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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 17, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone. i'm john berman. kate is off today. so much for a honeymoon. the transition is normally a time the government, the country, the world, warms up to the incoming president. he has that glow of victory, that sense of expectation, that new car smell. this morning after a 2 1/2-month whiff of the donald trump transition, people are saying they're not sure they like the scent. we have live pictures from washington right now. that's the west front of the capital. as the president-elect prepares to head to washington today, european leaders are anxious that alliances might be abandoned. china is angered that traditions will not be respected. more than 50 democrats in congress are skipping the inauguration. and this morning the american people are saying they are not impressed. not yet at least. donald trump will take office as the least popular president in
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recent history. according to a brand-new cnn/orc poll, more than half the country disapproves of the way he has handled the transition. now this is not normal. not even close. that said, there is some sense in the polling people are optimistic about the president-elect on some of the issues that matter most. david chalian joins us with all the numbers. >> john, i wish we had the scratch and sniff through the television screen to go along with your lead on what this transition smells like. you're right. it's an historic low. let's put that 40% approval in some recent presidential context, if we can. take a look at that. barack obama at this point on the eve of his inauguration eight years ago, 84% approval. more than double where trump is. bill clinton at 67% and take a look at george w. bush. an inauguration you covered all those years ago. 61% approval rating after that bitterly divided basically tied presidential election and 36-day
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recount. but again, bush was off with some sort of a honeymoon. that does not exist for trump. we asked people, are you confident, more confident, increasing confidence, decreasing confidence in trump's ability since the election? 53%, a majority of americans, are telling us in this poll, john, that they are -- their level of confidence has decreased since the election and donald trump's ability to do the job. >> there is a whole heck of a lot of division inside these numbers, david. >> there is. there's no doubt about it. we are a divided country. we've seen that throughout a lot of the obama presidency, even as he ends his presidency on a high note. one example of that, we asked people if you think, will donald trump be a good president or do you think he'll not do a good job? and the country is evenly divided. 48% say he'll do a good job. 48% say he'll do a bad job as president. we saw that throughout the election. of course we usually see a transition period ease some of that division.
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that hasn't happened here. as you noted at the top, that economic optimism is high. expectations are high. 61% of the american people tell us that they think donald trump will accomplish his goal of getting good paying jobs, especially in those economically troubled areas. that is a high bar. but if he meets it you can imagine perhaps that will help him with his overall numbers as well. >> he was talking about that on twitter today. imagine perhaps expressively to a counter to the poll numbers that came out. david chalian in washington. see you tomorrow in person, my friend. whatever the polls say, donald trump can count on at least one fierce defender in moscow. just a short time ago, russian leader vladimir putin said some in washington are wrongfully trying to undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect by spreading what he called obviously false information. putin got way, way more colorful than that. cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chance
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live in moscow. tell us what he said. >> he said a whole lot of things. ba basically he said there's an internal fight under way in the united states even as the election is over and all of these allegations against president-elect trump are an attempt to undermine him so he can't deliver his promises he made about building relations with russia once he becomes the president of the united states. vladimir putin, the russian president, rejecting, categorically, the allegations that the russian secret services, the fsb, the successive organization to the kgb had gathered compromising information on donald trump. he said we don't know about -- we didn't know about his political ambitions years ago, putin said. he was just a rich businessman. our security services don't chase every u.s. billionaire, he added. the allegations of the compromising sexual material on trump, putin said that trump was a man who has spent his life
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with some of the most beautiful women in the world. why would he need to socialize with russian prostitutes or girls of low social responsibility as he put it. even though he added to some chuckles in the audience that those russian prostitutes are clearly the best in the world. putin said he departmeidn't kno personally. no reason to attack or defend him. but he chose this moment to speak out in president-elect trump's defense. >> certainly is defending him in this case. matthew chance, thank you so much. want to talk right now about global impressions of the incoming president. because they are diverse and remarkable in many ways. nic robertson, cnn international diplomatic editor and richard quest, editor at large of cnn money and "quest means business." he's in davos, switzerland. i want to give you a dramatic reading of "the new york times" today. the germans are angry. the chinese are downright furious.
