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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 14, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello everyone. you're watching "cnn newsroom." i'm fredericka whitfield. president-elect donald trump has long said that high wants to
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improve the u.s. with russia. well now just six days before being sworn in, reported steps trump may take soon after he takes office. trump tells the "wall street journal" that he would be open to lifting u.s. sanctions against russia saying, quote, if you get along and if russia is really helping us why would s b anybody have sanctions if somebody is doing great things. meanwhile while playing defense the president-elect is lashing out at civil rights icon john lewis after he said he would not attend trump's inauguration. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> meanwhile as trump's inauguration committee is making preparations, protests and marches have already begun. this hour we'll be following a civil rights march from the washington monument to the martin luther king memorial there in washington, d.c. as well as a rally for fair immigration reform also taking place in d.c.
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but first let's discuss this feud with congressman john lewis. cnn jessica schneider is live outside trump tower. jessica, what is the president-elect saying and why? >> reporter: well it was just before 8:00 this morning that the president-elect took to twitter as he often does firing back at those comments by congressman john lewis that happened yesterday -- that came out yesterday saying that congressman lewis does not view donald trump's presidency as legitimate. in part, because of those russian hacks during the election season. donald trump did fire back this morning in two different tweets. i'll read them for you. donald trump saying, congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape and falling apart not to mention crime infested rather than falsely complaining about the election results, all talk talk talk, no action or results. sad. of course, many would argue with
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that depiction of congressman john lewis, a renowned and respected civil rights leader who marched alongside martin luther king. of course we'll celebrate him this coming monday, the entire nation. john lewis was at 23 years old the youngest speaker at the march on washington in 1963 and he organized those marches in 1965. known one of them as bloody sunday when alabama state troopers kr troope troopers confronted those marchers and battering john lewis who suffered a fractured skull. a revered activity, even nancy pell lows see saying many people have tried to silence john lewis but all have failed. >> the litany of his accomplishment dating back to civil rights act and even present day. we'll get to that lengthy list of his most current
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accomplishments later on. in the meantime let's turn to the interview in the "wall street journal" as it pertains to donald trump. saying that there are -- saying that the sanctions imposed by the obama administration just might be reversed or lifted. what more about that? >> reporter: well, donald trump had that hour-long interview with the "wall street journal." in it he said he would keep the sanctions intact for a little bit of time but indicated he would be open to rolling them back. these were implemented by president obama in late december. donald trump also in that interview saying he would be open to engaging with the russians. he said that repeatedly talking about the fact that he would be willing to meet with president putin after donald trump is sworn in. >> jessica schneider, thank you so much. appreciate that. we're also learning today that the scope of this senate investigation into russian meddling in last year's election
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continues to grow. the intelligence committee is promising to look into russian cyber activity and interest possible links with individuals associated with u.s. political campaigns. cnn senior international correspondent matthew chance is in moscow. matthew, we've already had a report from the intelligence community on russia hacking. what more do we expect from this investigation? >> reporter: well, there's a couple of investigations. there's the investigation you just referred to that the senate is launching into which as i understand is just going to be exploring the links between the various political campaigns and the run up to the presidential election with anyone in russia. i think that specifically is going to focus on the allegations that have been circling around the republican campaign and specifically the donald trump campaign. the allegations have been floating for several month now about surrogates of the trump campaign being in contact with
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russian officials in the lead up to that presidential election. there's also been this latest tweet as well come from donald trump talking about the dossier that was dumped on the internet by buzzfeed criticizing that. and also committing to what appears to be a separate investigation. donald trump saying at the end of that couple of tweets, my people will have a full report on hacking within 90 days. and so the president-elect saying within the next three months, he's going to be launching his own and concluding his own report on hacking as well. so it's going to be interesting to see what that turns up because remember it was only a couple days ago that donald trump first acknowledged or admitted that what u.s. intelligence officials have been saying for quite a while which is that russia may have been behind the hacking. >> and then matthew, quickly, how is it resonating there that this investigate also would try to reveal what kind of direct contact there may be with those in russia and those involved in the u.s. political campaigns?
