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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  January 15, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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this situation. >> the elephants living out their retirement at a conservation in florida. >> peta celebrated the closing of the circus after decades of protest. >> circus fans that want to catch the last performance, you have to travel to union dale, new york, and the greatest show on earth ends its historic run may 21st, just show you know. next hour starts right now. want to wish you a hearty hello on this sunday morning. i am christi paul. >> i am victor blackwell. good to be with you. inauguration week is here. donald trump's historic rise to the white house will be official when he takes the oath of office
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on friday. crews have been preparing capitol hill and the national mall for the big events for months now, and the first rehearsals are set for today. >> trump continues to attack civil rights icon, congressman john lewis on twitter. that's leading to more democratic lawmakers as well saying, you know, they are going to boycott the inauguration. >> and in a few hours, bernie sanders and chuck schumer will be in michigan leading the call to save obamacare. and democrats are billing today as a day of action, and 45 rallies across the country expected to be a show of force against republican's plans to repeal the health care signature law. >> and then we are talking about the uproar surrounding the president-elect,and it took off yesterday -- started late friday night and once trump tweeted yesterday morning, it was off.
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>> we have seen this really sweep across the country, particularly there on twitter at some of the comments there directed at a civil rights icon, john lewis, and as a result we have seen people here in atlanta speak out in an uproar among the constituents here in atlanta as well as local leaders. >> he dedicated his life to community service. >> what did you do in the civil rights movement? i didn't see you out here. >> this is the only city raising a family in midtown, which is just down the street from downtown -- >> no, i don't feel unsafe. >> as far as i am concerned, there's less crime in our neighborhoods than in politics. >> it's clear president-elect trump doesn't know much about atlanta and i really want to call him out on his promise to fix american cities. >> atlanta is not alone. there are plenty of other people and organizations trump targeted since the election, and let's take at some of trganizations tp
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has gone after on his twitter account, and as you can see, the list goes on and on. of course, cnn targeted there on the list as we learned during this week, and it will be interesting to see what happens next. this could be seen by many as a galvanizing moment, and many democrats are skipping the inauguration. >> we appreciate it. thank you. last hour i spoke with oliver mcgee, a former trump adviser about mr. trump's latest twitter feud. >> do you agree with the sentiment and characterization from the president-elect that congressman lewis is all talk talk talk and no action? >> essentially what i am trying to say is that congressman lewis
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is basically viewed very, very favorably among blacks and whites, left and white of the i will, because he's a statesman, and he established state of law, and that's the wrong territory for activism on the week of the inauguration, and we have to look at the communications and technology, and what we are going to see in the trump administration is how we do presidential politics. >> i want to bring in now the reverend jesse jackson. good morning to you. >> good morning, sir. >> you are a long-time friend of the congressman. what is your reaction to the exchange between congressman lewis and the president-elect? >> really, this is dr. king's birthday, and john is a great
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legacy, and i wish mr. trump rather than challenge john lewis with a twitter war, meet with the black congressional caucus and the latino caucus, and begin to engage in policy talks as opposed to the private challenges. there are low-hanging grapes of creditability crisis around the campaign, for example, the 101, the win or loss, and that was a crisis, and that's about the electoral college, and then the russian factor, and several say russia was involved in the campaign, and then the fbi factor and the suppression of the black vote, and there are layers of crisis here and it creates a credibility crisis around the campaign. i hope mr. trump move away from the personal attacks to a real policy discussion. >> what do you say about the
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people that criticize and say donald trump is not a legitimate president, which lines up with what you said, the winner lost and the loser won. >> well, everybody votes on democracy, and the one winner is hillary clinton, and then you have the electoral college, and most people don't recognize it as being legitimate, and then that being done, the rerben factor, and the intelligence community said it is a big factor in the campaign, and not the sole determining factor, and the fbi involvement ten days before, another factor. i think the most significant hacking was done the day after the election, "the new york times" ran an editorial that the republican chairman was celebrating the fact the black vote was down 9%, and they moved
