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tv   New Day  CNN  January 17, 2017 4:00am-5:01am PST

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that they are not going to be there. we're not seeing a similar move on the senate side. mr. trump is going to become the 45th president of the united states in just three days. let's begin our coverage with our political director in washington. what do you see? >> good morning, chris. you guys said it's an historic low that number you gave. 40% approval. take a look historically just how low it is. at this point on the eve of his inauguration, barack obama was at 84% approval. george w. bush, 61% and that was after that contentious florida recount in 2000. bill clinton took the oath of office at a 67% approval. that 40% number is indeed historically low in the modern times and is a big warning sign for donald trump as he heads and takes the oath of office. let's take a look here at that number you said the disapproval. 52%. a majority of the country disapproves of the way he's handling the transition. look how that's grown since
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november. it was at 45% right after the election. the transition period itself has not been going donald trump's way. another way we get at that, we ask people, what is your level of confidence? has it increased or dechristed -- dechrissed since the election in donald trump's ability to do the job? 53% say their confident has decreased. 37% has increased. how does it compare when we asked this right after the election? look at this. the number of people who say their confidence in trump has decreased thark -- that's gone up in points. this transition period has been going in the wrong direction for donald trump. finally, take a look at this. this is about his promise, right? will donald trump create good-paying jobs, especially in those economically troubled areas? 61% of the country says yes, that he is going to deliver on that big promise. i'll tell you, guys, if he does,
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if the american people are right and donald trump does deliver on this core promise, i would imagine some of those other numbers that we're looking at will go up as the days progress. >> all right. thank you very much. we're going to get even deeper into these numbers in a second. more than three dozen democratic lawmakers are now saying they are not going to go to president-elect trump's inauguration on friday. this is backlash after trump's feud with civil rights icon congressman john lewis. jason carroll is live at trump tower with more. john lewis did boycott george bush, the 43rd president of the united states as well, saying that that outcome, he saw, asillegitimate. >> he's saying it this time. we're telling you this time a number of democratic lawmakers aren't going to attend the inauguration. it started to increase after we saw the president-elect criticizing john lewis.
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many took to twitter to say the time has come for them to follow their conscience. the growing discontent within the democratic party over president-elect donald trump sparking a massive boycott. >> i just cannot celebrate in good conscience. nearly one in five house democrats are saying they will not attend trump's inauguration. >> when you see something not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something, to say something, and not be quiet. >> democrats standing with civil rights icon congressman john lewis after trump called lewis all talk and no action. angered by his claim that he's not a legitimate president. >> you can respect congressman lewis's vaunted place in our history and still defend yourself. >> despite the backlash with lewis, the president-elect meeting with martin luther king's son on the holiday
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devoted to the civil rights hero. >> things get set on both sides in the heat of emotion and at some point this nation has got to move forward. >> this as the battle continues between trump and the outgoing cia director john brennan. bristling at the president-elect's comparison of the handling of unverified intelligence reports to nazi german. >> that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> he said tell the families of the 117 cia officers who are forever memorialized on our wall of honor that their loved ones were akin to nazis. >> it was inappropriate for president-elect of the united states to be stepping into the politics of other countries in a quite direct manner. >> after trump reasserted old criticisms of nato, saying it's obsolete. >> i said a long time ago that nato had problems. number one, it was obsolete
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because it was, you know, design many, many years ago. number two, the countries weren't paying what they are supposed to pay. >> trump also saying that he trusts america's long time ally german chancellor angela merkel as much as he does russian president vladimir putin. >> i start off trusting both. >> but trump's russia friendly rhetoric is a relatively recent development. nearly three year ago, trump struck a different tone. >> we should definitely do sanctions. >> we unearthed a series of interview where trump called russia america's biggest problem. >> we have to show some strength. putin has eaten obama's lunch. >> and also that interview that you heard there, trump was asked whether or not he supports sanctions against russia for their role in cyber attacks. trump said people will do what they have to do. he also went on to say that he still is looking forward to
