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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  January 15, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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ber. here it comes. in five days donald trump will be sworn in. john lewis says he is boycotting. >> i don't see the president-elect as a legitimate president. >> will other democrats revolt? president obama's chief of staff
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will be here live. plus, hear it here first. president obama wa trump says h obama dchs ca oba obamacare repealed immediately. we'll have that exclus lively in minutes. if putin likes donald trump i consider that an asset. >> they will investigate ties to russia a day after they said it was no business of theirs. what will they discover? plus incites on what happens next. hello. the state of the union is in rehearsals. preparations are underway for
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friday's parade and swearing in ceremony. house democrats lead by john lewis and planned to boycott the inaugurati inauguration. divided on the issue. first lady obama will hand the baton to the trumps. join bid president obama's chief of staff, thanks to much for being here. it's quite a thing to have you here. >> i appreciate the chance to be with you. >> let me ask you, there are at least 18 house democrats. does president obama think that's appropriate or do they think shaw should -- >> the president has made very clear since the election that we should do everything in our power in this transition period to make sure that the next president and his team are up and ready to go. on tuesday night in his speech
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he called him the freely elected president of the united states. that's the charge that we have taken. by to same token they have pointed out they have significant concerns. we found some of those concerns. intelligence shows they did intervene with the purpose of helping one candidate and hurting the other. these are by no means trivial concerns. my hope would be that the president-elect would reach out to somebody who is such a leader who has done so many things to try to work this out. hopefully not just reach out to him but pursue some of the policies that mr. lewis has literally fought, bled and gone to jail for and that would be the kind of thing that would not only send a message to the american people that we are prepared to work together but would also send a message to the russians that we are united.
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their message to weaken us and advance their own at the expense of ours, they will fail. sfwland president obama thinks president-elect trump is legitimate. >> he made very clear he is the freely elected president. he will be inaugurated and will skboom office hopefully strengthened by the kind of transition we have chtry todaie. >> does he think democrats should put this away, this idea of legitimate? >> the president will not get in the middle of this right now. i think what ultimately president-elect trump's will be determined by his to have the kind of success that we have had over the course of this administration. take one of the issues i think he mentions over the course of
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the last several days which is crime. crime is way done. crime is down at the same time the prison populations in this country are down. it's the first time it ever happened. we feel very good about the progress we have made and we hope it will allow the policy that is resulted in that progress. >> mike mcfall put out a tweet this weekend. it is unusual for transition teams to have contact with foreign governments. he reached out around the time they announced new punishments against russia. do you have concerns about the attempt to reach out?
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the fact is the content of the falls is what matters. we have pursued a policy throughout the course of this transition which is the one we pursued in 2008. there is one president at a time. that's important so the american people know what to expect. it is also important so our adversaries are not confused by what the united states's position is and about the significance of our feeling or intentions on some particular issue. >> you were in the room when they were briefed about the report on the russian hacking but also the addendum about the
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british officer's memo. i know you won't get into the content but he confirmed it was there. clapper tried to explain it. he said part of our obligation is to ensure policymakers are provided with the fullest possible that might effect national security. do those matters effect national security or do you agree with president-elect trump that this is a political witch hunt trying to hurt him? >> look, the president thought it was very important to ask what precisely happened in our election in 2016 but also in 2012. two elections that he stood in. we were also hacked at that time. >> nothing was released. >> it was important for the
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president we get a full and complete assessment from the intelligence community so we could brief it to policymakers that could stay here so they can come up with policy and ensure it doesn't happen again. >> we think we got that in this case. >> do you think that including that was the intelligence community trying to mess with donald trump? trying to get rumors out there in a sneaky way? >> the intelligence community is staff bid professionals. i have no reason to believe that they pursued this tasking this assignment with anything but the most straightforward professional. >> are you at all concerned that the russians have something on donald trump?
