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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 15, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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-- captions by vitac -- breaking news. at least 37 people are dead after a cargo plane smashes into a village outside the capital of kurg stan. donald trump unfiltered. just four days before the inauguration, the incoming president has harsh words about the cia, angela merkle and surprising promises about obamacare. plus, some push back. china steps up its criticisms on it trade, calling him an amateur and super arrogant. welcome to our viewers here
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in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm george howell. newsroom starts right now. it is 2:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. we begin in kyrgyzstan. a jet crashed in a village and killed 37 people. we know children were killed as well. it crashed near the country's main airport. >> this video shows the crash site. and you can see some of the debris there, as well as rescuers on the scene. >> following this story, cnn's ian lee is live in istanbul turkey, gathering details, what more do we know at this point when that plane and what might have caused this crash? >> reporter: well, george, when you look at the pictures of the wreckage, you can see that there was heavy fog at the time, and that could have played a role in
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the crash. something investigators are going to be looking into. this was a boeing 747, operated by act, which is a turkish cargo company crashing roughly 2 kilometers away from that main international airport there, 15 homes were destroyed. and that is the main focus right now of this search crew, trying to find anyone else who may have survived. we know at least 37 people were killed. a number of people injured, sustaining burns, those people being taken to area hospitals, but also right now they will be looking for the black boxes which will definitively say what was the cause of this crash. >> ian, i know you're gathering information, pardon me if i'm putting you on the spot, but just a question about the people who were on this plane, do we know anymore about who they were? >> reporter: well, what we're hearing from turkish state media is that there were five people
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on this plane. there is reports, now we haven't been able to verify this, that one of the people on the plane may have survived this crash. but really not much information has been released at this time. also investigators are going to be looking into what this cargo plane was carrying. could that have maybe played a role in this. all these questions the investigators are going to try to get answered at this hour. >> cnn international correspondent ian lee live for us in istanbul, turkey, following the details of this crash. thank you. we'll stay in touch. well, u.s. president obama calls the man who will succeed him in the white house unconventional. >> and so far, donald trump is proving him right. the president-elect went after the head of the cia on twitter, sparking anger. his comments got john brennan, made to fox news. brennan cautioned trump about russia, saying that he doesn't
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think trump has a full appreciation of the country's capabilities and intentions. he also slammed trump's suggestion that the intelligence community is to blame for leaks. listen. >> what i do find outrageous is equating intelligence community with nazi germany. i do take great um branl at that. and there is no basis for mr. trump to point fingers at the intelligence community for leaking information that was already available publicly. >> the cia chief's comments brought a swift response from trump. he tweeted this, outgoing cia chief john brennan blasts president-elect trump on russia threat, does not fully understand. then trump add oh, really, couldn't do much worse. just look at syria, red line, crimea, ukraine, and the buildup of russian nukes. not good. was this the leaker of fake news?
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he added. >> that last line reefs to a dossier of unverified claims that russia allegedly has compromising information on trump. the cia tells cnn about the tweets, no comment. the president-elect is also speaking out about tightening borders. in an interview, trump said he would implement extreme security vetting of immigrants, he suggested angela merkle should have done that. >> i think she made one very catastrophic mistake, and that is taking all of these illegals, you know, taking all of the people from where ever they come from, and nobody really knows where they come from. you'll find out. >> it was a wide-ranging interview. britain's decision to leave the european union was another talking point for the president-elect. here's what he had to say about brexit. listen. >> i thought the uk was so smart in getting out.
