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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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. good evening, thanks, for joining us, the top of the hour, breaking news the reaction of commuting chelsea satisfiage, some called her a whistle proceeder. some called her a trader. whatever you call her the decision to free her in may cliek i likely will be the final decision for the obama administration t. latest, how much was it a surprise? has the white house been signaling they might do this for some time? >> reporter: well the white house has stayed tight lipped as to who gets the clemency grant. today the white house press spokesman in his press conference did know it could be a possibility. he sort of set the stage before the announcement was made between the chelsea manning and the edward snowden case saying manning has pleaded guilty that
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she had apologized. >> that she had already served some time. but it is only controversy but surprising to a lot of people when you look back at president obama's time in the white house and his tough stance on government leaks, in fact, his administration prosecuted nine orren the such cases. according to "new york times," that's more than the past presidents combined. okay, we know chelsea manning committed one of the most embarrassing leaks in classified history. not only that, anderson, she really put wikileaks on the map and made it into what it is today. as we know, it also played a role as recently as the u.s. election, our administration says, anderson. >> a few days ago the founder of wikileaks, he indicated he would adproo eto'o u.s. extradition if manning was granted clemency. any indication that would actually happen? >> right. so his attorneys tonight actually said that he stands by what he says.
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another attorney says that he wants further clarification about his status with the department of justice. it's interesting, though, because the u.s. has not formally made an extradition request for julian assange. he hasn't been charged. the u.s. has come out and said he is a part of an investigation the subject of an investigation. so it's yet to be seen how it will play out from here, anderson. >> all right. pam, thanks very much. journalist advocates himself for the release, he is a friend and a contributor to her legal defense fund. we spoke to him shortly before we went to air. why does chelsea manning deserve to be released? she was found guilty by a military tribunal? >> well, dits number she received the largest sentence in american history for somebody that released in fgs to the public as opposed to giving it to a foreign adversary or a foreign government. she got a 35 year prison which
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is wildly excessive to others who have serve who'd have done similar things. few look at the top brass in the military like david petraeus who leaked far more secrets he didn't spend a day if prison. adding most of all the conditionsen which he was detained. the u.s. found early on her detention was abusive and inhumane. she's had a lot of difficulty in a men's facility has a trans, overall, when you comboo inthe excessive sentence with the humanitarian considerations, president obama thought it was just to commute her sentence. >> if paul ryan put out a statement calling this outrageous, saying that, you know, she gave out some of the most important secrets for the u.s. it's interesting to note, a lot of that rhetoric doesn't quite meet the facts. i mean, bob gates back in 2010 said it was overwrought the language used about the damage that was done and even i think
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according to reuters in 2011, an internal report surveys the state department found that the damage was not quite as bad, was nowhere near as bad as some had appeared. >> well, there is literally not one case where anybody has been injured let alone killed as a result of this release. not a single one. mcclatchey investigated thoroughly in 2011 and said the pentagon had wildly exaggerated to the extent it has caused harm. i think the u.s. government classifys documents according to how sensitive they are. the top level secrecy is top secret. there are gradations beneath that. not a single one was top secret. they were low level confidential or secrets. so paul ryan doesn't know what he is talking about. >> he did say there was in some cases a sort of a chilling effect on some allie's willingness to share in the information they did before. not necessarily the long-term
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damage that many had feared. do you think this has any impact on edward snowden's case? >> i this i that the reason that president obama acted was because chelsea manning had actually been convicted, expressed remorse and spent seven years in prison. as opposed to edward snowden he regrets nothing that he did. he, in fact, if he redprets anything is he didn't do it earlier. the american people should have learned about this earlier. so i think it's very unlikely that president obama intends to commute snowden's sentence let alone pardon him. because he doesn't in an way say what he did is wrong. he is quite fond other than he should have done it earlier. >> does this affect julian assange? because julian assange said he would be willing to accept extradition if he were released. >> as far as he is concerned, he
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is in asylum not because the u.s. is trying to extradite him, but because the government of sweden is. and so, you know, what might actually affect assange's situation is that donald trump has become an admirer of wikileaks. because so much of the information they released was about the clinton campaign and the democratic national committee and he is about to become president. >> that may help his case. >> it's interesting. i saw you tweet about this. many on the right are embracing wikileaks and touting them and yet their one of their biggest sources ever was chelsea manning, who they are critical of. it seemed sort of an odd way to look at things. >> yeah. everything is sort of turn around. i have been writing ability and defending wikileaks for many years, going back to 2009 and '10. back then almost no republicans were support wack i was doing. a lot of democrats were leaking information about the wars that george bush had started.