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>> look, job description of chief of staff is to be concerned and worry about things. the thing we are worried about is making sure the incoming team has all of the readiness, all of the preparation that they need that day can hit the ground running on friday after the president is inaugurated here and they take over. >> i recognize your hands are kind of tied but you did recognize you were concerned. >> and that's my job description. that's what i do and that's what i'll continue to do. >> a big part of the obama legacy is the affordable care act. president obama has told democrats don't kres rerescue republicans, given how many americans depend and what will come next, shouldn't democrats try to make it as good as possible? >> well, i'm not sure i know what that quote is. i think it's referring to a leak
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or a secondhand characterization. she here is what i know. the affordable care act is important to the american people. this isn't a political question. this is 24 million people who have access to health care because of that act. we also have seen historically low cost increases over the course of the last four years, year on year on year on year. it is something we have not seen happen -- >> but premiums have gone up. >> premiums go up and down as a mat over course. what we have seen over the course of these last four years, historically low cost increases. that's when you consider out of pocket costs like copays or deductibl deductibles. that's what the president is focused on. politics will work themselves
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out. what won't work themselves out is 24 million people or 324,000 people that would get coverage which was put on hold last night bay federal judge, what won't happen is those 320,000 people won't get health care. won't get the peace of mind that you and i had that all 435 of these people have and everybody in the administration have at the cost of the american taxpayers. that's what the american people deserve and it would be an absolute shame if this congress and this incoming administration doesn't recognize. >> you mentioned intelligence professionals who will be here after president obama and his administration leave. there will be a lot of people who work in policy who are remaining here. the trump transition team sent out questionnaires to a lot of them. who has worked on climate change, who worked on gender
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issues. >> the american people pay them. they expect results from them. that's what they get. we were very concerned. we raised them -- a number of us have raised them with the transition team and with the president-elect's team. we received reassurances that was not sanctioned activities. they think it's a bad idea. we are relieved to hear that. we think the american people will be relieved to hear that. we'll conduct our business until 12:01 on friday. >> the attorney general refused himself from anything having to do with the clintons. is there any discussion by president obama about any sort of preemptive pardon? >> i don't have anything on pardons preemptive or other
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wise. >> also the president will exercise it will be conducted pursuit to our policies and we'll make decisions based on merits, not on politics of any particular matter. >> he has been since president obama giving him advice and then joins his campaign. what is your favorite one on one memory you ever had with him? >> the beauty of one on one memory is they will stay that. i valued my relationship with the president. the fact that he gives me good advice including on how to be a good dad. that's stuff i'll take with me, maybe share with my wife but nobody else. an administration now knowledge we have six or five days left, that has been historically free
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of scandal. i think it's important because it underscores the president and his -- and the first lady's view on how the government should run but it's also because we set out a white house that said the institutions have to work. congress will investigate us. they did. we participated with those investigations. my point is they ought not let down their guard on the article one overseeing the article 2 of the president. we let the fbi, the courts do their business and not intervened in that. that process is very important to the function of this democracy. the president has been clear about that since day one. that's why god willing we'll leave here on friday with that
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president's record in tact. that's an important thing. it underscores the confidence at a time when that some times seems in question. >> most last two years? >> it has been great. andy carden lasted five and a half years. >> are you at four? >> not yet, on friday. >> you think you'll get fire department before that? >> i don't know. >> it's up to the discretion of the president. >> thanks. >> an exclusive look into the proposal to replace obamacare. rand paul will be here with the details next. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright?
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senator rand paul is here to share it with us. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> so i will get to your bill in a second. i have to ask you about this martin luther king weekend. jo mr. trump took to twitter and attacked lewis. he wrote john lewis should spend more time on fixes and helping his district which is in horrible shape, falling apart not to mention crime infested
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not to mention crime infested rather than falsely complaining about the election results. he said i can use all the help i can guess. you make and have made a concerted effort to reach out to communities of color as a presidential candidate. what is your response to what presiden president-elect trump tweeted to jew lewis? >> i worked with many progressive democrats on the idea of criminal justice reform. i think i have a good relationship with him. i do appreciate what him being a civil rights icon. i would also say it doesn't make us immune from criticism or debate. he isn't a decision because there's a civil rights icon. i would say that instead of this