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leaders of nato are nervous while their counterparts of the european union are alarmed. richard quest, you are at the epicenter of globalism right now. in davos at the world economic forum where the world leaders are all meeting right now. are they nervous? are they angered by what they're seeing with president-elect trump? >> terrified is the best way to describe it, mr. berman. they won't say so publicly, but they are clearly worried. i'm going to sum it up in one simple sentence. just one sentence which is unusual for me as you'll probably agree. here we had president xi of china at davos defending globalization while you have the president of the united states elect before his inauguration offending some of the u.s.' closest allies like germany. that is a tipsy topsy world that
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the people here cannot fathom. >> nic robertson, supporters of donald trump will suggest that there is a method to his madness. n i mean that literally. they are referring to what is known in american diplomacy as the mad man theory. the idea that you are so unpredictable that your adversaries don't know what you're going to do. it increases your negotiating position and makes people fear you. is there a sense around the world that maybe that's what donald trump is doing? >> yeah, i think people are trying to make that judgment at the moment, that's for sure. they might also make the judgment and we heard it from the foreign minister yesterday who was responding with concern as richard was just outlining about what donald trump had been saying about germany, about his warnings to the german automakers about what it said about angela merkel, the german chancellor making catastrophic mistakes letting so many refugees into the country. so we have certainly heard
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that -- i think sort of the bigger picture take is going to be one that we're hearing from donald trump being very clear perhaps getting into this, as you say, theory. but the german foreign minister said, well, this is some of what he said is a variance to what his defense chiefs have said. diplomats around the world are scratching their heads and saying if donald trump is working to that theory then, is the rest of his cabinet inching with him, on track with it because surely if that theory is to hold, then everybody has to be in agreement and has to be a broader strategy. and there are some things, for example, that position on nato, which has alarmed donald trump's position on nato which has alarmed european leaders. general mattis has outlined in his hearings last week that nato is key and important to the united states. so i think people are scratching their heads that way. aushlgs they are looking at it and saying, on the one hand, donald trump said he'd give a
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quick and speedy trade deal to britain but held out that he expects the vote in favor on relations to israel. is this some sort of grand bargain strategy where i'll do something for you if you do something for me? people are looking at it in that light as well, john. >> of course, the mad man theory we should add is designed for your adversaries, not generally speaking how you behave toward your friends which nato and members of the european uniin theory are. anthony scaramucc whoa has been an economic adviser and advises the transition as well, he spoke not far from where you are in davos. but he said he was reassuring the world and the chinese who have a huge delegation where you are, scaramucci says donald trump doesn't want a trade war with china. do people believe it there? >> yes. scaramucci said he doesn't want a trade war with china. and the chinese -- he had to say
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that. the chinese president here said that protectionism would cost everybody and that there were no winners in a trade war. but the chinese president here who, frankly, gave a speech. i've never heard anything like it. the chinese president quoted dickens, the gettysburg address, chinese proverbs and wrapped his speech up talking about the benefits of globalization in a speech that wouldn't have embarrassed another u.s. president besides donald trump. so the chinese president has stolen the clothes, if you'd like, on this question. and now we have china warning the united states globalization is good. don't start a trade war. if you do, we will all lose. >> interesting to hear the chinese promote globalization, especially considering many of their inturnal economic policies. but fascinating at every angle.
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richard quest, nic robertson, thanks for being with us. the president-elect is promising health insurance for everybody, but there's one problem. some republican lawmakers say they're not sure what he means. they have no idea what's in a proposed bill that he's talking about. plus, the cabinet nominee who would oversee the obamacare overhaul facing new ethics questionses. did tom price use his congressional influence for profit? also packing up and leaving the cold weather behind. new details on president obama's travel plans for right after the inauguration. sir! what's the status? there's a meteor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute. what do you want to do, sir? listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that.