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six year later, everything is reversed. democrats almost universally despise wikileaks and julian assange as a traitor. there is a lot of support on the right for wikileaks. suddenly you have wikileaks the most important source. but the person that put them on the map in being terms of having a major impact who got a part of her sentence commuted by president obama and there is a lot of anger on the right and cognitive disnance, on the one hand, they regarded it as heroic. on the other hand, they want to see chelsea manning rot in prison and they like wikileaks to the extent that wikileaks' exposure represented the republican party. >> good talk to'ing you. thanks. >> thanks,. the first time the president used to exercise his clemency? >> reporter: when teamster's boss jimmy hoffa was pardoned in
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1971 after serving a few years for injury tampering, critics suggested he has done it for the labor movements political backing. >> i have always tried to do what's best for the nation. >> reporter: a few years later, nixon, himself, faced possible criminal charge for watergate even after resigning. new president gerald ford preempted that by pardoning him, too. >> i feel that richard nixon and his loved ones have suffered enough and will continue to suffer no matter what i do. >> reporter: the decision dogged ford's record for the rest of his life as presidential pardons and commutations often do. jimmy carter took heat for commuting the sentence of heirist patty hurst the kidnap victim who became a bank robner captivity.
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for the first president bush the pardon was pardoning numerous figures in the ian contra scandal. for bill checkpoint, it was his half brother and bill rich whose ex-wife was a big donor t. second president bush computed the sentences of his chief of staff scooter libby for purgery related to the leak of a cia officer's identdty. no modern president pardoned more people than president obama. >> in far too many cases, the punishment simply does not fit the crime. >> reporter: much of it effort aimed at easing up on people convicted of low level drug crimes but given long sentences. >> i believe at its heart america is a nation of second chances and i believe these folks deserve their second chance. >> reporter: still, such decisions always bring political risk and presidents know they will hear about them forever.
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indeed, when i interviewed former president gerald ford a few years before he passed away. he came into the room saying, please, don't ask me about pardoning nixon again. anderson. >> tom, thanks very much. coming up next what voters make of this totally unprecedented transition. see what they are telling pollsters about the president-elect. if you believe the polls, the latest confirmation hearing is tomorrow. conflicks of interest don't seem to be going. tom price, see what dr. sanjay gupta is learning about the controversies surrounding him.
