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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 12, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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all right: here we go top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin, what a week in washington, we've been watching donald trump's picks and hearings, the internal watchdog has launched an investigation exactly how the fbi and the justice department handled the information into hillary clinton's e-mail server. let's hand it to pamela brown.
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tell me about this investigation from scratch. >> reporter: the department of justice's internal watchdog announced it's launching this probe in how it handled the hillary clinton probe before the election, the allegations surrounding them particularly how it comes to how the fbi handled the public disclosure and the statement from the watchdog goes and lists all of these allegations and focuses one of the first ones on the list is james comey with his july press conference when he came out and said the investigation was closed that there was not probable cause to prosecute her but she was extremely careless how she handled the information. this is unprecedented normally if they don't find any wrong doing to prosecute they don't publicly go out and talk about the person and then right before
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the election with that letter that the fbi would be in essence reopening the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server that's something else that it's going to look into and whether it was proper at the time broke with precedent because the justice department warns against it and says at this point in time you don't normally pub clilick talk about these issues. and that andy mccabe should have been recused, his wife was running for state senate and become public that there were supporters that donated to her campaign and there was criticism for not recusing himself and it became known after she lost her
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race. and wants to look into the interim justice department of internal affairs and we know these communications came to light on the wikileaks in one occasion he informed podesta there was a hearing with hillary clinton and there's what fbi employees and properly disclose non-public information about this investigation. so i should mention this sisn't exactly a surprise because lawmakers have been calling on the speckinspector general to g into this. >> wow, slow news week. i'm being entirely facetious. >> democrats accused the fbi of
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being unfair because they were also looking into trump's campaign and didn't disclose that publicly, is there any indication that the inspector general will look boo r into that as well? >> what he said was in the statement says they'll include other matters that may arise as part of that probe and could be a signal that the inspector general to include matters relate to go the donald trump campaign and the fact that the fbi have been looking into the campaign chairman at the time paul manafort and his ties to people in ukraine and did not talk about that publicly that criticism from democratic leaders and why you didn't talk about that. so that could pop up in this probe but is not elicit in this statement.
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>> thank you. i have gloria borger, jim sciutto, sellers and kayleigh -- and also with us paige to walk us through this. gloria, i was hanging on your every word and the metaphor of how it was a scab just when trying to heal politically continues to be pick pick picked at with this investigation is this the case of the fbi just trying to get its reputation back? >> i think so. i think what the i.g. decided having gotten all these complaints i'm sure there are a huge number of internal complaints as well as external complaints but people who are career attorneys at the fbi don't like to see the fbi in the
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middle of a political cauldron, so when you look back at james comey's decision not to prosecute but saying her behavior was reckless, later on i think there are people internally who believe that he overstepped at the time i remember saying that it was like comey lit the house on fire and then walked out the back door, which is kind of what he did, and so i think that the fbi has to be scrupulously non-partisan and i believe it is the role of the inspector general to do exactly what the inspector general is doing and that is to be the watchdog to establish a timeline and investigate it piece by piece and as we were talking earlier i think from the fbi's point of view they would
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rather have this done internally by an internal watchdog than have it play out publicly sort of ad nauseam and partisan congressional hearings, that are partisans on both sides. >> talk about being scrupulously non-partisan, the i.g. office, the internal watchdog, without thinking partisan politics we know it's a republican majority congress. >> that's right. brooke, this is exactly what the oig and the justice department is set up to do. they have career prosecutors and agents who work within that department. they are supposed to investigate allegations of misconduct, violation of protocol, violation of rules within the department of justice an then make recommendations based on their investigation, so as much as a
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group can be nonpartisan, this group should be nonpartisan and we know from the beginning of this it's not been a normal investigation, it's been played out in the public both the announcement not to charge and then later the announcement to reopen and the final decision about charging or not charging was left to the fbi director so we know going into this investigation it was unusual to begin with perhaps a violation of internal procedures and protocols but the question now is was there anything illegal? and i think that's what they're going to look into it. >> and bakari sellers this is the crux of the investigation, this is why the hillary camp feels they lost the election. >> i think if we look back with refreshing look and clear eyes. >> are we that far removed from it to be able to do that yet, bakari? >> i hope so, some of us are
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trying to prepare for the next four years, but there were external factors aside from her being a flawed kacandidate, the were a lot of late decide ars i this case. there was a lot of dis trust about hillary clinton and the media ran with it and we noko any had no justification -- know that comey had no justification to release the letter. and the fbi has to be as nonpartisan as possible for the fbi director to put his hand on the scale of a presidential election is unheard of and why it has to be independent and for doing something that the clinton supporters and campaign always knew was an issue. >> to say there was not
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justification for the letter is simply not true, it was sworn under oath this investigation was closed. when the anthony weiner laptop was discovered and he started looking into this again, his oath was wrong and inaccurate and he had a duty to update that, so do i update congress as i have to do and meanwhile you think the irs -- was under scrutiny, he had two duties, a very hard position and i go back to when the clinton people were praising comey saying he was an people were saying this is someone we can trust then this happened and their opinion of jim comey changed. i think this investigation will show nothing on either side. this is a good man and i think it's unfortunate.