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precincts, and they moved precincts and so the manipulation of the campaign is left a real credibility crisis. >> let me push you to answer the question that congressman lewis answered, and in citing all of the elements you have now, do you see donald trump as the legitimate president, the president-elect? >> legally he is the president, but with our moral foundation, it's a weak foundation, and therefore about 20 congress said they will not attend, and that number is growing and he should respond to the legitimacy of their pain. he is legally the president, but that does not make it have the moral foundation he needs to be the leader of a one big america. >> listen to what cornell williams brooke said yesterday about donald trump's comments and how he can bring the country
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together. let's watch. >> it's a campaign in which many of us felt disrespected, and unless we missed the point, in recent hours, in recent days, we are the president-elect referred to an icon of the civil rights movement who came close to becoming a martyr of the civil rights movement, a rev runt and representative john lewis. the president-elect said that he was all talk and no action. disrespected. >> some have called for the president-elect to apologize, and beyond that how does donald trump get to the point where he does what he says he wants to do which is unite a divided country? >> well, the congressional black caucus, 50 of them, latino and
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progressive caucus, meet with those leaders. it is now time for policy discussions. there are too few getting the idea -- the first idea would be to cut affordable health care. people are confused and they want affordable health care, and they want obamacare, and it's irrational, and we need leadership to bring us together. so far that has not been apoeurant. i think john lewis is too much of an icon, and he has been walk, walk, walk, and not talk, talk, talk. that's the john lewis we all know and love. >> let's talk about this, and you wrote this opposition to the affordable care act is founded in large part of racial delusions, and you cite
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research, and in all five of the rust belt states that flipped to trump in 2016. how do you believe that will impact this conversation, this effort to repeal and replace moving forward? >> well, many of the trump supporters are voting against obamacare, and they are now appeali appealing, please don't cut it, because one thing president obama didn't want and he came into office, and we lost jobs that month but net jobs every since, and without this they will die. south carolina has a billion-dollar budget turned town, and closed rural hospitals. president obama was on the right track, and those opposed to it are on the wrong track and they are going to attack their own
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base and that's unfortunate and unfair. >> before we let you go, you were in chicago for the president's farewell address this week. we don't know yet what the president will do post white house, but what would you hope to see from president obama from mrs. obama after they leave the white house? >> first of all, the address was a magnificent address, one where mrs. robinson raising the children in the white house, and pgs a big deal. that's the family idea. secondly, that in these inner cities, a renewed focus on urban crisis. chicago, nine communities with unemployment above 20%, and poverty above 40%, and income range $9,000 to $14,000 a year. in this city, for example,
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80,000 vacant homes and aband abandoned lots, and schools have closed and become eyesores, and if you were to remove the lead paint in the water, jobs. if you cut the weeds down now growing and get landscapers, jobs. and many of those houses cannot be restored, jobs. if we turn our focus as dr. king would from war in nuclear develop to economic development, we may have more jobs than people, and let's put america back and turn to each other and not on each other. dr. king spent time focusing on the wall on poverty and how to end the war in poverty and in vietnam. and invest and heal america. >> always good to have you. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you, sir. >> all right.
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the transition from the 44th president to the 45th president now just a few days away. a new cnn film is taking you inside the white house in the final days of the obama administration. >> they were not expecting to turn the keys over to a president with such a different agenda. listen to press secretary john earnest describe the first hours after they realized trump's victory. >> this is the white house where reporters are gathered and everybody is here. >> we are all waiting to find out what will be said. what will be said publicly. >> the first couple of days immediately after the election, you know, other than the statement that the president delivered in the rose garden, that was basically the only democrat in the country who was out publicly answering questions and that's the nature of the job. but all of the questions
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centered on the painful outcome of the election. >> i know it has been less than 24 hours, and the trump message resinated with the majority of the voters. what happened last night? >> does the president feel the results were some sort of rejection of him? >> this is real. truly the president must have concerns right now? >> i want to be real clear about this. the election is over. those briefings were difficult for me and my staff. this is not just a job. this is not just a 9:00 to 5:00 gig to pay the mortgage. a lot of this work is what people feel called to do. >> what are you suggesting? >> this is progress we made over the last eight years. >> okay. >> you can watch this cnn film "the end:inside the last days of the obama white house." let's talk about president obama and his legacy. ron brownstein joining us now.