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bickering back and forth what i would like to find out is how i can do criminal justice reform. i have been talking about how to get more republicans on board. i was disappointed we didn't get it through. i think there is a chance to reform some of our criminal justice system. i am willing to work with him on that. >> just a last question on that. i think one of the things people are taking issue is not whether she immune from criticism. certainly lot of room to criticize there in terms of what he is saying a few days before. the question of describing his district as crime infested who as all talk no action. i think it struck a little people as tone deaf. >> yeah. but i think it gets one sided some times. jeff sessions nomination
9:22 am
hearings there were three african american legislators and i think richmond decided to testify against sessions. there were also three african americans who testified in his favor. when things involve race it gets very very sensitive. none of us actually want to be considered racially insensitive. it's a very important subject. i think we shouldn't ignore that people are partisans. i have a great deal of respect for him but he is a partisan. i should be able to disagree with him and not have it come back to i have no appreciate because of this. i think that's the participant that is some times unfair in this. >> let's tourn health care. i want you to hear from a kentucky resident who is concerned ability losing
9:23 am
obamacare. >> you spoupported donald trump >> if obamacare goes away i will be in a world of depression. >> you want the health care? >> i do. i know it sounds weird. >> i know i'm not telling you anything i don't know but more than 4,000 people in kentucky have been able to get health insurance because of obamacare tell us about the replacement bill. can you guarantee all 400,000 of those people will be able to keep their coverage? >> you know, i think the interesting thing about the woman's comment is that she wants care. she also wants a job. so we need policies that create more jobs. the more jobs the less need there is for government to jump in. i believe it's incredibly
9:24 am
important we do replacement on the same day we do repeal. we have had six years to complain. i have complained. i have been one of those complaining about obamacare. replacement should be the same day. our goal is to ensure the most amount of the people at the least amount of cost. that's where obamacare failed. they wanted to ensure but they put so many mandates that they made it too expensive. what's happening is about 6 or 7% of the market. you have them losing $400 million because people don't want to buy it because they are told you can get it any time after you get sick. they have broken the insurance model. they have put these mandates and said every insurance policy has to have ten items, things like pregnancy and dental coverage but they add cost and forced
9:25 am
people out of the market. one of the key reforms is we are going to legalize is sale of inexpensive insurance. we will help people save through health savings accounts as well as a tax credit. one of the things we need to talk more about is we are going to allow individuals to come together in associations to buy insurance. i understand i had a doctor's office with four plays. if one of my employees got cancer it was devastating to the bottom line of insurance. no reason they shouldn't be able to join with hundreds and hundreds of businesses that are small to get leverage to bring your prices down and also to get insurance that can't cancel you and guarantees the insurance fec even if you get sick. >> what will happen to the people who now have health
9:26 am
insurance because of medicaid expansi expansion? will it remain or be taken away as your new bill theoretically goes forward? >> i think that's the big question. i don't think that's going to be in the replacement aspect. i think it will be in the repeal aspect. it will be a vote. it's a fancy term, budget reconciliation. you can by simple majority altar things th -- alter things that have do with insurance. they got it through med katicai. we have to decide what can be kept and what can't be kept. i will make that point. everybody says what are we going to do? we are going give these people care and the other is where are we going to get this money? my point is we should be honest
9:27 am
about it. if kentucky or ohio wants to expand medicaid and say we have a lot of people struggling. probably we should raise the taxes on everybody in kentucky to pay for medicaid. instead we had this destreet seet -- we have no money in washington. we have a 20 trillion debt. so it's not honest accounting. if you want more medicaid you should say we have to have higher taxes to pay for it. >> you have heard testimony from tillerson. you are on the senate foreign relar relations committee. are you willing to say you will vote for him? >> yes. i was very impressed. one of the things i was very impressed with is one of the introductions by a former democrat. somebody who realizes how important dialogue is, we have
9:28 am
so dumbed down and simplified this idea of whether tillerson would be a friend of russia. we want dialogue and engagement. the one thing he mentioned, he said in the deepest darkest throws of the world war when we were at such great odds with the soviet union and they were doing wars around the globe we still talk to the russians. this is important because on both sides they are like what are you going to do? it's like well, no. maybe we are going to have discussions and engage. . it doesn't mean we are going to say russians are right or we won't stand up to them. we have to realize we have enough nuclear weapons to blow up the world that it is noornt we always maintain a diagnose dialogue with the russians. >> thanks. hope to see you soon.
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i think the russians
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participated and they have destroyed the candidacy. >> ytrump responded tweeting jon lewis should spend more time fixing his district all talk talk talk, no action or results. sad. will they follow the lead of president obama or lewis? joining us former democratic ohio sarah is here with us. and former major of new orleans. thanks fg before here. lots to talk about. what do you make of the fight between president-elect trump and john lewis?