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>> jim sciutto add to this whole layer. i look at you and think of russia interference in the presidential election. no offense by the way. that and china, don't ask me why. there's this entire layer. >> no question. listen, let me speak purely from the way the public consumes this, the two issues that democrats say unduly interi interference are the russians and the fbi, they're going to keep this topic in the news and the emotions boiling on both sides about that. but the intelligence community on russia made no judgment, did not attempt to make a judgment on influencing the election, they did make the conclusion
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that russia did interifered wit messing things up and the helping donald trump it's going to stay in the news because you have others that want stronger sanctions, that's going to keep that going and at the same time you have this parallel path of when will the president acknowledge that, he said say yesterday i did think it was russia that did it, but you're waiting to hear but now we need to do something about it. now you have this did the department of justice interfere unduly, and it's not just about what comey did and hillary clinton's servers, it is about what was inside the d.o.j. and what they might have shared with the hillary clinton. and then which pamela brown described they leave an open
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door saying we can look at other things the fbi's guidance to my colleagues who cover the fbi is this includes trump campaigns with paul manafort. that's a lot of stuff. to continue with unanswered questions. >> gloria, what about james comey looking ahead, how does this affect him? will he have to recuse himself as he's under investigation by the i.g.? how does that work? >> well, what's even more interesting about this development today is that jeff sessions yesterday at his confirmation hearing -- was that yesterday? >> i believe it was yesterday. [ laughter ] >> said he would have to recuse himself if he's confirmed as attorney general, that he would have to recuse himself if it had
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anything to do about hillary clinton's e-mails because he spoke very politically about that and that he thought a lot about this and that he felt he ought to recuse himself, so if you have an attorney general that can't do anything about it you might have james comey recuse himself on anything that comes up on hillary clinton's e-mails, and he's the head of the fbi, then what happens? this is unchartered waters. >> i would like a nickel for every time we say we're in unchartered territory. >> thank you all very much, so much happening.
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coming up national security is trump's picks for national security. and what they said which clearly contradicts his. and could marco rubio derail rex tillerson, what he just told manu raju. >> the director of office governme government ethics just don't do. you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin.
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. coming up on live pictures
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here of the white house to tell you they will be hosting a farewell event for vladimir putin joe biden in just a while. we know that the president and vice president of the united states have developed a close relationship. who will be there, michelle? >> obviously the president and first lady will be there with his vice president joe biden and jill biden and a room full of people. seems like this was something that president obama likely wanted to do, but we didn't know because it is a surprise for the vice president. it is now reportable, don't worry we're not spoiling that surprise, but lately as they're getting more certainsentimental
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talking about their real relationship as friends over that time it gets emotional as it did when president obama delivered his farewell speech in chicago he said in fact the scrappy kid from skracranton, y were the best political decision i made. he went on to say not just because you have been the best vice president but because i gained a brother, you and your family has been one of the great joys out of our life, and you saw biden shed a little tear there, i think they want to probably keep it upbeat and s l
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celebrate celebrateor celebrateory. that relationship that they have been close for each other. >> now the biden farewell at the white house. thank you so much. the trump transition. the men helped to lead the nation's national security being put to the test. the cia director and pompeo and mattis show they do not follow trump's line on russia, and both agreed russia was in on the
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hack. you will hear at length from both nominees, first congressman pompeo. >> if you were ordered by the president to restart the cia's use of enhanced interrogation techniques that fall outside of the army field manual, would you comply? >> senator, absolutely not. moreover, i can't imagine i would be asked that of the president-elect or then president but i put the manual in place and i understand that law very, very quickly and deeply aware that any changes of that will come through congress and president. >> and regular order. >> and regular order, yes, ma'am, there's no doubt in my mind about the limitations not only on the d.o.d. but the central intelligence agency and i'll always comply with the law.
