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tv   New Day  CNN  January 11, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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president-elect will hold his first news conference in six months where he's expected to release reports that russia could have compromising information about him. >> and will he address what we know for sure that the president-elect has serious all this as the confirmation hearing begins today for the secretary of state. lawmakers are going to grill him over his ties to vladimir putin. we're now just nine days away from the inauguration. let's begin our coverage with cnn justice correspondent live in washington. what do we know? >> classified documents presented last week included allegations that russian operatives claimed compromising personal and financial allegations about mr. trump. they were part of a two-page summary based on memos compiled but a british intelligence
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operative. the fbi is investigating the credibility and accuracy of the allegations based primarily on information from russian sources but the bureau has not confirmed many of the essential details in the memos about mr. trump. it also included allegations that there was continuing exchange of information during the campaign between trump's surrogates and intermediaries for the russian government. these senior officials including the summary in part to make the president elect aware that such allegations involving him were circulating among intelligence agencies and senior members of congress and other officials here in washington. the information was also included in part to demonstrate that russia had compiled information against both parties but only released information against hillary clinton. a spokesman for vladimir putin
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said this is all fake. he says the kremlin doesn't have compromising information about trump and calls it an attempt to harm relations. >> we'll be talking about this all morning: mr. trump dismisses it in a tweet and was asked about it on a late night appearance. all of this just hours away from the president elect's first news conference since the election. what do we expect? >> as you point out we still have no official response from the trump transition effort but he did respond to our story. fake news, a total political witch hunt and kellyanne conway appeared to at first dismiss the
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notion that donald trump was ever that russia had compromised the information on him and then started backtracking and said well he's not aware of any. >> they are all unspoken sources on a story that says it was based on a russian investigation to begin with. >> im6 investigator. >> one of those and also may have originated with a russian investigator and also says that someone that wanted hillary clinton to win may have been behind them themselves. most importantly the fbi is trying to confirm it and it says they never reach him on it. >> i believe it says they did brief him on it. >> of course donald trump's press conference today will be his first since winning the president and was originally slated to help him disentangle from his business interest as
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president. there will be many other questions about tax reform and you can bet that question about russia and this reporter will be top of mind today as well. >> she is in moscow and we also have carl bernstein. they worked together along side cnn to break the story yesterday what's your concern about this story and what issues it raises. >> the level of confidence is that the nation's highest national security chiefs decided the underlying information prepared by former mi 6 agent is sufficient and serious enough to warrant real investigation about the president elect of the united states and his ties to russian businesses. what they represent and other
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allegations contained. does that mean it's all true, part true, any of it true? we don't know yet but the reporting is real and unusual to say the least. we never quite had a situation where an incoming president is going to come into office under investigation in such a situation. >> this is highly explosive stuff so we're going to exceed very cautiously. we'll report what we know. your reporting shows that there were some in congress, the gang of 8, who knew about this. and who, in fact, spoke to director comey at the fbi about this in december. >> that's right. we have information that john mccain received a copy of this
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and was concerned enough that he thought that the fbi director should know and he handed it to him. we also know that he already had a version of these documents. the fbi had been looking into this since at least last summer. that's when i first started looking into some of the allegations that are contained in these documents. we know that it's been going around and we also know that the gang of 8 was briefed on it but that's how just before the election talking with a member, a senior member of congress was broefed and he refused to do that at the time. >> it's curious that harry reid was the only one to be outspoken. that plays into what we're hearing from the russian side of this which is a complete denial to use words like pulp fiction
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to explain what this is. what are you hearing. >> well, the russians issuing a strenuous denial using the same language we have seen them use over and over and over again since the hacking allegations first emerged back in october. today the spokesperson said this about the report. a clear attempt to harm our bilateral relationship. this one which is a comfortable lie, it's called pulp fiction in english. he went on to say it's a witch hunt and then he talks about the allegations that russians were collecting compromising materials used in a blackmail type of scenario has been a tool of the kgb and now has been used for decades on the allegation of
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it being collected on donald trump he said no. the kremlin doesn't have it. the information does not correspond to reality and it is complete fiction and finally with regards to the allegation that they were also collecting on hillary clinton we hear another strenuous denial. they tried to build relationships with our foreign partners in the interest of the russian federation and the russian people and for the world in the interest of stability and security. that is the story and they're sticking to it and it's the same song they have been singing for several months. >> how will they figure it out?
