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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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thank you for joining us this hour. topping the hour, house, senate republicans getting ready to do what they tried for years but couldn't, holding a veto pen. in 17 days that will change. so could many things americans have taken for granted including insurance through obamacare. agree or disagree with the direction they plan to take, in 17 days republicans will be able to deliver on what they have been promising for a long time. cnn's jeff zeleny starts us off with a look at their agenda. >> do you solemnly swear. >> reporter: the new republican order is taking shape tonight in washington. for the first time in a decade.
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republicans set to control the house, senate, and white house. we know the coming days are going to require hard work and cooperation from both sides. >> mitch mcconnell of kentucky becoming senate majority leader, as the 115th skong rcongress opr business. paul ryan of wisconsin easily re-elected speaker of the house. this chamber might look the same but in the hushed whispers in the activity you can feel the winds of change. in 17 days, donald trump will join them as president. completing the gop ascension to power. the optimistic applause echoing across the capitol will soon give way off to the challenges of governing, with republicans facing the burden of delivering on the change voters demanded. for making good on their pledge to repeal and replace obamacare, to passing tax reform and easing government regulations. republicans are crafting a bold agenda. speaker ryan called it a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> the people have given us
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unified government. and it wasn't because they're feeling generous. it because they want results. how could we live with ourselves if we let them down? >> out of power, democrats say they will find common ground when they agree. and hold their ground when they do not. in the house, republicans now have a majority of 241 to 194. yet in the senate, republicans still need democrats. with republicans holding 52 seats. democrats, 48. most pieces of legislation need 60 votes to pass. >> bhn you lose an election like this you can't flinch. you can't blink, you have to look it right in the eye. analyze it. learn from it. the trump cabinet will be one early test. secretary of state nominee rex tillerson and defense secretary nominee retired general james mattis visiting capitol hill today preparing for their confirmation hearings. in a day of pomp and pageantry,
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the congress came with one old touch. >> we are having a conversation. >> vice president joe biden in his formal role presiding over the senate swearing in one final class of senators. one of his last official acts after 44 years in washington. jeff joins us now. i understand both president obama and vice president elect pence are going to be on capitol hill tomorrow. what more do you know about it? >> anderson, very unusual for the president to come up now just 16 days before he leaves office. he is going to be trying to make the case to democrats, to protect his signature agenda piece of his legacy, obamacare, he wants democrats to tout the benefits to their constituents across the country. at the same time though, mike pence of course will be trying to walk republicans through, how they want to repeal and replace obamacare. now the question of repealing it is an easy one. replacing it is a difficult one. and that is the challenge coming
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up for the trump administration. frankly all republicans here because they know they will be taking something away from people. but the majorities in the congress as they say now, republicans will repeal it, replacing it, that's the question the bottom line here, but president obama trying to give one last pitch for his legacy when he meets here on capitol hill tomorrow. with all of the democrats. >> jeff, thank you. joining us, former obama senior adviser, van jones, trump supporter, caylee macaneny, and the former chairman of president obama's council ofic noming advisers. van, interesting that while the president is going to be meeting with house and senate democrats to protect hallmarks of his legacy, like obamacare, pence will be doing the opposite. discussing repeal and replace it. >>y know that you know, we have country if not a divided government. one thing you are going to be watching now, you have a lot of
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people in red states who have benefited from obama care. a lot of the coal miners actually, their main health care right now is obama care. so, it's very easy to take something away. but when you take something away, people ask what are you going to do for me now. i think that the failure of the republicans to really fully agree with any particular approach off to the replacement is going to become a problem sooner rather than later. but, you know, they, they, they have got elected promising to do something. they're going to try to follow through. see how it goes. what can democrats actually do to try to prevent it? >> well, i think they have -- >> go ahead. sorry. >> you know, they have to kind of rely on, on, the -- spreading the message that van is saying there, look how many million people are going to lose their insurance. remember what it used to be look when -- when they could deny you for pre-existing condition, when your uncle was 60. he couldn't get on medicare.
