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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  January 16, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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car grow plane crashes killing at least 37 people in a village outside of the capitol. we'll haveym details. donald trump unleashed just days from his inauguration, the u.s. president elect lashes out
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at long-time overseas çally, praises brexit and bashes the out going cnn chief. >> amateurzv steps up as trump' stand on taiwan. on trade and on to both. liveç from cnn held quarters welcome to united states and church how we are. >> the with theial newsroom staff will start right now. á--%11 including children whena turkish car go jet crashed into the village. it crashed near theç airport north of the capitol. >> we're getting to see the crash site. this video copping in. it shows a massive fire around debrisv: that's near what appea to be swarmed there.
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gathering details in touch with at this point what more do we know about the flame. what do we know about what may have caused this crash. george, this wassa boeing 747 operated by act, that is a company. a crash in the early morning hours there and when we÷ú look the pictures, you can see that visibility was poor at the time. they're looking into that to se% if that was that would possibly contribute it to the cause of this crash. t plan crashed into the çvillage. at least 37 people killed including six children. there were also looking right now for any other survivors, they're expecting that death the people who have survived are taken to local hospitals. they're alsoç looking for thos black boxes on that plane to
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determine what exactly is the cause of the crash. >> at this point,am)urj still early in thvgs that i understand, but do we know anything -- early in the investigation, but do we know anything÷ú more about the childn that were on board that was killed in this crash. >> what we're hearing from turkish staid media is that there was at least --ç roughly people on board this plane. now, there is some reports. we haven't been able to verify this, one of the people on the plane may haveç survived. but we're still looking into badly. investigators are going to be looking at what was the cargo on thisç plane, that had contribud to this crash. also, we're hearing from boeing that manufacture of this airplane saying that they are gon to have technicians ready to help determine what brought this plane down, as well. >> also just to talk aboutym whe the plane originated and swaeded, what do you know about
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the flight plan. >> what we're hearing is that this pla'c took off from hong kong on its way to the capitol of turish standingym crashing t kilometers out away from that main interthagsal airport. right now, they're just trying to figure out, you know, what the pictures, if it was possibility and trying tou! fin any money about hows that worked 20 to 30. and there was a fire. officialsç saying it was local fire. it's not at the end search rescue warrant questions.zv international correspondence with he said esn said i will be roring. day in touch with you. the incoming president of
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the united states is in the spotlight with several major developments and isç inauguratn just four days away. >> here to see donald trump has been unbusy unleashing a twitter attack alsoç slamming democrat congressman john lewis in georgia who said he does not see donald trump as a legitimate nb president. >> trump, meanwhile, has some kind words for russian's vladimir putin and we will get to thatym mark in a moment. first, more on what sparked trump's anger, on fox news sunday, cnnç director cautione trump about russia, saying he doesn't think trump has a full appreciation of the country capabilitiesç and intention. >> the intelligence community is to blame for leaks, trump sideye say you're under mining u.s. security. but when i do find outrageous is
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equating intelligence community with nosú t-shirt. i do take -- there is no basis for mr. trump to pump pumpersg# for leaking information that is already available publicly. >> the cia chief brought quick he tweeted this, out going cia chief john brennan loved president elect jump onv: thursy russian. i'll never fully understood. really, couldn't we do better. >> just look at the red line, crimea,ç ukraine and the buildp of russian news. not good. with this the leader of fake knows. >> thatç landslide appears to up top unverify claims that it has compromising information on z tell cnn about the tweet. the president elect is speaking
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out about tightening the u.s. borders. in an interview with theko time of germany and the newspaper, the trump said he will implement before she reads security vetting those koimmigrants. she suggested that they so you have done u!zvymzvymçthat.
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let's talk more about this and bring in our londonç correspondent. mack, let's start with you on this, where do we start. this was a wide ranging interview. one of the major headlines that came outç was with regard to t unit united kingdom. trump's support of brexit. howç is that being perceived there? >> tomorrow she's got the much rexit and what happens over the prelegation of hill leaving made it pretty clear the britains weren't going to be ableç to return the position in the market lead the pit cal. the wide or plid cal yup i don't knows how the image will help iç seems likely that the european government will agree to that.
