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tv   New Day  CNN  January 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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in our sleep a famous phrase, a strong dollar is? the best interest of the united states. we've heard it for our entire careers. i was talking to larry sommers, former treasury secretary a short while ago. i asked secretary sommers, what do you make of donald trump saying a weaker dollar will be better. there's a slight gasp. he sort of says, it's unwise. the rubric and the rhetoric of a strong dollar has been around for two decades. donald trump's use of this phrase now to talk down the dollar, still too early to know whether he wants a managed dollar decline. if he's not very careful, that's exactly what he's going to get. >> in fairness to him, once he takes office, he's going to have to explain why he wants a weaker dollar, what he thinks that will mean for the economy and he has to have a chance to lay that out. >> christine and richard, thank you very much. fun to hear you speak in unison.
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we're following a lot of news this morning. let's get right to it. >> manning will continue to serve the sentence. >> when you combine the excess stif sentence with the humanitarian considerations, obama thought it was best to commute her sentence. >> it's just going to be an amazing weekend, it's going to be something special. >> a shame these people don't want to be part of the transfer of power. >> i hope they'll give us their tickets. >> i think there's a very good chance that he will not be confirmed. >> i'm very proud of the cabinet members we have put together. >> can't say definitively today that guns shouldn't be in schools? >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> donald trump talking with his feud with civil rights icon
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congressman john lewis as more democrats say they will boycott the inauguration. >> that's as four nominees head to capitol hill to face tough questions from senators. we're two days away from the inauguration day for donald j. trump. cnn's jason carroll live at trump tower with more. >> reporter: good morning. let's start with the interview with fox. first up, trump's feelings on the intel briefing he had. it's very clear from that interview with fox he's still angry over that unsubstantiated report from that briefing leaking to the press. he also had choice words for democratic lawmakers who are skipping his inauguration, basically saying, if you're going to give up your seat, that's fine, give up your ticket so we can give it to somebody else. once again, we heard some familiar points on that border wall. >> cia john brennan responded to your twitter. you questioned whether he might be the leaker. he said he is not. >> i accept it. it came out of someplace and
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it's fake news, all fake news. i can say something about george washington. i can say something about abraham lincoln. i can say something about you. i can -- just fake news. they shouldn't have been a part of it. they should not have been a part of it. it's made up, never existed, never happened. the reason i say that so strongly because nothing is going to show up. there's never going to be a tape that shows up, never going to be anything that shows up. i would be very embarrassed if a tape actually showed up saying something like that. it would be double embarrassed because there is no tape, there was no event. i was never even in that room for that period of time. they made stuff up and it started with the republican party when they tried to beat me in the nomination. then it went on -- the democrats took over that work supposedly. and by the intelligence giving it credence, a little bit of credence by just even talking about it, it was very inappropriate. i don't know who the leaker was. i have no idea.
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it's fake news. >> there are some congressmen and women who have decided not to show up and not be there. what was your reaction when congressman lewis started this? >> what he said is he's never done it before, but he has. he has done it before because he did it with president bush 43. he did it on the same basis. he said he is not our president or something thereabouts. that's a very bad misrepresentation. so let's see what happens. as far as other people going, that's okay, because we need seats so badly, i hope they give me their tickets. are they going to give us their tickets so we can give to other people. >> you're okay with them not going? >> what happens with their tickets. >> would you be willing to sit down with congressman lewis? >> i would be. we're off to a bad start. no question about it. what he did was a very, very bad thing, not for me. for me it doesn't matter. he did a bad thing for the country, very, very divisive.
