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tv   CNN Films The End The Final Days of the Obama White House  CNN  January 18, 2017 9:00pm-11:01pm PST

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it's a beautiful night in the nation's capital. this could be an american vote. american history is being made. tonight america finally decides who will be the next president of the united states. >> the most exciting and important election night under way.
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>> is there anything left in hillary? >> across presidential battle grounds. coming down to this night. >> make america great again. >> 88% of the vote is in. look how close it is. 48.4%. donald trump has taken the lead. >> look, i mean as far as the votes are showing us as they are coming in now. that is playing out. >> they are going up and cheering. donald trump is about to become the next president-elect of the
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united states. >> this has been a stunning night. what is president obama thinking tonight? >> the office is bigger than you. it's bigger than the president and the president-elect. it its you like a conof briton . >> what was the point of coming here if they were not going to do really important things. >> this is not just a 9-5 gig. this is what people feel called to do. >> it's important to build trust
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and trust is built overtime. >> it has been a journey. you have a front row seat to history. >> we want to use the remaining time to finish. >> yesterday before votes were tallied i said to the american people regardless of which side you were on in the election, the sun would come up in the morning. the sun is up. i know everybody had a long night. i did as well.
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i had a chance to talk to president-elect trump last night about 3:30 in the morning i think it was to congratulate him on winning the election and i had a chance to invite him to come to the white house tomorrow to talk about making sure there is a successful transition between our presidencies. now, everybody is sad when their side loses an election. but the day after, we have to remember that we are actually all on one team. we are not democrats first. we are not republicans first. we are americans first. i also told my team to keep their heads up. the remarkable work that they have done day in and day out often without a lot of fanfare. that left the country stronger
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than the one that existed eight years ago. everyone on my team should be proud of everything they have done. >> the speech the president gave the day after election day, i am fairly superstition. i didn't prepare anything beforehand. i figured i would do it that morning. as the results rolled in, i was watching it and realizing we would have to write something different than we expected. president president called i think around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and walked us through
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what we wanted to say. i got a couple hours of sleep and wrote the remarks. obviously not the ones i wanted to be writing. the thing about being the president of the united states, you have an obligation to the american people to a smath transition of power. the office is bigger than you. it's bigger than the president and the president-elect. it hits you like a conof bricks. that's what we decided to focus on. he wanted to talk directly to people who were upset. it's a testament to his character that they said don't hang your head. we did the best we could. after eight years, we will be leading whoever is next with a strong hurdy launch. they are not facing the shame challenges we faced.
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>> i don't want to read it because it's depressing. too much of a bummer, man. >> this is the white house where reporters are gathered. >> they are waiting to find out what will be said and what will be said publicly. >> the fertile couple of days after the election other than the statement that the president delivered in the rose garden, i was the only democrat in the country who was out publicly answering questions. that's the nature of the job. but all of the questions answered on the painful out come of the election. >> it has been less than 24 hours. the trump message resonated with the majority of voters. >> the president feels the rejection. this is now real.
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surely the president must have real concerns right now. >> listen, i want to be clear about this. the election is over. >> the briefings were difficult for me and my staff. this is not just a job. it's not a 9 to 5 gig to pay the mortgage. this is work people feel called to do. >> this is progress that is meat over the last eight years. >> more than any other time, i spent a couple of minutes before i went out to try to collect my thoughts. i tried to take a deep breath and keep my emotions in check. >> the results of the election are not even 12 hours old. i think it is far too early for me to discern exactly what
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message the voters were trying to send. >> people throughout the united states are still coming to terms with trump's win. >> the reality of a trump presidency is creating a high degree of anxiety. >> largely peaceful protesters take to the streets for the second night in a row. more protests planned for this weekend. >> from president obama coming after reduced conferences since the election of president trump. >> i got caught up in the demonstratio demonstrations. so much anger and fear. we never had demonstrations in the streets in the days after an election. >> it was a soul-crushing defeat. we did it with profound disappointment. it's hard. i can't sugar coat it. >> here's president obama right now.
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>> hello, everybody. first of all as i discuss with the president-elect on thursday, my team is ready to accelerate the next steps that they require to ensure a smooth transition. as i told my staff, we should be proud that their work ensured that when we turn over the keys, the carpet is in good shape. i have been blessed by having and i admittedly had the smartest and hardest working and good people in my administration that any president ever had. >> it will be easy to keep going in a positive direction and we hope that the progress we made. >> the people have spoken. donald trump will be the 5th president of the united states. >> tensions rippling through the
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country, president obama encouraged americans to give trump a chance. >> he was calm and he spoke carefully and he was measured. he almost seemed like he was sending a message about how a president should be. >> that's david. i need to call him back. >> what's going on here? i'm a terrible filer. filing is not my forte. we still have more work that we want to use our remaining time to finish. we still intend to support it for the american people. >> and now you are heading towards the end of your tenure and the word changed. do you feel like it's going to affect the work you did? >> it certainly is having the
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u.s. government support. i did this work long before these eight years. i'm going to keep doing it. >> that was launched by president obama and mrs. obama to support adolescent girls around the world. this is a room they sudden a fundamental issue and how women are perceived and it leads to a lack of equity and it leads to sexual harassment. those are all the same threat that we share with women around the globe. their fight is our fight. wie need to change heards ats a mines. it's an unstoppable movement. i have great hope for the
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future. thank you again. >> we are not going to do this. >> i'm heartbroken to hear from the people who are sad and terrifi terrified. >> you are professionals andwe
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can take our signals t the top.
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>> we are currently on the ground floor. right above us is his private diming room. one of the things about being in the basement is there are no windows. i had to put stuff everywhere to make it feel a little bit like you have a window. >> the president is about two inches taller than i am. he fits. he wants to go through a speech and he made edits. it doesn't happen every day. if we are working on the state of the union address, it might en two times in a day. when i first met the president, i was a junior guy on the tote em pole. i raced over and he just said i saw your name on the top of the speech draft and i wanted to meet you. my first time in the oval and your mouth goes immediately dry. you are trying to look around and look at him at the same
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time. just remembering nothing. part of the thing about the office is it becomes a storage unit. photos from all eight or ten years. that was from the 2009 correspondent's dinner. i was the junior speech writer and i had to wear this outfit as a joke. the secret service is not thrilled that i had a book on my hand. the nicknacks that you pick up after being here, i saved all my credentials and a trip to cuba. tons of stuff in the drawers. the air force 1 it's crazy. right? i don't know how i'm going to clear it out over the next
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several months. >> this is 18 r an ever morning trip and usually with a little npr or a podcast. i'm a podcast fan. it's fun tow think that i won't be doing it anymore. it's just a part of my morning routine. i think people are much better than they were the day after the election. there are still nom nations that are concerning. statement that is made that are concerning. it's a very tricky balance in believing what we always believed while wanting to be graceful hosts of the new team. that's a daily challenge. there is a uniqueness to serving in the white house in that you have a front seat to history.
