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tv   New Day  CNN  January 19, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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everybody in this briefing that was done, they point out obvious things that make it clear that this is the russians. if it was obvious, i guarantee you the russians are so good, they are not going to be obvious that they're going to be pointed out. >> hey, paul, was this the easiest segment you've ever been in? >> well, if my fingerprints are on the murder weapon, it's obvious that i didn't do it. >> russia is that good they would not leave their fingerprints. >> this will be a chapter in the next book. >> i hope not. >> the fbi and five other agencies are pursuing kremlin money used, the story says, allegedly to benefit the trump campaign. >> we're out of time. on that cliff-hanger, thank you all, gentlemen. j.d., we'll owe you one next time. >> he was happy to stay out of this. crazyland on the other side. we're following a lot of
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news. let's get right to it. everything we have done has been aboveboard, transparent, ethical and legal. >> this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. >> i don't believe climate change is a hoax. >> russia is trying to show their muscle. i don't think we can trust them. >> dozen of house democrats boycotting donald trump's inauguration. >> i think what it's going to be, the numbers will be astronomical. >> i think we're going to be okay. >> this is new day with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning and welcome to your "new day." it's thursday, january 19, 8:00 in washington, d.c. boy, this is where history is going to be made tomorrow, donald john trump will be sworn in as the nation's 45th 79.
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the president-elect hoping most of his cabinet appointments will be confirmed after he takes office. >> democrats are trying to slow things down, focusing on ethical issues for some of mr. trump's nominees and there are questions ability the incoming administration's readiness to take the reigns of the federal government. we are now just one day away from the inauguration. let's begin coverage with cnn's sunlen serfaty live on the beautiful capitol hill this morning. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. president-elect donald trump is pushing for his cabinet nominees to be confirmed quickly. they want at least seven confirmed within hours after he is inaugurated into office tomorrow. senate democrats, they are now threatening to hit the brakes on all this saying they will not rush this and accusing the republicans of trying to jam these nominees through. top democrats hoping to jeopardize the confirmations of
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some of donald trump's cabinet picks. >> this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. >> reporter: senate minority leader chuck schumer trying to slow down the process as senate republicans push for confirmations of seven of his nominees on his first day in office. >> it's no surprise republicans are trying to rush through these hearings. they don't want people to know the true views of their nominees. >> reporter: democrats focusing on ethics concerns of three of trump's picks in wednesday's hearings. >> everything we have done has been aboveboard, transparent, ethical and legal. >> reporter: grilling the president-elect's nominee for secretary of health and human services, tom price, about stock purchases that could have benefited from legislation he proposed during his time in the house. >> i knew nothing about those purchases. >> you couldn't have a defensive vears fied portfolio while saying clear of the six companies directly affected by your work on that issue? >> i didn't have any knowledge of those purchases. >> this is a very narrow, specific company that dealt with
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implants, hip and knee, and the legislation specifically affects implants. he puts it in a week after he buys the stock? that cries out for an investigation. >> reporter: mick mulvaney, trump's choice to head the office of management and budget facing scrutiny after admitting he failed to pay more than $15,000 in payroll taxes for a household employee. department of commerce nominee wilbur ross revealing he unknowingly employed an undocumented immigrant. meantime, trump's pick to head the environmental protection agency, scott pruitt, grilled on his views on climate change. >> why is the climate changing? >> senator, in response to the co2 issue, the epa administrator is constrained by statutes -- >> i'm asking you a personal opinion. >> my personal opinion is immaterial. >> reporter: the president-elect has repeatedly denied climate
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change is real. >> so donald trump is wrong? >> i do not believe that climate change is a hoax. >> reporter: nikki haley chosen by trump to be the ambassador to the united nations also publicly splitting with her new boss's views on foreign affairs, questioning russia's agenda and showing support of nato. >> that's how an administration works. you surround yourself with people who don't just say yes to what you think. >> reporter: today on capitol hill, two more confirmation hearings, rick perry for energy secretary and steve mnuchin for treasury secretary. we also expect that president-elect donald trump today will nominate former georgia governor sonny purdue for next agriculture secretary, marking the final pick for his cabinet. >> sunlen, thank you very much. in just hours president-elect donald trump will move from new york to washington ahead of tomorrow's inauguration. this comes as there are growing concerns about the readiness of the administration on day one to