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the president and first lady have just a few days left in the white house. where will they wake up on saturday? how about palm springs. joining me with the details, athena jones. >> they are getting out of the cold and head something place warm. the president has been talking about how he's looking forward to taking his wife michelle on a long vacation. now we know where they are going. he told "60 minutes" they got some catching up to do. also looking forward to not set an alarm. what we learned is the president and first lady will be flying to palm springs on friday.
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they'll be using the presidential aircraft to travel. it won't be call air force one during that flight because he'll no longer be the president in office. now this is a place he's traveled to a lot in the past to play golf. while we don't know exactly where he's staying or how long they'll be there, we can guess golf is likely on the agenda. then they'll come back to d.c. where they'll be settling in a rental home up in northwest washington so they can live here while their youngest daughter sasha graduates from high school. and that house, that new house they'll be moving into is only a couple blocks from the home that ja jerod kushner and ivanka trump are moving into. >> they can have one great block party. the obamas headed to palm
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springs on friday. one in five house democrats say they'll not attend the inauguration on friday. that's where it all happens. you are looking at live pictures of the west front of the capitol. ahead, one congressman who says he can't in good conscience participate. plus, walmart adding 10,000 jobs. gm investing a billion dollars in u.s. plants. is this something that donald trump can take credit for? and will it improve his image which is suffering a little bit as he takes office? and in just moments, the wife of the pulse nightclub shooter makes her first appearance in court as the police chief says she could have prevented this attack. what did she know about her husband's plans? when you have something you love,
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insurance for everybody. wait a second. that's not the message we want. new this morning, concern among some republicans that the president-elect has the wrong pitch on replacing obamacare. and several top republican lawmakers tell cnn they are frustrated. cnn's senior political reporter manu raju broke this just a short time ago. what are you hearing? >> republicans are in the dark, john, over what's donald trump is proposing and whether he is actually draf lely drafting his of legislation to replace obamacare. republicans want to focus on controlling costs and lowering costs, health care costs. not necessarily expanding coverage. that's really a democratic goal, universal coverage. republicans here are pushing to replace the law on a piece by piece basis, including adding some provisions in the repeal legislation that's going to come up in the next several weeks and then doing things on an administrative basis through the
8:23 am
health and human services secretary tom price if confirmed by the senate. donald trump talking about expanding health care and he's working on a very good health care plan has left a lot of republicans scratching their heads because they don't know what donald trump is talking about right now. so mike pence is coming up to the hill later today to talk to members. this is an issue that a lot of republicans feel they need to get on the same page with the incoming administration on given how significant it is and will dominate much of this year. >> the person that's supposed to be the administration's point person on abaobama care is tom price. the subject of breaking news, manu. you broke there are new ethics questions about a stock trade he made and you just broke more news with an interview with the senate minority leader. >> first that stock trade from tom price. last year, he purchased shares in a medical device company, zimmer biomed that he purchased in march of last year.
8:24 am
a week after purchasing those shares, he actually introduced legislation that would have helped that company by delaying a federal medicare rule that would have hurt zimmer biomed from taking effect. price's campaign says he did not purchase that -- those shares. that a broker did that. but a lot of questions about why he continued to hold on to those shares while continuing to pursue that legislation. he just talked to senate minority leader chuck schumer about this and he believes that mr. price may have broken the law. take a listen. >> senator, tom price traded shares in a health care company while pursuing health care legislation. what's your reaction to that? >> this is very, very troubling. this is not some broad legislation, cut all medicare and affect some large company like johnson & johnson. this is a very narrow, specific company that dealt with implants, hip and knee. and the legislation specifically affects implants. he puts it in a week after he
8:25 am
