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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 17, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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"early start" continues right now. >> new overnight. questions facing the man tapped to lead the overhaul of obamacare. a cnn investigation into congress member tom price. the results just moments away. a number of trump's nominees set to face a grill from ting f senate. before he leaves office, secretary of state john kerry with parting words for president-elect donald trump. what he said the president-elect should not say. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> good morning. i'm christine romans. it is tuesday, january 17th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's get started with trouble for trump cabinet nominee.
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the cnn report has democrats calling for an investigation for tom price. the president-elect's pick for health and hum sdan services. our review of house records shows price bought $15,000 of stock in a hip and knee plant maker. then just days later, he introduced legislation to benefit from that company. then not long after price filed that bill, the political action committee donated $1,000 to the price re-election fund. after keeping silent, price is responding. an aide saying the stock was purchased by a broker without price's knowledge. the effort to connect that with a campaign contribution is false. dr. price is fully complying
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with the ethics office. a spokesperson for the company did not stopped respond to the . >> chuck schumer says this is not a question trade, but price trading stock and using the office to benefit from which he is investing. this casts serious doubt on whethers price is fit to hold the office for hhs. congress member price is divesting from 43 companies. price would be a key player in the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. the president-elect says he will unveil his replacement for obamacare only after price is confirmed. if this delays that, this could muck up that process. >> tom price is one of many facing hearings this week. time running out for them to complete the review process.
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14 cabinet picks put sit for senate hearings. only five of them have finalized the paper work. our jeff zeleny previews on the senate hot seat this week and what we can expect. >> reporter: john and christine, three days to go before donald trump takes office and another round of confirmation hearings on capitol hill. up today, interior and education. congress member ryan zinke from montana is the candidate for interior. betsy devos, from michigan, is the candidate for secretary of education. now both of these nominees like others of trump's are expected to eventually be confirmed. there are specific questions about some of their policies. one thing that some republicans are concerned about. there will not be as many cabinet members likely to be confirmed by the time trump takes office on friday. up this week, the treasury secretary nominee. perhaps one of the most controversial as well as tom
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price. it week is setting up to be as contentious as last week. one thing we are seeing. some of the nominees have different views than trump on a number of issues. look for senators to exploit that or find out more about those differences here. regardless, three days from now, donald trump takes office whether or not all his secretaries are in place. john and christine. >> jeff zeleny, thank you. as far as the cabinet secretaries go, word this morning that the president-elect's nominee for labor secretary is having second thoughts. business ally and republican source tells cnn that executive andrew puzder is unhappy by the criticism by democrats and union groups. he said he may be bailing. he is not into the pounding he is taking and the paper work. cnn first reported the doubts. he tweeted i am looking forward to my hearing. that hearing was initially scheduled for this week, but
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will not happen until later. >> and labor groups promised they will keep pounding. >> if you are in the rough and tumble of washington, you should expect. two of trump's top money men are having hearings. wilbur ross faces lawmakers on wednesday. see how tough he is on trade with china and mexico and if the administration is series about tariffs and if he is with the house and the better way plan for border tax that he is not hip to that. >> that's worth reading. big news. >> the big news on the front page of the journal. most notably from failed mortgage lender indymac. i thought goldman sachs was the evil empire during the election. >> sometimes the empire wins.