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making good deals with russia. chris, alisyn. >> thank you very much, jason. let's discuss these new poll numbers and what they mean with our panel. they join us now. great to see all of you. michael, i want to start with you because you have your finger on the pulse of how your listeners feel through your radio show all the time. so how do you explain or how do they explain these historically low approval numbers for an incoming president? >> as david's numbers suggest, what donald trump is not getting is the bump that's normally afforded to an incoming president. what strikes me, alisyn, when i lock at the data, if he's at 40% as an approval rating, that's pretty darn near where he was when he got elected, you don't want to besmirch his election,
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he won, but only 46% people are sending him to the white house. there's been a modest decline in numbers. he hasn't been afforded the kind of bump that president obama received when he was coming in 2009. >> you got a 10% increase in the amount of people who express disapproval. so there's some kind of softening in the base there, but what can you look at that would explain this at this point? >> michael is right. we shouldn't be surprised if it's at 50% because he came in here with half of the support or less than half of the support of the popular vote. i would say that when president obama came in, it was a very historic moment, and there was a lot of praise about his differences. trump, by the nature of the way he interacts with us, it's much
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different. there's much more chaos. there's much more contention. there's much more, you know, arguing back and forth with the press, and, you know, a lot of it is him. a lot of it is us. so he's walking in there in part creating this sort of noise. >> bush came in on the heels of an historic legal battle that questioned legitimacy as much as anything did. he was at 61%. >> yeah, but it was different. you didn't have -- in 2000, you did not have this massive social media with all this information going at you at all times. you have video. you have information -- >> you didn't have bush questioning the intel organizations and attacking every institution he could find either. >> he's a completely different guy. i will tell you this, when you talk to trump supporters out here and even when you talk to clinton people out here, they think this is -- they are going
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to look at polls with a very different sort of point of view because to them -- even people that supported clinton, they will say, hey, we thought she was going to win going in. i'm a little skeptical of everything that people are telling me. >> do you think that he has a higher approval rating than what this poll is showing in terms of 407% or -- 40% or what you are saying just to be clear, he is doing something so differently, he is picking fights right now with the intel community, with congressman john lewis, with angela merkel, with china, with the cia director, with cnn and maybe people aren't liking that? >> well, i mean, i would caution about picking fights, you know, how it's perceived by people picking fights with the intel community. so people look at the intel community in two completely different ways. their populist side of them look at them as something pick. that's what it is, it's the rejection of all things big. it's the rejection of
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bureaucracy, but individually they look at them as heroes. you put that aside. then his fights with john lewis. honestly, even the democrats that i talked to, say that john lewis is well within his right to not attend the inauguration. we have a history of doing that. it goes back to nixon. it goes back to lincoln, but they did not like him saying that he was il legitimate. john lewis did start it. trump's reaction, not that great. put that right out there. >> if you take a look at where the support is coming from here, i think it's interesting to look at it. when we asked people in november immediately after the election about approval or disapproval of how he's handling the transition, parts of his base from election night, white voters to begin with, he was plus 19 in approval among white americans immediately in the
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aftermath of the election in november. he's plus three now there. he was ahead with independents on approval in the aftermath of the election. he's now under water by 4 points here. some parts of his winning coalition and that were with him in the immediate aftermath approving of what he was doing after the election seem to be drifting away from him in large part because of what they have seen between then and now. >> look, the numbers as we know are a snapshot of a moment in time. there does seem to be some softening. what's working for him? what isn't? to many me the word russia does pop up. we see in our own poll, people have mixed feelings about it. you do have that they don't feel that this is why the election turned out the way it did. the assessment of whether or not the intel community is right about russia and their
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involvement. i see that third of somewhat likely being very important and probably going to skew more negative to neutral. but when you look at what's working for him and what isn't, does rush pop up in terms -- russia pop up in terms of how he's managing that? >> i think that him being at odds with the intel community and being an island unto himself, they have been uniform, the fbi, the cia, all of those different agencies, towing the same line, then there's donald trump. he hasn't drawn any support from his own nominees. i think that's the single largest issue that has cost him. let me also say that those confirmation hearings thus far, i think, have gone well for the nominees. there haven't been any major bumps in the road. so whatever decline in numbers he's experiencing is all on him. it's not from the team that he's assembled. >> you make a good point of how