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countries want their own identity. and the uk wantedi its own identity, but i do believe this. if they hadn't been forced to take in all of the refugees, so many, with all the problems that have, you know, it entails, i think you probably wouldn't have a brexit. and max foster joins me now. what's been the reaction across you know to trump's comments to germany's newspaper, criticizing cha chan chancellor angela merkle? we'reg to hear from angela merkle, but he did say he had great respect for her. she's faced all that criticism internally as well. this is something she will have her standard response to, i'm sure, but this is the world's
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most powerful leader. your comments could affect the whole continent. i would pretty much assume it would be very welcome on what he said on brexit for theresa may. she has this very big speech tomorrow where she's having to outline her plan for brexit. and it does look as though she's leaning toward a hard brexit, which is leaving the european market, which could have a huge impact on the british economy, what she would need is other trade deals to compensate for that. and absolutely the top of her list would be a trade deal with the united states. and in that, donald trump did talk about a quick trade deal with the united kingdom. so this could not have come at a better time for theresa may. and the british government at least. we'll have to wait to see what the germans have to say about this. but these are criticisms they had before. >> most definitely. max, donald trump even went so
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far as to put angela merkle on an equal footing with russian president vladimir putin saying that he trusts them the same, a break from policy. >> reporter: he doesn't have a relationship with angela merkle yet or with president putin either, a personal relationship. maybe he's waiting to see. but the headline coming out of the russian story is that idea that sanctions could be a deal maker when it comes to reducing nuclear weapons around the world. so russia's nuclear weapons. so perhaps he's looking potential think at reducing sanctions on. >> reporter: -- on russia. that would be a profound change in policy, really, and would affect the entire world. we're beginning to get a better sense of his foreign policy. at last more than we're getting
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from his twitter. so we've got an interview. >> and another thing that he talked about was nato. he attacked nato. i mean, we have heard that before. but, again, that would make many feel very uneasy. >> reporter: yeah, teparticular in scandinavia, in eastern europe where there is concern russia is encroaching. many people hold nato very dear, even if they're not members, because they feel that would be what ultimately presents them. but donald trump made it clear that he thinks the concept is outdated, and he gets very frustrated that other members of nato apart from the united states aren't contributing as much as they should. so that's going to be a big pressure when it comes to doing deals in europe. if they want to keep nato, they're going to have to contribute more. that does help governments here work out their policy when it
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comes to the united states. >> just days away from his inauguration. a lot of people very uneasy, certainly, across europe. we will of course wait to see more details on this. max foster, many thanks to you, as always. south korean prosecutors are seeking to arrest the heir to samsung's empire. what all is the samsung heir accused of doing exactly, and what's the likely outcome going to be here if history is our guide? >> reporter: well, rosemary, he has had an arrest warrant sought against him on three charges, bribery, perjury and embezzlement. this is all part of this ever-widening scandal here in
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south korea, which has led to the impeachment of president park geun-hye by law makers. she's waiting to hear what the constitutional court says, but now it appears it is embroiling the heir apparent of south korea's biggest conglomerate, the richest company in the country, and he's considered one of the most powerful men in this country, so we'll see wednesday morning he'll have to appear before a judge. they will decide whether or not he should be arrested and whether he should be taken into t detention. now if they do see side that, it will seem as if prosecutors have enough information against him or that he may be a flight risk or try to destroy evidence before any potential court case. rosemary? >> and paula, what has been the reaction on the streets of seoul to news of this arrest warrant from one of the most powerful
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families in south korea. >> reporter: when you go on the saturday streets when these massive candlelight vegigils ar being held, the anger is not just against president park geun-hye, but also against the heads of these companies. they are perceived as following a different rule of law in this country. we've, in recent years seen an until of the heads of these big companies being charged, being indicted, being found guilty and subsequently not having served presence time or had a presidential pardon just months or years later. so there is a frustration that's, that some of the heads of these companies, some of the rich and influential in this country have a different law to those on the streets. i certainly don't think there will be a huge amount of sympathy. we have had a comment from