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take the reigns of federal government. cnn's jason carroll live in troum trump tower with more. >> reporter: when the president-elect heads your way, he'll be doing it on a military aircraft, not the private trump plane we've seen him fly so many times in the past. even as he heads your way, there's still a number of questions in terms of whether or not trump's security team, national security team is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead, this after cnn has learned that that transitional team has been slow to interact with trump's national -- with obama's national security council. the council has prepared a number of briefings and memos, and they're unsure if team trump has even read them. there are similar concerns at the state department, but trump's team really pushing back on that. sean spicer, the spokesman saying at the end of the day the transition will be what he called the gold standard of
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transitions. he said they have land deng teams ready to go across all fronts. mike pence also saying the team is ready to go, specifically when it comes to taking on obamacare. >> i think you can expect that a president drum will hit the ground running on day one come monday morning. the first week there will be a series of executive actions, both putting executive orders into place, repealing some executive orders, and continue to work very energetically with the congress to both repeal and replace obamacare. >> reporter: alisyn, they said repeal and replace many times in the past. repeal got it, but still unclear specifically what they're going to replace it with, although pence says that they are going to have a replacement plan soon. alisyn? >> jason, thank you very much. the president-elect just tweeting moments ago, we want to read it to you. he says getting ready to leave for washington, d.c. the journey begins, and i will be working and fighting very hard to make it a great journey
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for the american people. i have no doubt that we will together make america great again. joining me now to discuss all things inaugural is tom barrick, the chairman of the presidential inaugural committee. tom, what a day. >> big day. >> you seem cool as a cucumber for somebody who has to pull off this monumental event tomorrow. >> the president-elect has done all the hard work. he's relentless. when we talk about the tran six is he ready. the problem is keeping him away from events. he's shown up for everything. he has a motto of just show up. we've had 19 events in six days. he shows up, goes back to work. he shows up, goes back to work. >> he does have an incredible amount of energy. you've known him for 40 years. how does he have so much energy? >> he's got this relentless curiosity and this ability to adapt to so many situations, and i think that's what you're going to see in this transition, he's
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picked a cabinet that fits america's personality. he's curated a group of people who have the same kind of do it now attitude. it's a little startling to washington. >> you say he picks a cabinet that reflects america. they're all billionaires. it's not exactly reflective of the average american. >> let me ask you a question. if you were having cardiac surgery, would you want to hire somebody who just graduated from medical school or hire the chief of card ang surgery at mayo. >> you say it's their success that is what he's responding to. >> if you're in the military, you hire a general. if you have an economic problem, you hire people who have the hardware and ability to maneuver. that's what's happening. >> tell us what's going to surprise us tomorrow. this is going to be a breathtaking event, as the inaugurations are. what are you watching for? >> i think what's going to surprise you, everybody just takes a moment and says what
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we're going to watch at about 11:23 is the only peaceful transition of partisan power that happens over five minutes in front of 190 million viewing population, where one great president, president obama, by the stroke of a hand on a bible, passes to his partisan counterpart, the weight of the world. at that moment when you're viewing the western platform of the white house and to the world the transition of that power takes place, and you look down the mall and you think of the passages that are written, not on the bricks of these monuments, but in the hearts of the people that wrote those inscriptions, it's powerful. >> very poetic, tom. speaking of poetry, the inaugural speech. what do you know about it? what's mr. trump going to say? >> he's got a great speech
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writer, steve miller and a great group of people. >> he's doing it himself, relying on speech writers or a collaboration? >> a collaboration, but it's coming from him. like everything, it comes from him. >> he gives them the ideas and they craft it? >> e also crafts it. if you look at what's happened, kind of interpreting the man's personality onto the message is the california. i think that's what you going to see. i think it's going to surprise -- we're going from candidate trump to president trump. >> what does that mean? what's that transition going to look like? >> it means he knows the constituencies that got him here. he's going to be loyal and dedicated. he also knows he needs to heal the wounds and bridge that divide. now he's the president for everybody. his message is come together, i come together for all of you, i'm going to listen to every point of view, and we can never be hurt as long as from the inside we're united. the outside is not going to dent us. >> he's going to tone down the
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fiery rhetoric? >> i think he's going to explain to all the constituencies that they have a spot, they have a place, he's going to do what he said and he's the president for all of america. >> he's going to ride over with president obama. he has relied on president obama for help during this transition. president obama has said they've had constructive conversations. what do you think their relationship will be like after tomorrow? >> i think sensational. ment obapresident obama has bee wonderful. you had a story of the difficulty in the transition to the national security team. it's not true. mike flynn and k.t. mcfarland are so first class. president obama and his team have been terrific with us, transition of all the pieces, first class. i think these men rise above all the rhetoric. president obama has compassion for what president-elect trump is going to encompass and incur.
