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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 18, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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i think it will be interesting to hear from wilbur ross about china and trade and nafta, richard. >> providing you're looking at things in a transactional deal-making way, that's fine. but i was at a breakfast this morning where people are talking about you can't do that always with public policy. davos feels different. there's an intensity about what will happen. an uncertainty about future direction. and they really believe the rules by which they have lived their lives here for so many years are about to change. and they, frankly, don't know what to do. >> globalization backlash embodied by donald trump by brexit by a whole bunch of things right there in front of them. >> richard quest, nice to see you. >> put the cap back on that marker. "early start" continues right now.
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big backlash after president obama commutes the sentence of chelsea manning, how did this move affect interaction among those who leaked classified material. the president-elect making preparations for his presidential inauguration friday as more democrats decide to boycott. and a critical day on capitol hill. the man charged with overhauling obamacare faces the senate after the education nominee runs into pushback. good morning, everyone, welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. 92-year-old former president george h.w. bush has been hospitalized in houston, that's according to local media. his office chief of staff gene becker tells the houston chronicle that president bush is doing just fine. although the reason for his hospitalization not immediately
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disclosed. he was not planning to go to the inauguration this friday. we don't know how this will affect george w. bush whether he still plans to attend. george h.w. bush has been in the hospital over the last couple years battling health issues. he's enjoying life and staying current on public affairs. we wish him the best. the president commuted the 35 year prison sentence of chelsea manning the former army private convicted of leaking 750,000 pages of documents and videos will be released in may. no word from the trump team yet regarding the decision on manning. but the move has stirred up significant controversy. the president made the decision over the objection from his own secretary of defense ash carter. manning released the secret documents in 2010 through wikileaks which has been advocating for her release. of course in the past election, wikileaks and its founder julian
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assange released documents that were hacked by russia with the aim at helping donald trump win the election. let's get to nic robertson from london. nic, what are you learning? >> the white house has commuted manning's sentence because she has accepted responsibility. she has shown remorse. twice in the past 12 months, she's tried to commit suicide over six years. that was the rationale over it. we have in london julian assange, held of wikileaks, holed up in the ecuadorian embassy since 2012 because he said he was being held unfairly by the united states for investigation there. if you will ignore that alarm for the moment. it normally goes off this time of the day. however, what we understand from assange, in the last few days, he tweeted that he would in fact
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hand himself over to u.s. authorities if president obama commuted manning's sentence. that has now happened. now, we had a tweet from assange's lawyer saying he's ready to follow through on the commitment that he made. that, however, is a very interesting development. at the very time, as you say, donald trump is coming to office, wikileaks allegedly played a role in the leaking of information. it did play a role in the leaking of information that had been hacked from dnc computers. and therefore you arrive in this very interesting situation where assange is almost offering apparently, i don't know if it will happen, to hand himself over to the next administration, who on the surface appeared to have helped. >> unclear. or uncertain at best whether or not we can take julian assange's word on whether or not he will turn hills over. nic robertson.
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glad the call only your porsche is going off. >> i wish. julian assange claimed victory. thank you to everyone who campaigned for chelsea manning's clemency. your courage and determination made the impossible possible. >> on capitol hill, the commutation from democrat was harsh from republicans. joe manchin said the shortened sentences were dead wrong. it gave a green light to hacking and cyber attacks. >> this is wrong. it's treason and espionage. should have been 35 years. >> republican lindsey graham told dana bash manning stabs his fellow soldiers in the back by releasing classified information and putting their lives at risk. president obama by granted clemency to manning, slapped all of those who serve honor aeblg in the face.
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and john mccain, a grave mistake that i fear will encourage further acts of espionage and undermine military discipline. and devalues the courage of real whistle-blowers who have used proper channels to hold our government accountably. >> scott pruitt tapped for the away. nikki haley, ambassador for the un. tuesday was a tough day of questioning for the education nominee, betsy devos. let's get the latest from cnn's phil mattingly, he's on capitol hill. >> john and christine, week two of confirmation madness kicked off on tuesday. it was really one primarily hearing everybody was focused on. and that is the president-elect's selection to be his next education secretary. betsy devos. now, she's well-known in political and education circles for a couple reasons. politically, she comes from a family and she herself, some of biggest donors in the republican party.
