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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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a lot of news to get to this hour. because president obama is being inaugurated next week. >> who do you trust more, angela merkel or vladimir putin. >> i start off trusting them
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both. that may not last long at all. >> some making the decision because of trump's war of words with the civil rights icon. congressman john lewis who questioned trump's legitimacy as president. that triggered a heated response from trump on twitter. all of this as rehearsals continue for the inauguration ceremony. what are we hear from both republicans and democrats on lewis's comments and on this apparent growing boycott. >> the fact that this war of words, this feud between congressman lewis and donald trump is especially troubling to many african-americans. lewis is getting strong push back today from vice president-elect john lewis, while trying to give him his props as a civil rights leader, but also criticizing him for
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going after donald trump's legitimacy. >> and to hear john lewis, a man that i served with, that i respect, to question is legitimacy of the election and to say that donald trump will not be a legitimate president was deeply disappointing to me and also to hear that he was not going to attend the inauguration this friday. i hope he reconsiders both statements. >> i understand why john lewis feels the way he does, this is a very fearful and divided nation right now, and the trumps have not done anything to bring it together. >> and congressman lewis joining now at least 22 other of his colleagues, house democrats who ha have announced they're not going to be attending trump's inauguration. many people say that it will never change, it will change.
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gearing up for who will be attending, not only the 800,000 expected to attend the inauguration, but also the 100 protest groups that have formally announced that they are also coming. >> and we will be on top of all of it. we'll see you this week in washington. i want to bring in our cnn political commentators. also with us, lemon sanders who served as -- simone, since you didn't get the last answer in last time. on state of the union today, senator rand paul had these comments. >> i do appreciate him being a civil right s icon. but the presidency isn't an
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issue for debate. >> does he have a point, simone? >> agreed, because john lewis is a civil rights icon does not preclude him from engaging in a civil discourse, donald trump did not give john lewis a civil discourse, he attacked john lewis with a racial -- we can have a civil discourse, that's not what we're having. >> paris, let's bring up this tweet, the latest tweet. because let's read it for you guys. if we have it. there we go. for many years our country has been divided, angry and untrusting, many say it will not change, because the hatred is too deep. it will change. the division in our country will change, that's one of many, i mean just take a look at this list of tweets. these are a lot of different
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entities that he has targeted with anger and at points, vitriol. what is he going to do to make the divisiveness stop when he is participating in it even in the way he responded to congressman lewis. >> i want to point out one thing, i disagree with simone, that he said something that was racist in the tweet, i didn't see anything that was racist. >> the stereotype between black and brown communities. >> i think what the president-elect is going to do is put together a coalition of people on the inside of the administration and on the outside of the administration who are going to work with him, they're going to be democrats and there are going to be republicans. i think the cabinet positions he's put together, especially by dr. ben carson at hud, people like devos as secretary of education, i think these people have an understanding of how he wants to make america great for everyone. >> what i'm asking is that the
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way the president-elect speaks and what he tweets, how is that going to change to further unite the country instead of further dividing the country. i understand that a sitting well respected congressman said i don't think you're a legitimate president. but as he writes an inaugural address that is about unity, how is he going to do that and show that as commander in chief. >> i think we have to stop and ask ourselves, are 140 characters the way someone is going to unify the country. >> as you know, paris, he's not sitting down with us, he's doing that instead. >> we need to look at actions more than we look at tweets, and his actions are going to unify this country, by opening up the inauguration, by having a diversity conference, by saying i want to give school choice. let's figure out ways to bring
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people together, like steve harvey, like jim brown, let's bring people together. i think personally, congressman lewis is missing a major opportunity to sit at the table, use his expertise and his years of being a wonderful human being and a great american by helping bring this country together by boycotting the inauguration and by saying he would never invite the president-elect down to selma is a missed opportunity for us to come together. i hope he will reconsider. >> some of the concern, simone s a harbinger of things to come. how does this get decembescalat? >> a boycott, a blanket boycott seemed to work for the tea party republicans, now they got donald trump as their president. and folks like congressman pompeo ascending to the highest ranks of government.