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but the stakes are also incredibly high. that's i think part of the pressures that a lot of people don't see or recognize that we also deal with. i can go from meeting with the president at the end of the day to sing the wheels on the bus with my daughter on the way home in a 15-minute span and that can be jars at times. you get used to it. >> i don't think the letter is in here. how much news did this make? was this a thing or not? >> they will see if he is for legalization. >> okay. >> i'm not commenting because it seems like they should stand as they are. >> if you can find it and put that in. >> for a couple of hours before the briefing, we will spend time
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breaking in for the numbers of my staff. >> they sacrificed a lot to get to this agreement. >> and it's their responsibility to make sure i'm prepped for issues in their field. >> other domestic things. >> president-elect announced he will have a press conference. a major, major press conference. >> trump suggesting that he is going to leave it to his family to manage. this is the conflict of interest thing, right? >> yes. >> i don't think we have a lot to weigh in on. >> leaving his financial interest to his family. >> there is oversight and ethics rules. i don't think it's going to be -- i don't think it would be helpful or appropriate. for us to stand in judgment. >> it's here for life. >> one of the things i deeply respect about president obama,
9:23 pm
he has been willing to set aside his political differences with donald trump to put the best interest of the country first. the point is i can't spent the whole briefing criticizing the president-elect. >> you have dinner, buddy. >> he was going to be stepping away from business. we will bring that announcement. >> i can tell you what president obama's approach has been is abide by an extraordinarily high standard and going to great lengths of going to the appearance of a conflict of interest. >> they would like to keep the facility open. >> conversations included a discussion and helping them understand the policy that we have pursued. >> the policy that we will pursue as long as president obama remains the president of the united states. >> the authorization bill that
9:24 pm
barred others. president trump could dismannedle them. that's work that we have been doing for almost eight years now and work that we will continue at least through january 20th. after that the president-elect's team will have to decide how to handle the situation. thanks. >> there is shock and fear across the u.s. we talked to one young woman who is here on a temporary status because of the order signed by president obama. here's how she is feeling today. >> it's scare tow go outside and we don't even know if we are
9:25 pm
going to be here tomorrow. what is it going to happen with my daughters. >> other than the two to three million deportees that he wants to defect, he named jeff sessions as his appointment to the attorney general's office. he will have great sway over immigration policies in the country and going after those policies so there is great fear and great uncertainty at the moment throughout the community as to what is going to happen next. brooke? >> i have been watching a lot of stuff about jeff sessions. >> there is a great deal of uncertainty about what a trump administration would look like. >> he is pragmatic in a way that could serve him well if he has good people around him. >> soues telling cnn about severe in fighting around the team. one source called it a knife
9:26 pm
fight. >> we learn as kids to have a peaceful transfer of power. it's the most important aspect of our democracy. no one told you it's peaceful. it's huge when you think about it. it's the largest take over of any organization. not only on the planet, but in history. you are talking about a $4 trillion organization. over 4,000 political appointment that is the new president needs to make and 1100 have been to be confirmed by the senate. it's a massive, massive undertaking. not only about your priorities, but keeping us safe. maximum vulnerability in a post 9/11 world.
9:27 pm
doing this really well. the bush administration set the gold standard to date. everyone had a good reason for this and it was a presidential commitment and president obama said he wants to do one better. no one knows a job better than the person before you. there is lots of hard earned wisdom about how to run a white house. >> we have been working the records act update. we are working through how to make sure everything is done for the transition before all of the interns are headed out. >> when the team arrives, they will have a chance to stop in and say hello. congratulate them and make sure they understand from the top of our enterprise down, everyone is committed to working with them.
9:28 pm
>> they are ready to be as helpful as they can. >> and our job is to really turn it over to them in as good of shape as possible and they can pick it up and do with it as they wish. i want to make sure we do it as efficiently as possible. so individual members of the team should not have one off conversations and it should go in an organized way so we are not wasting their time. i remember literally trying to absorb a lot of information. >> when the president walked into office, we were in the midst of the worst economic crisis since the great depression. losing up to 800,000 jobs a month. the banks were on the verge of collapse and the automobile industry was in bankruptcy and millions were losing their homes. >> there was that meeting where candidate obama and candidate mccain were called to washington for a really unusual meeting that happened in the middle of
9:29 pm
the campaign with the existing administration. it was that serious. >> the first few months in the white house were scary. we were just as scared as anybody else. my sister, two thirds of her company was laid off. the service members were on the ground in afghanistan. >> you didn't have a lot of time. things were so compressed. it took a lot of optimism from everybody to believe there was a path forward. >> the president was the with the cool head who told us to read some fdr and see what he told people when it was bleak and unemployment was 25%. we did and it was helpful. we didn't come in fully enjoying the white house. you are looking for the words to calm the nation and tell them that eventually we will get out
9:30 pm
of this. >> america, in the face of our common nations in this hardship, let it be said by our children's children when we were tested we refused to let this journey end. we did not turn back nor did we falter. we carried forth that gift of freedom and delivered it safely to future generations. >> one of the things was how to run a transition. they welcomed into into the white house. >> it couldn't have gone more smoothly. that is critical where not only is the economy in free fall, but you are prosecuting two awards abroad.
9:31 pm
that made it so much easier for us. i remember when we came in, the team left us a bag of cigars with a note that said good luck. that starts you off with a good feeling. for a few minutes, everything seemed bipartisan and hopeful. >> in this transition, we need to be the graceful people that the push team was to us. i used to ask if you could
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barack obama is back in washington after completing his final foreign trip as president of the united states. during visits to greece, germany and peru, much of the intention is on his successor, president-elect donald trump. >> did you get some sleep? >> yeah. we landed at about 2:30. >> that's brutal. last flight, man. >> yeah, it was pretty -- a lot of cheers and toasts. it was sentimental.
9:36 pm
>> how was it? >> awesome. >> he was in his element. it was a good show. every question and every press conference was about that back home. >> good morning. who is out wednesday? that's fine. i think everybody should watch the last party and take off. >> all right. >> one of the weirdest weeks of the year thanksgiving week. should we start with turkey jokes? >> the eighth and final year of turkey jokes. >> there was a cornucopia of jokes. including that one. >> no. >> you are crying foul on that one. he talks every year about generosity and making sure everyone can eat on thanksgiving. except for the turkeys because they are already stuffed.
