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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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and you wonder why they're not feeling more responsibility about getting involved but i hope if there's something out there they come forward, now is the time to do it. >> three years now, david gallo, thank you so much. all right. top of the hour, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin with capitol hill where the select for interior for secretary just began questions this past hour and within two hours, trump's pick betsy devos will face her hearing, donald trump facing historically low approval ratings this is according to our new cnn poll
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and increasing number of absences to his inauguration just days away. the number keeps changing, you have nearly 50 house democrats plan on boycotting. other democrats may soon follow. here is senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> i respect where they're coming from. there have been so irregularities with this most of all russian interference, i think each person has to make their open decision. >> joining me now is chief political correspondent dana bash in a rainy washington d.c. sometimes i know members from the other party, it's cold, they don't always show up, but 50? >> it is a lot. and 49 is the number of people
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who have said publicly or told cnn that they are not just not showing up, it's that they are actively boycotting. they're making a statement. it's controversial. it definitely is. chuck schumer as you just heard with his great interview with manu raju is trying to make clear to the base that is very rested, very upset, not to mention the congressional black caucus what donald trump has tweeted about congressman lewis, but once we get past who is attending and who is not, the real question is do they want to get things done or not? and when you take them at their word they do say and if you look at the distance there are areas where they can work together. it makes it hard when you make
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these public displays of protest. that is fine, it is their right, and is part of democracy as it is swearing in a new president in a peaceful transition of power, but how is this going to affect getting business done for the american people? we don't know the answer. >> right. and on that when you look at these approval ratings as we do with any incoming president -- >> i just pulled them oup -- up. >> compared to bush 43, how does this compare? >> 40%. four in ten americans say they approve of donald trump. not very high. president obama came in with very high approval ratings, 84%. but president bush this was an
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incredibly contentious come p n papai -- campaign, there were lots of people who thought george w. bush wasn't legitimate. but if we look at the comparison, the context of that is really striking and does go to what we were talking about before with regard to people not going is the question of how does donald trump govern? you know, he is a strong personality, he certainly knows how to use the bully pulpit or the bully twitter, but usually what happens in a president's honeymoon period, he has a congress that wants to work with him because they realize that the american people spoke and they elected this particular person, that is true, no question at this point but the fact that he's coming in at such low approval ratings puts into
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question republicans not mind you democrats feel compelled to work with him if the american public don't have that kind of approval for him. it might not matter, in the way things work, so maybe this is just added to the long list. >> but maybe there's a little bit of a honeymoon period and soon to be president -- we just talk today a trued to a trump s he has a lot to approve. vladimir putin coming to the -- of donald trump. saying the allegations were totally unsubstantiated. cnn rrpted soeported were provi
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trump and obama. he calls it complete garbage. >> fabricated and used it in a political fight, they are worst than prostitutes. >> this comes after trump did the joint interview between the newspaper and -- listen to what the ambassador to the united nations said about that just a while ago. >> easing punitive measures on the russian government while they haven't changed their behavior will only embolden russia sending the message that the best way of gaining acceptance is to simply wait us out and that will not only encourage more dangerous actions by russia but also by other rule breakers like iran and north korea. >> let's go to moscow to our
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matthew chance, our cnn international correspondent there, jim sciutto, our correspondent in washington. putin coming out in defense of trump he used some pretty extraordinary language. >> he did. and he may not be getting very good approval ratings in the united states but in russia the president of russia is making these unprecedented statements in support of donald trump. it's quite exceptional that a russian president saying that in such a way, the scandals the dossier dumped by "buzzfeed" is an attempt to under mine the methods of donald trump, it said it has been used in the ukraine during the uprising which many russians believe was orchestrated by the united
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states and the hillary clinton campaign in particular. and they believe had been for years collecting compromising information, he said we didn't know about his political ambitions years ago, he was just a rich businessman and security services simply don't chase after every u.s. billionaire, we also spoke on the dossier on compromising sexual material, he said trump spent most of his life surrounded by the most beautiful women, and why would he need to socialize with girls of lower -- he said it russian prostitutes clearly, the best in the world, quite an astonishing statement by vladimir putin and
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days before donald trump becomes president of the united states. >> you have what was referenced by putin and then this whole cloud of controversy, the germans, chinese, nato leaders, eu, are we getting any indication that trump plans to smooth these relationships over after he places that hand on the bible on friday? >> the fact is we don't really know, right because you have trump's public comments and the comments of his senior national appoint appointees. they identify it uniformly as a threat, a principal threat. general mattis described russia as is the view of the u.s. intelligence community, donald trump has talked about a friendly relationship, so it's difficult to know at this point who wins out in those conversations, are the president-elect's public comments just putting out, sort of placing a marker on the table for a negotiation?