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does boycotting make people uncomfortable? does it wave the flag of unity, of course not, but that's what a bo boycott is about, it's supposed to make you uncomfortable, it's supposed to say that we don't like what's happening. i agree with paris that folks should betrying to come to the table. but the president-elect is not setting the table. until he stops disparaging the intelligence community, black and brown communities, our respected congressman on the eve of mlk day, the media, we're never going to get to a great table. no, people are going to boycott and i think people are well within their rights, this is the resistance, poppy, this is just what it looks like right now. >> does the president-elect need to form a thicker skin about things like this? would you have liked to have seen his tweets say, its unfortunate you feel that way
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congressman lewis, thank you for your service to this country, let's sit down and talk about this? >> of course the president-elect could have tweeted something differently, hindsight is 20/20, but at the end of the day, he is going to have to grow, i guess in your terms thicker skin, but he's not the president yet, he's the president-elect and i believe -- >> so it's okay five days before you're president and then it's not? >> i didn't say that it was okay. what i'm saying is that i think it will be a different tone and a different way he tweets when he's president. this president-elect is very, very smart and he's very, very keen on how to talk to the american people, and a message to the american people and how to make the media so upset. >> it doesn't get under my skin so much. simone, before i move on to another topic, hillary clinton who is going to the inauguration, it was barack obama that said we have to do everything we can to help this president.
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>> i think barack obama is the epitome of a grace and class, the president-elect is the one that challenged president obama as president up until the day that donald trump was nominated as the next president of the united states. president obama is doing his job as president to keep these little pieces of thread threaded together. unfortunately, the rest of thenl like. before we can heal, we got to pull the knife out, and donald trump just keeps on stabbing people, proverbiaproverbially. >> donald trump just gave an interview to a german and a
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british newspaper. he was asked whether he was going to give trust to angela merkel and vladimir putin. >> who do you trust more when you talk to them, angela merkel or vladimir putin. >> i start off trusting both. but we'll see how long that lasts, it may not last long at all. >> some of the other headlines, he put them on equal footing, angela merkel and vladimir putin. he also left the door open to banning some europeans from coming into the united states, and those are just three of the major headlines there. any concern, paris? >> no, i think it's a good thing that you have a president-elect so openly talking about these world affairs, and specifically saying that he's going to at first trust both germany and russia on the same footing. >> why? trust based on what? on what history, on what actions
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does angela merkel only deserve the same amount of trust as vladimir putin after vladimir putin hacked into this election. >> i think you go into it diplomatically saying i will trust you both right now, and we'll see how it goes, actions speak louder than words, like president reagan said you trust but your verify. >> and as we said in the last hour, these are completely different circumstances. >> i'm saying that president-elect trump is going to verify by their actions, he's going to verify whether he can trust them. >> we already know we can't trust them. the facts are that the russians hacked into the elections of the united states. >> if actions do speak louder than words, angela merkel, they have shown that they are staunch allies of the united states, they have been there when we need them and they have been
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allies in the fight. russia has not only tried to hack our elections and undermine our democracy, and vladimir putin is a war criminal and they have engaged in behavior that's very detrimental to the war community. i think that president-elect trump was a little bit aloof, if he's going to speak callously about world affairs, i think he should be brief. because who the president is matters and the president's words matter and right now this is risky business. >> is he turning things on their head? >> i believe this is good for the world order. because we have a president-elect who understands diplomacy, who is going to garner the president of our world leaders like we haven't seen in the past eight years and we're going to have someone who's going to go in there, having dealt with them and having dealt with the international skill as a successful business person. so i think his ability to
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negotiate, to make deals is going to be very, very good for the country and he's going to make america great begin because he's going to show that to get respect you have to give respect. >> he has no concern about offending one of our largest allies, our most significant allies, the germans. he has no concerns about that? >> no more than i had about president obama offending israel. coming up, a lot ahead, the big top is coming down, why the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is ending after more than a century. it is time we got our national priorities right. plus rallies held from maine to california as democrats look to send a big message to republicans on health care. and the evolution of a first lady, michelle obama's journey
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ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus has been operated for 146 years. the owners say they are pulling
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up the stakes for the very last time in may. fredericka whitfield explains. >> reporter: it's the end of the road for the greatest show on earth. in just four months, the curtain falls on the one and only ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus, the one that defined the circus for generations of american children. the ceo said the show was too expensive to run. the ceo said it was ine tabl. >> there is a saying, and it's been around for a long time, you can't fight city hall and we have found that to be the situation. >> for years, the elephants and their dance routines were a big draw for circus fans but not at
4:19 pm
all for animal rights groups who picketed and sued the company for its treatment of animals. in 2011, the circus paid a fine of more than a quarter million dollars for violations of the animal welfare act and last year it retired the elephants to a conservation center in florida. after the closure was announcement, people for the ethical treatment of animals celebrated a victory. but their fight is far from over. the last performance of the ringling brothers barnum and bailey circus will be in april in union dale, new york. the circus on the road and throwing their hat into the ring after a candidate for office did just that at a ringling brothers
4:20 pm
circus after announcing he was running for political office. >> rallies from maine to california. >> we we're going to defend millions of people, who are standing up, who are fighting back and who demand the day when health care will be a right of all people, not just a privilege.
