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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 9, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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forward and how we can band together and continue the fight on health care, on education, on the environment to make sure that we're doing the things that we need to do to continue to make progress. >> ten seconds. is there any piece of him that wishes he had four more years? or is he so done? >> i'm sure he feels there is more work yet to be done. >> okay. >> i think that he and mrs. obama are going to enjoy not being in the white house. >> bill burton, thank you. safe travel to chicago. >> thanks, brooke. all right. we roll along. hour two. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. 11 days until donald trump's inauguration. many, many, though are considering though this week the real launch of his president presidency. the president-elect has several major events over the course of the next couple of days including significant confirmation hearings for nine of his cabinet nominees. one, if not the most contention nominee is up first.
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attorney general nominee jeff sessions. that happens tomorrow. when you talk to critics they would tell you that the senator from pam bam has showed racial incense tifts in the past. certainly we'll be hearing some of that tomorrow. looking ahead to wednesday, mr. trump holds his very first news conference in nearly six months. earlier, gave a bit of a tease at trump tower to the press after meeting with one of china's richest men, alley baba founder jack mah. >> they are going great. confirmation is going great. i think they will all pass. i think every nomination will be -- they are at the highest level. jack was even saying they are at the absolute highest level, they are going to do very well. >> there is concern about jeff session in particular? >> no. i think he is going to do good. high quality man. >> let's go to cnn political commentator michael summer conish. good to see you. i have so many questions for you
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looking ahead to the next 11 or so days, beginning with, michael, all these confirmation hearings, of all of them we are looking at what do you think will be the most contention, the biggest fight for them? >> i think that sessions will be the most interesting, but i'm not prepared to concede it will be the most contentious. i'll tell you why. it was in 1986 when he was a 39-year-old nominee to a federal judgeship that his candidacy was unsuccessful in part because pennsylvania united states senator arlen specter, who was a very close friend of mine voted against the candidacy of sessions. they then became colleagues. and specter said in a memoir that among his chief regrets as a senate senators was having opposed sessions, who he came to know as a very decent individual. and so, brooke, you have got the records that led to the 1986 unsuccessful candidacy. they are still out there. did he say racially intemp rat
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words, et cetera, et cetera? but the people who will be posing those questions to him have now served at his elbow for a number of years. and by all accounts, he's a very decent guy. so i don't know that you can look to the democrats to bring on the fireworks against a colleague. >> okay. okay. so maybe not the most contentious. let me take you back to the hearings in a second. frash forward to wednesday. trump is holding his first news conference since july. set your alarm for 11:00 a.m. we know we called it once upon a time and postponed it to discuss his business concerns and potential conflicts of interest. what do you think we'll get out of him. i don't think on the ethics issues and how he is going to run his business, i don't see any solution shy of doelgt divest men which would be the sale of his assets that would
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free him of all of the conflicts and entanglements that could then follow. i mean each if he says it's a blind trust it really can't be a blind trust. his name is on it. his children are going to be involved. i just think there are a series of pitfalls that would dog him. you know, brooke, it's almost unfair to say to him, you have to sell your assets because without him being involved, many of them would immediately diminish in value. so there is just not an easy solution. i don't know what he will propose. the question that i'm most interested in hearing him answer. >> yeah. >> is whether he intends to honor the punishments that president obama has meeted out to the russians. you know, those three dozen or so diplomats or were they spies that were booted out of the country. is trump going to allow them to come in? will he continue with whatever other measures president obama initiated? how is he going to handle the russians pertaining to the hack?