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as part of that donation, a part of where their money goes, education reform, charter schools, and big issues that betsy devos have focused but have made her a prime target for democrats. and that's certain shown in her confirmation hearing. take a look at this explaining between senator elizabeth warren and betsy devos primarily on how much experience the nominee actually has. >> mrs. devos, have you ever taken out a student loan from the federal government to help pay for college? >> i have not. >> have either of your children had to borrow money to go to college? >> they've been fortunate not to. >> have you had any personal experience with the pell grant? >> not personal experience, but certainly friends and students with whom i've worked. >> so you have no personal experience with college financial aid or management of higher education? >> reporter: now, even though there were consistent attacks from democrats and outside
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groups, particularly public school teachers, labor unions have been targeting her nomination. she has a lot of heavy support jeb bush obviously, the tormenter or tormentee, if you will, of the president-elect throughout the republican primary process has come out in support. a lot of support. a lot of republicans who feel like betsy devos represents the direction they want to go when that comes to federal education policy. they've gotten big behind her nomination. there's expectation that she will be confirmed barring some late breaking development we haven't heard about yet. and now who comes next, guys, no question about it, today's hearing tom price secretary of health and human services the biggest one on the docket. probably this week. maybe for the entire administration. think about the number one policy issue for the president-elect. repealing and replacing the affordable air act, tom price has a huge role in that. not only because he has the expertise working on capitol hill, as a doctor, but also in that role. he can do a lot unilaterally to help that process along. but he has major problems as well. democrats with pointed policy
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questions for him, but also pointed questions about tom price's ethics. how he operated on capitol hill, our own manu raju on capitol hill about his trading. senate democrats point to that. that might be a problem. keep a very close look on it and tom prices answers them today. wilbur ross faces lawmakers today. ahead of that hearing the famed investor has reached an agreement with federal officials. if confirmed he will step away from invesco and its subsidiaries including his firm wilbur ross and company. and he will sell shares of apple and boeing. he has hedge funds that you can't just sell them overnight. >> boy, do i know that. >> yeah, john, a problem you
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have. and he nine passive investments he will keep those involving real estate and shipping. pay close attention to what he says about trade. sources tell cnn that trump aims to give a bigger role on trade negotiations. ross said his first goal would be to renegotiate nafta. this is somebody, over the years, i've interviewed him many times, he's very aware of trade between u.s. and china is. you say, oh, it's somebody who has bought companies and offshore jobs, a few thousand since 2004 according to a reuters report. but he knows how the world workings and how companies have suffered. that's what he does. he buys stuff from industry. he knows about textile and steel where people have been hammered
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two days to go before donald trump is sworn in as president of the united states. and a huge day of hearings on capitol hill. joining us digital zach wolf and greg valleyier.
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and tom price secretary of health and human services overseeing the overhaul of obamacare. and now there are a great number of questions, zach, about what the administration, incoming administration wants, versus what the congress wants. >> that's right, donald trump said pretty recently he might be interested in insurance for everyone. that had a lot of people on capitol hill scratching their heads. these republicans who want to repeal and potentially replace obamacare which is a law that sought to provide insurance. for everyone. there's a lot to work out. the details. if you're going to repeal obamacare, is it going to take insurance from a bunch of people. republicans on capitol hill see, i think, maybe a slower path than donald trump. at least that's what it seems like. there are a lot of unanswered questions here. >> greg, i know you read "the wall street journal" every morning like i do.