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we're expecting her tomorrow to move towards and leaveç the european union but also the market and also we negotiate in a way back to good deals.zv in order to do that not much concentration. it should not realize -- >> is there a license around the when i need it. >> it's all trump coming in and saying, britain would get a trade deal pretty quickly after we met in washington, that's positive news to her and plays into the debate here and plays intozv european paul twins. it's a president selection, what was the first lean of obama.zv prebreakfasting, that's united
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kingdom will be at the back of the queue, a change in policy for sure. trump suggesting÷ú that the cle is ally like germany. if rival like russia, trump nd angle miracle as equals. how is that and watch the reaction. >> let's talkç about what sortf reason orders out to new friend. we don't have a relationship with either of them. he is a made man of relationships and he gets the motive better, perhaps he's going on the basis. but alsoç pasty things marry, e hot -- i get it and well regarded in jeopardy's legal. it's there in europe. he's÷ú saying, you know, perhap he'll see how that progresses, whether or not he keeps the relationship. on the scene of that,÷ú his criticism was all around its
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immigration policy, very controversial. she's allowed many refugees into the÷ú country. he linked it back and saying i think you forgot it. please don't respect her at the same time. so withç chargerer going to len with trouble agent we have. it is at the discretion of the executive branch to map out politics and it seemsç that ma of the indications come sfrg the incoming president are contradictory to what we have seen with president barack obama.ç max foster live for us in london, max, thanks us. jill, we're talking about this donald trump putting the german chancellor andzv unpressed away from u.s. foreign policy. how do you think this will be received and does jush shaç trying to remake it over there. >> not yet, rosemary, obviously
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they would love it. they would like very much that donald trump would respect their president and aq to deal with him. but i think, you know, a lot of the things that president elect trump is saying right now, are really very broad kostatement. so the way i would enter into it, what he just said now is under -- and i'll give him÷ú th along with everybody. and then in the same breath, no, i may not but along with everybody. so what you're feeling is÷ú putting out a very concept. and try to understand what you mean, there's a lot of, i ÷úthi, sending giant messages that notes that it's yet. >> and jill, anotherç particul respond is the suggestion by elect donald trump, to but to perhaps make a deal andv: drop sanctions for a price it news
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that shocked the world.÷ú dropping sanctions is not that simple, isn't it? >> what does he mean. whichp saying, the sanctions tht coast over happening the most recent one and then we have the sanctions overscry mere ya, which is more economic. which one does this lead. and also traditionally and are dealt with separately because both sides realize that they're very very damg rouse and they should do a deal because it will÷ú protect everybody, it's t kons city lated with economics or hacking or let's get this other issue. that is expran you toç us real. i'm noft sure whether they're president elect trump knows that there already is an agreement in place calledu! new star that wa
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signed back it it went into effect in 2011, suppose to beç carried out by 2018. which limits its size. so, you know, when henb talks about this, i think, again, we should not get into the we because you will get very confused and a lotzv of it is eternally contradicted. my prediction will be if russia responds at all, it will be÷ú something like we want to get along with the u.s. and work towards peace and make sure the world is safer. but i don't think they'll begin to get into this because it'sç not really. >> many thanks to george howell a bit. that's anym analysis. >> dozens of the rosemary here sending them mixedp messages. unpredict kt that's using that
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as he stepped on world stage here.÷ú >> an arrest warrant is being sought for the air of the samsung empire. south korean prosecutors believç that j. wiley played a part in the kor supervision scandal. they've named him as a suspect in their investigation. >> çcnn pay lajoin us us from seoul in south korea. most likely to happenp here, given history. >> findht out wednesday morning whether or not the arrest warrant is approved by judges and prosecutors concern he might be flight risk andy=r(rs that's usually why they request and seek this arrest warrant. is it relationship to the prosecutors allegedht that he ge beautiful company millions of
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dollars, the tea foundation, that's when he came after thep p rat of its control sander. hey, within charge of money allegations, favors wereu! give this return out of influence scandally handle it. survives a contentious moment backd8 in 2013. they needed government support for their merger and this apparently gave jay wiley the÷ú significant boost he needed to take control of electronics in the greek. of course, he denied any wrongdoing. we've heardu! saying "it is difficult to understand the decision made by the special prosecutors." they deny any wrongdoing that's being donezv as well. this is a significant development, in fact, korea, potentially could bezv arresteds soon as wednesday. paula what are people across
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south korea say about. it does involve highestym ranki member of the country. member of the country. >> very closely between thea government and big businesses, these are the very large family run businesses like samsung, skin day, hd.ç it could not fun for quick. the that they've been very opaque resident and notht deali with the -- when you hear the champ that the last saturday night rallies is still on going, many of those people are also angry with big business. they're angry with the leaders of the kovrn and oftmn in the progress. we've seen some of the leaders being charged, indicted, found guilty of crimes but often you
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suspended sentence or presidential pardon. the frustration among much of the public here in south koheb. there has to be one law for the heads of the table and another law for the rest of the laundry. make sure you useç different hancocks and south korea was 5:17 will be mainly early. >> washington iszv getting read for the presidential inauguration, but hear why a growing number of lawmakers plan to skip thatç event. >> the donald trump one china policy is negotiable. the latest from japan is coming your way in just a moment. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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. what they say every time is the one china policy is not up for negotiation. they say this is an issue of national sovereignty and will not negotiate in terms of trade or anything else. what we have heard from the chinese government is they are consistent. moving forward, the big question is if donald trump chooses to ignore the one china policy, how will beijing react? we don't know. here in china, the communist party holds things dear than the
12:34 am
one china policy. that a bit of an uproar ensued. >> i understand the one china policy. i don't know why which have to be bound by one china policy unless we make a deal with china dealing with other things. we are being hurt badly with china with devaluation and taxing heavy at the border. >> reporter: officials countered saying any deviation from the policy would make u.s. cooperation on the issues out of the question. the papers said donald trump quote is ignorant as a child on foreign policy. for china's government, if you are walking on the street in taiwan, you are on chinese territory. the same in the beijing alley way. taiwan is seen as a chinese province. for decades, the u.s. acknowledged that policy.
