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tv   New Day  CNN  January 19, 2017 3:00am-4:01am PST

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for the trump nominees and questions about the incoming administration and if they are ready to take the federal government. we are one day away from the inauguration. let's to be confirmed quickly republicans up here on capitol hill they say they want 7 no, ma'am niece confirmed in the hour on friday after donald trump is inaugurated but senate democrats are saying they're not going to rush this and accusing republicans of trying to jam these nominees through. this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer trying to slow down the process as senate republicans push for confirmations for 7 of
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his nominees on his first day in office. >> it's no surprise republicans are trying to rush through these hearings. >> democrats focussing on ethics concerns of three of trumps picks. >> everything we have done has been above board and lethal. >> tom price about stock purchases that could have benefitted from legislation he proposed during his time in the house. >> i knew nothing about those purchases. >> are you going to have a diverse identified portfolio by staying clear of the six companies directly affected by your issue. >> do they have any knowledge of the purchases. >> it's a narrow specific company that dealt with plans and the legislation specifically effects implants. he puts it in a week after he buys the stock?
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that cries out. >> facing scrutiny after admitting he failed to pay more than $15,000 in payroll taxes for household employees. wilbur ross revealing he unknowingly employed undocumented immigrants. and environmental protection agency scott pruett grilled on climate change. >> why is the climate changing? >> in response to the co2 issue the epa administrator is constrained by statutes. >> i'm asking you a personal opinion. >> my personal opinion is immaterial. >> the president elect repeatedly denied climate change is real. >> i do not believe that climate change is a hoax. >> and nikki haley also publicly splitting with her new boss's views on foreign affairs
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questioning russia's agenda and showing support of nato. >> that's how an administration works. you surround yourself with people that don't just say yes to what you think. >> today on capitol hill two more confirmation hearings, rick perry to the energy secretary and today president elect donald trump will nominate sonny purdue to be his next agriculture secretary. this marks the last cabinet pick for trump's cabinet. >> thank you very much. in just hours the president elect himself will move from new york to washington ahead of tomorrow's inauguration so is his team ready to go or not? we know the question surrounding the cabinet picks but there's many other vital agency posts that still lead staff. let's get to jason carol live at trump tower in new york with more. jason. >> good morning to you, chris. as the president elect flies out he will be doing it on military
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aircraft and not the private trump jet we've seen fly out so many times in the past but even as he heads to washington d.c. there's real questions about whether or not his transition team for national security is really ready to take on what lies a head. this after cnn learned this team has been slow to interact with obama's national security council. the council has prepared a number of briefings and memos and it's unclear to them in team trump read through all of them and also similar concerns at the state house. team trump pushing back saying they're ready to go and there's landing teams ready to go and their deputy national security advisor met with her counter part many, many times. mike pence says they're also ready to go and to take on obamacare. >> i think you can expect that a president donald trump is going to hit the ground running on day one come monday morning and the
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first week there will be a series of executive action putting executive orders into place and repealing executive orders and continuing to work energetically with the congress to repeal and replace obamacare. >> again very clear they juan to repeal. but still unclear in terms of specifics when exactly they'll be replacing it with although pence says that replacement plan will be coming very soon. looking ahead to the inauguration and trump's speech he worked on it here when he was yesterday in new york. some of the themes he has expected to hit on and job creation, defeating terrorism and america's shared values. chris, allison. >> thank you very much. you have given us lots to discuss. we have cnn contributor and reporter for the washington examiner and cnn political analyst david gregory, political analyst and washington post reporter abby phillip and senior congressional correspondent for the washington examiner and host of the podcast examining
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politics david drucker. let me start with you. so let me just pull up for people so we condense some of the problems we're seeing with mr. trump's nominees so this is just a hand full. there are more but betty devos. there's concerns about her knowledge particularly as it relates to public education. hhs secretary, congressman price he helped push a bill of a company and would have aided a company he bought stock any believe more than once this has happened and b, failed to pay payroll taxes and then of course rex tillerson has links to russia. attorney general session people accused him of racism in the past. are any of these things going to be tripping up the nominees? are any of them not going to be confi confirmed? >> it's hard to say with certainly. i don't see anything fatal politically to them getting a job. democrats are making it clear,
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two points that they're going to pick their big battles. obviously russia being one. the future of obamacare will be another where they're going to dig in and say this is ground we're going to hold and the second point is we're seeing a growing resistance on the part of democrats to trump his cabinet and his government that i think at this point is moving toward the resistance you saw from republicans so i think trump has a choice to make. he's going to dig in or find ways to confuse his opposition to force them across the line to work with them because now i see the progressives of the democratic party digging in saying we're going to fight him all the way. >> let's assume that the votes the way they're stacked you're not going to be able to stop any of these. there's been nothing since then to the point of cleverness. did they know about the issues that are presented specific tla say via price and if so why were they okay with putting him up with such an obvious conflict