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i think president-elect trump has great gratitude and admiration for president obama as he moves on to the next phase of his life. >> after he's inaugurated, the parade down pennsylvania avenue. chris and i will be covering it. will mr. trump be staying in his car, getting out -- >> if it were left to him, he'd be jogging the 1.5 miles. >> maybe he won't be in the car. have you talked about that? >> it will be a surprise. before the parade, he goes into the capitol, into the white house -- senator blunt, the capital provision, has done an amazing job. at that point in time, depending on what happens, he may sign in the first part of his cabinet, depending what happens on this want bantering back and forth. they have a lunch. you'll with waiting for the parade for about an hour and ten minutes. >> good to know. i'll bring rain gears.
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>> don't say that. bring beach chairs, suntan lotion. >> you know there's been some talk about how celebrities haven't wanted to turn out for this the way they have in the past. any big ticket names we should be on the lookout for tomorrow? >> yes, there's a lot of them. i have to tell you -- many of them are friends of mine, and the resistance that was there is dwindling daily. we have no tickets left. everything except to the mall is sold out. every ball is sold out. the people who are now asking to come, and the great celebrities buying dresses at many of the couture shops would shock you. >> any names? >> you'll have to wait and see. i'm not going to ruin it. >> the reveal. i'm familiar with that tactic. their first dance, what song? >> probably "my way." >> fitting. >> right? >> tom, that is great. you're not nervous about anything for tomorrow? >> i'm not nervous because we
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have a great team and all the heavy lifting is with the president-elect. he has made it that way. america, when you look behind you and see what we have to celebrate and what we have to inhale that the stage is the celebration. the rest of it is all folly. >> we like your excitement. tom barack, thanks for sharing it with us. great to have you with us on "new day." "new day" will begin an hour early for inauguration day. chris and i will be live here in washington starting at 5:00 a.m. eastern. >> can't get enough. >> set your alarm. i am excited. breaking news. u.s. bombers have struck isis camps in southern libya. this happened overnight. the air strikes happening in the final hours of president obama's time in office. it's a story first reported by cnn. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the breaking details. barbara, this is going to be a big surprise to people. what are we seeing play out? >> good morning, chris.
