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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 14, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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donald trump weighs in on sanctions against russia. what the u.s. president-elect is saying about how he might respond to alleged election meddling. taking the knife to one of barack obama's key achievements, looking to dismantle the affordable care act. and frigid temperatures strike the united states and europe. how long the deadly cold weather is expected to last. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
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we are less than a week away now from the transition of power in the united states making donald trump the nation's 45th president. but now we are learning much more about his possible plans for russia. trump suggested to the "wall street journal" that he is open to lifting sanctions on russia. he also said that he would keep them in place after taking the oath of office at least for a period of time. the u.s. placed additional sanctions on russia last month over alleged hacking, interference with the u.s. presidential election. the u.s. intelligence agency saying that russia ordered the hacks to help donald trump win. in the meantime, the senate intel begins committee is planning to hold herrings to investigate those claims. more from phil mattingly. >> reporter: there have been a lot of questions not just on capitol hill, but across washington, what is the next step in the wake of that
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explosive u.s. intel againligen assessment that russia meddled in the u.s. election. now we have an answer or at least one version. the u.s. select committee on intelligence, one of the most powerful committees on capitol hill, will hold a bipartisan investigation into the russian intelligence activities. and it's important the scope of this investigation because it's not just looking into the u.s. intelligence assessment, a declassified version, it is delving deep into potential ties between the russian intelligence services and the campaign. it's clear the trump campaign. the president-elect's team will be under review for any potenti potential contacts between them and russia. obviously a powerful committee looking into the campaign could produce answers that we simply haven't gotten up to this point. now, lawmakers that have been briefed over the course of the last 48 hours about the
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classified version of the report say that there are more questions that need to be answered, that could be what this investigation ends up bringing to the forefront. and why? this committee has real power. while they will be looking into the potential campaign activities, they will be holding hearings and interviewing key members of the campaigns of the incoming administration and of the outgoing administration. if the interview requests are not complied with, the committee has subpoena power to compel individuals to sit down for interviews. they will also be talking to individuals from the intelligence community. for people wondering what the next step is, where this goes from here, this is an answer and a potentially explosive and powerful one depending on how this investigation is held. we'll get answers to that soon, answers that everybody is looking for. phil mattingly, cnn, capitol hill. >> phil mattingly talking about
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very important answers that many people are looking for. in fact that could help term how trump hams russia as president. in that "wall street journal" article that i mentioned, trump said that he wanted some flexibility. he said this, "if you get along and if russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody is doing some really great things." many in congress want the united states to continue its tough stance against russia at the same time donald trump is also saying that he is prepared to meet with the russian president vladimir putin. let's go live to moscow and fred plig is following the story. >> russians are trying to read out what exactly the new trump administration is going to do. and it's really interesting to see how a lot of this is being
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debated here in moscow, wondering whether or not sanctions relief could happen in the near future. and one thing that they have been following, they believe donald trump has been fairly consistent in his messaging on russia. you recall that while he was campaigning to become president, he held a major foreign policy speech where he also said wouldn't it be much better if the u.s. got along with russia, however he also said that he would wait and see, he would negotiate with vladimir putin. and then if the two could make what obviously he call as deal it would improve russia/u.s. relations. if they couldn't, so be it was something that he said on the campaign trail. and only words from donald trump when he held his press conference earlier this week where he also said he believes that if vladimir putin likes him, that could potentially be an asset. but he also said that if the two don't get along, then he would be tougher on russia than anybody else could have been. so that's sort of the messaging that the russians are getting. and one of the things that you can really see here is that the
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russians are trying to do everything to make sure that the mood isn't toured frsoured from get-go. peskov, a spokesman, was asked whether or not russians would have to get rid of sanctions before any better relations, and he said absolutely not. but they are happy that donald trump is talking about wanting to improve the relations. >> i want to push further on the topic of sanctions there. these sanctions that have been levied not just recently due to the alleged hacking but also due to the nation's annexation of crimea, russia hoping for a major policy shift with donald trump. but the question that i want to ask you, fred, you're there, how crippling have these sanctions been to russia, to everyday russians? >> they have been difficult for a large part of the population.