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>> and steve bannon and gary cohn and jay clayton. he actually advised goldman sachs on the bailout. he worked for the law firm. this list clashes with the campaign rhetoric. he blasted hillary clinton's speeches at goldman. he featured goldman ceo lloyd blankfein. his last word of the campaign was the video ad very gloomily talking about goldman sachs. he reaches in and hires a bunch of people. >> apparently it was a recruitment video. three days until the inauguration. the world listening closely to every word that the president-elect speaks. in the last few days, comments about nato and china and eu and german chancellor and immigration policy. he called it catastrophic. now secretary of state john kerry is weighing in on the effects of the president-elect's
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statements. >> i thought frankly it was inappropriate for a president-elect of the united states to step in to the politics of a country in a direct manner. he'll have to speak to that as of friday. he's responsible for that relationship. >> as for merkel, she said she will wait until after the inauguration. trump and pence head to washington today ahead of the inauguration. no details released about their schedule. the trump transition team is trying to soothe tensions with the african-american community over the president-elect's feud with john lewis. listen to kellyanne conway talking about the issue. >> donald trump calls himself a counter-puncher. he does not draw first blood. that was the case. you can expect congress member
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lewis' place in our history and defend yourself. in a week where you end up being the president of the united states, he has to say that about your election. >> the president-elect met with the son of martin luther king jr. at trump tower on monday and martin luther king iii sounded like his father. offering a message of reconciliation. >> things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion. at some point this nation, we have to move forward. people are literally dying. we need to talk about how we feed people. how do we clothe people. how do we create the best education system. >> he would not be drawn in to the feud with the president-elect and the congress member. the list of democratic representatives not attending is now up to 41. vast majority are boycotting. a lot going on this morning. let's discuss with ellis
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henican. best selling author. let's start with the fine reporting on tom price. the nominee to be for the health and human services. he bought a stock. made proposals in congress to help the company of the stock. then got a donation from the company's political action committee. >> that is a brilliant broker to know to buy the stock before representative price is getting ready to introduce legislation in congress. i want that broker. >> is it career ending in terms of running hhs? >> if that is the only case, maybe he can hold on to the idea, i didn't do it. let's figure out the details. >> for most of my career, there were no rules against doing this thing. there are now. for a long time, there is a lot of double dealing. >> you are not in congress. with the power to introduce legislation to affect a particular company. it is something we should be against.
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>> for a long time, it was okay. people in congress could buy and sell stocks if they were introducing legislation. let's ask a little bit about the boycott and the 41 people who will not go. look, sometimes people don't go. john says it's cold. >> you have to go through security. some members who have been there a long time, they skip. >> kellyanne conway talked a bit about the boycott. she had this take. listen to this. >> we hope that these democratic members of congress reconsider. they are welcome to the inauguration. if they want to contact any of us, they are welcome. i would note it is governor pence of indiana, the only republican governor to go. he went to president obama's inauguration. maybe he was previewing the platfo platform. he went to show respect. >> interesting. i didn't know that fact. interesting contradiction. >> lots of people go to the inauguration when the other party wins. a little different this time. we did get through a campaign
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that was personal and rough. >> hillary clinton's going. >> and you know, god bless her. i think that makes her look big for going. there are still a lot of bruised feelings out there. >> right. you know, people have their feelings hurt. what's good for the country? i feel bad isn't necessarily reason not to go. the question is what is best for the country. if you are going to talk about what is best for democrats, wouldn't they be better off going and sitting there if they want and criticizing or trying to poke holes in the trump administration. >> john, you are asking a perfectly reasonable strategic question. >> rare. >> it happens once in a while. you have to ask the larger question. what is one's appearance at the event symbolize? am i saying i support this? am i saying i love my country? you have to answer that question first before you decide. >> what does donald trump believe? this is something that is really
2:12 am
important. trump warns on house tax plan. he seems to be breaking with a better way. a big development. he will not do the border reform tax. instead do tariffs. that is a difference with him and the house republicans. >> and a parallel things with the obamacare right now. between the incoming president and perhaps the incoming secretary of health and human services. representative price. very different notions. it seems as well as we can tell, different notions about what should replace obamacare. should we have universal insurance for all? >> it is interesting. he is going his own way. a lot of people thought as he got closer to the presidency, he would merge. you look on nato and eu and if you look at one thing after another. china and the treatment of the world the past few days, he has given interviews. he says what he thinks and is not influenced. >> that is right. my theory was donald trump cared about a relatively smaller
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number of things. he had strong feelings on those things. the list is growing. >> he has things he can give some conservatives who may not be on board. he tells us he will nominate a supreme court justice. that may placate some people he has problems within other areas. watch that. ellis henican, we will see you in a little bit. details emerging after police capture the man they say opened fire in a crowded nightclub in turkey on new year's eve. where he was hunted down and what he is telling investigators. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises your most extraordinary moments happen when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered, overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond.
