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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 19, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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to happen at inaugurations the morman tabernacle choir. donald trump sounds like he would want the best of the best, there's going to be a girl that's going to sing she has a top three album at age ten. seems fitting. >> reporter: and seems fitting, democrats attend to attract bigger stars when it comes to performances, but the performances have produced something of a backlash when individual talent has said they will come and perform. there has been criticism of them. some performs have said they're going to perform, not
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necessarily supporting president-elect trump and his politics, but supporting the peaceful transition of power and there was a very strong and harsh backlash from others and they with drdrew their names. >> reporter: the piano guys, who are wonderful. >> you followed them around one time. >> i'm not going to talk about that that's from my youth. but others felt the need to release statements explaining themselves, which we haven't seen before, talking about this is an american tradition, and why wouldn't they participate in that no matter what is going to be inaugurated. >> let's go to cnn's barbara starr to talk about the laying
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of the wreath with president-elect trump and vice president-elect pence. >> jake and dana, that's going to happen a short distance from you across the river up the hill. across the potomac river. this is the beginning of seeing the very somber elements of being commander in chief begin to assemble around donald trump. nothing is more somber than going to arlington cemetery where tens of thousands of americans veterans for over 200 years plus lay at rest. there are the remains of unknown soldiers dating back to world war i. as you look at those pictures those who live in washington or visited arlington from across the country know that u.s.
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soldiers stand guard at the tomb 24 hours a day in all kind of weather. if there's a winter blizzard in washington, you will find them out there honoring the nation's fallen. and this location at arlington is also interesting because he will be just up the hill from section 60 where dozens and dozens of americans fallen from the war in iraq and afghanistan and other conflicts are laid to rest. what we have seen today is the beginning of the assembly of these elements of being in commander in chief really arrive in front of donald trump, this morning he got an a u.s. air force military aircraft to arrive in washington. he is here at arlington, very somber and tomorrow when he's on the stand at the nation's capitol he will have the nuclear football close by, if there's a
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crisis, he will have all elements of being commander in chief. >> barbara starr, thank you so much and there's nothing more serious in terms of being the president than keeping this nation and its people safe. a reminder as the president-elect and vice president-elect go to the tomb of unknown of that solemn responsibility. back to you, wolf. >> thanks. we're standing by at the blair house, official guest house for visitors of the president across the street from the white house. you're looking at live pictures momentarily the president-elect and his family will be leaving the blair house, we'll have live pictures, to head over to arlington national cemetery, we'll have coverage of that, we have a really good panel to assess what we have heard today, and david gregory, we have heard what almost five hours of testimony from the secretary of
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the pressurery -- treasury. >> he came back on his personal holdin holdings, the issue of his role in the sub prime mortgage fiasco that was such a major topic as president obama was coming into office and someone who was involved in goldman sachs and purchasing loans, there's a lot of sub righteous about that, and there's a lot on capitol hill object who should have beenvi e beenville -- been villainized on
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that. he's held up pretty well. >> do you agree? >> i think democrats who are hoping to score political points is that for most of these it's really a tail of two nominees, a he said, she said so either steve mnuchin is a guy who raided businesses and got people when they were vulnerable or a guy that stepped up during a financial crisis, rebuilt them and helped them thrive. that's a heroic version and which version will we end up with at the end of the hearing? >> and we are going to see the first inauguration event. this will be somber in contrast to the concert at the lincoln memorial, this wreath laying
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ceremony for those with the remains unknown. it's always a somer -- somber event. >> he's been such an unorthodox candidate starting in june 2015 and running into being a very unorthodox president-elect tweeting all the time and doing things i think that have set people on edge many times, we're used to establishment washington so here he is entering into this moment which has the trappings of the establishment. this is a president-elect who basically is just going to go through all the very standard procedures here and very sta standard rituals. and i think there's a hope for a lot of people this will bring the country together, the
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peaceful transfer of power. >> it's really one of the first time where the president-elect, it really starts to dawn on him that he is going to become the president. that he's becoming commander in chief of our armed forces. that has got to be an awesome moment for anyone. and as he thinks about all the enthusiasm for him but no doubt a humbling moment. >> tim, our cnn presidential historian, we saw a little bit of that at fort andrews, but now this will be more formal. >> one thing that we have seen wolf with president-elect who have not had military service or have not been associated with military, the military, it's very important for them early on to establish a connection. president-elect obama for example, also paid a visit to