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we have a divided country. it's not divided because of me. it's been divided. we have a very divided country. what he did was very, very difficult i ha divvy sive. when i said we would get reimbursed for the wall. we're going to build a wall and mexico is going to reimburse us. i could wait. in order to get the wall started which we're going to do sooner than we can do the deal, we have to do it this way. so we're going to have a wall. mexico -- in some form mexico is going to reimburse us for that wall and everybody is going to be happy. we're going to stop the drugs from coming in and stop people from coming in who are doing in some cases tremendous harm. we'll have a tremendous, beautiful, big door in that wall. >> reporter: still unclear from that interview, chris, when the u.s. would be reimbursed for that wall and how exactly. in addition to that interview with fox, he also gave an
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interview with a new media outlet called axias where he said his confrontational style is misunderstood. he said he's not a divisive person. throughout the campaign he was accused of running a divisive campaign. he also said in that interview that health care would be his most urgent domestic matter and he recently, in fact on monday, had a conversation with the president about that. you have to wonder how that conversation went since repealing obamacare is at the top of his list. in terms of his inauguration, in that interview with fox, he also talked about his inauguration speech. he said he plans to thank past presidents including president obama and the first lady. he says both the president and the first lady have been, quote, very gracious to him and melania. chris? >> this is his big chance to start moving the country back together. two days left in office for
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president obama, and he just made a controversial decision, commuting the 35-year sentence for chelsea manning, the transgender former army private convicted of leaking 750,000 pages of government documents and videos. she's going to be free in just months. she will have served seven years. cnn's barbara starr live at the pentagon with more. seven years is more than twice the average sentence, but it's not the 35 she was given. >> well, that's right, chris. the original 35-year sentence was one of the stiffest ever for violation of the espionage act. but now chelsea manning is getting out of jail. >> he broke the law. >> reporter: in a stunning move, president obama commuting the sentence of chelsea manning, the former army intelligence soldier convicted of leaking classified government documents to wikileaks. manning now set to be released in may after serving seven years
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of a 35-year sentence. >> i have serious concerns about equivocating sentences when national security is at stake. >> reporter: the controversial decision going against the objections of secretary of defense ash carter, and sending shockwaves through washington. >> for the president, especially the president who has made so much recently about the danger that wikileaks has posed to our national security, to commute private manning's sentence is very disappointing. >> reporter: manning formerly known as bradley, stole hundreds of thousands of classified military files including videos of u.s. air strikes in iraq that sparked concerns over human rights veelgss and embarrassing diplomatic cables, a leak credited with putting wikileaks on the map. manning pled guilty, convicted of multiple charges including violating the espionage act.
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serving time in fort leavenworth, manning struggled with gender identity issues, twice trying to commit suicide after requests to be transferred to a civilian prison were denied. wikileaks celebrating the news, hailing manning's clemency as a victory. but obama did not exonerate another famous leaker, nsa contractor edward snowden. >> mr. snowden fled into the arms of an adversary. chelsea manning is someone who was found guilty, sentenced for her crimes and she acknowledged wrongdoing. >> a couple of key things to watch now. julian assange, the founder of wikileaks, has said he would agree to a u.s. expedition request if manning got out of jail. we haven't seen mr. assange get on a plane just yet. what about edward snowden, the nsa contractor in moscow? the russians have now said
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earlier today that he will be allowed to stay in russia at least until 2020. chris, alisyn. >> thank you for all that reporting z. republican congresswoman marsha blackburn, she's the vice chair -- >> i think mr. trump and many of us are very disappointed with this news. alisyn, i've got to tell you, the democrats have made so much about russian hacking and leaks and the dnc hacking. now you have the president come back and someone who was convicted, convicted and found guilty of giving our secrets. they violated the espionage act. what is he going to do? he's going to commute the sentence. there's an inconsistency that's