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china and australia said the best cutting edge science and technology, they have been unable to locate the aircraft. it disappeared over the indian ocean on the way to kuala lumpur. in response, the 370 family support group issued the statement saying, in our view, extending the search to the new area defined by the experts is a duty owed to the flying public in the interest of aviation safety. commercial planes cannot just be allowed to disappear without a trace. the suspected gunman who opened fire in the istanbul nightclub on new year's eve is in police custody. he and four others arrested during a police operation on monday. he is speaking to investigators who have details about what happened. let's go live to istanbul to cnn's ian lee. ian, what are you learning? >> reporter: we have a name of the suspect that police are saying committed that attack at
2:18 am
the nightclub. abdulkadir masharipov is the person they are saying did it. an uzbeck national. came to tur key a year ago. he was captured in the esenyurt neighborhood. 20 miles from the reina nightclub. he was caught with four other people. one iraqi man and egyptian woman and two others from africa. this is a massive manhunt. over 2,000 security personnel scouring the country. going over thousands of hours of video surveillance looking for him. we also have a picture that shows the gunman after he was captured by turkish authorities. as you can see, he is bloodied and bruised, but captured alive. that is crucial as they look into who may have helped him and
2:19 am
also what else they can glean in the information from him. we do know isis has claimed responsibility. so this will be important to find out the network that supported him. john. >> did he have direct ties. was he given instructions. ian lee in istanbul. thank you. the world champion chicago cubs honored at the white house. they try to convert soon-to-citizen obama, a diehard white sox fan. coy wire has the bleacher report next. l... fills gaps. adds volume. precisely. maybelline's brow precise fiber volumizer. make it happen ♪maybelline new york and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further.
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looking to end a four-game losing streak against lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers dating back to the finals. >> coy wire has the bleacher report. >> good morning, christine and john. before the finals rematch, lebron james said the words that the cavs are not a real rivalry. it is not like the rivalries of the '80s. nobody told that to the warriors. they were ready to rumble. green taking on lebron james who is taking on a hard fall. they both get techs. warriors went on to take it to the cavs. 35-point victory. golden state wins, 126-91. worrying news this morning. three oregon football players hospitalized after conditioning workouts last week. they are still in the hospital. that's according to a newspaper
2:24 am
"the oregonian." the university released a statement saying safety is paramount and they are monit monitoring the situation. the chicago cubs breaking the 108-year curse by winning the world series. they got to visit the white house yesterday. president obama is a white sox fan, but a lot of folks on the staff who are cubs fans. check it out. >> when they won, the next day, she said this is the best day of my life. i said what about me winning the presidency? what about your wedding day? she is like, no. there were a lot of sick days during the playoffs. one of my staff members was caught being interviewed at a bar outside of wrigley. >> you have to love that stuff. michelle obama is a cubs fan. of all the ceremonies they had at the white house, she never
2:25 am
attended the sports ceremonies. this is one she was sure to be there. >> so many cubs in the room. so awesome to see. >> they all said it was as good as their last visit to the white house with theodore roosevelt. >> exactly. coy, thank you. with the process of repealing obamacare under way, could the man charged with replacing it be in danger of a messy confirmation? a cnn investigation that we'll tell you about on tom price. iteen touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again.
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new overnight. an investigation into trump's choice to lead the health department. did tom price use his political influence to help a company in which he is an investor? several cabinet nominees getting ready for hearings, but could ethics reviews leave the cabinet empty when
2:29 am
president-elect takes ofsz office? welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. nice to see enthusiasm morniyou. democrats calling for an investigation over tom price. the president-elect's pick for secretary of health and human services. the question is did he use congressional influence for personal profit. see if you can following the bouncing ball. price bought as much as $15,000 of stock in a hip and knee implant maker. days later, he introduced legislation that would directly benefit the company. the hip act. would delay a change in the medicare and medicaid efforts. not long after price filed the bill, the company's political action committee donated $1,000
2:30 am
to the price re-election campaign. after keeping silent, the congress member is speaking out. the aide said it was purchased by a broker without price's knowledge. without any effort to connect the legislation with the democrats to a campaign contribution is false. dr. price is fully complying with the recommendations put forward by the ethics office. a spokesperson for the company did not respond a request for comment. >> all of this has chuck schumer renewing calls of the ethics picture. this makes clear a troubling pattern of congress member price trading stock and using his office to benefit the companies in which he is investing. this casts serious doubt on whether price is fit to hold the office of secretary of health and human services. price has promised to divest from 43 companies after