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people see cia agents as heroes individually but maybe the intel community as a big bureaucratic blob. however, mr. trump has been in a fight publicly now with john brennan, accusing him of leaks. john brennan just responded. he says when there are allegations made about leaking or about dishonesty or lack of integrity, that's where i think the line is crossed. tell the families of those 117 cia officers who are forever memorialized on our wall of honor that their loved ones who gave their lives were akin to nazis. i found that to be very repugnant and i will forever stand up for the integrity and patriotism of my fellow officers who have done much over the years to sacrifice for their
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fellow citizens. >> after the 2016 election, people were exhausted, and his honeymoon period has been anything but calm and cool and smooth. it has been as exhausting, if not even more contentious than the campaign. i never thought that would be possible. i think that actually is playing into this and people are just like we're done. everybody just stop and let's start governing, and i think that is part of why you see a loss of support for him in the polls. i think if you put congress in there or put us in there, we would probably be in the same place. >> there's no question. negativity breeds negativity. thank you very much. appreciate it, panel. coming up in our next hour, republican isn't that true john mccain -- senator john mccain joins us. let's get his thoughts. he has a message for you about the condition of the u.s. military and what needs to happen yesterday.
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also, you have to stick around for this. woodward and bernstein together again. the legends will discuss their reported rift over the recent cnn reporting on that 35-page dossier and as well as what they expected for the trump presidency. new ethics questions looming over trump's health and human services nominee tom price. the transition team is defending the georgia lawmaker. house records show he stwesed in a company and introduced a bill that directly would have benefited the company. what are the facts? >> congress passed legislation to crackdown on insider trading on capitol hill. ethics experts say that congressman price's investments fly in the face of that law.
4:16 am
less than a week after purchasing shares, price offered legislation visiting zimmer biomed by delaying that federal medicare rule until 2018. they say this is much ado about nothing. they say he was not aware that his broker made the purchase until about a month later, april 2016. but price did continue to hold that stock in the house and he now views his shares as enough of a conflict of interest that he plans to divest from zimmer biomed along with 42 other companies if he confirms to the post. this is calling for an ethics investigation into insider trading. there's others, monica crowley bowed out of a appointment
4:17 am
yesterday. the confirmation hearings all take place this week and price's first one on wednesday and expect that to be very contentious. we will be talking about that throughout the rest of the program. thank you very much. there's this growing number of democrats in congress who plan to skip mr. trump's inauguration. what do republicans think about that? we'll ask one next. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy,
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president-elect donald trump is heading into his inauguration with an historically low approval rating. 40% of americans approve of the president-elect's performance during this transition period. 52% disapprove. this comes as one-in-five house democrats saying they are going to boycott his inauguration. let's discuss with congressman sean duffy. good to see you. it's not so much of the low number in an absolute fashion. this was a very divided race. as we know, the popular vote was
4:22 am
upside down for donald trump, but it's that it's gone down since the transition took place. why? >> yeah. listen, i this has been has been a very combative relationship between donald trump and the press. i think the press has been tougher on donald trump than most other president-elects as and a president-elect donald trump has been hard on the press. the first week after he was elected, the media was reporting that the transition was in disarray because it hasn't appointed new cabinet members. well, mr. trump has been consistent with every other president-elect after the election in appointing cabinet members, but the press, his hair was on fire on mr. trufer. we've had leak from the intelligence community that mr. trump has pushed back on. what's happening here is the public fight that mr. trump is having with cnn and other media groups has taken some skin off his poll numbers and it's gone down.
4:23 am
i think the interesting number that you reported on was 61% feel that mr. trump will do a better job of growing jobs and the economy across the country and i think that means that people have some faith in his ability to negotiate and put in good policies that can kick start this economy and put them back to work with a better-paying job. these other numbers that we discussed can actually come up in the not-too-distant future. >> you also have the wall as one of his big promises. that does not farewell in this poll. they don't know it is going to get built and they don't think that mexico is going to pay for it. your take on that? >> i think we need to secure our border. i think america is going to pay for it at the start and mr. trump says maybe there's some possibility of getting payment back from mexico, but it's our responsibility, chris, to secure our border and americans still have the belief that we can determine who comes in and out of our country as americans.