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>> reporter: well, i think it's been like most things when it comes to these allegations against russia. it's being dismissed out of hand by the kremlin. in fact when we last spoke to the kremlin, they said we're done talking about this. that's a quote. pe the spokes person said there's an emotional storm and they said they're not going to take any part in contributing to that. >> matthew chance, tharcnks so much. the president-elect controversial choice for national security advisor, michael flynn contacting the russian ambassador to the united states several times the day before president obama announced those sanctions against russia. let's talk more about that with cnn contributor michael wise. he is also a senior editor at
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the daily beast. in addition to that report we also understand that the russian ambassador will be in attendance at the inauguration. how do you assess all of these moving parts as it pertains to also the choice of michael flynn and what contact he's had with the russian ambassador and potentially others? >> reporter: well, it's very disturbing that a guy who not only is a national security advisor to the president-elect but formerly head of the defense intelligence agency speaking five times with the russian ambassador to the united states on the day that the president was taking kind of retaliatory measures against russia's interference in the democratic u.s. election. he went to moscow about a year and a half to go to end the english language propaganda that is sponsored by the kremlin, to
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attend their ten-year anniversary gala. he was right next to vladimir putin. this caused a lot of heart pal pi tag pitations in the intelligence community. donald trump to this day has not taken a position that -- can't counter to putin personally. he has said putin likes me. that is not a -- he is flirting again with uplifting sanctions on russia. this comes after russia has now been found guilty by 17 different intelligence agencies and in high koconfidence which unprecedented that russia did hack the democratic national committee e-mails with the intent of swaying the u.s. election. why is the president-elect carrying water for a hostile foreign government, a foreign government that still considers the united states to be as, quote -- >> so what's wrong with donald
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trump's argument that he wants to leverage what would potentially be a good relationship between he and putin, the u.s. and russia, in other matters in syria might be one of those matters. >> reporter: first of all, i think it's, ai historical. every president that has come to power since putin have all tried to leverage either personal relationship with putin or just to kind of pragmatic sense built about how they want to govern to reset or restore bilateral relationship. that has failed. it has failed because it is not in putin's interest. it is in his dis togz to try po things that will benefit america. you need not look at selection. look at how he is sponsoring far left movement across europe with
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a goal to end the trans atlantic between the united states and its allies that has existed, to vie and vish iate nato, these kp exit movements. that is so that russia can do as it likes. we've seen it in ukraine. we're seeing one in middle east, one allied with iran. again, donald trump -- >> michael, we're going to leave it right there. thank you so much. salient points, but we apologize. the signal seis not a strong signal. it was difficult to hear all of what he was saying. appreciate it, michael. we'll do it again. still ahead, tension growing over fbi director james comey's handling of his agency's
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investigating into russian hacking. democrats leaving a closed-door meeting heated. >> it's classified and we can't tell you anything. all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility. >> and later immigration activists flooding the nation's capitol this morning. >> this rally here getting under way. organizers expect more than 2,000 immigrants rights activists coming out for of what they call a day of unity and resistance. more when we come back. show me the carfax. now the car you want and the history you need are easy to find. show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search and get free carfax reports
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welcome back. live pictures we have of two major events happening right now in the nation's capitol. about 17 civil rights groups from the naacp to the national action network marching from the washington monument to a park near the mlk memorial there in the nation's capital for that rally. taking you inside where several major immigration rights groups are holding a rally. speakers for that rally including senator chris van holland, congressman, and ms. richards. joining us live now from inside the church there in the nation's
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capital. >> reporter: this rally is just getting under way. it's a bit loud in here. i've talked to several people, part of the organization that brought these people together. they're expecting more than 2,000 people to turn up not just from right here in the nation's capital. people bussed in from as far as away from new york and north carolina. they're calling this a day of unity, love, resis tatance. they will oppose any -- they took a hard lined stance on immigration while running for the white house. so i've talked to people here who said they want to make sure that they deliver the message to the president-elect and to congress that they are here to stay. they are going to resist any efforts to deport millions of law-abiding immigrants. they're also concerned about what can happen to more than three quarters of millions of
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young people that were brought here by their parents. their message is they're going to pushback. they're going to resist and they're going to do all they can to make sure they protect their own rights. immigrants rights. >> thank you so much. we'll check back with you. appreciate it. a show down erupting between house democrats and fbi director james comey. the contentious back and forth taking place during a confidential briefing about russia's interference with the election. cnn also learning things got rather heated between comey and congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz. she confronted the fbi director about hacking that ultimately forced her to resign as dnc chairman and a lawmaker in the meeting described the moment as confrontational. cnn pamela brown has been following the battle. >> reporter: fahouse democrats left a confidential breaching