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big headline, dollar sinks as trump talks it down. first of all, he has shattered protocol and grown with generations, honestly, of protocol, u.s. president talks often the dollar. what's going on here? >> two things astonishingly, christine, number one, you're right, no president, no treasury secretary has ever talked about the dollar. it was considered very inappropriate to do that, number one. number two, does he really want a weaker dollar that would bring the united states a less attractive place to invest in? investors have believed that a strong dollar is fundamentally good. now he may reverse that. >> what's the plan to that? do you think he was thicking off the cuff with nomination of wilbur ross for something more traditional? >> a lot of cabinet nominees can
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say stuff during hearings. but trump's the man. whatever he says is going to nominate. if that's what he really believes in a weaker dollar, that's astonishing. >> this hearings have been revealing versus what the nominees say versus what the president-elect has said. last night, donald trump was speaking to a group of diplomats in washington, d.c. and he was talking about rex tillerson. i think there are a number of interesting things about the sound bite you're about to hear. let's listen. >> and we have great respect for your countries. we have great respect for our world. we have a man that i wanted right from the beginning, rex tillerson. and these lights are bright but he's around here somewhere. where's our rex. what a job, thanks very much, thanks, rex. i think it's tougher than he thought. he's led this job. he goes into a country, takes the oil, he goes into another country [ laughter ] it's tough dealing with
2:18 am
politicians, right. >> i'd like to engage in the parsing of what trump said, first of all, he said he's the man i wanted right from the beginning, rex tillerson. we don't believe that to be the case, right? there was mitt romney and rudy giuliani. and then donald trump is trying to rewrite history. and the other part i thought fascinating i think it's tougher than he thought. tillerson is facing very tough questions from republican marco rubio. when i heard him say tougher than we thought. i was wondering if donald trump believes this confirmation process overall with all of his nominee s may have been a bit tougher than he thought? >> it certainly seems like that. we saw tough questioning for his education secretary pick. there was tough reporting on tom price on his stock purchases from cnn's manu raju. we haven't yet seen a scheduled hearing for his labor secretary
2:19 am
andrew puzder. the list goes on. each one of these people have had some difficulty. i think the one person who hasn't had any difficulty so far was the one that everybody expected to have the most difficulty, that's jeff sessions. >> yeah. what he says about china and the relationship between u.s. and china is potentially game changing. is this why people elected donald trump. because they wanted a game-changer. when he talks down the dollar, when he threatens china, he is changing the game. that's exactly why he was elected. what do you want to hear, greg, from him about pro-growth policies in this inauguration speech? he's writing it himself, as people tell us. >> obviously, a really huge speech. most of these speeches are forgotten within a day or two, john kennedy's wasn't. i think he has to talk about healing but for the markets, christine, he really needs to emphasize tax reform.
2:20 am
he really hasn't said enough of that in the last few weeks. >> we don't have any details. we question, greg, whether he's in lock stop or walking down the same path. >> these incredibly detailed or yentzed. he's in charge of all of the details on the inauguration. apparently, he's getting into the deep leads on the tax reform bill. he made some very controversial comments a couple days ago, indicating that this bill might be tougher than we thought to get ennaacted. >> we know that companies want to see tax reform. we're happy to hear them say, hey, we're creating jobs. guys we'll talk about this again in about 20 minutes. >> i want to hear the nominees' positions on tim raines. major league baseball. actually not baseball that announced it. cooperstown announced the inductees in the hall of fame class in 2017.