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>> whether it's the early morning tweeting or the feud with the intelligence committee. there is very little about this transition that's been ordinary. whatever you think of donald trump, this is not your typical run-up to inauguration day and polk numbers have something to say about that. >> there is no honeymoon in washington. three days before he takes office the president's approval rating stand at 43% a. new cnn-orc poll find the confidence in trump's transition is lower than the past three presidents,
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much lower. eight years ago, president obama came into office with 84% of americans approving of his transition. george w. bush 61%. bill checkpoint 67%. tonight trump is taking issue with the findings saying on twitter, the same people who did the phony election polls and were so wrong are now doing approval rating polls. they are rigged just like before. but a majority of americans do believe trump will deliver on his biggest promise of all jobs. skurn% say it's likely president trump will create good paying jobs. at trump tower another ceo big name meeting with the president-elect. this time the chairman of pboei who trump tangled with last month over air force one. >> we are all on the same page here. >> reporter: corporate america is trying to stay on trump's good side with general motors announcing a $1 billion investment if factories to save
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or create 1,500 jobs. wal-mart announcing 10,000 new jobs this year. trump noticed. responding on twitter, thank you to general motors and wal-mart for starting a big jobs push back into the u.s. [ music playing ] >> reporter: as washington puts on the finishing touches for friday's inauguration, some republicans are apprehensive about trump's rocky transition. senator john mccain told cnn he's not surprised trump's approval ratings are far lower than his predecessors. >> he seems to want to engage with every windmill that he can find. rather than focus on the large aspect of assuming the most important position on earth. >> reporter: other republicans in congress say they are being kept in the dark on trump's tax reform and health care plans. vice president-elect mike pence making the rounds on capitol hill, hoping to ease trump's agenda. many democrats say they will
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boycott trump's inauguration is growing. tonight one-quarter of house democrats say they will not be on hand when trump takes his oath. one explained his absence saying we must stand against trump's bigot bigotrys, attacks on gold star parents and congressman took a non-science twitter poll of her constituents before deciding not to attend. sean spicer the incoming white house pressing is downplayed the biotics. >> it's a shame these people don't want to be a part of the peaceful transfer of their power. it's within their rights. >> that opens up some seats for people who are excited to see this president. >> jeff zeleny joins me now. these democrats supposedly have to work with this next administration. it's not that they are setting a freight precedent for going forward. >> it's not. it's not following in the example of their leader. president obama has not
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questioned donald trump's legitimacy at all. so far no senate said they would join in this protest. donald trump needs those senate votes. he has to have 60 votes for every beg piece of legislation. senate democrats, house democrats frankly are nornt important to the process in terms of voting. for the first time the republicans control the house the senate and the white house. so they're in the wilderness, they can protest all they want. donald trump will take office noon on friday. >> reading donald trump's tweet about the polls showing the unpopular transition so far, why should he believe the polls? why should anyone believe the polls? i don't agree with the rigged part, but i get his criticism, all the polls were wrong the vast majority of the polls were wrong before. >> you can make the sense they were wrong in that hillary clinton did win the popular vote if you want to talk about the wisconsin polling the pennsylvania polling, then we could have a longer conversation about that. this is different when you poll
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an election, you poll a small number in every state. then you write your turnout model. that was most of the problem. the turnout was different than we thought it was going to be. this is a different kind of pom, number one. number two, our poll, abc journal, all have consistent numbers on where trump disappointment, his support dropping a bit during the transition. so the polls aren't rigged. polls are right. >> even if you assume, i agree the polls are right. but george herbert walker bush had sky high approval ratings in 1991. he ends up losing. so i don't think it's pediatricipediatric predictive. one thing is donald trump doesn't need 100 votes, he doesn't need to have that mandate or that honeymoon that most people would want to have coming in. >> on a lot of pieces of legislation, he does. not on appointment in his cabinet. if he wants to do something
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significant on health care, sure he does. >> leadership is not necessarily about following polls. i'm going to come to defend trump here actually. >> oh my good -- >> it's not about following polls. i think the reason we understand anecdotally and through the polls that he is being held in such disregard by so many people is, look, he's going to take the oath of office with lincoln's bible. lincoln united this country. trump has divided this country through this whole transition. that's what's underneath. >> when we were talking about this on health care, his recent comments are interesting. because it's not republican orthodox. he is saying people should have coverage. >> everybody should have universal health care. let him go to the republicans and say need to give everybody health care, seemingly on infrastructure, he is different than his own party. but, nonetheless, we have the
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ugliness of so much of his words, his attitudes, unrestrained, attacks on people, no magnanimous gesture for inclusion of the other side. >> can i just say this, that the poll numbers he might not like in the fact that a majority don't approve of how his transition has gone. there are high hopes, high expectations for job creation. >> they're not -- they talk about a toxic environment. they're not predictive of what people will do. >> they believe him when he says i'm going to cut good trade deals. i'm not going to cut bad trade deals. >> i guess he likes that part of the polls. >> we instead of i, i, i -- unite. >> let us could ep in mind, if his transition numbers are infinitely better than hillary clinton who will have none, because she lost.