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arlington during the day before the election -- before the inauguration. it's very important to send a signal that they understand the seriousness of being commander in chief. it's not a matter of spectacle or performance. it's a matter of lives and security. it's extremely important and i would say a good choice on the part of president-elect trump that he and the vice president-elect are going to arlington today. >> but this is something that's traditional. all incoming presidents make an appearance, is that right? >> some have not. some have not. it was very important for president-elect obama not only go to arlington but to visit with the wounded warriors, to send the signal that he was a war president, that he was succeeding another war president. everyone should be watching the symbolism in the next two days, not only is power passing but in
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a sense the personification of the american presidency is changing and donald trump will change it but there's much that he cannot change. it's tradition. >> the president-elect, the vice president-elect but for the respective families as well, they'll be included. >> yes, as tim said, there's so much symbolism in the first two days especially the first lady, we're all waiting to see what kind of role she's going to play and how he's going to use her position as the emotional tenor of the emotional side of the white house. >> you also get to see your first look at the first children and the children have already been posting a number of photos over the last couple of days as they have said goodbye to their lives in new york as well. we have seen ivanka posting a photo with children in toe and donald trump posted a picture of
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him and his wife and i think it's having they're really appreciating what they are getting to witness. >> i think the family is getting ready to leave the blair house right near lafayette park. we'll see some live pictures coming in from blair house. it's a pretty quick drive across the potomac river over to arlington national cemetery. dana, this is a moment i suspect the president-elect is really looking forward to the actual beginning of the formal inauguration events? >> oh, no question about it. looking forward to it, i would imagine as any human would has trepidation, because donald trump started this out on a lark and look at where he is, about
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to be the 45th president of the united states. just the awesome weight of having -- there you go. he's in the doorway there now at the blair house. >> across the street from the white house. >> so he's going to be getting in the car at the white house as jake said across the street from the white house and is going to be making his way to arlington national cemetery. something certainly that donald trump ever thought for certainly the first several decades of his life as a real estate magnet an then a reality tv star that he would actually be doing, don't you think jake? >> i agree. and the weight of the office has a way of changing a person. many former presidents have talked about the moment when they really realize when it really hits them how much responsibility they have. often times it's after they win and have that first security briefing as the president-elect and really hear about everything going on all the threats to the
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nation. 99% of which most of us never know or hear about, the security apparatus of this country has silent successes that we don't hear about. it was eight years ago and we didn't learn about this until much later that the national security apparatus was really worried about the threat to the obama inaugural in 2009 and hopefully we don't know anything about that going on now, but the office has a way of changing people. there's a reason why presidents in eight years age about 30 years. >> and their hair gets quite gray. >> i don't think that's going to happen this time. the gray hair. >> who knows. who knows. we're off the map here. it's a whole new era. >> the president-elect getting ready to leave the blair house an staying overnight for the
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official guests, he will be staying in the white house and will be president of the united states tomorrow with his family. the white house clearly, a lot more impressive. david gregory, you have often taken that drive from -- here he comes out. the president, melania trump walking out. he looks pretty happy and deeply appreciative of the symbolism of what's about to happen, he's going to go to the arlington ceremony to lay a wreath to the tomb of the unknown. and he's going to come to where you are to the lincoln memorial, this concert that's been put together is going to be a couple of hours and i take it at the end of the hour the
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president-elect will speak. >> yes, we are told he will speak. the great america great again welcome celebration has been somewhat controversial in the entertainment community. i don't think i am schooled to say that, toby keith, lee greenwood will be performing as well as the piano guys, and told john voit will be here as well, the hollywood actor not the dentist. and of course the headliner is actually president-elect donald trump who will address the crowd which is starting to gather here and we're at the lincoln memorial and will extend to the washington monument. >> and we have talked to people from colorado, florida, certainly vips who get the good
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seating up there, but there are clearly those who were trump supporters and voters who came to be part of this historic event. >> and just confirmed that woody johnson the new york jets owner, and will be elected to be the ambassador to the united kingdom, so one that's been honored in a distinct way perhaps following in to footsteps of dan rooney who obama named to be ambassador to ireland. >> we saw michael flynn the three-star retired general the president's national security adviser also walk down those stairs at the blair house getting ready for this event. michael flynn head of the intelligence agency, barbara starr, you have some thoughts on what we're about to see?