4:24 am
it's not whoever wants to come in, we have an open border policy. that border security is the key to get us to immigration reform. we all want to see us deal with those coming to the country without documentation who are working hard and playing by the rules, how do deal with those folks? you can't deal with that problem until you first deal with border security. i think it's going to be key for this community that's in flux right now. >> also, look, i think the disconnect what he said and what he's going to be able to do, is one reason why that wall isn't up as high as getting rid of obamacare right now. you have lawmakers who want to make changes with the aca versus those who say donald trump says he's going to do. he keeps saying that everybody is going to have insurance. a lot people in the party say
4:25 am
they don't know what he means by that nor how he plans to achieve that. >> nor do i, chris. [ no audio ] working for health care for some time in our chamber and so too the senate. what we have to do is all come together, the administration, house, senate, republicans and democrats, work on a health care package that's going to guarantee people coverage with preexisting conditions, work on 20 million people that also have health care system, and also working on a system that gets families and people in charge. democrats have to be part of the conversation. to your point, i'm looking forward to mr. trump's plan because i haven't seen it yet and i think it's tough to do. >> yeah. that's part of what some people
4:26 am
put under the category of the conflict between trump and the media. when you say things that don't make a lot of sense, you get push back. you said there are leaks coming from the intel community. i have seen no proof of any leak coming out from the intel community. clapper said there were no leaks. brennan came out and said that it's not about leaks coming from the intel community. it's about disrespect coming from trump to the intel community. do you have any proof of any leaks from the intel community? >> so we all know that the media reported on the salacious allegations that mr. trump was briefed upon and so was president obama. how does anybody know that those briefs took place but for a leak from the intelligence community? >> the gang of eight were told also. a lot of people knew about that stuff. mccain knew about it. he's coming on the show. harry reid knew about it. >> listen. hold on a second. mccain actually was the one who
4:27 am
sent the information to the fbi. he thought they should look at it. but john mccain, the gang of eight? listen, these are professionals that get all kinds of intelligence and they keep it pretty secret. they know the consequences of leaking it. >> so politicians you think know the consequences of leaking, politicians you'll give the nod to, the intel community you won't give the nod to. >> yeah, you are right. >> that seems upside down, congressman. >> no it doesn't. because these people are elected. they are held accountable to their constituents and american people. where the intelligence community is not. the consequences for leaking this information is significant. so i have real concern about what the intelligence community has been doing with regard to top secret information that's been put out in the press and chris, you know, this is why they reported the intelligence community always leaks information for strategic purposes. there was a point that the intelligence community leaked president obama's kill list in the middle east. how did that happen? maybe president obama leaked it.
4:28 am
i don't know. >> i'm just saying that knowing something in the general is different than knowing in the specific. i don't know anything about any leaks now and certainly politicians are always a great source for us. let me ask you something, the boycott of the inauguration, what's your take on it? >> first, politicians are a great source for public information or perspective. i would say not for top secret or secret information, but in regard to the boycott, listen, we're all americans, and, you know what, i was not thrilled. it was a very depressing day in 2008 and 2012 in the duffy household when president obama won re-election. we fought hard for the republican candidate. we weren't happy. guess what, we go to the inauguration, maybe with a heavy heart. it's part of the process that republicans and democrats come together as one america as we transition peacefully power. i'm disappointed, you know, that all these democrats are saying they are going to stay home. i was a little kid and i'm used to getting a juice box and a
4:29 am
trophy, no matter whether i win or i lose. democrats lost. donald trump won. you might not like him and you may not agree with his agenda. show up. that's your doout as a -- duty as a gres congressman. what happens with the next democrat presidential elect that goes through their inauguration, are republicans going to say i'm going to stay home. these events are for our country. put on your big boy pants. betsy devos will be questioned by the senate today. critics say she has no experience in public schools so how can she run them? we'll hear what her supporters have to say next.
