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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. i am carol costello, and we begin with breaking news this morning, and vladimir putin just accusing the obama administration of trying to undermine trump's legitimacy, and saying attempts are damaging to the united states and compromising material against trump is, quote, obviously, fake. let's get right to jill doherty, and she's a former cnn moscow
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bureau chief. these are extraordinary statements by vladimir putin. >> they really are, carol. came up at the end of a rather uninteresting news conference, and then all of a sudden, a reporter, i believe it was russian, asked about the dossier with compromising material alle -- allegedly compromising material, and he uttered the word prostitutes, and he went on for several minutes, and this is the just of what he said, and he said it's to undermine the legitimacy of trump's victory, and they are trying to -- and meaning this administration, the obama administration, trying to bind the hands and feet of trump, preventing him from doing what he wants to do. he said compromising material is obviously fake, and then he said, i don't know mr. trump, i
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never met him, i don't know what he's going to do internationally, and i have no basis to attack or criticize him, and he went on to mock reports that the fsb, the security forces were following american millionaires around moscow when they came, and he said that's absolutely ridiculous, insanity, to think that. and finally, it got really personal because the word prostitute came up again, and mr. putin said trump is a man that organized beauty papblgants and was around the most beautiful women in the world and it's hard to imagine he would have to socialize girls of low social responsibility, as he put it, and mr. putin added, although they are the best in the world, and there was a bit of laughter in the room. finally, he said people who fabricate false information and
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use it for political purposes are worse than prostitutes. finally ending with the hope that relations will improve. he said we will succeed in restoring a normal relationship between russia and the u.s., and you could see vehemence with which putin was speaking about all of this. >> jill, you stick around, because i want to go right to trump tower and jason carroll, because putin's presence in the debate is why trump could face a split with the intelligence community that will report directly to him. >> reporter: certainly his comments and some of the things he said about the intel community, certainly not helping to ease tensions between himself in the intelligence community. we have the outgoing cia director, john brennan, and
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donald trump has blamed leaks coming out of the intel briefing he received about russia and those cyber attacks and he blamed the leaks on the intel community. at one point, drawing a comparison between the leaks and nazi germany, and brennan called those comments repugnant, and he said, and i quote, tell the families of those 117 cia officers who are forever memorialized on the wall of honor that their loved ones that gave their lives were akin to nazis. he went on to say, basically, he draws the line when somebody makes dishonest -- what he called dishonest statements about the intelligence community and leaks, and that's where he draws the line and that's why he is making these statements now at this point, and once again, trump is saying what he is saying, and again, not doing much to ease tensions between
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himself and the intel community going forward. carol? >> let's dig into this extraordinary turn of events with our panel, former bureau chief, jill doherty joins me again, and also the former u.s. ambassador to russia, and -- actually, he's not with us, and colonel cedric latent is -- oh, steven, you are here. sorry, the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine, and mr. lewis will join us later -- is that correct? that's correct. all right. i want to ask, has vladimir putin ever talked like this in your memory? >> this is pretty specific. we haven't heard mr. putin talk like this in the past, but i think you have to understand it's a pretty extraordinary time, although there are lots of questions about the dossier that
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came out last week, there's no doubt among american intelligence agencies that russia blatantly tried to interfere in the american political election, and now mr. putin is trying to do everything he can to distance russia from itself and discredit those reports. >> jill, it's intriguing to me, too, he keeps talking up donald trump through all of this, accusing the democrats, in essence, of delegitimizing trump's presidency. >> right, but they have been saying that. i mean, the narrative right now is extraordinary vitubrative towards the barack obama administration, and now very specifically coming to the president saying it's really a vendetta by the obama administration to destroy any chance that mr. trump can carry