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it's pretty clear about what took place russian involvement in efforts to hack information and to have an impact on american democracy. i'm very clear-eyed about what that intelligence report says and as we continue to develop the facts i will relay those not only to the president but the team around him and to you all so we can take on a robust discussion of the threat. >> general james mattis is one of president's elect's most important people, general mattis is head of u.s. central command and nato ally commander and while he is well-respected, he will need a special waiver to serve. the law actually requires one to
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be out of the military for seven. he was just granted that waiver and now needs the approval of the full senate. >> to quote the chairman's opening statement has chosen to be a strategic kpcompetitor, ase should always look for areas of cooperation and even in the worst years of the cold war, president reagan and secretary schultz was able to work with the soviet union at that time so i'm all for engagement but also have to recognize, where we can engage cooperatively and a number of areas where we're going to have to confront russia. we have to deliver a very hard blow against isis in the middle
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east so there's no sense of invincibility there but must be a much broader approach, this requires an integrated strategy so you don't squeeze them in one place and develop them in another and right back to square one, we have to have an integrated strategy on this and one that goes after the recruiting and fundraising. i would see us maintaining the strongest relationship with nato. >> thank you. are you concerned about some of the statements that president-elect trump has made with respect to our historic european allies and to nato and have you had a chance to have discussions with him an how confident are you that he recognizes what you have just said about the importance of those relationships? >> senator, i have had discussions with him on this
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issue, he has shown himself open even to the point of asking more questions going deeper into the issue about why i feel so strongly and he understands where i stand. >> do you plan to oppose women serving in these combat roles? >> i have no plan to oppose women in any aspect of our military. because the u.s. military is devoted to be in the top in its game in a competition where second place is last place we should not simply be turning to the military because it's a very capable military, well led, it's now a national treasure, i'm the first to admit this but doesn't mean we should be turning to the military to answer all of our concerns with our relgations wih the world. >> back jim sciutto, and retired attorney general mark hurtling.
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jim just out of the gate you look at issues from torture, iran, to russia to the border wall, these trump nominees have been contradicting of what we have heard on the campaign trail candidate trump, what do you make of that in. >> there are substantive differences on the key national security issues of our time, russia, the iran deal. a hole howhole host of issues, public comments not just during the campaign, since he was elected contradict these. just a short time ago we had secretary william cohen, he made the point at the end of the day it's the president who makes the decision and there are a number over decision points coming up. new tougher sanctions against
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russia for hacking, does the president going along with that? i know many republicans want to, does he go along with that? his nominee for the homeland security -- the ones we know about and don't know about because the news surprises you, what happens then when the decisions are actually made? >> jim is right ultimately the buck stops with the commander in chief but you have been openly critical of president-elect trump do you feel a tad more optimistic hearing these confirmation hearings that they aren't necessarily lock stepped with candidate trump? >> what we have heard so far brooke in most of the nominees is a pragmatic and informed approach to america and the world's problems.
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>> so you feel good about that? >> i do but it's contrary to what we heard through the campaign which was an irrational approach to some of the world's problems an concerns so there's a sigh of relief hearing these kind of things there's going to be a great emphasis on general mattis and congressman pompeyiopo pompeyio pompeyious, but i'm wondering whether anyone is keeping a checklist of what's been said. >> we're keeping a checklist i can assure you on that. on general mattis general hurtling, can you explain more about general "mad dog" mattis,
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tell me more. >> first thing, brooke, i tell you, he reinforced it. you better not call him "mad dog". >> that's what his friends call him. >> that's what his marines call him, but he doesn't like that, he's a very carsmatic, smart individual who understands strategies and oerperations, he been in combat quite a few times and knows what happens to sons and daughters in the war, so he will fight for the right reasons, to prevent that but make sure there's a good end state that all people in strategy have to do, he's also informed throughout the globe. he not only knows isis as evidenced in the testimony this morning. he knows russia very well an knows the basis of partnership
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is not whether or not they like you it's what they are doing in their strategic interests, he knows the south china sea and terms of acquisition that perhaps countered a little bit about what mr. trump said about the f-35 and other things this morning during his testimony. >> gentleman, thank you both very, very much. next here on our breaking news. the inspector general, justice department is now launching this investigation, the justice department and the fbi, what does that mean? moving ahead? stay with me.
