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tv   New Day  CNN  January 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a chance. but i see the same thing coming out in this report by the same person that i did in the baltimore report. not once in that baltimore report did they state anything about the lives of the police officers except for the on blig tri it's a tough job. >> thanks. appreciate the competing ideas from two people who served their communities. we're following a lot of news. let's get to it. >> they say the repeal and replace, what they are doing is cut and run. >> the law has collapsed, we've got to rescue people. >> we have weeks on sensitive information for political purposes. >> it was their obligation to inform not only us but the president-elect what's out there. >> policy is dictated by the president, not by the people he appoints. >> if we could have a good relationship with russia, that would be a good thing not a bad thing. >> i would consider a principle threat start with russia. >> justice department and fbi are under investigation over
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their handling of clinton's e-mail case. >> i'm glad that someone has finally looking into this. >> i'm pleased to award our nation's highest civilian honor, the presidential medal of freedom. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo. >> with distinction and only several americans have gotten the award with distinction. >> he understood the significance. he was so touched by it. good morning, welcome. politicians pushing ahead to quickly dismantle obamacare, the next step to try to get rid of it. house speaker ryan vowing on cnn to repeal and replace the law simultaneously. >> replacing sounds good politically but what will it mean practically? there is no known alternative and what does that mean for democrats who might be needed to pass any replacement. donald trump weighing in on that battle this morning. we're now one week away from
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trump's inauguration as president of the united states. let's begin our coverage with cnn's senior washington correspondent joe johns in washington. joe? >> good morning, chris, the campaign promise of donald trump getting rolling in the house one week before the president-elect is sworn in. and he tweeted last night that the unaffordable act will soon be history. they are cautiously optimistic they do have votes to approve the budget resolution that gets the ball rolling on repeal. what continues to cause heart burn among legislators is the republicans so far don't have a single go-to plan to replace obamacare. the house of representatives is set to vote as early as today on a measure to begin dismantling the affordable care act. one day after the senate approved the same measure. it would set into motion a complicated process to repeal and replace the president's signature law. much of the criticism has been on the lack of a replacement
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plan by republicans. >> we damn well are not going to see it repealed and have no replacement there at all. >> reporter: but there are real consequences, the health care coverage for 20 million americans is at stake. >> the law is collapsing. so we've got to rescue people. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan pressed by one of those americans last flight at the cnn town hall. >> thanks to the affordable care act, i'm standing here today alive. why would you repeal the affordable care act without a replacement? >> we wouldn't do that. we want to replace it with something better. we want to do this at the same time and in some cases in the same bill. we want to advance repealing the law with its replacement at the same time. >> we're going to move on this as quickly as we can. >> first 100 days. >> definitely within the first 100 days. >> also pressed on gop plans to defund planned parent hood. >> we don't want to commit taxpayer funding for abortion and planned parenthood is the
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largest abortion provider. >> taxpayers don't fund abortions right now. >> but they get a lot of money and it effectively floats these organizations. >> breaking several times from the views of the president-elect, ryan delivering tough talk on russian president vladimir putin. >> russia is a menace, a global menace, led by a man who is menacing. vladimir putin does not share our interests. >> on russia's election hacking. >> donald trump won it fair and square and clearly and convince iingly, but the fact a foreign government tried to meddle in another government's elections is wrong. i do think sanctions are called for. >> the house speaker vowing there won't be mass deportations for millions of undocumented immigrants. >> i'm here to tell you in congress it's not happening. secure the border and the people who are violent criminals, repeat offenders who keep coming
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back in, we have to focus on that. >> speaker ryan says the replacement measure when it's all said and done should be passed simultaneously with the bill to repeal obamacare. vice president elect mike pence has said a draft of the replacement would be available in 30 to 60 days. in talking with lawmakers though the possibility exists there could be a number of incremental bills and not just one umbrella bill. >> this is one of those things where people are going to have to do what they like to do the least, homework, you're going to have to read. this is so complex. if you care about this issue, you've got to research it. more of donald trump's cabinet nominees will be in the hot soot next week but many of the picks were contradicting his views in their hearings this week. live on capitol hill with more. >> reporter: good morning, chris, the president-elect this morning is pushing back on the daylight that emerged between him and cabinet nom kneels at the confirmation hearing this
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week trying to frame it as a good thing. the president-elect tweeting he wants his nominees to be themselves and express their own thoughts, not mine. and on capitol hill that is certainly what we saw many of these nominees do. in the first week of confirmation hearings for key members of donald trump's cabinet, his nominees breaking from some of his biggest campaign promises and policies. like the soft stance on russia. >> if putin likes donald trump, i consider that an asset. >> reporter: trump's nominees for defense secretary and secretary of state taking a more adverse sarial stance. >> i would consider the threats to start with russia. >> we're not likely to ever be friends. >> reporter: if confirmed rex tiller son would become america's top diplomat but he says he hasn't spoken with trump about russia. >> i would have thought russia would be at the very top considering the actions that took place.