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but he add heart problems. they're going to just try to, use the bully pulpit, to, to, emphasize that. but i don't think -- i don't know that they will be effective. i think the republicans are going to a, try to make it seem, they're going to try to take it away. without making it seem like they took it away. they're going to try to extend that as long as they can. say, no, it was dying on its own. we never, we didn't kill it. then i think the second thing is there are a lot of red states where a lot of people do benefit from it. but they showed at other points, like with the expansion of medicaid, that even if it hurt their own people, the republicans governors in the states were still willing to, to turn it down. so, i am, i am nervous for it. but i think that's where we are. >> do you believe republicans actually are united on a plan, not just about repealing it but replacing it. president elect trump during the campaign was very clear, saying, he wanted to keep people, who
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have pre-existing condition he's wanted to keep the coverage. >> that's right. he did say that. an important come poenn't that needs to say. i think republicans are by and large united around paul ryan's plan which when you go and lack ate. the dubbing on his plan says affordable health care for all. so i think, the other guests are right to the extent that republicans have to have some sort of replacement you, do have tens of millions of people who have gained insurance, via obama care. the folks need to be able to keep insurance in some form. but what i think is very important is to fix some mamala repealing it entirely. saying the problems where obama says you like your doctor keep it. he promised families their premiums would go down. significant disapproval of obama care especially on the fronts. i think you have to repeal it undoubtedly. but you must replace it. if there is not a replacement. republicans have a big problem. >> van, premiums have gone up in
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many states. so republicans do end up having a better solution for this, in their replacement, shouldn't democrats be receptive to work with them. >> listen, i think one of the missed opportunities for hillary clinton when she ran, obamacare, f great first step. republicans won't let us fix it. if you elect me, i will be able to have this program. i am going to work with them to make it better. we wound up saying, 20 million people have insurance. defending the status quo. as opposed to saying we don't think it is perfect. we think republicans stopped us from making it belter. send a message you want to improve it. now, look here, is reality. i think both political parties have peril. if republicans botch this, there will be a revolt at midterm level. if the democrats stand in the way of good things that will make it better they're stepping
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on constitue constitue constituencies. >> is it clear what repealing would look like. how much would a repeal cost in the short term and long term? >> well, i think it's pretty clear what it would look like in the short run. it would cost money to repeal it. and so they're trying to figure out ways to not make it cost money. i think you know, if you look, i think the republicans are at greater peril at this moment than the democrats are. because, the passing of obama care even the, the saving $2,500, that was compared to what would happen without it. so we have had high health care inflation for many decades. and actually health care inflation has been at about the lowest rate that we have seen in all most a half century. the problem was once you do something on health care, then you on it. that's been, barack obama's problem. once the republicans do anything to obama care, repeal it, change it, whatever, suddenly every
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problem that everyone has with the health system becomes the republican's fault instead of obama's fault that's not going to be a fun place to be. >> austin, i understand the argument, inflation, actually not growing as much as in flaegs was projected to grow. i get that academic argument. reality its what van was saying, about how americans feel. how americans feel is they have seen the dollar, the price on their premiums go up. they see they're not getting much in return. high deductibles. one third of american counties only have access to one obama care plan. this was a plan sold to us on the bill it would give us more choice. i think the way americans. >> in the exchanges. >> look, i'm not disputing that it is about feeling. i think that's correct. what i am saying is, once the, once the republicans repeal obama care, or gut it, then, prices are going to start going up again. even more than they were going up under obama care. then they're going to be mad at republicans. >> not if you open and implement.
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whether the early morning tweeting or feuding with the intelligence community, very little about the transition ordinary. whatever you thing of donald trump, this is not your typical run-up to inauguration day. and cnn's reporter, the polling numbers have something to say about that.