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we just don't know yet and it's not just confusing, but you're getting contradictory messages which is frustrating for adversaries but allies as well. >> like the trump team says we don't want to trade -- with china but his remarks don't line up on that. >> that's true but donald trump has been consistent in his campaign and since saying the trading is unfair to the u.s. and he's going to push them. on russia it's more difficult because you have his cabinet appoint eees talk about a threa but then also you have this sub text of russian interference in the election which is going to be bipartisan, democrats and republicans looking into this and considering stiffer sanctions, forget about what
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democrats said but republicans stiffer sanctions when the president is talking about rolling back sanctions, so there's contradiction coming from within donald trump's on party. >> maybe you're right, maybe this is a marker for negotiations. we will see, thank you so much from moscow. president-elect trump promises health insurance for everybody and some republicans say they're in the dark around have no idea what he's talking about. >> and adding thousands of jobs the u.s., great news, does trump deserve credit for it? and what the fbi just told about the wife of the killer and th her arrest this week.
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we're back, you're watching cnn i'm brooke baldwin, the congressional budget office says repealing obamacare without a replacement plan would quickly
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strip some 18 million americans insurance and cause premiums to skyrocket, but critical to note this is not based on the current plans for replacement that the current plan donald trump is working on, in fact the ceo isn't the only one clueless on trump's health care plan, bus turns out many number of republicans were surprised to hear that interview with the "washington post" that he vowed "insurance for everybody," let's go mj lee, and talk to me about some of these republicans that said wait a second, what is this insurance for everyone thing? >> growing frustrated by what donald trump said over the weekend and just to recap donald trump said he is close to finishing his own bill to repeal and replace obamacare and said this plan would provide insurance for everyone and would lower deductibles. now the problem here, brooke, is
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that he didn't offer many specifics at all and the reason this puts many republicans in a very uncomfortable position is that it is very difficult to know how you can provide insurance for everybody while lowering deductibles while also lowering spending which is the key thing republicans are focused on and because there's so little clarity on what republicans want to do in terms of replacing obamacare they do not want the incoming president to get ahead of them and now we're learning from republican sources on the hill that they're really in the dark to what it is trump is working on, they don't know what he means by insurance for everyone or how he exactly plans to fulfill this promise of lowering the deductibles while not increasing spending and they would really rather be talking about lowering costs so again, an awkward possessiition for th republican party to get to work
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on this bill, and the hhs secretary nominee tom price is in the dark for what donald trump is working on so that hearing tomorrow will be very interesting. repealing and replacing obamacare is going to be very difficult for the republican party as it is and so far donald trump is not doing the party any favors by getting ahead of them on the script in terms of talking points on obamacare? >> we'll listen in on the nomination hearing tomorrow. thank you very much. trump is tweeting out some big thanks to big businesses, his message this afternoon says "thank you to general motors and walmart for the big push for jobs into the u.s." g.m. said it would invest at least a billion dollars into the u.s. keeping or creating about 7,000 jobs in the coming here,
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joining me now dylan rhadigan is back, ladies and gentlemen. >> it's been too long. you have a whole setup here. >> you like our digs? >> yeah, i'm here for some de-trumping. >> my new self-pointed title. >> so it's great news from walmart and the u.s. auto companies but i hear some skepticism in some of what you have told our producers, that yeah some of the numbers were on the docket to create and timed around inauguration. >> no question, this is not a new piece of information, this is a new press release. >> good for p.r.? >> yes, it is exactly that. if you're going to take the most beneficial view of the incoming president which there's a case to be made you might as well do that, you can argue that donald
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trump's public humiliation and public rewarding -- humiliation of those who take away and rewarding those who create -- >> what about the notion then even though you're saying this is theater. >> job creation theater. >> there are american businesses saying walmart is getting all these headlines, g.m. is getting all these headlines, i want in on this deal. >> it creates a self-fulfilling prophesy of i want to get a tweet from the president. at the end of the days job creation it is a function of whether there's demand for products and services. >> that's new business.