2:31 am
confirmed. as the secretary, price would be a key player in the evident ffo repeal and replace obamacare. >> i wonder what happens if that confirmation is delayed. word this morning the pick for labor secretary is having second thoughts. a business ally that andrew puzder is even haunhappy about criticism by democrats and some union groups. cnn first reported word of doubts. puzder tweeted i am looking forward to the hearing. >> the word in the campaign is they are ready for the fight. they tell him, let's fight this out. >> you need thick skin. expect criticism. >> with three days to go until the inauguration, donald trump
2:32 am
is not backing down. he has given reason for concern for nato, china, eu and germans when he went after merkel's immigration policy calling it catastrophic. now outgoing secretary of state john kerry with his opinion. >> i thought frankly it was inappropriate for a president-elect of the united states to step in to the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner. he'll have to speak to that as of friday, you know, he is responsible for that relationship. >> as for merkel, she said she will wait until after trump's inauguration. john brennan taking a parting shot at trump. he insists he is not the leaker of the details of the dossier of trump. brennan calls the president-elect's comments
2:33 am
comparing the u.s. intelligence community to nazi, germany, offensiv offensive. he said when the allegations of leaking or dishonesty or lack of integrity, that is where the line is crossed. tell the families of the 117 cia officers on our wall of honor that their loved ones who gave their lives akin to nazis. i find that repugnant. three years ago, president-elect donald trump said moscow is america's biggest ally. these are march 2014 interviews with fox news and nbc. trump suggests imposing sanctions on russia. he agrees with the mitt romney assessment. listen. >> mitt was right. he was right when he mentioned in one of the debates about
2:34 am
russia. russia is our biggest problem. we could do a lot of things to really do numbers on them if we wanted to. >> we should be strong. we should do sanctions. we have to show strength. putin has eaten obama's lunch. our lunch for a long period of time. >> new fallout from another report. monica crowley is backing out of the national communications post. she plagiarized more than 50 passages in her book. she issued a statement saying she appreciates being asked to join the administration and will continue to support the trump agenda. she makes no mention of the p j plagiarism accusations. donald trump has top business leaders freaking out about trade. 6 in 10 global ceos are worried about protectionism and trade
2:35 am
barriers. up from 40% in 2012. more than half of the bosses plan to increase hiring this year. the process makes them nervous. 78% are worried that applicants will not have the right skills. i hear this northemore than any. one company adding workers in mexico. bmw. it is staying put with inve investments in mexico. it has not shifted jobs from the mexican plant. it will sell cars all over the world, including in the united states. regardless of the threat of tariffs. the automaker says the largest fa factory in the world is in south carolina. that plant built 400,000 vehicles last year. it is exporting bmws from the
2:36 am
u.s. showing you how complicated that is. no shortage of controversy three days out. we will bring in the best. political analyst and best selling author ellis henican. >> that is an interesting topic. >> the tweets are fine. he is talking to gm and ford. the companies have turned around and fiat chrysler have crowed about investments they are making in the u.s. those investments were in the books two years ago. they are highlighting they are investing in the u.s. >> the bmw response is interesting. a number of companies folded under the pressure of those complaints. you have bmw saying what we are doing is legitimate and pro american. when you look at automobiles. you know this better than i do. it is often complicated to
2:37 am
explain the parts come from one place and they get put together somewhere else. labor in a third place. what's an american car? >> put a tariff on a steering wheel on one place or on the car? >> will you punish a german company that is a job creator in south carolina and what are officials saying? >> that is not so easy in a slogany way to keep the foreigners out. build america. >> you are right. he wants to rework nafta. there have been indications from the can nationadians they would modernization of nafta. what is interesting is the two biggest beneficiaries are the american farmers and corn producers and automakers. he will have to pick somebody for agriculture who may have very different views for protecting american workers. it is interesting. >> and throw into the equation
2:38 am
american consumer whos who have gotten used to cheap stuff from china. >> ellis, three days out from the inauguration. more than 40 democrats say they are not going. we have more confirmation hearings with questions arising about some of the president-elect's nominees. tom price. secretary of hhs is a huge job. especially when you are counted on to repeal and replace obamacare. now word he bought a stock, introduced legislation to help the company to which he just bought the stock, then the company donated to the political action committee. >> that is an investigative question. we need to find out facts. i point to one other aspect of the price conversation. his views in the proposal he had a couple years ago about how to replace obamacare, in contrast with those of trump. promising health insurance for all in a broad based program.