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confirmation hearings begin today for donald trump's pick for education secretary betsy
4:34 am
devos, her critics say she has no experience in the public school system. joining us is andrew campanella. thanks for being here. ms. devos did not go to public school herself. none of her four children go to public school. of course, that's her prerogative. her critics say that how then can she know in any sort of fullsome what's going on in the public school system. senator warren says there's no precedent for an education department secretary nominee with your lack of experience in public education, while past nominees have secretary of education have served as teachers, school system
4:35 am
leeferreds, governor, and came to the department of education with deep executive experience in public education, you have held no such position. >> she's worked to improve education. just because somebody doesn't work inside a system, but instead works on the outside, full-time, to try to improve education for children by putting kids first, giving parents more choices for their children's education doesn't mean they are unqualified in any way, shape, or form. you know, alisyn, across the country parents are told every single day in too many schools that they don't know what's best for their kids because they are not educators, in reality parents know their kids the best, and that is the message of national school choice week which is coming up next week with 21,000 events across the country. education is about kids and their parents, and working with teachers, getting the best education possible. >> look. that sounds wonderful. what parent doesn't want more choice? what parent doesn't want to be involved? their kids education?
4:36 am
the problem in reality, andrew, is that what the critics say is that if you divert attention and resources away from public schools, then public schools end up getting short shrift. there's 99,000 public schools in the country, and that they sometimes pay the price for things like charter schools, et cetera. >> well, i think there's a huge misconception here and that is that school choice is somehow meaning that we're going to abandon public education. the reality is that school choice means all options that parents have or want to have for their kids education, that includes traditional public schools, public charter schools, which are public schools, magnet schools, also public schools, online academies, those are public schools and home schooling. school choice is all schools, not just private schools. >> critics say what happens is
4:37 am
public schools go broke. here's the president of the teachers union. what she says this means from betsy devoss that what this pick means is that from insuring that every child has the option of great public education that many have it now will lose it, that been the experience of 25 years of private tiesing, it helps very few and many students now go to schools that have faced years of austerity and disinvestment. >> first, i'm optimistic that more americans are actively choosing schools noir kids, the result is higher graduation levels, increased earnings for these kids. your question about traditional district schools, research shows us over and over again that the more choices available to families, the better traditional district schools get. >> one last point here and that
4:38 am
is that ms. devos is wildly wealthy. her family is a family of billionaires which is fantastic for her, however she's made lots of political contributions, including to four of the committee members who she will now be going in front of. how is that draining the swamp? >> here's the thing, allison, that's politics. it's washington. good to a parent across the country. ask them what did they want when it comes to education. they will tell you they want their child to be in a school that's challenging, motivating and effective. those options and the needs of parents is going to be on display next week during school choice week where we shine the spotlight on all the options parents have for their kids education. they don't care how much money someone donated to an elected official. they want their kid to be prepared to live their american dream. >> we'll see what happens today. thank you very much for being
4:39 am
here. >> thank you. ethics questions are swirling around trump's choice for hhs secretary. did congressman tom price use his job and influence to make money off stocks? we're going to look at the potential conflict and its ramifications next. bor with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad.
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president-elect trump's choice for health and human services secretary congressman tom price is facing big ethical questions. why? house records show he purchased shares of a medical device manufacturer just days before inducing a bill that would have directly benefited the company. this isn't the first time that he's been a situation like this. >> let's discuss this with timothy owe broin and david farnholt. so david, how big of a problem
4:44 am
is that it has been disclosed that he bought shares in this medical device company, congressman price did, a week or so before he tried to introduce legislation connected to that industry and that would have affected that company? >> it's a serious problem. price has now said, of course, that some broker did this and he didn't know much about it. that's the kind of thing that you should be on the lookout for. you should make sure that doesn't happen. a few days between buying the shares and doing something that would benefit them, that's a serious problem. it's not that much money but it's an indication of judgment that's troubling. >> for the defense, because i know you guys have a somewhat unamity on this issue. they didn't good to the broker answer when first asked this question. this legislation was sponsored by democrats and republicans.