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>> they'll talk to people that know trump and talk to people that have sources in russia. they'll conduct a thorough investigation. they also have electronic means of getting information but it's going to be about conflicts of interests through the russian businesses or that perhaps but that is an area that people in washington began to look at and found some information way back during the campaign and still trying to get the nomination. long after he did get the nomination with hillary clinton they hired washington firm to do opposition research hiring a
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research firm in washington. this firm started to come up with information in this area and conflict of interest, businesses, loans. they hired a british former mi-6 operative with a reputation for being extremely skilled in russia and he began going to his sources and came up with this 35 age document, raw material. we have all seen it and it's fact that separates from fact and allegation from fiction and he filed this report and took it to the station chief of counter intelligence of the fbi in august and said this is worth
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looking at and the station chief sent it back to washington subsequent to that he developed more information and then got to john mccain through a british ambassador to russia. it needed to get to someone like mccain. mccain took it himself to the director of the fbi and he looked at it and said this needs to be investigated. let me wrap up this story. what is so significant here is the intelligence chiefs looked at this information and started to try to get some of it down. even serious enough to deserve further investigation and they have got down a marker through the new incoming national security people that this cannot go away. this must be investigated.
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>> that's going to be politics involved. what happens when the incoming administration. you have a new head of the dni and new people in power, how do you know this investigation gets carried through? >> you have to hope that it does. certainly there's a sufficient number of people capable of doing this. you now have republican and democratic senators that see this develop and whether or not they're serious enough to keep going forward. that's where we are right now and it's out there. she is a propaganda booster. that's her job. she gets up there and says this is anonymous sources and one thing or another and when reporters find out information
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by digging a little bit, it's leaks that's disingenuous. >> we have you on stand by throughout the program and check back with you. >> meanwhile, president obama proves you can go home again. mr. obama bidding fair well in an emotional speech from chicago. and urging americans to unite to protect democracy. he got emotional. >> he did at the end but this is one of those fired up rally speeches that people are so used to with president obama. it's more him trying to have a get real talk with america it's a great cautionary tale.
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he sees a serious threat to democracy itself right now. >> president obama took the stage to say fair well the applause so deafening it was hard to begin. he soon tore into the forces within america that he says threatened the very democracy too many take for granted. >> only if all of us regardless of party affiliation or particular interest help restore the sense of common purpose that we so badly need right now. >> he called out economic inequality and discrimination and stressed everyone needs to show empathy. >> blacks and other minority groups, that means tying our own very real struggles for justice to the challenges that a lot of people in this country face. not only the refugee or the
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immigrant or transgender american but also the middle aged white guy that from the outsaid may seen he has advantages but has seen economic and culture and change. >> increasingly we become so secure that we start accepting only information whether it's true or not that fits our opinions instead of basing our opinions on the evidence that is out there. >> the president thanking those around him. most emotionally his family. >> michelle, l lavone robinson. girl of the south side. for the past 25 years you have been my wife and mother of my
3:16 am
children, you have been my best friend. >> thanking americans that work hard for change. asking them one more thing, to believe in the power themselves. >> yes we can. >> some of the things that popped up immediately in social media is why didn't the president say more of these things so bluntly about divisions in america during the campaign and also where was sasha obama. why wasn't she there with her family? white house said she had an exam this morning she had to study for. >> thank you very much. we just showed you taste of it. what this means coming from the current president of the united states. the big takeaways. next. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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abdominayou may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. >> it was an emotional night for president obama delivering his fairwell speech. here's a portion. >> you believe in a fair and just and inclusive america.