bu buys the stock? that cries out for an investigation. >> by the house ethics committee? >> by the house ethics committee or, who knows? if he knew about it, it could very well be a violation of the law. >> you think he broke the law? >> so he -- when i asked him, do you think he broke the law he said, it's very possible that he did. i said do you think he should stem down? when i asked him that he said, i don't know if he'll get confirmed. he's digging himself a very deep hole and it's going to be awfully hard to get out of this. now that would require republicans to vote no because as you know, john, democrats changed the rules in 2013 so it takes just a simple majority of senators to overcome a filibuster. republicans have 52 seats. if chuck schumer and democrats want to stop him it would require republicans to vote no. right now we don't know if that's the case but chuck
8:26 am
schumer senses this is a major vulnerability and could get worse in the coming weeks and days. >> is it enough to trip up the nomination? manu raju, thanks. joining me to discuss this is charlie spees who is treasurer for jeb bush's superpac. also the press secretary for the bernie sanders campaign. charlie, you are the lawyer here. how much trouble is tom price in potentially? he bought a stock. he introduced legislation that helped the company with the stock. and then got a donation from the pac that is associated with that company. >> dr. price is in no trouble. we know about this because he publicly disclosed it. it's not illegal. and it's no different than what nancy pelosi did in 2008 when she and her husband were buying a visa ipo at the same time credit regulations were being enacted by the house. the real point is chuck schumer
8:27 am
has nothing to go against tom price on. he's an orthopedic surgeon who for 20 years taught residents in a large public hospital and has a common sense reform for obamacare. they can't go after him on substance or experience so they're trying to gin up some fake scandal. >> are you convinced, symone? >> no, i'm not convinced. and i think the issue here is, look, tom price got paid before and after introducing the legislation. his folks said oh, i didn't know about it but he made repeated overtures to the previous health and human services secretary's office specifically about this bill. so i definitely think there's a disturbing and troubling pattern here that deserves looking into. and the office of congressional ethics, they have to do their job and get in there and find out what's going on. >> let me just ask and you can
8:28 am
answer however you want. is it at least worth looking at here? and the laws in congress have changed where you're really not supposed to make stock deals baseod information you have now. that's a relatively new law. beyond the law, if the goal is to drain the swamp in washington, is this something that flies in the face of that? >> i think these are questions that will certainly come up in the confirmation hearing and tom price will address them. facts are a stubborn thing. the facts in this case are that a broker, not tom price, was the one that purchased the stock. he didn't know about it until after this bipartisan legislation. that's the key. it was bipartisan legislation. he didn't know about the stock purchase until after the legislation was introduced. and he has furthermore said that if he is confirmed as hhs secretary, he will sell his stocks relating to this. so i think he is on the front end divulging what could raise some issues. he's swrd tanswered the questiot will come up. as we said, will sell the stocks
8:29 am
if he's confirmed. as charlie said, schumer is desperate to find anything he can find to stop this nomination because he knows that tom price is uniquely qualified to head the department and will follow through with what he's been working on for years, which is to repeal and replace obamacare. this is one effort the democrats are using to derail that. >> there are questions this morning charlie about just what tom price would do with obamacare and president-elect trump would do with obamacare because now he says insurance for everybody, which is a drc s different message than congressional leaders want to be spending on taxes, a big difference message if you read "the wall street journal." donald trump wants a tariff. that's not what congressional leaders want. there appears to be a split there. charlie, my question is, you know, a, does the president-elect not understand what the republican policy in congress is? or, b, does he understand and not care? >> i can't answer for what the
8:30 am
president-elect's thoughts are, but i do think that dr. price is the perfect person to be secretary of hhs and work with the trump administration to bridge the gap with congress and come up with the solution that both sides can live with. >> symone? >> i would just say that congressman price doesn't even know what the president-elect's team's plan is for obamacare. house republicans don't know. senate republicans don't know and the proposed pick for health and human services secretary doesn't know either. i think there are real questions. i don't think we'll get many answers during this confirmation hearing because there are so many outside factors, so much unknown information. and lastly, i'll note that price isn't divulging anything up front. this was an investigation that happened. an investigative report that came out that that's how we know that tom price has definitely some questionable ethics things going on in his office.
