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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. a critical week for the president-elect. in the spotlight, trump's cabinet nominees. senate confirmation hearings kicking off about 24 hours from now, but the government ethics office is already waving the red flag on some of those picks, plus trump gearing up to face the press, holding his first formal news conference in months. trump gets tangled up in another feud, this time with actress meryl streep after her scathing speech at the golden globes. >> disrespect invites disrespect. violence insights violence. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> all of this happening as the clock ticks down to
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inauguration. our team is covering all the angles this morning. let's begin with cnn's phil mattingly. >> get red did for a whirlwind week on capitol hill. nine co confirmation hearings over three days. that's part of the cry that this is happening way too fast. when it comes to the hearings themselves, expect democrats, at least according to advisers i've spoken to, to take two tracks. one, attack the no knee, but also attack the president-elect and try to get the nominee to take shots at the president-elect if they can. before the hearings start, right now it's been the speed with with republicans are moving to get these confirmation hearings through. according to a letter sent to the office of government ethics to senate majority leader chuck schumer, there's great concern about how republicans are moving through. i want to read a piece of that letter saying, it has left some
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of the president-elect's nominees with un2340e7b or unresolved ethics issues shortly before their scheduled hearing. every nominee has to submit financial disclosure forms to the office of government ethics. they're supposed to sign off and arrange for the nominees to lay out how they're going to get rid of any potential ethical issues before they take a position in the cabinet. at this point not all of president-elect trump's cabinet nominees have gone through that process. democrats say that's problematic. democrats say that's why this process need to slow down. republicans say this is sour grapes. take a listen to what senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had to say. >> i know how it feels when you're coming into a new situation when the other guys won the election. what did we do? we confirmed seven cabinet appointments the day president obama was sworn in. we didn't like most of them either, but he won the election.
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all of these little procedural complaints are related to their frustration in having not only lost the white house but having lost the senate. i understand that. we need to sort of grow grow up here and guest past thet past t >> reporter: what they're basically saying, they have no plans to slow the process down, they have no plans to have full senate floor votes before those forms are on their way in. they confirmed a number of president obama's nominees in 2009 very early on in the process. they plan doing the same with president-elect trump's nominees in 2017. >> all right. in the meantime, anticipation is building for wednesday when mr. trump is set to hold his first news conference since july. mr. trump expected to be grilled about russia and obamacare. cnn's jason carroll live outside trump tower with more on that. hi, jason. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. six months since that last press
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conference. i was at that press conference six months ago. there were points that needed clarification and points that need clarifying even now. you talk about repealing and replacing obamacare. repeal it, got it. replace it specifically, with what and when? one of the questions that's outstanding. build that wall on the u.s.-mexico border. got it. mexico says they're not going to pay for it, so how and when will u.s. taxpayers be reimbursed. when it comes to the russian intel reports, most of what everyone has it in terms of knowing that russia was indeed behind it. reince priebus, the incoming chief of staff says he thinks that trump accepts the findings even though his critics say he hasn't come up with a strung enough statement against russia in terms of what the u.s. should do to russia for that cyber attack. kellyanne conway says, look, it's very clear where the president-elect stands on this issue.