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that's what i want to know. >> because he didn't -- after that, after he was briefed on friday he still hasn't fully embraced it was in fact russia who interfered. you know that's going to come up time and time again on wednesday. one other bit i wanted to hear you opine on. we'll talk about meryl streep in a second and her speech at the golden globes. but i wanted to ask you about the color purple, hillary clinton, and former president bill clinton and chelsea they were in the audiencean broadway last night. they got three standing ovation. there were all these comparisons to when vice president elect mike pence showed up to go hamilton. and he was booed and he got a talking to by the cast. why? why do you think this stark difference? and is that fair? >> well, why the stark difference is, i think the easy question. it's because of the audience is who is to.that stage. is it fair? i don't think it's fair. and you may remember our prior
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conversation on this. i didn't like the way that mike pence was singled out for a lecture. if you want to cheer somebody, that's fabulous. but here is a guy who presumably was spending his own money to be there to see this hit show, and the way in which the cast at the end of it, you know, singled him out i thought was inappropriate. it violated my time and a place rule. now you are going to be talking meryl streep. >> yeah. >> i think what she did is more defensible because in that environment we've almost come to expect that the hollywood elite are going to voice their political sentiments. it's the start of the season. i'd be shocked if there weren't moore of this as we head toward the academy awards. >> i think you are right on that. absolutely right on. that michael summer conish love talking you. we watch you on saturdays 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern. on the note of hollywood here, trump is firing back at
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hlds blasting meryl streep for her scathing speech at the golden globes awards. a known hillary clinton supporter. she spoke at the democratic national convention in july. without mentioning his name whatsoever, through a hoors voice and fighting back tears, meryl streep slammed trump for his rhetoric and in particular for this moment. this was when -- this was in so many adds when he openly mocked a disabled "new york times" reporter during his campaign, which he disputes. >> there was one performance this year that stunned me. it was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter, someone he outranked in privilege, power, and the capacity to fight back. it -- it kind of broke my heart when i saw it. and i still can't get it out of my head because it wasn't in a movie. it was real life.
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and this instinct to humiliate when it's modelled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everybody's life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing. disrespect invites disrespect. violence incites violence. when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> that was meryl streep last night. here's a triple tweet response from donald trump. let me read it for you. meryl streep, one of the most overrated actresses in hollywood, doesn't know me but attacked me last not at the golden globes. she is a hillary flunkie who lost big. for the 1 hundredth time i never mocked a disabled reporter, would never do that, but simply showed him groveling when he totally changed a 16-year-old story he had written in order to make me look bad. molly hemmingway, senior editor
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with the federalist joins me. leslie lowry a reporter with the washington post joins me as well. great to have both of you on. molly, you thought meryl's speech was a dud. why? >> well, it's this thing that apps happens when you tune into an awards show and you find that everything gets politicized. so meryl streep gave this very emmattic sermon lecturing middle america about how awful they are. she said that hollywood is a victim. they are the most vilified people in the country as if privileged actors are really people who are victimized. she made fun of people who watch mma and football. this is the kind of condescension that i think people are really not pleased with. she wasn't empathetic. much of her words were lovely talking about the need for empathy but she wasn't oevery threating in trying to feel for
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people who voted for someone who she didn't. >> leslie? >> i think it's interesting that the incoming president of the united states decided to get into a twitter fight with a movie star. this actress has a presidential medal of freedom. this is the incoming president undermining her significance in american culture and american history. look, i think very often when we see celebrities get involved in politics one way or another which is certainly theireck right the way we all have it. we have a breakdown. kohn conservatives disagree when celebrities say liberal things against their politics and vice versa. i think the action has been broken down along those lines. this is not dissimilar than scott baio giving a speech at the rnc. in pack this is arguably
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probably more appropriate than that. >> molly, listen, this is a president who has gotten into the twitter fight with a hollywood actress and patrick heelly with the "new york times" was able to call donald trump after she gave a speech late last night and get a reaction from the president-elect on a speech from the golden globes. what does that say about that? >> this is the thing, though. donald trump is partly liked because people enjoy that he does fight back when people say things about him. he was -- you know, this has been a big story about him mocking a disabled reporter. it is more complicated than it has been presented by many people in the media. he absolutely did mock the reporter. not true that he mocked him for his disability. he used a motion that he used on ted cruz and on army general he was also mocking. there is a way to criticize donald trump as being rude, not upholding certain norms without going overboard.