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>> that has not occurred yet, senator. >> that's pretty amazing. >> trump now believes russia was the culprit. >> i think it was russia. >> reporter: cia direct are mike pompeo says cyber hacker is going to need a robust response. >> america has an obligation and the cia has a part of that obligation to protect that information. >> reporter: some appointees breaking for trump's call to bring back legal interrogation tactics. >> would i approve waterboarding? you bet your as i'd approve it. >> improper and illegal. >> absolutely not. >> i don't think we should ever come close to crossing the line that is beyond what we as americans would expect to follow in terms of interrogate techniques. >> reporter: his promise to build a wall on the u.s./mexico border. >> we're going to bill a wall.
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>> physical barrier in itself will not do the job. it has to be a layered defense. >> and the temporary ban for muslims in the u.s. >> i have no belief and do not support the idea that muslims as a religious group should be denied admission to the united states. >> i don't think it's ever appropriate to focus on something like religion as the only factor. >> i do not support targeting any particular group. >> and next week will be another big week up here on capitol hill for the incoming trump administration. seven confirmation hearings at this time scheduled for trump's pick for interior education, commerce and epa, health and human services and energy and his pick for ambassador to the u.n. >> thank you for all of that. james comey under new scrutiny for his handling of hillary clinton's e-mail investigation. the justice department's internal watch dog launching an investigation into the clinton e-mail probe. this morning, the wall street journal is calling for director comey to resign.
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evan perez is live in washington with more. what have you learned, evan? >> the fbi director's job is designed to remain above the political fray but jim comey in the fourth year is taking a lot of political fire. now he's also facing a new justice inspector general inquiry for his handling of the investigation of the hillary clinton e-mail server. now this morning the wall street journal in an editorial says it is time for comey to go. the paper says the best service mr. comey can render his country now is to resign. failing that jeff sessions should invite him for a meeting after confirmed as attorney general and ask for him to resign. among the things they are investigating is that extraordinary july press conference in which comey said he would recommend no charges against clinton but no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case against her. and then breaking with protocol, he went into a great detail about all of the things he thought that clinton did wrong, including calling her extremely
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careless in her handling of classified information. the inspector general is going to look into comey's october surprise letter to congress a few days before the election in which he announced that the new e-mails had turned up and the fbi essentially was reopening its investigation of clinton. comey says he welcomes this new investigation by inspector general michael who wits and says, he is professional and independent and the fbi will cooperate fully with him and his office. mean while, we know president-elect donald trump has already suggested that he's not sure comey should stay on in his administration. chris? >> all right, evan, perfect question for our next guest. joining us is marsha black burn, republican from tennessee and vice chair of the trump transition team. should jim comey resign from the fbi? >> i think that that is a discussion that he and jeff sessions after he is confirmed should have. and i think it's inappropriate
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for anyone right now to say you have to do this or you have to do that. we are one week away from president-elect trump taking the oath of office and being sworn in. we are just a little bit further than that from people taking these positions as the secretaries and head of agencies. and chris, i think that we leave this for now senator sessions who will be the ag at that point to sit down with mr. comey and begin to unravel what it is that has transpired over the last several months. we have seen these leaks. we have seen leaked information. we have seen the federal government agencies used against citizens whether it was irs or doj. and i think what people want is the facts. >> sessions. >> they want to know exactly what has happened. >> sessions, if he gets confirmed and becomes the next