5:16 am
this is exactly the type of military operation president trump could be asked to authorize as soon as he takes office. it can come at any time for him. in the closing hours of the obama presidency, president obama authorizing these air strikes that occurred overnight about 45 kilometers southwest of sirte, a city along the libyan coastline. u.s. b 2 bombers striking a number of isis camps that the u.s. had been closely watching as isis flighters fled from sirte into this area in the desert. they have been looking for them. they have been looking for military-aged males in the desert. president obama authorizing the strike and it being finished up overnight. during the obama presidency, this has been the evolving tactic to go after isis, air strikes, drone strikes and on the ground in some places special operations. it's worked for president obama. what everybody will be watching now is to see what kind of
5:17 am
authorizations president trump gives the u.s. military to continue these types of operations. alisyn? >> yes, that is the big question, barbara. thank you for sharing all that reporting with us. well, donald trump becomes our 45th president tomorrow. are he and his team prepared? our political panel weighs in on that next. the things that i consume on a daily basis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion that foods and drinks were causing. so it was really important to start using the pronamel. it'll be one less thing you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it's as simple as that. ♪ wis that they contourt tempur-peto your body.s... it keeps us comfortable and asleep at night. start the new year off right with the best sleep of your life. buy your tempur-pedic now
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this is a swamp cabinet full of bankers and billionaires. >> chuck schumer channelling kermit the frog. alligators is what's going to be coming in with the president's cabinet picks. democrats raising serious questions about the ethics issues of some of trump's nominees. will it make a difference? let's discuss with cnn contributor celina sooet toes. david regry, cnn political analyst abbie phillip and senior congressional correspondent for "the washington examiner" and host of the podcast "examining politics" david trucker. david gregory, they don't have the votes, the democrats, unless
5:20 am
people want to cross lines. is there a secondary optic at play that could matter going forward if these picks get through? >> a lot of these are proxy fights, whether it's on russia or obamacare. these are democrats drawing a line in the sand saying you're going to have a big fight. they'll need democrats to negotiate a replacement. they'll need 60 votes. i think they're having some of these fights with nominees and i think they're trying to make a case and generate support that might move republicans, maybe on tom price's investments, maybe devos's lack of experience to be education secretary. i think they'll focus on battles they want to not just pick but try to move forward on some of these big agenda items. >> david, if all of these nominees get through, what don't things like maybe having some insider trading or maybe not paying your taxes on time or maybe employing undocumented
5:21 am
worker, wife wouldn't those things matter to republicans now? >> all politics is situational, especially in the building behind us. when you're in the minority, you use the tactics available to you. when you're in the majority, you want to get your agenda through any way you can. republicans really in a wilderness for the past ten years on capitol hill are so excited about the ability to get things done that even though trump is unconventional, really not that conservative and at times he's at odds with them, they're willing -- first of all, they have no choice, but they're excited to roll the dice with a president where they have a good chance he's going to sign things like tax reform and obamacare repeal. they're not going to get bogged down in the weeds -- >> of ethics? >> democrats have done the same thing. >> fair sarcasm on this one. you had an undocumented worker?
5:22 am
we're all about keeping undocumented work es out. you're talking about taking a gamble. shouldn't what price did matter? congressman pete sessions, republican from texas says they do matter, you should extend the process and probe -- >> i'm not making the case they don't matter. i'm saying republicans are looking at a bigger picture. the sooner they get donald trump his team, the sooner they can get things done. it is, however, the case that things like insider stock trading and other issues could derail these picks, the same way tom daschle had to back out because of a tax issue. >> abbie, do you think that's possible? >> i definitely think they could be. i think the bar is higher partly because republicans only need 50 votes to approve these nominees these days. that makes it much harder for democrats than it would have been even in tom daschle's case eight years ago. also, the public consciousness has been shocked after this election. they went through a period where
5:23 am
we had scandal after scandal seemingly that would derail any presidential nominee. now we're facing a tax issue. they don't seem as outrageous as they might have seemed eight years ago when we were coming off a hope and change election. this was not a hope and change election. >> there's a lot of washington fights that people see in that context. they don't look at these as, well, ethical issues that republicans raised before. they say, here is more of an example of why we need to shake things up and the desire to change how washington works. they could be inuring to the benefit of tom price or others in hot water. i'd like to bring up this other point, trump is a guy who didn't even release his taxes. there's a lot he's done ethically or lacking in efforts that people have become comfortable with in the public at large. >> a completely different era,
5:24 am
right? he set the bar, has done everything completely different. if the president-elect and eventual president can get away with some of the things, like david said, the taxes, what's $15,000? >> he also said drain the swamp. what do you want to project with this team? not talking to obama's national security council. rick santorum on here as a cnn contributor saying, you know what? we don't know russia did the hacks. what are these strategies about? why push back on the obvious? >> chaos probably helps a little bit right now because there are so many things going on. why not keep all these balls juggling in the air in terms of all these messages, all this information, all these sort of almost scandals going on so you can get in there, plow through and start to do stuff you want to do. >> also, there's no more sacred cows, i feel.