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>> wolf, as we discussed we are seeing all the elements of being commander in chief beginning to assemble around mr. trump. as they were walking down the steps of the blair house there was a young man in a military uniform, he had a rope on his shoulder like this, and it's usually a signal in a military uniform that that person might be a military aide to the president-elect. i'm not sure we have seen that yet. perhaps another sign of military protocol being extended to mr. trump and the beginning of what we have been talking about here, all the elements, the very somber elements of being commander in chief beginning to assemble around the president-elect. as we said the plane he came to washington on, and very much where he is going now. just steps from where we will be at the tomb of the unknown, hundreds if not more troops who
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have fallen in recent wars especially afghanistan and iraq have been laid to rest. arlington is perhaps the highly visited memorial to visit in washington d.c., millions of people have visited president kennedy's burial site just steps of where mr. trump will be. and the tomb of the unknown where he will lay a wreath that is so representative of so many presidents. it is nearly 100 years old an dates back to world war i. the military refers to the unknown as those known only to god because years ago they didn't have dna people fell on the battlefield, could never be identified and never be returned to their loved ones. it's one of the most somber moments in military protocol and
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one of the things we know is that before that wreath is laid military personnel will brief mr. trump and mr. pence on military protocol and make sure everything goes smoothly for both of them, wolf. >> their families, their friends are driving through the streets of washington, they will cross the potomac river to arlington national cemetery, we are standing by for the first official inaugural event. he is now in washington. we'll take a quick break and be right back.
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president-elect trump, his
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motorcade arriving over at the lincoln memorial -- excuse me, at the arlington national cemetery, going to the lincoln memorial after that for the make america great again celebration. but this much more somber. dedicated to the u.s. military service members at the tomb of the unknown buried without being identified. this is history unfolding right now. in only a matter of hours, tomorrow, donald trump is going to be the 45th president of the united states and as we pointed out he won't be staying at the blair house across the street, he'll be in the white house. >> i think it's important for everyone watching around the world to keep in mind the american presidency is very
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unusual, it combines three things, head of chief, -- head of state, commander in chief and -- we are going to be able to watch today and tomorrow how donald trump in his serious moments how he's handling those three huge responsibilities, going to arlington is his first major act. not yet president as the future commander in chief. it's a major moment. watch how he acts. look at his facial expressions. look at his stature, his poise. he's going to be doing this a number of times, again and again, but the first time sets precedence. >> there's nothing more important than being commander in chief, because that commander
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in chief will have the lives at stake for so many military personal and the national security will be in his hands. >> when people talk about who is ready to be president? actually only presidents are ready to be president. there's no deputy job that prepares you for it. being vice precedevice precedene same. if we want to know why people age in this job, in this very dangerous world, that's the reason. >> take a look at president obama eight years ago, four years ago and today. >> president obama wanted to get the symbolism of the military just right an convey the respect and honor. he famously practiced the salute
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privately so he can get it just right today, i don't know if donald trump will salute or not but that's one of the gestures and elements of commander in chief. >> when he landed and walked off the u.s. military plane and as of tomorrow at noon he'll be flaying on air force one which is clearly the mark of the presidency, so he has to get ready. >> it's remarkable and humbling, you fly in air force one, you realize what a big deal that is, wolf, you have covered presidents, i don't know anyone who is so taken back of realizing what it is to have all that power vested in you and comes at a time while donald
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trump is a wartime president, some troops committed in afghanistan and iraq, but rethinking what america's role should be in the world and harkened back to a pre-world war ii time, this was a senate that never ratified the treaty that was ston ch against it, he's going to be looking at a very difficult threat for america at the time. >> he's already receiving these military briefings. he's got to obey certain military protocols as the president-elect at this event at the ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. >> that's right. things become much more serious,
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his words have greater imp implicatio implications. this year has been really crazy for those of us who cover and follow politics and there have been a lot of unprecedented things that in the old days might have been not done, but this is time to get back to some of the pomp and circumstances, here is a guy who tweets but yet is going to be observing the tra digs and protocol today, i think it's very special and a time to come together. >> you spent a lot of time studying the families and new responsibilities they're going to have, not only the spouse but the kids, the grand kids as well. >> yes, it's interesting because it's been reported obviously that ivanka is going to have an office in the east wing which traditionally is the first lady's office but today and tomorrow on this stage taking
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these first steps in this very traditional ceremony, i think it was oleg cassini who designed for mrs. kennedy. it's really one of the largest families i've seen on this stage i think. >> all the kids an grandchildren are there and the incoming first lady, emily, she's wearing sunglasses which is not unusual even though it's not all that sunny here in washington but she's got an enormous amount of responsibility as well. it is unusual she's not going to be moving here right away, she wants their son, baron to finish the semester. >> baron will be at school bright and early monday morning
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just like any other kid in new york city. it's very interesting what's going to happen with the first family, you saw her moving to d.c., jared will serve in the white house, but the two eldest sons will remain taking care of the trump organization. i'm excite today sd to see what first look will look like. >> there are first lays that have not enjoyed being in washington. margaret truman was a very important helper to president truman, so the fact that the first lady likes to be somewhere other than washington, that's not news. what's going to be interesting is the fact of what is clear is that the president-elect, soon to be president trump has enormous respect for his children's advice. that's what's really different. some people might remember how
12:32 pm
much trouble president carter got into when he referred to amy's thoughts on nuclear weapons. well, amy was eight or nine years old at the time, but we are already prepared that his children are going to be seen as sources of advice. that's a big difference. >> ronald reagan's wife played an incredibly important role. >> but ron jr. was not a source of advice. >> definitely not. >> okay. i want to watch this wreath laying ceremony. now let's just listen and watch.