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>> he recognizes that russia, china and others are constantly trying to hack into government institutions, businesses, individuals. we, of course, are against that. we don't want foreign interference from anyone into this country. this man donald trump ran successfully on america first, and he means it, including on this issue. we also can't get over the selective fained outreach. there's no smoking gun when it comes to the nexus between these hacking activities and the election results. >> reporter: carol, another point, trump has made it clear he's vowed he would clear up any potential conflicts of interest with his business dealings but still has not specifically laid out a plan in terms of how he will do that. again, carol, a lot of questions out there outstanding. hopefully the specifics will come on wednesday. carol? >> we'll be standing by. jason carroll, a very cold jason carroll standing live outside
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trump tower. we mae to talk about all things political david schwartz assistant editor at "the washington post" and paul singer, washington correspondent for "usa today." welcome to you both. david, a big week for mr. trump. first press conference in 165 days. confirmation hearings start. russia is lauding trump's partial dismissal of u.s. intelligence officials on hacking. that happened this morning. and meryl streep is ripping donald trump on national television. david, what is mr. trump tweeting about this morning? meryl streep. thoughts? >> on russia, let's take a step back again. december 9th, my "washington post" colleagues reported out they had found out that russia played a heavy hand in the -- the intelligence assessment that
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russia had meddled in our election, gone after the democratic party. december 1th, president-elect trump went out on the sunday shows and dismissed it, called it ridiculous. now he's having trouble walking back from the perch where he a allowed himself to appear soft on russia. we don't know everything in the classified briefing we got on friday. we only have the summary. we don't know what his thoughts are and what he will do when he takes office. the perception out there is not, as kellyanne conway said earlier today on cnn, necessarily that russia tipped the outcome of the election, but they meddled in our election, and i think the trump camp is having a hard time addressing that. in terms of meryl streep, look, she was very clear, carol, about the fact that one of the things that stuck with her in the election was trump mocking "the new york times'" serge kovaleski. she was very specific to talk about that and went on to talk about her feelings. she's a heavyweight in her
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field, she's a heavyweight in his field. they'll go at it. i think this will be a feature of life in the trump era. >> i think we'll see much more of this down the line. i do want to focus on russia. a russian spokesperson came out this morning again, paul, and said putin and trump will meet at some point in time. that meeting will take place. a spokesman also said the u.s. intelligence reports are wrong and russia had nothing to do with cyberattacks into the dnc. this is all going on and trump is having this press conference tomorrow. you heard what david said. how does he talk his way around this? >> it's a fascinating thing to watch when you remember it was 2012 the republican presidential nominee said russia is our greatest geopolitical adversary. now you have the republican president-elect saying basically it wouldn't be a bad thing for us to have a better relationship with russia. what's interesting about the way kellyanne conway is phrasing this and a lot of trump's people
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have been phrasing this, including donald trump, there's no evidence that russia hacked into the voting systems, which is true. out don't have to hack into the voting systems to have an impact on the election. it will be interesting to see donald trump walk this walk, if he does hold this press conference, which i still consider an if, how he's going to walk this fine line between saying, yeah, our -- there's a russian agents, hacking into u.s. political campaigns to get information and leak it to wikileaks. but, comma, i want to have a better relationship with comma. two very different messages. it's very hard to walk that line. >> so this news conference, you bring up an important point, paul, because i'm kind of skeptical whether this press conference will take place either on wednesday. it is possible that mr. trump will back out. he's done it before. >> i think the logic behind
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paul's theory is pretty sound. president-elect trump has backed out of other announced and scheduled press conferences before. i think they'll anticipate they'll get a lot of questions and push back on this russia iss issue. one reason that tilts me towards thinking maybe they'll have the press conference is president obama is going to give his farewell address on tuesday evening. i wonder if president-elect trump will be able to resist the opportunity to respond directly to that at the podium rather than simply on twitter as he has done largely throughout the transition. >> you've got to believe, paul, president obama will bring up russia even though it's his farewell speech. >> right. david is right. this press conference was scheduled as soon as obama announced he was going to have his farewell speech, the trum of people announced this would take place the following morning. we all assumed it was for donald
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trump to rebut president obama. again, since he's got twitter, i'm not sure he needs to hold a press conference where the environment is less controlled. we'll see. there's going to be a whole lot of questions about ethics, what are jared kushner and ivanka trump's roles going to be in the white house and the trump company, a whole bunch of business dealings that have been in the press for the trump organization. a lot of uncomfortable questions trump will be asked during this press conference. he can't control the agenda when he does it like a press conference. we'll see how he does it. >> david and paul, thanks for being with us this morning. meryl streep took the stage and took a swing at donald trump at last night's golden globes. listen. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me, it sank its hooks in my heart. not because it was good. there was nothing good about it, but it was effective and it did
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its job. it made its intended audience laugh and show their teeth. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. it kind of broke my heart when i saw it, and i still can't -- >> all right. it went on from there. donald trump is hitting back this morning dismissing streep in a series of tweets as an overrated actress. with me to talk more about this cnn senior media correspondent and host of reliable sources brian stelter. hi, brian. >> this is a fascinating of donald trump counterpunching. we know he tends to respond when feels he's been attacked. this is meryl streep, not an
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ordinary person he's responding to. a lot of trump voters, clinton voters, responding. trump saying -- >> he found the time to do a late night interview with "the new york times." >> calling her a hillary lover among other things and weighed in when he woke up at 6:30 in the morning, weighing in on twitter. let's look at what the substance of this is. this is donald trump reacting to meryl streep alleging he was making fun of a disabled reporter while campaigning. this happened way back in the primary season. let's look first at the video of donald trump actually talking about this reporter, serge kovaleski, on the campaign trail. >> right after a couple of good paragraphs talking about northern new jersey, written by the nice reporter, now you've got to see this guy, ah, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. he's going, i don't remember. maybe that's what i said. this is 14 years ago. they didn't do a retraction.