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it's been difficult to get some of the goods that were easily imported from europe in the past. a lot of things have gotten more expensive, as well. everything from german cars to italian pasta has certainly risen in prices fp and some things have become unavailable at all. so certainly made it very difficult for russians. one of the things however that it seemingly handle done, it hasn't put a dent in the popularity of the kremlin and of vladimir putin. his approval ratings are still very high. vast majority of russians still approve for instance of russia's actions in syria and also some of the things that are going on in ukraine which obviously are more shady and murky than the overt military engagement that you have in syria. so so far it's done very little to change the course of russian politics. however they have been difficult on a lot of people here in this country. and it really is the main overarching topic when you spoke a lot of russians, when you look at russian media on a lot of
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these calls with members of the kremlin because they want the sanctions to go away. it's not only the ones recently previouslied with the 35 diplomats being expelled, it's first and foremost those around the ukraine crisis that were put in place by the european upand the united states and the russians believe if the u.s. takes a different course, that many european nations will get rid of sanctions, as well, george. >> fred pleitgen live for us in moscow, thank you. a member of the senate foreign relations committee says mike flip's call with russia's ambassador to the united states is suspicious. flynn is trump's pick for national security adviser. that phone call happened the same day that the president of the united states barack obama announced the new sanctions. the president also expelled dozens of russian diplomats that day. trump's spokesman says that flynn and the annual bass tore aren't in frequent contact but have been in touch on a number
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of issues. democrats are demanding answers from fbi director james comey about russia's alleged hacking and they say so far they're not getting the answers that they are looking for or what they want. this even though comey held a confidential briefing with house lawmakers on friday. more now from pamela brown. >> reporter: fbi director james comey is facing renewed scrutiny on both sides of the aisle. house democrats left a confidential briefing with compa comey fuming. >> all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credit ability. >> reporter: the "wall street journal" editor i can't kraial him too political for a position that is supposed to be apolitical. this while the department of justice inspector general investigates comey's actions before the election. his decision to hold an
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unprecedented press conference last july closing the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. and then breaking with doj policy by sending a letter just before the election alerting congress he was renewing a probe into her private searrver. democrats mad about his decision not to sign on to a let are saying russia was behind the election hacks. and refusal to speak publicly about ongoing investigations into people formerly connected to the trump campaign and russia. >> he didn't say even whether there is an investigation under way? >> correct. especially in a public forum, we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. i'm not -- >> the irony of your making that statement here, i cannot avoid. but i'll move on. >> other democrats who recently had a briefing with comey, a registered republican appointed by president obama, are coming to his defense. >> jim comey is an honorable person who i think made a bad decision. >> comey is at the center of
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another political firestorm for briefing the president-elect on unsubstantiated agencies against him last week. cnn has learned comey had a one-on-one conversation with trump after the intel meeting to brief him on the allegations. and in a november interview with "60 minutes," trump left comey's future hanging in the balance. >> fbi director james comey, are you going to ask for his resignation? >> i think that i would rather not comment on that yet. i haven't made up my mind. >> reporter: as of now director dough any soig only 3 1/2 years in to the ten year fbi tenure. and people familiar with the matter say he has no regrets with the decisions he has masur rounding the recent investigations and has no plans to step down. he also released a statement saying he's grateful for the inspector general investigation and hopes the results will be shared with the public. pamela brown, cnn, washington. a lot of political topics certainly to cover.
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we'll get more insight just after the break from cnn politics reporter eugene scott. still ahead here, president obama leaves a parting vowed of confidence to his nato allies. how russia is responding to the biggest u.s. deployment to europe since the cold war. plus, poland's neighbors are also getting some backup from american troops. their mission, to protect the baltic states from russian aggression. stay with us.