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attorney general of the united states can only advise, right, and recommend and discuss with the fbi director, but the president can remove him for cause. do you think our next president, donald trump, would consider that? >> i think that the appropriate thing at this point in time is to set aside conjecture and to allow the proper process to take place. what people want this country to return to is orderly process. whether it is the chambers of congress and the execution of our article one powers or article 2, which is the executive branch. so let's set this aside and let them handle it in the appropriate way. >> under article 2, congress would have authority to remove a civil servant after a process. we'll see what plays out. in terms of conjecture and people wanting things done the right way, the president-elect once again tweeted today i believe, about the intelligence community, accused them of
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leaking and put intelligence in quotes. this is after he said he has tremendous respect for the intelligence community, putting intelligence in quotes and accusing them of leaks when there is no proof as such is not respectful. how do you reconcile the two? >> you know, i think what you have to do is look at the quotes that you've got james clapper, who's the director of national intelligence and the things that he has had to say -- >> like? >> about this and the links and how offended he is with those leaks -- >> he does not say any leaks came from his agency. that's the point of this letter. >> that's right, but he knows that they have come and trying to figure it out. the offensiveness of the leaks and the lack of trust or mike morell with his comments. i think, chris, that that is why people are saying, wait a minute, you know, why is it that these federal agencies are not playing by the rules of the
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game? why is it they are putting this information out there? >> where's the proof that a federal agency put out this intelligence that cnn has been reporting on. >> about chuck schumer's comment, chuck schumer saying if you cross the intel guys, they have six ways from sunday from coming after you. really? i mean, these -- >> is that news to you that the intelligence community -- >> it is inappropriate. it is inappropriate. >> that's chuck schumer making a suggestion, not a truism. we don't know that that's -- >> okay, let's see. let's see. intel officials have six ways from sunday -- >> i know how to read also congresswoman, that's a politician making a statement. >> well, the fact that there would be retribution put on a citizen by a federal agency, whether it is an intel agency, whether it is the irs, whether it is doj -- >> is wrong. >> it is wrong. >> you need proof of it.
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>> it doesn't matter if it's the epa. look at the number of small business manufacturers they shut down in the past ten years. >> i understand, we have no proof -- maybe you do and i'm happy to hear the offer of it -- >> we're going to have our classified briefing in about an hour. >> the president-elect is putting intelligence in quotes and accusing him of having leaked, even though clapper just told him he does not believe there are any leaks from the agency. >> he admits there are leaks and they are trying to figure out where they are coming from. >> but he thinks they weren't from the agency. >> you had an opposition research report that ended up getting into the submitted to the fbi unverified then it's all made public and then you have all of these other stories about the leaking and the hacking and what people want at this point in time is some clarity. and they want the conversations of conjecture and want the rumor
5:16 am
mill to stop. >> but clarity doesn't come -- >> that's where we need to leave this. >> clarity doesn't come from calling reporting that you don't like fake when all of it, all of it winds up being corroborated by multiple sources from the government. >> chris, clarity will come when mutual respect is shown and when there is responsibility taken. let's get back to an orderly process and get this country back on track. let's have people start acting like adults and show respect and agree to -- to disagree agreeably and to act as if they are adults and that they put the country first. and they stop the pettiness. that is what the american people want. they are sick of this mess. >> i agree with you about that. >> i think everybody agrees on that, congresswoman blackburn.
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internal watch dog is launching an investigation into how the fbi and the doj conducted the hillary clinton e-mail probe. well, president-elect donald trump is tweeting about this. what are the hillary clinton people complaining about, she should never have been allowed to run, guilty as hell. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states, no enthusiasm. here to discuss this hillary clinton's former secretary brian fallon. >> good morning. >> do you want to respond to mr.