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let me say this, i think we can and should in this country have a health care plan where everybody can afford insurance even with preexisting conditions. >> as the republicans proceed with arepealing the affordable health care. rallies were held across the country. zbrr we saw these sorts of rallies taking center stage during the campaign and now it appears they're extending into
4:24 pm
donald trump's presidency. there's about 40 of these rallies happening from maine to california people looking to send a message to republicans that should not and cannot repeal and replace the affordable care act. people got up on stage chair sharing their story about the affordable care act where it's saved their lives and also saved millions of collar dollars thr the country collectively. he was here in a state that democrats haven't lost since 1988 but of course this state went for donald trump this election season. i asked senator sanders why he would be here in michigan instead of his home state. >> president-elect trump promised the people of america that he was a different kind of american. he was not going to cut social security, medicare or medicaid. so part of what today is about is reminding president trump
4:25 pm
that he better keep his promises because we're watching. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump has been speaking out repeatedly about this saying he wants an immediate repeal and replace of obamacare, speaker paul ryan says it will be a simultaneous repeal and replace. but democrats i am speaking to say they are skeptical because they have not seen a plan from republicans so they do not believe that a repeal and replace is proper. coming up, donald trump takes on "snl" again, responding to the show's latest spoof of his battle with the media. >> i respect the press, let's take another question from the press. >> i'm from buzzfeed. >> no, no, no, no, you're a failing pile of fake news, i
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it's become somewhat expected in this election cycle. someone in the press insults donald trump and he retaliates. >> the intelligence community has said definitively that russia hacked the election, why don't your put your response on the record. say russia hacked the election. >> what should i do? >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear you. >> would you say it louder, please? >> fine, russia hacked the election, are you happy, mom? next question. nbc news is bad, but "saturday night live" is the worst of nbc, not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. really bad television.
4:30 pm
record season for "snl." >> it has its highest record in the season. was this going to be the week that he would stop tweeting about "snl," because the show took a holiday break for about a month, it came back, he didn't weigh in all day, he did comment. and you can ups why, the show is very, very aggressive, making fun of him at length. # he's not just the soon to be commander. it was only from 15 months ago that he hosted "snl" himself. we remember the video. he was dancing to hot line bling. he was joking about his campaign, this was before any votes were actually cast. it really gave him a campaign boost, and showed a lighter
4:31 pm
side. now 14, a mon15 months later, n really pleased with "snl." the show had some fun with this idea that trump would be watching. here's what tina fey said. >> i'm a bit nervous. >> don't worry, if steven sagal can do it, so can you. does this show get reviewed? >> yes, way too much. also no matter how it goes, the president of the united states will say that it's sad and overrated. >> the president? >> yeah, the president. it's fine, no one cares. >> so that joke proving to be quite true. >> what was tina fey there? i was as you know, fast asleep. >> she was some sort of ghost returning from star wars or something like that. >> this is going to go on for the next four years or eight
4:32 pm
years if he wins a second term. >> would it behoove him to go on the show? >> you know, i would not be surprised if he became the first sitting president in a long time to show up on "snl." this series has been around for decades, as much as donald trump might want it to go away, it's not going anywhere. >> has "snl" ever made fun of a president or a president-elect as much? >> i think some trump supporters would say no. if you go back and look at george w. bush and how he was treated by the show a decade ago, i think you can make a case that it was almost as harsh. but donald trump is a unique character for this program. what we were doing is just using some of his worz from the press conference and repeating them on the show. >> he did that whole tour across america.