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right? he need to you stay focused on that. >> a political environment where we have polarization, i do think that hillary was if hillary had won, where would her approval ratings be at? >> i want to say to my friend carl in abraham lincoln's day, he got elected. seven weeks they left the office. >> mag 95 center. >> the one point or two points you raised, health care and infrastructure spending. this is where i disagree with you, you said democrats are in the wilderness this time because you don't have any of the respective seats of power. i think the interesting thing is because donald trump has been an unconventional candidate, he may end up needing those democratic votes in the house. so them processing is absolutely where we are i don't think the resistive strategy is where they
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remain. >> it's interesting if are you senator mccain taking a swing at the president-elect. >> he's unbound. he will be the proverbial thorn in the side of donald trump i will pediatric. first of all he just one the election. what does he care? he's 80-years-old at this point. i'm not saying he won't run again. i know john mccain. who knows? but he has been out there on russia saying i want to have a separate committee. i want to investigate this. he is going to be -- he is going to be tough and watch out because he doesn't have to worry about what's happening down the road. >> do you think any of this polling, if all the folks is on the transition right now. but two weeks from now, it's going to be his district. >> how do you know donald trump discuss care about polls? in fact, he cares about them almost than anything else in the world. he's saying this i'm not sure he is as dismisive he says. there has been good polling of donald trump. i don't know if it's the cnn
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poll but the carrier deal got a lot of approval from the public. we have seen him get good polling when he does good things. i think this is an act rat reflection. >> this town too often follows the polls. you can change the polls with leadership. if the poll sels tells you something you disagree w. i think one of the things the polls do, it emboldened the democrats to say i don't have to work with this guys, he's so unpopular, i'm okay doing this right now. >> that can affect the environment here. it is not predictive of his presidency. >> that starts friday night. we will see what he does. i agree with carl. his tone during the transition. some of his own supporters don't like him. they think he's tweeting too much, fighting with everybody. will he change? i doubt it. the judgment clock -- if you look at the ceos going into trump tower. look at the change in the relationship from the boeing ceo who is outraged at donald trump a month ago, now he is coming to
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see him. so corporate america is paying very close attention to this. if donald trump gets the job numbers up, six in ten americans think he can do this. >> that is going to move people on capitol hill. move those republicans and some democrats i agree with you. they started off being a little skeptical and impressed than to start off with the hope and change. >> you come in on a white horse. >> remember that their ultimate objective in this building over here is political survival. when ronald reagan was elected over the objection of a lot of democrats, he gets elect and sworn in and starts to get his tax budget proposals up here. he spend an awful lot of time picking up that phone and calling these people. they began to feel the heat t. political heat and went along with it. by 1986 when interestingly we lost the senate, i can't till in the white house political staff how many times i was presented with leicester from outraged
6:26 pm
republican candidates with democrats picturing themselves with ronald reagan on there. >> i think that's one of the interesting things, i don't know if we know about donald trump. my sense is he will be picking up the phone a lot. he may not be in the weeds on policy stuff. >> right. >> but my sense is, he's somebody who likes to give it some -- >> they will give him a briefing sheet if it says, you know, you need to call so-and-so. he'll do it. more the point, he'll figure it, himself. >> you are saying he hasn't done it? >> the republican leadership is deeply annoyed with him. he keeps saying about the tax reform plan. he has had meetings with paul ryan. as the transition is played out, he is talking to the washington post and "wall street journal" about what he wants to do. it's directly at odds with what the leadership wants to do. we want to pass a bill. we don't agree with you on everything. why don't we do this in a room? >> if donald trump does call you, you are a rank and file
6:27 pm
congressman or a u.s. senator the guy is encred ply charming in person. i think he can move through the force. >> we talk to the chairman of the board thing, he is a ceo not chairman of the board, if his staff says to him, you need to call x, y, and z he will do it. he works around the clock. he will call democrats and republicans hope that they can tell him what he ought to be doing. this is what paul ryan homes that i can give you, price can give him a health care bill, paul ryan can give him a tax bill and he'll do that. >> if he wants to turn to everybody -- >> i wouldn't bet on it. the question is, does he call republicans? to john's point when he disagree with contractors with him? did he mean universal access to health care or universal health care? >> i think universal access would be my guess. >> we haven't talked about russia.