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>> number one, serge kovaleski has a condition that limits the movement of his arms. so many people interpreted trump's behavior there to be mocking serge kovaleski, a reporter he knew from his time covering new york. the broader story is that serge kovaleski was challenging trump's allegation that thousands of muslims cheered in new jersey on 9/11. no evidence of that. trump was wrong about that but continued to repeat it. trump made fun of choef less ski on the campaign trail. all that happened during the primary season. it's been pointed to ever since as one of the most shocking examples of trump's behavior on the campaign trail. >> he again denied it this morning via tweet. kellyanne conway saying we can't see what was in his heart. >> this is what she said on "new day" a few minutes ago. >> you can't give him the benefit of the doubt on this? he's telling you what was in his
6:15 am
heart. you always want to go by what's come out of his mouth. >> it's a gesture he's making on video -- >> the suggestion is we shouldn't always take his word so seriously, we should believe instead how he feels in his heart. >> how are we supposed to know what's in has heart? >> i don't know how we're supposed to interpret it. it suggests what trump is saying on twitter and we get to the press conference on wednesday matters less, we have to go by what he says publicly. tonight, a special cnn town hall. former presidential candidate bernie sanders sits down with chris qom ma sits down to answer questions about how democrats will work with the trump administration. still to come, the accused killer in friday's airport attack is due in court. this as questions grow over why he was able to legally own a gun.
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less than two hours in now the man accused of friday's shooting rampage is due to appear in court. these are brand new pictures of him being transferred to federal court from the broward county jail. charges against him could carry the death penalty. surveillance video obtained by tmz shows the gunman calmly pull out a handgun from his pants and just opens fire at ft. lauderdale's airport. five people killed, several more injuries. this morning on cnn we heard from one woman who believes her life was saved when a 70-year-old man, a fellow traveler climbed on top of her and shielded her body with his.
6:20 am
fwo both somehow escaped uninjured even though the gunman stood right next to them. >> i had my face to the carpet. i wasn't looking around. i had been praying, i was still praying. when tony shielded me, i did feel immediate comfort. i knew that i would be safe. i did not know if tony would be safe or if he would be hit. but i knew he was protecting me. >> cnn's rachel crane has more from ft. lauderdale. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. many incredible stories of heroism like the one you just heard emerging over the weekend and new details surrounding the investigation coming out including new surveillance that shows the moments just as this horrific attack started. it all happens in an instance. travellers calmly walking through the baggage claim area when suddenly shots rang out.
6:21 am
22-year-old esteban san diego wearing a blue shirt, strolling alongside travelers, suddenly pulls a gun from his waistband opening fire. people scramble to take fire as the shooter begins his deadly rampage. >> he never spoke. he just walked along, pow, pow, pow, pow, just like that and emptied the full magazine. there are terrified passenger seen walking among the dead and wounded in this cell phone nvidia recognizes her seat mate from the plane, killed in the melee. >> she was standing right next to me, i it the ground, turned around and she was shot in the head. >> among the five victims is olga, she and her husband were set to go on a cruise when her life was taken, and 62-year-old terry andres was also killed with his spouse at his side. >> i can't imagine her being there live through all this.