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we're waiting for the start of this wreath laying ceremony. this is arlington national cemetery the wreath will be placed at the tomb of the unknowns, the monument dedicated to the u.s. military personnel who have died in action without their remains being identified. once again this is the first official inaugural event for the president-elect trump and the vice president-elect pence. this event will begin momentarily. we're going to have extensive live coverage of this moment. david, gregory, you and i were
12:34 pm
both former white house correspo correspondants, no matter how many times you see it you're going to be moved. >> it's moving to watch as a citizen, it's moving for anybody that's got a role in washington. it's beyond that. it's a different level of humility because of all the pageantry around you, it is your job alone to order men and women to their potential death. there's no way you can sugarcoat it it is part of the job. it's an awesome responsibility and you come "face to face" with the honor that this represent, the bravery it represents but the painful anonymity that it represents as well that we can
12:35 pm
have a son or daughter lost in battle. >> we're seeing some of the staff there, military personnel awaiting the president-elect of the united states walking down the stairs and there we see some of the family members ivanka and jared, some of the adult children of the president-elect of the united states. matt lewis is with us as well. matt, this is a moving moment for them, for the family as well. >> absolutely. you think about the history, the tradition, the pageantry, the responsibility and then other presidents throughout history, john f. kennedy is buried there, george washington, abraham lincoln, who sent service members into harm's way and donald trump you know maybe he started this as a -- it's
12:36 pm
unclear but he's about to put his hand on the bible and about to be the person in charge of those decisions. >> we see ivanka, jared kushner, an advisor to the president of the united states, the two adult sons, john jr. who will not be in the white house. they will be taking care of the family business, but now we're seeing the family beginning to walk down including melania, the next first lady of the united states. emily, you studied this family for a long time. >> yes, absolutely, you see the eldest grandchildren of donald trump, you don't see the youngest members. i would find it hard to believe this family has actually visited arlington before today so not only visiting this emotional seen but visiting it as the first family for the first time. that has to be a tremendous
12:37 pm
amount to take in. >> the president-elect of the united states and the vice president-elect of the united states will be walking down with military escorts an they will be presiding over this wreath laying ceremony. >> interesting, wolf, when president kennedy looked at his face and the superintendent of arlington, he said out loud this would be a marvelous place to be buried some day, of course so premature in his own life and of course the kennedy brothers are there as well, so to take in the view as someone who is going to be sworn in as president tomorrow on top of the honor and awesome responsibility this represents again one of the earliest pieces of the pageantry where the president is going to the history, and he was at blair house where he learned of the old kentucky newspaper man who ultimately became an advisor to andrew jackson, living this the
12:38 pm
house where the get tysbutysbur address resides. >> the 45th president of the united states tomorrow will be donald trump. >> every individual who has become our president shapes the office in a certain way. an we have a sense of how donald j. trump -- >> here he comes. >> tomorrow, we'll start seeing it. >> let's watch the president-elect of the united states. the vice president-elect of the united states as this wreath laying ceremony at arlington national ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns is about to begin.