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for the rest of your life. >> the last thing a team wants to do the last week of a game is off-the-field controversy or stir up the hornets nest of the new england patriots. that's exactly what the steelers are going through this week. >> andy scholes going through that with the bl"bleacher repor" steelers head coach mike tom li lin. said brown will be punished. >> it was foolish for him to do that. it was selfish and inconsiderate. we will punish him, we went punish him. that's why you see great players move around from team to team. >> brown has apologized for
2:25 am
showing tomlin calling the patriots a bad name. the great jeff bagwell and tim raines expected to make the cut. trevor hoffman and rodriguez also have a chance. you need to be on 75% of ballots to gain induction. this is the last year writers can keep their ballots anonymous. based on the ballots made public so far, barry bonds and roger clemens won't begetsing in again due to their ties to steroids. but both have an increase in votes. so them getting in next year is not out of the question. in case you missed the basketball game last night, the fireworks, a scuffle that led to a heating exchange between the coaches. sienna, they're going to go shake hands after we see all of the scuffling. but rider is going to walk offer the court but that didn't stop
2:26 am
him from going through the motions. those are solid hand shakes that he's handing out there. those are solid moves. >> thanks very much. president obama stunning washington by commuting the sentence of chelsea manning who gave hundreds of thousands of pages to classified documents to wikileaks. we've got the fallout this morning. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has no requirement
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. i'm john berman. >> it's nice to see you, i'm christine romans. >> we do have breaking news i want to tell you about, 92-year-old former president george h.w. bush has been hospitalized in houston. this is according to local media. let's get the lacest on this from athena jones live for us in washington. athena, what have you learned? >> good morning, it's concerning and the details are still coming in from the houston chronicle. his chief of staff told them that he said he's doing fine. doing really well. doctors have a couple theories about what is causing his ailment. but that he's responding to treatment. and is expected to be discharged in the next coming of days. now, of course, george h.w. bush the oldest former living president he's been hospitaled a few times in the last few years for various ailments he was hospitalized in 2012 for
2:31 am
bronchitis and ended up staying in the hospital for two months. he was hospitalized again in 2014 for shortness of breath. and in 2015, he had a fall at his house in kennebunkport maine. and he is 92 years old. and he's also done some things that you wouldn't expect as an older person. he's celebrated four major milestone birthdays by jumping -- by parachuting out of an airplane. so he's been active. but this, of course, could affect his son's plans, bush 43, george w. bush's plans, for attending the inauguration on friday. we'll have to see what happens as details come through. >> we wish him well. his staff says they expect him to be home, according to local reports within a few days which is something they have signaled before when he's gone in for these types of incidents.
2:32 am
athena jones in washington. two days to go before a new president takes office the outgoing president drops a big surprise that may have a huge effect on futureser leakers of government secrets. president obama rocking washington by commuting chelsea man's 35-year prison sentence. now set to be released in may. there has been no response so far from donald trump or the transition. but the move is whipping up immediate controversy and a backlash. and not just from republicans. a senior official tells cnn that mr. manning's shortened the sentence over objections of ash carter. manninging released doubt in 2010 from wikileaks. which has been adds vo indicating her release. julian assange leaked documenteds with the intelligence agency that were hacked by russia with the help
2:33 am
of helping trump win the election. >> julian assange here head of wikileaks is holed up in the ecuadorian embassy because he believes he'll be extradited to the united states for his accusations of being involved in the leak of wikileaks that chelsea manning gave to him. chelsea manning released because she has shown remorse. because she has accepted responsibility. because she has served six years so far. and tried to commit suicide twice in the past two years. a victory, that's how zbrjulian assange is gauling this commutation. however in the last few days, julian assange has tweeted that he would hand himself over to u.s. authorities if president obama commuted his sentence. his lawyer in the past hours said that julian assange will
2:34 am
make good, will stand up, or stand up and follow through with everything that he has said. now, it remains to be seen if he will walk out. doors of the ecuadorian embassy. please been in there because swedish authorities want to question him about alleged sex offenses in sweden. he had said if he went to sweden he feared he would be sent to the united states despite the fact there's no extradition treaty between sweden and the united states. what does this amount to? well, potential if julian assange carries through with what his lawyer says he will carry through, essentially, he'll be handing himself over to donald trump and his administration. as you say, when there are questions about the role that julian assange played in essentially pafacilitating the leaks that russia provided, believed by intelligence authorities that had intended to