6:22 am
>> reporter: an arraignment is being held today at 11:00. santiago is facing three federal charges, all of which are eligible for the death penalty. carol? >> rachel crane reporting live from ft. lauderdale. with he to talk more about this is tom fuentes, cnn senior law enforcement analyst and former assistant director at the fbi. welcome, tom. >> reporter: good morning, carol. >> a question for you. bear with me because it's kind of long. the alaska police investigated three incidents of domestic violence against this man. last year santiago was prosecuted for trying to strangle his girlfriend. he entered into what's called a deferred prosecution agreement. now under federal law, if you've been convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor you cannot legally own a gun. santiago pleaded no contest. of course, that means he doesn't admit guilt. still, why was he allowed to keep his guns after three domestic violence calls?
6:23 am
>> reporter: carol, none of those domestic violence calls resulted at the end of the investigation and prosecution in a conviction for a felony. that's what's required to denied him the right to own or buy a weapon. that's what the problem is here. yes, they answered to domestic disturbance calls, him attempting to break down the door and allegedly strangling her. the way that was set up is that in march, if he had no further incidents where law enforcement was called to break up a violent act, those charges would have been dismissed and he would not have been convicted even then. >> own though he had a restraining order? >> reporter: a restraining order is not a conviction for a felony. she could get a restraining order that he can't come near her. that's different from an order to take away his gun and keep it away from him. unfortunately that's where the gun laws are right now, and the
6:24 am
police, unless he's convicted of a felony, unless he's judged to be mentally ill by psychiatrists or an actual judge, he's free to purchase as many weapons as the law allows and keep them in his possession. the police took custody of his gun when they brought him to the medical hospital for evaluation. but when they let him out the door a free person with still no formal adjudication of him being mentally ill, they had no alternative but to return his personal property which included the firearm. >> people are probably listening to you and they're very frustrated -- >> carol, people have been frustrated from all these incidents, sandy hook and all that. frustration isn't changes in the law to make anything different. that's the problem. everybody is shocked and outraged. in they don't change the laws,
6:25 am
the police hands are tied and they'll be forced to return a gun to somebody like this. >> do you have any confidence that the laws might be changed under the new administration? >> not really. >> what are people to do? >> well, try and be alert and be as careful as they can. but there's only so much you can do. we have a free society, and the fbi and local police are not free to take somebody into custody, lock them up indefinitely for who knows how long because they said delusional things or they said they were hearing voices or they're not acting right. it just would not be even tolerated, and the problem is, really, the only recourse for the local police department, in this case anchorage, pd, take the individual, try to get him checked into a medical facility with a psychiatric ward where he might see a professional mental health person, a doctor. but they have no control to keep
6:26 am
him there. that's the problem. >> so just my final question to you. i know authorities are frustrated by this because they're always blamed. the signs were all there, you should have taken his gun away. why didn't you act, report this to one? it's your fault. how do authorities feel when they hear stuff like that? >> extremely frustrated, because the lack of mental health facilities is a national policy. the defunding of these facilities, reduction in the number of them, number of psychiatrists available to evaluate people like this, the ability to keep them locked up, it's nothing that law enforcement can do if that isn't changed it's not up to law enforcement to make that change. that's a congressional decision and state legislature and governors' decision to change the laws in their states where people can. on the other side of that, imagine the outcry if the fbi or police say, you know, this
6:27 am
person said crazy things, we're going to lock them up, without due process, without adjudication? it's not going to happen. that's just the way the system is right now. i don't see that changing unless congress really wants to take a serious look at mental health issues and who gets treated. secondly, this is a vet van, 22 veterans a day committing suicide in this country. what kind of mental health treatment are they getting? especially when we don't know when they do commit suicide if they're going to take someone else with them. that's the problem. >> tom fuentes, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom." trump and putin will meet? a member of the house foreign affairs committee joins me next. first, we are moments away from the opening bell. a major announcement from fiat chrysler sends stocks surging. cnn's alison kosik has more. >> the jeep wagoneer is coming
6:28 am
back, fiat chrysler making a big investment in two u.s. factories. the announcement coming as president-elect trump keeps pressure on the auto industry to keep or bring back manufacturing into the u.s. this automaker will pour money into two plants, one in michigan and ohio, it will create 2,000 jobs. it will create suvs and pickup trucks, one an all new jeep wagoneer, a model chrysler stopped producing in 1991, a huge favorite. known for its wood panelling and rugged frame. this announcement could be a proactive move to show the company's commitment to the u.s. dow got within less than a point of that milestone. >> alison kosik, thanks so much. i'll be right back.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. a u.s. navy ship fires warning ships towards iranian boats. an american official says it happened near the strait of hormuz on monday. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has more. >> good morning, carol. a very tense time on sunday.
