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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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-- captions by vitac -- donald trump has just tweeted about our upcoming report on vivanka. he said considering it is cnn, can't imagine it will be great. we beg to differ, starts now. the following is a cnn special report. >> she is one of donald trump's closest confidantes. >> she has a great way of being able to talk to him. he trusts her. >> my father -- >> his most powerful protector. >> there's no way i could be the person i am today if my father was a sexist. >> and an influential adviser. >> the moment she speaks he really listens. >> what do you think your father values the most about ivanka?
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she's an ambitious entrepreneur, a mother and master of her brand. poised, poll earned and prepared. >> she is hell on wheels. totally focussed and a great poker player. >> and now, she could become the most influential first daughter in american history. >> i don't sense from ivanka it's about power. it's about impact. >> tonight, first daughter, ivanka trump. ♪ when donald trump began his campaign for the presidency. >> ladies and gentlemen, a man who i have loved and respected my entire life, my father, donald j. trump. >> it was his daughter, ivanka, who introduced him. from the campaign trail. >> he is not politically correct. >> to the republican national
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convention. >> this is the moment and donald trump is the person to make america great again. >> to his transition to the white house. she's been at the center of his inner circle. >> i've heard that ivanka's phone call is the phone call donald trump always takes. >> indeed. i've witnessed that. >> kellyanne conway was trump's campaign manager and will be counselor to the president. >> it's very clear they have a very special relationship that on its own is impenetrable. >> you find that the moments that she speaks he really listens. . >> tom beric has been a close friend of the family for years and is running the inauguration. >> she nahas no skin in the gam other than i'm giving you my
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point of view because i love you, dad, and i want you to be successful, and you need toist willen to me. >> part of the reason that he respects me, and we have a great professional relationship in addition to a personal relationship is because i'm incredibly candid with my opinions, and i share them, solicited or otherwise. >> like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. >> even during some of his most controversial moments on the campaign trail. as she told me last july. >> your father has said that you and melania had wanted him to be more presidential is the word that he uses. do you believe that the nicknames he used for some people or the name-calling was a mistake? is that what you're talking about when you say more presidential? >> well, once in a while he'll say thins, and i'll tell him, he could do with ratcheting it back. >> and he listens. >> sometimes. and sometimes he doesn't, or sometimes he listens for limited periods of time.
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>> ivanka has had an office just one floor below her father's in trump tower, where she's spent a lot of time as a little girl. >> i'd go to his office and hang out and play at his knee while he was on the phone or conducting meetings, and i'd walk construction jobs with hem on the weekends. >> that sounds like fun. >> yeah, i was definitely the only kindergartner who had been on a tractor. so it was, you know, just part of how he raised us. >> being raised the daughter of donald trump looked a little different. >> he wasn't always physically present, but he was always available. there was a pay phone at school. and on recess i'd go there, and i'd call collect to his office. i was probably, you know, 10 years old. >> you'd say hi, this is ivanka? >> calling collect, and he'd put me on speakerphone. it didn't matter who was there. it was colleagues, titans of
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industry, heads of countries, he'd always take my call. >> high above the office, the penthouse was home. >> this was my bed. a little small for me now. >> ivanka gave a tour of her childhood bedroom. >> the homage to poison and motley crue. >> what floor are we on? >> the 68th floor, not a bad view to wake up to. >> and not a bad place to play as a kid, unless. >> she managed to keck a beach ball into a chandelier that blew up and got destroyed. so my mother was pretty tough, eastern european, disciplinary type. so when she got home and saw the chandelier shattered on the floor, she went up to ivanka, and what happened here, and rather than fessing up, she was,
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it's all don. >> when ivanka was young, her parents divorced and their personal drama headlined the new york tabloids. >> it added another element for me as a young child, just because my friends knew about it. then you're reading things, and you don't know what's true and what's not true. >> i read this story about you that when you heard about it, you asked your mom whether you were still going to be ivanka trump. is that a true story? >> yeah, i think i was digesting things and trying to understand as, you know, a 10 or 11-year-old would the implications to me and my life and my relationship with my paints individually and collectively. >> when her father married marla maples, ivanka and her proers chose to vacation in aspen with their mother. >> you and your brothers decided
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not to go to the wedding and stayed in aspen. >> going to aspen was a tradition and was something we had done our whole lives. and it was something that was very important to my mother, and it was a memory that we wanted to have again, and we wanted to have with her, especially at that time. >> after the divorce, the children lived with their mother, but their father remained a strong influence. >> when it came to work, that was something he always pushed at a very young age. if we wanted something, we had to earn it. it wasn't just go clean your room and you get whatever you wanted. >> we never had the option not to work hard. he's not laissez faire in the ideas of sort of let them run free and spoil them and hopefully they'll turn out right. >> their mother, ivana was just as tough as their father. >> he'd travel overseas with her and she'd be maybe in first class and we'd be in coach.