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out what he wants to carry out. i mean, they are talking about this is a political struggle to undermine the legitimacy of donald trump. so the gloves are off. this is really a good-bye. in fact, the way mr. putin started out by saying, you know, there are some people who kind of leave and they say good-bye, and there are other people that don't leave, and then he said, and i think this is the latter, in other words, obama couldn't leave soon enough but is leaving things behind that he is going to try and hurt donald trump with. that is what the russian president is saying. >> so colonel latent, what position does this put them in? >> we have deployments going on in poland, and we have exercises in the baltic states and all of
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it is clearly designed to send russia a message that united states is to stay in europe and the united states is part of nato, and given mr. trump's pronouncements and the things that have gone on, not only this morning but also, you know, throughout the entire election campaign, we have to call into question exactly what all of the commitments are and whether those commitments mean anything and that means everybody in europe extremely nervous. >> so what mr. trump said to the international press yesterday, that, you know, as far as trusting angela merkel, and vladimir putin, it's even right now, is that embolding putin to say these things? >> angela merkel is the leader of germany, and that's a close ally with america for decades, and she worked closely in a lot of areas where american and
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european interests coincide, and the sanctions have been applied by the u.nited states and the european union against russia, and then separatism in east ukraine has killed a lot of people, and then if you look at the way putin talked about the united states going back the last four or five years, and he sees the united states as our adversary, he's not a our friend, and to put them on the same plain is what has caused concern not only in washington, but elsewhere. >> what if vladimir putin is not a great friend and turns on him? what might happen? >> that's entirely possible. we don't, as mr. putin himself
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said, we don't know when he's going to do. i think what the russians are doing right now, they are taking an insurance policy, which is as putin said, you know, i never met him and i don't know what he's going to do, and then they oppose him to the obama administration, and they paint a very bleak picture of what the obama administration has done internationally, and also mr. putin said, even hurting the united states. so now who comes -- you know, another person comes in, and mr. putin is not willing to say, yes, specifically we are hoping that he will follow-through on x, y and z, because they don't know, and they are not prepared and they have no idea, but they can certainly say it will be much, much better than dealing with the previous administration. so he is staking out a position, but he's not locking himself into some type of position. >> might that be, because,
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general mattis, he will serve as part of trump's cabinet, and he has markedly different views on russia than donald trump, so is that giving vladimir putin pause or doesn't he listen to our confirmation hearings? >> sounds like he is not listening to the confirmation hearings, carol, but i think he is in real life, but he is saying what the top is saying, what mr. trump is saying and those as the real policy pronouncements are happening, and with that he is in essence disregarding what mattis has said, although what mattis has said may in fact end up becoming u.s. policy, or at least our allies hope it will be. >> where do you see all of this going? >> i don't think we know. i mean, if you look at american policy towards russia, you have what general mattis said last week during his confirmation hearings, which was very
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mainstream republican foreign policy, support for nato and ukraine and skepticism about russia, and you look at what trump said about his campaign and continues to say, there's a huge spectrum, and we are going to come down somewhere in the middle and we don't yet know about this. and this may be one thing that although it's clear from what you have seen out of moscow in the last couple of months, and they wanted to see mr. trump as president over secretary clinton, and i'm not sure that's going to be the best thing for russia or u.s./russia relations, because they now have in three days an american president who prices unpredictability. with secretary clinton, the russians would have known if we do x the american response would likely be y, and now the russians have to say, if we do x, what is the response of mr. trump? having that uncertainty and unpredictability between washington and moscow may not be good for either side. >> i have to leave it there.
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president-elect trump heading to washington just three days before he is sworn in, facing his historic low approval ratings and a number of democrats boycotting his inauguration. according to a new cnn orc poll, more than half americans disapprove the way trump is handling the transition, and only 40% prove, and he trails behind his predecessors.