4:33 pm
>> obviously the show leans to the left and not a lot of trump voters appreciate that. trump in some ways takes advantage of these cultural divides. >> i know a lot of trump supporters who are having a laugh at this. >> i think trump takes advantage of these cultural divides. >> one thing in the "new york times" interview you talked about. remember in november, he said he thought he would be more restrained as he goes into the oval office. he said i thought i would do less of it. but i'm covered so dishonestly by the press and i can tweet it out. donald trump, we had breaking news, he's referring to us on television, covering his treats that we're doing it now. he's figured out how to issue a new kind of press release and get his message out without going and doing television.
4:34 pm
by the way, he's this close to 20 million followers, he'll probably top 20 million tomorrow. >> the question is will he be tweeting from his account or the potus account. esquire had this big report that the press corps could be in their words evicted from the white house. and if you read into this, it's about moving them into a different room, possibly a different building across the street. what does all this mean? i know you've gotten a statement from sean spicer, the incoming secretary. >> i think unofficially, this is about creating uncertainty, a vulnerability, keeping the press back on their heels so to speak, creating a sense of uncertainty about what the trump administration will do. and they say they would like to make room for more journalists and they think the briefing room can hold -- >> 49 journalists can now be in the press briefing room. >> the realaeeality is there's
4:35 pm
pro trump or trump friendly voices, there's a lot of journalists, most of them in that briefing room who aren't pro trump or anti-trump or pro obama or anti-obama, i think the administration would like to bring in more clearly trump supporters. >> we saw what happened to our jimmi jim welcome -- jim acosta last night. is sean spicer going to call on all the news networks? >> this week it was nbc, next week it will be the ap or some other news outlet. it's not about trump attacking any individual news outlet. it's about reacting and dismissing any news he doesn't like. last night "the washington post," it says journalists in
4:36 pm
five days are in for the fight of their lives. >> i think your next book is going to be about this. >> we're writing it right now. coming up for us, for every successful president--for every successful man, there's a great woman behind them. how michelle obama made the office and even turnips cool.
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in just five days, the doors to the white house will open in a pretty unique day, they talk about the white house's history and their own eight years living there, all while giving you a 360-degree view of the rooms
4:40 pm
like the oval office and "the situation room." and for the first lady michelle obama, there's been a lot of changes since obama moved in. >> michelle obama's first steps on to that enormous, exhilarating, terrifying national political stage were reluctant, cautious. >> barack is home at least once a week and we're really doing family stuff. >> reporter: on the campaign trail, young malia and sasha talk about the weirdness of seeing their warns in magazines. >> it's pretty good, because people like angelina jolie. >> really important people. >> mommy is important. >> reporter: and the beginning is not so important, moving into the white house, where the bullet prove windows can't be opened, but secret service was always there. she recently described that first day. >> i will never forget that winter morning as i watched our girls, just 7 and 10 years old
4:41 pm
pile into those black suvs with all those big men with guns and i saw their little faces pressed up against the window and the only thing i could think is what have we done? >> reporter: and she did face criticism even before the election. >> for the first time in my adult lifetime, i'm really proud of my country. >> reporter: soon after that, portrayed on this new yorker cover, today how far she's come. on the cover of "vogue" three times, she's long since found her footing, her causes. by her husband's second term, michelle emerged much more comfortable in public, polished, but loosening up, in more ways than one. >> turnip for what? roses are red, violates are blue, you are the president and i am your boo. >> reporter: the first lady
4:42 pm
seemseem seemed to embrace the opportunity to allow her voice to be heard, even taking fashion risks and risking some headlines. >> even the bangs. >> we borrowed one of michelle's tries. >> reporter: america has seen michelle obama, harvard educated lawyer and mother, use her humor, her star power, even hire viral mean power, shedding light on what it's like to raise now teenagers in these circumstances. >> we have one who generally stays here, and one we call a grumpy cat. or a salty biscuit. >> reporter: the once reluctant now determined first lady, drew upon her swelling popularity to go on the political trail as one of her party's powerful