5:22 am
trump's tweet? >> i think those tweets are just the latest indication that donald trump is someone very insecure in his victory. every day there are new developments and new shoes dropping so to speak that call into question legitimacy of his win. first it was with respect to russian interference and tried to deny, the trump folks did that russia was behind this and now forced to admit that. then they tried to say it was not for the purposes of trying to help donald trumd p, they are trying to sew confusion and targeting both sides and folks have concluded it was to tip the election donald trump's way. and with respect to the fbi, jim comey's actions are significantly questionable and they think they merit an ypd reindependent review. i think donald trumd p p is try to cling to whatever legitimacy that is in question here. the only thing to get to the bottom, we need the doj investigation into russia to proceed in an independent
5:23 am
manner. i'm not confident jeff sessions could lead it. probably needs a special prosecutor and congress needs a select committee. with respect to doj, we need this independent watch dog investigation to proceed unimpeded. he can't get in and become president and fire this -- >> do you think james comey had a significant effect on hillary clinton's loss? >> i do. a number of us that worked on the campaign were in touch yesterday in light of the news and all of us were appreciative of the fact there's finally going to be an awe authoritative statement about the inappropriateness of what happened here. but we wish that the action had been taken in july. if it had, this there had been a probe launched by jim comey's press conference in july, maybe it would have stopped him from sending out the letter 11 days before the election and history might have had a different course. if you look at the data, hillary clinton was winning this election going away leading up into the final two weeks and lost is unquestionably in the
5:24 am
final week and some states on the final day. if you look at the state like florida, 70% of the vote was in before election day and she was up by 247,000 votes. at that point she had a 4-point lead and ended up losing election days -- >> how can you connect that to james comey, as we all learned painfully, polls were wrong during this election. how can you connect what happened 11 days beforehand to a poll the day of? >> i actually think the polls were right going into the last week and there was a extreme tightening in the last week but we've gone back and looked and seen in our squall take tif research, a lot of voters conflated that with the issue of her serving. it combined for a perfect storm of a bad swirl of information. every story about wikileaks, the russian intrusion with regard to john podesta's e-mails was
5:25 am
conflated to jim comey's new reopening of the investigation so to speak. we looked at the news coverage in the final days of the campaign. roughly 40% of everything that was written about and said about hillary clinton in the final days of campaign was about e-mails. and so if you show me there's a huge swing in the electorate's mood, we lost late deciders in wisconsin by 29 points. and she only lost it by a few thousand votes. if you tell me there's such a huge swing in the final week compared to the mood heading into the final week, giving me saturation coverage of jim comey's letter, you can't tell me that didn't have that impact. >> do you think as the wall street journal says in an editorial that james comey should resign? >> well, look i think that's a question he has to ask himself. i'm not going to join in with that call by the wall street journal today. i think there are serious questions that need to be answered about the ability of jim comey to effectively lead that organize going forward. when jim comey defends his
5:26 am
actions which unquestionably broke from doj protocol, speaking about a case in a pub manner and if he didn't do that, there would be leaks coming out of the new york field office. that tells me he doesn't have enough confidence in his own ability to prevent his own rank and file agents from engaging in misconduct. if he's willing to publicly admit he doesn't have a grip on his oern bureau, how can he have confidence going forward? that's a question he needs to ask himself. i'd be willing to say let's wait for the ig investigation to take place and let them reach a definitive action and then make a decision about a question like that. >> does secretary clinton believe that james comey should resign? >> i think she thinks -- i don't speak for her anymore i should say and i'll let her speak for herself when she deems inappropriate. all of us involved in the campaign believe the investigation should be allowed to proceed unimpeded. the trump association, they can
5:27 am
try to scotch this review if they wanted to. the incoming administration would allow the existing general to remain for some period of time and one of the reasons it is announced with such fanfare, the ig is trying to put public pressure to not be staunched when the trump administration comes in. we should hold feet to the firt and not interfere with this review and let's see what they had to say about the appropriateness of jim comey's action. >> thank you very much. >> it is easy to take a vote. it is hard to make a change. house republicans moving ahead today in their efforts to dismantle obamawecare, but do ty have a plan to replace? not ideas or concepts but ways to replace the coverage in a way that would be better for you. we'll talk to the architect of the affordable care act to show
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this friday the 13th afternoon, today the house is expected to vote in a budget resolution that will begin the process of dismantling obamacare. the republican party is not united yet around a replacement plan. so how realistic are the promises that president-elect trump has put forth and now made in urgency. joining us is one of the architects, dr. ee zeek yell -- the architect, you can pay me later. let's play a game called they say, you say, they say. okay? we're going to do it with the promises. they say quick repeal and replacement. >> in some cases in the same bill. we want to advance repealing this law with its replacement at the same time. >> all right, so they are going to do it quickly, at the same time, a clue that he gave the audience once they start doing homework on this issue, in the same bill. this is going to be piecemeal. what's your criticism of this
