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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 19, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> fdr. >> not donald trump. he is the big gainers in history. the 6.5% gain on the s&p 500 is better than clinton and george h.w. bush. two trading days left. you will not watch jfk at 8% or herbert hoover at more than 10%. hoover was inaugurated in march. we adjusted the math so it matches. the biggest ever belongs to calvin coolidge. the s&p was 90 stocks at that point. it gained 17%. coolidge. >> that dude had it going on. "early start" continues right now. >> just one day until donald
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trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. final preparations under way. we are live in washington. growing ethics questions surrounding the top cabinet picks and questions are causing fireworks on capitol hill. president obama face-to-face with the media for the last time. his final news conference. what was the number one message the outgoing president wanted to send? good morning. welcome to "pre-inauguration edition of early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. it is thursday, january 19th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. t-minus one day and counting to the inauguration of donald trump. soon to be the 45th president of the united states. right there behind us on the beautiful steps of the capitol, president-elect will be transformed to president trump. last-minute preparations are
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under way. mr. trump flies to washington and for the first time arriving on an airs force jet. he will attend a wreath laying at arlington national cemetery. he will have two welcome being concerts. joining us with more is cnn's athena jones in the washington bureau. athena, the bunting is up at hotels. barricades are going up. uber drivers are complaining about blocked roads. >> reporter: we are getting close with one day to go. you have pretty busy day for the president-elect as you mengtiond flying in on a military aircraft. he is expected to arrive midday. he heads to arlington national cemetery for the wreath laying. he will attend a concert. voices of people pre-concert by the monuments. in the afternoon, he will attend a make america great again concert at lincoln memorial. it will include toby keith and three doors down among others.
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he had a busy night last night. attending two dinners in washington, d.c. one was to honor cabinet secretaries. the other to honor his incoming vice president mike pence. he tweeted a photo from the dinner. he met with some wounded warriors at the dinner with mike pence. he tweeted the photo. you see it on the screen tank g thanking them for their service. the president-elect is finalizing his cabinet. former georgia governor sonny perdue as his latest secretary. latinos have served in cabinet positions in every presidential administration since 1988. that is something that will get attention. back to you. >> dating back to ronald reagan. the president-elect will spend tonight at blair house before he
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walks across the street and has coffee with the president. athena, thank you. the administration wants as many nominees confirmed as possible by the close of business tomorrow. slowing the process down is ethical questions of some of the picks. there trump's heads for office of budget and management, mick mulvaney says he mistakenly believed that babysitters were not taxable employees. he said he paid the taxes as soon as he learned. wilbur ross said he had a housekeeper he just learned was undocumented. he tried to verify the documents at the time of hiring, but that was incorrect. and questions by the heelalth a human services nominee, tom price. more on that in a moment. chuck schumer calling the cabinet nominees the swamp
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hearings. >> we have seen the trump transition to jam through nominees in a way that hides their views from the american people. >> schumer says democrats may choose to slow down the confirmation process. something they can easily do using senate procedures. more hearings are set for this morning. former goldman sachs steve mnuchin for treasury secretary and rick perry for energy secretary. >> the hearings follow tough questions for the nominees. tom price, the nominee for health and human services. he promised not to pull the rug out on americans on obamacare. democrats asked price about some of his stock trades. >> did you buy the stock and introduce a bill that would be helpful to the companies you just bought stock in?
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>> the stock was purchased by a broker. >> when you found out the broker made the trade without your knowledge, did you reprimand her? >> what i did was comply -- >> did you fire her? did you sell the stock? >> what i did was comply with the rules of the house in an ethical and legal and above boardman manner and transparent way. >> did you decide to say wink, wink, nod, nod? >> i understand that. it is important to appreciate that's the case. >> the president-elect's pick to head up the epa, scott pruitt faced tough questions from democrats. he said more research is needed to determine how many global warming is man made. pruitt repeatedly sued the epa. he did that as oklahoma attorney general. he refused to say if he will recuse himself from the ongoing
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cases. we have tal kopan and eugene scott and salena zito with us. guys, let's look at the cabinet picks. no one has been confirmed. some will be confirmed tomorrow. some of the process will drag out over the week after that. if we look at it. there is the full slate of people up for grabs this morning. athena jones noted no latinos this time in a long time. we noted former governor sonny perdue up for the agriculture pick. salena, we are starting to see what the democrats are doing. pushing on ethics and traditional partisan issues. they don't keep you from being confirmed. >> democrats are doing what they are supposed to be doing. draw stark lines between who they are and who the republicans are and how different their policies and their core beliefs
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are different from republicans. having said that, they probably will not be able to not confirm any of those picks. this is what the republicans do. this is that process of building yourself back up from out of the wilderness and letting people know who you are so people have an understanding of the differences with the parties. that is what they are doing. >> when i look at that board, it looks like a corporate board to me. especially when you see the resumes of the people. we will hear from nicfuch steve today. bernie sanders yesterday is the guy rattling the gauge and trying to be the progressive standard bearer. let's listen to congress member price and bernie sanders about health care.