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i think that bothers donald trump as he has been portrayed as someone who mocks someone for a disability. and the media haven't done a great job of explaining what was going on with that particular incident. >> i think you are totally right that half of america loves that he sticks up for himself. but the other half, totally ridiculous. the question is -- let me pose this. we know friday night when it comes to slibtsz in hollywood, we know that president obama had this mega a list celebrity party. you name it they were there. you saw video of people streaming out of the white house at 4:00 in the morning. you know, wesley, trump -- didn't have any of that. im -- you mentioned scott baio, that was his a listbling aling. and he won, he won. does it matter if hollywood is in your corner if you are president? >> i mean, i certainly think that presidents of both parties have sought that i mean we've seen similar galas and parties like that when the reagans were
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in the white house. it's not true that only democrats seek this. although we do know hollywood tends liberal and has historically. it's unsurprising that barack obama has had more support and hillary clinton as well from hollywood and the hollywood left than republicans have. does it matter. >> it's cool but does it matter? >> perhaps in funds raising certainly. but also i mean hollywood does set some of our cultural and societal norms. people do, you know take in what they see on the screen, whether the big screen for small screen. i do think the politics of hollywood matters insofar as it influences the rest of society. but do i necessarily think that it matters that meryl streep dislikes donald trump or sees something he did objectionable? probably not. but that said, she believes that donald trump is behaving in a way that the president should not. what is her obligation as an american to speak out the way that everyone else is? i think we get upset when celebrities speak their minds. they have the same first
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amendment protections we do. if she believes as she stated this was so objectionable at what point does she have an obligation to use her platform to say something. >> we know lots of celebrities will be in washington after that inauguration. >> it's also true thatted hollywood has a problem with not enough diversity of voices. they are a group of people that represent the same idea. it should reflect american society, draw from all parts of american society. it is a to the doing it right now. >> milliony, leslie, thank you very much. still to come here on cnn, even though mr. trump still has not acknowledged that russia tried to meddle in the election my next guest explores the possibility that trump is playing putin, not the other way around. plus trump's team boots the inauguration announcer. this is a man who has been doing this for decades, for the last 11 presidents. he joins me live on how heart broken he is.
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a massive manhunt is underway for a man accused of killing an officer in orlando. a wife and mother of two. the emotional message from colleagues next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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welcome back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. both wikileaks and the kremlin slamming the u.s. intelligence report that concluded russia hacked the u.s. election in order to help elect donald trump. a russian spokesperson echoing the words of donald trump called the report a, quote, unquote, a full scale witch-hunt. julian assange calling it embarrassing to the repudiation of u.s. intelligence services. >> it does not have the structure of an intelligence report or a presidential dailey brief. it is clearly designed for political affects and u.s. intelligence services have been politicized by the obama administration.
12:20 pm
>> joining me now, david engleman, editor emeritus at the world policy journal. also, john rizzo, former jen wall counsel to the cia and the author of "company man, 30 years of controversy and crisis in the cia". gentlemen, welcome. the backdrop to all of this, donald trump is still in a battle with his own country's intelligence chief, still refusing to condemn four days after his briefing a declassified report which definitively points its finger at putin pooutd. john to you, how dangerous is this refusal? >> it's con disconcerting, brooke. for the life of me i don't understand why this is so hard for him to acknowledge and accept the unanimous findings of what will be his intelligence community. i just keep -- i continue to hold out hope that once he gets
12:21 pm
in the oval office, once he has his own people at the heads of these intelligence agencies he will come around. but they say, i just find it puzzling. he can't seem to bring himself to accept what is a clear and strong consensus. >> he can't. he can't, so far. david, we know that trump tweeted this, quote, having a good relationship with russia is a good thing, not bad thing. only stupid people or fools will think that is bad. you wrote this piece on where essentially you are saying if trump and the team were to turn the tables, could put putin at a disadvantage, explain how. >> both want the same thing basically. they want respect. each wants respect not only from the other but from a broader commune that we can make -- that trump can make use of. if trump is officially -- we know he is a great negotiator.