5:33 am
idea? >> wow, i think if you're going to repeal the affordable care act, you have to replace it at the same time. it's the quick that i think is a little off because republicans have had seven years to come up with the replacement bill and they have never introduced a replacement bill and gone through the process of actually trying to enact it. they do not agree among themselves and so the notion that this will be quick, even if you didn't have democrats who had their own ideas, just within the republican party, that is a nonstarter. do not have a bill that they can now put forward immediately. >> and their response to that is their new man tra, which is it is collapsing, it is broken. we have to do it now because of what was already put in place. that's where the urgency is coming from. that flows into the next point, lower costs. >> we have to repeal it and replace it with something absolutely much less expensive and something that works where your plan can actually be
5:34 am
tailored. we have to get rid of the lines around the state, artificial lines where we stop insurance companies from coming in and competing. that gives insurance companies essentially monomys. >> we'll make it cheaper by allowing companies in different states to compete for people's business. your answer? >> well, first of all, competition among insurance companies has been shown to keep premiums down. but the fundamental problem of the lines around states, there are now three states that do allow insurance companies to come in from other states and not one single insurance company has ever made itself available of that opportunity. there are problems going across state lines, one of the things that democrat i think legitimately worry about, a race to the bottom, which is that you go to some state that has little requirements and no guarantees and get established there and then try to sell it in other states like new york or california that actually have
5:35 am
pretty robust guarantees for insurance companies. we don't want that kind of race to the bottom. if you can allow sales across state lines, you need to have minimum requirements that are uniform across the country. there are some ways of actually encouraging competition across state lines and i think we could explore them like if you get license in one state, that license should be able to extend to other states. but don't believe that that competition across state lines is going to dramatically lower health care costs. health care costs are caused by driven health care services so we have to change the use and prices of those services. >> no loss of coverage. this is a big one. >> been hurt by the unaffordable care act will have more affordable accessible health care. they are complaining that the premiums are rising and choices in quality are diminished and they certainly have an access problems, many americans and yet we're guaranteeing those who do have coverage will not be without coverage. >> so the first question is one
5:36 am
of the big assumptions here, which is people are getting crushed by high premiums. you like to make a case that you need to define who they is and what the reality of the fact is. what's your pushback? >> well, if you look at premiums, it is the case that they've gone up but under president obama, they've gone up much slower than they did under president bush. under president bush, insurance premiums for people in employer sponsored coverage, went up 80%. under president obama, they went up 35%, substantially less. they still did go up and i agree, we need to controlling health care costs. they are too high. that however requires a lot of work. it's much harder. there's no magic bullet. you need multiple approaches. mainly to reducing how much people are hospitalized and how much they go to the emergency room, the prices we pay for things like hip implants or drugs, that is a complex process that requires paying doctors differently and paying hospitals
5:37 am
differently and making them change how they deliver care. >> let's wrap the next two into one. and here's the question. if they are going to keep preexisting conditions, if they are going to keep kids covered through 26 which they say, what do people have to know about the way that is made achievable. >> if you're going to have no preexisting condition exclusions, i.e. insurance can't say you have cancer we're not covering you or premium going to be $50,000, you have to get everyone in the system. and you either have to have a mandate or give everyone coverage or something. you cannot take away that mandate or something like that to get everyone in the system. second, you need a minimum benefit package, everyone has to have these benefits and every insurance company has to cover these things, otherwise, we'll cover you with cancer but we're not paying for your chemotherapy going forward and that doesn't
5:38 am
work. you need a simple way for people to get the insurance and buy it. you'll need subsidies for them. the refundable tax credits have not been big enough for most people to afford health care insurance if you just look at the numbers. so it becomes a complex puzzle and every piece needs to fit together. these are not simple things to fulfill. we spent a long time trying to put the puzzle together and the republicans once they get down to the nuts and bolts of designing a plan are going to find it a lot harder and with less freedom of movement than they say they are going to have. achieving affordability, that is the hardest one because health care costs have gone up relentlessly although the obamacare has actually kept them nod rate moderated for the last five years. >> dr. he manuel, you say things can be fix, it's about how it's done. we'll talk about it going forward. thank you, sir. >> thank you, chris.