9:37 pm
>> i like it. >> we also want to give a shout out to all the brave turkeys who met their fate with courage. they are in the chicken. they are delicious. >> they are not chicken. this is the last time i will have to pardon a turkey. the next time i cro paths with a turkey, it better run. i like how it wear this is premises that the president just wants to kill turkeys. the next time i see one, look out. >> they are expected to. >> i have an idea for a joke, but not an actual joke yet. like peaceful transition of power and i am committed for turkeys across america. >> that's how democracy works. >> they are more than happy to hand this off to donald trump. i briefed the president-elect on everything this job entails. the pardoning two turkeys.
9:38 pm
the important stuff. next year donald trump has to do it. >> it's okay. >> yes, could we get two of the bell cars delivered to room 426 of the willard? thank you. these are for the national thanksgiving turkeys. >> come to daddy. come on. >> they will put it in.
9:39 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> hey! thank you very much. everybody please have a seat. have a seat. for generations, presidents have faithfully executed granting pardons that reflect the beliefs and second chances. this year we are honored to be joined by two of the lucky ones, tater and tot. it is my great privilege or my job to grant them clemency this afternoon. as i do, i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys who weren't so lucky and didn't
9:40 pm
get to ride the gravy train to freedom and met their fate with courage and sacrifice and proved they weren't chicken. and when somebody at your table tells you that you have been hogging all the side dishes and you can't have any more, i hope you respond with the creed that sums up the spirit of the hungry people. yes, we cran. that was good. you don't think that's funny? i know there is bad ones in here, but this is the last time i'm doing this so we are not leaving any room for leftovers. it's not that bad now. come on. let me just say one last thing before i spare the turkeys's lives on this thanksgiving. i want to express sincere gratitude to the american people for the trust you placed in me
9:41 pm
and the incredible kindness you have shown my family. is the reminder of the source of our national strength. while accepting our differences, it has never been easy and never been more important. we had to see ourselves in each other. all have families we loves and hopes for a better future. we lose sight of that sometimes. is a good time for us to remember that. we have a lot more in common 2457b divides us. [ applause ] happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> i got it. progressive democratic politics in chicago is kind of small. everybody knows each other. so back in the 80s or 90s, i met
9:42 pm
the obamas somewhere along the way. this is very interesting when you have two people who are your friends and they become president and the first lady of united states. i do not call them michelle and barack anymore. he is sir to me and she is ma'am. it took a while to get used to and it's not something i told my staff to do or people that come in, but it's something you feel in the building. that's the help you have to hold for the office and the office holder. i suppose it will revert back after january 20th. i hadn't thought about that. >> president-elect donald trump selecting an obamacare critic to join his cabinet. >> tom price to lead the department of health and human services. >> a lot of people noted he could be the personification of the very overturning of
9:43 pm
obamacare. >> one of the challenges of this moment is that a lot of folks have signed up for health care, about you we have less than 10% of the population that is uninsured. we are trying to reacheople who are hard to reach. >> this is the lgbt action and we are encouraging people to sign up for aca. >> thank you for joining us this morning. i am very excited to be on this call as the white house lgbt liaison. >> she runs the outreach and one of the first transexuals we had working in the white house. she has a lot of credibility in the community. >> when are president obama assumed office, only two states recognized marriage equality. two. by the time they ruled the landmark decision, 37 states had passed marriage equality laws. >> insurance companies can't discriminate against people because they are gay.
9:44 pm
or just because they are women. you have to treat everybody the same. as a woman, i discovered that i was paying higher premiums than men. that's ridiculous. >> as the second term draws to a close, this open enrollment period might be the most important we have ever had. history doesn't travel forward. it can go backwards if we take our foot off. true sustainable change comes from the ground up. >> beginning on the campaign trail ensuring that every american had affordable health care was a top priority. that had an impact of him. >> for my mother to die of cancer at the age of 53 and have to spend the last months of her life in the hospital room arguing with insurance companies and saying it may be a preexisting condition and they don't have to pay for her treatment. there is something wrong with that. >> he assembled a team whose
9:45 pm
mission it was to figure out how to craft legislation to provide affordable health care. >> let there be no doubt, health care reform will not wait and it will not wait another year! i suffer no illusions that this will be an easy process. >> what i learned was how willing people were to put their short-term political interests far ahead of what's good for the country. >> the opposition to the president and to his proposals and the fear of his popularity in the early days. a lot of that was playing out in public. >> their bill puts the government between pamlies and their doctors. >> it will kill jobs and limit access to health care. >> that's just one aspect of this evil policy of obamas and that is obamacare.
9:46 pm
>> we need health care for everyone in america. we need it now and we can't wait! >> this is bigger than anything we have tried to do. it was one of the first experiences with misinformation. >> i don't want this country turning into russia. turning into a socialized country. >> the notion that there were death panels or it was going to kill granny. >> i believe this bill is deadly to seniors. >> that was a wake up call for us. it wasn't something we anticipated pushing back against. out right lies and untruths. he told us you keep the people who i met along the way writing us and desperate for this close to you. you keep them at the core of the writing. that's what this is about. >> we are dairy farmers and never had very much money. >> i am recovering from lung cancer.
9:47 pm
>> the affordable care act also known as obamacare, by the way, you know what, let me tell you. i have no problem with folks saying obamacares. i do care. >> in a few minutes we will count some of the most consequential votes any will ever cast in this chamber. the decision we make will affect every man, woman, and child in this nation for generations to come. >> i remember being in the roosevelt room that night watching the vote. we were all sitting there watching c-span with the vote ticker on the screen. >> the house started the votes on health care. remember, 216 yeas is the number needed for passage. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! >> on this vote, the yeas are 19
9:48 pm
and the motion to concur is adopted. [ applause ] >> it took 14 months after we got here to get it done. you know, like my god, we did it. >> i remember it so vividly. i said how does this compare to how you felt on election night. he said there was no comparison. it was all about getting to this moment. >> we are in a world where we had the aca and 20 million and people are not getting excluded because they have a preist existing condition because it's against the law. the simplest exclusion. we will just repeal it. that hurt a lot of people.