4:43 pm
speakers. >> i woke up every morning in a house that was built by slaves. and i watched my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent black young women playing with their dogs on the white house lawn. >> reporter: she took on donald trump's access hollywood tapes. >> it has shaken me to my core in a way that i couldn't have predicted. it's cruel and it's frightening and in a way it hurts. >> reporter: speaking her mind even after the election. >> we're feeling what hurt actually feels like. >> reporter: she's urging americans not to give up, to embrace diversity. >> thank you for everything you do for our kids and for our country, being your first lady has been the greatest honor of
4:44 pm
my life and i hope i have made you proud. >> michelle kaczynski thank you for that. joining me now is jody cantor, she's obviously a reporter at the "new york times," but also the author of "the historic obama presidency." you wrote an article on the first lady. and the headline s which michelle obama will we get when she leaves the white house. and you write the hunger among democrats for her to speak out is enormous, but she knows what that will cost her. what do you think we'll see from her next? >> i think she faces a very tough choice. on friday we're going to watch the obamas hand the keys to their house who rose to the presidency who will try to undo the president's legacy. michelle obama on the one hand, i think really respects the kind
4:45 pm
of laura bush tradition of being very above it all and not interfering in politics, we know she's looking forward to the relief of having a private life again. on the other hand, democrats really want to hear from her. she is one of the most respected voices in the country, she's a unifying figure for a democratic party that's in meltdown. when mrs. obama became first lady, she edited herself. the version we see as first lady, it's authentic, it's not fake, she calls herself the mom when she spends a lot of time in the white house garden. >> you also wrote about that in your article. why do you think she edited herself? >> she said she hated the idea to be a liability for the president. there was some controversy over some things she had said in the 2008 campaign, it was very clear to her that one false word, one
4:46 pm
bad story could really hurt the president's chance of getting elected and his policies. and her advice about her determination to do everything well as a first lady. she did not want to become part of the partisan fray. there was this kind of paradox, the more above it all and more nonpartisan you seem, the more political power you actually have. >> she has constantly said i don't want to be in politics, all those around here say politics is not for her. but you end your article talking about when she spoke in the final weeks of the campaign and said it would be dishonest and disingenuous to me to move on like this was all just a bad dream, like the access hollywood tape, et cetera. do you think she delves in? >> privately, absolutely. >> i mean into politics. after this, do you think she would ever run?
4:47 pm
>> she is private in the white house. her critique of republicans about republicans behind closed doors is scathing. she said running for president is something she would never want to do. in politics when people hear from you, it's really hard not to weigh in. there's going to be a lot of pressure on her to help the democrats rebuild, to be a contrary voice to the trump administration, but i don't think it's an easy decision for her about how she wants to engage with that. >> you say she did a lot of very important things including fighting childhood obesity, et cetera, but they were not really controversial issues she took on arngsd you write that that did not capture her true depth, originality or correctness. >> what i enjoyed writing about
4:48 pm
michelle obama is she's a very interesting figure, she has very original thoughts, she likes defying what other people think she should say, as a brack woman. in 2007, 2008, her statements are so rich and original and funny and interesting and she was willing to make assertions that people would sometimes disagree with. so my question is will we see a little bit more of that michelle obama, not really a different michelle obama, just a different side of her after she leaves the white house. >> she is all the things you discussed, but she's been a style icon. she's also spent a lot of time especially in recent weeks on late night television. let's look. ♪ >> whooo! what can we say. we just dropped the mike.