2:35 am
put donald trump in office. what will julian assange and authorities question him then. >> nic robertson in london, thanks. moments after the clemency announcement, julian assange tweeted victory. thank you for everyone who campaigned for chelsea manning's clemency. >> and the response from capitol hill, reaction from democrats muted and very harsh from republicans. west virginia senator joe manchin, a conservative democrat said the short sentence was dead wrong and gave a green light to hacking and cyber attacks. >> it was wrong. treason and espionage, should have been 35 years. >> republican senator lindsey graham told cnn's dana bash manning stabbed his fellow soldiers in the back by releasing classified information and putting their lives at risk. president obama by granting clemency to tang step slapped
2:36 am
all of those in the face. >> and john mccain, a grave mistake that i fear will encourage further acts of espionage and undermine discipline. and devalues the courage of real whistle-blowers who have used proper channels to hold our government accountably. this morning, we're told that the president-elect is finishing up the writing of the presidential inaugural address. this one they claim he is writing himself. cnn's jeff zeleny. >> john and christine, two days before trump takes office he's putting his finishing touches on his inaugural address. we're told he's writing it himself after watching and reading several addresses and ones from history. studied president ronald reagan's and even president barack obama. the president-elect made a trip to washington for the first inaugural event the chairman
2:37 am
global dinner featuring diplomats from around the world and mike pence and some of their top contributors. he's returning to new york to spend the final day in trump tower before moving on thursday. now, washington is alive with activity with all of the traditional transfer of power. president obama gives his last press conference today at the white house. even his four key confirmation hearings unfold on capitol hill. now, the list of house democrats boycotting the inauguration continues to grow. now more than 50. so far, no senate democrats have added their names to that list. that's important. trump will need the cooperation of some of them to get the agenda through congress. but it's also important to remember starting friday. republicans control the house, senate, and the white house for the first time in a decade. a new wilderness for democrats if they're protesting or not. john and christine. >> jeff zeleny, thanks so much. as jeff just mentioned president-elect donald trump was briefly in the nation's capital
2:38 am
last night. he attended a dinner. the president-elect was quick to praise former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson, his pick to be secretary of state. >> and we have great respect for your countries. we have great respect for our world. we have a man that i wanted right from the beginning rex tillerson. and these lights are bright but he's around here somewhe place, where's our rex? what a job. thank you very much. thanks, rex. i think it's tougher than he thought. he's led this job. he goes into a country takes the oil. goes into other country. [ laughter ] it's tough dealing with these politicians, right? he's going to be so incredible. >> the confirmation hearings are tougher than perhaps rex tillerson thought. he faced questions from marco rubio, rubio has not committed to whether or not he'll vote to
2:39 am
confirm rex tellillerson. donald trump claiming another victory. the bottom line, clearly executives do not want to anger the incoming administration and there's a big question if this is good public relations. not really a real change that their truly globalized business models. here are the automakers releasing press release in recent days. ford promising 700 jobs in michigan. fiat chrysler and gm will invest billions of dollars over the next five years. 4500 new jobs some of those were promised well before donald trump was elected. so the question here, are these company responses to trump's call for more american manufacturing for more american jobs? or are these simply employment shifts now with the hope of lower corporate tax rates potentially in the future which would, of course, pay for all of this? here's the reality check. the number of carmakers that
2:40 am
make car and auto parts nowhere where it was in 2011. automakers just hit back-to-back annual sales records in 2015 and 2016. the bottom line of the industry. what a lot of folks are talking about this morning is how all of these companies really want donald trump to know that they are and have been creating jobs in the u.s., because they don't want to anger him and be at the other end of a 35% tariff on their industry. >> flip side is we didn't hear from american apparel playing off workers or macy's laying off 10,000 workers. what does it mean for the nominees who will be on capitol hill today? we'll talk to our political panel, next. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. i need to promote my new busi can make that business cards? business cards, brochures, banners...
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♪ all right. donald trump set to take the oath of office in just two days now. this is crunch time for the senate to confirm its cabinet nominees. let's get to the expert, digital managing editor zach wolf and chief strategist greg valliere. let's look at the head liner for today, tom price for hhs. what he plans and wants to do with obamacare. what he says about obamacare. but also wilbur ross, the commerce secretary, who, you know, wants to redesign nafta.