9:49 pm
>> where is our eggnog? not here yet, miss peggy. once we get the tree delivers the day after thanksgiving, that signifies the kickoff of the holiday season. wow. it's bo and sunny. even though there is a concentration of effects, it's an invigorating time for me and my team. 26,000 cookies. and bo and sunny are the highest demand on the whole buffet. we absolutely love the holidays at the white house. in the early summer of 2011, i met a young lady who just started working at the white house. we talked about what i did as a
9:50 pm
general manager and she said oh, we are looking for something you might be interested in. i sat in my office at work and i said i and that's what i did. >> ladies, if you guys are done. please help me, i'll take stuff out. >> no problem. >> thank you. i appreciate that. >> the staff in the executive residence are not political. we're part of a long-standing institution. so a lot of them have had experiences working for upwards of seven administrations. >> this is bush father, 1991. bill clinton, eight years. then the bush junior. and now it's president obama eight. >> what i think about most when i walk around the house is who has been here, who's done what in this particular space because you know, just to think that i'm able to walk here now when 100 years ago, a president or first lady did can or other guests did
9:51 pm
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hi, ja rod. this is kathy from jared's office calling you back. she will be, yes, she'll be there for christmas. >> the president and first lady, i love them both dearly. they are the brother and sister that i never had. i consider them family, and that's pretty special. when i met president obama in the summer of 1991, i was the deputy chief of staff for mayor daily in chicago. and he was just fresh out of law school engaged to the first lady. and our worlds collided when he asked would i be willing to have dinner with him. and dinner we had, and the rest is history. so i decided to create a wall of happy memories that i've had
9:56 pm
along the way and that's what this reflects. it tells a story of my time here. so for example, this is an iconic photo during the transition. president bush hosted the former presidents with president-elect obama and then a few weeks later, the president was signing these photos. i said my gosh, that's a really cool photo. who are they for? he said i have no idea. there was a big stack of them. i said could i have one? he said i don't know, i guess so so i took it. this is my mom's birthday and judging from the president's hair, id say that's probably in the summer of 2009. and then this is my favorite photo with the president and we were in new york waiting for someone to finish introducing him. and they kept talking and talking and talking. and finally he said, i guess he's going to give a whole speech so we'd better sit down. this is a snapshot of the office. this is cool. this is inauguration day 2009.
9:57 pm
it's just an incredible photo that captures i think the enthusiasm that we had in our country that day. >> cody. >> what's up, dude. >> speechwriters' party. >> we work 40 hours a week, you're lucky. it's usually more like 80. so when we can, we always try to blow off some steam. >> yeah. >> you guys have a speech you remember that you wrote up that he tore part? >> oh, man. like two all nighters to give him a charleston draft and in five hours had he crossed out the pages and rewritten them all in longhand. come on, man. >> let's talk about grace. then he threw them down the hall and was like go get it. >> so cody does the huge
9:58 pm
speeches. there's more opportunity to tear part. the first time i got summoned andly never gone in there just one-on-one with him. i walk in, and he's like there is -- this is serviceable. >> those are actually like the three categories. it's either this needs work, serviceable or this is good. that's as good as it gets. serviceable is all right. >> you're field, right? >> honestly other than this experience is like the best professional experience of my life. >> yeah. >> out of my speech writing team right now, five of us have been around since the first campaign which is extraordinary. >> how d you end up here? >> by god's grace. we met on her first day. >> day one. >> but still the best day i've ever had in the white house. >> oh. >> the one thing i will always be most grateful to barack obama for is i met my wife because of him. >> hey, have you met cody? it's nice to be able to ride the
9:59 pm
highs and lows of this job with somebody who is as passionate about this place as you are. >> i was like yes. >> we're far from the only couple that have met and gotten married here. barack obama has a whole brood of kids at this point who either met in iowa or met in chicago or met here at the white house. when i say we're a family, i mean it sincerely. ♪ >> thank you very much for being patient. we'll get you seated very quickly. are you now entering the east room. this is our largest all purpose do everything room. you'll see press conferences from here and all of our big televised events including today. >> we'll try to behave. >> oh, please don't. highly overrated. >> just back from thanksgiving and it is the day in which we
10:00 pm
will unveil the holiday decorations to the public and our military families get the first peek. >> all right. so you want to walk me through what i'm doing next. >> yeah, sure. you're going to go to the east room to do the press preview and then come back to flotus office for prep. >> okay. see you in a bit. >> i'll put your book in flotus office. >> this will be my eighth christmas at the white house. this is the time to thank people who have done a lot of work for our initiatives. it's a busy time so it's exhausting for everyone but knowing that it's our last time doing it, you know, is bittersweet. >> the first lady, mrs. michelle obama. [ applause ] >> and as we celebrate my family's last holiday season in the white house, looking back i
10:01 pm
am proud to say that we did our very best to make americans of all backgrounds and walks of life feel comfortable and welcome. we truly wanted to make the white house the people's house. particularly during the holiday seasons. and has been one of our favorite white house traditions. it reminds us of what matters. our military families, i want to honor you for your service and your sacrifice and your love of this nation. it's a love that my family and i share along with you. i want to wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season, all right? and with that, we get to have some fun. okay? we will take your children from you for a moment. and don't applaud too loudly. they're still here. they can hear you. ♪
10:02 pm
>> that one. >> you want to do another one. >> one of the things mrs. obama wanted to do was instead of just giving the press a tour of the holiday decorations as we've done in the past is could we involve our military kids and make it fun. love how they get all dressed up. the best thing is like how cute they look. >> some of these there are kids who may have lost a parent in the military. losing a memo or a dad is tough. so it's great that we can give them some little bit of something special and something to get excited about. >> i'm not from a military family. chicago is not a military community. i mostly came to issues concerning defense in the political lens you know being someone who is not in favor of the iraq war. that was the approach. and the work that i have done with the families has given me a
10:03 pm
completely different outlook in a very personal profound way. >> you guys are all here. how are you? >> i wondered if you got your grandkids here. >> and this free. our message to brendon is on it. >> oh, is it? >> let's go in and see it. do we have the rooms open? we don't have them open. that's funny. >> i don't know whether we can sneak in are or not. >> you work here. >> i can probably sneak in. >> oh, it looks amazing. i haven't seen it since they got finished. >> we will miss you this christmas and are so proud of you. keep your helmet on, be save, love mom and the rest of the entire family. >> i know. i know, honey. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
10:04 pm
hey. [ applause ] >> happy holidays to all of you and may god bless these united states of america. [ applause ] it's the eighth and final time for our family to light our national tree. before we leave tonight, i just want to express what an incredible honor it has been to serve this nation. [ applause ] ♪ [ siren ] >> it was four years ago today newtown, connecticut. the sandy hook massacre.