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and trump faces a growing boycott among lawmakers. 1 in 5 house democrats say they will not attend the inauguration on friday. >> reporter: at last count 39 democratic lawmakers now saying they are not going to be attending inauguration festivities. that number really increased significantly after donald trump came out and criticized congressman john lewis saying this was a man that was basically all talk and no action, and you look at history and that's not the case. this is a civil rights leader who is one of the freedom writers, arrested and beaten, and marching for civil rights during that tumultuous period of time, and barbara lee, one of those democratic lawmakers coming out and saying she cannot go to washington to support the president-elect, and a number of republican lawmakers, on the
6:18 am
flip side, saying this is not about lawmakers following their conscience, they say it's more about partisan politics as usual. >> i don't want to celebrate, you know, a president-elect coming in that campaigned on a campaign of bigotry and divisiveness, and he continued that even after he won the campaign on this platform. >> democrats loss, and donald trump won, and you may not like his agenda, but show up. that's your duty as a republican congressman. be part of the process. >> what does the president-elect have to say about all of this? he is being upbeat about what is to come later this week, and he said people are pouring into washington at record numbers, and bikers for trump coming, and
6:19 am
a number of people showing in washington later in the week will be protesters that plan to voice their opposition to the president-elect. carol? >> reporting live from trump tower, the partisan divide, well, it's now a canyon, like the grand canyon. there's a reason all the lawmakers are skipping the inauguration. 80% of republicans approve of the transition, and only 8% of democrats feel the same way when asked if trump will do a good job as president, and 93% of republicans say yes, and only 14% of democrats think he will. and here to speak with me, welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> so this poll suggests trump is shaping up to be one of the most polarizing president-elects
6:20 am
the nation has had in modern time, and trump tweeted this, for many years our country has been divided and untresing and many say it will not change, the hatred is too deep. it will change. >> i don't know if putting four exclamation points after it will do it and it's deeper than that. the reality, of course, this president-elect -- let's be clear, he is not that much of an exception, and we had a string of presidents who ran on polarizing programs and divided the country and took advantage of the country and decided to win and govern with 50% plus one. and donald trump is clearly intending to do that. there are a number of things we could roll back the clock over the last six weeks where he had an opportunity to bring people together and did the opposite, and the fight with john lewis
6:21 am
being the most recent and spectacular. we should look at his actions and his words and the reality is, he does not intent to govern as a uniter. he may find advantage there and that's what will move forward, and for a long time what is broken about washington, you do derive political advantage and in this case you win the presidency by being a divider. >> our country is so divided. we are split geographically and educational wise. trump's numbers are 20 points higher among men, and 20 points higher among whites. what do you think this means in terms of governing? >> what this is about is you can see what the basis of the campaign was, and we had a divisive election, and we had one in which the two sides did not see each other's views at
6:22 am
all and a great deal of nastiness. the last time we had numbers that were even approximating anywhere approaching this was actually during george w. bush's, you know, transition time, and in the run up to the inaugural as he was questioned because of the inversion of the popular vote and the electoral college, and bush was in much better shape than in donald trump currently, but it's also true that represntative lewis protested and, in fact, boycotted george w. bush's inaugural back in 2001. >> so more numbers to throw at you. according to our cnn orc poll, most americans do not believe donald trump will protect the u.s. from hacking and they don't believe he will defeat icsis or build a wall, but a majority
6:23 am
believe he will fix jobs and the tax code. >> they have a realistic sense when the president-elect is speaking politically, what is realistic and what is not. the wall, we heard from any number of experts is a fantasy, and it's a metaphor. something will be built, but not what he promised. for that many people, doesn't make that much difference because it will signal he will be tough on the border, and when it comes to the job, this is what people want, his ability to manage the economy and bring growth up towards 4%, and that's the number he promised and that's the number we should be looking at, and his ability to change the trade deal, and i think his presidency will rise or fall more on that than any other single thing. >> so just i want to touch on disunity one more time, and a
6:24 am
lot of people are blaming mr. trump for that, and a lot of democrats are skipping the inauguration, and doesn't that lend to the disunity, too? >> it does. no doubt about it, when one commits to politics in america, that actually means you should be committing to the process and not the results, and in fact, i think the democrats are doing themselves a disservice by not showing up and not participating and not acknowledging what is the most signature achievement of the country, which is a peaceful transfer of power for over more than 200 years, and i think there's a problem for democrats in the, if you will, optics surrounding this, and it's important to realize that donald trump, his phuhoneymoon seems to be more like one following an arranged marriage,
6:25 am
and certainly everybody seems to be somewhat wary about what trump's actions will be going forward. >> i have to leave it there. thank you so much. i'll be right back.
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walmart feeling good about the u.s. economy, adding thousands of jobs and pumping millions into its stores, and investors feeling shaky after returning from a long weekend. alison kos alison kosik is here. and the outline of the details of the brexit, and the news conference leaving wall street uneasy about how the uk will work out a trade deal with the eu. and putting away the dow 20,000 hat this week, and investors are waiting on inauguration day, and there's a lot of anticipation of what donald trump will say during his first speech to the nation, and walmart is expanding
6:30 am
and renovating or relocating stores, and they plan to add 10,000 jobs this year and it expect to lead to 10,000 temporary construction jobs, and what this really illustrates is the new trend in corporate america and growing jobs in america, and walmart did not make mention of trump in its announcement, but many are under pressure to commit to the u.s. for jobs, and ford adding jobs, and so we have seen a lot of companies go in this direction and walmart no different. >> thank you so much. china's president, china's president is fiercely defending globalization saying there are no winners in a trade war, and he spoke in a forum in switzerland today, and it's the first time the chinese president attended the forum.