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welcome back. we were talking about the anger among democrats about fbi director james comey and russian hacking and also questions about donald trump's picks for cabinet and their conflicting views on russia. we get more from eugene scott joining us now via skype from washington. eugene, always a pleasure to have you with us on the show. a lot of topics that we've covered here. let's start with donald trump's response to the democrats over their frustrations with the fbi and fbi director. trump tweeting what are hillary clinton people complaining about with respect to the fbi. based on the information they had, she should never have been allowed to run.
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guilty as hell, he says. they were very nice to her. she lost because she campaigned in the wrong states. donald trump still pointing back to the election though he will be president of the united states in less than a week. eugene, your take here. >> it sounds how the president-elect is framing the situation, that it's not only democrats who are complaining about russia's involvement in the 2016 election. quite a few republicans led by lindsey graham and john mccain also expressed their frustration and disappointment regarding this interference. and so engaging in a partisan issue as opposed to an american issue versus a foreign policy, foreign intrusion issue, i think the president-elect is missing the major concern not just democrats, but his fellow party members and many americans, as well. >> with regards to trump's cabinet picks, many have indicated different views than the commander in chief that they
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will soon search, different views on russia, on several different topics. the president-elect had this to say about those clear divisions in the ranks. let's listen. >> we want them to be themselves and i told them be yourselves and say what you want to say. don't worry about me. and i'm going to do the the right thing, whatever it is. i may be right and they may be right, but be yourselves. i could have said do this, say that. i don't want that. i want them all to be themselves. >> the president-elect indicating there eugene that he is looking forward to having the difference of opinion, the difference when it comes to debating and deciding these issues. >> it is clear that the president-elect does not have much of a challenge or problem with some of his nominees disagreeing with him on core issues. the question is do the american people. quite a bit of attention when rex tillerson said that despite being nominated to be the
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country's top diplomat, he and donald trump had not had significant conversations about global affairs, including russia. whether or not the american people will be okay with these individuals being themselves remains to be seen. >> one very delicate topic for the president-elect seems to continue to be whether he won fair and square or whether the alleged russian meddling did in fact help him to win the election in 2016. it's a question that drives to the issue of his legitimacy as president. listen to what john lewis hod to say about that on meet the press. >> i don't see the president-elect loose a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected and they have destroyed the candidacy of
1:20 am
hillary clinton. >> eugene, is that any indication as to how lewis potentially other democrats may move forward with the new president-elect? >> it certainly is. john lewis is at least the third lawmaker who will not be attending the inauguration out of concern and frustration regarding this election and russia's involvement in it. whether or not these two parties will be able to come together over something so divisive as this election is not yet clear. but what we do need to see is them come up with plans in terms of how to prevent this from happening again because russia trout these intelligence briefings has made it clear that this will not be their last time meddling in an election. >> the outgoing president also has taken some time to reflect on his own presidency. he's also looking forward to the incoming president. take a listen to what he had to say earlier about donald trump, maybe a change in trump when he
1:21 am
becomes president. let's listen. >> look, he is an unconventional candidate. i don't think there is anybody who has run a campaign like his successfully in modern history and as a consequence because he didn't are the support of many of the establishment in his own party, because he ran sort of an improvisational campaign -- >> can you run an improvisational presidency? >> i don't think so. so now he's in the process of building up an organization. and we'll have to see how take works. and it will be a test. >> that is the question, though. during the campaign, there was always that word pivot. people appllways say pivot. pivot never happened. trump continued to be trump. so the question here, will kidde trump be different than
1:22 am
president trump, will it force a difference. >> well, president-elect trump looks very similar to candidate trump and that is intentional on his part. it was effective in helping him get to the point where he is now. but many of his critics even those within his own party are looking forward to seeing him pivot in the way that his campaign promised months ago into being a leader that is more concerned with unifying the party as opposed to slamming hillary clinton and people left of him. >> eugene scott live for us about in washington via sky. eugene, thanks for your insights. we'll see you again. poland is set to formally welcome the biggest deployment of american troops in decade. the united states says it's meant to reinforce its ties with nato ally, but russia is loudly disapproving. more new from atika shubert live for us in poland. it's good to have you. this buildup, it is a move that is being made by the current