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let's talk about obama. he has 5 1/2 days left as yesterday. >> yeah. >> do you expect any surprises? what might he do? >> you know, he's been using every hour as we have often seen in presidents, especially when we see a switch of parties at the end of the eight years. by the way, president obama joins a long list since world war ii, and ronald reagan is the only two-term president succeeded by a successor from his party, and we often are in this situation, and president obama is clearly intent on using every hour to engrave as much of his agenda as he can and we will see donald trump move aggressively of what is not firmly nailed down in a sense. >> and president obama ended a long-standing policy allowing cubans to become permanent residents, and slashed federally issued mortgage insurance
4:19 am
premiums and got the type of bumble bee listed on the endangered list. we know trump, too, can overturn some of these. do you expect that to happen across the spectrum? will some be left in place? >> absolutely. i think people have to look at this as a tier or ladder of actions president obama has taken, and it's easy for the next administration to overturn them, and the easiest are the executive orders, and it can be undone by the stroke of a pen, and the big one is whether donald trump will undo the deferred action that allowed the so-called dreamers to remain in the u.s., and proposed regulations by the agencies can be withdrawn by the next administration, and we have seen that repeatedly at the transfer of power. it gets tougher when a
4:20 am
regulation has been done, and the administration might choose to stop defending it in court and environmental groups can defend it, and congress can vote to repeal and complete a regulation. the last step are legislation, and there you see with the affordable care act, with one example, with dodd-frank or republicans tried to overturn and there tried to overturn whatever they can do on the party line vote, and where they need 60 votes to do so eight democrats, that could get a lot tougher. >> it was unique over the last couple of terms that president obama is going to stay in washington. what does that signal to you about his future? >> well, the first thing it signals is he's got school-aged kids that he wants to be able to continue, you know, with con tpau kn
4:21 am
continuity. i think the indications are president obama will be more visible and vocal and active than we have seen formal presidents be. he and donald trump have had a personal nonaggression pact for most of the transition, and he's gone out of his way to basically do everything he can to ease the transfer of power, and he also set out a number of trip wires and made clear when the next president moves in a direction that he thinks is dangerous to the country on some very big issues, perhaps race relations and race relations on immigration and climate change that he may be more willing to speak out than certainly what we have seen from george w. bush and even bill clinton. i am betting there are a lot of democrats that will hear more from president obama and vice president biden after the inaugural. >> it's going to be just as interesting afterwards as it has been up to this point. always appreciate you, thank you. >> thank you. "saturday night live" back from the holiday break, and
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storm sweeping across the central u.s. four people already have died in missouri as a result of this ice storm there. >> more than 20 million of you are waking up to a winter watch, a winter warning, some sort of advisory because of the storm. alisyn, what do you see this morning? >> where this is going to shift in the coming days, so right now the foe sus is from texas to illinois, and we are going to start to add more states further east as we go through the coming days and the system also begins to shift. right now some of the heaviest ice stretches from oklahoma city up towards kansas city with some really heavy ice coming down, and freezing rain in between those areas. we have the low that developed . already in the last 24 hours we had a half of inch of ice like in elm wood, oklahoma, and you
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have to keep in mind, we are going to get more ice on top of that, and in some areas, especially in oklahoma and kansas, we could be talking an additional half of inch of ice on top of the half inch they already had. then as we take the storm further out, say monday or tuesday into wednesday, then we have impacts in chicago, detroit, and eventually into boston by the time we get into the day on wednesday. now, the problem with this becomes the ice accumulations, not just on the roadways, and we know about the slick spots that will occur when you start to get quarter of an inch up to half an inch on the roads and then you have to factor in, it starts to accumulate on trees and power lines especially, and that's where it becomes hazardous. there's not as many trees as we have in the midwest or northeast, and this storm system is going to shift into those directions, and so power outages will still be a concern for the