10:05 pm
26 futures were stolen four years ago today. >> with this anniversary coming up, it's still fresh and painful. and i was with the president when he found out how many children had died. i accompanied him to newtown where he met with the families and first responders and consoled them all and have been with him all over this country as we have mourned too many of our fellow americans. >> come on in. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh. >> how you doing? >> come in, come in. have a seat. come on over here. exactly, i know you have. come sit. come sit. >> how is this bill signing? >> it was so many things. >> we were so happy to be there. >> i'm so glad you were there. it's special. >> a big moment. >> it was powerful. it was bittersweet. it was emotional on so many different levels. i mean, it was so significant. >> how are you? two doing?
10:06 pm
>> and tamara is medically dead. >> i know. >> i'm so grateful for you both. >> i'm just saying feel very much like part of me died that day and now in this new second life,ou guys have been absolutely there since that birth of that second life. it's like i have this very real attachment to you and this whole administration. it's deeper than i can articulate but it's you know -- >> we say there without crying is that you meet people on the worst day of their life and you see their soul and you see how they go from that day to the next day and the next day, and i just live in awe of you two. >> thank you. >> i'll try and remember that. >> i find is senseless and i just won't ever give up saying what more can we do, and i think as a society, we have to ask ourselves that question.
10:07 pm
>> breaking news for you. a shocking attack this morning at a tucson, arizona, grocery store. >> the speechwriters were thinking about state of the union addresses and commencements and you don't think that he's going to have to go out and address tragedy as often as he would end up doing. >> chaos and panic following a shooting at an agore ra, colorado cinema. >> i've had to make a statement like this too many times. >> we've talked about this after columbine and flaxburg. >> a shooting at a nightclub in orlando, florida. >> somehow this has become routine. once again, innocent people were killed because someone who trouble gettg their hands on a gun. >> our unaable life to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness those rights were
10:08 pm
stripped from first grards in newtown. >> the president has said it before so i'm not saying anything new that the worst day of his presidency was sandy hook. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> it was breathtaking and i remember being incapable of processing the number 20. and i made the president repeat it several times, and i said 20 children and then the question was well, how old? then we found out 6 and 7-year-olds. >> we'd had had mass shootings before but this was one was almost unimaginable in its cruelty. we worked up a quick statement for the president to deliver on camera that day and he read through it and said i think this is the right stuff to say but he crossed out a paragraph in the middle. he said i won't be able to get through that. it's too raw. >> the majority of those who died today were children. beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.
10:09 pm
they had their entire lives ahead of them, birth days, graduations, weddings, kids of their own. >> if ever congress would be willing to disregard the interests of the nra and the special interest groups and focus on the families and what would be good for the american people, thisas the time. >> if there's even one step we can take to keep somebody from murdering dozens of innocents in the span of minutes, shouldn't we be taking that step? >> some of the speeches i'm proudest of were that spring when he was traveling the country and seeking out police officers and gun owners and going into more rural parts of america and talking about it. >> if you believe that families in now town and aurora and tucson deserve a vote, we all have to stand up. >> it did not stop columbine.
10:10 pm
it would not stop newtown. >> ban assault weapons now. >> that's not gun control. that's common sense. >> on this vote, the yeas are 54, the nays are 46. amendment is not agreed to. >> the fact that it got 54 votes in the senate but still failed somehow, that was a tough thing for us to swallow and i think for america to understand. you know, he's told me that was probably the day i felt most cynical about washington was the day that congress did nothing. >> by now it's well-known that 90% of the american people support universal background checks that make it harder for a dangerous person to buy a gun but it's not going to happen because 90% of republicans in the senate just voted against that idea. the american people are trying to figure out how it can something have 90% support and yet not happen. >> it was just a devastating day. the families who had been up on the hill lobbyi, several came down to the white house and i remember thinking how can i face
10:11 pm
them when we failed at this and they gave it everything. >> i remember saying to one of them, i said please don't give up. and the mom said to me, how could i? i'll never give up. [ bell tolling ] >> so sorry for your loss. >> we're near evening commemorating the fourth anniversary of the devastating tragedy at sandy hook tlemttory school. it's a tough evening but it's also unifying and just minds people they're not alone. >> now i'd like to welcome valerie jarrett.
10:12 pm
>> i know it can feel at times as though the path towards progress seems increasingly daunting. but please know that you surrounded by people who are dedicated to ending this epidemic. and i think a way of dem mon straighting that you're not alone is to turn to your neighbor, give them a hug. tell them they're not alone. show each other a little bit of love. >> thanks for all the hard work you do with our president. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> your mom would be so proud of you. >> she would. >> she'd be so proud of you. >> thank you. >> you know, i've heard so many stories of people who had lost loved ones from gun violence. >> when was this taken? >> it was her 18th birthday. it was just before she died.
10:13 pm
>> that's a beautiful picture. >> i create new pictures. i just want to see a new smile. >> human spirit it's resilient in its unselfish i willingness to say yes, i lost a child but i want to devote my life to ensure no other parent does. it's just remarkable. they don't just do it once a year. many of them do it every single day. so they give me inspiration. >> oh, it's true. >> chicago in the house. what part of chicago? >> southside. >> southside? >> southside. >> all right. good night, ladies. "when the ship comes in" by the hollies
10:14 pm
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10:17 pm
president obama is supposed to fly to hawaii tomorrow. >> it's obama's last vacation in hawaii as president of the united states. >> before he leaves washington, the president is planning to hold his year-end press conference. >> i can't wrap for anything. it's just brutal. i can't measure it right. i can't tape it right. it's like a 5-year-old got into the scissors and tape. >> i can't write messages in birthday cards. i find the pressure too much. >> i spend hours, hours.
10:18 pm
>> everyone expects so much and so i just want to write happy birthday. >> hello, wordsmiths. >> what's going on, man. >> nice, nice facial hair. >> thanks, buddy. >> oh, man. >> real. >> i started with a goatee. but the ghostee was just gross. >> well, this is a real improvement. >> dudes, i just want to get everybody together one last time before the end of the year because we leave tomorrow for hawaii, and while i'm in hawaii, i'll start working on the farewell address. so the farewell address, i've only spoken to him briefly like at the ends of another meeting about it. i'd be tempted not to do a long rundown of the past eight years. we've done that a million times. >> does he want to do, i don't know if defense is the right word but articulation of his
10:19 pm
general vision and view of america that we are still a pluralistic and open meended. >> yeah, i don't think we have to do a defense of that because it's the truth. >> right it, of course. feels a little bit more under attack. >> it's not necessarily obvious right now. >> people need to remember that this is still who we are. it's about more than people being bummed and disappointed. people are genuinely afraid. >> to tha poin if a few mohs or years from now stuff gets continues to get scarier, we don't want people to look back and make it feel like it was naive. >> disconnected from the moment. >> like he was tone deaf. >> i'm not worried about that. >> there can be a way of acknowledging people's very real concerns and fears but you don't just have to sort of be afraid in your house, that you can actually do something and that's what this has always been about. >> i think a lot of young people have not taken the last eight years off but content to have barack obama be the leader. i think it's time to sort of pass the torch to them.