6:28 pm
>> that is what underlies so much of this. he has proposed to turn whole post-world order upsidedown in lock-step with vladimir putin is saying. that's one of the reasons that both anecdotally and in polls we're seeing fear and great consternation about why he is doing this. and about his conflicts of interest and his history in russia. we can't eliminate that from the table when we're having this discussion. >> there is a lot more to talk about. tonight, gordie mentioned tom price. we reported last night on a stock purchase they made raising questions. today there was fallout as you will see when we come back. it p and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. the world is full of surprising moments. they're everywhere.
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>> donald trump's nominee for health and human services tom price is facing heat by democrats we should point out on the eve of his senate confirmation hearing. senate democratic leader chuck schumer is going for an investigation prize. they bought stock in a medical device maker and legislation that would have directly benefitted the company. a report on the fallout of the
6:33 pm
other price's nominations. >> reaction from democrats about allegations regarding tom price's stock prices was swift. >> i am extremely troubled and he's got a steep mountain to climb. i'll wait to see what he says at the hearing, but it's going to be awfully hard for him to dig out of this hole. >> reporter: a trump transition spokesman called the allegations quote junk, adding any effort to conduct bipartisan legislation to dr. price to any campaign contribution is demonstrably false. this isn't the first time price's relationship with the health care industry has come under scrutiny. in december, the "wall street journal" reported 40 health care farm suit cam and biostock trades in 2012, tolling more than $300,000 in helping overseeing medicare. this month an investigation by the kaiser family foundation found price quote sought special treatment from the fda for industry donors on 38 different
6:34 pm
occasions. price declined our request for an interview and, through a spokesman, said he will comply fully by the recommendations by the ethics office. the statement included a reference to a previous government investigation that found trump to be compliant. as for price's personal history, a search found no court, criminal or bankruptcy filings and no medical malpractice comments against him. dr. dan borrow the chairman of neurosurgery at emory university. he's my boss. and he has also raised company funds for price. when he started his residency more than 40 years ago in 1979, price was one of his fellow interns. >> there were a couple instances in life when you see when people are like. one is when they don't think anybody is watching them t. other is when are you unsome kind of sister es. >> what did tom price do for you? >> i think he was one of the best that i dealt with. >> reporter: price got his
6:35 pm
medical degree from the university of michigan. it was during his orthopedic residency at emory university in atlanta, price met his wife, elizabeth, betty. an anesthesiologist and current georgia state representative. together they had one son, robert, 26, who graduated from vanderbilt. after eight years in georgia state senate, price was elected to the house of representatives in 2004. guided by strongly held religious pleases, price is staunchly against abortion, getting a zero rating from planned parenthood and a 100 for national right to life. >> tom lives and breathes public policy. >> sam served as a state senator with tom price. >> the guy is a born legislator. he has a lot of skill? still, he's pledged the use to obamacare, something he has been trying to do for years. >> we want to repeal this law and replace wit positive common
6:36 pm