5:39 am
>> allison? >> thanks, chris, does a former adviser to president obama think any democrats will get on board with whatever plan republicans come up with to replace obamacare? what does he think about this moment, that brought tears to the vice president, we get the bottom line from david axelrod next. (vo) the holidays may be over but if you hurry, you can still get the best deals on the best network. like verizon's best smartphones for only $10 per month. like the samsung galaxy s7. the pixel, phone by google. or the motoz droid. for only $10 per month. plus, hurry in and switch to verizon now and get up to $650 to cover your costs. there's still time to get amazing deals at verizon.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. house of representatives will vote this afternoon on a budget resolution to begin the process of repealing obamacare. but they still have a replacement plan. that takes us to the bottom line with senior commentator and
5:43 am
former adviser to president obama. david axe elrod. is it pore tentous of what's going to happen with this vote? >> i think it's scary for a lot of americans. there are 20 million americans who have coverage under the affordable care act and it may be scary for the republicans to vote on this. just a little history on this, republicans have been talking about repealing the affordable care act from the moment it was passed but added the word replaced for a reason because they discovered that there were a lot of elements of this plan that people like. and they don't want to see go away. and as zeke manuel just explained, it's hard to find those things for kids under 26 and some of the other provisions, end of lifetime caps for people who are seriously ill and so on. and it's hard to do that in piecemeal fashion. so the republicans are the dogs that caught the car after voting
5:44 am
to repeal the law 50 times, they have to come up with a replacement and they don't apparently have one. so this is friday the 13th may be very symbolically significant for them on this vote. >> next bottom line topic. let's talk about james comey. the wall street journal is calling for them to resign. they are not alone. the tables have turned on james comey an he was once as you know considered to have a sterling reputation and today with the investigation into the doj and fbi things have changed. >> what interests me about this, democrats are furious that jim comey, and you heard from brian fallon a terrific spokesman, there's a strong feeling among the clinton supporters, many of the clinton supporters that what he did this last year really impacted on the outcome of the election. but here's the irony of this. in pushing for this ig report
5:45 am
and giving fuel to the notion that comey might have to resign, they are also handing donald trump the opportunity to pick the next fbi director and they undoubtedly will be very unhappy when that happens. so there's a kind of strange alignment here between trump and the democrats who have tried so hard to defeat him in the desire to see comey pick a new fbi director. >> it is interesting, that's one of the only things both sides seem to agree on, they are angry at jim comey. how about the moment with biden getting surprised by president obama, by getting the highest civilian honor that he can convey and did so with distinction. i think reagan, powell, maybe one or two other -- >> and the pope. >> and john paul ii who got the award. what did you make of this
5:46 am
moment? >> well, anyone who's worked in that white house was in tears when they saw that. you know, guys, i remember the only moment in the two years i worked in the white house where the president was distracted in a meeting. he was usually well prepared attending was the day that beau biden, the vice president's son, first took ill. and the vice president rushed out of the white house to be at his side. and the president was staring off in the distance and wasn't paying attention. i don't know how joe is going to make it if something happens to beau and when the vice president came back a week later at that time beau biden had stabilized and came back to the white house. i remember sitting in my office next to the president's watching him sprint down the corridor because he had heard the vice president was back and i looked down the corridor and saw them
5:47 am
embracing and there is a bond between them that is genuine and real. and the president calls him his brother, he really means it. and in terms of this honor, this wasn't just an act of friendship on the part of the president. joe biden has been a splendid vice president. he's been loyal in public, brutally honest in private, brought a lot of wisdom to that job and served this country with distinction for four decades. >> it was emotional and he truly seemed surprised. that was another one of the great elements of it. he didn't understand -- when the president said i want to ask members of the military to come up. he seemed confused and it unfolded and a beautiful moment. >> i would bet, allison, that there are republicans and democrats in washington who were cheering at that moment because joe biden is a very popular man. >> i heard it. i heard it yesterday.