10:20 pm
it's important to remind people about the duties of citizenship. the hard, frustrating work of self-government. it's the argument he's been making his entire adult career. >> yes, we can. yes, we can. anyway, think about it. i'll try to write as much of it as i can next week and then work on my tan. it's going to be an interesting tan line. >> quite frankly, we haven't seen a news day this busy in a very long time. >> u.s. intelligence officials are confident russia intended to help donald trump win the election. >> donald trump. >> dismissed to the cia's assessment that russia interfered. >> adding to the drama hillary clinton saying she thinks this was personal. >> the president feels that the pressure is on. >> sounds good. thank you. >> i just locked down the shot. >> this is the two-minute warning for the press conference. this is the two-minute warning for the press conference. >> we'll see if we get any
10:21 pm
answers today. this may be the last chance that we get to ask these kinds of questions of the president as you know, he is leaving for hawaii tonight and he will be working there with his chief speech whiter on his farewell speech. >> good afternoon. i've got a list of who's been naughty and nice to call on. with that, i will take some questions. i'm going to start with josh letterman of a.p. >> thank you. did clinton lose because of the hacking? and is your administration's open quarrelling with trump and his team on this issue tarnishing the smooth transition of power that you have promised? >> there hasn't been a lot of squabbling. what we've simply said is the facts. the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc. i'm finding it a little curious that of's suddenly acting surprised that this looked like it was disadvantaging hillary clinton because you guys wrote about it every day.
10:22 pm
about every little juicy tidbit of political gossip including john podesta's risoto recipe. this was an obsession. that dominated the news coverage. we've lost track of what it is that we're about and what we stand for. i guess part of my overall message here as i leave for the holidays is how can we focus on working together, how can we channel what i think is the basic decency and goodness of the american people so it reflects itself in our politics. that's an issue that i think we've got wrestle with. and we will. all right. okay. thank you, everybody. mali ca lee key macca.
10:23 pm
♪ >> president obama is in hawaii finally beginning his christmas vacation. >> the president and his family are expected to stay in hawaii until early january. >> the thing about the white house is it's mobile. it's not just a place. it's wherever the president of the united states is. so this week we're here in waikiki with the first family on vacation. you know, i write in hotel rooms all over the world. this is one of the better ones you know, when i actually have windows here unlike my office. this is the opposite of my office. you get this gorgeous view and you get to think bigger thoughts and the world feels like a bigger place. this is the last speech i'll write for him, which is humbling. the most important thing about this speech is that you know, barack obama thinks in the time horizon of a country that's been
10:24 pm
around for 240 years. this country has done extraordinary things. and that's one of the things he'll remind people. especially people are frustrated and upset that their candidate lost. and what he'll remind people is look, this country is at its best when it's challenged. and that's what the speech will ultimately be. >> how many hawaiian shirts did you bring? >> two. >> oh. >> i brought six. >> everybody, would all day, but we'll free up at night and hang out together. and a bunch of my best friends are in this hotel these two weeks. >> what are you going to miss the most? >> taco wednesday. >> i'm going to miss taco wednesday, you know, big, big way. in eight years, i've probably missed taco wednesday like ten times.
10:25 pm
>> riding in the motorcade and you see everyone lined on the streets. >> oh, man, yeah. >> you are driving through somewhere you've never seen and you'll probably never go back to, south dakota, kentucky, the gulf coa during the oil spill, and everyone comes out whether they like the president or not because the president of the united states has come to your town. and that is a crazy thing. i think it was north carolina that we drove past a strip club. and all the strippers were out front like waving at barack obama. like we love you and they were wearing their stripper gear just like jumping up and down and like you're the best. >> and he was like waving back. >> yeah, i love you, too. >> i will miss motorcades. >> i worked for about four hours this morning but there's only so
10:26 pm
long you can spend in a hotel room without going stir crazy. i was just making sure that cop wasn't on us. it's cool driving around here because it's just so different. i mean, this is not like my daily commute down 14th street. we're heading to kailua to go hit had the place that the obama family usually goes to because you got to figure it must be good. that's one of the neat things, you get a better sense of what makes him tick who he is at his core after spending a few days here. he's actually coming home. obviously, his story is different than most presidents, you know, born in hawaii. raised by grandparents from kansas who imparted those kind of home spun heartland values into this black kid from hawaii.
10:27 pm
>> you know, it's farthest land mass from any other and kind of the place where east meets west. i assume when you grow up here, there's some sense of kind of a rugged individualism. it's something that he has always said throughout his entire career is that to be an american is not to be tied to any one race or religion or creed. it's to be faithful to a set of ideals. you know, we're all kind of tied together under one banner. and that's something he'll talk about in the farewell address too, i think. there we go. >> guava, passion fruit, andy dew. >> very good.
10:28 pm
>> any what. >> snow cup coffee. >> what's the president usually get? >> he usually gets clerry, guava, orange and lemon lime. >> i'll trust him. let's do it. >> okay. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> yeah, have a good one. >> oh, man. that's good. yeah. >> a little bit differe than a snow cone, right? >> what can i get for you? >> watermelon. >> time slows down in a place like there. it's just kind of who the president is. you know, his temperament is different. it's why he doesn't get too hot or too cold. i think that's a result of growing up here. >> thank you so much. it's awesome. >> nice meeting you. >> thanks for having us. >> could i get something to eat. >> i'm good. could use a beer.
10:29 pm
>> this doesn't suck. >> yeah. >> joe is the president's personal aide which means he's with him all day long, you know, 12, 14, 16 hours a day. so when we grab joe at night, we do our best to do it. what are you doing tomorrow? >> playing golf at 11:00. at mid pack which is like his like favorite course here. and then they're going out to dinner you're working all day tomorrow. >> i probably won't go to dinner. we'll see how that goes. >> win some money on the golf course and then that's luau it up. >> it will be like a dollar. >> you're coming to the after, right? >> yeah. >> yes. >> let's do this. >> i think it's going to be good. >> it will be different. >> yeah. it will be very different. >> i mean, do we like do we go to work on monday after inauguration day?