4:49 pm
don't tell people. >> where is the rash? >> my shoulder. >> lower than that. ♪ ♪ >> this is a first lady who i think so much of america felt relaxed by. >> well i think those appearances we just watched were very strategic, they were fun, they seemed responsivenespontane not spontaneous, advisors spent a lot of time planning those. this has been a really -- by doing those kinds of appearances which feel fresh and funny and they feel les calculated even though they are. it actually wins her more influence and more political
4:50 pm
effectiveness. >> so the question of race relations obviously a huge topic for this president right now and in this presidency. and she remarks there, we need to build a country in terms of a boundless promise. you take us back to 2008 where she said i hate diversity workshops. what has he done for race relations in this country? what might she do? >> in terms of what she's done, i would say simply being the first african-american first lady is a pretty enormous contribution, the kind of everyday work of that job, figuring out what the first african-american first lady looks like, sounds like, sending that role model to people. there's actually a tremendous amount of work that went into that. i think the question about the
4:51 pm
future is whether she's going to share what she's seen. very few people have surveyed the country from the height that the obamas have. certainly they have the first african-americans to look at the country from that height. so what looks different? how does power look? how does opportunity look? what did they notice about the system that the rest of us don't see? especially during an incredibly difficult time racially in this country, right? i mean we have heard the president talk about it a little bit, the first lady has said less, think of her in the white house watching the trayvon martin case, or watching what happened in ferguson, is michelle obama going to share that experience and share her views with us? we just don't know yet. >> nice to have you on, again, the author of the book "the obamas." we'll be right back. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424.
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this is cnn breaking news. this is breaking news, in tweets just sent out by president-elect donald trump moments ago, he asksi if cia
4:55 pm
director john brennan is a retweeter of fake news. outgoing cia chief does not fully understand. trump goes on to say couldn't do much worse, just look at syria, crimea, ukraine and the buildup of russian troops, was this the leaker of fake news? in an intervur with fox news has some pretty harsh words for trump, here's part of that interview. >> what i do find outrageous is equating an intelligence community with nazi germany, i do take great umbrage at that and there is no basis for president-elect trump to point fingers to the cia for leaking information that was already available publicly. >> senior national corporate for the daily beast, somebody
4:56 pm
incredibly well sourced in the intelligence community. he is asking did john brennan leak this 35-page dossier to the public? >> he has been -- now that john brennan has taken this unprecedented step to go on fox news, on a show that he knows the president-elect watches to say what you said this past week, you have gone too far, this is open warfare, well, open warfare through words. what he could do, however, brennan is taking trump's anger at the intelligence community on himself, he's making himself a target, so that hopefully in the long-term this will stick to him as a member of the obama administration and that trump
4:57 pm
would then trust the community once he's got his own administration in charge. >> what does this mean for the incoming cia? >> it means he's going to have a bruised and wary intelligence cia officers to take care of when he comes in there, he has to show them that he has their backs otherwise you may see things not leaks through reporters, but leaks from the intelligence community and the house and senate intelligence committees about things they think are going wrong, it's an interesting procedure that happens that they're protected as whistle blowers to do something like that and if they're unhappy, that's when you see those kind of complaints rise in frequency. >> here's the issue. if the president-elect, soon to be the sitting president needs
4:58 pm
to make the case to the american public to go to war, that case is based on the intelligence from his intelligence community. that is why this relationship is so important, kimberly. have we ever seen anything like this between a commander in chief and the intelligence community that serves him? questioning whether the head of the cia leaked something that was damning and really not verified at all to the are press? >> i can't recall any sort of open verbal warfare back and forth like this. but remember that document was already floating around, as brennan said and it has been in the hands of the media for a long time, they just couldn't verify it. but fbi director comey waved it to a national security issue simply by briefing it to the
4:59 pm
national security council and president obama and president-elect trump. so in the long-term, over the next few months, we're going to be watching for what is the -- what is the confirmation hear for the director of national intelligence dan coats like? what we heard from trump nominees last week was a lot of anti russia sentiment, we haven't heard the same thing from the president-elect. this is now going to become the main issue dogging everyone going for a full-time job in the trump administration, and in the meantime, with john brennan and director clapper both -- director clapper had reached out to president-elect trump this past week and tried to make amends. that obviously didn't work, so now you have those two men about to leave office on the 19th and after that, you're going to have
5:00 pm
to have some real healing between the white house and the intelligence community and we'll have to see if the people who have been nominated are allowed to do their jobs. >> thank you all for being was this weekend, i'm poppy harlow in new york, good night. the following is a cnn special report. >> there was nothing in my life as a black girl from the south side of chicago that said i should be standing her. >> her journey is nothing less than remarkable. first lady michelle obama, once a reluctant campaigner. >> truth is most americans don't opt into this. >> target on the campaign trail. >> it made me wonder just how are people seeing me? >> now a voice for the generations. >> measure of any society is how


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