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>> new business walresponds to products and services, we never actually had a legitimate or semilegitimate businessman as president of the united states, if anything donald trump understands there are markets and that markets need stimulation for demand in a way that many previous presidents may not have previously understood. >> i'm finding myself more beneficial -- i'm blaming you for it. >> that's my job. >> do you think it's appropriate for him to take credit just a quick yes or no. >> yes, it's always appropriate for donald trump to take credit. did he do anything? is no, but does he take credit for everything? yes donald trump 101. >> but what about bmw, mercedes. >> not his problem. donald trump takes responsibility for everything
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good not for loss. he's responsible for job creation that people want to believe. >> the ceo of boeing. >> we talked about a couple of topics, discussed air force one, fighter aircraft and simpli simplifying, the process, streamlining the process by using commercial practices, all of that is going to provide a better airplane at a lower cost, so i'm pleased with the progress there and similarly on fighters we're able to talk about options for the country and capabilities that will provide the most capabilities for our work fighters. >> trump had taken boeing to task saying air force one was too ex-sen expensive.
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>> donald trump has set the agenda when it comes to expectations from the leaders of the biggest companies in america which is that they're going to be expected publicly to be held to task how they relate to job creation and in the defense of boeing, this is my hope the drug companies as well, what they charge the u.s. government for services. one of the most powerful things donald trump can do quickly in a way we have not seen by george w. bush or barack obama is somebody with the guts to negotiate back against the companies and drug companies. >> do you think he has the gut sns. >> -- guts? >> we'll find out. >> i keep saying we'll wait and see. >> he uses words to generate
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emotion, they don't mean anything. so when you're generating emotional experience you can't assign meaning, you have to look at what they are which is an emotional generating machine, because i don't actually believe donald trump fundamentally believes anything, he's going to do what his gut tells him to do from one moment to the next. we'll find out how that plays out. it will be good for cnn. >> i don't care about it being good for cnn but for the economy. >> good to see you, coming up next. the wife, the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter in court today for the first time accused of helping her husband murder people. we'll hear from a man shot five
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times. we'll hear how he feels about her arrest coming up.
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a first court appearance today for the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter, a federal indictment revealed for the first time today says that led to the death of 49 people last june, the prosecutor telling he's confident in the
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evidence against here -- her. >> she new, he aided and could have presented thvented this tr >> her family defend that he was abused by her husband. >> i hope she saw me because we want to hetell her that he love her and believe in her. omar mateen didn't even allow her to physically come to family and now look what she's going through. >> did she know about the attack? >> no. she doesn't know. why everybody -- believe us. >> tell me about her son. >> about her son. >> where is he? >> he's with the grandmother. >> is it heartbreaking not to be with his mother.
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>> he's told his mother went to get toys. >> we're watching that closely. chris little ststar was one of dozens injured that night. thanks so much for coming on. >> no problem. >> i want to get to the news piece in a moment but you were shot five times, how are you doing, where were you shot? >> i'm doing good as far as recovering goes. i was shot in the left thigh, the left wrist, the lower right abdomen, the left hip and right hip and as far as recovering goes physically i'm doing really good now, i'm going to be able to walk perfectly fine. >> i'm so glad the recovery is coming along and now all a sudden we have the news of this shooter's widow arrested in san
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francisco. you got a phone call from the fbi, did you not? >> yes. i believe all of us victims received a phone call i think. >> why did they call you? what did they say? >> they pretty much called me to reassure us give us some general information as far as her arrest, what she's being charged with and as far as what they plan on doing as moving forward with the case and you know just to provide us a sense of comfort on their end because you know sometimes social media and other things like that can miss construe words and not provide factual information i guess. >> good on the fbi to call every one of you all and just to hear that the shooter may not have acted alone, not surprising? >> it's definitely not surprising. as far as the wife, whenever
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they did call and let us know that she was arrested, it did give me a sense of relief, not as far as you know -- >> it did? >> yeah, it did. i don't know exactly what part she took in the shooting, but i definitely do believe she should be held accountable for her part in anything. >> chris, you're there in the community, in orlando, you have never been back to that club area. too difficult? >> no. yeah, as far as recovering goes, physically it's not that hard to recover from multiple gunshot wounds, but mentally the emotional and mental aspect of it is definitely difficult. at first it wasn't hard for me until a few months later down the road, so i have not been back to the club since that day, no, and at this point, i do plan
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on going back, i just have to find the right time or the right day. >> what -- is there any image when you think about that night an image that comes to mind? >> yeah. there's quite a few images. i mean where i was in the club was one of the most devastating parts of the club as far as i was told from the fbi, so. yeah, definitely a lot of memories and images i can't really get out of my head. >> worst mass shooting in the country's history. our hearts are with you, i admire your courage to talk about it. chris little ststar in orlando, thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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hundreds of thousands of women planning to converge on capitol hill with a clear message for the president-elect, we are hear, watching you and ready to fight. what started a cult action in the form of a facebook post from a woman in hawaii quickly formed into the biggest group since the 1970s. this isn't just about the moms and the women, it's about the daughters and the sons, so allison starting with you, you were telling me you were in bed all day the day after.