12:35 am
if they cozy up to taiwan, that could be support for an independent taiwan. that lies the problem. for beijing, it is national sovereignty. the ruling party doesn't cede control lightly. so if and it's a big if, the trump administration ignores the one china policy, how would beijing respond? it is anyone's guess. china could make life hard for u.s. companies like apple, starbucks. it could devalue currency, making exports more competitive and at the u.n., it could stand in the way on u.s. agenda from iran to north korea. the most dangerous r reaction i the military. the chinese newspaper called for retaking the island of taiwan a real option.
12:36 am
something beijing has never officially taken off the table. on the u.s. side, the act mandates that taiwan has what it needs for self defense. what that means is unclear, but in the meantime, the u.s. has sold taiwan billions of dollars in arms. we should emphasize we are talking about extreme possibilities in a hypothetical one chinese policy situation. most experts agree that ignoring the policy and chinese responding in supports small. many say trump is talking tall. the fact remains when the president-elect speaks favorably about taiwan, the chinese government will react strongly every time. >> so we're also getting a lot of reaction from communist party control newspapers here in china. we woke up to an editorial and
12:37 am
tablo tabloid. i can read part, quote we were angry initially, but now can't help but laugh at the u.s. leader in waiting. his amateur manner is shocking. "the global times" not what you hear from any chinese government official. the fact of the matter is any state run media, anything it prints, those are viewpoints seen beforehand by the communist censors. it would no be printed if they did not want that out there. >> trump continues on twitter. matt rivers live in beijing. thank you for the report. and donald trump is doubling down on his threat to tax companies manufacturing in mexico and selling their goods in the united states. now mexico is pushing back and vowing to retaliate.
12:38 am
cnn's lila santiago has more. >> reporter: a measured response from mexico. the economic minister saying if the u.s. puts down this border tax, they will respond immediately. how they will respond remains unclear. what is clear is both countries have a lot at stake here. president-elect donald trump wants to use the proposed tax to save u.s. jobs from moving to mexico. we should make clear that millions of u.s. jobs, 6 million to be exact, depend on free trade with mexico. according to the u.s. chamber of commerce. i had a chance to talk to one of mexico's top diplomats to the u.s. i asked him what this 35% tariff could mean. he told me i should ask someone else. >> to the american consumer that has paid lower prices for many
12:39 am
different products, not just cars, if they agree to pay more expensive products with this 35% tariff, that will be the final effect or final consequence of this. we need to think in a different way. that's the world. not the u.s. >> reporter: and nafta, the deal that eliminated the tax on a lot of goods coming in and out of the u.s. from mexico is what president-elect donald trump calls one of the worst deals in history. mexico has said they are willing to come back to the table to discuss things that are not in the deal. e-commerce and migration and energy. they want to do so with the understanding that both countries need each other right now. leyla santiago, mexico city. they have done business for more than a century in the united kingdom, but one company has to leave britain after brex
12:40 am
brexit. and after more than a century in business, the greatest show on earth is coming to an end. why ringling bros. and barnum & bailey is coming to a close.