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issue. >> we see this every four or 8 years. as much vetting as you can do and as much digging into somebody's background as you can do these things pop up all the time. 8 years ago it was the senate finance committee that figured out that tom had tax issues that derailed him from hhs secretary which was a big deal at the time. what democrats are dealing with now is their shortsightedness when they used what we call the nuclear option. they changed trials of the senate to change the rules. remove the ability of the minority to filibuster executive branch nominees. had democrats not done that and been more patient and taken a long view and republicans were upset about it. >> they like it now. >> yeah they do. they would have been in a position today to have the votes block nominees to really go to the mat. as it is they can come up with clever slogans. chuck shumer is a master at that and he is a very able leader but
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there's not much they can do unless something like dealing with price and his stock issue just derails them on their own. >> but to your point about tom dashel donald trump has a nominee up that failed to pay income taxes on a household employee. another nominee acknowledged yesterday he hired and employed an undocumented worker for almost a decade in his household. these are things that actually derailed previous nominees and we're looking at a situation where trump's nominees are not backing out. they're not likely to and it doesn't seem to be enough to hold any republican opposition. >> why have the rules changed? why have what republicans used to brisel at and not like in terms of not paying your taxes, why now are they giving it a pass? >> they won, right?
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they won and they're taking advantage of that situation the way the democrats took advantage of it in 2009. we'll see how that works because as you know, right after 2009 a new president came in and has this great big win and the democrats held the majority in every office. they just blew it. too much i'm going to do everything i want. the republicans really need to remember that moment and not do the same thing. >> but i think it's related to trump himself. this is a guy that didn't release his tax returns. >> right. that's the problem with it. isn't that the problem? to allison's question they're showing that they're okay with things that he supposedly rejected all through the campaign and that they have rejected. especially where prices are going, seems like nothing matters to them. from an e, ththical standpoint. >> it's a weird image. >> but again democrats have to make a decision.
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they can make a decision where they really want to take a stand and it's not just democrats. the big issues is you look at these hearings so far, russia and obamacare and there's some on the regulatory side as well. so small business, views about climate change, what are the big progressive issues that the democratic party wants to rebuild itself around and fight and resist on those are the issues they're going to resist on here. whether or not they can take down the dom knees. >> are you saying with these democrats sitting out inauguration are we starting to see a splinter group that will be obstructionists and just separate themselves. >> interestingly. >> but this is very similar to what we saw from republicans going into the tea party movement in 2010. it was a subsection of the republican caucus that said no way to everything and i think democrats are going to be in a similar position. there's going to be some among them that want to say no to
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everything and others that don't and what we have to look for is going into 2018 who is going to win out? are the loud voices going to be able to take back the chamber and if they are then you'll see their power grow. >> they're responding to the progressive base. they want democrats to fight on every front and they don't want compromise and democrats have to figure out strategically what is the best path forward for them. one thing to remember, the minority never gets points for helping the majority govern. all they decide is the majority is doing a good job. >> that's the politics of it. what about the practicality of it? they're concerned that the team isn't ready to go. he needs these big picks because he doesn't have the underpicks in so many agencies. they're not even talking to the national security council. >> that's a concern, right? i think they want that imagery of getting the big picks picked
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while they take care of the problems that they have underneath. the problems that we don't see. those relationships and lines of communication between a national security intelligence groups and those areas. >> is it intentional to ignore. >> is it intentional? well i don't know that but it appears that way. >> they want a completely different approach to foreign policy. they want to renegotiate the relationships. it's very important to know that there is continuity of government. you and i were talking about it. if general mattis is confirmed. from a national security point of view the commander and chief will have what he needs at his disposal but he will be tested and if government is not up to speed you have to worry about that and you have to worry about his response time and the way he
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responds given how young this staff is. it's just now coming together. >> what a good panel. they should stay. >> let's do that. would you stay? we'd love that. also a quick programming note for you. new day will begin an hour early tomorrow. >> what? >> for inauguration. i'm breaking the news for you. >> i'm shocked every time. >> chris and i will be live here in washington at 5:00 a.m. eastern. set your alarm. >> wow. >> all right. president obama taking questions from the press one last time and he was nice to us. what advice did he have for the president elect, next on new day. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream.