6:33 am
the "u.s.s. mahan" which is a navy destroyer was going into the persian gulf passing into the strait of hormuz when several iranian fast attack craft approached it. these are national guard naval ships, the most militant of the iranian maritime forces. they approached at high speed, came within a distance that the u.s. navy thought was unprofessional, posing a possible danger to them. u.s. officials say the mahan crew warned the iranian ship, tried to contact them on radio, bells, whistles, even had a helicopter drop smoke flares into the water. finally the u.s. ship fired three warning shots into the water. we've seen this before, but this seemed to be a lengthy encounter. the u.s. navy ship was approached a total of five times we're told over a period that lasted several hours. carol? >> barbara starr reporting live
6:34 am
from the pentagon. thank you. also this morning, russia echoing president-elect trump's comment that the hacking investigation is a witch hunt. this as we're learning the meeting between trump and putin is a go. according to the kremlin it's being planned, quote, very carefully. former cnn moscow bureau chief jill dougherty is following this this morning. hi, jill. >> reporter: hey, carol. they're not giving details of when it might happen. but they are saying they've learned from the past. in fact, the spokesperson for president putin, dimitri pes kof on a phone call to to day said if contacts are planned, they will be planned very carefully. we're talking about contacts in the very tense days in the evolution of our relations, in the degradation, he added, of our relations, that's why any contacts on the highest level will be very carefully arranged. that degradation they would say
6:35 am
happened under president obama, and under president trump they hope things will get a lot better. and then also, carol, they were talking about the intel report. i could read you some of what he said about that. it's quite interesting. >> please do. >> this is dimitri pes kof again. he said this publication has not added any substance to even comment on. in other words, not worth talking about. from our viewpoint we still hear accusations that are unfounded, not backed by anything, made on a very amateur, emotional level that hardly be fits highly professional work of high class special services. what we see is a serious tiredness, and all this looks like a full-scale witch hunt. that is from the specs person for president putin. i think it's fair to say
6:36 am
president putin is not going to get involved in this directly. he's going to leave it to his people to really downplay and dismiss, and in some cases even mock the report that came out from the intelligence services. president putin doesn't need to. they know that in just a couple weeks there will be a new president and that is the person they are hoping will improve relations. carol? >> so, jill, is it unusual for a uflt s. president to meet with the russian leader in light of the u.s. intelligence services saying that putin was directly behind election hacking in the united states? >> reporter: we've never really had this type of situation, have we? so whether he would meet with him -- before the hacking, which -- well, before the hacking, you would say yes. he would want to meet with president putin maybe as soon as possible. but i think it's very obvious
6:37 am
that there are a lot of complications that they are facing. and when peskov talks about preparing for it, i think the u.s. side wants to prepare for it, too. if you jump into some sort of meeting, symbolically that's nice. but what does it actually mean about the relationship? then you have the very strong criticism coming from members of president -- soon-to-be president trump's own party. i don't think they're going to jump into that meeting, but they do certainly want it to happen. both trump and putin want all of this to go away as quickly as possible so they can get in with what they perceive will be a better relationship. >> jill dougherty live from moscow this morning. thank you. joining me to talk about this democratic congressman brad sherman of california, member of the house foreign affairs committee. welcome, sir. >> good to be with you. >> nice to have you here.