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may have said the uk trigge by the end of march, that will put exit negotiations into motion withht the remaining 27 member eu state. the uncertainty of brexit iç making some companies to how to
12:44 am
keep their businesses afloat. >> çcthe main dress up againste french -- >> for more than a century÷ú they've been lifting. >> for example here, the costume,ç really great good seller year in and year out. >> selling 26 million÷ú items t 42 countries. >> great accessories? >> very much so, yes. >> one thing, itç worries to elliott picket so much that he's moving most of his family's firm to the netherlands and germany. >> i've been telling myself ÷ú this, if we did nothing, we could have -- we employed 250 people. 150 which here, those jobs will be on the looin÷ú if we didn't something about it. >> even before it's actually happened, brexit is taking its
12:45 am
toll. the unclear ofzv access to the single market, forcing to raise pricing and strained its relationship. how angry were you? >> we're absolutely livid. seems to be complete lack of understanding of the impact of what's going to happenç and wh other business up and down this country and this economy crying out for its uncertainty. this economy is going to be÷ú decimated by the current, by lack of access to single market, i just don't think the politicians have the first clue of what they're÷ú doing here. the european union are going to be kicking at the negotiation and going to come out with a lousy deal. iç don't feel like waiting arod to wait with our fingers crossed. >> he's one of the largestç employers in this area of northern england, which means there's no disguising the fact
12:46 am
that if businesses like this need britain, that couldrt up being a nightmare for the economy. cnn, england. >> still ahead here on newsroomp there will be no more clowning around for this. the same brothers showed it flipped.=) plap
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. thank you for coming, i wilç like to start by answering the question that's on everyone's mind. yes, this is happening.  donald trump will become the 45th president of the united states and then two months later, my pants will become 46. >> that's notht exactly donald trump, that is aleck baldwin playing donald trump appearing once again who basically recreate last week's news"tr(t&c conference on the comedy sketch show "saturday night live". >> the show poked fun at trump's effort to repeal obama care. >>ç yes, mr. trump, you and th republicans want to repeal obama care. but why would you do that before coming up with a replacement plan? disaster and i actually do have a replacement plan, okay.
12:51 am
i just read about it this week. it's aç terrific plan. it's called the affordable care act. >> that's the same thing as obama çcare, if you kill it, 2 million people could lose their health insurance. >> sweetheart, i'm about to be president, we're all going to a die. [ laughter ] >> mr. trump, many people are concerned about all your business conflicts, have you taken the proper steps toç divt from your companies? >> yes, i have. i've turned over all my businesses to my two sons, zvbes and butt head. they're here today. can we get a shot of them?÷ú [ laughter ] >> surprise, trump wasn't too happy with the sketch, he tweeted, nbc news is bad butp "saturday night live kw" is
12:52 am
essential. really bad kotelevision. this was billed as the greatest show on earth, thev: wringling brothers is coming to a close. >> it's the end of the road for the greatest show on÷ú earth, i just four months the curtain falls on the one and one only, anht iconic road show that defid the circus experience for generations of children. in the end, ceo kenneth said the cus was simply too expensive to produce.mply too expensive its family has owned the show for the past 50 years. but ticket sells were÷ú declini and the circus's fate was sealed last year when it retired the popular elephant show. it said thenç it was inevitabl >> you can't fight city hall.
12:53 am
we found that to be the case in this situation. >> for years, the elephant÷ú an their dance routines were a big draw for circus fans, but not at all popular with animal rights groups, which deplored their÷ú treatment and repeatedly criticized their picketed and sued the company for its treatment of animals. >> in 2011 the circus paid wv fine of more than quarter million dollars for alleged violation for the animal welfare act. last year itç retired the elephants to a conservation center in florida, after the closure was announced, people for the ethical treatment of animalsç declared victory whil admitting its worry including marine amusement parks like seaworld is far from over. the lastç performance will be the uniondale, new çyork. >> thank you. millions of people across the
12:54 am
central part of the u.s. are under ice storm warning as they wake up ptoday. meteorologist is following that in the international senter. >> rough weather for the next couple of hours, at leastç par of the united states. it's pretty impressive set up where it feels like the middle of march across some of these areas approachingu! 80 degrees across jackson, mississippi. and it's precisely where the elements are coming together and about it where we have almost 4 million people in line and ice warnings in place. butç accumulation of this coul exceed about half an inch across places to des moines, omaha, any time you talk about a half of an inch, we know trim limbs can begin coming down and widespread power outages. we're watching that zvcarefully of course we know dr. martin
12:55 am
luther king day that's beneficial we're hoping more people are off the roads so you would typically see zvthem. right there for the most incliment weather is in place and the temps want to warm up dramatically.ç as you approach inauguration day, mid-50s on washington, d.c. there on that friday. here we go across÷ú the western u.s., active storm tracker, one after another storm coming in, snow accumulation could be on the order of two, three,÷ú feet but out towards the cascades of washington state, mount baker snow accumulation could exceed about 10 to 15 feet over the incredible amount of day forecast across portions of the united states and÷ú leaving wit perspective, the french alps, beautiful shot there of ice and snow accumulating in the past couple of days. you take a look at the çscene,e know parts of the river there is
12:56 am
beginning to freeze over, extreme temperatures are in place with high temperature out westym ushering in some of the coldest weather we've seen in years. this is the time of year, middle of january into early february wherezv the northern hemisphere sees and it's precisely what's happening in placesv: here in t se upper 40s fahrenheit. this showsç you're not in the major city getting a break from the extreme cold around parts of europe. >> thanks so much. and thank you so much forç joining us, i'm rosemary church. >> and i'm george howell. remember to connect with us on twitter any xñ4ñ early start is next for our viewers here in the united states. for our other viewers around thú world.
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this is cnn on "world news now." . .
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