5:48 am
we heard the loud chorus of people who support him and will miss him. david, thank you very much. we want to let the viewers know to check out david axelrod's piece in the new inaugural edition of the unprecedented election that changed everything, on sale now in stores. pick it up. >> she is credited for inspiring young girls and bringing authenticity to pennsylvania avenue. how will michelle obama be remembered as she prepares to leave the white house with her husband? that's next. your insurance company
5:49 am
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liberty mutual insurance. a lot of the things that we have in our diet today can actually enamel is the outer surface of the teeth that's white. start to threaten the enamel and start to cause what we call acid erosion. if there's a thinning of the enamel, the teeth actually start to appear more yellow. with pronamel, it is making your teeth harder and stronger and more resistant to wear. start using pronamel right away and have that be your toothpaste for the rest of your life. these are the last set of teeth that you're getting, you don't get another set, you have to protect them. cnn will air a special report on first lady michelle obama tonight and randi kaye
5:51 am
looks back at mrs. obama's journey to the white house. >> i can't stop thinking about this. it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. >> she was the most profound feminist without being labeled that. because she stood up for girls and she stood up for women when they were being bullied from the most powerful platform in the world. she spoke for so many women when she said i feel this in my core. this is unacceptable. >> because remember this, when they go low, we go -- yes, we do. >> michelle obama slayed a dragon for girls and for women, forever. the voice she gave to women and
5:52 am
girls, that's her legacy. >> joining us now is veronica chambers, whose book, the meaning of mymy chel, it was just released. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. good morning, good to be here. >> why did you want to put together this book? >> we did this book because the editor, elizabeth and i were huge fans and we thought, this is the end of an era after eight years, it's a terrific time to talk about all that michelle obama has meant to us. >> you had 16 writers weigh in on what michelle obama meant to them, including one portion from alicia hall more ran, an opera singer. she makes sure that while the world is looking at her, that she extends her gaze to the children and to the elders, to the craftsmen and artists, to a whole range of people who had never been seen in that way before. she reversed the gaze.
5:53 am
what do you think she meant for this country? >> i think that one of of the things that she does is that she's such a powerful bridge between our past and our future. here's this daughter of the civil rights movement who becomes the first iconic first lady of the 21st century. in that way, she's really brought forward the promise, the hope, the dream of not only black people but of women and of americans. so i think is there two words i would use, it would be possibility and authenticity. and it's such a gift. >> that piece, that moment that randi kaye began her piece with, that was the moment that michelle obama appeared on stage during hillary clinton's campaign in the waning days and spoke out against donald trump and what she saw as some of his unacceptable language. some people thought that was a real defining moment for her.
5:54 am
go ahead. >> absolutely. that changed everything but you know, it's so interesting because you talk in that piece, r randy okay does about a journey, this educated sensitive woman has created an arc and journey. at each moment she stepped up, before it's bringing our girls home, let girls learn, 62 million school age girls not in school around the world. she teamed up with the peace corps and made that happen, whether it was let's move or the moment in new hampshiry she said it's not okay. i think that having been in college during the anita hill trials, i remember the ambiguity of the women around me because they've never seen anything like that. 20 years later to see michelle obama, what we talked about in the book and what i saw, people were like she said it, she said what everyone feels, there's not a woman alive who is not in some
5:55 am
way felt looked at, touched, you know, just presented in some way that immediately broke boundaries and made you feel unsafe. she said it and there was no discrepancy. there was no is that okay? and it was so powerful. that moment will last forever. >> did michelle obama make any mistakes in your mind in the past eight years in the public life? >> well, you know, i honestly think -- you know the old glamour feature dos and don'ts, as a first lady in a 24-hour news cycle with constant social media. she was a constant do. it wasn't that she was perfect. it's that she was authentic and she was honest and she was straight forward about what her intentions were and then she was excellent in making good on those intentions. so i don't think it gets better than that. >> so many people have wondered whether michelle obama, herself,
5:56 am
would now want to run for office. she has said no. do you think she will reconsider that? >> you know, i -- i mean, i hear her when she says no and believe what she says, i think she's very straight forward but she's so young. so regardless of what she will do, i think that we have seen is that in this couple, we got not one, but two people who are dedicated to public service and the betterment of our country and they will continue to give in some interesting and unexpected way. >> veronica chambers, the book, the meaning of michelle. be sure to catch our cnn special report, history made, the legacy of my shell obama tonight at 9:00 eastern. have a great weekend. cause of a. that's why i use excedrin. it has two pain fighters plus a booster and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate... we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale.
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and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. inauguration day getting closer but the president-elect's cabinet picks are keeping their distance from the key positions, the president-elect is in new york city for more meetings at the trump tower, this week exposing how far the nominees are from trump on major issues. live in the capitol with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, this was one of the big takeaways from the week of confirmation hearings on capitol hill that trump and many of


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