12:22 pm
we have seen deals he has negotiated. if he can do that, if he can use this desire by putin for respect, i think he can get a lot of things from him. putin has many chinks in his armor. he is in desperate financial trouble at home. he has an election -- re-election coming up next year, believe it or not. he does not want the same kinds of demonstrations that he said hillary clinton had basically ginned up for his last election campaign. so really, trump has points of real pressure on putin. >> he has leverage is what you are pointing to out. >> he has leverage, exactly. and that's what -- that's very important to understand abuse we have so many things we want from the russians. we want the russians to let us back into the middle east, believe it or not, where we should be. but they have basically shoved us to the periphery. he can make use of all of this very effectively if he uses it adroitly. >> john, what do you think, the leverage that david talks about, about using it adroitly and
12:23 pm
effectively. do you buy that notion? and can it happen? >> well, i mean, it's possible. and i sternal hope david is right. of course we need to keep in mind who he is up against here, a ruthless career amoral kgb master of the black arts. >> that's one indicate way to s >> this is not a man that i think be easily played. but hope springs eternal, i suppose. >> we know looking at the past two presidents, both bush 43 and obama, they have taken office with hopes of friendlier russian relations. both saw the hopes dashed by you know conflicts with putin. what do you, david, see, if, you know, this isn't handled adroitly, to use your word and then things turn sour? what would that look like with u.s./russia relations? >> we could go back to where we were before, there is no doubt
12:24 pm
about that. the sanks are a critical point about that. if trump decides and lifts these sanctions that is a road that may not be reversible. because remember we are tied in the sanctions with the west europeans who in june have to renew sanctions with russia. if we begin to lift that up then everything could become unravelled and trump may use that negotiating that leverage as you rightly put it. >> david and john thank you both so much. i appreciate it. coming up next, chilling video from inside the fort lauderdale airport as a gunman opens fire and kills five people. we'll be right back. everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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the man accused of killing five people inside a florida airport made his first appearance in court today under heavy security. this 26-year-old iraq war vet ran went before a federal judge to hear the three charges against him. two of them could result in the debt penalty. we have this as we also -- look at this. this is new surveillance video. you see him pulling out that gun from his waist band with his right hand. courtesy of tmz and opening fire friday at baggage claim. boris sanchez was there. he is now at federal court -- or an airport, it looks like. what did the suspect say? >> reporter: he didn't say much, brooke. he walked into court wearing a red jumpsuit, looked around and
12:30 pm
mostly after he sat at the defense table kept his head bowed. he real edidn't say much during the whole proceeding this morning. the federal judge asked him if he understood his rights, if he could remain silent throughout the proceedings. he said he understood. then the three charges were read against him. she asked if he understand that. then he said yes. then they moved into the process of appointing him an attorney. he asked for a court appointed attorney. she asked him a series of questions about his finances. most importantly we learned he was last employed in november working as a security officer. before that he mentioned that he was enlisted in the military, serving in the army for almost ten years. one interesting note that she asked him was how much money do you have in your possession? do you have any assets? he said no and said he only had 5 to $10 with him. so one of the last things that he purchased the last remaining money of him being employed was
12:31 pm
that airline ticket to come here to fort lauderdale, brooke. aside from that he was appointed an attorney. and then questions began about whether or not he should receive bail. ultimately it was decided he would have an hearing necks tuesday to determine whether or not he will get bail. it is highly unlikely in this case. >> quickly, we still don't know why fort lauderdale, correct? >> reporter: we don't. in an automatic first down released by the fbi on saturday it was revealed he specifically came here to carry out the attack, booked a one way ticket from alaska to come here to do that. we don't know why he picked this area. >> awful. boris sanchez thank you foe much in florida for us. coming up next, attorney general nomly jeff sessions sits down tomorrow for what is set to be a fiery confirmation hearings. we have new details on how he is preparing for that. also ahead, how the tables are turning on obamacare. the democratic liability now turning into a political hot
12:32 pm
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where chefs and farmers work together to make farms healthier, grow higher quality ingredients, and deliver them in-season, ripe and ready to cook. because food is better when you start from scratch. let's go to orlando. a news conference on the manhunt looking for this person to killed a police officer. >> on this horrific day, continues to be an incredibly difficult day in the stiff orlando. and for the whole central florida region and i simply can't explain this type of senseless attack. but i want to reassure the community that the orlando police department and our surrounding agencies are dedicating every available resource to catch this criminal. and we will catch this criminal and we will bring him to justice. but our police department can't do it alone. we must mobilize our efforts as a community to stand united