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midwest and northeast as we go through the coming days. >> everybody be safe out there. you can't drive safely on ice so stay off the roads. >> victor giving you permission to stay home and not go to work. all right. donald trump at odds with mexico and china. is it more political rhetoric or the first shots in a coming trade war? what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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democrats are planning 45 rallies across the country, and they call it the last stand against the gop plan to repeal obamacare. >> and bernie sanders and chuck schumer. also, as john lewis supporters call for trump to apologize, and the president-elect is doubling down on the twitter attack. finally focus on the burning and crime-invested inner cities of the u.s., and i can use all the help i can get. >> this is leading to more democratic lawmakers saying they will boycott his inauguration on friday. take a look at some of them there. on the international front, mexico says they will retaliate if donald trump fires the first shot in a potential trade war, and china is warning the president-elect not to mess with the bedrock of the diplomatic
4:31 am
relationship of the u.s., and is this a economic battle brewing? trump made his reputation as a dealmaker, but china and mexico made it clear not everything is up for negotiation. trump said everything is under negotiation including one-china. one-china is a policy that accept taiwan and the mainland are part of the same china, and beijing insists it's not a bargaining chip, and china's government released a statement saying it is but one china in the world and the one-china principle, which is the political foundation of the china and u.s. relations is nonnegotiable. the president-elect clearly does not see it that way. here he is speaking last month. >> i fully understand the one-china policy, but i don't know why we have to be bound by one-china policy unless we make a deal with china. >> and mexico, casts as an
4:32 am
adversary with trump's campaign, along with u.s. companies that sent jobs across the border. >> there will be a major border tax on the companies that are leaving and getting away with murder, and if our politicians had what it takes, they would have done this years ago. >> mr. trump said a tax on the company's products could be as high as 35%, and the economic minister on friday said his nation could be forced to retaliate and a tariff, will, quote, have a wave of impacts that could take us into a global recession. the anxiety over tariff is not limited to the mexican government as 6 million jobs depend on them. >> i think the thing is making sure as the president-elect gets into office and as the administration gets into office, we could have a fact-based
4:33 am
discussion. >> what that discussion looks like could well determine the fate of the economy, here at home and around the world. >> let's talk more about this with cnn politics, steven colinson. were you able to tell this is political posturing, part of the deal-making process, or policies central to the u.s. and china relationship like one-china really up for negotiation? >> i think it's a bit of both, to be honest, victor. you know, it's clear that donald trump ran for office on a set of policies that include renegotiating the north america free trade agreement, which is the agreement with mexico and canada, and governs free trade in the western hemisphere, and took a more active response against rising china, and that clearly caught that set of beliefs, and a lot of people
4:34 am
believe this is an opening bid of donald trump, and he wants to reset relations with both countries and is taking a position some would regard as extreme, and the starting point for negotiations. look at this, so if donald trump's present administration follows through on some of the rhetoric that is adopted on the one-china policy, the very foundation of u.s. china relations for 40 years, and we are going to go into the most turbulent period since richard nixon and henry kissinger opened relations with china back in the '70s, and make no mistake, even if it's a rhetorical starting point and negotiating point, we are going to see very contentious relations with china, with mexico and other u.s. foes and even allies around the world. >> you know, throughout the week during the confirmation hearings, we saw there were
4:35 am
really important discrepancies between donald trump and his nominees. when we look at his team, are they in lockstep with the president-elect or are they -- >> at this point we can see we don't know for sure, but it was clear, as you said, you look at the nomination hearings of rex tillerson, for example, and general mattis, and pompeo, there were clear differences between what donald trump said during the election on issues like torture, and issues on national security, and things like nato, u.s. alliances around the world, and what his nominees actually said. they pursued a far more central establishment line on issues of foreign policy than donald trump adopted during the campaign. the question is as we go into the second week of hearings, for example, the hearings with the
4:36 am
designee of treasury secretary, are we going to see those similar divisions open up? you mentioned in your report that the huge number of u.s. jobs, for example, that are contingent on trade with mexico and on the billion-dollar trade with canada, and if donald trump adopts a tariff and what some people would say are restrictive trade policies, and those jobs could be under threat and could cause a recession and economic impacts, which could ruin us to his political prospect, so i don't know for sure exactly how donald trump economic team views a lot of the rhetoric he adopted in the campaign, but there's certainly room for differences. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, the u.s. stepping up the military presence in europe, deploying thousands of troops to poland. what russia has to say about
4:37 am
that? stay close.