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it was hear way r way of trying avoid spoiling children. >> i see a lot of ivana in ivanka. ivana was an athlete. she was determined, committed, focussed. she had integrity, unbelievable perseverance. she was always prepared. >> they were not only taught to work hard, they had to win. >> donald would hit their ski poles out from his own children in order to beat them down the mountain. >> emily jane fox is a writer for vanity fair and a cnn contributor. >> it was, i'm going to beat my own children, because winning matters that much. is that the model that you grow up with? you're growing up with a win at all cost attitude for sure. >> coming up, ivanka meets her match. >> did she fall for him? >> i think she knew right away. known for its perfect storm of tiny bubbles,
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it was 2007. ivanka trump had just met jared kushner. >> he called me up. and she said, i met a guy. we're going to a party. get dressed. >> maggie courtish has been a close friend of ivanka's for nearly 20 years. >> there was a clear connection. the rest of the party drifted away, and think were very focussed on each other. >> did she fall for him? >> she fell for him. i think she knew right away.
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>> when it came to introduce jared to her father, ivanka was nervous. >> i was too smart to bring home a boyfriend. i was not going to subject boyfriends to the scrutiny of my father or mother for that matter, unless i was 100% sure. >> with jared, ivanka was 100% sure. >> i remember spying on the lunch that my husband and my father had in trump tower. >> how did you spy on home? >> i was hiding around columns many there were tremendous amounts of hand gestures. i didn't know if this was good or bad. i was, obviously, you know, when you love somebody so much you hope that the people in your lives that you love, love one another. >> i've been very happy with jared. >> in jared, ivanka found a natural connection. they both grew up heirs to real estate empires, run by powerful
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and controversial fathers, and both why executives in their family businesses. >> they are a force to be reckoned with. and they spend a lot of time thinking, planning, strategizing. their personalities truly, truly feed off each other. >> ivanka and jared married in 2009, at trump national golf club in new jersey. ivanka converted to judaism, practicing in the orthodox traditions that jared grew up with and observes. >> it was something that meant a loot for her, but it also shows how seriously she took, you know, the relationship with jared. and that was something that was obviously a very big deal for him. >> in march 2016 and in the middle of her father's presidential campaign, ivanka and jared welcomed their third child, theodore james. brother to arabella and joseph. >> she's a wonderful mother.
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she is fierce and devoted. she is up with them early every single morning, giving them breakfast and being with them. and then, you know, putting them to bed. >> for myself, as the father of five young kids, it's really difficult. it's really difficult work wise. it's even more difficult on a campaign, where information every five minutes. >> how does she do that? >> honestly, i think the conversion to judaism is a big part of it, observing the sabbath. from friday night to saturday night, no phones, no computers. >> motherhood was part of what inspired ivanka to launch a lifestyle brand aimed at empowering women. the mission, the company says, is to inspire women to create the lives they want to live. >> i want my daughter, arabella, to grow up thinking that the phrase working woman sounds as odd and superficial and forced
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as the phrase working man. >> she launched a portion of her website dedicated to many kinds of tips you can give working women, whether that's what do i wear to work in winter. how should i ask for a raise? >> the brand includes ivanka trump apparel, handbags, shoes and accessories. and when she wasn't running her own business, she was an executive vice president at the trump organization. >> i actually knew from when i was a little girl that i wanted to go into real estate. i went to wharton, i majored in real estate and finance. i knew real estate was what i wanted to do. >> but her father actually encouraged her to consider a different career direction. >> he'd say, are you sure you don't want to try this? are you sure you don't want to try that? he always said to us, you have to do what you love, and you'll never succeed, you'll never be able to compete at the highest level if you don't deeply love what it is that you do.
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>> what was she like when she was a young, working career woman, just out of college? >> she was serious. she was driven. we were at a girls weekend, and i woke up, and she was just gone. she had slipped out to go to new jersey with her father to look at some job site, quintessential ivanka. that's where her focus was and that's where her attention was. >> she joined her father as a co-host on the apprentice. >> what exactly did he say to you. >> wait, wait, wait, ivanka, wait. >> and was negotiating his most important deals, like the doral golf resort in miami and the old post office in washington, d.c. >> she is hell on wheels. no emotion. but totally focussed and a great poker player. >> very different from her father, and very much her own woman. >> she's an excellent businesswoman. she's the real deal.
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>> michael ashner is a real estate executive who sold the doral property to the trumps and negotiated the deal with ivanka. >> real estate people can be very volatile. and at every moment, she brought the tension down. she was identified what the issue is. how do we talk about it? it was superb. it was really controlling the room. >> ivanka and i worked i have, very closely on it. and you have different people who are really good at certain elements in the deal. she went and worked her heart out and got the deal closed. >> coming up, closing deals in the white house. >> what do you think your father values the most about ivanka? >> well, i think -- i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune.
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. ♪ it was 2016, midday in a conference room in trump tower. >> we were having luchgs nch on entirely different topic.