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>> reporter: there is no honeymoon awaiting donald trump in washington. three days before taking office, the president elect's approval rating is at 40% writ majority saying they case prove. a new cnn poll says confidence in trump's transition is lower than the last three presidents. much lower. >> i barack hussein obama. >> eight years ago, president obama came into office with 84% of americans approving of his transition. george w. bush, 61%. bill clinton, 67%. tonight, trump is taking issue with the findings, saying on twitter. the same people who did the phony election polls and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. they're rigged just like before. but a majority of americans do believe trump will deliver on his biggest promise of all. jobs. 61% say it is likely president trump will create good paying jobs. 39% disagree. at trump tower today another big name ceo meeting with the president-elect. this time, the chairman of
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boeing. who trump tangled with last month over the course of a new air force one. >> i think mr. trump is doing a great job of engaging with bitzness. we are all on the same page. >> corporate america trying to stay on trump's good side with general motors announcing $1 billion investment in fact terz to save or create 1,500 jobs. wal-mart announcing 10,000 new jobs this year. and trump noticed responding on twitter. thank you to general motors and wal-mart for starting the big jobs push back into the u.s. ♪ ♪ as washington puts on the finishing touches for friday's inauguration, some republicans are apprehensive about trump's rocky transition. senator john mccain told cnn he is not surprised trump's approval ratings are far lower than predecessors >> he seems to want to engage with every windmill that he can find rather than focus on the large aspect of assuming the
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most important position on earth. >> other republicans in congress are being kept in the dark on tax reform and health care plans. vice president elect mike pence making the round on capitol hill hoping to ease concerns about trump's agendach meanwhile the list of democrats who will by cot trump's inauguration is growing. tonight one quarter of all house democrats will not be on hand when trump takes his oath. and the arizona congressman explained his absence saying we must stand against trump's bigotries, birther conspiracies attacks on gold star parents and civil rights heroes. and a nonscientific twitter poll of constituents before deciding not to attend. sean spicer incoming white house press secretary downplayed the boycotts. >> it's a shame that these folks don't want to be part of the peaceful transfer of power. bit's within their right and that freeze up great seats for the millions of people excited sue team this president. >> and we are joined now along
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with the rest of the panel. skipping the inauguration one thing. these are democart whose suppose lead have to work with this next administration, and not necessarily setting a great precedent for going forward. >> it's not. not following in the example of their leader. president obama has not questioned donald trump's legitimacy. keeping an eye on the senate. no senate democrats have said they would join in the protest. a far bigger problem. donald trump needs the senate votes. he has to have 60 votes for every big piece of legislation. senate democrats will be there. house democrats frankly are not important to the process in terms of voting. for the first time in ten years, start frying day, republicans control the house. the senate and the white house. so they're in the wilderness they can protest all they want. donald trump will take office at noon on friday. >> john, reading donald trump's tweet about the polls, showing, unpopular transition so far. why should he believe the polls? why should any one believe the polls? his tweet, don't agree with the
10:19 pm
rigged part. i get his criticism. all the polls were wrong. vast majority were wrong before >> if you look at national polls. make a case they weren't wrong. hillary clinton did win the popular vote. >> true. >> want to talk wisconsin polling, pennsylvania polling, then we can have a longer conversation about that. now this is different. poll an election, poll small number of people. write your turnout model. that was the problem in most polling. turnout in the election different than the polls thought it would be. different kind of poll. number one. number two, our poll, abc "washington post," nbc "wall street journal" all have pretty consistent numbers on where trump is, disappointment in transition, support dropping a bit during the transition. so, the polls aren't rigged. the polls are right. >> if you assume the polls are right. george herbert walker bush had sky high approval ratings in 1991. ends up losing. don't think it is predictive. one thing that is different this time. is that donald trump doesn't
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need 60 votes. because than tick ticks -- th harry reid, doesn't need the mandate or honeymoon most would want to have. >> on a lot of pieces of legislation. not on appointment in his cabinet. if he wants to do something significant on health care sure he does. >> leadership is not necessarily about following polls. i will come to defend trump here, actually. >> wait. >> not about following polls. i think the reason that we are understand anecdote lee through the polls he is being helden such disregard by so many people is, look he is going to take the oath of office with lincoln's bible. lincoln united the country. trump divided the country through the whole transition. that's what's underneath. >> we were talking about this on health care. his recent comments are interesting. it's not republican orthodox. he is saying. >> what he said on, that
10:21 pm