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mr. obama believes america will be okay and he reveals his advice to the president elect. live at the white house with more. tell us what happened. >> good morning. i thought it was interesting to hear the president talk a bit about the conversations he has been having with the president elect. he describes him as cordial, constructive and i thought we saw a president trying his best to take the high road in his final hours in office. highway void for the most part any direct criticism of the man he campaigned so vigorously
3:19 am
against but he did have subtle warnings for trump and also suggested that trump could use thinking on issues like obamacare and jobs might shift once he is hit by the complexities of the issues. >> at my core, i think we're going to be okay. >> standing by his signature message of hope. >> i believe in this country. i believe in the american people. i believe that people are more good than bad. >> using his final press conference to reassure the country ahead of one of the most significant transfers of power in modern history. >> the only thing that's the end of the world is the end of the world. >> upbeat but sending clear signals to the president elect. vowing to speak out if america's core values are threatened. using one of trump's favorite terms. >> this whole notion of elect or voting fraud, this is something
3:20 am
that is constantly been disproved. this is fake news. >> obama shedding light on the type of advice he has given his successor. >> this is a job of such magnitude that you can't do it by yourself. if you're only hearing from people that agree with you on everything that's when you start making mistakes. >> and cautioning the president elect against acting hastily when he is in office. >> the actions that we take have enormous consequences and ramifications. we're the biggest kid on the block. if you're going to make big shifts in policy, just make sure you have thought it through. >> the commander and chief also defending his controversial decision to commute the sentence of national security leaker chelsea manning. >> chelsea manning has served a tough prison sentence. i feel very comfortable that justice has been served. >> and the importance of a free
3:21 am
press. >> you're not supposed to be there, you're supposed to be skeptics and ask me tough questions. you're not supposed to be complimentary. >> a jab at the man that will soon take obama's place behind the white house podium. >> now the president declined to comment on the more than 50 house democrats that are boy scotting tomorrow's inauguration. he would only say that he will be there and so will the first lady. >> thank you very much. >> so the president striking that likable enough tone and kind of dealing with what this transition will be like yesterday now that leads us to another question. what about the aca? is it likable enough for the american people? a new poll asks americans about his signature legislation or obamacare. it's more popular than it's ever been.
3:22 am
49-47. not exactly a home run but 82% of people relying say it's likely that president elect donald trump will repeal and replace the law. david gregory, isn't it as simple as listen, 49-47 doesn't scare anybody. this is what we campaigned on. this is what we must do, repeal and replace. >> yeah it also means that people don't like you to give them a benefit and take eightway. it means hospitals that are getting more money under obamacare. it means insurance companies. all of whom had to adapt over 7 years. usually the market wants certainty and what they're doing and they can start to implemented it and find some of the problems but it's divided and that's why there's a constituent sy out there that doesn't understand how obamacare works or maybe they're paying more in premiums and say yeah
3:23 am
get rid of the whole thing but what has penetrated is this idea that you don't want to leave people out in the cold and some of the people that could get left out are people that voted for donald trump. they could be older, they could be sicker, they could be whiter and you heard from tom price yesterday we don't want to pull the plug out from people. this is now a huge undertaking and this tension between the president elect saying coverage for everybody and conservatives in the house saying well, helping people get covered and across state lines we'll pull this and it's confused. they're going to have to own it. they're going to have to campaign on it and spend a lot of time on it. >> how are the people that you're talking to feeling about it? some of mr. trump's voters are benefitting from obamacare. >> sure. here's the problem obamacare faces right now. it has been in the low 40s. probably why you see the bump is uncertainty.