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difficult for a lot of people to square. >> why do you think we haven't heard from mr. trump on this yet? he hasn't tweeted anything about it yet. >> i'm certain he's seeking advice from his national security team and that he may even be waiting for a briefing on some of this. i appreciate the fact that, as he did with the russian hacking, he is gathering information, and maybe he'll have something more to say about it. he does have a busy couple of days in front of him. >> you can say that again. so many twists and turns with this chelsea manning thing. it has put people on different sides than maybe conventional wisdom would have them on. as we know, mr. trump did support what wikileaks did. he supported the idea that they hacked into the dnc computers and published what they knew from john podesta. he didn't mind that. he did en viet, jokingly, russia
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to do something similar to hillary clinton. so why wouldn't he support the commutation of someone who says they were trying to act in the public good in revealing what they knew about what they said were lies about what the military was telling the public? >> what private manning did was to put the lives of a lot of people in danger. and he was found guilty. i think it's kind of a stretch there, alisyn, to say that mr. trump supported what wikileaks did. i think what we all know is that julian assange is not someone we would call an honorable person. >> hold on a second, congresswom congresswoman. mr. trump has spoken -- >> wouldn't want our kids to roll model. >> he has said he has trusted julian assange over other news outlets. he has said that he has actually
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never called julian assange a traitor or spoken of him in the negative terms you are. >> i do not see julian assange as an upstanding person. i think what has gotten the democrats upset, and i can understand it, is the content of those e-mails. what that did was to affirm to so many people what they thought was going on behind the screens. now, the democrats should have had better encryption on their services. >> sure. but mr. trump never spoke out about what wikileaks was doing. in fact, he seemed to be supportive of what he was doing, when he invited people to look for more hacks and quoted those e-mails. >> what we have to do is not play thought police or what
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someone thinks because they have not spoken on something. i think that's a dangerous road to tread. i do think there's plenty. we did have our first. yes had our first briefing on the russian hacking. i think the situation with private manning is the fact that he did face the court. he was found guilty of the violations. he was sentenced appropriately for the crimes he committed. i find it very disappointing that the president would, after he has been so vocal on the russian hacking issue. >> if julian assange comes back to face justice, as he said he would if chelsea manning's prison sentence were commuted, mr. trump would prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law.
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>> i would expect mr. trump to return this nation to the rule of law on all fronts. people want to make certain we apply the law equally to all citize citizens. that was a point discussed throughout the campaign. people felt as if the federal government was going in and picking winners and losers and choosing sides and using federal agencies to cause harm to different individuals. i think senator schumer's comments to mr. trump about don't cross the intel agencies, they have six ways from sunday from getting at you. alisyn, that's the kind of thing that is unsettling to many citizens. that's something we need to move away from and we need to restore equal treatment under the law. >> congresswoman, very quickly, on obamacare, maybe you can help us understand where he stands in terms of insurance for all
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americans right now. he gave an interview over the weekend where he said his goal is insurance for everybody. he gave another interview saying there are many people talking about many forms of health care. we can't have that. what is his plan to have insurance for everybody. >> he's repeatedly talked about wj of my favorite bills, hr 314. i've worked on it since 2009. making insurance more affordable so individuals can pick a policy they like. >> what will pay for everybody to have insurance? >> there are, as we look at the medicaid reforms that are going to be necessary and block granting medicaid back to the stat states, allowing them to take control. not the old con straents of the
5:17 am
waiver system, but allowing the states to deliver a product that is going to deliver better outcomes, you have to say here is our goal. our goal is to restore access to affordable health en shurns for all americans. how do you make that happen with the medicaid component, with those that do have en shurns. you know one of the biggest problems that our hospitals have right now, those with insurance only pay about 40% of what the insurance company does not pay, and that is harmful to our hospitals. let's make them whole. let's make medicare whole. >> congresswoman marsha blackburn, thank you. let's get to chris. following breaking news. former president george h.w. bush is being treated at a houston hospital. the 92-year-old, our oldest living former president has had several health issues in the past year. athena jones live with the breaking details. what do we know?