9:34 am
>> he say great american and american icon. nothing donald trump says will diminish his legacy. let's not let all of the smoke get away from the fire of whether russia was involved in our elections process. that is something that has to play out and be fully investigated. in all of the discussion we should loosz the essence of the issue. john lewis raised that once again. members of the both the republican and democratic intelligence committee have raised that. there needs to be a complete investigation. i would like to see a biparti n bipartisan, something that can be done in public. it is damaging if a foreign power was involved in our elections process. >> we will talk more about russia in the next block. let me ask you. i understand you would take issue with the question of whether or not president-elect
9:35 am
trump is legitimate. >> i don't think they need to take issue with this. >> okay. >> the idea that we are questioning that is absurd. >> as a political matter if donald trump said how should i handle this what would you say? >> donald trump is president and i'm not. i'm not giving any advice on how to handle these things. what he has done is break every single rule and it's working out pretty well for him. i think the last thing he said in his tweet is right. it's sad. lewis lewis was a great civil rights leader when he made his mark and continued to make a mark. look, john lewis said some things he should not have said and is doing something he shouldn't do. that to me is sad. it does create a little stain on what is a terrific record.
9:36 am
>> i think one of the things, president elect trump is a legitimate president and it should not hurt him. you have a president-elect who is coming in as the least popular president-elect in history or at least in modern history. his approval ratings are under 50%. his approvallatin ratings is th wrong thing. >> right. >> president-elect obama was at 80% approval rating. so you can do what you need these guys in the building behind me to do. >> right. i do think that we are seeing just a different political atmosphere than we have seen before. there is they have very silent. lewis should know better. it is also the office.
9:37 am
it's not about the man. i think he will go in with a different honey moon period. i think congress is ready to get to work on a bunch of items. the last president was having several executive actions that were unconstitutional. so the question for the president is going in, his approval rating set those aside. those are farirly meaningless. i think we are seeing so far as president-elect that he makes a good progress on that. >> john lewis put democrats in kind of an awkward position on friday. they are like i'll be forced to defend president-elect trump. i think he changedd the dynamic. a lot have raised their eyebrows. >> he is congressman john lewis. i want to say that to make sure we give him the respect he deserves. 50 years ago everything he did
9:38 am
is still important today. we know that the russians had some impact. they didn't mess with the electronic data. there are some that get that. and they didn't write the e-mails. democrats will have to wear that. at the same time what the president elect needs to do, this is not the apprentice the white house edition. his sweets were intensetive. for him to categorize congressman lewis's district as in bad shape -- >> crime infested -- >> crime pin fested. >> yes. it is diverse economically. so a lot of white elected officials make this mistake in making the after rab can americ --
9:39 am
african american -- they think everybody is poor and broken down. they need to come visit and see the diversity of that community. the president will have to let some of this roll off. zwl why does trump have to be the bigger man when you have seen calls for recounts, calls for russia involvement -- >> i'll tell you why. when you're president you have to take the heat. >> that's not what you were saying when trump was attacking president obama. >> but obama took all of the low blows and he will leave office with one of the highest approval ratings. the verdict is in. he took the heat. i would suggest in this instance if you're concerned about communities assemble a and let's have a public policy discussion.
9:40 am
let's have atlanta, philadelphia, new york have problems but have tremendous successes and assets. let's not downgrade these communities. >> stay with us. coming up donald trump will be inaugurated. predictions from our panel on what surprises the big day will bring. stay with us. . say hello to a powerful tool that gives you options to fit your budget. ♪ oh, i'm tied to this chair! ♪ dun-dun-daaaa! i don't know that an insurance-themed comic book is what we're looking for. did i mention he can save people nearly $600? you haven't even heard my catchphrase. i'm all done with this guy. box him up. that's terrible.
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absolutely scottsdale. >> that was trump talking about
9:44 am
a better relationship with putin. the panel is back with me. i rudely cut you off. i want you to respond. i was talking about how well president obama took the slings and arrows when he was president. you take issue? >> i take big issue. he was probably one of the most vindictive presidents and going after members of congress and anybody who disagreed with him. it was one of the things that made it hard for him is going after paul ryan. he is sitting right in front of him and trying to embarrass him. >> and going after the supreme court or trying to bully the supreme court. he has been tough. he has done it in a cool way. i'll give you that. he has done it in style. it's not because he has ban light tough. >> he has been a tough strong leader and done it with dignity.