2:39 am
price's idea seems far narrower. i heard it described as the most conservative plan of the various ones that have been floated around. people in the senate and elsewhere are saying, which is the trump plan? is it trump? is it price? >> you can say the same on tax reform. cutti cutting corporate taxes and personal taxes too. in the corporate tax reform. this is something paul ryan has been working hard on. if you read the "wall street journal" there is daylight on the plan. he thinks he would like to cut taxes for companies and have tariffs. i wonder whether or how they come together. >> and when we hear a different view from the nominee or those expressed by the incoming president. who are you supposed to believe? we don't know the answer.
2:40 am
>> tom price leading up to the hearings. he wasn't going to answer specifics of how obamacare would be replaced. he did not want to get nailed down. 41 democrats now not going to the inauguration on friday. do you think there will be more? what pressure do you think they face? >> in the long run, i don't know it matters that much. a symbolic play. many cases to constituents back home. it would be nice to come together and celebrate the peaceful transfer of power. >> hillary clinton will be there. >> she will be. her saying away would be a much more potent symbol and 41 congress members. half of whom you would have trouble naming. >> half of them? >> i'm not sure i could name them all. >> ellis henican, thank you. nearly three years after mh li -370 vanished, the search formally suspended.
2:41 am
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breaking news. the three-year under water search for missing malaysia airlines flight has been ususp d suspend suspended. australia and china and malaysia have been unable to locate the
2:45 am
aircraft. the plane disappeared on the way to kuala lumpur over the indian ocean with 239 people on board. the 370 family support group issued a statement saying in our view, extending the search to the area defined by the experts i an inescapable duty owed to the public. commercial planes cannot just be allowed to disappear without a trace. breaking overnight. russ russia's top diplomat with a final shot at the obama administration. sergei lavrov suggesting the trump administration take a more pragmatic approvpproach to solv problems. let's bring in our jill dougherty in the moscow bureau. jill, the foreign ministry or spokesperson for vladimir putin, they are quick to blast the obama administration. >> reporter: they really are. essentially they set up the
2:46 am
obama administration as the center of all evil. once that is over, they can work pragmatically with donald trump. it is notable, especially on syria. the conference by mr. lavrov was very interesting. i think he can begin to see this offer they are holding out to donald trump. to be pragmatic and be almost like a business person. forget about as they put it values. messy obsession with the export of values. they claim started all sorts of bad things in the world. such as ukraine, arab spring, color revolutions, et cetera. russia is saying forget about that. we can work on things. especially on fighting terrorism. the minister talked about something in the news we have been reporting a couple days on this which is that suggestion by
2:47 am
donald trump that if the united states gave up sanctions, that perhaps russia could come to terms on some type of deal to control nuclear weapons. now mr. lavrov said he did not see a connection or mr. donald trump was making a connection with the two issues, but if donald trump is interested in working on a strategic security that russia is all for it. then again, one last dig at the obama administration. he said that strategic security which was destroyed by the obama administration. >> thanks for that, jill dougherty in moscow. let's see what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo joins us now. >> john berman, i met some of your fans in vermont over the weekend. they all wanted to know -- >> you have to go far to find them. >> all over the place. the place was lousy with berman
2:48 am
fans. they are torn if they love you for your looks or your mind. problems, john berman. i got deep into it. christine, not as much about that division with you. >> no one loved me in vermont. >> people see your beauty and brains inter betwetwined. there is no such separating. a good report to give context to the poll numbers you will see this morning coming out about the problems that the american people seem to have with the decisions and attitudes of our president-elect since the election. how much of this russia intrigue is part of that? we will break down the numbers for you because we're trying to now see if that is what is reflected in the numbers. the mysterious sheltering of russia by our president-elect. what does that mean? we have senator john mccain on the show. he wants to build up the military. what is he going to tell us about what he believes the situation is for the u.s.