3:24 am
people don't like change even if they don't like what they have. change is scary. especially when it impacts your pocketbook and health care. that's an important component of your life and important component of your daily budget so, you know, the big premiums go up attend of the month. going to go up 25%. all of that dislike is going to reerupt and people all across the country when i did that drive across the country, that was the single most thing that i think people missed a lot. >> when there are few issues that present an opportunity for misinformation and deception. >> all around. >> premiums going up are often a function of what your baseline price was and that can look scarier than it was in practicality. not to say there aren't problems but the idea of hey, this is scary, democrats say people are
3:25 am
going to lose their coverage. no, no. we'll take care of it. if you repeal, what that means in real terms, tell me if i'm wrong, is that you are defunding different elements. every time you defund an element of this plan, people are vulnerable if there isn't a simultaneous replacement of the funding that you are defunding. true or false? >> that's true. it's a house of cards. you cannot just pull one card out and not expect the whole thing to crumble under the weight so republicans have to give people what they have now. their health care costs will rise no matter what. obamacare or no obamacare and that's the danger that republicans face is that they have not really prepared people for that reality that health care costs rise over time and if
3:26 am
they are going to replace them and that still happens people will blame them for their cost and pocketbook going up. >> a lot of the reasons why we have seen a bump in obamacare's numbers is one nos statalgia. one of the reasons the law has been popular but a lot of people thought it didn't go far enough and now they're looking at a signature achievement which at least is a national health care scheme there's newfound love for obamacare. the other thing, they don't know what republicans are going to replace it with. just like 8 years ago when democrats couldn't figure out how republicans could oppose health care reform and profit politically it was the unknown. what are you doing with a system i don't like? it could be worse. so i think the unknown is helping to create that and this is why republicans are working to hard and you heard it yesterday saying we're not going
3:27 am
to pull the rug out from under anybody. we're going to have an order any transition. they have a front row seat to obamacares failures. >> every president has priorities. i covered george w. bush. his tax reform and education reform and 9/11 happened and everything got turned upside down. we don't know what that test is. he can only do so much. undo health care these things are going to require a lot of time and effort. >> panel, thank you very much for all of that. also want to give you this development. former president george h.w. bush and his wife barbara both hospitalized in houston. the latest on their conditions and a live report next. on... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further.
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iran's state run media is reporting at least 38 people are injured including more than 2 dozen firefighters that were battling flames at the top levels of the building for hours before it came crashing down in just a matter of seconds. the building had been an iconic part of teheran's skyline. >> breaking news out of italy. one person dead where an avalanche buried a hotel in italy after a series of earthquakes. there's been several over the last few days. this is the scene right now. look at the snowstorm.
3:32 am
it's slowing everything down. only two people have been pulled from the wreckage. the best information right now is there were at least 22 guests staying at the hotel when it was hit by the earthquake. several staff members were on duty and there's a huge degree of unknown and that stone is making everything harder in an already vulnerable region. >> former president george h.w. bush and former first lady barbara bush are waking up in a houston hospital today. doctors transferred the nation's oldest living president to the intensive care unit on wednesday while his 91-year-old wife barbara was admitted there as well. nick is live with all the latest. how are they? >> we should start with george h.w. bush in stable condition. his wife barbara bush also recovering. this comes a day after the health scare for the former president. he was briefly admitted in the icu. still in the icu.
3:33 am
had a procedure that sedated him related to clearing his airway passage. he had been in the houston methodist hospital since this weakness for shortness of breath related to pneumonia. his wife was hospitalized as well. she was complaining of fatigue and coughing. doctors thought it would be best for her to stay in the hospital overnight. both bushes were expected to miss tomorrow's inauguration. the first bush sending the president elect a letter earlier this week saying that the doctors advised against him and the former first lady from standing out in the fridged d.c. cold. yesterday president elect trump taking to twitter to wish them a speedy recovery and also in his final press conference the current president barrack obama thanking the bushes for their friendship and council throughout the years and also wishing them a speedy recovery. no indication on when either bush will be released from the hospital but plenty of people want to see them get better
3:34 am
fast. >> so the list keeps growing. we're seeing the face of the resistance taking shape. dozens of house democrats boycotting donald trump's inauguration and at least one democratic senator doesn't like what they're doing. he is going to tell us why, next. don't pay hundreds more for taxes and fees. introducing t-mobile one. now with taxes and fees included. 4 lines. 40 buck each. all unlimited. all in. switch your family today and get 600 bucks. learn more at a t-mobile store. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day 50+ a complete multi-vitamin with 100% daily value of more than 15 key nutrients. one a day 50+. i need to promote my new busi can make that business cards? business cards, brochures, banners... pens? pens, magnets, luggage tags, bumper stickers. how about foam fingers? like these? now, get 15% off making your company stand out.