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>> jared asked her, what makes a good vice president? >> and i said to him, you know, jared, the last couple republicans have chosen someone they thought would really excite the base, and i pointed out that his father-in-law was beyond the glass in the atrium, and i said this year we have all the excitement we need, right there. >> as the convention approached, the list was down to three names, two outspoken candidates and the more reserved mike pence. >> and so i think ivanka trump was in a very unique position to give her father a voice in choosing a vice presidential running mate, because she knows what donald trump expects and how he works best with what types of leaders and support system around him. >> when her father was torn between candidates, ivanka, jared and her brothers arranged to take a last-minute flight to indiana to be by their father's side at a breakfast with mike
6:24 pm
pence. soon after, pence got the nod. and days later, trump himself accepted the republican nomination. >> as president, my father will take on the bold and worthy fights. he will be unafraid to set lofty goals, and he will be relentless in his determination to achieve them. >> ivanka became one of her father's strongest advocates, but it wasn't always easy. trump's rough edges can conflict with his daughter's carefully curated brand. so ivanka steered clear of policy, except when it involved her agenda. >> safe, affordable, high-quality child care should not be the luxury of a fortunate few. >> like child care, paid maternity leave. >> she's created an entire business really surrounding that, you know, women that work, that empowerment movement. >> and when we spoke in july,
6:25 pm
she defended her father against criticism over his treatment of women. >> absolutely not a sexist. there's no way i could be the person i am today if my father was a sexist. i would not be one of his senior-most executives, and i would not be working shoulder to shoulder with my brothers. i would be working for my brothers if at all. >> oftentimes you will hear people say if ivanka came from donald trump he must have done something right. she was the spoon full of sugar. she was successful, talented and bright and brought out what would be the best in donald trump. >> do you think she'd also become part of his political antenna in a way? >> yes, in my view, ivanka trump is, has, and will continue to be part of her father's political antenna. in washington, d.c., they'll say all right, who's affected here, who do we owe something to. but i find ivanka to be someone
6:26 pm
much more inclusive in her thinking. she'll say, who's not included in the messaging and will they feel excluded. >> ivanka has brought unexpected visitors to trump tower, like leonardo dicaprio and al gore. >> she brings a certain balance, but non-hyperpartisan. she's a inld pechbt who thinks passionately about the issues. >> ivanka's husband jared became trump's most trusted confidante. >> he's always been incredibly pragmat pragmatic. he's effective, he's become one of the main voices in our father's life. he knows how to speak to my father. i think he knows how to get his point across very effectively. >> he became what was really
6:27 pm
needed, which was a buffer between new people coming into donald's life who had a program, a plan or a project, some of which worked, and some of which didn't work. the people in his life who were loyalist but maybe didn't have those tools in their tool kit. >> while jared is taking a coveted spot inside the west wing, ivanka has decided not to take an office there, at least not yet. instead, she's working on a child care proposal behind the scenes and getting her family settled in the tony calaramma neighborhood. >> there's donald trump that i now as a son. and so i think if she can sort of show some of the softer side of him and be able to bridge some of those gaps, i think it will go a long way towards his efficacy in getting the things he wants done, done.
6:28 pm
>> though she's stepping away from the trump organization and her own brand, ivanka will likely face questions about her possible conflict of interest. like march kiting t-- marketing the dress she wore at the republican vinconvention. >> people are going to say it's a conflict. that's going to happen. the key to the trump enterprise is they don't any terms of conflict of interest. they think of legal and illegal, winning and losing. >> with her father winning the white house, ivanka trump is on target to become the most ink w kni influential first daughter ever. >> she has a success in real estate and her own brand. i think she'd be very powerful.
6:29 pm
but again, i don't sense from ivanka it's about power. it's about impact. >> and it's about the family, presenting and enhancing the newest brand, the trump presidency. >> you value family. especially in that world. i think for years we had always heard real estate's one of those cutthroat industries in the world, nothing compared to politics. it's nothing compared to politics. and then i think when you go through that, and you live through it, i think quite frankly, you become a closer family than ever before. they're the closest people in your life. they're the people who will look out for you when others might have conflicting interests, and that's very, very special, and i think we all, in some certain way, and ivanka will lend to that in a very big way. she has a great way of being able to talk to home. he trusts her, you know, she's proven herself time and time again in business and whatever she decides to do in washington, if there is a role for her then an i'm sure it will be similar to that, but that's really up to
6:30 pm
her. and good evening again, you've just been watching the cnn special report, "first daughter ivanka trump." in terms of ivanka trump, she doesn't have an actual official title, correct? >> no, not yet. >> in the white house. but clearly she has an important role for donald trump. i mean, she's somebody who has his ear and is a very, is a major buzz. >> we don't know if she's going to have an office in the west wing. she's decided at least now, let jared go work there, but eventually whether she's inside the white house or remains outside the white house, she is going to be her father's gut check. there's no doubt about it. he leans on her. he listens to her. she offers her advice freely. they don't always agree, as she said, in the piece. but i think she will always be there when he, when


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