6:38 am
should president-elect trump meet with vladimir putin asap? >> i don't know about asap. obviously they should meet at some point. it's an important country. >> what do you suppose the conversation will be like? >> well, there might be a private thank you, but i don't think that will be reported to the press, but we have a host of issues to discuss with the russians, and whether it's syria, ukraine, the baltic states, et cetera, et cetera. >> you have both the kremlin and the president-elect describing this election hack investigation by u.s. intelligence services, a witch hunt, although it seems that some members of trump's team now say that russia was indeed behind the hacking. so what does that say to you? >> weave known russia was behind the hacking for many months. i'm surprised that there wasn't a reaction against trump from his own base. the only bit of new information
6:39 am
now is the intelligence services are confirming what everybody obviously knew, which is not only was russia behind the hacks -- that was widely reported -- but that their purpose was to help trump. you look at what they revealed, what effect it had in the campaign, when they revealed it and anybody in politics for a year or two would say these leaks were designed to help trump win. democrats were overconfident and didn't want to rock the boat, didn't want to make as big a deal out of this as it was. >> some democrats suspect trump himself was working in cahoots with russia. do you believe that? >> we'll never know. i would think not. there's little reason for them to have done a highly dangerous strategy meeting. the fact is in the campaign trump said things that would have hurt him just a little bit with american voters, but helped him with the electoral college votes that are controlled in
6:40 am
moscow. moscow returned the favor. the fact that -- i would assume they didn't do a secret meeting or secret found call doesn't change that. >> when you say moscow controlled the electoral -- that's not true. >> no. the trump campaign and the hillary campaign made dozens of errors. had these leaks not come out, it's hard to think that hillary wouldn't have gotten another hundred thousand votes in the upper midwest. >> i want to ask you something along the lines in another topic. you know meryl streep and the golden globe speech. did you hear it last night? >> i heard it this morning. >> so she was upset that donald trump seemingly poked fun at that disabled reporter during the primary, right? >> yes. >> and donald trump said that, you know what, i didn't make fun of him. that's absolutely not true. that's what he tweeted out this
6:41 am
morning. kellyanne conway said this morning on "new day" that we should not take trump literally but we should know what's in his heart. how do you respond to that? >> he made fun of a disabled reporter that had questioned him. what was in his heart was a desire to counterattack anybody who questioned him on any issue and to do so with both legitimate criticisms and mockery of a man's disability. that's what is in our new president's heart. >> i think what donald trump is saying, i didn't make fun of him. believe me because you don't know what's in my heart. does that make sense to you? >> we will never know what is in his heart, but we can judge what his actions were. he mocked a disabled reporter, he mocked him mercilessly, continuously and never apologized. and if his heart pushes him in the other direction, his heart doesn't seem to have much impact on his behavior.
6:42 am
>> congressman brad sherman of california, thanks for joining me this morning. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom." after days of testimony from the victims' friends and family members, the fate of charleston church shooter dylann roof could soon be in the hands of a jury.
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
a jury in south carolina could soon defight the fate of church shooter dylann roof after hearing from friends and family members of the nine victims. roof objected to what he calls excessive testimony, but he has so far failed to call his own witnesses. martin savidge is live in charleston. good morning.
6:46 am
>> reporter: good morning, carol. we expect today to hear the last of the victim income statements. felicia sanders is one to be thought to give the last account. she was a survivor. she was in the bible study. when dylann roof opened fire, she watched her 22-year-old son be gunned down and murdered and also watched the same thing happen to her aunt. she only survived as a result of playing dead. these are just heart rendering kind of testimonies that are coming from these victims' families. they are reliving every moment. of course, it is for the purpose of now the penalty phase of dylann roof. that is whether he will be given the death pen amendment or lial prison. he has not expressed any remorse. we'll see if he calls witnesses. he says he won't. until the court case is wrapped
6:47 am
up, it's never certain. at a hearing last monday, not the trial, but a pretrial hearing, he showed up. he was wearing more his prison garb that he wears. on his feet were his shoes. it was pointed out by an fbi agent on friday on one of the shoes is a white supremacist design or marking. he wore it to court. so this shows you in many minds that he is totally unrepentant and in no way expresses any kind of remorse for the acts that he had done which is why the prosecution says he must be put to death. we'll have to see on that. it could wrap up soon, carol. >> martin savidge live from charleston. still to co-new details about the man who drove the truck through the crowd of soldiers in jerusalem, how he may have supported isis. dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth.