4:45 am
it wasn't something that he just owned. we're talking about a small amount of shares. the reporting on it is somewhere between sds 1,000 and $15,000 worth. he has an estate value of $13 million. which make him one of the cheap seats in the trump cabinet. the office of government ethics has taken a look at him and says they are only worried about conflicts going forward, so they have no opinion on this. why should you? >> the standards are a little looser in congress than they are in the executive branch. there's no question that members of congress have some leeway around this. it was troubling enough in the congress going back to 2012 that they passed the stock act to make sure that members of congress weren't using inside knowledge to make money off of any business they oversaw or had a role in regulating, and that's a clear issue here in the price example. i don't think the am of money matters. probably the chain of command on the trades does matter rm.
4:46 am
we need to know about that, but it's also an not an isolated incident. we've seen the "wall street journal" reporting about the australian boy tech -- biotech which gave sweet heart shares in the company before it tried to get into the u.s. market and it was going to rely on legislation from people like collins and price to be able to compete. so i think this is a clear issue and it also speaks, i think, more broadly to the problem that people are concerned about with the trump administration generally, which is they are saying they are going to drain the swamp, but there's a concern that people are going to come in and try to buy pieces or sell pieces. >> just putting in bigger alligators. >> now, congressman price says he will fully divest from medical companies within 90 days of his confirmation. problem solved? >> yes. well, that particular problem is solved, but i think it's important to go back and look at what price has done in the past and look at his judgment on
4:47 am
issues like this. if he's done this sort of thing in the past, what measures did he take as we said -- >> we know that he has, in fact. we know that since the stock act in the past four years that he has traded shares of medical companies while he was involved in legislation for them. that's a fact. >> it's going to be an important question for them to ask at his confirmation hearings and i think it could slow down his confirmations. why was he doing that? what was the broker instructed to do to make sure there was no appearance of conflict? i think we'll hear a lot more about that. >> it's interesting, there's a difference between being the executive as a head of an agency and in congress. you've got a file in congress. they put a financial disclosure form every year. they list their investments and potential con fliks of interest, so the question becomes why would the congressman do something as blatant as this if he was trying to do something sneaky? >> well, because they are not caught. they are able to do things that are blatant because the parameters around monitoring and
4:48 am
setting standards for good behavior are very, very porous and i think one of things this raises is the rush to get these nominees through without proper vetting from the office of government ethics, while the office of government ethics is also being targeted by members of congress and the trump administration for being -- for doing their job, essentially and it's going to be a continuing theme and it's going to be troubling, i think. >> does this trip up his confirmation? >> it's going to part of the confirmation hearing. >> but he's going to be confirmed? >> i have noedy. we'll have to wait and see. >> you have to get republicans to defect. the question is is this enough of something? do you think that hisable to assuage, to defend, is weak enough that he may turn some republicans against him? >> no. price was a member of congress for a long time. he knows these people. he is like the sort of human embodiment of the republican hopes to repeal and replace obamacare. >> he's the only guy with a
4:49 am
plan, by the way. he's the only guy who has taken time to write something down basically on that side of ball on what could replace at least aspects of the aca. >> that is a really fraught prospect for the republicans anyway. to take out the one guy that they think maybe has a chance of doing it. i don't see that happening. >> he's the kid roughed up in the process of choosing teams but he has the ball so you got to put him on one of teams. >> he also said he's going to do the right thing going forward. it's hard to see. >> how does that that work at home? the kids all always say they will do the right thing when caught. tweet us at "new day" or post your comment on >> president obama gets set to leave office, were his hopes of the american people realized? we'll take a look at his legacy next. e and asleep at night. start the new year off right with the best sleep
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. even in the mist of the enormous challenges we face today i have great faith and hope about the future, because i believe in you. that's why i wanted to tell you first that i will be filing papers today to create a presidential exploratory committee. >> that was nearly ten years ago, then-senator, barack obama, began his run for the presidency and in three days mr. obama will exit the white house and what will his legacy be. let's discuss it with political