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samsung, they have said it's difficult to understand the decision by the prosecutors. now this statement reefs to why he may be arrested. that he may have given money to the friend of the president, alleged that there were favors given back in return. >> thank you for the update. many thanks. also in south korea. they say that the plans to use the, deploy the sophisticated missile system that has been provided by the united states could be delayed. the terminal high altitude aerial defense or thaad system is to shoot down short or medium-range ballistic missiles.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." as republicans in congress move to repeal obamacare, donald trump says he is wrapping up a plan to give everybody health insurance. >> in an interview with the washington post, the president-elect said his replacement for the affordable care act would also target drug companies to bring down prices. he warned lawmakers to get on board saying congress cannot get cold feet because the people would not let that happen. >> and as trump outlines his plan to end obamacare, democrats are desperate, desperate to save it. >> they've launched rallies across the country in support of the land mark health care law. >> reporter: we've seen these rallies taking center stage during the campaign, 40 rallies throughout the country today, extending from maine to
11:19 pm
california. hundreds of people gathering to send republicans a message, telling republicans that they should not repeal and replace obamacare. in fact, many people throughout the country, sharing their stories about the affordable care act, how it saved their lives and massive amounts of money. right here in michigan, senator bernie sanders was leading the charge here. their is a state that democrats have not lost since 1988. of course this year it went to donald trump. i asked senator sanders why come here to michigan, why talk to the people, the working class people here as well when he could have been in vermont holding a rally, his home state. >> mr. trump, when he ran for president, promised the people of michigan and the people of america that he was a ditch type of republican. he was not going to cut social security, medicare or medicaid. so part of what today is about is reminding mr. trump that he better keep his promises. >> reporter: president-elect
11:20 pm
donald trump has said repeatedly that he wants an immediate repeal and replace of obamacare. house speaker paul ryan says it will be an immediate repeal and replace, but democrats are skeptical, saying they have not seen any sort of plan from the republicans. and a growing number of democrats plan to skip donald trump's inauguration this week. some decided to boycott the event after a feud broke out between the president-elect and civil rights icon, john lewis. >> all this started after the congressman said he didn't see donald trump as a legitimate president, because of russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. election. trump then tweeted that lewis is all talk and no action. on sunday, mike pence and republican senator rand paul came to donald trump's defense. listen. >> look, donald trump won this election fair and square. 30 out of 50 states, including georgia. more counties than any
11:21 pm
republican candidate since ronald reagan. and to hear john lewis, a man that i served with, and that i respect, to question the legitimacy of the election and to say that donald trump will not be a legitimate president was deeply disappointing to me, and also to hear that he was not going to attend the inauguration this friday. i hope he reconsiders both statements. >> and i do appreciate what him being a civil rights icon, but i would also say that that doesn't make us immune from criticism or debate, so john lewis isn't in a position where there can't be a healthy debate back and forth because he's a civil rights icon, shouldn't make him immune. >> and earlier, i spoke with many diddic strategist theren johnson. >> you may remember when bush was inaugurated there were
11:22 pm
democrats who did not attend, there were republicans who refused to attend president obama's nomination, but what you're seeing is a big number, we're up to 22 people who have said they're not going to attend the inauguration. what's fair is that that number was lower than that until donald trump decided to really push back and respond in a very, i think disgraceful way to congressman lewis, after he had an interview, and he basically, he just questioned the legitimacy of this president. i think what's been very unfortunate is that, yes, congressman lewis did make a statement, and i've spoken with him, and he stands by that statement, and he's his own man, but really, it was an unstatesman like response from donald trump that made it personal and began to really question the actions of this world leader, this civil rights icon. so to me, that's what made the other members of congress joan congressman lewis in this boycott. >> let's go over some of those comments, because donald trump
11:23 pm
responded to the attacks by john lewis or what he perceived as attacks as saying that atlanta was crime-infested and falling apart. we all live in atlanta. >> absolutely. >> so it's difficult for a lot of us to accept that. so talk to us about the response that you're hearing from people and the atlanta constitution wasn't very happy with it either. >> oh, my god. the front page of the paper it was a response to defend congressman lewis. i don't know what atlanta donald trump is talking about. you and i live in a very diverse city. a place where everyone wants to live and work and raise their kids. we're one of the most tie verse cities, one of the fastest growing cities in america. and this is a personal attack, this is what donald trump's done not only through the election but after the election. so you've seen a tremendous amount of outpour from people around the world but especially in atlanta, supporting congressman lewis, and i think