12:35 pm
goins against those who choose to act outside the law. this morning, this morning, an alert citizen notified master sergeant clayton of the presence of the criminal who was wanted for -- on murder charges and we need the community to continue to provide tips and information to law enforcement. if you see or know anything about markeith lloyd, please call crimeline, 1-800-423-tips. this is an anonymous line. you probably know that the reward is now $60,000 for information leading to the capture of markeith lloyd. opd has -- is currently focused on a search of brookside apartments. and we know the search is having an impact on the immediate area. and we ask the residents and businesses in this area to remain patient as we work to secure this area. additionally, we would ask all
12:36 pm
of our respects to take -- that have police officers in their neighborhoods to please listen to the directions of any police officers or other law enforcement agents that are in our community. residents living outside of the immediate area can continue with their day to day activities. but if you see something, say something. also, i want to thank the media today for working with us to provide the community with the critical information that they need so that they can know they are safe and secure in their neighborhoods. i have folken with the chief and sheriff, and i am very confident that the actions being taken today are appropriate to keep you safe and to find this criminal. the chief will give you some more detail. chief? >> thank you mayor. good afternoon. as the mayor said we wanted to provide you with some additional information and some updates about the homicide of master sergeant debra clayton this morning. while on duty the master
12:37 pm
sergeant clayton was approached by someone who advised her there was a murder suspect close by the walmart. she attempted to make contact and was shot and killed by markeith lloyd. we know that debra returned fire but we do not believe the suspect was hit or injured by her gunfire. back up officers arrived at the scene within 28 seconds. again, we do have probable cause for the arrest of markeith lloyd for first-degree murder of a law enforcement officer. and additionally attempted murder of the serve's deputy, captain joe carter. the orlando police department, the orange county sheriff's office s.w.a.t. teams and hundreds of officers and deputies have been vigil atlanticly pursuing all leads in searching for markeith lloyd. we have searched dozens of apartments and residences in an effort to find the suspect and bring him in. we have deployed numerous officers and detectives who
12:38 pm
specialize in looking for suspects who try to avoid capture. and we are using every resource possible to find him and arrest him. so we want the community to know if you are assisting markeith lloyd evade capture you will be criminally charged. i can assure you that we will not rest until markeith lloyd is behind bars. if you don't need to be in the area of the brookside apartments, that's 5575 cinder lane parkway, please try to avoid that area. there is a large police presence there. we are actively continuing to search that area. i do want to say, although markeith lloyd is very dangerous, our community is protected by one of the best agencies in the nation. and together with the orange county's sheriff's office our officers are going to continue to risk their lives for this community. and this loss only strengthens our resolve to fight for justice in this community.
12:39 pm
master sergeant debra clayton grew up here. and she deeply cared about this community. she was involved in many community engagement efforts and was always the first to step up and volunteer and help kids. she was married and had one son. he was in college. we have teams in place to assist sergeant clayton and her family in all the ways possible during this difficult time. and we have family liaisons that are going to be at their side continuously as they make plans for laying her to rest. there will be a fund set up soon, and we will provide those details to the public. our officers who responded this morning and our whole opd family is grieving. we will ensure that everyone gets counselling and any other assistance they need. the officers who worked day in and day out with her on that
12:40 pm
squad, they will be off until next week. and many officers have stepped up to fill their roles so they can take time to grieve for their friend. again, if anyone has information, they are urged to call 911 or crime line. as you can see, the reward is now $60,000. we want markeith lloyd arrested and behind bars. i want this community to know the safety and security of our residents and visitors is our top priority. our officers in the face of this very personal tragedy today remain committed to doing their jobs. and they remain on the street despite risk to their own lives. i can't be more proud of the orlando police department. so right now we'll take some questions. >> if the suspect is watching right now, access to tv what do you want to say to him? what do you want to let him know? >> markeith lloyd needs to turn himself in. not tonight.