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>> i look 2350forward to workin with you to make sure every american has access to the highest quality coverage. >> have access to does not many they can it. i can access to buy a $10 million home, but not the money to do it. >> that is why we have a system to give every person the feasibility to purchase the coverage they need for themselves and their family. not what the government forces them to buy. >> it is interesting. bernie sanders is banging the drum about climate change and hold scott pruitt to it. we heard that earlier. bernie sanders emerging as the star for the democrats here. >> indeed. i think we will see more bernie sanders. the democratic party is at a place where they are trying to figure out if they embrace the progressive wing of the party or lean on the establishment wing that hillary clinton seemed to represent more for voters. to figure out what they need to do to figure out ideas and
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policies and keep issues before the american people that donald trump is opposed to and does not represent. they want to figure out how to remain relevant and how this translates to relevancy and increasingly in the mid terms. >> i have been surprised something salena has said. how effective they have been on obamacare. it is ironic the policy that may help them build again is the one that dragged them down since 2010. you know, they have effectively made this a complicated issue for republicans on how they want to replace it. you can see it in the questioning from bernie sanders. >> absolutely. keep in mind, somewhere along the way, the white house made a conscious decision to adopt the obamacare label. it started as a way of insulting the bill. along the way, obama and the democrats said this is our thing. we are still seeing the result of that. they truly believe at this point, it is baked into the
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ecosystem that there are americans, estimate of 20 million reliant on the bill. they can say what are you going to do about these individuals who with would not have health care without it? that puts them in a strategic position in terms of leverage. to be non political about it, it is real. these people are real now. that's a very hard question to answer when you are talking about a theoretical replacement. >> some of these people voted for trump. that is important. tal, eugene, salena. that is an important question with the economy if you repealed obamacare and the cost to it. it could be put to tom pricstev mnuchin. he was a goldman sachs alum and turned hollywood producer. democrats will likely hammer him on the record at onewest.
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the bank he formed after indymac. this week, two advocacy groups filed a claim alleging onewest discriminated against minorities. critics blamed the mortgage practices. mnuchin is a critic of dodd-frank. trump has said he wants to dismantle it. see if there is daylight. trump wants tax cuts. lawmakers will ask how he will pay for them and if they match up with the president-elect. they want tax reform soon. mnuchin is on record with that. one of the duties is likely dealing with the debt selling. a march 15th deadline to raise the cap. the new team in place will have a very big financial decision to make very, very soon. >> interesting to see if congress will push back on the debt ceiling this time around. president obama held his final news conference before
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as your mileage. visit the certified pre-owned sales event, now through february 28th. and learn more about our unlimited mileage warranty, only at your authorized dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. you find yourself isolated because the process breaks down or if you are only hearing from people who agree with you on everything. or you haven't created a process that is fact checking and probing and asking hard questions about policies or promises you made, that's when you start making mistakes. >> president obama giving his final news conference at the white house giving advice on the need to assemble a team with the best information and listen to those who don't always agree with you. joining me now is tal kopan and
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eugene scott. giving advice to the president-elect and talking to the american people for the last time as commander in chief. he talked about the consequence of big shifts in policy. a big point of advice to trump. listen. >> if you don't make big shifts in policy, make sure you thought it through and understand there will be consequences and actions typically create reactions. so you want to be intentional about it. you don't want to do things off the cuff. >> the good thing, eugene scott, everything is intentional and nothing off the cuff about the administration. >> that is certainly true. >> the president is saying be more like me, not like you. that is what he was saying. that advice is interesting. eugene. >> we have seen the american people based on recent polls
2:18 am
express great dissatisfaction with the transition and how it has gone so far and trump's use of twitter. there is dissatisfaction with who he is and quite a bit of approval for president barack obama has been as he leaves office. he wants people to remember policy is about people. people on the other side of all these ideas and campaign promises that have to live with the consequences of you changing things significantly that will affect them in their every day lives. >> yeah, but. again, donald trump won the election. people knew what they were getting into. that's it. every president has to learn how to do the job. every president who comes in the job say they learn a tremendous amount in the first six months, tal. >> i think president obama was talking about the situation in israel. he is mentioning something specific.