11:24 pm
this has fired up everyone to get involved and organized. >> and of course we are only days away from the inauguration of donald trump. and the country has never been quite as divided as this, has it? it is a great chasm between the sides, and many comedies, the comedy "blackish", there was incredible social comedy on that, just trying to by those two sides together. is it even possible? they're so far apart, aren't they? that's what's so bizarre about donald trump's response to congressman lewis. here we are on the eve of martin luther king jr. day. and this is a day when we are supposed to come to the. that's dr. king's vision and congressman lewis's vision. but to further divide the country with something that was very disappointing by mr. trump, let's be fair, democrats have a responsibility to follow what
11:25 pm
president obama said, let's give him a chance, he won the election, let's be fair. but i can't tell you how many people are really, really disappointed in the temperament and tone that this president-elect continues to attack people on twitter. so i think what you saw in this case is that he's attacked people from grammy award winning actors and singers and even people now who are deciding to pull out of the inauguration. he's attacking them. i think the american people are really fed up with that, and it's really disappointing, because we have to continue to live in this country. and he's got the votes, the electoral votes, not the popular votes, to go on and run this country, i think it's time for him to embrace congressman lewis and apologize for what he said. >> just pointing out. in most of the united states right now, 2:25 a.m., it is martin luther king day. >> it is. very significant. moving to south america.
11:26 pm
28 inmates have escaped after apparently blasting a hole through a prison wall in southern brazil. a gun fight followed with police. at least two inmates are dead. and in northeastern brazil, at least 26 prison inmates were killed in a raid. venezuela will now let people use the 100 bolivar note until february 20th, amid a deepening cash crisis. president ma maduro announced it. but protests broke out when new notes failed to arrive at banks and atms. still ahead, china fires back at donald trump after the president-elect suggested a long-standing policy is open to negotiation. the latest from beijing still
11:27 pm
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a warm welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rose mary church. >> and i'm george howell with the headlines we're following this hour. in kyrgyzstan, a cargo jet crashed into a village, killing at least 37 people including children. it crashed near the country's main airport, north of the capital city. poor visibility was likely to be a factor. it was on its way from hong kong to istanbul. south korean prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant
11:31 pm
f for samsung's jan wei lee. trump tweeted outgoing cia chief john brennan blasts president-elect trump on russia threat, doesn't fully understand, oh, really? couldn't do much worse. just look at syria, crimea, cla ukraine. china is rejecting donald trump's projection that the one-china policy could be changed after he takes office.
11:32 pm
both china and taiwan agree there is only one china. they disagree which government is the legitimate ruler of china. as a result, beijing's views on taiwan, they consider it a breakaway province. the u.s. only has diplomatic relations with beijing and not taipei. >> china's foreign ministry says the policy is the political foundation of relations with the united states. the u.s. has acknowledged the policy since 1979. let's go leecive to china to ma rivers. donald trump continues to make waves with his comments about the one-china policy. what is the reaction there? >> reporter: well, beijing has now had to respond several times to these kind of comments from the president-elect. this is multiple times now that he has signaled that he would be willing to use the wp-china policy as leverage in future
11:33 pm
negotiations with beijing, but what you hear from china is that the one-china policy is not up for debate from the chinese point of view. but the big question going forward is if donald trump were to abandon the oust recognizing the one-china policy, how would china respond? the one thing that is clear is they have several options. the communist party holds none too dear than the one-china policy. >> i fully understand the one-china policy, but i don't know why we have to be bound by a one-china policy unless we make a deal with china, having to do with other things, including trade. look, we're being hurt very badly by china. with devaluation, with taxing us heavy at the borders when we don't tax them. >> reporter: chinese officials quickly countered saying any deviation would make u.s. cooperation on major issues out of the question.
11:34 pm
state-run newspapers said trump is fwrnt ignorant as a child. if you are walking here, you would be the same as walking in a chinese alley way. if trump were to ignore it and cozy up to taiwan, china could take that as support for an independent taiwan. the ruling communist party doesn't cede control lightly. if the trump administration ignores the one-china policy, how would beijing respond? in short, it's anyone's guess, but there's a range of possibilities. china could make life hard for big u.s. companies here like apple, starbucks.