6:31 am
and joining us, international correspondent, i havan watson, h more. >> the leader of the chinese communist party making the case for free trade and globalization, and the chinese president saying no to protectionism, and saying globalization, while it has problems you can't blame all of the word's problems on this trend and this phenomenon. this is, of course, is a response to what was the elephant in the room at in the world economic forum, and that is that the incoming trump administration with donald trump campaigning hard with themes are protectionism, and threatening to impose tariffs if trade is not improved, arguing the u.s. can't afford to continue under writing a global free trade. here's what one of his spokesmen
6:32 am
had to say there. >> i think the chinese and the americans have a common cause and we have to have a very strong bilateral relationship. i also believe that the united states and the new administration does not want to have a trade war. what we would like to have is a process of free and fair trade. president trump could be one of the last great hopes for globalism, because he is focussed on something that we have to fixin' tunnelly in the united states in order to create a more burging market. >> he vowed to leave trade open with the rest of the world, and at the same time there are contradictions, and china has a number of things on investment, and according to the ministry of commerce, all foreign investment into film making and tobacco, and legal affairs consulting,
6:33 am
they are all banned and chinese partners have to have majority stakes into auto manufacturing, and aviation, and railways, and that said the chinese have been promoting a number of international investment organizations and free trade blocks, so they have a contradictory position there when it comes to free trade and globalization as well. >> reporting live from hong kong this morning. thank you. more on our breaking news. vladimir putin saying america is in an acute political struggle to undermine trump's win, and he says, any compromising material against trump is absolutely fake. i want to bring back in jill doherty, the former cnn moscow chief to tell us more. hi, jill. >> carol, we have been hearing some things like this from other russian officials, but to hear it from vladimir putin and to hear extended comments that went
6:34 am
on for several minutes, and also is really strong as it was was really quite amazing, and the president was at a news conference, and he was asked about this by a reporter, and then he went on, and he said, there's an acute political battle in the united states ongoing to undermine the legitimacy of the trump victory, and they are trying to tie the hands and feet from the incoming president trump to undermine what he wants to do, and mr. putin said this is hurting the united states, and he went on to say that compromising material out there is obviously fake. he was very scornful of that. and then he said, i don't know mr. trump and i never met him and i don't know what he's going to do internationally and i have no basis to attack him or criticize him or basically praise him, but -- then he went on, and he was asked specifically a pretty sensitive
6:35 am
question about this compromising material, which has been denied, about prostitutes and et cetera, and there you had at a kremlin news conference putin going on and talking about prostitution, and he said mr. trump was a man that organized beauty pageants, and it's hard to imagine that he would have to socialize with girls, as mr. putin put it, of low social responsibility, and then he added although they are the best of the world, and that caused laughter in the room. and then he said people that fabricate false information and use it for political implications are worse than prostitutes. it was a different type of news conference and very personal and you can see that vladimir putin is laying into the obama
6:36 am
administration, essentially saying we can't wait until they are gone, and we can deal with the new president. carol? >> you will have much more in the next hour of the "newsroom." still to come, stock shock. a pick raising major ethic concerns one day before he sits on the hot seat of capitol hill. . but what if you could turn things around? what if you could love your numbers? discover once-daily invokana®. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. a pill taken just once in the morning, invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering a1c than januvia. invokana® works around the clock by reducing the amount of sugar
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this week, eight cabinet level nominees will be in the hot seat, up today the interior secretary pick, ryan zinke and betsy devos, and the man capped to get rid of obamacare is raising serious concerns.