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that's one in four house dem crass. so far no senators have joined this boycott. now some democrats are speaking out against those that will be skipping the event. one of them joins us now. i know you don't like the idea of what your fellow democrats in
3:38 am
the house are doing by sitting out the inauguration. they say this is a choice of principle. they don't agree with some of the president elect positions and making it known. >> if we can't transfer and respect for this process that we have which is unlike any in the world then before you start doing something because your personal and they say it's a personal belief in doing this. person i voted for doesn't always get elected but once the process is over that's the first time. president elect donald trump is going to be our president tomorrow. >> you believe they should figure out a way to work with him. >> if you're going to continue to be the hope of the world you better. >> do you think that they represent some sort of new splinter party where they will ban together and obstruct him or
3:39 am
dig in. >> they have to remember why we're here. they came here to represent the people to give them representation and make sure their voices are heard and they're represented properly. if you want to be an outlier you're not doing the job you were supposed to do. have to find someone that wants to get something accomplished. and you work with people you don't agree with. your job is to get it done. >> i want to ask you about some cabinet nominees. you have an issue with a couple of them. tom price and betty devos. let's start with tom price. >> i had to ask the state senate to judge me on the people and you go through a process and you have to watch the process. there's ethics reports and financial closure. >> did it trouble you that he
3:40 am
had chosen stock. >> that's a troubling thing but he wasn't going to continue opioid funding. >> that's an epidemic in your state. >> prescription drug use. these people have no way to get clean and back in society. >> why would he say that? did he give his reasoning? >> not really. he didn't commit to where it was needed. i don't know if he thinks these people can cure themselves. it's an illness. 20 years ago you committed a crime, put you in jail. guess what, that didn't work. so now we have understood that basically it's an illness. you have to treat it and if he doesn't wish to do that then that tells me that i have much concern with him doing things i think will make good sense in a direction i think would help west virginia so have to look at that. also medicare. i have an older population. one of the oldest in the country.
3:41 am
medicare is something they work for and paid for and he tried time after time after time to privatize it. you can't privatize and put a voucher system in for somebody 65 or 75 years of age and make your best deals. >> do you think these things are disqualifying? >> i don't think disqualifying. just basically my reason i may not be able to vote for him for those reasons but we'll see what happens. i watched his interviews and we're getting snips of everything he said and seeing how it runs in conflict with what we believe and what we represent. so we'll see. >> betsy devos. >> i don't know her. i know her where she comes from and what her intentions are and if you look at a rural state such as west virginia we don't have a large population. i don't have a large urban area. the funding system is much different than other areas and if you start looking at vouchers and charter schools you will absolutely decimate, decimate
3:42 am
the rural population of rural school systems and public school systems. i'm scared of that. >> it will bleed money from the public schools. >> it's going to take money. and we don't have that now. i'm scared of that. i'm very much concerned. >> lastly i want to ask you about president obama commuting the sentence of chelsea manning. your thoughts? >> i thought it was wrong. we have a whole investigation through online intel now. we'll be looking into the russian hacking and how adept that is. we're getting hit every day by every country in the world almost coming and trying to change how we do business. this person was convicted. private manning at that time, chelsea manning is now convicted of treason. >> she served her time. >> 7 of 35 years. >> but president obama said that was a longer sentence than any other leaker. >> we didn't take it seriously.
3:43 am
in this time that we're dealing with, you know what's happening that sets a precedent. does that give a green light to assange and snowden and all of them. i trust in them and believe in them and they do their job and that would concern me and this does concern me and i'm not giving the green light to anyone that wants to be harmed in this country. >> thank you so much. great to have you on new day. up next we have an exclusive interview with ash carter and we'll get his take on mr. obama's controversial chelsea manning commutation and threat from russia as well as isis. all of that is ahead on new day. all finished.
3:44 am
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my favorite player so to see him make it into the hall of fame is pretty cool for me. he was elected in his 7th year of eligibility. he can now call himself a first ballot hall of famer and he made the cut in what was his last chance. those are the three that will be going in this july. now barry bonds and roger clemens falling short due to ties with performance enhancing drugs but they did see a bump in their numbers from voters which is a good sign from them. steelers wide receiver antonio brown has come under fire from posting a video in the locker room where you can hear the private postgame speech and brown said he just got carried
3:48 am
away in the moment. >> total distraction to the organization. total distraction to my teammates. obviously disrespect to my coach. i have the upmost respect to my coach. >> we'll see if that off the field distraction ends up hurting the steelers when they take on the patriots this sunday in the afc championship game. >> we'll see. thank you very much. up next, one-on-one with defense secretary ash carter. we covered a lot of ground. the war against isis, russian hacking and what he thinks about the president's commutation of chelsea mannings sentence. nothing matters more going forward. he has answers ahead. heads up - we're going back to '77. disco.