11:35 pm
it could devalue its currency, making exports more competitive, and at the u.n., permanent security council member china could stand in the way of the u.s. agenda on everything from iran to north korea. but perhaps the most dangerous reaction could be of the military variety. a chinese-state-run newspaper called for using the use of force a real option, something they have never taken off the table. on the u.s. side, the act ensures taiwan has what it needs for self-defense. what that actually means is unclear, but in the meantime, the u.s. has sold taiwan billions of dollars in arms. we should realize we are talking about extreme possibilities. most experts agree that the likelihood ignoring that policy and china responding in force is small. many also say trump is talking
11:36 pm
tough in advance of future negotiations. but when the president-elect speaks favorably about taiwan and negatively about the one-china policy, the chinese government is going to take it sear yes, sriously and react st every time. and we're also getting a lot of reaction in state-run media here in china. we can show you an editorial from a tabloid-style paper called the global times, and in that editorial this morning it reads in part quote, we were simply angry initially, but now we can't help but laugh at this u.s. leader in waiting. maybe the american voters promoted him too quickly. his amateur remarks and overconfident manner are equally shocking. it's known for its provocative opinions, but in this paper, which is the china daily, you can see there's an editorial cartoon, donald trump is holding a grenade, and there's a little
11:37 pm
caption that says trump's china policy and pointing directly at the grenade. so the china daily a little bit calmer, a little bit more towing t -- toeing the party line. all of it coming around together around opinion that they're not happy with donald trump right now. >> those newspapers, those t tabloids and editorials giving light into what people are thinking and watching the statements coming from the president-elect. thank you for the reporting. and donald trump is doubling down on his threat to tax companies manufacturing in mexico and then selling their goods in the united states. now mexico is pushing back, and vowing to retaliate. cnn's laleh santiago has more. >> reporter: a very measured, very stanlic response from mexico. the economic minister saying if the u.s. puts down this border
11:38 pm
tax, they will respond immediately. how exactly they will respond remains unclear. what is clear is that both countries have a lot at stake here. president-elect trump wants to use this proposed tax to sort of save u.s. jobs from moving to mexico, but we should make clear that millions of u.s. jobs,6 million, to be exact, depend on free trade with mexico. that's according to the u.s. chamber of commerce. i had a chance to talk to one of mexico's top diplomats to the u.s., and i asked him what this 35% tariff could mean. he told me i should ask someone else. >> ask this to the american consumer that has paid lower prices for many different products, not just cars. if they agree to pay more, pensive products with this 35%
11:39 pm
tariff. that will be the final effect, the final consequence of this. we need to think in a different way. that's world. that's not just the u.s. >> reporter: and nafta, the deal that essentially eliminated the tax on a lot of goods coming in and out of the u.s. from mexico is also what president-elect trump calls one of the worst deals in history. mexico says they are willing to come back to the table to discuss things that are not currently in the deal. e-commerce, migration as well as energy, but they want to do so with the understanding that both countries need each other right now. leyla santiago, cnn, mexico city. we'll take a short break here, but still to come, facebook is taking its fight against fake news to europe and is in just in time for one of the biggest elections of the year. that story ahead on newsroom.