sense, patience-centered solutions that put patients and families and doctors in charge of health care, not washington, d.c.. >> if price is confirmed as secretary of health and human services, he would oversee 11 agencies the cdc, national institutes of health, ada and 80,000 employees. he'd be a third physician ever appointed to this role. and dr. sanjay gupta joins me along with the rest of the panels. what are you hearing from doctors about the price but also about the affordable care act? >> it's hard to paint doctors with a broader brush. also different a little on these two issues. i think for the most part doctors have been supportive of tom price, all the major medical organizations and statements in supports of his nomination. i think with regards to the affordable care act it's a question of feeling a little stuck. that's probably the best way i can put it. most of the medical organizations said they would prefer to not see the repealed, more so, not so much because
6:37 pm
they agreed with all the principles of it, because they don't want to destablize the existing system that has been in place. only about 3% of doctors gave the affordable care ath a grade t. vast majority giving eight c or lower. >> that's the position the physicians are in. >> it's interesting, john, as we talk about trump talked to the washington post, said his health care plan is ens finsurance for everybody. that's never been the plan for republicans, the parcing of the world. >> you need a trump translator. he does not speak in washington speak. his staff says not that he wants to get right of nato. on health insurance, does he mean universal coverage? that requires government inkrein ittive and a lot of money. he gives these statements. he has said, i don't have the
6:38 pm
plan ready. to congressman price credit during the repeals debate if congress, he was one of the republicans who said i have some plans. now, they do not get to universal coverage pr acknowledgment says. they don't have as much government roam. it's much more market based. if trump has a plan that covers everybody or just about everybody that is different from his own healthing is's plan, this is a part of the confusion as we await this proposal. >> the timing of any kind of replacement is critical. >> well, it's got to happen right away. donald trump has made that very clear and politically he's absolutely right about that. because to sanjay's point about destabilizing the medical community, you are destabilizing the american population. have you 18 million people who have health ens now who are afraid they're going to lose it. you have people with pre existing conditions, et cetera. and he understands that you can't take something away without giving voters something better. and it's complicated.
6:39 pm
they've had six and a half years from our or eight years you might argue, but you know to replace it and they haven't come up with a real plan other than price's plan, which a lot of people don't like, particularly democrats and some republicans. so how do you do that? how do you save medicaid? how do you save medicare and give people access >> he books them in now. >> as somebody, trump speak is my second language. >> we've noticed. >> [ laughter ] >> that was good. >> out of time. >> all right. so i think what he is talking about here is accessible, which is, you know, everybody has health care, access, if that's what he's talking about st he's not talking about a government mandated in the insurance code. when i asked, tom price, i would suggest again as i've said the main problem here is his position on obamacare, not any of the rest of us. but that's why they do this. >> you are saying it's all
6:40 pm
political? >> sewer. absolutely. i mean, he's not the first to go through this thing i might add. >> what do you mean he means access? he says what he means. he said something like this before. he'll take on the republicans sometimes. now, they might try to beat him over the head on this because it is such an enactment for what they believe. but i'm not so sure. >> we shall see. in the last hour, you we heard from a small business owner, who is optimistic. next we will hear about the immigrants are not giving up hope. though they're concerned of what might when "360" continues.