5:25 am
this mistrust of institutions, we take it as gospel and verse. we believe our intelligence agencies. we always have. and now trump is like, no, not so much. >> a certain amount of disruption is good. every other part of our institutional life has been disrupted. our economy has been disrupted. certainly politics was ripe for that. i agree, the idea -- trump and even rick santorum is more a minority, questioning some of the conclusions about russia. mike pompeo will be cia director, general mattis, senior republican hawks. nikki haley, governor of south carolina. there's a minority of people who says russia is not so bad. to trump's credit, he's bringing in those people -- >> for trump voters this is a hope and change election. they want things to get done. they want disruption, to david's point, they want to see republicans accomplish things they've been promising. maybe they're wrong for this and maybe they'll regret it, they're
5:26 am
not skberested in minor ethical issues shaking up in what they think the president-elect was sent here to do by them. >> the other thing about trump's strategy from the very beginning has been to reduce the barriers between him and his people. if the media is getting in the way and sort of -- saying things that he doesn't want them to say, he is going to discredit the media. he's going to discredit his critics, democrats, the cia, whoever is in the way of him communicating directly to his people, and that's the dynamic that we're going into. that's the way that he uses social media, and the objective here is so that when he's ready to do something, he can just say this is what i'm doing and this is why i'm doing it. his supporters believe him. the polling numbers show they believe him over basically everybody else. >> it's against everything big. populism, simply put, is against big. it's against big media, big bureaucracy. it's not that people have lost
5:27 am
faith in individual intelligent agents, but it's the bureaucracy they don't trust. that's the nuance we're missing in this. >> panel, thank you very much for all of that. more than 50 house democratic lawmakers say they will not attend mr. trump's inauguration tomorrow. one democrat who will be there, congressman elijah cummings. he joins us next. and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira.
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say they will not attend the capitol tomorrow for the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. one democrat who will be there is congressman elijah cummings of maryland. he joins us now. always a pleasure. >> good seeing you. >> you're going. does that mean that they are wrong to not go? >> no. i think that they should do what they believe in their hearts. chris, you've got to understand that we members of congress have a lot of information that the public does not have, and i can tell you over the last week or
5:32 am
two, the classified briefings that i have been to, and if the public knew what members of congress know -- >> why don't they? aren't you there for the people, aren't you supposed to be relaying information? >> chris, you just heard me say it's a classified briefing. >> if it's that important that it's going to make people not go to the inauguration -- >> you're making the very point that i've been trying to make, and that is that we need to be doing more, number one, to investigate this hacking and also we need to be doing more with regard to looking at the fbi director and what he did in this whole situation. by the way, the house has done hardly anything -- i don't think we've done anything really. of course, the senate under senator burr and senator warner, they are doing some things. what i'm worried about, chris,
5:33 am
is that it seems as if republicans are letting president-elect trump just move forward with regard to, say, the conflict of interest issues, than this whole hacking issue. i'm really concerned that we as democrats have to mush more harder on republicans to do something so that their standards are met and that he gets rid of these conflicts and he also deals with the hacking. >> let's bundle it all up into the one main premise which is either you respect the process -- >> that's right. >> -- or you don't. >> that's right. >> if you don't show up for the transition of power, the argument is made you're not respecting the process. john lewis did it before with president bush 43. he's saying it again now. he's got basically a group with
5:34 am
him. i know some people have different reasons about why they're not going. either they have proof to show what they're talking about or -- >> chris, let me tell you. information will come out later at some point where i think the public will fully understand. my situation is i want to be a witness to history. my forefathers worked hard to give me and others these opportunities. so i want to be there to be a witness. but i also want it understood that this is our watch. we have to protect this democracy. this to me is bigger than president-elect trump. i'm concerned that we are moving slowly but surely towards a crisis of legitimacy with regard to our core institutions, cia, fbi, nsa. i can go straight on down the line. even our office of government ethics has been attacked. by the republicans. so some of us will be outside and doing very constructive
5:35 am
things and meeting with constituents, while others of us will be inside. the other thing, chris, i want to be clear on, at some point a lot of information is going to come to me as the top person on the oversight and government reform committee, and i don't want anybody to say, well, he was one of the people that was protesting. i want them to understand, this is not about democrat or republican. when that information comes to me, i want to be able to say i acted almost as a judge. >> i hear you on that. this is loaded stuff. >> i know it's loaded stuff. >> you have hillary clinton who will be there tomorrow with her husband. >> right. >> obviously she's respecting the process and all this legitimacy stuff would influence what happened with her i'm assuming through the democratic narrative. there's such loaded suggestions, the information will be coming, if the american people knew what we knew. isn't there a responsibility to do something with that kind of suggestion because it's like a poison pill dumping it into the process? >> chris, you know this. i do not control the information. republicans are in control, and
5:36 am
you know that. so they control the whole flow of things. hopefully we will, at some point, we have the investigation going on in the senate, hopefully the house will begin to do some investigations itself. but the key is to do what i and congressman swar well of california suggested. we need a 9/11-type panel where independent people -- not congressmen or senators, independent panel, distinguished people come in, look at the evidence with regard to hacking and other things they need to look at and present all that to the american people with recommendations. >> i get what you mean by the 9/11 panel. that is about understanding how something happened that we knew happened. this is different -- there is a suggestion, correct me if i'm wrong, that what could be developed is so powerful that it could rationalize delegitimizing the outcome of the election. >> you're saying delegitimizing.