8:18 am
fuming. >> it's classified and we can't tell you anything. all i can tell you is the fbi director has no credibility. >> reporter: the republican leaning "wall street journal" editorial board says, quote, the best service mr. comey could render his country is to resign calling him too political for a position that's supposed to be apolitical. this while the department of justice inspector general investigates comey's actions before the election. his decision to hold an unprecedented press conference last july and then breaking with dog policy by sending a letter just before the election alerting congress he was renewing a probe into her server. democrats mad about his decision want to sign on to an october letter from the intelligence community saying russia was behind the election hacks. and refusal to speak publicly about ongoing investigations. >> you didn't say one way or
8:19 am
another whether there's an investigation under way. >> correct. especially in a public forum we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. >> i'm not saying -- the irony of you making that statement here i cannot avoid, but i'll move on. >> reporter: other democrats who recently had a briefing with comey, a registered republican apointed by president obama, are coming to his defense. >> jim comey is an honorable person who i think made a bad decision. >> reporter: comey is at the at the center of another political firestorm for briefing the president-elect on unub assistantated allegations against him last week. cnn has learned comey had a one-on-one conversation with trump after the intel meeting to brief him on the allegations. and in november interview with 60 minutes, trump left comey's future hanging in the balance. >> fbi director james comey, are you going to ask for his resignation? >> i think i would rather not
8:20 am
comment on that yet. i vnt made up my mind. >> comey is only three and a half years in the ten 'fbi director tenure. people familiar with the matter says he has no regrets about the decisions he has made surrounds the recent investigations and has no plan to step down. he also released a statement saying he's grateful for the inspector general investigation and hopes the results will be shared with the public. pamela brown, cnn, washington. still to come just days before donald trump's inauguration, thousands of u.s. troops arriving in poland. how this could impact u.s./russia u.s./
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. russia calling it a threat to its security and interest. some 4,000 u.s. troops arriving in poland as part of a nato build up in the region. the deployment coming as president-elect says he is hoping to improve u.s./russian relations and happening days before he's sworn in. more now from poland. >> reporter: this is the official opening ceremony for those u.s. troops. poland's prime minister is here and she made a point in her speech to say that this is an integral part of poland's national security. that every polish citizen has a right to feel safe and secure and that is exactly the role of these troops.
8:24 am
what we're talking about is an impressive roll out. about 4 ba talions and about 1,000 soldiers. lot of military pieces of hardware were brought in from germany over the last few days. part of the fourth infantry division formally based out of fort carson, colorado. they'll be in various places around poland, but also in other eastern european countries. all of them nato allies. this is exactly what it's about. it's about bolstering the collective defense of this region against russian a congre aggression. this is what so many countries have been asking for especially after seeing russia's aggression in ukraine. what's interesting here as well is the timing of this, of course. that this is happening at the
8:25 am
tail end of the obama administration just before the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. as we know, the president-elect has said he wants to improve relations with russia so it's not clear what direction he will take with nato once he is sworn in to office. what we do know is what russia thinks about this. they've already said they consider this military build up a threat close to their borders. it will be interesting to see how donald trump -- president-elect donald trump feels with this next. >> thank you so much. still ahead, donald trump calling civil rights icon john lewis all talk. this after the congressman said trump is not a legitimate president in his view. with n? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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two major events happening in washington, d.c. several immigration rights groups holding a rally. they are trying to garner support to stop mass deportations. about 17 civil rights groups from the naacp to the national action network marching from the washington monument to a park near the mlk memorial for a rally there the next hour. this morning donald trump is ridiculing a civil rights icon. he says congressman john lewis should spend more time on fixing and helping his district which is in horrible shape according to donald trump and falling apart, not to mention crime infested rather than falsely complaining about the election results. all talk, talk, talk, no action or results. sad. that from donald trump. this comes after congressman john lewis questioned the le s legitimacy of the president-elect. >> i don't see this president-elect as a legitimate president. >> you do not consider him a
8:30 am
legitimate president. why is that? >> i think the russians participated in helping this man get elected and they have destroyed the candidacy of hillary clinton. >> let's talk more with our panel jason johnson and lynn sweet. good to see both of you. so lynn, you first, congressman john lewis putting his life on the line for civil rights. i mean, the list is long, his accomplishments over the years and even up till recently. how has the president-elect put himself in a position that may be very difficult to sustain his argument of all talk, talk, talk, no action? >> john lewis has a storied civil rights record that precedes him coming into the united states congress. it's a record of accomplishment
8:31 am