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thousands of u.s. soldiers have arrived in eastern europe, and soon they will bolster training exercises with baltic troops, and this is to show the u.s. commitment and allies. >> and now russia believes it to be a threat. cnn's phil black has the story. >> the baltic states have long considered russia to be a potential threat, and part of that is history because they say they know what it is to be occupied and ruled by moscow. since the early '90s, they have been independent and looking to the west to guarantee their security, especially through nato and its promise of collective defense, in the hope that would detour russian aggression, and it has not worked entirely, and it says russian military aircraft
4:41 am
regularly penetrate the airspace, and it was the ukrainian crisis that has shown, it says, fears about russia are not unfounded because the baltic states like ukraine has sizeable ethic russian minorities, and putin has shown what he is prepared to do in the name of protecting ethnic russians living beyond the borders of the russian federation. and around 1,200 troops from britain and france, and the defense minister said he is satisfied with the commitment and the message it sends to moscow. >> this is a real military coming here, and we are happy u.s. troops are now coming to poland, and this is a clear message that we are ready to be together for independence and to defend the peace in this district. >> the estonian government
4:42 am
watched with interest and concern as trump and putin traded kphraementes, and he has called into question the usefulness of the nato alliance, describing it as obsolete. estonians want the nato policy to be clarified very quickly. they say they understand why a newest administration would want to forge new closer and warmer ties with russia, but they believe it's inevitable, this new american president will realize, as others have, that it's very difficult to achieve. phil black, cnn, estonia. u.s. soldiers officially welcomed at the opening ceremony in poland, where the prime minister called it a great day. give us your assessment of the
4:43 am
deployment and it's importance? >> i have been involved in it since the beginning when i was still wearing the uniform, and we started the planning for this in 2004 as we tkpwpb the drawdown of the size of the force in europe, and the size of the u.s. force in europe. there were 100,000 soldiers in europe in the late 1990s, and there's about 30,000 permanently stationed there now. this rotational brigade is a critical part of reinforcing and reinsuring our allies, and what is going on with russia, they have a strategy of undermining the competence that the nato nations have in the article 5 procedures, and that article 5 is if one nation attacked, others will come to their aid. this reassurance is saying to nato, we will be there for you and it's important and it has been going on for the last several years, but this is the first time we have stationed
4:44 am
soldiers in poland itself. >> how do you think this move by president obama may shape what donald trump does moving forward? >> well, again, this has been in the works for a while, and this was not geared toward the inauguration and what is going on this month with our politics, and it has to do with reinforcing nato. it will give the trump administration a little time to consider this as he talks to our european allies and gets a firmer grip on what goes on in nato, so it will be important to have these 5,000 additional troops conducting exercises in key nato countries. >> let's listen to the polish prime minister and what he had to say. >> translator: this is very important for poland and the region and we live in europe where russian policy is controversialal, and this constitute a threat and we are
4:45 am
conscio conscious. >> she points out at the end of the day, if there is a warming between the u.s. and russia in some capacity, that puts poland in a delicate position? >> a warming would be a good thing, and all historical relations are that putin has a strategy and we have to understand this. it's not whether you like or dislike a person, and it has to do with his strategy for the country of russia, and phil black mentioned the issue with lithuania, and they had to fight for their freedom in 1990. google lithuania, and there were citizens literally approaching russian tanks with their fists in their town squares, and they want them out. this is a good thing for the
4:46 am
nato countries, and poland and the politics joined nato in 2004 and they want to see assurances they will be defended under article 5. >> earlier in the week, mattis said he supports nato and that is something that goes against the grain of what president-elect trump said. what do you make of that relationship? >> general mattis said he not only supports nato, and he said if nato was not in existence now we would have to create it, and that's a huge statement on the guy getting part of the secretary of defense what counters what trump said during his entire campaign. nato is an important alliance and we have to keep it strong, and it has transformed orr its years to address its threat today unlike what mr. trump said, it's an old institution. it's very modern and they do a lot of good things.
4:47 am
>> we appreciate it so much. always good to get your thoughts and perspective. thank you, sir. >> my pleasure, and thank you. "saturday night live" going after the president-elect once again. alec baldwin back to take on donald trump, but will the president-elect respond? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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much closer to home than many of us believe. there's a new documentary taking it on called "trapped" showing how the underworld crime of sex trafficking breaks out in middle school and high school. in this film a teenager makes a single bad decision at a party and look what it does. >> good girls get in trouble for doing these kinds of things. now, meets me at the diner at 2:00 p.m. or these go viral and don't tell your parents. >> i smoke with jan edwards earlier. she's from the advocacy group paving the way, and show talked about the warning signs that we need to look out for in our kids. >> the average age is 12, according to the fbi. >> 12. >> in homeland security, yes. >> there are parents watching this going what do i do to keep this from happening? >> yes, yeah. so parents are the front line of defense for us, and it's when
4:51 am
you spend quality time with your children and you really get to know who they spend time with, what they love, what they are passionate about such that you can notice the slight alterations of a child who loves dance and comes home one day and i don't want to dance any more or they are playing baseball or they are playing football but i really don't want to do that anymore. that's a massive alteration and behavior, you know. low self-esteem. watching grades drop, having a whole new set of friends. >> the cnn freedom project is committed to helping bring an end to modern day slavery. to learn more and find a way to help go to our website we'll be right back. f famer, je, and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®... a latest-generation blood thinner. then i made the switch.