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>> reporter: we're getting more details on the former president's condition. there are reports he was admitted to the hospital in houston on saturday after suffering from shortness of breath and a cough, admitted as a precaution. doctors suspect that it might be early stage pneumonia or bronchitis, but they're still waiting for an official diagnosis which we should get relatively soon. they say he is being treated with apartment buy otics and has responded to well to treatment that everyone is very pleased and hoping he'll be released from the hospital soon. i can report that his wife barbara bush and son neal bush have visited in the hospital. the bushes reisn'tly celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary. he suffers from a form of parkinson's disease that has left him unable to walk. in 2015, he was hospitalized after a fall in ken bunk port,
5:19 am
maine. hospitalized in 2014 for shortness of breath and twice in 2012 for bronchitis. he spent several weeks in the hospital being treated for that ailment. he's had a series of chest-related ailments. he's 22 years old when someone of such an advanced age is hospitalized. we're all wishing him the best. we have to wait and see whether this affects his son, bush 43's plans to attend the inaugural facivities. congressman tom price and three other trump cabinet nominees will be in the hot seat less than two hours from now. we discuss all that next. so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. because safety is never being satisfied. befi was active.gia, i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy.
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please listen up. this isn't just about politics. this is about your life, your health care. whether you get obamacare, the aca or not, the changes will affect what happens in your own health care situation. president-elect donald trump and republicans are at odds over
5:23 am
this idea of insurance for everybody. the president-elect has said that a couple of different times. how can he deliver on it when his party seems persistent. madison square gardrgaret hoove political director for president george w. bush matt schlapp. we know president george h.w. bush is in the hospital. please extend all our sympathies to the family and we hope him a recovery. >> absolutely. a great patriot, served his nation with honor and we all think of him today. >> we'll leave the political implications alone. it's always family first for the bushes. something we don't expect, president-elect donald trump says everybody has to be able to be covered. marsha blackburn was on the show, congresswoman from tennessee, she says how will he
5:24 am
do that? my favorite bill, open up the state lines and let the companies compete. not only do we have some of that in the system already, but there is no proof or even really a solid theory that that would guarantee access for everyone. is that the best answer they have right now? >> that's not the question of access, chris, buying insurance policies across state lines. it's about getting the type of insurance plan that's custom for you. remember what obama did in obamacare is he said we all have to have certain minimum requirements. people like me lost the health insurance we wanted. i had to have health insurance that covered a bunch of things i don't need and i don't want. >> that was her answer. when she was asked, how is he going to do this. she said one of my favorite bills, across state lines. that is not an answer to that problem. do you acknowledge that? >> i do acknowledge the better answer is to say if you get rid of the mandate or the fee or whatever the supreme court wants to tell us it is, this idea that
5:25 am
everyone has to get insurance, it now becomes voluntary. there will be people that choose not to get health insurance, but the best way to solve this question of access to health insurance, because we already have access to health care, is the question of treating the individual like the corporation. if the corporation gets to write off all their health care and insurance costs, so should the individual. >> cost is not the same thing as coverage. access isn't enough. you have to have a guarantee people can get it. the only reason this matters more, you have tom price going for another day of his hearing today, not only a doctor but a lawmaker perceived by the gop as having the best notion of answers to the problems of repeal and replace. how big is his confirmation for that? >> it's incredibly important. tom price has spent the last several years. he knows the health care industry and he spent the last several years trying to figure out, once obamacare is in place,
5:26 am
the affordable care act, how would you take this rigid structure and reform it along the lines of free market principles, so that, per your question to marsha blackburn and donald trump's statement, americans all have access to health insurance, because we do have access to care, and how do you make it affordable to bend the cost curves. that's republicans biggest beef. we have entitlements that take up more and more non-discretionary funds every year. we cannot afford our health care and we know compared to every other country in the world, there's a way to reform and bend the cost curve. tom price has a better way of how to do it. there's no silver bullet on this. matt schlapp made good points about how health care should be portable. you shouldn't be wed to your employer for health care coverage. competitive markets across state lines is part of the solution. but not the silver bullet. you have to pair it with other things like tax credits.