2:49 am
military? we have that interview. a big one coming up on "new day." >> chris, thank you. nice to see you this morning. >> always a pleasure. new this morning, a huge merger with two tobacco makers and the price tag is stunning. details next. in ed c without getti . start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. the suspected gunman who opened fire in the nightclub on new year's eve in istanbul is in custody. he and four others arrested in a police operation. he is speaking to investigators who learned new details about what happened. let's go live to istanbul and get the latest from cnn's ian lee. ian, what are investigators learning? >> reporter: john, the gunman has been identified as abdulkadir masharipov. he is in his early 30s from uzbekistan. he arrived in turkey about a
2:53 am
year ago. the police found him in an area called esenyurt. it is about 20 miles away from the reina nightclub where he killed 39 people. isis claimed responsibility for that. authorities also arrested with him four other people. iraqi man, egyptian woman and two other women they say from africa. they say the gunman has confessed to the crime. his fingerprints match those found on the gun that was left at the scene. this has been a huge operation. thousands of security forces sweeping the country looking for him. over two weeks since that attack. they did finally catch him. we get a picture of him shortly after he was detained by turkish authorities. he is bloodied and bruised, but
2:54 am
alive. that is crucial. when you see isis attacks, lots of times those who perpetrated them are killed in the attack or killed later down the line. having him alive is crucial. authorities have arrested 50 people they say have links to him or the attack. it is a treasure trove. the owner of the club says he is breathing a sigh of relief that he is found. people in istanbul can get back on with their lives. >> a mass murderer off the streets. that has to be a relief. ian lee, thank you. seven months, but prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to charge the wife of the gunman who killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in orlando. noor salman is due in the korl courtroom today to face obstruction of justice and aiding and anbetting her husban. he transferred his share of the
2:55 am
home they shared to other family members for $10. the police chief in orlando telling cnn, her arrest was a long time coming. >> no doubt in my mind based on the information i received from the fbi over the seven months that she knew that she aided and she could have prevented this tragedy. >> police say salman's claims she was couheresd through her husband' abuse did not account. the last man to walk on the moon has died. gene cernan took the final steps of apollo 17 mission in 1972. >> i would like to let what i believe history will record that america's challenge of today has forged man's destiny of
2:56 am
tomorrow. >> 44 years later, no one has gone back. he was one of three astronauts who went to the moon twice. he was part of the apollo 10 mission that got close. he piloted the lunar lander to ten miles of the surface. his family says he died following ongoing health issues. his passion for paspace exploration never waned. he was 82 years old. let's get a check on cnn money stream. investors are a little nervous around the world this morning after a holiday week in the u.s. dow futures lower. losses in europe stocks. shares in asia is mixed. the pound is down at a 31-year low. here's what's going on. investors are skittish ahead of theresa may's announcement today
2:57 am
on the brexit. and paying attention to the confirmation picks here for the trump cabinet. new this morning, two of the world's biggest cigarette companies rolled into one. british american tobacco is buying reynolds for $49 billion. it brings together the biggest brands. pall mall, camel, newport. the merger will create the world's largest tobacco company. they have strong ties. rights to each others brands in different countries. reynolds made headlines for bringing in john boehner as a director. a second governor pushing to make college free. rhode island governor is proposing a free tuition policy at three universities. it follows andrew cuomo who made the pitch earlier this year.
2:58 am
calling for free tuition for two years. not four. open to all residents regardless of income. no cap. new york capped income at $125,000. check out the cnn money stream app. business news personalized with stories and topics in one feed. download it now on the app store. >> rhode island not making it income based. i wonder the reason to keep talent local? >> the big question is the state has to approve it. you have to decide who pays for it. the idea is when you have this generation that has, you know, less wealth and less income than the prior generation, you have to get the student loan debt out. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. "new day" starts right now. >> it was inappropriate for a president-elect to step in to the politics of other countries. >> i start off trusting both. see how long that lasts.
2:59 am
tom price with a rough confirmati confirmation. >> did he use that for personal profit? >> when you see something that is not right or fair, you have a moral obligation to say something and not be quiet. >> those who question the legitimacy of the election is deeply disappointing. >> i would say john lewis has demonstrated he is action. >> we hope the members of congress reconsider. they are welcome to the inauguration. >> this is "new day" with we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is your "new day." it is tuesday, january 17th, 6:00 here in new york. we begin with a brand-new cnn orc poll that shows donald trump with an historic low approval rating heading into the white house. just 40% of americans say they approve of the president high pressure elect's performance during this transition. 52% say they do not approve.
3:00 am
>> this as the list of democrats who say they will boycott mr. trump's inauguration grows. one in five house democrats declare they will skip it. you see all their faces on the wall there. we're three days away from mr. trump becoming the 45th president of the united states. let's begin with our political coverage in washington. >> reporter: good morning. let's put that 40% number that you guys just went over there in term of disapproval into historical context. it is a low. you called it historic. take a look at how it stacks up. 40% approval as donald trump is about to take the oath of office. 84% approval for obama at this stage eight years ago. 61% approval for george w. bush after that very divided election with the florida recount. 67% approval for bill clinton. you can see just how historically low trump is


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