2:45 am
and redo our relationship, zach, with china. these are no small feats. >> no, they around small feats. and they're kind of core to trump's message so it's going to be really interesting to hear what he has to say, whether the commerce department and ross are going to play a heightened role in the presidency than they have in the democratic one. >> i want to say what donald trump said overnight. he's continuing this feud with john lewis. john lewis said he's boycotting the inauguration because he said that donald trump will not be a legitimate president. john lewis said this is the first time he would have done that. apparently "washington post" is reporting that he did not attend in 2001 because george w. bush was not a legitimate president. listen to what he had to say. >> i think for him to have grandstanded. i think he's just grandstanded john lewis, and then he got
2:46 am
caught in a very bad lie. as far as other people not going, that's okay. we need seats so badly. i hope they give us their tickets. >> you're looking at the inauguration speech. the address on friday. one of the things that investors you talked to want to see some kind of outreach from donald trump. have we seen that yet in the transition? do you expect to see it on friday? >> we haven't seen a lot of it john, i think he's got to make it clear that he's willing to work with democrats including chuck suchumer who he called a clown a few weeks ago. if he wants to get infrastructure done and tax reform, he needs democrats. i think it could hinder his ability to get a lot done. >> by the way, we should note if you look at his approval rating during this transition, historically low. 52% disapprove of the
2:47 am
transition. this just doesn't happen. it's getting worse. what's happened during the transition has made things worse for him. >> i told both you and christine, my new year's resolution is not to underestimate donald trump. everybody in this town did this last year to their regret. i think he has votes on everything. many of his priorities will get done later rather than sooner. >> for the first time you've got both chambers of commerce run by the republicans. the markets expect there will be growth quickly. what is the guess here between what donald trump says and doesn't tweet, and working with republicans to actually get all of these things through? >> well, i think the thing you notice from cabinet nominees as they come up maybe you don't always listen to everything donald trump says. you have to wait and see what he does. we'll have to see what the
2:48 am
details are on legislative proposals, on obamacare, on tax reform. we haven't seen any of that yet. we don't know how this sausage is going to get made at all. so, there's a lot of work to do for these guys. >> greg, you've got him out there talking down the dollar. i mean, breaking tradition and protocol and saying the dollar is too strong. i mean, that just doesn't happen. yes, america voted -- american voters who voted for him voted for a game-changer. but he's changing a game that maybe i'm not sure he knows that he is. >> yeah. sometimes, his words, he may feel, aren't all that significant. but when you talk down the dollar, that has a big impact on the markets. and if he's going to break all pre precedent, no president or treasury secretary has ever done this, talk down the dollar, the markets may not like that. >> it's interesting, guys, both of you, you've seen companies
2:49 am
that have said they're going to add jobs and make investments in the united states. in many cases, these are investments already planned before donald trump. or the pace of planning with walmart, essentially what they've been doing. has he already changed -- these companies have very quickly changed here. they're telling what they're going to do in the u.s. so as not to anger the u.s. president? >> i think a out la of companies are going to be looking over their shoulder before they do anything. i think there's a new element of almost fear that's been injected but my bottom line, as long as it's stock market stays pretty good, as long as the economy stays pretty good, trump should stay in fairly good shape politically. >> greg valliere, zach wolf, great to have you with us. >> tiffany and company is an iconic company. its flagship store near trump tower. guess what's happening, what is it like to have the white house
2:50 am
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russian president vladimir putin comes to the defense of president-elect donald trump. the russian leader said the salacious but unsubstantiated claims in that 35-page dossier on donald trump are obvious fabrications. the russian president calls the accusations part of a campaign to undermine the result of a u.s. presidential election. joining from us moscow, jill dougherty, now a global fellow at the woodrow wilson center. again, it was almost shocking to hear vladimir putin use the colorful words that he did use in defending donald trump. >> it was really an amazing moment there at the kremlin, news conference everything is going along actually pretty
2:54 am