that both democrats and republicans understand and respect. many members of congress each year go back to selma with congressman lewis to go across that bridge. so when you accuse of all people congressman lewis of not accomplishing anything, you picked the wrong man. >> and selma, but there are several apexes for john lewis and his accomplishments, and jason, for human rights, civil rights, for mepeople in his district. how has this put donald trump in a very public and unsavory battle just days before being sworn in? john lewis say he's not going to be in attendance but we're also learning the russian ambassador then met with michael flynn will be in attendance to this
8:32 am
inauguration. talk to me about your observations well about landscape with this recent argument. >> there's a couple things. one, trump is lying. so let's be clear. the president is lying. john lewis district is one of the most -- >> president-elect? >> yes. john lewis a district, 88% of the people have high school dipdi zb beyond that's insulting. i've heard from the head of the vice president of the human and civil rights museum in atlanta. she says this is disgraceful. i've spoken to the chairman of the democratic party in john lewis's district. he says it's an embarrassment. what it demonstrates to me is that president-elect not only has a problem with the truth, but he clearly has no concerns, i don't care how many times he meets with steve harvey about
8:33 am
maintaining a relationship and showing respect for people who have fought for the african-american community. >> we are digging up those stats to present those to either help substantiate, but largely to also counter donald trump saying, you know, how disastrous and how crime ridden that district is that congressman lewis serves. so lynn, congressman lewis, not only the -- not the only democrat who was questioning trump's legitimacy. br brian fallon saying he's only clinging to whatever he has. are you seeing the issue of legitimacy is one that will continue to cloud his presidency even if he says let's move on? it's going to be very difficult for a trump white house to move on especially as donald trump continues to question the legitimacy of intel? >> well, at the core of this is the feud is now on his foot.
8:34 am
this is coming from the man who fostered the berther movement and encouraged it throughout the years of president braarack oba. so whereas everyone knows trump was a leader of the movement questioning the legitimacy of president obama's eligibility to be president, raising questions falsely that he was not born, raising questions about whether or not he was born in the united states, which he was conclusively. it was not -- it was not the kind of fact based questioning that is going on now because there are some -- we do have reports from the intel community of the united states that there was intervention in the election. so if john lewis wants to say it's not a legitimate election, he is expressing his opinion. now, the good thing about this country is that when donald trump falsely accused president
8:35 am
barack obama of not necessarily being a legitimate president, that's what this country is about. so to go after john lewis in a twitter tirade, i don't see how it's as productive for trump as he might want as he starts in just a few days his presidency wanting to get things through congress, because this issue will not unite republicans behind him. >> it's very interesting that you kind of made that segue. we only have about 30 seconds, jason, for you to respond. it is interesting that the person we helped lead an effort to delegitimize a sitting president is now talking about an effort in his view, you know, being fueled by fake information, information that he doesn't believe is credible by the intelligence community about delegitimizing his tenure even before he's actually sworn in. so it's just a fascinating juks
8:36 am
ta position. >> yes. and it's disappointing. mitt romney, all sorts of people don't show up to inaugurations. the fact that he's so angry about this, he could set up a morning rather than complaining about it on twitter. the larger issue is this. this entire administration is under review. basically there are legitimate questions about the national security behavior and what they engaged in during the campaign. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. coming up, a big gun battle potentially brewing on capitol hill. new legislation being introduced to make it easier to buy a silencer. supporters say this isn't about the second amendment. >> it's about safety. it's about hearing protection. it's a health issue frankly for me. e to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara®
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8:40 am
to make gun silencers easier to buy. currently there's a $200,000 and a lengthy background check to purchase one. the american suppressors a association has worked to remove those requirements. victor blackwell is joining us with more on this. >> the supporters of this bill say the table is set in washington to get this passed. they say all the people in the right place. they have some high profile, well-connected supporters here. this is about health. the opponents say that's a facade. >> daniel craig used one in "casino royal." used one in "no country for old men." a gun silencer. shooting enthusiasts call it a suppre suppressor. >> gun owners, the only time
8:41 am
they've seen a suppressor is in film. >> it's a heavily regulated gun access sor. >> they reduce the noise of gunshot and bring it down to safer levels from a hearing perspective. >> the group working to make suppressors easier to buy. >> we've got a campaign called no state left behind where we're going through and trying to legalize it so the suppressors can be legal for ownership and for hunting in all 50 states. >> now his fight has reached congress. representative jeff duncan and john carter of texas have introduced what they call the hearing protection act. the goal is to lift the provisions of the national firearms act of 1934 placed on the suppressor, a $200 tax and a background check that gun shop owners say could last a year. gun control advocates say the bill is about militarizing weapons, not about hearing. >> it's a complete misunderstanding of the noise levels that unsuppressed
8:42 am
firearms have. the risk that both recreational shooters and hunters have to ringing in the ears and noise and hearing loss as a result of exposure to loud noises. opponents say it will allowed shooters to kill stealthily. williams fired rounds from several guns with and without a suppress suppressor. first up a nine millimeter without the suppressor. now with the suppressor. the ar 15 without the suppressor. and now with it. a noticeable difference but nothing as dramatic as le nard doe decrap rio muted rounds in inception. williams and gun rights advocates are optimistic this session.