everybody should have universal health care, good for donald trump. let him go to the republicans and say, yes, we need to give every american health care. it would be the greatest thing he could do. and similarly on infrastructure. he is different than his own party. >> yes. >> but nonetheless we have the ugliness of so much of his words. his attitudes, unrestrained. attacks on people. no magnanimous gesture for inclusion of the other side. >> can i just say that the poll numbers, he might not like and the fact that, that a majority don't approve of how his transhas gone. but there are high hopes, there are high expectations. >> job creation. >> job creation. >> they're, they're predictive now, toxic political environment. >> and they believe him. when he says, i am going to, i am going to cut good trade deals. >> he likes that part of the
10:22 pm
polls. >> can't cherry pick. >> say we, instead of i, i, i. let us keep in mind here. >> lemt his transition numbers infinitely better than hillary clintons who will have none. because she lost. right? we need to stay focused on that. and one more thing. to my, to my friend, of a political environment, where, where we have polarization. if hillary was, had won, where would her approval ratings be right now. >> i want to say to my friend carl here, he and i both remember this. in abraham lincoln's day he wasn't united. he got elected. seven states left the union weeks before he took office. it was all run by democrats. >> had a batd turnod turnout. >> brought the country together. >> one point. two points you raise. health care and infrastructure spending. this is where i das gree with you, jeff. you said democrats are in the wilderness this time because we don't have any respective seats
10:23 pm
of power. i think the interesting thing is because donald trump has been such an unconventional candidate, he very well may end up needing those democratic votes in the house. so them protesting is absolutely about where we are, i don't think that the resistant strategy is where they will remain when they need to engage. >> interesting, senator mccain taking a swing against the president-elect. >> he is unbound. the proverbial thorn in the side of donald trump. i will predict. because, first of all he won re-election. what does he care? he is 80 years old at this point. not saying he won't run again. i know john mccain. who knows. but, he has been out there on russia. saying i want a separate committee. i want to investigate this. he is going to be, he is going to be tough. and watch out. because he doesn't have to worry about what's happening down the road. >> do you think any of this polling about the transition. all of the focus on the
10:24 pm
transition now. two weeks from now. it is going to be. >> one thing we know, donald trump does care a lot about polls. in fact he cares about them more than anything in the world. i think he probably believes the polls. he is saying this. not really sure he is as dismissive as he says. look there has been good polling on donald trump. i don't remember if it is the cnn, the carrier deal got a lot of approval from the public. we have seen him get good polling when he does good things. i think this is probably an accurate reflection. >> this town too often follows the polls. to carl's point. change a poll with leadership. ignore a poll, the poll tells you something you disagree with. one thing the polls will do. we see it already. embolden democrats to say i don't have to work with this guy because he is so unpopular. if he is not popular in the country. i am okay doing this right now. that can affect the environment here. not at all predictive of his presidency. starts friday at noon. see what he does. i agree with carl. his tone during the transition, the polls reflect, some of his own supporters don't like it.
10:25 pm
tweeting too much. fighting with everybody. will he change? i doubt it. but, the judgment clock -- >> look at ceos going into trump tower. look at the change in relationship from the boeing ceo sort of outraged, donald trump a month ago. now he is coming to see him. and corporate america is paying close attention if trump gets the job numbers up. 61%. six in ten americans think he can do that. that is going to move people on capitol hill, move those republicans, and some democrats. i agree. they do not want to obstruct. >> may be better to start off with people being skeptical and impressed them than to start off with hope and change and, everybody, you come riding in on a white horse. and then letting people. >> remember, ultimate objective in this building over here is political survival. when ronald reagan was elected over the objection of a lot of democrats, gets sworn in, starts to get his tax and budget
10:26 pm
proposals up here. he spends an awful lot of time, picking up that phone and calling these people. and they began to feel the heat. the political heat. went along with it. by 1986 when interestingly we lost the senate, i can't tell you in the white house political staff, how many times i was presented with literature from outraged republican candidates with democrats picturing themselves with ronald reagan on it. >> one of the interesting things, i don't know that we know about donald trump, my sense is, he is going to be picking up the phone a lot. and having those conversations. he may not be in the weeds on policy stuff. my sense is, he is somebody who likes to, make deals. >> they will give a a briefing sheet. says you need to call so and so. he will do it. more to the point. he will think of it himself. >> you are saying he hasn't done it? >> republican leadership deeply annoyed what he keeps saying about health care and tax reform plan. he has not talked to them. he had meetings with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell as
10:27 pm
transition played out talking to "the washington post" and "wall street journal" what he wants to do at odd with what the leadership wants to do. their point is talk to us. we want to pass a bill. we don't agree with you on everything. we'll fry to figure it out. why don't we do this in a room. >> if donald trump does call you, you are rank-and-file congressman or u.s. send tofrmt the guy is incredibly charge in person. i think he could really move votes through the force of his personality. >> this goes back to the chairman of the board, thing, he is, sees himself as chairman of the board not the ceo here. if his staff says to him, you need to call, x, y, z, he is going to do it. he works 'round-the-clock. we know this. he will call democrats. republicans hope that they can tell him what he ought to be doing. this is what paul ryan hopes. that i can give you a, that, price can give him a health care bill. paul ryan can give him a tax bill. he will do that. i wouldn't depend on it.