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>> i was devastated after donald trump won the election and not just because hillary clinton lost which was a sad sad loss but also because of the person it was who was now going to be our president stood for everything that i teach my children not to be and i felt such a loss that i had a hard time getting out of bed the next day. >> and is that a piece of why you want to be there in washington marching? >> that was certainly a trigger, i said to my daughter, today is the day you become a feminist because we are going to have to speak up and speak out and be loud and she understood what i men and then two days later i heard there was a march happening and i was able to put all my energy and everything i felt for myself and for her into getting organized, mobilized to be part of this historic day. >> the buses, the swag, why do you want to be part of this? >> a lot like allison, i feel
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like my children, my girls in particular, need to feel empowered like they have a voice and can stand up and say something. >> it's one thing to have a voice, but getting on these buses, all these buses are getting char getting chartered to get in the middle of it. what do you hope to take away from it? >> that there's a community of women, that we're able to gather and do something, so i think it's important that they can speak out. >> for me it was important they they understood. i have two teenagers now, it was important they realize that they're not victims, that stuff happens and that's what we told them the day after the election, there are ups and downs for eight years we had the most wonderful president we could ever imagine, so you have a voice, you can do things to change your future, you are part
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of this narrative and the narrative is not going to be oh my god for the next year this is the most horrible thing that's happened. you are in a position to make a change and do something so that's what i hope they get out of it when they see hundreds of thousands of women together with them they understand they have power. >> it will be a powerful day for women, i would agree that some people wouldn't agree that president obama was the best to be in office and others feel different. and listening to ivanka trump even if she doesn't have a post in the west wing that she will have a bug in her father's ear, does that make a little bit of a lay of your concerns? >> there's a lot in place about
12:43 pm
what i predict what's going to happen. >> but we can't see the future -- >> but that i felt okay about the pieces that are going into place. am i happier that ivanka is a smart woman, that she has a career, that she's a mom, i would like to think that she has interests certainly related to mine, does that matter? i think so but i think a lot of the people that mr. trump has put into all the positions of power don't care about women's rights, reproductive rights, rights of women of color, i think there are so many people out there that having ivanka there, it's not nothing but -- >> let me ask you about this, we keep counting how many members of democratic congress are not coming to this inauguration, it's typical that some members of the opposing party, but to have 50 or so, it does say
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something, to be there hillary clinton and the former president will be there sitting at the inauguration. what sort of statement are these 50 or so members making and what statement is she making by showing up? >> i don't know, i can't speak for them, but i feel as though they're people of honor, they recognize this is their role, they have to be there. we have to have democracy and showing this is how we pass on power whether we like it or not. >> just a public perception. >> what do you think? >> i think that certainly to what allison swas talking about. there's certainly the lack of inclusivity and the lack of not being included the conversation. >> be specific. what do you mean? >> between women. women of color. >> immigrants. >> lgbt rights. there are so many things not
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being talked about in a positive manner and without that we don't really have the platform to say we can't look into the future but it just doesn't look like what we need it to look like. >> which is why we're going to march and we're going to be in large numbers and colors and too big to ignore, and we know 400,000 women, 200,000 women whatever it is can converge in d.c. in a matter of two and a half months, we really want an answer to this because it's going to happen again. >> we've been watching l.a., chicago, here in new york, so women are walking beyond. >> there are also a lot of people who can't be there, so it's important to know we represent them. >> thank you all so much. >> great. >> thank you.
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coming up next. moving vans spotted at the white house as the obamas are preparing to leave. hear what happens to their staff and where they are heading on vacation on inauguration day. you're watching cnn.