5:37 am
i didn't say that. >> it's the implication -- >> i'm just telling you we've got 17 intelligence agencies who have already said the russians hacked. >> they were behind the hacks. >> now we need to find out more information about that? we also need to find out how they did it, and we need to have recommendations -- >> do you think it's even possible where you would get to a place where what you learn legitimately calls the outcome of the election into question? >> i leave that to the future. chris, i leave that to the future. in other words, you present evidence. just like a judge and jury, you present evidence. the evidence has to come forward and let the public take a look at it. i don't know what that's going to come to. tomorrow i will be there asking as a witness to history. >> me, too. >> you got your ticket? >> no. i'm in the media. that's my ticket. congressman, thank you for being with us as always. enjoy the day tomorrow.
5:38 am
>> thank you. if all of trump's cabinet picks do get confirmed, then what's going to happen in terms of these existing issues of conflicts and the president-elect having to own those going forward? that's part of the bottom line next. of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid.
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and they're absolutely right. they say that it's hot... when really, it's scorching. and while some may say the desert is desolate...
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we prefer secluded. what is the desert? it's absolutely what you need right now. absolutely scottsdale. president-elect donald trump, of course, promised to
5:42 am
drain the swamp, but ethics experts say mr. trump has not done enough to resolve his own conflicts, and some of his cabinet members are also being grilled on capitol hill regarding their business and finance. how will all this play out in the first days of the add sflags let's get the bottom line with senior editor of the atlantic david frum, cnn political analyst and columnist kerstin powers and republican commentator joseph borelli. great to see all of you on this momentous occasion. david, if the word is conflicts, seems like we're going to have to take a leap of faith because they have not all been resolved 24 hours out. >> i don't think there's any intention of resolving them. the conflicts for this administration are not a bug, they're a feature. that is the whole purpose of this administration. so we are going to see a step beyond conflicts. remember, conflicts are merely prophylactic. they're a fence around where you
5:43 am
shouldn't go. donald trump wants to go where you shouldn't go. >> borelli, how do you feel about that? there's an insinuation here that, you know what, the voters are okay if tom price bought stock that came too close to collecting interest. they're okay if the guys don't pay their tax, these are small potatoes, that was baked in in the price of entry are trump and they're on to bigger things. does this make you feel okay? >> isn't that true? donald trump ran for office and didn't hide the fact that he had multiple companies in multiple countries, assets everywhere. yet the public chose to elect him. there's no legal issue with anything donald trump is doing right now. to say he has maybe a political question would be fair, but i think it's also fair to say the media is going to hold this administration extremely accountable given the potential of conflict of interest over the next four years. i don't think anyone in trump's
5:44 am
immediate circle believes there will not be a very strong microscope on everything they do as it relates to businesses his family may own. >> the problem is he's also trying to delegitimize the media because he knows the media is holding him accountable. i think that's part of the problem. also this focus on what's legal versus what's ethical is problematic. if you take donald trump, for example, just because it's legal doesn't mean it's okay. if it plents a conflict of interest ethically, that's a problem. tom price keeps saying everything i did was legal. i think most people would say it wasn't ethical. >> it's being suggested by some trump surrogates, because i voted for trump, that means i don't care if cabinet members paid their taxes? >> if there's proof that tom price did something, a quid pro quo or to benefit himself in his own personal stock folio, which there is no proof.