10:28 pm
i wouldn't depend it. the question is does he call republicans to john's point. when he disagrees with them. did he mean access universal access to health care, or universal health care. >> i think universal access would be my guess. >> we haven't talked about russia, that's what underlies so much of this. he has proposed to turn the whole post world order upside down in lock step with what vladamir putin is saying. that's one of the reasons anecdotally and in polls we are seeing fear. and great consternation about why he is doing this? and about his conflicts of interest? and his history in russia. we can't eliminate that from the table when we are having this discussion >> lot more to talk about tonight. gloria mentioned, tom price. reported last night on a stock purchase the congressman made, raising questions today there is fallout. when we come back.
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heat from democrats we should point out on the eve of confirmation hearing. chuck schumer calling for an investigation of price after cnn reported that price bought stock in a medical device maker and introduced legislation that would have benefited the company. cnn's dr. sanjay gupta on the fallout and questions surrounding the nomination. reaction from democrats about allegations regarding tom price's stock purchase was swift. >> i'm extremely troubled. he's got a steep mountain to climb. i will wait to see what he says at the hearing. going to be awfully hard for him to dig himself out of the hole. a spokesman called allegations junk. adding any effort to connect the introduction of bipartisan legislation by dr. price to any campaign contribution is false. this isn't the first time price's relationship with the health care industry has come under scrutiny. in december, "wall street journal" reported price made 40 health care pharmaceutical and
10:34 pm
biotechnology stock trades since 2012 totaling $300,000. all while he sat on the powerful ways and means committee and helping oversee medicare. this month an investigation by the kaiser family foundation found price sought special treatment from the fda for industry donors. on 38 different occasions. price declined request for interview and will comply fully with recommendations. an included ref rinse to previous government investigation that found price to be compliant with congressional disclosure rules. as for price's personal history, a search by cnn found no court, criminal, or bankrupt see filings. and no medical malpractice complaints against him. dr. dan barrow chairman of ne o neurosurgery and my boss, also helped raise campaign fund for price. when he started his residency nearly 40 years ago in 1979, price was one of his fellow
10:35 pm
interns. >> a couple of circumstances in life where you really see what people are like. one is when they don't think anybody is watching them. and the other is when you are under some kind of stress. >> where did tom price fit into that for you? >> i think he was one of the best i dealt with. >> price got his medical degree from university of michigan during orthopaedic surgery residency at emory university in hospital, price met his wife, elizabeth. betty. an anesthesiologist and current georgia state representative. together they have one son, robert. 26. who graduated from vanderbilt. after eight years in georgia state senate, price was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 2004. >> our liberty and freedom comes from god al mighty. guided by strongly held religious beliefs, price is staunchly against abortion, getting a 0 rating from planned parenthood and 100 from national right to life. tom is a, lives and breathe public policy.