5:27 am
>> when you do tax credits, that's why price matters. supposedly he's got the best head on the subject. his question is going to be these ethical considerations. so that's one. you have epa nominee scott pruitt. you have un ambassador nominee nikki haley and betsy devos who had a rough time yesterday as the nominee for the education department. when you look at all those, matt, who do you think -- is any in any real trouble? >> i want to take the tom price thing head on. the reason you're able to report on what tom price did in terms of stock trades is because there's public disclosure and people can say it. it has to withstand the smell test. the fact is this, there was no ethical laws broken. as far as these other nominees are concerned, the one i would have worried about the most from a republican standpoint would have been rex tillerson. i think when john mccain came out and said he was strongly leaning towards voting for him,
5:28 am
i think that means, he's now safe. maybe the person republicans have the most question about is mr. many nuch chin because they don't know him that well. i assume he's having good meetings on the senate. i think all these cabinet secretaries at the end of the day will get confirmed. >> you don't think devos got herself in deep water yesterday? >> not at all. you're either with the teachers unions or you take them on. she's had a history of challenging them. she will get 52 republican ceilin seats. all the people in the pocket of the unions will be against her. it's a shame. it's why kids aren't getting the type of educational needs met. >> when she was asked about guns in schools, she referred to a school that had a gun to fight off grizzly bears. >> i have five little girls at school today. it would not bother me at all if there was a security guard
5:29 am
armed -- >> if i asked you a question, you probably wouldn't talk to me about the need to defend grizzly bears. >> depends on where you live. >> in most places. a little bit of an odd answer. the quite of what matt said, ethical law standard. that is a little bit of an oxymoron. what the law insists on and what your ethics suggest are two very different standards. investing in health insurance companies when you're passing laws about health insurance companies doesn't smell good. that's not the standard there right now, not the standard price upheld. >> the standard i'm comfortable with is going above and beyond the letter of the law. be transparent, fully break with your commitments. that's not what the president-elect has done. she's chosen not to share his tax returns and chosen not to make a clean break with his business. that has set the standard for not ambiguity, but a lower threshold for transparency.
5:30 am
to me that's unfortunate. i want to say one thing about betsy devos. betsy devos -- the educational reform movement is political, not in the weeds, policy oriented. what she is doing, she's going to take a strong political stand in the department of education. if you're going to get reading scores up above 27th and math above 17th, this is a political fight. what you need is a political fighter to be able to get in there and buck the unions. >> margaret, matt, thank you very much for your perspective as always. see you in washington. alisyn. >> president obama leaving office on a high note. why are his numbers rising as president-elect trump's approval rating falls? we get the bottom line on all of this next. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage.
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yes are two days away from inauguration. the number of house democrats boy scotting trump's swearing in is more than 50. the president-elect responding
5:35 am
this morning. >> i think for him to have grandstanded -- i think he grandstanded, john lewis and got caught in a very bad lie. let's see what happens. as far as other people not going, that's okay. we need seats so badly. i hope they give me their tickets? what happens to their tickets. i hope they'll give us their tickets. >> that was him obviously responding to the on going feud with john lewis. let's get the bottom line with cnn senior political analyst ron brownstein. what do you make of 54 house democrats saying they will sit this out? >> it's easy to imagine another politician we respond by saying, john lewis is an american hero, i think he's wrong. i intend to prove i will be the president for everyone in the united states. that would have been another
5:36 am
possible response. donald trump did not go that route. i think it's very revealing of the situation he finds himself. as you've been responding in the polls, he is arriving for his inauguration with, by far, in all likelihood, the lowest approval rating for an incoming president ever, the highest disapproval rating by far ever. it's not really agenda. he has not put forward a vast amount of agenda. it's this relentless truck lens and blij blij rans, accusing the criticizer of being failed and lawed, that has alienated and worried a lot of americans. even on election day, roughly a quarter of his voters said they didn't believe he had the temperament to be president. for some of those voters, his style and temperament remain a short leash. >> he still got elected.