2:19 am
it is the situation in israel, it can be applied to obamacare. moving so quickly, as you promised it, he is saying think it through. don't just act because you made a promise, but think about what it will mean. every president has to make it their own. president obama early in the press conference, it was interesting. it was asked if he had an influence in all of the conversations with donald trump. he said realistically these are the things he's campaigned on. that's what got him in office. i don't expect him to suddenly move away. i'll give him my advice. he will do what he will do. >> i wonder if the president-elect will mention the president at all. it is interesting. he will talk about america first, we know. that will be remarkable to see here after the eight years we have been through with the financial crisis and the brexit and all this. i want to step back and talk about former president george
2:20 am
h.w. bush. his wife, barbara bush, also in the hospital. anderson giving us an updates on the former president. >> they are both on an upswing. president push hbush had a roug morning. mrs. bush as well. they are getting the best care. they are able to treat what is ailing the president this morning. successful procedure. now he is in stable condition. they will keep him in icu for observation. >> did either of you see the sweet note to donald trump declining to come because he would be six feet under according to his doctor if he sat outside. his health here ill right now. that casts a shadow over this. >> i think the line will be towed. we expect former presidents to
2:21 am
be there and show donald trump that they do support this peaceful transfer of power. i think the fact from his sick bed while in the hospital that h.w. took the time to write a note and make it public, he very much wants to be there and this is why he is not. it indicates it. everyone recognizes this is donald trump's day. they will play along. >> by the way, the bipartisan outpouring of concern for george h.w. bush shows how the town and country is unified on some things. more to discuss. including the baseball hall of fame. making room for three new inductees. andy scholes with this morning's bleacher report is next. and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain
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the baseball hall of fame welcoming three members to the club. the nightmare is over. tim raines and jeff bagwell along with rodriguez. >> andy scholes has the bleacher report. >> bagwell getting in on the seventh time around appearing on 86% of ballots. voted on by baseball writers. you need 75% of the ballots to get in. rodriguez known as pudge. a first-time hall of famer to get in as a catcher. and tim raines getting in as well. barry bonds and roger clemens
2:26 am
fall short. squaring off for the second time since durant left. westbrook runs into zaza. he stands over him and he got a flagrant foul for that. westbrook may have been dazed later in the game. he gets the pass and starts walking with the ball. steph curry going nuts calling for the travel. durant score 40. the rock is another mvp performance. it is what he did after the game that was special. harden presented the game to lucy pierce who is celebrating her 100th birthday. harden said he wanted to give her the ball and tell her how blessed she is and how blessed he is for getting to meet her. and rodriguez was out for a
2:27 am
nice bike ride with his gopro when that happened. he went off the side of a cliff. amazingly, rodriguez was not seriously hurt in that fall which is pretty incredible. he was able to actually climb up and get back on his bike and ride away. amazing video. guys, i wanted to share a throwback thursday picture. jeff bag sdwell is my favorite player. me and him in 1996. i basically lived outside the astrodome trying to get autographs. jeff bagwell is an amazing player. many times 100 degrees in houston, he would stop and sign and take pictures with fans. he was my favorite. >> andy scholes. a handsome young man growing up into a handsome adult. you had craig biggio and jeff
2:28 am
bagwell. this is two houston astros for you. >> a pretty good run. >> andy scholes. love the throwback. thank you. ethics questions for the cabinet nominees cause concern in washington. how democrats could cause delays in confirmations. that's next. "how to win at business." step one: suck on and point decisively with the arm of your glasses. it is no longer eyewear, it is your wand of business wizardry. abracadabra. you've just gone from invisible to invincible. step two: before your meeting, choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly so you can prepare to win at business. book now at
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we are one day away from the donald trump presidency. final preparations as trump gets ready for the full-time move to washington, d.c. ethics questions growing louder for the nominees. can democrats slow down the confirmation process? and president obama holds the final session with reporters. what is his parting wisdom for the incoming commander in chief. welcome back to "early start." from d.c. i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman.