6:40 am
>> good morning, carol. congressman tom price of georgia picked to lead the health and human services department has been under scrutiny after reports revealed he traded $300,000 worth of shares in health-related companies. we learned that mr. price purchased up to $15,000 worth of stock in a medical device company, and at the same time as pursuing legislation offering a bill that would delay a medicare rule that would hurt zimmer biomet, and this is after they donated to mr. price's campaign. the trump campaign is dismissing any questions about the report saying this is much to do about nothing, and it was not a whole lot of money and he was not influenced by the campaign
6:41 am
contribution, and it was purchased through a broker. after mr. price learned in april of 2016 about this stock that was purchased through a broker, he continued to hold on to that share, and only recently, carol, announcing last week that if confirmed as hhs secretary he would divest. he also is tapped to lead the effort on capitol hill to repeal obamacare and this comes as donald trump tells the "washington post" this week that his plan would ensure everybody will have access to health care, and many are unaware of any plan trump is pursuing on health care, and there's frustration that trump is talking about expanding coverage than lowering costs. a lot of confusion, but exactly what donald trump is pursuing because the republicans on
6:42 am
capitol hill are looking at replacing obamacare, piece by peace, and not a comprehensive plan, and so we will see what donald trump has in mind. i want to focus on betsy devos. soon she is expected to be grilled by democrats like elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. why? because they say she has no experience with the school system, something she would be in charge of. and devos says that does not disqualify her. >> just because somebody does not work inside a system but works outside and works full time to try and improve education for children by putting kids first, and giving parents more choices for their children's education doesn't mean they are unqualified in any way, shape or form. i wish that folks that are involved in education would be optimistic. i am optimistic about education in america and i am optimistic
6:43 am
that more american parents than ever before shall choosing the right schools for their kids. >> with me now is the president of the american federation of teachers. welcome. you are not a fan of mrs. devos. why? >> i spent almost a full year last year in detroit having a front row seat as we were trying to not save that school system, but save opportunities for children, and i saw what she did firsthand in terms of buying off the legislature, and rewarding her friends and punishing her enemies. >> what about the school system? >> this is what we saw. if you look at her whole record, and she has been an active lobbyist for 30 years in education, and the man is absolutely right, she actively has been trying to defund and destabilize education throughout the country, and she's the most
6:44 am
anti-education nominee ever nominated for that position. she worked to drain the public schools of funding, and things she supported drained the public schools of millions and millions of dollars, so that you had very little that helped kids in terms of detroit in the public schools, and at the same time, the stuff she was supporting, for-profit charters did just as bad if not worse. the for-profit charters in detroit, 80% of the kids don't do well in english, and 84% don't do well in math, and last -- and last, michigan schools, since she has been such an activist have gone from 25 and 26 in terms of ratings around the country, to 41 and 42 on fourth grade reading and math scores. >> some of her ideas do work in
6:45 am
other states, like, florida, for example, they love betty devos there, and -- >> jeb bush loves betsy device there, but listen to parents and what has happened in terms of the tests in florida, just this -- >> but are there other factors at play? >> yeah, totally, and that's the point, there are lots of other factors in play and lots of things we can do to make sure public schools are a viable choice. >> betsy devos would say, you know, parents do need more choices because there's something wrong in our public schools and our education system is adraft and you can't deny there are more problems, and why not give parents choices so they can send their children where they want to? >> if you are going to use the public dollar, you better make sure the choice is a good choice for parents. what has happened in michigan the use of the public dollar has
6:46 am
created boat loads of profit for the people in those schools. this is not my words, but it's the words of the former superintendent of michigan schools, but it has not helped kids. there are ways in which you can do chart kwraour schools and create these options, but what betsy wants to do -- it's true she has no connection to public schools, and what she wants to do is drain the public system of the dollars it desperately needs when half of the kids are poor. >> let me say this. >> sure. >> betsy devos's supporters would say you are self interested, and they put an ad out, and i don't know if she has anything to do with this, and it's a anti-union organization that put this out, and they call you arrogant and conceded, and they say you put your interests before the children to save your
6:47 am
union job and to make sure teachers are protected. >> so i would challenge anybody who actually put that ad out to come and see the classes that i taught. my kids, who became doctors and lawyers, and are flourishing because they had a public education system that helped them. i challenge anybody that put that ad out to come and see the charter school that i started in south bronx that has 100% graduation rate for kids. yes, i am interested in making sure that every kid in america has a great and a viable public education system. she wants to do other kinds -- >> so what if mrs. devos is confirmed? could teachers and yourself work with her to shake things up? >> look, last monday i actually -- first off, we actually shook things up last year. we passed with the congress the
6:48 am
essa law to create that fresh start and what she is saying that fresh start we created last year means nothing, but in a speech i did last week, i said every parent should have a viable neighborhood public school and let's make sure we focus on children's well-being, and powerful learning and building the capacity of the teaching force and i invited her to come and see the schools that work as opposed to destabilizing and defunding public schools, come and see the schools that work with us, because every child should have that kind of option. >> thank you for stopping by. should be an interesting confirmation hearing. later this morning, hear from new york charter school leader moskowitz on why she is supporting devos's confirmation hearing. that's here on cnn. we'll be right back.