5:45 am
>> there is proof. he did exactly that. hold on a second, joe. even he's admitting that happened. what he's saying, well, a financial advisor made these choices that he shouldn't have made. >> a stockman jer who manages a portfolio who doesn't consult with him every day on every trade. you have to find a quid pro quo to indict the man publicly. >> that's not even true. i don't want to comment on tom price's case. a lot remains uncertain. the united states has the laxist laws on public integrity. the reason governor bob mcdonnell of virginia is a free man is even if there's a quid pro quo, that's not enough to convict you. the country has the magna carta of crooked politicians. >> you're referring to the supreme court case that says you have to show the motivations for the quid pro co- >> that's not enough. what you must show is the quid pro quo governed an official act.
5:46 am
bob mcdonnell arranged a series of meetings for someone who gave him a fancy watch and crass. even that's not enough. >> how have we come so far from when tom daschle, who was very popular, that his nomination was scuttled for hhs. >> donald trump is obviously flouting all norms. i think there's little shame when it comes to this stuff. his own attitude is, as long as it's legal and we're not breaking the law, then what i'm doing is okay. in the tom price -- even if it's legal, it's mind-boggling that you can be responsible for introducing legislation that your broker is able to invest in companies -- he is responsible for medical issues, health care. how is it possible that there isn't a rule against that? tech reporters would not allow -- >> there isn't a rule against this and he did not break any laws. you're saying he should be --
5:47 am
that's why we shouldn't have this person as a secretary. that's not the reality. >> i'm saying look at it. >> economists have studied the portfolios of members of congress and find they systematically outperform the stock market. maybe our members of congress are super good investors, or maybe there is a systematic habit of trading on inside information. no accusation against tom price, we don't know. it's not just any one congressman. it's a collective activity. yes, it is legal, but it shouldn't be. because the laws here are so lax, american members of government have the desire to live to the highest standards, the question has never been before just what can you get away with. how do you stay one step short of indictment. >> thank you very much for being here. many of mr. trump's long-time friends who supported him to ascend to the presidency are here in washington for his inauguration. basketball legend bobby knight is here and joins us live next.
5:48 am
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5:51 am
many of president-elect donald trump's long-time friends and supporters are here for tomorrow's historic inauguration. one of those friends, and he has his own theme music playing behind us right now, is legendary basketball coach bobby knight. coach, great to have you on the show. thanks for being with us. >> always nice to be with people that know what they're doing, and you folks as i've watched you over the years, always seem
5:52 am
to know what you're doing. >> that's very kind. >> they're playing aerosmith's "sweet emotion." what are you feeling as we head into the inauguration? >> well, interest iing. it's something you don't get to see every day. if you have some little part in it, i've gotten a real thrill i think out of spending some time and being involved with the trump administration. i have a great positive feeling about mr. trump, having spent quite a bit of time with him. >> let's talk about that. as you know, there are so many in the country who have trepidation -- >> you have to explain trepidation to me. >> she likes the big words. >> nervous, who have slightly very yous ability mr. trump becoming their president.