8:31 am
>> alice stewart -- go ahead, charlie. >> that's simply not true. we know about this because on his congressional personal financial disclosure form, dr. price listed this. nothing was hidden. it was all publicly disclosed. >> we had to connect the dots. when the dots are connected, it's definitely a questionable pattern. it wasn't until the report came out that all of a sudden, price didn't know about the purchase. it was a broker. so again, i definitely think this begs an in-depth look. we definitely need more answers. and i hope we get some answers during this hearing but i definitely think we need some outside folks to look in. the congressional office of ethics has to do their part. >> he'll be asked about this at his confirmation hearing by the democratic senators. alice stewart, i want to throw up on the screen the approval ratings for the trump transition compares to past presidential transitions because it's an historic low right there. you can see. just 40% approval rate for the
8:32 am
trump transition. and the question is why? i'm not sure that, oh, it's a divided country sufices. george w. bush had a 61% approval after a recount. the country couldn't have been more divided in 2001 yet he's at 61% and donald trump at 40%. what happened? >> i think, look, this has been a very contentious campaign throughout the primary as well as -- >> even with the contentious campaign, other people recovered. this is now the transition. no one is running against you during the transition. why -- things got worse for him during the transition? has he done something wrong the last 2 1/2 months? >> i think moving forward, it's no mistack and no surprise that donald trump is a man who speaks his mind. he also gets things done. i for one speak for a lot of people that i would rather have someone that is not afraid to speak their mind and will accomplish what they promised the american people than tries to be everyone's friend and fails to accomplish what they set out to do.
8:33 am
people will be pleasantly surprised he plans to hit the ground running when he's sworn in on friday. as mike pence said on the hill last week and is going up there again in the next few days, they plan to be promise keepers. they promise to do to the american people with regards to oba obamacare, repeal and replay, they'll take steps to do that. they'll have to ruffle a few feathers, bump elbows to get things done but that's the bottom line. the key to the success is not about how many friends they have but how many things they accomplish. i think they are on the road to doing just that. >> donald trump is already taking credit for a number of things even before he takes office. jobs. creating jobs. the carrier deal, various automaker deals. and now walmart today is saying it's going to add 10,000 jobs next year over the next year. largely credited to, they say, the economic environment created
8:34 am
by -- who will be president trump. do you think he deserves credit for this? >> i think the american people are giving him credit and they feel very good about his ability to create jobs and turn around the economy. the contrast with president obama is pretty stark. his policies were -- >> you had eight years of job growth under president obama. what happened -- >> yeah, well, but there's two points. president obama is likable. so his personal approval ratings are high but his policies were rejected and people are excited about donald trump's ability to turn around the economy and create jobs even though his personal approval numbers aren't at the level that they would have been. if you look to performance and hopefully in the future that will drive approval. >> any job is a good thing so kudos to walmart, carrier. if the president-elect is going to take credit for that, should he also take the blame for the
8:35 am
announcements about jobs leaving? american apparel, macy's. the barnum & bailey circus is cutting jobs. should the president-elect be blamed for that? >> if he wants to claim the successes, he also has to claim the failures. i want to note the facts are this current economic climate that folks sore are so excited about is the work of president obama. 75 months of private sector job growth. the economy was in the ditch before president obama came into the white house. so, look, if donald trump wants to ride the wave of obama's success, more power to him. but he definitely has to own the failures and he definitely has to put out work product. we know that he'll be inaugurated on friday but he's not doing any work until monday. i wish the president-elect success but we have yet to see any real action on donald trump's part. >> he surprises us in the busiest weekend. thanks. we appreciate it.