3:49 am
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all right. transition is what it sounds like. president obama's cabinet members leave office tomorrow at noon along with the outgoing president. so we sat down with defense secretary ash carter yesterday for his last tv interview. this is a very important position. continuity of our safety is dependent on what happens at the
3:53 am
pentagon so we talked about the threats facing our nation. the stability going forward as well as the president's commutation of chelsea mannings sentence. >> tell us how you're feeling about leaving this place you have been in so long and you love so well. >> i love it. have been doing it for 35 years but at the same time i'm very confident in where we're going and i'm confident in what we're doing today in iraq and syria, dealing with russia, china, north korea, iran, all of the current issues that we have and i'm also confident with the direction this place is headed. >> american people have had beaten into their brains that we're not safe. that isis is strong. that we're nowhere on the war. that the threat is greater than
3:54 am
it was 8 years ago. what is your perspective? >> it's a complicated world but with respect to isil and all the other challenges, we are on the path we need to be on strategically. it's a path we developed a year and a half ago. we have been systematically executing it to destroy isil and destroy the fact and idea that there could be an islamic state based on this. first and foremost in iraq and syria. you'll see that unfolding in mosul and i'm confident that mosul will fall. and then we're dealing with all of the other messes where ever it might spring up. afghanistan, libya and of course protecting our own people here at home. we're on the right path to do that. a lot of concern coming out of the military and veteran
3:55 am
community about the word of the commutation of the sentence of chelsea manning and what that may mean for a beau bergdahl. what will you say about that? >> all i'm say about the manning case is i did not support the direction the president went but he has made his decision. that's all i'm going to say. that was not my recommendation. >> there's a chain of continuity now. wikileaks, russia. we saw them shelter russia from the responsibility and do you have concern to shelter russia from responsibility of the attacks? >> the only thing i will say is that we are committed here and i am committed to helping the president elect and his team to hit the ground running. we have been doing that for 2041
3:56 am
years. we have been doing it this year as well. on the case of the russian hacking what it says to me among other things is from us here in the defense department protecting our own networks is a long way from being able to assure that. with respect to russia their interests aren't the same as ours but with every major power you work where ever your interests can overlap or align but the reality is with today's russia is that those areas where we can make our interests overlap or align with one another and work in the same direction have diminished in my career here. they're not completely gone. we work with russia on issues in iran and in north korea and when you come to europe ukraine,
3:57 am
syria, we have not been able to find common ground and even more starkley there's some ways in which russia has come to define it's own interests and it's own success and if somebody sets himself up not to achieve his own interests it's very difficult to build a bridge to them. now that said i think we should still continue to try and i would urge those that come after me to continue to try but i'm realistic. >> what's the best approach to dealing with russia? >> i think you have to be strong and you have to be balanced. where they cannot, there will be align and we can work together and we have to stand strong. that means making sure that we design them and develop them and stay ahead of russian capabilities and with nato and
3:58 am
our other alliance partners so they can stay strong. balanced in that we ought to always try to work with them and hold the door open for a time. i don't foresee that now. but sometime in the future when they begin to conceive of their interest in a more normal way. >> i've known jim for 20 years. he is a good friend. he worked for me. he was a senior commander here. he is experienced and knowledgeable of the military aspects especially of the middle east. we have done everything we can to help pave the way for him and
3:59 am
his team and i wish him every success because our country deserves it and he stefshs it and you can't forget that his success is our success. >> all right. so the good news is the outgoing secretary of defense has a lot of confidence if he's confirmed. bad news is he sees vladimir putin as a man that defines himself by america's defeats and he is not a man to be embraced lightly. this is a man negotiating with russia for decades and decades. not just right now. there you have it. thanks to our international viewers for watching. cnn newsroom is going to begin for you in moments. for our u.s. viewers we have a lot of news about what's going to happen today and tomorrow and we're going to do it right now.
4:00 am
>> this is a job of such magnitude that you can't do it by yourself. >> it's going to be an amazing weekend. it's going to be something special. >> we're committed to keeping promises to the american people. >> nato is an alliance we will keep. >> nato has a way of fighting back. >> no one is interested in pulling the rug out of anyone. we have received efforts in a way that ties their views from the american people. >> do you believe that global warm as good a hoax? >> i do not senator. >> so donald trump is wrong? >> good morning. welcome to your new day. we're live in washington d.c. this is really happening on your screen. that was the sunrising behind the u.s. capitol. washington d.c. is such a beautiful city. i am struck by it every


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