10:30 pm
are you going to the office like -- >> i really don't know anything which is weird. >> super weird. at least we get to keep working together. that will be fun. >> yeah. >> i'm looking forward to it. i think it's the unknown, you know? oh, look! we've got fees ew, really? oh, it's our verizon bill look at them. line access fee, administrative fees, there are even taxes on top of them decent people shouldn't have to live like this (slaps "fee" off dad's head) did i get it?
10:31 pm
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10:34 pm
i think every day here is busy because of the anticipation of inauguration. it's absolutely going to be a little bit more controlled chaos. on inauguration day, january 20th, we bit farewell to the first family at approximately 8:00 in the morning and at 3:00 in the afternoon, we're going to be welcoming another. it is as significant and oceanal experience as one could ever imagine. once we welcome the new family, it's up to me to make the adjustment as seamless as
10:35 pm
possible and continue to provide service to the first family as we have done through several administrations. we want to make sure when they walk through those doors they feel like this is their new home for the next couple of years. >> plans for donald trump's inauguration are being final sflids this is going to be t most expensive, lavish inauguration we've ever seen in history. >> there are estimates of somewhere around 800,000 people to watch mr. trump get sworn in. >> good morning. >> good morning, max. >> obviously hitting the short strokes so lots of stuff to cover here. we're within you know, two weeks of when the president-elect runs our entire government. and at this moment, he has a relatively small handful of
10:36 pm
people that he has nominated. >> we've currently have 25 nominations of our 69 ot top senate confirmed positions and of those 25, there are four how have committee hearings scheduled. >> and that starts next week. >> exactly. >> there's a lot of messiness taking place in part because you have a lot of people who don't fully understand the organization they're taking over. there are a lot of people who want to change the way the government, would but you can't change effective lili what you don't students we're going to have one module on working with the military because we have so many new generals being appointed. >> today, the world is more dangerous. it moves a lot faster. so the mistakes that can be made have a much higher price. and they'll have no time to practice. they have to be ready to go the moment that president trump swears that he's going to uphold the constitution as the next
10:37 pm
preside president. as the trump team looks ahead to new beginnings in the white house, president obama is preparing for his departure. >> courtney's here. >> today is pretty insane. we have a lot of these briefings on russia. >> hey, guys. about the health care event. >> i think it went well. coverage looks good so far. >> the president did a big health care event this morning which was a long time coming and a lot of the planning went into it. >> how is the "60 minutes" memo going. >> it's going well. >> with the exception of one thing. >> and he's doing an interview later this afternoon within george stephanopoulos. there's a lot of different moving parts and part of it is preparing to leave and what that means. >> all right, thanks, guys. earlier this week, josh earnest and i spent a couple hours wit the incoming press secretary sean spicer and will a good
10:38 pm
conversation abo the things you don't know about how the white house runs and everything from what you do when marine one takes off to how to operationalize a briefing to how to balance life with little kids because a lot of us have kids. i found myself when we were meeting with sean who i've known for years, you want them to succeed as human beings. but you don't want their objectives to succeed. and when i get out of here, we'll fight like hell against efforts to unwind obamacare and roll back climate change and you know, get rid of the iran deal. i think that's what i anticipate. but right now, it's not real. it feels fake. and it will be real in a couple of weeks for everybody. >> with little more than weeks to go until inauguration day, mr. trump has been taking swipe
10:39 pm
after swipe at president obama on twitter. he suggested the transition isn't going so well. >> president-elect escalated his public spat tweeting today, "thought it was going to be a smooth transition, not." >> looks like they're ready for us. we ready for them? >> let's do it. >> good afternoon, everybody. happy new year. >> there was a lot of the talk about this during the campaign. does he feel more confident in donald trump's abilities, less confident or is he in the same place that he was the day of the election. >> i know that the time and place for those opinions has come and gone. we're focused now on a transition. >> how is all that going? >> so far it's going well. >> we heard mixed messages about it. >> well, i've heard mixed messages about this from the other side but this administration has remained focused on facilitating the effective transition that president obama promised at the beginning of last year. >> but the bottom line, you can't explain why there's this difference of opion. >> there's a reason the
10:40 pm
president-elect has his own spokesperson and there will be somebody else standing behind this podium when he takes office starting just 16 days from now. >> tell us what president obama's thinking is in going to chicago next week for the farewell address. i went back and collected all the farewell addresses back to eisenhower were delivered here at the white house. >> well, president obama is going to go back to his hometown to, a fitting book end that he would go back to that city where he got his start to make a speech like this. and i know the speech is still going through some drafts so rather than preview it now, i'll let it get a little bit farther down the process of being written. we'll keep you posted. >> yo. what's up, buddy. >> want to come in and check in
10:41 pm
and see how you're doing on it. >> depends on the hour. >> are you sleeping? >>. >> i did last night. two nights ago i pulled an all nighter. the ending is not there yet. >> do you have one? >> there's like a blossoming idea of one. i don't want it to be like a greatest hits compilation, but maybe like a remix. you know? the week's been so busy that he hasn't really engaged. every day has been, i still think it's good. well, let me know when you want to dive in. he said we'll figure out the ending on the flight to chicago. >> just for old time's sake. >> yeah, why not. >> i'll take a look at the ending, too. >> good. >> if i have any thoughts. godspeed. >> yeah, let me know any ideas you have. >> all right. >> i sent you some thoughts. >> hey, oh, excellent. >> you can take them or leave them. >> you could give this tomorrow. my favorite. my favorite. >> i believe it though. >> i think tyler is ultimately going to come up with the ending. i feel it.
10:42 pm
i think tyler's got something since he was bouncing around iowa in a shitty car. >> does he know he's on the hook for a good ending. >> i will make that clear. >> ruin his weekend, right? >> yeah. >> he's about to have free weekends for the rest of his life. >> you know, if someone told us on election day 2008 that not only would we prevent a depression, but 73 consecutive months of job growth, uninsured rate to a record low, we would make a dent on climate change and he rescued the auto industry to boot, i would say you're out of your mind. there is no way. it's too nuts. but it did. and 2015, had you one of the most intense ten days i think anybody had in the white house. it was a week that again with charleston. this was one of the toughest tragedies because there was an added component to it of race. >> i remember getting that sinking feeling again and thinking how could this happen
10:43 pm
in a church. >> among those killed the church's pastor and state senator reverend clement pinckney. >> my point of view back then was no, it's not his job to give a beautiful speech and absolve the country of our collective sin. to his credit, he was the one saying you can't let the country slip back into its old pattern. thursday morning, 10:00 a.m., breaking news, supreme court uphold the affordable care act. >> the affordable care act will remain the law of the land. >> friday morning, the supreme court upholds the right to marriage equality into this is what gay rights advocates have been hoping for for daks. >> we were not expecting it and didn't think we would have back-to-back huge decisions. i remember i call the president and he was upstairs working on his eulogy for reverend pinckney and i was so excited and i said marriage equality came down today 5-4. there was a pause. and he said who won. >> i said we did. we won.