9:45 am
>> and style. >> not just style, it's a since of leadership and a sense of confidence and what we want our children to be. the presidency is also an important role model and an important image. i don't want my children believing that leaders speak in course language, that they personally attack anyone that says anything about him on the schoolyard playground. i sort of think we have to get used to this tweeting. you learn this. when you as a high powered person attack someone you also elevate them. john mccain was elevated. they are elevated in the public consciousness. i would like us to certainly pivot adds a country and move to confronting some of the challenges we faced if there's going to be a plan coming from
9:46 am
this administration for america's urban communities. i'm all ears. >> let's turn back to the subject that it was a bout we shouldn't avoid, which was russia and the hacks of russia and now the snapt is telling us they are going to look into the role of russia and any intelligence associated with any political campaigns. >> they have do to do that. they have to ensure them. we need the private sector. sony got hacked. it is a security issue from the public perspective and private perspective. with that being said we need no red scare in the 21st century. we can't have a super power like russia giving into these fights back and forth. it is the president of america and he has to make that clear. i think he has taken some of the
9:47 am
things and making it personal about his legitimacy. president-elect donald trump won the lelectoral process. we need to decide what we are doing to win elections and to win over and get the power back so we can push our agenda. those are the facts. this is a dr. king moment. it is a martin luther king moment. we have to work together as brothe brothers, and i will throw sisters in there. >> brothers and sisters or parish together as fools. this is a moment we have to work together. they should on the things they can't let's have at it. this is politics. >> she said it right. the proof will be in the pudding. donald trump will get a lot of stuff here.
9:48 am
he will get more done than president obama tried to get don done. one of the reasons is he is not a partisan. s he is -- idee -- he will do wha he did when he makes deals. you'll see a lot of things happen. his popularity will grow over time. he will have rough edges. we have a president that reflects that. prize. i always said the presidency is a reflection of us. we may not like that some time but we need to look in our own mirror. >> i will take that and we talked about a lot getting done. you had a nice little speech there. what do you see happening here and moving forward?
9:49 am
give us a little prediction. >> we have to tear down the current president to lift up president-elect trump. that's what he just did. we shouldn't do that. i agree with some of the things he is saying. the president-elect will go there and do his thing. whether he is going to read the te teleprompter. we will be a little country, a little rock and roll. >> a little jazz. a little hip hop. >> yes. >> what are we going to say moving forward? >> the day after the election i thought he gave one of his best speeches that he has given. >> yeah. >> and i thought it was one of his best speeches. it was done on very short notice. i think the speech itself will be pretty great. don't forget that this president understands how to reach the american people in a revolutionary way that we
9:50 am
haven't seen reagan took over television. clinton with town halls and obama with social media but it's nothing compare todd to the rea moment. >> i hope the idea becomes a real cost in making america great for everyone and everyone is included in the go forward and there isn't an effort to roll back important gains and that donald trump will in fact dominate a mainstream moderate supreme court yus tjustice. my hope is is that the rhetoric around an inner city plan is very real. i hold my hand up to say that there's a chance on that issue, i think, jake, to build a real bipartisan approach. >> hope it's a wonderful inauguration day for all of you. after the break. he proved it will continue once he takes the white house. he is not the only president.
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! bleeding red ink, a laughing stock and of course this week's failing pile of garbage. he certainly is not the first president to have had a contentious relationship. states of the cartoon-ion. president-elect donald trump held his first televised press conference and it got a little press. >> you are fake news.
9:55 am
>> presidents as far back as the one who held the first televised press conference have been wary of taking our questions. >> i see we are try aing a new experiment this morning. >> richard nixon thought we were a tad intrusive. >> especially with the president, with a microscope. >> noticing the white house briefing room was built on top of where the white house swimming pool used to be ronald reagan joke that had he had a plan. >> i only had to push the button and splash. >> other presidents were more comfortable around us like lbj who answered questions while stripping down when he was left
9:56 am
in only a towel actually answering questions while nude might be more common than you think. he emerged to find one of the first female reporters forcing it exposed them. >> thanks for watching. i'm jake tapper.
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this is gps, the global public square. welcome to you all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. questions swirl around relations with china, nato. how does the world view the next president? i have a great global foonl discuss it all. >> just how


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