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you know that constant change has been america's hall mark. that it's not something to fear but something to embrace. you are willing to carry this hard work of democracy forward. you'll soon outnumber all of us and i believe as a result the future is in good hands. >> that mr. obama calling the opportunity to serve this country the honor of his life. we have cnn political analyst and the political commentator and for the washington examiner. can we all agree that every candidate and politician should just give their fairwell speech or concession speech as part of their real job? that's when they are least guarded and they say the thing they really want to say. what jumped out at you? >> well, i thought that he was
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the way he always is. what struck me the most is when he said this has been the honor of my life but my best job is dad of the two girls. that was the most meaning thing. as a human being you can relate to that. >> we do have that one. >> for the past 25 years you have not only been my wife and mother of my children, you have been my best friend. you took on a role you didn't ask for and you made it your all with grace and with grit and with style and with humor. under the strangest of circumstances. you have become two amazing young women. you are smart and you are beautiful but more importantly you are kind. of all that i have done in my
3:23 am
life, i am most proud to be your dad. >> watched them over the years. certainly the process has taken a toll on his thinking and disposition in the situation. how did you find him? >> it was interesting. it was a flash back from 2004 when he gave that speech he was a state senator at the time. and almost word for word. this optimistic vision of getting beyond that and so forth but it felt a little bit dated to tell you the truth. you think about where we are now and he warned against it back then. comprise it now. >> your impression? >> he was discussing the parts
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about america and politics that seem to matter the most and seem to be his mission. what struck me is that president obama always had a way of being part of our politics as our leader and yet talking to us from a different place and that's what he was doing last night and part of it was important for democrats because he was trying to encourage the party and let them know that all the work was not for nothing. there's still better days ahead as long as they participate. on the other hand even though you're the president of the united states for 8 years even though a lot of things aren't your fault, they are your fault because you held the office. you have a president full of contradictions. someone that tried hard to inspire the american people more unified and yet leaves the country as disunified as ever. clearly he has some responsibility in there so you were able to see on the stage
3:25 am
his gifts as a politician and yet leaving behind a foreign policy and domestic policy that was in question his failings as a leader and i think the question is how is he remembered as the time goes on as the events of the next administration shape what we all think. >> this is going to be a hard question for historians but there's a practical administration. the question becomes why. why did a message of the awe dassey of hope and need to be inclusive create such division in this country? we have never been more sensitive to our division than we are now in recent history, why? >> dond trump won the presidency based on the change message because the country was so devicive and he was promising to bring in people that felt they
3:26 am
were no longer part of the discussion and benefitting from this administration. one thing interesting to me last night is that we would expect obama to say we need better immigrants and then at one point he said we have to think about the middle age white guy who from the outside looks like things may be going well and they're not. that's clearly a move toward donald trump's voter base. >> that was a recent addition. >> really? >> that's he's learned. >> it's been a pretty solid part of the speech all along. it just didn't get as much attention. >> he's always talked about the middle age white guy? >> sure. in the first election in 2008 he talked about people clinging to their guns. >> but that was in a negative way. >> he was grappling with a reality that has frustrated him throughout his career and keep in mind when we see because we now know from the numbers that
3:27 am
there are people that noted for him or donald trump and he was hitting home with that message. >> thank you. one of the reasons he wasn't able to unify the country, last night the way he talked about climbing into another man's shoes to understand his point of view. as much as he thinks he did that i don't think he did a good enough job of seeing things from the other side's point of view. that hurt him in congress in negotiations. republicans deserve blame as well but he could have unified more had he been able to get more compromise by seeing the other's point of view. >> he may be president elect. he may be the most controversial cabinet pick of mr. trumps. how will rex tillerson explain his ties to vladimir putin and
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one of donald trump's most controversial cabinet picks for secretary of state. rex tillerson and lawmakers have information to work his ties to vladimir putin as trump's pick for attorney general faces a second day of questioning. live on capitol hill with the
3:32 am
latest. >> good morning. rex tillerson was already preparing to face tough questions on russia but this new intel is adding fuel to the fire. according to a preview of his prepared remarks he will be making a sharp departure from the rhetoric we're hearing from president elect donald trump. facing the senate foreign relation committee today. he is likely to address his 17 year relationship with vladimir putin. in the opening statement released to cnn he'll say the u.s. government must be clear eyed about a relationship with russia as the country poses a danger and must be held to account for its actions. this as attorney general nominee senator jeff sessions faces day two of an already contentious confirmation hearing. >> this is one of the more
3:33 am
consequential appointments now. >> corey booker will testify against sessions. on tuesday, multiple protests broke out against the alabama senator over old allegations of racism which sessions addressed head on and strongly denied. >> actually saw discrimination and had no doubt it existed in the systematic and powerful and negative way. i know we need to do better. >> also break agoway from the controversial statements including trump's campaign call for a ban on all muslims. >> i have no belief and do not support the idea that muslims as a group should be denied admission to the united states. >> and trump's vow to bring back waterboarding. >> absolutely improper and
3:34 am
illegal. >> also pledging to enforce supreme court rulings on abortion and same sex marriage despite voting against those issues in the senate. >> he had a much smoother hearing up here on tuesday and is expected to sail through the confirmation and the same is expected today for the start of the hearing for elaine chow to be the next transportation secretary. >> a very busy day. president elect trump meets with the press and will no doubt have to answer questions about the new reports that russia may have compromising information. that and more, next.