boringly. then at the very last moment, last question, about all of this material. and president putin just laid into the outgoing obama administration saying there's a political battle under way in the united states to undermine the legitimacy of the trump administration. and to, as he put it, tie his hands and his feet from doing what he wants to do. then he got into that unsubstated salacious material ends up talking about prostitutes. here's what he said. >> translator: did trump really come to russia and meet with prostitutes? first he's a man who has organized a beauty pageant and socialized with the most beautiful women in the world. it's hard to believe he came to
2:55 am
meet with the low social class of although they are the best in the world. >> the russian president also said that, yes, president trump, when he waevnt a president, he was just, as he put it, rich american, came to moscow. and then he said that doo you think that our security services run around with every single billionaire who comes to moscow, again, he said, that's nonsense. jill dougherty, thanks so much. >> the man suspected of killing an orlando police officer and his pregnant girlfriend is now in custody after being on the run. police arrested markeith loyd with. police said after the struggle they put loyd into the handcuffs that belonged to the slain
2:56 am
officer debra clayton. >> to put her handcuffs on the bad guy that she was trying to catch when she was killed is just significant. it's meaningful to her family which i did tell seth clayton about. it's meaningful to her opd family as well. >> and markeith loyd faces two murder counts. we will check in on this investigation as as soon as we can. all right. 56 minutes past the hour. time now for a check on "your money" today. cnn "money stream" donald trump sending shock waves through the global currency markets. trump says the u.s. dollar is too high. trump says our companies can't compete with them, china because our currency is too strong and it's killing us. the dollar dropping to its lowest level in a month after a huge runup that trump promised to put in place. the dollar was strengthening
2:57 am
after optimism with trump and policies. there's a historical norm that donald trump has just shattered. recent presidents don't talk about the value of the dollar. usually, treasury department only office that discusses it publicly and then decides if the u.s. dollar for interests, a strong u.s. dollar makes -- is just incredibly important not to talk about the value of the dollar. it really roils markets. donald trump play by those rules. the dow future is pointing higher. average ride of a three-day losing streak. shares in asia and wall street higher overnight. and oil is dropping. fifth avenue doesn't look like this anymore. ♪ that, of course is the opening to the 1961 film "breakfast at
2:58 am
tiffany's." >> although it does sound like that. moon river from the speakers every day. today, the store front is mobbed by people trying to get a glimpse of trump tower which is nearby. guess what, that has hurt tiffany sales. revenue dropping during the busy shopping season. it didn't mention the president-elect himself instead, blaming the recent election-related activity. the flagship store accounts for 2% of all sales. others like cartier have upbeat results. it seems the trump effect weighing on tiffany's now you'll be humming "moon river" for the rest of the day. >> thanks for joining us, i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. "new day" starts now. chelsea manning is serving a sentence and will continue to serve that sentence. >> when eye combine the excessive sentence with the
2:59 am
humanitarian considerations obama just thought of commuting her sentence. >> i'm not going to see it. never invited. >> it's a shame these people don't want to be a part of what people transfer power. >> i hope they give us their tickets. >> vladimir putin said accusations of spying only undermine the incoming president-elect. >> we're very proud of the cabinet members we have put together. >> i think there's a very good chance he will not be confirmed. >> you can't say definitively today that guns shouldn't be in schools. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're watching "new day." january 18th, 6:00. according to reports by the houston chronicle and the tv station khou at this hour, george h.w. bush is in the hospital. >> the 92-year-old is being treated at a houston hospital after falling ill. there are no specific details
3:00 am
about what that illness might be. the nation's 41st president has had several health issues in the last year. let's get to cnn's athena jones live at the white house with the breaking details. right on the eve of the inauguration. what do we know. >> exactly. good morning, chris. well, we know from local reports that his chief of staff tells the >> doctors have a couple of theories about what might be causing his ailment and is expected to be discharged the next couple of days. he had a series of health issues over the last several years and it's always concerning when someone of such an advanced age is hospitalized he was hospitalized as a precaution. he spent about 7 days in the hospital that te


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