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a lot of farewells happening this week in washington as the nation prepares to say good-bye to the obamas. today the president surprised his press secretary at his final briefing. >> there are a couple things i learned about him right away. number one, he's just got that all-american good looking thing going. that's helpful. let's face it. face made for television. then the guy's name is josh ernest, which, if somebody is speaking on your behalf, is a pretty good name to have. and i have now known this guy for ten years almost, and i've watched him grow and i've watched him advance, and i've watched him marry and i've watched him be a father, and
12:51 pm
i've watched him manage younger people coming up behind him. and he's never disappointed. he is not only a great press secretary, but more importantly, he is a really, really good man. josh, congratulations. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> meantime, moving trucks, look at them. having spotted outside the white house ready to usher the obamas into their new washington home. vans are already outside. swanky d.c. neighborhood unloading eight years of presidential memories. we also hear the obamas plan a palm springs vacation. let's talk to cnn contributor, grace and power of american's modern first ladies, kate. all right. they're getting out of dodge and heading to someplace warmer. what have other first couples done in those first couple of
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days at office? >> they do often leave town. you know, each post presidency has been different. you look at the carters, they went straight back to plains and embarked on the most successful post presidency in modern history. the nix ons went back to california after watergate. a very difficult he rent story. so, each president carves out the space for himself. i think it's interesting looking at president obama because i've talked to a former obama staffer who said, look, if democrats are thinking that obama is going to leave the charge against trump, they will be disappointed. that he is someone who is very measured, very careful in his wording and he doesn't necessarily want to take up the mantle of being the democrats' voice, anti-trump voice, he's more interested in getting democrats elected and doing things like that than coming out and being a voice against trump. >> yeah. you know, cnn has this new film about what it's actually like inside the final days of the obama white house and here's
12:53 pm
just a clip. this is from the perspective of the white house staff. >> ladies, if you guys are done, please help me take stuff out. >> no problem. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> the staff, they are not political. we are part of a long-standing institution. so, a lot of them have had experiences working for upwards of seven administrations. >> this is bush father, 1991. and bill clinton, eight years, then bush, jr., and now is president obama eight. >> what i think about most when i walk around the house is who has been here, who has done what in this particular space because, you know, there is something that i am able to walk here now and 100 years ago, a president or first lady, they had other guests or some of my ancestors. it gives me a sense of awe, the fact that slaves built this
12:54 pm
house, and i now work in this house as a leader, something out of my longest dreams. >> so, a lot 6 these staffers, they work from administration to administration. do you know anything about the obama staffers, are they sticking around? >> they are. and kudos to you guys for getting angela reid because she never does interviews so that's mazing. yeah, they stay on from one administration to the next. i've talked to people now and they have a feeling of we're going to wait and see. i talked to a current butler there who said, i'm willing to wait and see how trump treats us. i think they are concerned that donald trump might bring in some of his own staff because he has cooks that he really likes. he's got butlers. different from the obamas, who came in with no staffing. so, but they really are non-partisan and they will stick around. you know, some of them are looking forward to the clintons coming back simply because they had worked for them before so they knew what to expect from a clinton presidency. >> i love seeing these behind the scenes clips, this film
12:55 pm
totally fascinates me. it's called "the end." so, we'll take you inside these last couple of days in the obama white house. kate brower, thank you so much. that airs tomorrow 9:00 p.m. president will announce which bible he will be using when he takes oath of office this friday. hear the personal story behind it. your insurance company
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all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. one more note here. president-elect donald trump is revealing a special detail about this upcoming inauguration. he will be sworn in friday using president lincoln 's inaugural bible, but he will also use a second personal bible given to him by his mother. the trump transition team tells us that he received the bible when he graduated from sunday school back in 1955. lincoln 's bible was also used by president obama at both of
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his inaugurations, just a little bit to look forward to for him this friday. i'm brook baldwin here in new york. i will see you from washington for the rest of the week. we'll send it there now to my colleague jake tapper, the lead, starts right now. >> thanks, brook. some kind words for the president-elect today from the validater. the lead starts right now. divide and conquer, vladimir putin saying those who spread fake news are lower than prostitutes and accusing president obama of undermining president-elect trump. uneasy feeling, a brand-new cnn poll showing donald trump might not enjoy all the good vibes and positivity that traditionally come with a new presidency. the president-elect says the polls have been wrong before, but have they been this wrong? plus he's the man whom donald trump will put in charge of a trillion dollar budget and who will over see whatever might replace obamacare. but today the top democrat in the senate is raising questions about congressman and dr. tom