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hello and thank you for coming. i'd like to start by answer the question that everyone is on mind. yes, this is real life. this is really happening. on january 20th i, donald trump, will become the 45th president of the united states and then two months later mike pence will become the 46th. >> "saturday night live" taking
4:55 am
aim at donald trump as he prepares for his inauguration. >> of course, alec baldwin was back to reprice his role as the president-elect. here were some of the highlights. cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter, host of "reliable sources" only gets $1,200 for each appearance on "saturday night live." >> really? >> $1,200 is a lot of money in that vain on "snl," but he doesn't do it for the money, he says. >> he makes hundred of thousands of millions of dollars from film, from tv, but, you know, he gets the usual actor rate to show up for these appearances of "snl." that's what he told the "new york times" about playing trump. clearly baldwin is in it for reasons other than the money and this press conference cold open last night, a lot of topics were discussed including, of course, the big issue on capitol hill right now, obamacare. >> yes, mr. trump, you and the republicans want to repeal obamacare, but why would you do that before coming up with a
4:56 am
replacement plan? >> because obamacare is a disaster and i actually do have a replacement plan, okay. i just read about it this week, it's a terrific plan. it's great. it's called the affordable care act. >> that's the same thing as obamacare, and if you repeal it, 20 million people will lose their health insurance. i mean, people could die. >> listen, sweetheart. i'm about to be president. we're all going to die. next question. >> all right. there's baldwin as trump having some fun with this issue. of course, going to be a big story in the days and weeks to come. you know, "snl" will be back after the inauguration, but this is the first time the show had been on since christmas so there was a lot to make fun of. >> it was also the relationship between the president-elect hand the media that -- that a sketch made fun of, and what we actually saw over the last week really didn't seem like real life when we were watching it on wednesday. >> i completely agree with you. here's the version of buzzfeed
4:57 am
and cnn at the press conference. >> god, i'm loving this press conference. i love the press, i respect. press. let's take another question from the press. >> hello, i'm from buzzfeed. >> not you, you're a failing pile of garbage and i took your quiz yesterday, and i'm into the joey, i'm a rachel. who also has a question, i love the press. >> jim acosta. >> not cnn, you're overrated, fake news and i tried to watch the necessarywork and there was a crazy blond woman spouting lies. >> that was kellyanne conway. >> oh, right. >> god, i love kellyanne. >> so there you go again from the alec baldwin version of donald trump. you know, one of the things that "snl" is doing here is using trump's words and then having baldwin just read them in an exaggerated way. trump really did call buzzfeed a failing pile of gash acand
4:58 am
rafael caldera cnn fake news. buzzfeed made t-shirts and is donating the money to protect journalists. maybe he's figured out the streisand effect, a term for when a celebrity attacks something or talks about something and then gives it even more attention. that's what trump had done with "snl" earlier in the season. maybe he'll avoid that today. >> what's coming up on the show today? >> "reliable sources," got the editor of chief ben submit of buzzfeed for publishing all that unverified and unsubstantiated information about trumpet i'll have him on the show. >> brian stelter, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks. >> and don't forget, you can catch brian on "reliable sources" today at 11:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. >> it's the end of the road for the greatest show on earth. >> the world famous ringly and
4:59 am
barnum and bailey's circus defined what it was to be a child and had been on the road for 150 years. >> in the end the ceo said the circus was too expensive to produce and when they retired the elephant show they said at that time it was inevitable. >> there was a saying you can't fight city hall and we found that to be the case in that situation. >> the elephants are living out their retirement by the way at a conservation center in florida. >> for years the elephants and their dance routines were a big draw for the circus fans, but hated by animal rights groups like people for the ethical treatment of animals. those activists criticized and picketed and sued the company over the troempt elephants. peta opposed the celebration of the circus. >> circus fans who want to catch the last performance you can if you travel to uniondale, new
5:00 am
york. the greatest show on earth ends its historic run on may 21 isst. we hope you make good memories. thank you for sending some of your time with us. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now. his final days. >> change only happens when ordinary people get involved and they get engaged and they come together to demand it. >> and his feisty style. >> it's all fake news. it's phony stuff. it didn't happen. >> it's inauguration week, and the president-elect promises a quick start. >> it will be repeal and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously. >> but who to believe? trump's top national security picks split from the boss on russia and more. >> russia must know that we will be accountable


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