2:32 am
31 minutes after the hour. welcome to the last full day of the obama presidency. tomorrow, behind us on the steps of the t of the capitol, donald j. trump will be sworn in as the 45th president of the united states. there are last-minute preparations across the city. the president-elect flies to washington and for the first time, he will arrive on an air force jet. not a trump plane. it means less gold inlay i think. the president-elect will attend a wreath laying as arlgington ad attend two concerts. we have athena jones with more. >> reporter: the president-elect's last full day as president-elect is shaping up to be a busy one. he will fly back to d.c. on a military aircraft. he is expected to arrive around midday. he will head to arlington national cemetery for the wreath laying. in the mid afternoon, he goes to
2:33 am
a concert called the voices of the people pre-concert event held by the monuments. in the late afternoon, he will attend a make america great again welcome concert. that will take place at the lincoln memorial. it will feature toby keith and lee green doctowood and three d down and others. the president-elect attending two dinners. one to honor the cabinet secretaries and one to honor the incoming vice president mike pence. it was the dinner with mike pence where he met wounded warriors. he thanked the warriors for their service. he is spending these last couple days finalizing the cabinet choices. he will tap sonny perdue to head the agriculture department. this is going to be the first cabinet in 30 years that doesn't
2:34 am
have any latino representation. latinos have served in every administration since 1988. that's something that is getting attention. back to you. >> athena jones for us at the white house. great to have your live report. thank you for waking up. >> we love the early birds. the race is on to get cabinet members confirmed before donald trump's first day in office. the ethical questions about the nominees. the head of office and budget nick mulvaney admitted to failing to pay babysitting taxes. he said he mistakenly believed babysitters were not taxable employees. he paid the taxes when he learned. wilbur ross he just learned had an housekeeper who was undocumented. there were questions about investment by the health and
2:35 am
human services nominee. more on that in a moment. chuck schumer is calling this the swamp cabinet. he is slamming what he calls the rushed schedule of the hearings. >> the past two weeks, we have seen repeated efforts from the trump transition aided and an ban betted by senate republicans to jam through nominees that hides views from the american people. >> shchumer says they may try t slow down property cease. a process. and the latest up for questioning this morning, steve mnuchin. >> the commerce department who wants to juice the american economy. that describes wilbur ross if he is confirmed. he had hearings yesterday. another billionaire had that job first. penny pritzker.
2:36 am
i asked her the incoming administration rejection of obama's trade agenda and what she thinks about that. wilbur ross said his first priority is to renegotiate nafta. >> i think first of all, mexico and canada are important trading partners for the united states. what you don't want to do is throw out the baby with the bath water. i don't think that's what wilbur ross has in mind. what he wants be to do is improve the trade deal between the three countries. tpp did a lot of that. state-owned enterprise. mexico just changed constitution to improve their labor laws to elevate the quality of conditions and opportunity for labor in their country. that was a direct result of the tpp negotiation. we should take advantage of this. nafta can benefit from that. why not bring the other nine countries along who want to have the same deal?
2:37 am
i don't get it. >> remember, this is an administration that was going for tpp. going for multilateral trade deals and moving forward with trade and free trade. boy, the brakes have been put on that. tal kopan is here and eugene scott. interesting time to talking to outgoing cabinet secretaries when they watch the new team come to town. she was pushing how strong the u.s. economy is and how she this the incoming trump team is wrong about trade and about protectionism. she said she talked about wilbur ross about that. >> it will be interesting to see how quickly the gears are switched. you know, one question how quickly they can be and how fast the trump administration can move on the promises on trade. it is not that easy to put in border taxes and renegotiate treaties. they have to have time to work this out. it will be interesting to see if once in office, if the
2:38 am
republicans in the house and senate get a little bit concerned about some of the policies. you heard them speaking out about the tariffs that donald trump has tweeted about. things are not as easy when you are governing. >> one of the biggest things about nafta is agriculture. what will the incoming head of aeg say? wilbur ross says nafta is the first thing they look at. >> i would not under estimate an instant change in disposition. they may not force the changes through, but no question that the attitude will be different. it already is. tpp is dead effectively in the water right now. that happened the minute that donald trump was elected. big changes have already happened certainly tonally. eugene, democrats are pushing hard on the ethics. mulvaney. didn't pay $15,000 of employment taxes which is a lot for a
2:39 am
babysitter, i think. he admitted to that. chuck schumer talked about in past confirmations, that may have been enough to derail somebody. listen to chuck shum hchumer. >> what is good for the goose is good for the dgander. if tom da schel could not be confirmed, the same standard should apply to mulvaney. >> he did not pay $140,000 of taxes. it was for drivers and whatnot. you get the point. do we think that ethics could derail these nominees for real? >> i have no confidence that ethics will derail the nominees. you have to figure out what the democrats are looking at when they are trying to consider what is a win. the democrats are trying to do,