3:35 am
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>> in just a few hours donald trump is going to hold his first
3:38 am
press conference since winning the election. the last one was six months ago and boy are there big issues on the table. he's reporting about russia. his actually conflicts of interests he said he would secure before he took office. let's bring back our panel. this is one of the problems with when you delay addressing the press. he has big things to deal with today. what do you think he comes out of the box saying? do you think he wants to take the russia allegations head on? and what is he saying? >> you're right. he then gets the ability to maneuver and steer things down this black hole of these unconfirmed reports. a lot of time will be wasted on that and then all kinds of other promises from the past about releasing his taxes, about disclosing his conflicts of interest and the resolution of them. about suing his accusers from back in the campaign. he has said a lot of different things and if the press is
3:39 am
diligent and official it may be able to get through a lot of that stuff but it's not in donald trump's interest to get through a lot of that. >> let's try to take it one by one. what does he say? what does he have to say i think that's what he's going to do. we know he tweeted that. this is typical donald trump. it's not true, end of question. he may say that 20 different times today and then of course all his followers, all the people that voted for him will say this just shows the liberal media pounding on him with the allegations have not been proven so i expect that. it is interesting that donald trump picked today and his people picked today for the press conference. one because obama spoke last night and wanted to change the new cycle to him but also
3:40 am
because he knew his cabinet nominees were going to be on the hill and wanted to take heat off of them. little did he know it was going to be this much heat. >> in a way it's easier to deal with the russian allegations because it's an unproven suggestion. it's not fake news. he said he put out his taxes. he is under audit. those are big problems. do you think he can fix them? >> i don't think they'll ever think he can fix them but he's planning to say he is going to remove himself from the business and let his two sons run it. there was a suggestion that he would put his assets in a blind trust. that was much the line.
3:41 am
so that's out. >> people have to know more now? >> i think that's a really good question. i don't think that he's going to give that much detail about the real estate assets in his. >> obviously his critics won't like what he says. what about the middle of the road republicans trying to figure out how to navigate this new president. what does he need to say for them? >> they would probably like a clue as to how he wants this agenda to unfold on capitol hill. we have been talking a lot about repeal and replacing obamacare and we still don't know what donald trump wants from republicans on the hill. what will he sign or what won't he sign? it will probably make a lot of republicans feel better if he would come out once and for all to say he thinks vladimir putin is not the nicest guy in the world and under his
3:42 am
administration we'll do something about fiber warfare and stop all of this hacking and take this stuff seriously. it would make republicans on the hill feel like he is starting to function as a president and not as a candidate. that's what they will be looking for today. most of his nominees are going to sail through without the problems a lot of us thought they would. they're all saying the right things so the issue is what is he going to accomplish with this news conference? there is so much information and we can't focus on one thing so i think it's going to be easier for donald trump in a sense to flood the zone and get away without having us drill down these real important issues. >> now what he doesn't want to talk about goes to the heart of the most troubling questions.
3:43 am
not revealing business information and not revealing taxes and now goes to the heart of the concerns. do you think his biggest problem is the russian ties in light of his reporting and also the fact that his business did transactions with countries on terror watch lists and they were banned. >> there's a couple of those things. we can't know about the russian ties except under questioning. for whatever reason he is more unpopular than any of the nominees as far as republicans are concerned. i don't know if that's because people don't like the people involved in the oil and gas business or if there is something deeper there. we have to get a vision of the world. he's seen it from a very interesting angle. how do all the pieces fit together? . today is the day we do that.
3:44 am
>> thank you very much. >> a little bit of a weird story going on in sports. derek rose is missing from a game. he is now explaining his bizarre behavior. why was he a no show at his team's game last night? bleacher report, next. you gotta be ready. ♪ oh, i'm ready i mean, really ready. are you ready to open? ready to compete? ready to welcome? the floors, mats-spotless. the uniforms, clean and crisp. do your people have the right safety gear? are they protected? i'm ready! you think your customers can't tell the difference between who's ready and who's not? of course they do. ♪ i'm ready for you everybody wants a piece of ready. cintas, ready for the workday.
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derek rose is back with his team yesterday this after going awol. what have we learned. >> it's been an odd past two days and rose was back in practice after he was missing.
3:48 am
he had some family issues to take care of. >> of course the type of person that i am i explained to my teammates i didn't want any distractions. this never happened to me before and i explained that to the team. >> now the knicks did say he will be fined but he won't be suspended. he should play against the 76ers tonight in new york. the party in clemson, south carolina is popping and there's no sign of it slowing down any time soon. thousands of fans greeted the national champions today as they returned home after beating alabama. a big parade and celebration as their stadium is on tap for saturday for the team's first title in 35 years. so listen i remember flying back home as a champion. it was surreal. it was the greatest feeling in the world. so congratulations to the clemson tigers. >> remember it for the rest of their lives.