8:36 am
very soon, betsy devos will face tough questions during her confirmation hearing. senator elizabeth warren slammed devos for her lack of public school experience. plus, a really difficult day for the families and friends who lost loved ones in the crash of malaysia airlines 370. the search for the missing plane is over, at a minimum suspended, so why? that's coming up. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
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8:41 am
budgets of more affluent schools. the policy has its critics, including some republicans. tar it appears the education department is pushing to get it through before donald trump is sworn in. the woman chosen by the president-elect to take over the department of education is set to appear at her confirmation hearing this afternoon. betsy devos is seen by some as a controversial choice. critics are concerned about her lack of experience in public schools and her support for voucher and charter school programs. she has supported charter schools for a long time. charter public schools. in her opening public statement she'll give, she says if confirmed i'll be a strong advocate for great public schools. but if a school is troubled or unsafe or not a good fit for a child, we should support the parents' right to enroll their child in a high quality alternative. joining me is a supporter of betsy devos. the founder and ceo of success academy charter schools and former new york city councilwoman. a very active person in this
8:42 am
field. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> you voted for hillary clinton. >> i did. >> you are supporting betsy devos to be education secretary. >> i am. >> why? >> because she is a leader. and we need transformational change. two-thirds of our eighth graders cannot perform at the basic level in math and reading. two-thirds of our eighth graders. we have a national crisis on our hands, and we need leadership, talent, ability to attract talent, to rethink our way out of this crisis. >> now critics say this. critics say that betsy devos is being appointed to run the agency which oversees public education. yes critics say, she wants to demolish public education in some ways. take money away from traditional public schools. provide vouchers, which would allow, in theory, people to spend public money, taxpayer
8:43 am
money on private schools. what's your answer to that? >> i think whenever there's a nomination who has a strong ideas and viewpoints, a lot of scare tactics are used. the truth of the matter is that betsy, like many democrats, are supporters of charters and choice. and my belief and betsy's life is just like more affluent parents or religious parents have a choice, why shouldn't every parent get to choose what is best for their children? i have three children. my husband and i want to make those choices for our children. every parent in america wants to make those choices. >> do you see any limits to vouchers? obviously you support charter schools. there's a different between charter schools and vouchers. >> there is. and i believe we don't know what exactly is going to work for parents. i have three children. one school wouldn't work for all three of my children. so we've got to have more great
8:44 am
options. including improving district schools. in some communities, the district schools are great. and that's great. but in many communities, the district schools are not delivering for children. academically, they're also not safe places for children. and i think betsy is going to be a strong advocate for quality. >> look, i think across political spectrums, people want to see safe schools. there's not much of a debate in terms of safety. the debate -- >> except they've gone on and on and on being unsafe. and people have kind of turned a blind eye to those schools. i think she's going to shape things up. she's going to take her passion for schooling and parent choice and make a really significant difference for the country that's -- >> the michigan experiment. a lot of things happened in michigan hasn't worked out all that well. >> you could take the schools right here in new york city. they're not doing so great.
8:45 am
90% of the schools not succeeding. whose fault is that? i don't think you can blame one individual for the poor quality of schooling. this is a national problem. it cuts across socio economic lines, and we have to fix it fast. >> eva moskowitz, i appreciate your insight. according to the hour right now, put your big boy pants on. that's a quote from the republican lawmaker shawn duffy to democrats who are boycotting the inauguration. you are looking at live pictures of where that inauguration will be. one of the democrats who will not be there, will not be sitting on those steps on friday joins us live next. you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. uh, you asked to see me, coffee? yeah, listen, sugar, we're, uh... lettin' you go. wait, what? people love sweet taste.
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to the more than 40 democrats now in congress who are skipping the inauguration of donald trump, congressman shawn duffy says put your big boy pants on and show up. this is the wisconsin republican this morning on cnn. >> democrats lost. donald trump won. you may not like him or agree with his agenda like we didn't agree with president obama's agenda but show up and be part of it. put your big boy
8:50 am
congressman jerry nadler, thanks so much for being with us. >> pleasure. thank you. you respond to your friend froo wisconsin. >> i didn't even know put your big boy pants on means, but the fact of the matter is i'm not attending. i can't speak for anybody else. because i don't want to normalize this president. the election -- he is an illegitimate president. that doesn't mean illegal. it's a difference. he attained his office by racist and inflammatory rhetoric, by intima intimidating the press and by the russians putting a finger on the scale, and i don't want to dignify that. >> you said normalize. you don't want to normalize -- >> i don't want to behave as it if -- >> didn't the american people normalize him on november th? didn't they vote him into office? didn't they make a decision -- >> first of all, 3 million more
8:51 am
people voted for hillary than -- second of all, second of all, yeah, i'm not denying that he is the legally elected president. he is, unfortunately, the legally elected president. but the election was tainted. the election was tainted by the russians throwing their -- putting their finger -- their thumbs on the scale and by the fbi putting its finger on the scale. that was a tainted election. in that sense it's illegitimate. >> we have a new poll out today, and, by the way, this poll is not rosy for donald trump. however, on this question did the hacking change the outcome of the election, 58% say no. >> it's irrelevant. >> well, they -- >> the question is not -- >> they say it's not so tainted.