10:36 pm
a state senator with tom prize. >> this guy is a born legislator with a lot of skill. >> reporter: skill he pledged to use to repeal obama care. something he has been trying to do for years. we want to repeal this law and we want to replace it with positive common sense patient centered solutions. that put patients and families and doctors in charge of health care. not washington, d.c. >> if price is confirmed as secretary of health and human service he's would oversee 11 agencies including cdc, fda, national institutes of health and 80,000 employees. third physician appointed to this role. >> and dr. sanjay gupta and the panel. what are you hearing from doctors about price and affordable care act? >> well, hard to paint doctors with one brush. stern leap they're very different. also different on the two issues. i thin for the most part. doctors have been supportive of
10:37 pm
tom price. major medical organizations released statements in support of his nomination. the affordable care act, a question of feeling a little stuck. best way i can put it. most of the major medical organizations said they would prefer to not see this repealed. but more so, not so much because they agreed with the principles of it. because they don't want to destabilize the existing system now in place, i think only about 3%, 3.2% of doctors gave affordable care act an a grade. so vast majority giving it, c or lower. so, that's sort of the position that they're in. >> it is interesting, john, as we talked about, trump talked to "the washington post." said his health care plan is insurance for everybody. that's never been part of the republican plan for health care. and -- there is parsing of the word of what he meant. >> like on many issues i do not mean this disrespectfully. you need the trump translator. he does not speak in the language of washington. when he says nato is obsolete.
10:38 pm
a lot of members don't pay their dues. people have to increase defense budgets. doesn't want to get rid of nato. insurance for everybody. does he mean coverage. government incentives, a lot of money. we don't know what he means. he gives these statements. but has the said i don't have the plan ready yet. to dr. price, congressman price credit, during the repeal debate in congress he was one of the republicans who said i have some plans. now, they do not get to, university kufl rage, or, universal access. they don't have as much government role. market based. if trump has a plan that covers everybody or just about everybody, then it is different from his own health secretary plan. part of the one fusion right now as we await the specific appropriates. >> timing of any kind of replacement is critical. >> well, it has got to happen right away. and donald trump has made that very clear. and politically, he is absolutely right about that. because to sanjay's point about destablizing. the medical community, you are destablizing the american
10:39 pm
population. you have 1 million people. who have health insurance now who are afraid they're going to lose it. you have meem wipeople with pre-existing conditions. he understands you can't take something away without giving voters something belter. and it is complicated. they have had 6 1/2 years from, you know, or, eight years, you might argue, but, you know to replace it. they haven't come up with a real plan other than price's plan which a lot of people don't like. particularly democrats. and some republicans, how do you do that? how do you save medicaid? how do you save medicare? and -- give people universal access. >> boxed them in. president elect boxed republicans in now. >> you know as somebody, trump speak is my second language. >> we have noticed. >> ha-ha. >> that was good. >> we're out of time. >> so i think what he is talking about here is accessibility. which is everybody has health
10:40 pm
care access. that's what he is talking about. not talking about a government mandated insurance program. and tom price, i would suggest again as i have said, that, that the main problem here is his position on obamacare, not any of the rest of this. but that's why they do this. >> you are saying all political? >> sure. >> absolutely. not the first to go through this kind of thing i might add. >> what are you so sure he means access. he says what he means. he said something like this before. he, you know he will take on republicans some times. now, they might try to beat him over the head on this because it is such what they believe. i'm not so sure. >> we shall see. last hour you heard from a small business owner very optimistic about the trump presidency. up next, leaders of the sank wear church movement and immigrants they protect are not giving up hope. they're consternd what may have happen. hear from them when 360 continues.
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in this week, trying to bring perspectives how people are feeling about the incoming president. in the last hour we told you the
10:45 pm
story of small business owners in michigan optimist ache but a trump presidency, what it may mean for job creation and growth. now an opposing view. for some undocumented immigrants and the people who protect them, the trump presidency is a source of fear for the future. it is how donald trump began his campaign, they say, accusing mexican illegal immigrants of being criminals and rapists. here's what he said, june 2015 announcing he was running for president. >> the when mexico sends its people they're not sending their best. they're not sending you. they're not sending you. they're sending people that have lots of problems. and they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. their rapists and some i assume are good people. >> now, donald trump set to be sworn in as president. pioneers of the so-called sanctuary church movement led to sanctuary cities are hoping trump may have a change of heart.
