack, the cowboys. >> let's turn to the reason we're here in tam pennsylvania rematch of last year's national title game in college football between alabama and clemson. one that saw bama winning 45-40 but here we are again both teams battling back for a chance to win it all. the crimson tide has dominated college ball. the nation's longest winning streak of 26 games. they won four of the last 7 national titles. sweeney has turned clemson into a power house as well. they're the only school other than bama to win ten games in
3:46 am
each of the last six seasons. the tigers got after number three ohio state last week so they get back to this moment and now they're going into the ring with the reigning king. it's motivation monday so i'll leave you with coach dabo's response when asked about dealing with huge challenges he said how do you eat an elephant? one bite at a time. >> i know that. i live by that motto. thank you very much for all of that. see you soon. so what are people in moscow think of u.s. intel report of russia meddling in the election? what is president elect trump now saying about it? all that is next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign to help elect donald trump. so how are russians reacting to this report? our cnn moscow bureau chief joins us now from moscow. what are they saying there, jill? >> hey, well just a few minutes ago we got off the phone with a briefing by the spokesperson for president putin and it's a really interesting response. there's not even enough in that report by the intelligence agencies of the united states to even comment and then he went on
3:51 am
it is unsubstantiated and emotional and hardly reflects well on some type of high level professional working by the intelligence services. he also rejected categorically he said any involvement by official or unofficial russians in that hacking and then he went on and said we're really seriously tired of all of these allegations and it reminds us of a witch hunt and he admitted americans have had experience with witch hunts before so a reference to the mccarthy time and did president putin read it? the spokesperson did not specifically say whether the president did read it but he said it was accessible. the public report was accessible to the president but again who would want to read it. so i think it's the point that just dismissing the report is
3:52 am
not having any information and in the same breath saying we had nothing to do with it and we're tired of being accused of that. >> i guarentee the russian authorities would love to hear more about how u.s. intel tracked down these hacks but hopefully that does not happen. incoming white house chief of staff now saying that donald trump does believe russia is behind the election hacks. has he changed his mind? he habit said so. let's discuss with the former cia director. former cia officer and former chief policy director to the house republican conference. presidential or candidate for independent conservative in 2016. thank you both for being there.
3:53 am
one point of interest, why do you stop advising president elect donald trump. there's a lot about your lack of desire to clean up. >> i felt uncomfortable about flying the flag essentially that i was a trump advisor. wasn't any more complicated than that. >> fair enough, now this morning you can advise me on how we're supposed to understand this situation. let me jump over to you about this and again the reason i'm trying to find a way to separate the sizing of this practicalities of this are from
3:54 am
what you understand, why these men and women, do you have a basis for doubt about whether or not they got it right. that russia was motivating directly through intermediary. what we saw here with the hacks of the dnc and elsewhere. >> no i don't and i think this is an important question and the answer is also critical. they use the same tactics they do in europe. because americans are experiencing this for the first time i believe trump is taking advantage of the fact that americans just haven't seen this before. so you have them denying, denying, denying, making counter accusations and this is an
3:55 am
incredible disturbance at a time when the country really needs to understand very quickly what is going on but there's no doubt because most of this attack, most of the effort, it wasn't just hacking. it was propaganda. it was online trolls and this was done overtly. it's just clear that it's happened. >> but there's a disadvantage for the government on this. there are no sources and methods so it's unsatisfying to read if you want to know the proof behind the accusation by the intelligence community, how do you bridge that? how do you create a consensus? >> they're delighted you're frustrated and don't know anything about the sources and methods because the only way we're able to steal secrets is
3:56 am
by hiding the methods. we hope you never find out the sources and methods. >> so they say, i don't know. i am suspicious of the government. i hate the political left. you have a lot of problems with russia today and i don't see how you nail it. >> but first of all i would say this is why leadership is so important. our leaders are seeing the sbep jens for the classified version of the report where it contains the sources and methods that demonstrate the conclusions. that's why they're all saying together they have a high degree of confidence. that the russian government directed this effort.
3:57 am
so it's important that our leaders that see that classified report say look -- >> it's important that we don't see consensus on this as a reason to be suspicious. >> a former director. the russian reset that's going on when the obama administration and they want to b find a better way the gop crushed them but now it does sound like the same thing. will he embrace it this time being nicer. >> depends on the russians. i negotiated three times the
3:58 am
wall that just collapsed. on the other three. they were a royal pain but we did what we could and one of those we got the treaty. so it depends. it depends on the russians. >> i appreciate you being here. i look forward to using you for your perspective on new day. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thanks to you for watching. cnn newsroom will begin for you in moments. for our u.s. viewers stick around. new day continues right now. >> president president elect it is very important that you show leadership here. >> with all due respect to hillary clinton we didn't need wikileaks to tell the american people they didn't like her. >> this instinct to humiliate when it's modelled by someone powerful filters down into everybody's life. >> a critical week for president
3:59 am
elect donald trump. >> this is not a lot to add and people in transparency. >> chilling new video that captured the gunman opening fire. >> this is a plan add tack. >> there are stories of heroism. >> a man climbed on top of me and told me i will protect you. >> this is new day. >> we will be speaking to that survivor coming up in the program. >> nine of his cabinet picks will be in the hot seat. confirmation hearings beginning tomorrow. visit the republican controlled congress moves forward on their plan to repeal obamacare. >> president elect trump to be grild about russia when he holds the first press conference in months. meanwhile, firing back after she slammed him at last night's
4:00 am
golden globes. just 11 days away from inauguration day. >> live in trump tower in new york, i know it's cold. what else is going on. policy issues such as national security and health care and policy issues facing millions of americans. >> donald trump and the republican controlled congress moving full speed ahead with an ambitious agenda. confirmation hearings begin tomorrow for some of the president elect's key cabinet nominees while the senate is expected to hold a series of votes this week to begin repealing obamacare but details on replacing the outgoing president's


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