5:37 am
let's tap into your known metia, if you're using words lik like truculence. what do you see and do you raise an eyebrow when you see the numbers being 41, from the "wall street journal"/nbc poll. what do you see in the numbers? >> i think president obama has clearly benefited both from the rising economy but also from the comparison to donald trump and hillary clinton over the last year. one of the historical ironies is it has been tougher for a popular outgoing president, dwight eisenhower and bill clinton, with high job approval to transfer that to the designated successor than the other way, an outgoing president unpopular, woodrow wilson, harry truman or lyndon johnson, it
5:38 am
gelgts tougher. on the affordable care act, it's hard for republicans to do what they want to do without hurting their own core voters. one of the core tradeoffs in the affordable care act, it would ask -- all of that risk sharing, the mandates on individuals to buy insurance, the limits on how much more you can charge older than younger people, those are all going to be repealed as part of the various republican plans, at least intrinsic in all the republican plans. what that means is you'll be asking older people to pay more at a time when a majority of donald trump's votes came from whites over 45. that is the trump care conundrum that is a real hurdle. interstate sale of insurance would make that vastly worse, because it would make it easier for younger people to buy cheaper policies leaving only
5:39 am
older and sicker people in the states that mandate more benefits. then you get premiums rising and what's called the death spiral. >> help us understand where we find ourselves two days out, president obama's approval numbers are high, at some of the highest of all recent presidents in memory. president-elect trump is taking office with the lowest approval ratings that anybody can find in recent memory. obamacare is having its best approval ratings ever since its inception. the election was a repudiation of obamacare on some level and president obama, but those numbers are going up. donald trump the winner, his numbers are going down. are voters just fickle? >> or are the polls bogus? >> look, polls are polls. i think the core thing that happened on election day was that the obama coalition wavered a bit, and the coalition of voters opposed to him
5:40 am
consolidated to a remarkable degree. roughly 89% of the people who disapproved for obama voted for donald trump. only 84%, 85%, i forget the exact number, people who approved of obama voted for clinton. that small contrast was enough to allow him to punch through at the weakest point. you have this fundamental division between a country that is at the least deeply closely divided because of largely the way the democratic coalition is distributed, overly concentrated in the biggest cities. they are trying to execute an enormous change in policy on a very thin political mandate, and that could produce more turbulence over the next two years than it might sm today. >> fasten your seatbelt. ron brownstein, thank you. >> what a doctor of the numbers. not enough to see the headlines. ron, thank you very much. after eight years when we elected the first black president of the united states, let's be honest, racial divisions still exist and are
5:41 am
still deep. will things be different in a trump presidency? if so how? we discuss next. we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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absolutely scottsdale. time now for the five things to know for your new day. number one, just two days before president-elect donald trump takes the oath of office, and in a new interview he says health care will be his top domestic
5:45 am
priority. president obama commuting chelsea manning's 35-year sentence down to seven years. the former army private was convicted in 2010 of leaking government documents to wikileaks. four of president-elect trump's cabinet picks face confirmation hearings. among them hhs health and human services nominee, tom price. president obama will hold his final press conference at the white house. a new poll has mr. obama leaving office with a 60% approval rating, his highest since june of 2009. authorities finally arrested the man suspected of killing his pregnant girlfriend and an orlando police officer. his name is markeith loyd. he was captured in an abandoned house in florida after a week-long manhunt. for more on the five things to know go to for the latest. president barack obama campaigned on hope. are you better off today than you were eight years ago? are you more hopeful?
5:46 am
michael dyson joins us next with his thoughts. thousands of feet above. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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5:50 am
i wrote another book where i assess what histamining has been to black people in particular, the issue of race more broadly. he has been remarkable. came in and gave us health care, saved the automobile industry, made sure the american economy was on a belter footing. gave the american image worldwide a better, if you will, representation, high intelligence. what kind of president talks about the books he read? i don't think the incoming administration will necessarily be celebrated for his eloquent tweeting. i think this man brought a cerebral acuity and depth and gravitas that has transformed at least the modern presidency in regard to a figure both controversial for many people who opposed him and reached across the aisle with a kind of olive branch as much as he could. >> there was an expectation when barack obama was elected that it would inherently improve race relations because we had broken a barrier.