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just in advance of the german election, facebook is launching a mission to stop the spread of fake news amongst german users. >> brian stelter explains how it will work. >> reporter: very interesting timing for this facebook announcement, you know, just a month ago, the social network started experimenting with fact checking right on the website. here in the united states these tests have been going on with a few partners, including the associated press, abc news and politifact. if i post a story on my facebook page that is completely made up that comes from a bogus website, there's going to be a flag underneath the story. it will show up on my wall but not as prominently on other
11:44 pm
people's news feeds, and if it does, there will be a flag that says it's been disputed by third-party fact checkers, and then there will be a link to the associated press or some other newsroom. that seam eame idea is coming t germany. germany is the second country doing this experiment. facebook is turning this feature on, just for users in germany, and it's already on for users in the united states. the timing is noteworthy. germany is preparing for a federal election later this year. there has been concern in the country about the rise, the plague that is fake news. there have been alarms raised, even by the country's intelligence service, with some pointing the finger at russia, that there's an attempt already to destabilize the country's elections even though it's not
11:45 pm
scheduled until september. they say that they' are -- thei partners in germany were ready for this. we'll see how widely this spreads. facebook says it wants to turn this feature on in any parts of the world as it tens to find new fact-checking partners to work with. >> brian stelter there, and let's quickly check the weather, because millions across the central u.s. are under an ice storm warning this morning, and pedram javaheri joins us to explain how bad this will get. >> we don't see ice storm warnings too often in the forecast, but this particular storm itself, when you talk about ice storms, i think it's more serious to some extent than severe weather, such as tornados or hurricanes, because often you get preparation time, you can brace yourself, you can seek shelter. with ice storms you are crippled.
11:46 pm
you cannot move across some of these regions with so much ice accumulated on the ground. want to show you an expansive area. for almost 4 million people twruyu underneath an ice storm warning, you notice kansas, nebraska, wisconsin, certainly iowa and on to wisconsin and illinois as well. but the coverage of ice, you can see how widespread it is. .75 of ice. and the ingredients are in place. temperatures just above freezing in spots. we'll again to see them gradually cool off. and with such numbers it doesn't take much to cause mass destruction. trees coming down, tens of thousands of people without power across portions of oklahoma. and beyond this, the temperatures take a traumatic shift. look at the u.s. capital. that could be one of the warmest
11:47 pm
temperatures ever. getting up into the mid and upper 50s, places like chicago, 50 degrees, in atlanta, temperatures remaining in the 70s. in the western u.s., it has been as active as they come. storms continue to plow into the west. one of the more remarkable forecasts you will ever see is coming out of mt. baker in washington state in the northern cascades. those are actual snow forecast accumulations. over 50 inches. on tuesday. potentially up to 70 inches of snow. that is 13-15 feet of fresh snow. we will show you the tremendous amount of moisture, and this is an avalanche concern as well. >> thank you. still ahead here on "cnn
11:48 pm
newsroom." they have grown-up in the white house, and now hear the advice that the obama daughters are receiving as they move forward.
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headed toward a new chapter of young adulthood. explore your ympassion. learn who you are, make mistakes, you are allowed to. >> of all that i've done in my life i am mostç proud to be yo dad. >> in 2009 barbara and jenna spoke of love and family. here is÷ú our most important pie of advice, remember who your dad really is. andç in 2016, you've witnessed harsh kricriticism of your pare, as always they'll be rooting for you as you÷ú begin this next
11:55 pm
chapter and so will we. >> the question now is will this tradition continue bearing the ten-year-old of donald trump won't moveym into the white hou until the current school year is over, but will sasha taurk lk t this little boy about the new world that awaits him. >> when you think about the history that they've seen over the eight years going so much. >> and it's notmy to say that is unity there, but not for long. the late night comedy shows went after donald trump again,ç thi time it mocked the president elect's first news conference and you remember how trump lashed out at ÷úcnn for reporti about russian operatives and he's -- it's a null take on that exchange. >> i love the press. i respect the press, particularly the question from the press. >> i'm from --
11:56 pm
>> no, no, no not çyou. you're a failing pilot guard, you want to know why i took your quiz yesterday and i'll take it back now. i'm not anb joey, i'm a ritual. who else has a question, i love the press. >> jim -- >> you're overrated, fake çnew. i tried to watch your network last night and it'sym crazy blo woman lies. >> saying nbc news is bad, but of nbc. not funny, cast terrible, always a complete hit job. really bad çtelevision. donald trump. i'm george howell, we'll be back after the break with another hour of news around the world. stay with us. this is cnn news. your keys in, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire.
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car grow plane crashes killing at least 37 people in a village outside of the capitol. we'll haveym details. donald trump unleashed just days from his inauguration, the u.s. president


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