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test test test test
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the inspectors general is launching a investigation into the fbi office and specifically into the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail server. among some of the concerns whether proper procedures were followed whether the deputy director of the fbi should have
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we accused himself from the investigation all together and whether staffers improperly disclosed information. and we heard from josher -- >> we wouldn't weigh in publicly or privately on any sort of investigative decision made by the inspector general, presumably the stakes are even higher for the inspector general responsible for conducting these types of investigations of independent law enforcement agencies. i can tell you the white house was not involved in this. and whatever the inspector general decide will do it on
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whatever he or she wants to do and follow the evidence wherever it leads if they find any evidence. >> we'll have much more on that investigation at the top of the hour. to capitol hill we go, what will republican marco rubio decide about rex tillerson? and what happens if he becomes the only republican to actually vote no? we are closely watching capitol hill waiting to see if the meeting between the two might half some point today. >> just after marco rubio grilled mr. tiller on. >> are you prepared to be the one republican to vote no. >> i'm prepared to do what's right. both in my race and presidential
11:39 am
election race, i am required to provide advice and the more important the position is the less latitude they have, it's a like a cone and some positions as it gets higher and higher, the less discrimination, and scrutiny should get higher and higher. >> what do you know about the florida senator and rex tillerson? >> it's possible they were going to arrange some sort of discussion to discuss concerns about russia and china. i can just tell you brooke marco rubio just left a closed door session in a room right behind
11:40 am
me with cia nominee mike pompeo. and i asked if he was going to meet with mr. tillerson and he said i got nothing more to add. i asked him if he feels any different than last night. take a listen. >> we're still working through the process. >> are you feeling any better right now about rex tillerson? >> well, we're still working through it so we'll have a decision here soon. >> today? >> i don't know what the timing is, but certainly before the vote. >> people respecting the bush administration believe you'll take a hard line on russia. from what you heard yesterday do you side with those folks for like leeza rice for
11:41 am
instance? >> very noncommittal. because there's only one seat on that foreign relations committee and let's say all vote know and marco rubio decide to vote know, he will not have the votes to over come the committee. and at that point they need to make a decision whether to bypass and is really frowned upon and so a lot of problems for mr. tillerson if mark ryco o decides to vote no. >> next, a late night stage set for an obama showdown. we will talk about the hurdles on the intent to repeal an replace. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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the latest round in the epic reform care battle is locked in vote. the senate took steps to repeal obamacare, it crossed party lines and included 160 amendments and just a short time ago president-elect trump tweeted congrats to the first step of repealing obamacare, i know the sounds potentially exciting for republicans and the president-elect, but this has a long way to go. walk me through the next hurdle.
11:47 am
>> as donald trump tweeted this bill does get sent next to the house. the bill that the senate passed late last night was the procedural step, so the step that gets congress started to write the bill, second bill that contains language to repeal large portions of obamacare and the most important caveat to keep in mind is that this bill has not yet been written, republican leaders and rank and file leaders are having discussions of what it will look like but it has not been written but it could be weeks or months before donald trump sees it on his desk but the house is expected to consider this sometime tomorrow, but based on reporting we are hearing rumblings huamong house republicans, feeling they are
11:48 am
not getting enough -- from the leadership before they vote to do the repeal. this is a law that covers some 20 million people and they do not want to be stuck with sort of this big political liability of being cast as a party that disrupts people's health coverage or takes away people's coverage by voting for a repeal when there's no clear alternative. >> thank you for being crystal clear on this, the bill has not yet been written, so on that note, we know president-elect trump said yesterday they want to repeal and replace obamacare simultaneously. this is something we heard from rand paul, where do efforts stand to firm up the specifics of a plan?
11:49 am
has that even begun? >> yeah, in donald trump's ideal scenario, first congress would vote quickly to repeal obamacare and right away congress would vote on a replacement. yesterday at the press conference he even said these two things could happen on the same day maybe even within the same hour but of course the political reality is this is going to be a very, very difficult thing to do. and keep in mind when congress first came back the original plan republicans were considering was to move as quickly as possible for the repeal but to take time to come up with the replacement plan and that's why republicans are scrambling to offer clarity to rank and file members but that clarity may not come for a number of weeks. >> thank you very much. the breaking news the justice
11:50 am
department's internal watchdog, inspector general launching a investigation into exactly how the fbi and the justice department handled investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. we have that for you, also waiting for a very special event at the white house. that kicks off in just moments from now. the president hosting a farewell event for his good friend the vice president joe biden. that is moments away. we'll be right back. ur cold with a snap, with zicam.
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let's take a sneak peek on capitol hill live pictures of the full senate or several members voting expected to proceed to a roll call vote. this is known as the mattis waiver knowing you have to have seven years between being in the military and serving, we know the armed services committee already approved that so it's gone to the full senate. we will let you know where the votes go on capitol hill. >> and the first lady made an
11:55 am
appearance on the "tonight" show. i'm sure you were wondering where was sasha obama during her father's farewell address? >> thank you, barrack, for proving you're not a lame duck, but my very own silver fox. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> i'm angling for a good gift. >> yeah, we owes you for that one. >> okay. so tomorrow night cnn explores
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michelle obama's legacy. >> coming up next we have the latest on the breaking news, the inspectors generals office lawn launching an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails, we also have live pictures of the white house, a special ceremony set to begin momentarily horning the president's right hand man, joe biden. when you have something you love,
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all right. here we go, top of the hour, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, live pictures of the white house. no