4:54 am
colu colu columnist, jonathan tate. >> as i was writing the book, i realized he did more than i realized and i was following this the whole time. socie so the point of the book is he accomplished so much more than a lot of people understand. >> like what? what are the surprising things many of us have forgotten? >> the economic rescue had a lot of components people forgot, and the stimulus and the bank rescue, that was tremendously unpopular, and it was mocked on "saturday night live," and it completely worked, and the critics said he was right, but the auto bailout, and republicans were saying this was socialism. >> that's one of the tricks with the legacy, and this conversation is part of the problem. people remember big things and
4:55 am
things that they push. has the administration done enough to cement the legacy? >> the clip you showed, a young guy, and he had not accomplished much and he really hadn't, and this gap between his resume and what he has done and that image stuck to obama throughout his presidency, and it's really the other way around, and he's a guy that is focused on getting things done, details and accomplishments and not so much on the sales pitch. >> particularly with what you are talking about, about the stimulus, because the republicans were so dead-set against it and they didn't believe it turned around the economy, and history has shown it did turn around the economy, but they failed in telling their own story, but why didn't they trumpet that more? >> they passed the stimulus in three weeks and once that passed it was on to the next thing and the next emergency, and all the problems were hardly solved. they were focused on governing.
4:56 am
the news media is not synced up with the world they see, and in the news it's always what happened today. >> it was not clean, either, and he inherited a lot of that stuff, and t.a.r.p. was going on, and i covered that, and they just wanted to get away from it and it was not something they kept coming back to, and even the auto bailout, and he almost only uses it against criticism, and that's not how it works, and trump knows how to sell what is great and going to be great, and is that something the administration needed to do? >> it's an irony that trump has spent more time defending the 500 jobs he saved at one plant, than obama did with the millions in the stimulus. think about franklin roosevelt,
4:57 am
he came in three years after the stock market crash and everything bad already happened and he can get credit for the rise. obama comes in as they are going off the cliff, right, and he could say it would have been so much worse if i had not been here, and the timing doesn't make it so easy for him to sell what he has done. >> you put in that a win column for him. >> yeah. >> let's talk about some of his losses or failings, actually, and he promised he would be a post partisan president, and spae spoiler alert, that did not happen and he engaged in partisansh partisanship, and so the tone declined during his presidency, and how much should he own of that? >> one of the arguments i make in the book he actually embraced some of the elements, and his health care plan was based on what mitt romney did, and
4:58 am
versions have been done in republican states as well, and he hired romney's environmental administrator, and so thought he could come up with proposals that met his republicans, and he didn't succeed in getting republicans to go along with him, which is, of course, something he can't control, but he did change the policies. >> "audacity," the name of the book, has to do with latin and having the nerve, and obama is such a sports fan and it played out in an interesting fashion, and his love of the white sox, and his need to love the -- >> i made a lot of promises in 2008, and we manage to fulfill a large number of them, but even i was not crazy enough to suggest
4:59 am
that during these eight years we would see the cubs win the world series, but i did say that there has never been anything false about hope. [ applause ] >> the audacity of hope. >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. >> they liked that moment. >> i never have seen appear president say i didn't like this squad, and they tend to root for everybody that wins, right. >> a side of him that you didn't get to see that often, and there are good reasons for that as well, and he was under siege most of the time, but what do you make of that part of him? >> that part of him, he does love sports. i mean, he's a sports person and he tried to use this to connect to white americans who might not
5:00 am
have other basis of connections to him sometimes. >> the book again is "audacity," great read, and thank you for being with us. we are following a lot of news this morning so let's get right to it. >> it was inappropriate for president-elect to be stepping in the politics of other countries. >> let's see how long that lasts. >> donald trump with a historic low approval rating head into the white house. >> when you see something that is not right -- >> the question of his legitimacy is disappointing. >> we hope that these democratic members of congress reconsider, and they are certainly welcome to the inauguration. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and


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