12:41 pm
not tony. he needs to call and turn himself in now so we can bring this to a peaceful resolution. >> chief mena, do you believe there are people out there hiding him right now? >> i believe there have been people out there helping him all along. he has been wanted for several weeks now for a murder. so certainly people continue to help him. and if we find out about those people, we will criminally charge them. >> the mayor mentioned that a citizen had approached the sergeant to notify her about this suspect. do you have more details about the encounter? was she on duty? in uniform, in a car? >> sergeant clayton was on duty. she was in full police uniform. she was at the wall mart and she was approached by a citizen who knew markeith lloyd and knew that he was wanted for murder. she saw sergeant clayton and approached her and said hey that guy is wanted for murder. sergeant clayton immediately
12:42 pm
called that out over the radio and attempted to locate him. there was a short foot pursuit. and as soon as she said "stop" he basically opened fire on her. she returned fire. officers were there within 28 seconds. and from there you know that he fled to the area of pine hills and north lane to an apartment complex up there. carjacked a victim, took that car too the brookside apartments. and that's where he was last seen. that's why there is a large police preps. we are focusing our attention on that. we want to make sure he is not there before we do leave that area. i'll just say that we need the community's help. if someone knows something. we are hoping that someone calls and lets us know where he is. >> chief -- >> incredibly tragic day in the orlando area. of course in our country. this is the first law enforcement officer who has been shot and killed on duty so far in the year 2017. her name, master sergeant debra
12:43 pm
clayton, 17-year veteran, mother of two. she was killed, as you just heard the police chief explain how she was trying to help this woman who had notified her she had seen this man who has been wanted for murder. the man -- let me reiterate what the police officer said just then. markeith lloyd needs to turn himself in. if you know anything about his whereabouts of course call police. now two deaths. another officer who was killed in a crash responding to the search, this massive manhunt underway for this individual, and finally this mother of two. you can see the ikt approximate of the coffin draped with the american flag as it was pulled out of the hospital today. -- the picture of the coffin draped with the american plastic bag as it was pulled out of the hospital today. ♪
12:44 pm
everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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getting a new program would leave millions of people wondering what to do about his
12:48 pm
or her health care. but the senate from kentucky says there should be a vote or replacement the same day there is a vote for repeal. today he told wolf blitzer he is close to an answer. >> i do think we should vote on replacement the same day. i'm putting together a bill. it's virtually completed. it will be full of consensus opinions on replace mercht. the most amount of people for the least amount of cost. it allows three main areas for replace member. one that we legalize the sale of inexpensive insurance so everybody can buy. we help people save so you can buy insurance through health savings accounts and they allow individuals to join groups so they can spread their risk and get a better product. if you put those three things together as well as extax changes i think you can get a product that virtually everybody
12:49 pm
agrees to. >> m.g. wee. dana barb. m.j., i read your reporting first thing this morning on obamacare. you know how democrats were so criticized by not asking for help or advice from the dpop when they were passing it. now the roles are reversed. >> yeah, that's right. this is a major role reversal on obamacare. just to take you back to seven years ago, remember, when president obama signed the affordable care act into law not a single republican in congress voted for that bill. not in the house. not in the senate. and this is why obamacare for so many years has been such a contention -- contentious issue because the democrats created it without by part san support. now the republicans are in a similar position. they are now in position to repeal obamacare and they have already gotten the ball rolling
12:50 pm
on that as you know, but we do not expect any democrats to help republicans in going through with these repeal efforts. and this is why republicans are being so careful about how they move forward, because they do not want to essentially take the entire blame if there are disruptions in millions of people' health insurance coverages they don't want to get politically hand stringed and accused of playing this partisan role that democrats have been accusing republicans of this whole time. i should also note that replacing obamacare is going to be much more difficult than repealing whatever comes after the repeal, senators will need 60 votes in the senate. that will be a difficult task. we heard president obama saying last week to democrats, do not help the republicans. >> despite all that, they say it's the top priority, right? the obamacare, as obama said. let's call it trump care. you have that. dana, to you, looking ahead to
12:51 pm
the confirmation battles. you have attorney general nominee jeff sessions. it was click bait and i totally clicked on it. you and abigail, you got it. doesn't necessarily stay in the senate. what do you mean by that? >> senator sessions, we found this in talking to high-ranking democrats. like chuck schumer, dick durbin, number two. they know and like jeff sessions and seem to have gotten to know and like him in the senate gym. if only we could have a camera in the senate gym. >> or not. >> or not. fair point. dick durbin talked about he worked on legislation to reduce sentencing for crack cocaine, mandatory sentencing, because of a conversation they had in the