5:53 am
what do people get wrong? you've known him since the '80s. what do people get wrong about him? >> let me tell you what i think. i think the guy is perfect for the job. i'll tell you why. whoever takes over as president at this point in time is going to have a lot of problems. we have problems with the budget, we have this, we have that. when i traveled with mr. trump, i looked at it and i just said here is a guy who is tough, he's smart and he loves america. beyond that he has the faculties to do a lot of things, i believe, that have to be done insofar as our country is concerned. number one is this, he's not just an american. the guy is known all over the world. if you study his background, see this. he has had had kinds of
5:54 am
businesses, here, there, everywhere. he's had some that had problems to be corrected. he's going to be able to solve things. i think that's going to be huge as we progress here in the next couple years. >> coach, one of the things he's got to solve is he does not deny any fight. he takes up every battle that comes his way. as a coach, you are not known as someone who shied away from battles either, even with the media. what your advice to him in terms of how to be going forward? you think that's what got him here or you think he has to think about what fights he takes on? >> i think use his skills, his skills to correct, his skills to build. i think he'll bring those skills with him and it's going to be a great thing for us. as i said when i traveled with him and people brought him up to me, i said you find somebody
5:55 am
that's better prepared for that job than he is, and i'll talk to you about it. so far nobody has come up with a better preparation. >> because it's because you scare them. that's why. >> huh? >> you scare them. >> that's their fault, not mine. i think we're going to see a man develop into, i think, one of the great presidents that we will have had simply because he brings the tools with him to this job that are necessary right now. >> is mr. trump capable of rising above personal slights? he likes to say that he's a counterpuncher. can he just resist counter-punching? >> i think so. a lot of it is humor from his standpoint. it might not be for yours or mine. >> to be on the receiving end of it doesn't feel that fun. >> yeah. but i think he's really straightened out a lot on that. i think going back in time, say
5:56 am
several months ago, i think he got a little bit carried away with this and that and other things, but then, as i saw him and worked with him over a period of time, i just saw him develop into a person that really understood what this was all about. and i had a great positive feeling for the direction in which he was headed. >> you're a character witness here in a way. what's going on with his cabinet process in part is this kind of trial of what matters to mr. trump, what is he okay with and the people he puts around him. some of them seem to be sterling, when you get the generals around him, certainly mattis and kelly. >> let's start with the generals for a second. you think about the secretary of defen defense. the last secretary of defense had nothing to do with the
5:57 am
military. >> ash carter? >> way back. i'm talking about a guy who has been there and been through things. i think that's an indication of his grasp of what's necessary. as i spent time with him and watched him, the guy is a very, very smart guy. don't underestimate that in any way, shape or form. i've been there. i've seen it. >> so for people who are nervous or they didn't vote for him, what do you say to them? >> i say they should have voted for him, if you want my answer. i think he gave us, of all the candidates there were, i think he was far and away better prepared for this job than any other candidate that was handed to us. to me it's that simple. the guy has a background for doing the things that he's going to have to do from now on. the other people had no background whatsoever to do this. >> what's the basis of the misunderstanding?
5:58 am
many people don't perceive him that way. they see him as uniquely unqualified. >> have they ever been around him, ever talked to him? i spent two months with him. i was there. i'm not making a judgment from something i read. i'm there, i watched him. i saw him as he dealt with people. and as we progressed, i said this guy is going to really be good. now, i'm a guy that's been there. you're talking about people that read the newspaper or listen to something on television. now, if you want something from somebody that's been there, i've been there. >> i want to ask you about the significance of your red sweater that you're known for. >> well, i appreciate you asking me that. i grew up in a great town in ohio, orville. our sports uniforms, basketball, football, were red. so when i started coaching as a little thing for my hometown, orville, ohio, i always wore a
5:59 am
red sweater just to thank the people. >> it wasn't the indiana team color -- i mean it was, but that's not why you did it. >> no. it was because of growing up in the great town of orville. i got to play all sports. my mother was a teacher there. it was just something i did because the town had been very nice to me and i had gotten an awful lot of things that i think i might not have been able to do or get in other towns. >> so you think trump's red tie is a little nod to his good friend bobby knight? >> well, i don't know whether he's got it tied right or not. >> where are you going to be tomorrow watching? >> well, i don't know. we'll see. my wife and i are here. my wife is a lot more intelligent than i am, and she's here with me. i think she was interesting, she was not a trump supporter when
6:00 am
things got going. as things went on and as i was involved with travel with him, she saw a different thing and she came to me one time, we were just kind of sitting there, and she said, i have paid attention and agree with how you feel about mr. trump. >> coach knight, thanks so much for being with us here on "new day." >> thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to talk about mr. trump because i think he is going to be exceptional when it comes to what we as americans need. >> we will see. the future begins tomorrow. >> that does it for us. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. eastern. >> "newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. >> thank you very much. "newsroom" does start right no


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