2:40 am
knowing they can't block as many nominees as they would like, it is painting a clearer picture of the people that trump is picking to lead the government. we are seeing them attack the nominees that the democrats and hillary clinton were aggressive and productive at attacking donald trump on in terms of conflict of interest and lack of integrity and lack of transparency. what we will see going beyond the nomination process is the issues continuing to be brought up. >> you are also seeing who will emerge from the democrats as the attack dogs and driving the agenda. we have seen bernie sanders with a strong progressive voice where he has been sharp. elizabeth warren. >> al franken emerging. >> and tom perez. the dnc debate. he said we can hit them between the eyes with a 2 by 4 and treat them like they treated barack
2:41 am
obama. it is interesting to see who will emerge as the next line of democrats. >> there's great interest as the democratic party is trying to figure out who they will be in the trump administration and how they can convince the american people. many voted for the american people and did not vote for donald trump. some of them have to do that aggressively. we will see new voices, i believe, raise to the surface. >> we have to. bernie sanders could run again in 2020, but some of these voices we're talking about are getting up in years as well. the democrats have to strike this balance right now where they have the stars that exist like sanders and warren that can command a stage and create a viral moment which is one of the only wins you can get. who comes next is a huge question for democrats. >> they have to build beyond this. what the republicans have done is build across the country. that is why they have the bench they have.
2:42 am
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frustrated like everybody else does. at my core, i think we're going to be okay. we have to fight for it and work for it and not take it for granted. >> the president admitting to swearing behind closed doors. the final time to meet with members of the press. he was probably kinder to in that news conference than in the eight years in the administration. he was talking about the past and talking about the future. joining us again is tal kopan and eugene scott. we are in the city that is changing beneath us right now. one of the most amazing things i want you to understand if you have not been in washington, d.c. for a president at traial transition, you can feel it all around you. the hustle and bustle and all of the people going in and out. tal. >> absolutely. a rapid swing for people on the democratic side and republican
2:47 am
side. republicans are ready for a party this weekend. it has been eight years in the wilderness for them so to speak. now they have their guy in the white house. you will see it in the balls all around town. democrats will have to figure out what comes next. there will be protests this weekend that we will see. this town is preparing for that different energy to come in. it will be a very different emotional time in washington. >> i was at the commerce department yesterday. you can see the transformation. boxes for people packing up their offices. pictures coming off the wall. packed up to go in the commerce secretary's office. a new day. "new day" starts in 13 minutes. starts in washington tomorrow. what will we hear from the president-elect? i know he will stand behind us on the steps. he will put america first, he says. that is what he is writing. >> i certainly think he will
2:48 am
talk about putting america first. he will focus on quite a bit because there have calls to unify america and trying to get behind one vision. this is a very difficult week in terms of unity. we see more than 30% of democratic lawmakers planning to boycott the inauguration. i think what he will try to convince the people is he really does have the desire to represent the country. america as a whole on the international stage and for everyone with everyone's best interests at the forefront. >> the criticism is he hasn't spoken, tal, nearly at all, to the people who have not voted for him. many people who felt unheard over the last eight years. he has not spoken to the other people yet. >> he said things like i'm going to be president for all americans and i want to unite the country. i'm thinking aboback to the election night speech. that may be a model for what we will hear tomorrow. he hasn't said i understand why
2:49 am
you didn't vote for me. here's how i will address the concerns. that's an obama tactic. to think through things and slightly prefessorial. donald trump will have to approach things as donald trump. there is a large segment of the population looking for him to say not just i'm president for all americans, but here is how i will be president for all americans. >> listening to the current president's press conference. it is so different how the two men communicate. it could not be more different. the president taking a long time to take a sentence and pauses. and trump uses twitter. it is an adjustment in communications of the new president. >> i certainly think so. it is interesting because different people are responding to that differently. generally speaking, people wish
2:50 am
donald trump would back off of twitter a bit. they like he is aggressive and they like he is not focused as much as he would call them the losers as perhaps president obama has been. >> you know i hear a lot from friends and family and donald trump supporters in the midwest. they are so up tight about donald trump. who cares about his tweets? >> who is up tight? >> i think she said we take him seriously, but not literally. i think every up with is one is adjustment. they like that. >> they like it is unvilis unfi and unvarnished. president obama says it is important to think through your words because your words have consequences. let's not play politics. say what you mean and make deals and more forward.