5:51 am
there's a counterargument was that, no, because you have an african-american in a position of power, there would necessarily be reaction formation and evening to a dip in race relations. how do you see it? >> that's an insightful analysis there. the thing is obama pro voesed a racial animus that we hadn't seen in quite a while. all the racist jokes against him -- when they looked at ferguson, some people on duty were making horrible remarks. they've tried to make them simeons and animals and so on. that kind of racial animus came aboveboard because obama provoked it. his presence brought consternation to people who said we shouldn't be involved this in kind of thing. we have a president who looks like us, not like him. it did bring to bear some of those things. obama had to deal with police brutality, the resurgence of black move. under black lives matter.
5:52 am
>> you believe, correct me if i'm wrong, that the election of president-elect trump was a reaction -- was more race-based than a lot of other people think. >> that's not all it was. obviously people poor and suffering and hurt felt ironically enough, that a billionaire, would be able to identify with them. let's be honest. a lot of the response against obama was for no other reason that he was a black man. if you don't like obama as a black man, there's not too many other brothers you'll dig. there's no question that part of the animus was driven by his race. >> hold on a second. how did that allow donald trump to be elected? in other words, if you're saying there was some racism that went into electing donald trump, hillary clinton isn't a black male either. >> the very guy who questioned
5:53 am
the legitimacy of barack obama as a black man is mao the opt of the united states of america. you're answering your own question. >> you think that's why people voted for him or overlooked that because they believed he would be helpful to business -- >> your faith in the american citizenry is pretty high. they overlooked what? the fact that donald trump for two years with lethal intensity continued to assault a sitting president as, quote, ill he yit jit mat and now can't even take john lewis saying he may be illegitimate. he ginned up the racial animus. unlike lincoln, he appealed to the worst dee months in our collective enterprise of thinking about american citizenship and democracy and as a result of that got elected because of democratic destiny, a few states voted for him. he's a very unpopular president going into his own inauguration and a person dividing the country and not uniting it. the contrast between obama and
5:54 am
him is rather stark. >> you have the what and the how much. a lot of people voted out there because they think we've been weak on isis. the problems with obamacare, that was color knew trool. the feelings about the balance of economic resurgence after 2008, again, color neutral. while it may have been a portion of what was going on, how do you see it on balance. >> take those three, color neutral and isis. many african-american people say we were introduced to terror long before 9/11, the way white supremacy -- >> having islamic extremists wanting to eradicate the american way of life. >> rudy giuliani, you focus on police killings of black people. most he said, however, are done against black people against black people. 93% of people killed are killed
5:55 am
by black people. let's take histologic to the extreme here. if that's the case, how many people have died from terror in america in the last ten years? >> not many. >> most people have died not from muhammed but billy bob. white on white crime has done far more to damage america than isis. by rudy giuliani's logic, we should be concerned about terror. i don't believe that. black people and brown people experience it differently than the larger community. finally, think about it. they say this is the resurgence of a white middle class. there are black middle classes and brown middle classes who did not go for donald trump. there are black and brown people who live in rural areas. again, the adjective modifies the noun. it makes a difference to talk about white, black, red, yellow working class because it makes a difference in america. race makes class hurt more. >> "tears we cannot stop: a sermon to white america." always good to hear your
5:56 am
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6:00 am
gathering together to shave the life of the owner of the shop. rob seppner went into septic shock. customers raised cash for his medical treatment. he and his family say they're grateful for the generogenerosi >> that's a sweet story. we'll be live tomorrow in washington, d.c. for trump's inauguration. we're there, also, friday starting extra early at 5:00 a.m. set your dvr for that. >> also covering the inaugural parade. >> in the rain. >> maybe so. time for the "newsroom" with carol costello. no umbrellas on the parade route. >> i'll cross my fingers for a beautiful day. "newsroom" starts now. good morning and thank you for joining me live from washington, d.c. we're overlooking the u.s. capitol. i'm carol costello. we do beg


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