1:23 am
president described as defensive in nature in support of the nato alliance but russia sees this very differently. >> reporter: yes, dimitri peskov described it as a threat of military borders near to russia's borders. where i'm standing here, we're more than 1,000 kilometers away from the nearest russia border. but there has been deep concern here in the eastern european allies of nato especially when they viewed russia's not so covert aggression into ukraine, annexation of crimea, ever since then they have been calling to bolster nato troops in the region and this is the response. what we're looking at is four battalions of about a thousand soldiers each, including more than 2,000 pieces of military vehicles, tanks, armored
1:24 am
vehicles, they are normally based out of fort carson, colorado. there will be a ceremony later today. the polish prime minister are be officiated i officiati officiating, welcoming the troops. they will fan out to different locations in poland and in nine months they will be rotated to other european allies including romania, hungary, lithuania. so all of this is about bolstering the collective defense against russian aggression. but this happens just a week before trump's inauguration and of course russia is looking to change the relationship with the new president-elect. >> and that is the big question. is there concern there about whether this buildup could in fact turn into troops being scaled scaled back when the new president takes the oath of
1:25 am
office? >> reporter: i think that is part of the rope for the ceremony today. poland wants to make it clear that they isseded to have the troops here. and it wants to make sure that the troops stay here. now, it's important to note that the polish foreign minister it have a conference call with trump's advisers making poland's point clear that yes, it understands that the united states and trump administration wants to have interrelations with russia, but it can't come at poland's expense. so it could be a case here where the obama administration has moved in these troops in order to ensure that the u.s. ghimt o commitment to nato, but whether or not the trump administration continues that is still a question. >> atika shubert live for us in poland. thank you for the reporting. we'll stay in touch with you. still ahead here, donald trump puts beijing on notice signaling that he is open to change in the united states decades old policy the one china
1:26 am
policy. details on that ahead. plus obamacare's days could be numbered. with donald trump set to enter the white house, how republicans are trying to fulfill a pledge to repeal. and the question, will they be able to replace. we are live from atlanta broadcasting across the united states and around the world.
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom." it is good to have you with us. i'm george howell with the headlines. this hour poland is set to welcome the biggest european
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deployment of american troops since the cold waur. the kremlin is calling the deployment a threat to russia. senate intelligence committee is looking into whether or not russia meddled into the u.s. presidential elections. the hearings will also investigate any ties between russia and political campaigns. the u.s. intelligence agency say russia ordered the hacks in order to help the president-elect donald trump win the presidency. in the meantime trump suggests that he is keeping an open mind about u.s. sanctions on russia. in a "wall street journal" article, he says that he's willing to consider lifting those sanctions but that he will keep them in place for some time before deciding. the u.s. put those most recent sanctions in place last month as you will remember to punish russia for its alleged meddling. donald trump has promised big changes once he's in the white house and that could include the u.s. that decades old one china policy. under it, washington has formal
1:31 am
diplomatic ties with beijing and not with taiwan. but the president-elect told the "wall street journal" that that is up for negotiation. china says no negotiations. more now from steven jong about beijing. >> he may be soon reminded as the next u.s. president that at least in the eyes of the beijing government, one issue is absolutely nonnegotiable and that is the one china policy. officials here have reminded him and his team time and again in the past few weeks that taiwan is china's core interest and the one china principle is the corner stone of the bilateral relationship between beijing and washington. they like to say that every u.s. president since jimmy carter has committed to this policy and stuck to it and they certainly hope that the trump white house would do the same instead of derailing four decades of development and achievements. but mr. trump does have a point about the u.s. does sell billions of dollars of arms to
1:32 am
taiwan. to allow to defend itself against a potential china attack. but it's exactly this kind of ambiguity in the one china policy that has allowed beijing, washington as well as taipei to maintain relative peace and stability in the decades past. so at least on this very sensitive issue, what is being said matters as much as what is being done. now, other issues, chinese officials have been quite restrained and measured in their response to mr. trump's remarks including issues like trade, south china sea and cybersecurity. what they have been saying is this relationship has so much going for it, more cooperation, less confrontation is the attitude both sides adopt. they also like to point out to the phone conversation mr. trump had with chinese president xi jinping after trump's election that both leaders have said mutual respect is very important in dealing with each other.