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we're learning the truck driver who ran over a group of israeli soldiers in jerusalem may have been an isis sympathizer. and one of the victims, we now know, was a dual american/israeli citizen. we have new video of the attack. you can see the soldiers were standing in a parking lot when a truck ran through the crowd. you see it there, the driver then turned around and drove back into the crowd. the scene is simply horrific. cnn's oren liebermann is covering it for us from jerusalem. >> reporter: we learned a short time ago one of those killed in the attack was not only an israeli soldier. he was also an american citizen, dual u.s./israeli citizen, that coming from the embassy. he has been laid to rest today and posthumously propose lly pr. police say the attacker is a palestinian man from east
6:52 am
jerusalem, a short distance away from where the attack took place. there is heightened alert in the neighborhood, as police look for suspects. they say they have made nine arrests, five of whom are family members of the suspect. the question is was the attack premeditated or spur of the moment? israelis prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel has an understanding that the attacker was an isis sympathizer or supporter. he didn't offer any evidence or say why it is that israel knows that, but he pointed to the similarity between this attack and the attacks in nice and berlin where a truck was used, once again, to plow into a crowded tourist area, which is exactly what this was in jerusalem, a crowded walkway. police say there has been no isis correctell and this attack doesn't show a new one, but
6:53 am
there is concern that isis is not allowed to grow. first, israel has been trying to crack down on social media incitement. one israeli leader turned it, quote, viral terrorism. israel has been trying to work for months to stop the propagation of incitement on social media. second, israel is announcing they'll use administration detention, detaining isis supports to make sure it doesn't grow again. sadness and mourning for the soldier laid to rest today. >> oren liebermann, live from jerusalem, thanks. in the next hour we'll hear from the mayor of jerusalem. north korea could fire up a missile, quote, at any time, this on the heels of kim jong un announcing the test of a nuclear weapon that could reach the united states. north korea signaled a willingness to open up a line of communication with president-elect trump. both china and being denounce north korea's missile threat,
6:54 am
pu warning it could result in a push for further sanctions. charlie brotman will be our guest as we talk about president trump's decision to oust him as announcer of the inauguration after decades, in the next hour of "newsroom." and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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packers the request aaron rodgers showing why he's king of the hail mary. an amazing game. and a steelers assistant coach is arrested after their big playoff win, that's a downer. cory wire is live in tampa with more, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i'm here in front of raymond james stadium. we have that awesome rematch of last year's title game between alabama and clemson. we'll get to more of that in a second. first, check out owedel beckham jr. and the boat boys, before the game at green bay yesterday,
6:58 am
no shirt, no pants, no problem? wrong, big problems. the giants receivers fresh off their much-criticized miami party boat trip, dropped and kept dropping eli manning's passes. the fans won't let them hear the end of that one. the play of the game, and possibly of the year. end of the first half, time expiring. aaron rodgers throwing a hall mary to randall cobb, somehow coming up with a catch. that shook up the giants' high. rodgers dropping the dart into the honey hole, that is sweet. 38-13. another blowout, the steelers squished the fish in pittsburgh. dolphins down by two touchdowns less than ten minutes into the game. pittsburgh wins 30-12. they've won eight in a row and are red-hot at the right time. next weekend's divisional round all set up. also red-hot, my former team
6:59 am
atlanta falcons hosting seattle on saturday. then you have the patriots, huge favorites against the texans in new england. on sunday, the chiefs hosting the steelers. packers will take on cowboys in dallas. let's go back to the steelers real quick. after their playoff win against miami, assistant coach joey porter was arrested outside of a bar on multicharges, including aggravated assault. steelers say they're aware of the situation but will have no further comment until they get more details. porter was on the team as a player and joined as an assistant coach in 2014. the reason we're here in tampa, a rematch of last year's phenomenal championship game, that saw 'bama winning the game 45-40. both teams battling back for a chance to win it all. crimson tide has dominated college ball, they've won four of the last seven national titles. but sweeney has turned clemson
7:00 am
into a perennial powerhouse as well. school hasn't won a title since '81. the coach was in sixth grade at the time. his tigers last week dominating number three ohio state. they're right back in the ring with the reigning kings. alabama is the only team that's racked up more wins than clemson. >> cory wire live from tampa, thanks so much. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. one hour from now, the man accused of gunning down travelers in a florida airport due in court. this is new video of that suspect making the trip to court. he's leaving the broward county jail and was transported to federal court. surveillance video,


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