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>> in this week of the inauguration we're trying to bring you different perspectives, about how people are feeling about the incoming president. in the last hour, we told you about michigan store owners. they were optimistic of what it may mean for job inflation and growth. for the other people, the immigrants the trump presidency is a source of fear for the future. it's how donald trump began the campaign they say accuseing
6:45 pm
mexicans and criminals to be rapist was. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're not sending you, they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists and some i assume are good people. >> now, donald trump is said to be sworn in as president, pioneered to be a sanctuary church movement that led to sanctuary cities are hoping trump will have a change of heart. >> reporter: in this phoenix church window the light indicates this is a sanctuary search and a person temporarily living here is seeking sanctuary from being immediately deported from the united states. that person is 48-year-old, who
6:46 pm
lived in the u.s. from moving from mexico when he was 16-years-old. he has three children that are u.s. sids and works for many years and has no idea why he has been denied citizenship. >> i want to stay in the united states i want to stay with my family. io exhibit to go back to mexico, because i'm not strong enough to take a new life there. >> reporter: the man who has taken him in, he's the pastor of the shadow rock united church of christ. >> there is a policy if place for authorities not to come no plaegss like churches that are sanctuary sites. >> yeah. are you worried that trump could change all that? >> i am whord that donald trump could change that. >> reporter: the pastor emeritus of the south side presbyterian church in tucson, arizona agrees. >> this is the first church to publicly declare itself a sanctuary for central american refugees. >> reporter: he's the co-founder of the entire century movement,
6:47 pm
which began in the early 1980s. hows of american homes are a part of the movement. >> i'm not scared, but i am anxious about what we're going to have to face. >> we're getting rid of these ridiculous sanctuary cities, which are disgraceful. >> i will do everything i can to resist the violation of human rights and in bake human rights of much of donald trump's proposals during the companies. >> both ministers who both voted for hillary clinton said they told donald trump he should listen more, become more toll ran and be positive. >> what i hear is a lot of we can't do this and we can't do that and we sister to watch out for these people and those people and he'd really is feeding on fear and maybe he's a fearful man. maybe that's why. so maybe he also needs to grow courage. >> reporter: both these men of faith say they don't have much faith they'll end up being
6:48 pm
pleased with a donald trump presidency, but they aren't giving up hope. >> there is a hope that people could change and everybody gets second and third and fourth chances. god's grace covers every moment in every person's life. no one knows what donald j. trump is going to do after friday. >> that includes i think members of his own staff. i think that includes members, certainly members of his own party. and so we're all preparing for the worst and hoping for better. >> sentiments shared by a man who has now lived in the church eight months and waits to find out what his fate will be. gary tuckman, cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> just ahead, new details tonight on what to expect on inauguration day less than 72 hours away, some traditions will be the same, including the 35-oath every president takes.
6:49 pm
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less than 72 hours from now the trump administration will begin when president-elect trump takes the oath of office. will be sworn in with childhood bible and bible lincoln used. install the 45th president. rest of the day been changes in plans, some controversy. suzanne with the latest. >> donald trump just days away from becoming president, promising a successful inauguration. >> going to have a very elegant day. 20th is going to be something that will be very special, very beautiful. >> but at times it appears wrangling talent to participate has been challenging. monday a bruce springsteen cover band pulling out of inaugural ball after hearing from angry fans. >> frenzy beyond anything we could expect. >> this just two days after broadway super star jennifer
6:54 pm
holliday reversed initial decision to sing at concert on thursday. >> everybody kept saying did trump trick you? no, i wanted to sing on the mall for america and for the people. wanted voice to be an instrument of healing and unity. >> today sam moore of soul man fame announced he would be stepping in, imploring americans to give trump a chance. his team taking on the critics. >> it's disappointing that those who choose to honor america, peaceful transfer of power, bed rock of our democracy harassed and mistreated by so-called tolerant left. >> growing list of a-listers not performing. flap turning into running "snl" joke. >> huge a-list actors like
6:55 pm
angelina jolie, ryan gosling and -- all be courtesy of madame toousso. >> and he tweeted "saturday night live" is the worst. really bad television. acts confirmed toby keith, 3 doors down, most of the rockettes and marching band of talladega college which defied petition to sit out. >> some traditions will be honored. having tea with the obamas before the swearing in. but shorter speech trump will write himself. brief parade because of the limited act. compared to 2 1/2 hour long parade for george w. bush, 3 1/2
6:56 pm
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and that is it it for us. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts next. shock waves on capitol hill and all around the world after president obama's surprise commutation of the sentence of chelsea manning, convicting of stealing military intelligence. i'm don lemon in washington. surprise move coming in final hours of presidency. hear from him tomorrow but meanwhile inaugural celebration beginning, donald trump talking up new administration. >> i'm very proud of everybody, i team we'll put together, likes of which no one has ever assembled befe.