1:33 am
one other thing they like to bring up is that mr. trump is not president yesterday, so what he has been saying so far is not official u.s. policy. and the chinese government pays more attention to official policies instead of a leader's style and personalities. but privately many officials have expressed to me that they're unsure about how to deal with this new u.s. president who likes to conduct for policy online. some have even asked me for suggestions. my response? follow him on twitter. read his tweets. and have an answer ready for reporters like us. steven jong, cnn, beijing. and republicans in the house and senate seek to dismantle the affordable care act better than known as obamacare.
1:34 am
more new from man new ranlg jew. >> this law is collapsing while we speak about that. >> reporter: congress approving a budget that will now give republicans the authority to repeal much of the affordable care act on a party line vote. the move is intended to fulfill one of the main campaign promises of president-elect touchdown who wants to replace the law at the same time as repealing it. >> it will be essentially sim you will tape yusl ltaken yusly. it will be various segments, but most likely the same day are or the same week, but probably the same day. could be the same hour. so we will do appeal and replace. >> reporter: but trump's comments undercut the plans of gop leaders who want to take their team developing a new health care law. house speaker paul ryan even said last month that a replacement would not be ready
1:35 am
by the next football season. cnn's town hall, a shift. ryan now promises to move quickly. >> so we want to advance repealing this law with its replacement at the same time along the lines of what i just described something definitely a plan within the first 100 days to get moving on this legislation. >> reporter: but they are already running in to problems. the party is divided over how to replace the law. in some influential voices are asking party leaders to hit the breaks. >> i think the repeal plan needs to be fully developed and better articulated prior to moving forward. i have some reservations about moving as quickly as we are. >> you have to concerns at all about the time table then? >> i think that it will be a very -- this will be a very long process. >> you don't think it's going to happen right away? >> no. >> reporter: some conservatives are demanding quick action on plans for individuals to buy insurance across state lines and
1:36 am
to receive tax breaks for getting coverage. >> why don't we do replace and repeal? you know, we could do those things. we could be putting those things on the floor this week. >> reporter: democrats are warning that the gop will pay a political price for scrapping a law that has helped ensure an additional 20 million people. >> overturning the affordable care act undermining the health security and financial stability of americans working families. and defunding planned parenthood. that is their manhood thing. >> reporter: man uhe oig, cnn, capitol hill. let's talk now about the cold across much of the eastern part of europe. it is cold in fact it is deadly in some places. and we have a lot more to talk about with our meteorologist. online someone told me it's really cold in california, too. cold weather is just the thing to talk about. >> that's right, we now have
1:37 am
over 40 million people under some type of ice storm warning, winter storm warning, winter storm watch in portions of the united states. and that is where we're going to start because we have the potential for a very dangerous ice storm that is taking shape stretching all the way from texas over towards washington, d.c. the threat under this is a multitude. we're talking widespread power outages, we're also talking travel disruptions as well. basically what we have is very shallow cold air being overrun by warm moist air. and what that means is when the precipitation falls, it will be in the form of rain and then just as it reaches the surface, it will freeze on contact. that makes it very dangerous if you're driving, it appears it's coming down as rain, but it freezes on the roads or any type of cold surface. mail boxes, sidewalks, power lines for example. this is where we have the greatest threat for the freezing rain in the short term, but in a system begins to push east as we go into the coming days.