8:52 am
against all the rules and regulations placed his thumb on the election. we can't tell -- you can't quantify whether it actually changed the result. i suspect it did, but that's a suspicion. you can't prove it. >> the intelligence chiefs say -- i'll be clear about this. he this say they see no evidence that voting machines were tampered with, and they say they don't know what happened. >> well, what was actually said is it was beyond their perview. they didn't look at the question of whether the election outcome was changed. that's unknowable. all we know is two unfair and illegal things were -- two unfair things and probably >> you're not going to the inauguration because you think he is tainted and you don't want to normalize him -- >> and because what really decided me in the end was his personal attack on john lewis,
8:53 am
who is an icon and has given blood for this country. >> are you saying that then if you're not going to the inauguration for those reasons -- those reasons aren't going away -- does that mean for the next four years you're not going to work with him? you're just not going to show up when something that the president wants to push is being discussed? >> no, no. i'm going to do my job. i'm a congressman. i'm going to do my job. it means it's an additional reason to look with great suspicion at what he proposes. i suspect most of what he proposes is going to be things i cannot support, and this is just another reason to look with suspicion at his proposals. >> hillary clinton, she's going to the inauguration. if it's good enough for her -- >> everybody has to make up their minds for themselves. i'm not urging people to go or not to go. i'm making my own decision. >> i was talking to bob bear, and he said vladimir putin -- if
8:54 am
vladimir putin's goal was to so discord in the american system, he won already. just look, bob bear says, at the 40 people not showing up to the inauguration today. >> putin's goal started that way, but it became to elect donald trump to defeat hillary clinton. that was very clear. that's what the intelligence agency said. that goal was also achieved, although whether it was achieved because he did what he did -- because the russians did what they did or not, i suspect that's what happened, but that's not knowable. >> what message do you think this sends to the world? you know, one of the things they look at with the american transition of power is -- >> is unquestioned. no one is saying it's -- >> you're saying it's not legitimate. is that a distinction without a difference. >> it's a distinction with a big difference. >> we're not saying someone else should take office. we're saying he should take office. that's the law. he won that election. >> if you were the president of
8:55 am
some european nation, why should you negotiate if 40% say he is not a legitimate president. >> because he is, in fact, the president, and you have to deal with the facts. >> are you dealing with the facts? >> yes, i'm dealing with the facts. i'm not denying he is the president. i'm going to fulfill my functions as a member of congress. i'm simply saying that there's a big taint to his election, there's a big taint to him, and he has to lean over backwards to overcome this. he has to behave to overcome this. by attacking everyone who criticizes him, instead of his answering the criticism, he attacks them personally. he attacks john lewis, not by saying my election was legitimate, i disagree with you because. he attacks them and says your district is terrible. it's not terrible, by the way. he assumes any black district is terrible. >> congressman, you do note his approval during the transition has gone down. we have noted that. congressman, thanks so much for being with us. you won't get rained on friday, that's for sure. >> russian president vladimir putin defending donald trump sounding off on the
8:56 am
president-elect's critics. hear what he had to say. plus, just moments from now president obama's press secretary gives his final briefing. live pictures. we will hear from josh ernest and might we get some surprise appearance from his boss? stay with us. so if ydead battery,t tire, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your day with us. we'll take you live to the white house for the final white house briefing of the obama administration. you see the briefing room. josh ernest about to give his last performance on behalf of the president. also, another busy day at the u.s. capitol. you see that behind me? two more president-elect trump's cabinet picks, his choices to lead the education and the interior department face this afternoon were promised to be contentious confirmation hearings. the


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