8:43 am
why? >> second amendment, 100%. >> donald trump won the presidency. >> if we can get the hearing protection act to his desk, we thabl he wi believe that he will sign it. >> donald trump, jr., told the suppressor manufacturer as much during the campaign. >> we want to go through the congress and we want to do it the right way. if you lineup those votes, he'll obviously have it before him. it wouldn't make sense. it's about safety. it's a health issue frankly for me. getting little kids into the game, it's a great -- it's just eight great stuminstrument. >> the bill is just days old and members of congress are now taking sides, gearing up for what could be the next big gun battle on capitol hill. >> you heard there from the proponents of this bill. i spoke earlier with an opponent, the opposition. the director of one false for america. he says this is not about health. it's about money.
8:44 am
>> i have yet to see any actual evidence of a public health problem. any actual research into hearing problems with gun ordinary persons -- owners. ear mplugs are readily availabl. there are a whole range of products to help with noise suppression for shooters. the problem with silencers, particularly in a recreational shooting situation like let's say hunting is you want people in the vicinity of gunfire to be able to hear the report of a firearm. that in itself is a key safety element. because if there are people around you when you're hunting, let's say, you might not be aware of their presence. the report of gunfire allows them either to identify themselves to you or to move safely out of that area if necessary. that's just common sense. and this stands to be dangerous particularly for people in those
8:45 am
types of recreational shooting situations. >> in relation to the health claim, supporters of the bill point to this from a 2011 cdc report that says the only potentially effective noise control method to reduce students or instructors noise exposure from gunfire is through the use of noise suppressors that can be attached to the end of the gun barely. the bill is just a few days old. but about 60 co sponsors. one of them a democrat which means now this is bipartisan. >> new day weekend airing sunday morning at 6:00 eastern right here on cnn. you can see victor and christi all morning long. coming up, she was stolen at birth from her mother's hospital room and now 18 years later her life is turning upside down. how investigators cracked this cold case next. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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. a cold case finally cracked. a baby stolen from a florida hospital 18 years ago has been found alive after living what
8:49 am
she thought was a normal live. kamiyah mobley was a newborn when a person dressed as a nurse went into the mother's hospital room and took the baby. this woman is responsible, 51-year-old gloria williams is accused much taking the baby to south carolina, changing the child's name and pretending to be the mrt aother. all of this time. law enforcement has not released the name she's been living under for the past 18 years. joining us now with more on this. what a story. >> it is un believable. i just spoke to officials in the jacks sonville sheriff's office. they say they cannot elaborate the specifics on the tip that led investigators from florida to south carolina just recently. what we do know is a visit that changed the life of a young woman who was living there. >> i just always thought it would happen one day, but i didn't have no idea it was going
8:50 am
to be this day. >> velma's prayers were finally answered. the disappearance of a granddaughter captured the attention of a country in 1998 when a woman dressed as a nurse walked out >> the happiest thing in the world is to hold my babe b by. >> the search turned up clues, but no baby. 18 years and nearly 2500 tips later, jacksonville sheriff's office receive d the tips they kneed. investigators were led to a tiny town in south carolina. >> we found an 18-year-old young woman with the same date of birth, but a different name, so further investigation revealed that fraudulent documents had been used to establish that young woman's identity. >> the sheriff says dna angel is confirms that the 18-year-old woman is the baby. >> the interest of inducing any
8:51 am
further trauma, i'm not revealing her name. the name she's lived under for all these years. >> gloria williams was arrested friday and charged with kidnapping. a neighbor of the 51-year-old woman tells cnn williams and the girl she raised seemed to have a normal, mother daughter relationship. today, the young woman faces a new reality. being away from the only mother she ever knew. >> both remain in south carolina. we understand williams will likely be extradited to a florida to face some of these kidnapping charges, but for 18 year, law enforcement with a few tip, only had what is more of a sketch. we just showed you a few minutes ago and a hope they would finally be able to close the case. now, the question, how will prosecutors go about this case. you have a woman that by all accounts was a good mother, however, allegedly walk ued into the hospital dressed as a nurse
8:52 am