1:38 am
that's why it has such a huge swathe of area to cover. it's a very slow moving system. widespread we're talking about a quarter of an inch of isaac couple lapgss. but you will notice out towards the west especially oklahoma city stretching along interstate 40 and 30, we could be looking at three quarters up toen anch an inch of accumulation. on the other side of the atlantic, we're talking cold temperatures and winter storm. this is a look at albania where villagers have to wait for food and water. they have been trapped in the region because of the incredibly heavy snowfall that they had in this region. here you can see one of those emergency helicopters trying to drop some of the supplies. now, the storm that brought snow to london canceling at least 80 flights at heathrow airport, that is now traversing off towards the east bringing snow to places like germany, poland, stretching all the way down towards albania in the coming days. widespread we're talking snow accumulations about 10
1:39 am
centimeters, but some spots especially in higher elevations, they could be looking at 20 even possibly 30 centimeters of snow. and then we're talking the next cold snap. notice the pink and purple colors. that is the incredibly cold air. take a look for example at prague. the average high temperature, 1 right now. but as we go through the coming days, we will see the temperatures plummet. many areas we're talking 5 if not 10 degrees celsius below the average in the coming days. so again that poses problems not only for the folks native to the areas, but also migrants not used to the conditions. remember the power fwrigrid gri get strained. >> thank you so much, allisalli. still ahead, the fight against
1:40 am
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welcome back. the fight against isis, iraqi forces have stormed the university complex in mosul that the terror group seized more than two years ago.
1:44 am
that is the scene there of some of the heavy clashes that broke out inside mosul university, this after bulldozers knocked down a wall surrounding the campus. iraqi forces say they also reached two bridges that crossed the tigress river. they retook a government complex and raised the iraqi flag. the united states wants to capture the leader of isis so badly, they are now offering a $25 million reward for his capture. barbara starr looks at why the troops may be hot on his trail. >> reporter: the hunt for al baghdadi may be intensifying. ash carter offering uncharacteristic detail. >> he moves around. i'm just confident i won't say anything more than that. >> reporter: carter says the u.s. doesn't know exactly where he is, but there is fresh intel he against.
1:45 am
military and intelligence officials will not say if the new information comes from overhead surveillance by drones or aircraft intercepting communications or detainees who have been willing to talk. >> we anticipate that baghdadi and other senior isil leaders have been moving away. >> reporter: iraqi shia militias now insist he is hiding west of mosul not far from the syrian border. u.s. special operations forces who have been looking for baghdadi from the air and on the ground have gotten clues from raids against top isis operatives. >> we continue to recover sensitive intelligence in locations in iraq and syria, we'll continue to use that intelligence and use what we learn about their movements. >> reporter: the top u.s. commander noting baghdadi is increasingly isolated by the killing of those around him, making him vulnerable. >> al baghdadi probably wishes
1:46 am
he had more direct control over his formation than he does right now. >> reporter: and according to the defense secretary, it's only a matter of time. >> his days are numbered. >> reporter: and in yet another clue, a u.s. official says that the obama administration is aware of some of baghdadi's movements in recent weeks. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. in syria, amid severe water shortages there, the government says repairs have begun at a key pumping station. fighting damaged the infrastructure around critical springs near damascus in december. the u.n. says that left around 4 million people in damascus with acute water shortages. but now state media report a deal has been reached between the government and the militias, engineers have now been allowed to access that area. and to get the water flowing back through that nation's capital. in west africa, we are getting word ivory coast's
1:47 am
government has reached an agreement with mutiny soldiers. this is according to the defense ministry, although cnn has not been able to confirm the troops have accepted the deal. the agreement would end a dispute over bonus pavementpaym. a some soldiers say they were promised $8,000 and a house for helping to bring the current president to power after disputed elections in 2010. this is "cnn newsroom." still ahead, the obama girls. they grew up in the white house. the whole world was watching. under a microscope in fact. and now they're getting advice about moving on from another pair of presidential daughters. it is 4:47 on the u.s. east coast. this is "cnn newsroom" and we are glad to have you with us. y . i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ [ that's a good thing, eligible for medicare?