10:46 pm
gary tuckman reports. >> reporter: the light in this window indicates a sanctuary church and a person temporarily living here is seeking sanctuary from being immediately deported from the united states. that person is 48-year-old, sixto paz who lived in the u.s. since moving from mexico at 16 years old. he has three children, u.s. citizens, worked as a roofer and has no idea why he has been denied citizenship. >> i want to stay in the united states. i want to stay with my namely. i want to go back to mexico because i am not strong enough to take a new life there. >> ken heitzelman is the man who has taken him in, pastor of shadow rock united church of christ. >> reporter: there is a policy in place for authorities not to come into places like churches that are sanctuary sites? >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: are you worried that donald trump could change all of that? >> i am worried that donald
10:47 pm
trump could change that. john fife, the pastor in tucson, arizona agrees. >> this was the first church to publicly declare itself a sanctuary. >> the pastor is the co-founder of the sanctuary movement which began in the early 1980s. hundred of houses of worship in american cities are part of the movement. >> i'm not scared. but i am anxious about what we are going to have to face. >> we are getting rid of these ridiculous sanctuary cities which are disgraceful. >> i will do everything i can to resist the violations of human rights and basic human rights of much of donald trump's proposal. during the campaign. >> both ministers, both voted for hillary clinton say they would tell donald trump he should listen more, become more tolerant and more positive. >> what i hear is a lot of -- we
10:48 pm
can't do this. we can't do that. we have to watch out for these people, and those people. and he really is feeding on, on fear. and maybe he is a fearful man. maybe that's why. so maybe he also need a to grow in courage. >> both men of faith don't have much faith they'll end up being pleased with donald trump's presidency but they aren't giving up hope. >> i always have hope, that, that, that people can change. and that everybody gets second and third and fourth chances. i mean, god's grace covers every moment of every person's life. >> no one knows what, what donald j. trump is going to do after friday. that includes i think members of his own staff. i think that includes members certainly members of his own party. and, and, so we are all preparing for the worst and hoping for better. >> sentiments sthard by hared b
10:49 pm
paz who waits to find out what his fate will be. gary tuchman, cnn, phoenix, arizona. >> what to expect on inauguration day, 272 hours away, the 35-word oath of office, and the trump inaugural shaping to be smaller in scale in several respects. we'll talk about that ahead.
10:50 pm
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ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and riteaid. less than 72 hours from now trump swears in. he'll use the bible president lincoln used. the nation's 45th president. as for the rest of the inauguration day, some controversies. here with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump just days away from becoming president. >> we're going to have a very, very elegant day. the 20th is going to be something very, very special, very beautiful. >> reporter: but at times it appears rang talent to participate has been challenging. a bruce springsteen cover band
10:54 pm
has pulled out after hearing from angry fans. >> the frenzy was beyond anything we could ever expect. >> reporter: this comes just two days after broadway superstar, jennifer holiday reversed her initial decision to sing on thursday. >> people kept saying did trump trick me? no. i wanted to sing for america and the people. i wanted my voice to be an instrument of healing and unity. >> and sam moore announced he would be stepping in. imploring americans to give trump a chance. >> disappointing that those who choose to honor america choose to honor the peaceful transfer of power. are being harassed and mistreated by the so-called tallerant left. >> reporter: a growing number of
10:55 pm
a-listers have refused to perform including justin timberlake and celine dion. >> russell got some huge a-list actors coming like jennifer lawrence. they will be there courtesy of madam tew sos. >> he tweeted nbc news is bad but saturday night live is the worst. not funny. cast is terrible. always a complete hit job. most of the rockets and the tabor nackal choir. jacky evonko and the marching band of talladega which defied a petition to sit out. >> reporter: some traditions he will honor indelude overnighting at the blair house and having tea with the obamas before the
10:56 pm
white house. a shorter speech trump will write himself and a brief 90 minute parade due to the limited acts. compare that to the two 1/2 long hour for george w bush and four 1/2 hours for eisenhower. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back. 1930's cop, i want that role now. when i crave a turkey sandwich, i want to eat it now. [woman] john, i got your sandwich. [john] when my neck itches, i want to scratch it now. so when the irs owes me money, guess when i want it? [woman] now. [john] you are good. [vo] instead of waiting for your tax refund,
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and that does it for us. thanks for watching cnn tonight with don lemon starts right now. shock waves on capital hill and all had around the world after president obama commuting the sentence of chelsea manning. this is cnn tonight. i'm don lemon in washington. barack obama's move in the final hours of his presidency. we'll hear from him tomorrow but meanwhile, inaugural celebrations begin for the