and walked out with a baby that was not hers! that image just again to emphasize the photograph we saw, it is a rendering. >> this is a sketch that was put together by investigate ors sin the baby was about six hours old when kidnapped. >> and then there is video that shows this young lady. who's essentially, waving to the woman she thought was her mother. and actually, saying i love you. so, this poor child is really now tormented for a number of reasons because as you said, it appears as though she was raised in loving environment with this woman, but then to find out this is not the mom. >> she's 18 years old. may still consider her a child. she's an adult. free to live with who she wants too t.o., so the question is, when he reunites with her biological family she choose to
8:53 am
stay with them or go back to the life in south carolina. >> but to learn of the circumstances in which she ended nup that household. that's the part that's got to be tormenting. thank you so much. appreciate it. still ahead, another sexual harassment case involving fox news, but this time, bill o'reilly is at the center of the controversy. take one.
8:54 am
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just weeks after -- to resign as, this one, against its biggest star. a newly surfaced letter by "the new york times" reveals disturbing allegations against riley levelled by a former fox anchor. she accused him of unwanted sexual advanceds and attempting to rerail her career. joining me is brian stelter what more are you learning about this letter? >> it didn't get that much attention, but this news broke
8:57 am
earlier in the week, then "the new york times" obtained the letter from hud di's lawyers. this was a lawyer that was said late in the summer threatening or saying there was an intent to sue over these alleged i incidents. now, o'reilly and an exec pif of fox news both name nd this letter, both denied this. according to our own colleague, dylan buyers reporting, the company says there was substantial falsehoods in the letter. we can show that on screen, the statement saying the letter sent containing substantial falsehoods which both men have denied. they said there was no basis for any claim of sexual harassment. what's noteworthy, this woman worked at fox for many years and had been on one of the stations as well. they had been a long time fox executive. she charges that o'reilly repeatedly sexually harassed her, but in the details, a six
8:58 am
figure settlement, she's not commenting on it, not able to talk about what may or may not have happened. >> so, what potentially is next now this this is public? i realize there hasn't been any comment coming from o'reilly or the network extensively. but will they be compelled to explain or say something? >> i think the reason why this stands out to a lot of people is that o'reilly had been accused of sexual harassment by a former producer on his program in 2004. this was a tabloid story, got a lot of attention at the time. various charges against him and there was a settlement then as well, so you flash forward 13 years and roger ales, the allegations against him led to his removal from the head of fox news last summer and now, there's new management in place, but it would seem behind the scenes, this is still a challenge for fogs. this allegation, this letter that was sent that we only learned about this week and i would point out another element of this.
8:59 am
gretchen is now very much in public speaking about this broader problem of sexual harass nmt the workplace. not talking about o'reilly, or ales or anybody else specifically, but saying this is an issue in many workplaces that has to be confronted. so, a former fox news anchor now a leerd on this. meanwhile, the woman who alleged harassment by o'reilly, she's not commenting. >> and as you said, carlson still not talking specifically. i'm sure that's part of the settlement agreement. not being able to talk specifically about her encounters or experiences. thank you so much. appreciate it. of course, you can catch brian tomorrow on his show. which airs at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on o cnn. next starts right now. hello again. thanks so much for being with me. in less than one week, donald
9:00 am
trump will take the oath of office. but he is already hint iing at w he will change one of the world's most complex relationships. trump tells "the wall street journal" that he would be open to lifting u.s. sanctions against russia saying quote, if you get along and if russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions if somebody's doing some really great things end quote. this as the senate intelligence committee will review those alleged links between russia and the u.s. political campaigns. meanwhile, as trump's inauguration committee is making preparations, protests marches are underway in the nation's capitol. this hour, be following a civil rights march from the washington monument to the martin luther king memorial as well as a rally for fair immigration reform. that's taking place right now as you see there in the metropolitian church. and there are some members of congress including that of congressman john lewis,


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