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just a few hours from now, the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter will appear in a california courtroom. after a seven-month investigation, the fbi says salma knowingly blocked an investigation and aided her husband as he supported isis. cnn's legal analyst and senior counsel paul cowan is here. why did it take them seven months? >> it really is astonishing it would take that long. what i've seen of the evidence against her it was available very, very early on. she scouted the club with her husband. now your husband says, let's go to a local nightclub and check it out with your child in the car? i think that would be a little suspicious given their background. the second thing i found to be suspicious was he was accumulating large amounts of
6:53 am
ammunition, and, according to sources, had she reveals to the fbi that he told her he was planning some kind of a jihadist attack. now those factors add up to really culpable criminal conduct early on. >> so what makes that different from the boston bomber's wife. she's not been charged. >> it's the degree of knowledge before the attack occurs. and also, there was a claim here that there was a deliberate obstruction of justice. a lot of times people get in trouble for not cooperating or lying to the fbi more than anything else. s so -- >> but this woman gave an interview to "the new york times." she wasn't hiding and did answer the police's question. >> the devil is in the details here. we don't know precisely what the fbi has and what local law enforcement authorities gathered. i'm betting there's more detailed information than we know. >> the other factor here is, she claims that her husband was
6:54 am
abusive. domestic violence came into play. and she was afraid of him. so what -- how might that play into an upcoming trial? >> in a jury trial that would obviously very, very much be assistance to her. a jury might feel sympathetic to her. they say that she had prepared a father's day card for him on the day of the shooting and she hadn't given him the card. she was going to give it to him later in the day. that would suggest she had no idea what he was up to. >> exactly. what do you suppose might happen? will she -- would it be more in her best interest to plead out or to go through this trial? >> i'm betting they'll go forward with this full scale because, you know, he's dead and they want to punish somebody. they have a little bit of a case against her and they'll put this in the hands of a jury. maybe they offer a deal and she takes a plea but this is not going to go away. >> paul callan, thanks so much.
6:55 am
it's a tall task, uniting the nation. can donald trump do it? i'll talk to the chair of his inaugural committee in the next hour of "newsroom."
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on friday, donald trump's sworn in and president obama is getting out of town. athena jones outside the white house with where he's going. good morning. >> good morning, carol, that's right. they're packing up here. moving boxes and trucks seen outside of the house they're moving to. they are moving to not far from the white house. but the mystery about where he's going to go after friday has now been solved. they'll be flying to palm springs, california. this is a place the president has often traveled to for golf outings. and so while we don't know yet where he's staying or what's on the agenda, we can suspect golf may be part of it. the president has been talking for weeks, months even about how
6:59 am
he's looking forward to take his wife michelle on a long vacation. he told "60 minutes" we have some catching up to do. he's also looking forward to not setting an alarm after friday. in these last days we're now getting a little more information about what comes next for the obamas. carol? >> athena jones reporting live for us, thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we start with breaking news this morning out of russia where vladimir putin is defending donald trump against what putin calls an attempt to undermine his election as president of the united states. putin slamming allegations that russia has compromising material against trump as, quote, complete rubbish. let's get right to matthew chance in moscow. hi, matthew. >> hi, carol. donald trump saying the
7:00 am
allegations against -- sorry, vladimir putin saying the allegations against donald trump are to delegitimize or undermine the president-elect. putin was speaking at the end of a press conference with the prime minister of moldova. he also said there was an internal political fight on the way in the united states even after the presidential election there is over. vladimir putin, the russian president, rejected allegations the russian secret services have for years gathered compromising information on donald trump. this was something that the dossier alleged. we did not know, he said, about his political ambitions years ago. just a rich businessman as security services don't chase after every american billionaire, he added. on the allegations of the compromising sexual material on trump, putin said that trump was a man who spent his life with the most beautiful women in the world. why would he need to


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