3:49 am
thank you very much. >> so just nine days until donald trump becomes the leader of the free world. so what does the future hold for citizen obama? one of the rising stars joins us, next. in everything that matters? coming in first place... introducing the all-new 2017 ford super duty. the only high-strength, military grade, aluminum alloy body heavy duty pick-up. it takes first place in every measure of tough: best-in-class towing. best-in-class payload. best-in-class horsepower. and best-in-class torque. winner, winner, chicken dinner. this is the all-new ford super duty. 2017 motor trend truck of the year.
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just nine days president obama will leave the white house for good. so what happens to the democratic party now. and both chambers of congress and seeming to have a strangled grip on the dialogue in this country right now. so joining us is jason, the democratic former missouri secretary of state. he ran for the senate and lost but in a very close race in november. your party takes stock in that you had a message that resinated. let's start with you. what do you think allowed you to get close in that race? >> i ran an aggressive message
3:54 am
but i didn't apologize for the letter next to my name on the ballot or try to run a conservative campaign and i always believed that what happens in elections is that folks reward authenticity and they're willing to forgive you for holding positions that you don't agree with as long as they know that you're really in it for everybody and that you really mean what you say. that's why we came so close. >> so a reflection of what happened in this election, setting aside the popular vote margin. i understand that we're upside down in our analysis of what happened to bring trump victory but the narrative is that your part is more about diversity issue and cultural issues and friends of lgbt than working man. >> that doesn't mean that we
3:55 am
start talking about issues that effect some people more than others. we have to just have the courage to make our argument about those issues. so for example if i was in ferguson i would be talking about the fact that black lives matter but i was doing the same thing in my campaign here earlier because you are rewarded when you tell people that lifting up people they don't know lifts them up too. what people really want, people want to know that you care about everybody including them and even if there are places where they don't agree with you, they'll say you know what, i can tell that he means what he is saying. if your vision is for a country where everybody has a shot at the american dream they don't have to agree with you because they know you want those folks to have a shot at the american dream just like you do. >> when you listen to the president last night were you able to pick anything up where you said okay this was a strong message but i get why there was space for this counter movement
3:56 am
in this country about being left out. >> folks are against president obama. he could have run for a third term. >> do you think he would have won. >> absolutely. >> if you go back and you look at it, the president's message was a unifying message just as it was last night. last night the president made an argument for democracy and an argument for staying engaged. what he said was that it doesn't matter whether you're winning or using your obligation cant change. >> what do you say to people that says there's something about that message in your party that counted me out. you only start taking care of people that are like special interests groups now. whether it's because they're gay or transgender or big cities. you don't care about me anymore. you're not legislating for my life anymore. you're trying to cut me out.
3:57 am
>> there's a very fair criticism politically. i don't think it's fair. now i would take this and use a closing argument at a trial. first lawyer comes up and first lawyer makes the same argument to all the jurors. sometimes it wonders off. but at the end of it everybody knows what that lawyer's argument is and then the second lawyer comes up and individually argues with everyone listening to each juror about why they personally stand to benefit from their client and skips two or three of the jurors because they decided they're probably not going to get their vote. but at the end of that argument, you really doubt the authenticity of it because there's so many different arguments and that's the difference between what happened in this past election and what happened in 12 and 08 from president obama but look at what happened in the election. part of the magic is he is able to appeal with the group that he
3:58 am
doesn't line-up in terms of his life. he had the working man and woman in missouri saying this is my guy when on paper he shares very little with that person except he was saying what they want to hear. you matter. it's not just about the minorities and everybody else. you're not what needs to change. you're not what needs to be phased out. you're what matters right now. what do you do with that? >> it's going to be a real problem for president elect trump. he is the person that campaigned and all of this stuff and puts around him all the same people that you expect and if you look at some of the people nominated and executives. he is going to have a hard time maintaining that message. he's not put people around him that want to do that. >> the challenge for you guys will be to see where the democrats worked with and how. good to have you on new day.
3:59 am
thanks to our international viewers for watching, cnn newsroom is going to begin for you in a few moments. for our u.s. viewers stick around, new day continues right now. >> allegations that russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about mr. trump. >> nobody has sourced it. they're all unnamed. unspoken sources. >> how will mr. trump respond. >> the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next. it has been the honor of my life to serve you. i won't stop. >> my relationship with vladimir putin has been since 1999. >> rex tillerson facing a tough
4:00 am
confirmation hearing. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." donald trump facing a major test. the president elect is going to hold a press conference and hasn't had one in six months. how will he respond to the report that russia could have compromising information. >> he will also have to have all of his answers. he is expected to be grilled about his ties to vladimir putin. let's begin our coverage with cnn justice correspondent evan perez. >> classified documents presented last week to president obama and president elect donald trump include allegations that russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about mr. trump. the allegations were part of a two page summary based on memos compiled by a former british intelligence


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