2:51 am
sometimes the tweets come out and people are scrambling to contextualize and people on the hill have no idea what he is going after. they like that he is clear about it. >> 30 hours. about 30 hours and 10 minutes to go until it all begins. eugene scott and tal kopan, thank you. donald trump's pro-growth policies given a boost to the stock market since election day. where does the trump bump stack up against the biggest presidential rallies come in? >> i know. you told me the last hour. >> i know. we will have the check on the cnn money stream coming up. who is done with treatments that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections and cancer. some serious infections require hospitalization. before treatment, get tested for tuberculosis.
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breaking overnight. dozens of people feared dead after avalanche slams into a hotel in italy. the officials say the roof partially collapsed.
2:55 am
two people have been rescued. 22 people have been staying in the hotel. the earthquake in central italy targeted the avalanche. the jewish community centers have been targeted for bomb threats over the last two weeks. officials say 27 centers in 17 states received threatening phone calls. some centers were evacuated as a precaution. no devices were found. authorities are investigating. the teenager discover eed 1 years after taken from her mother's hospital bed in florida is speaking out. alexis has accepted she was born as kamiyah mobley, but she said it is hard to view her abductor in a negative way. >> i feel the same about her. nothing -- there's nothing different. i'm processing it. like i said, i'm a big girl. life is at my front door right now. i'm a big girl.
2:56 am
i can process it all. my feelings for my mother will never change. >> the dna test revealed that alexis was the newborn stolen in 1998 by a woman posing as a nurse. the woman who raised her is now in jail. let's get a check of cnn money stream. dow futures lower. confirmation hearings of the treasury secretary pick steve mnuchin could move markets. mixed picture. stocks in europe down. shares in asia up. and comments from janet yellen failing to excite investers yesterday. she said the labor market is near full market. she called the economic recovery a slow and long slog. netflix stock is up 8% in pre-market trading. a huge quarter. it added 7 million customers in the final quarter of 2016. the stock has surged 51% over the last six months.
2:57 am
overall of last year, added 19 million members. >> "the crown" is really good. >> netflix has a total of 93.8 million subscribers worldwide. this is a pop quiz. what president saw the biggest stock market rally from election day to the inauguration? >> it is hard. >> it is not trump. he is a big gainer. going back to 1900. he has a 6.5% gain on the s&p 500 since elected. that is better than clinton, h.w. bush and eisenhower. two trading days left in the time span for trump. he will not catch jfk or herbert hoover at more than 10%. we adjusted the math for hoover. the biggest rally belongs to
2:58 am
calvin coolidge from 1924 to 1925. the s&p was 90 stocks, but gained 17.1%. >> you know, it is interesting to me that a lot of the gains came quickly. november and december. now it seems the market is saying show me. show me what you are going to do. >> show me the money. they like infrastructure and tax reform and pro-growth policies. they want to see what they are and how quickly they go. ceos are concerned about protectionism, but they are adding jobs. >> they want something delivered. >> thank you for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> tomorrow morning, tune in. i'm bermjohn berman. "new day" starts now. everything that we have done is above board and transparent and ethical and legal. >> this is a swamp full of
2:59 am
bankers and billionaires. >> i do not believe it changes the votes. >> you are hearing people who agree with you on everything. you start making mistakes. >> russia is trying on show the muscle. i don't think we can trust them. >> donald trump is going to hit the ground running. >> 30% of house democrats boycotting the inauguration. >> what do you say about the word of the commutation of the sentence of chelsea manning? >> i did not support the way the president went. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and cameroalisyn camerota. >> welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. this is "new day." thursday, january 19th. 6:00 in washington, d.c. this is where history will be made. donald john trump sworn in tomorrow as the 45th president of the united states. the president-elect hoping most of his cabinet will be confirmed as he takes office. >> but democrats trying to slow
3:00 am
down focusing on ethical issues for the trump nominees and questions about the incoming administration and if they are ready to take the federal government. we are one day away from the inauguration. let's to be confirmed quickly republicans up here on capitol hill they say they want 7 no, ma'am niece confirmed in the hour on friday after donald trump is inaugurated but senate democrats are saying they're not going to rush this and accusing republicans of trying to jam these nominees through. this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer trying to slow down the process as sat


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