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s search for a child abducted nearly two decades ago has come to an end temperature ca. mobley went missing and now dna from an 18-year-old woman in south carolina matches.
1:52 am
the woman she thought was her mother has been arrested. 51-year-old glor i can't williams is charged with kidnapping. police say she charged as a nurse in order to abduct the child. the famous british photographer, playboy lord snowden has died peacefully at home at the age of 86. he married queen elizabeth's sister in 1960 and they had two children together. but his divorce from princess margaret in 1978, that was scandalous. snowden was a respected photographer with fashion shots that were published for decades in vogue magazine. one family moving in to the white house, another moving out. specifically though focus on sasha and malia obama. members of a very exclusive club, presidential taughts who grew up in the white house, and as they get ready to move out, they are getting some advice from two other sisters who know,
1:53 am
well, exactly what they're going through. randi kaye has this report. >> eight years ago on a cold november day, we greeted you on the steps of the white house. >> reporter: barbara bush on the today show sharing the new letter she and her sister jenna bush have written to the obama girls. a lot has changed in the eight years since the bush twins first met sasha and malia. back then the obama girls were just 7 and 10. >> the four of us wandered the majestic halls of the house you had no choice but to move into. when you slid down the banister just has we had done, your joy and laughter were contagious. >> in eight years you have done so much. seen so much. you stood at the gates of the robben island cell where south africa's nelson mandela was in prison. >> reporter: the bush twins had also penned a letter to sasha and malia back in 2009 titled
1:54 am
playing house in the white house. then 27, jenna and barbara bush offered this advice. surround yourself with loyal friends. they will protect and calm you. and join in on some of the fun and appreciate the history. and this -- cherish your animals because sometimes you will need the quiet comfort that only animals can provide. their most important piece of advice years ago? our dad like yours is a man of great integrity and love. remember who your dad really is. >> it's really an exclusive club among presidential children and they do keep in touch. there is an empathy there because they have all been through it. and no one know what is that is like to be in that kind of public spotlight when you're so young. >> reporter: in their new letter, jenna and barbara says how they watched them grow into impressive young women with grace and ease. they remarked how they were glad the obama girls had each other just as the bush twins did. their letter encouraged the
1:55 am
obama girls to hold on to the memories, but also embolden them to chart their own path. >> explore your passion passion who you are. make mistakes. you're allowed to. continue to surround yourself with loyal friends who know you, adore you and will fiercely protect you. >> take all that you have seen, the people you have met, the lessons you have learned, and let those help guide you in making positive change. >> reporter: in closing, a sense of solidarity. >> you have lived through the unbelievable pressure of the white house. you have listened to harsh criticism of your parents, by people who never have even met them. >> you stood by as your precious parents were reduced to headlights. your parents who put you first and not only showed but gave you the world. >> as always, they will be rooting for you as you begin this next chapter. >> and so will we. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> randi kaye, thank you. we close the show with this
1:56 am
to show you. it is quite a sight. a ruby seadragon. first known video of the creature alive in the wild, it was captured off the coast of southwestern australia last april by researchers from the scripps oceanographic institute and western australian museum. the ruby is the third type of what you see here this seadragon. commonly a leafy species and they are representeded are rela. pretty cool. hour number two of "newsroom" is right after the break. stay with us.
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questioning the future of u.s.-russian relations. which way will they to. donald trump suggesting he could lift the sanctions imposed on moscow, maybe not immediately though. also in a faux hours the u.s. troops are set to formally be welcomed in poland. the biggest deployment of american troops to europe in decades. found after 18 years, a woman kidnapped as an infant is on her way back home. we'll tell you how the police found her. live from cnn world headquarters in atlanta. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell. cnn newsroom starts right now.


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