10:44 pm
>> whether he all americans are treated as equal, we are all more free. >> but we didn't know what we were going to say in charleston. something extraordinary had to happen. >> a lot of people god forgive. >> you the families of the victims went to the courtroom and they gave the killer. which i think it's safe to say nobody saw coming. the president was very moved by that and he said this is what i want to talk about. the concept of grace. >> this whole week i've been reflecting on there idea of grace. the grace of the families who lost loved ones. the grace that reverend pinckney would preach about in his sermons. amazing grace. >> we had written out the lyrics to amazing grace at the end and he said you know, if it feels right, i might sing it. ♪ amazing grace
10:45 pm
♪ how sweet the sound >> then we ended this day, we had figured out a way to light the house in the rainbow colors. we just watched the colors become more and more brilliant as the sun went down. >> it was a lot to handle in ten days. and it's probe the ten days i'll always remember the most. ♪ but now i see >> oh, my, i can't believe i could not know how to fold this box. we're packing out our offices. it's the saturdayest day of our lives but we have to make this work. when we figure out how to fold
10:46 pm
the box. >> did you guys pack for me or expect me to do the packing? >> pop it in there. it's light. >> i hope nobody eats it. >> this used to be blue. not so blue anymore. it's been awhile. lots of memories. >> oh, my. i forgot this was here. >> well, keep this right here a little bit longer. >> this as far as drafts that are just mine, it's probably like draft 20. as far as drafts that are going to him, this will be the third. >> oh. it's like one of the early gay marriage lawsuits. all this goes to the national archives and is kept for a long time. >> today it still feels like a
10:47 pm
normal workday. tomorrow i think the building's going to feel really different because the whole complex you know will be down a substantial number of staff and that will continue from now until january 19th. ♪ >> seems like yesterday, i remember that vividly. i think the reality has fully set in now. i think part of what's making this easier is that life and so trying to get some perspective. what should we do next? >> you know one of the things i want people to remember in this or take away from this speech is, what he said from the beginning, it's not about him. he is not asking you to believe in one person's ability to bring about change, it's ours.
10:48 pm
♪ so won't you call on the calvary when i'm gone ♪ ♪ call on the calvary for i'm gone ♪ now mom i remember sunday dinners you would stare across the hall ♪ now i do believe you were staring at nothing at all ♪ ♪ curtains smooth ♪ ♪ ♪ wonder why you would need to iron them again and again ♪ ♪ >> for anyone who says what are we going to do without barack obama? the answer is you're going to do everything without barack obama. it doesn't just mean you pack up and go home regardless of who wins. that is something you endure. that is not something you can take away ♪
10:49 pm
so won't you call on the calvary for i'm gone ♪ ♪ call on the calvary when i'm gone ♪ >> i think the best part of chicago will be watching people who were along on this journey for part of it or all of it, you know, kind of watching the boss do it one last time. you know, that will be something special. wait a minute... hey... hold on, i can explain. you better have a good answer... switch to geico and you could save a ton of money on your car insurance. why didn't you say so in the first place? i thought you's was wearing a wire. haha, what? why would i wear a wire? geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
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please gather for the newest
10:53 pm
♪ ♪ >> president obama is coming home to the city that launched his political career. the 44th president will take the stage blocks from where he first accepted the presidency. >> as many as 20,000 people are expected to attend his farewell address as commander in chief.
10:54 pm
>> he added some credible stuff last night when he was up until 4:00 a.m., we were still working on it on the plane and the conference table. i think i got to my seat like 30 seconds before he came out. >> it's good to be home! >> i first came to chicago when i was in my early 20s. now, this is where i learned that change only happens when ordinary people get involved. and they get engaged. after eight years as your president i still believe that. in ten days the world will witness a hallmark of our
10:55 pm
democracy. no, no, no. the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected president to the next. just as president bush did for me. the long sweep of america has been defined by forward motion. to embrace all. and not just some. that's why we cannot withdraw from big global fights to expand democracy and human rights and women's rights and lgbt rights. that is why i reject discrimination against muslim americans, who are just as patriotic as we are. our constitution is a
10:56 pm
remarkable, beautiful gift. but it's really just a piece of parchment. it has no power on its own. we, the people, give it power. we, the people, give it meaning. with our participation, if something needs fixing, then lace up your shoes and do some organizing. if you're disappointed by your elected officials run for office yourself. to my remarkable staff, for eight years i have drawn from your energy and every day i tried to reflect back what you displayed. heart. character. and idealism. and the only thing that makes me prouder than all the good that we've done is the thought that all the amazing things you are
10:57 pm
going to achieve from here. my fellow americans, it has been the honor of my life to serve you. i won't stop. in fact, i will be right there with you as a citizen for all my remaining days. but for now i do have one final ask of you as your president. i am asking you to believe that created at the core of every american, yes, we can, yes, we did. thank you, god bless you.
10:58 pm
>> i think you get a sense of the hard work, the dedication, the sense of character that they possess. but they're in it for the right reasons, everything that i have accomplished has largely been as a consequence of the amazing work they have done. couldn't be prouder of them. >> i feel very nostalgic today. i have to admit. it's almost like going to a wedding where you see people from different aspects of your life, in the same place at the same time. >> my mom always says when she is with family and friends that her heart is full. that is how i felt. >> i honestly, i was panicked in that i didn't know what job i would find with the same sense of purpose, but the president asked me to come along and help him keep writing his speeches and writing his book.
10:59 pm
the afterlife is a work in progress, but two years from now i think you will see some interesting things. >> one of the silver linings, the staff has told me they want to stay in the fight and they still have fight in them. >> democracy is not a static thing, it's a living, breathing thing. and it depends on each generation taking up the torch. and so i think one of the best ways i can contribute is to make sure i'm out there supporting that next generation. ♪ ♪
11:00 pm
that was the end. and now, the beginning. this is cnn tonight, i'm don lemon here in washington. in a little more than one day, donald trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. but is team trump ready to take the reins? president obama has this advice. >> this is a job of such magnitude that you can't do it by yourself. >> well, tonight we saw an unprecedented and intimate look at the end of the obama administration as seen and experienced by the president's inner circumstance. let's get right to it. here to discuss the presidential historian. and the


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