12:52 pm
locker room of all places. having said that that doesn't mean the democrats or most others will vote for him, but it means that they've gotten to know him beyond the things said about jeff sessions, particularly from some of his experiences 30 years ago. the other interesting thing, because he is a member of the senate club, is he has formed alliances with even republicans who agree with them on almost nothing. susan collins, republican from maine, a moderate. will introduce jeff sessions at his hearing tomorrow. i had a chance to talk to her about it. let's listen. >> i don't know what happened more than 30 years ago. but i do know that jeff sessions, that i have worked with in the past 20 years. i want a person of integrity and experience. and jeff sessions has all of those characteristics and qualities. >> and he is not taking anything for granted, brooke. i am told he has been prepping
12:53 pm
incredibly hard, even this weekend he was in his office in -- on the capitol complex with staff, with transition officials, continuing to do what they call murder boards, which is just question, question, question, answer, answer, answer without taking a break and has been doing some version of that since before christmas to prepare for tomorrow. >> that's what they call these. murder boards. getting ready. he starts tomorrow. dana bash. thank you so much as always. coming up next here on cnn. president-elect donald trump replaces the man who has served as the announcer for every presidential inauguration since eisenhower. that man joins me live with his reaction and his advice for his replacement. if you have medicare
12:54 pm
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because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. for the last 60 years one man and one man only has been a fixture at every presidential inauguration. he is charlie brotman. you may not know him, but his unique voice has ushered in the last 11 american presidents. >> president george w. bush and first lady laura bush. the president of the united states, barack obama. >> charlie brotman has been the voice of the inaugural parade since 1957, but not this year. the trump administration says they have hired another man for the job. charlie brotman is good enough to join me now. mr. brotman, thank you so much! how are you, sir? >> nothing is forever, right? >> i suppose not. i suppose not.
12:56 pm
how -- when you found out, how did you feel? >> i believe the word is probably traumatized. i was in shock. and i really felt terrible. the thing i understand fixes everything is time. so, under those circumstances, i have been fortunate to have received several comments from other television stations, radio stations. this is something that i have, looking forward to, really, but just never happened. but they got another professional, and he is good, and i am sure it will be fine. >> hang on, charlie. before we get to this other professional. this is the charlie show as far as i'm concerned for the next four minutes here. and let me just stay on you.
12:57 pm
>> okay. >> did they tell you why you weren't picked? >> i had to be creative here. i asked the officials, and not one of them told me a reason. but when i -- what i find out later is that the new announcer was -- he was -- with trump, and trump kind of likes this young man, and basically is saying, look, you have done some really good work for me as a volunteer. is there anything i can do for you? and it's kind of like, maybe this young man is saying, yeah, i would like to be -- i am a professional announcer, and i would like to announce yours. >> i understand it. so he got the gig and, you know, we all have to move on in some form or fashion. can i just ask you.
12:58 pm
my goodness, your first president was eisenhower. what about being the inaugural parade announcer. what does it do for you? why is it so magical? >> it's great for my ego. what happens, it started so many years ago, i have since announced 15 consecutive parades. ten different presidents. i mean, it's one of those things that i see very talented people on television, and i say, charlie, you can't do any of that stuff. so it makes me feel better when i say, well, maybe i can do something that they can't do. i have no idea what it is, but maybe. >> i think there's something to it for you to do 15 in a row. do you have any particular memory, any which one was a favorite for you? >> yes.
12:59 pm
president reagan was a very good one because he had half of hollywood here, and it made me feel good just to be rubbing shoulders with famous people. the other would be kennedy. kennedy was spectacular. and he -- it was eisenhower that i started with, and he was a military man and really didn't care much about parades. i found out later that the parade itself is an example or an extension of the president's personality. if he is a military man, it will be not a real exciting parade. but if it's -- one of the other fellows that has a personality, is gregarious, and really wants to make this a terrific event,
1:00 pm
then it will happen. >> charlie brotman, listen, it's been an honor to have you on. 15 presidents, or 15 inaugurations, that's not nothing as some say. so congratulations for all those amazing years. >> thank you very much. the one thing i did find out, presidents are just like you and me. nice guys. >> there you go. there you go. charlie brotman, thank you. i am out of time. thanks for being with me. "the lead" starts right now. thanks, brooke. meryl streep is overrated says the guy who had a cameo in "home alone." i'm sorry. home alone 2. "the lead" starts right now. trump's huge week. confirmation hearings, a news conference, an obama farewell address and sources say a new job in the white house for his son-in-law, jared kushner. what about the anti-nepotism laws? the man accused of mass