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david gregory, that was a very, very moving moment, the first official inaugural event for the president-elect of the united states. >> yeah, we've been flreflectin
12:42 pm
on it again. this is one of the set pieces for the president-elect to pay tribute to the tomb of the unknown, as the trump family look on, some family so young as children, as we watched the obama girls grow up in their time in office, but this is a moment where he really prepares as president-elect trump to become commander in chief and come to grips of the enormous sacrifice of our men and women in the service, and all of the decisions he'll have to make with regard to national security threats and challenges he will have to faces a president and what we know from presidents past and the presidents club known as that they can all appreciate the lonely experience it is to be commander in chief
12:43 pm
and order people to give the ultimate sacrifice you can give the depth of the difficulty of those decisions is now part of what donald trump will share with others who have come before him. >> jake tapper is over at the lincoln memorial which will be the next official event. a concert there, what's called a make america great again event. i'm anxious on your thoughts, jake. >> beyond the trade deals, that moment that we just witnessed rarely represents the most serious and consequential trust that a nation can bestow on someone. lives are about to be in donald trump's hands not just the lives of the u.s. service members but as commander in chief his primary responsibility is keeping the american people and homeland safe and secure and what we just witnessed, the
12:44 pm
wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns represents that grave responsibility in a way that words fail to describe, but since we don't have the president-elect with us, let us turn to one of the next best things we have with us with me an dana, tom berrick, the celebration of the 45th presidency, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. >> congratulations on everything that's about to unfold. let me ask you as somebody who knows donald trump and is watching him go from a civilian to the commander in chief, what are you witnessing behind closed doors? >> goosebumps. the waiting as of the moment of transitioning from candidate to president is momentous.
12:45 pm
and i think what you're seeing and if you just look in his eyes at arlington, you see in that moment and that anticipation of that peaceful transfer of partisan power that the rhetoric of a campaign moves aside and that responsibility of saying all of these lives as we look is incredibly important and say we're just players on this stage and he's the lead actor where you're going to see a shift from candidate to leader. >> before coming out we were watching and you were noticing that the guy that you have known for so many decades the look on his eyes and face change, how so, can you be more specific. >> look, the man is intent. i don't think you have ever had a harder working candidate in history. and instead of showing up for
12:46 pm
two or three events on thursday or friday, tomorrow, st. johns, coffee and tea with one great president and his wife transcending in three hours to the home an turning that home over to him is a change in attitude of saying i'm here because of a constituency in a political campaign and i'm going to represent all the constituencies that didn't represent me and that heaviness and burden of being able to communicate with that. you can see in his eyes, he's there, up for it. >> you also said you don't think he's going to be as glib anymore. not just the coampaigner, but also the tv reality star, you really think so? >> no the glibness 144
12:47 pm
characters, polls are relevant, short kwirp when you don't have to dictate policy is okay, and it's a great tool that he utilized. now he has a cabinet, now he has heavy issues and i think you're going to see him do it as he did selecting his cabinet. thoughtfully, considered. he's got a team, he's going to give them accountability, reresponsibility. and i think it's time for all of us in america to say whatever it was that we did during the campaign, we should follow his lead. let's put it behind us, give him a chance -- look at the monuments, korea, vietnam, washington, jefferson, lincoln, these were wilt built on the baf peoples lives and spirits and this moment is one in the world in which transfer of power
12:48 pm
happens in this one way, the one most unbelievable way is coffee an tea, the compassion they must feel for each other, president obama saying hey, pal, you're about to step into something you probably can't imagine, and president-elect trump saying, i have such compassion, respect for what you have done, may not agree with the political issues, but as a man and a leader, thank you. >> this evening there will be a dinner with president-elect trump, vice president-elect pence, we're told there may be some big names at that dinner. can you fill us in, anyone that we should know about? >> the big names in trump land are actually the invisible people. if you look at the people who got him elected. it's the waiters, the drivers, the people who are working three shifts when we the beneficiaries are able to celebrate a triumph,
12:49 pm
all the big donors, big cabinet nominees the congressional leadership, it's who you would expect as a prelude to the next day which is really show time. right? at 11:23 when he steps on to the west platform of the capitol, that moment is an impactive moment so this isn't just a prelude of that community for everybody that's worked for that two-year period to say thank you on his behalf. >> i think there are a lot of americans out there who would love president-elect trump to rise to the moment you talked about in a way to uniting the country to talk about putting away the divisions of the campaign, that have been disappointed by a lot of things that have happened in the transition. this is not a sunday show, you
12:50 pm
understand what i'm saying, there are a lot of people who would love to rally behind him. >> he's totally ready and he gets it. and i think what we have to do is give him a chance. he hasn't got his team in place. he's president-elect and if you look at the cabinet selections, people criticize it saying it's all billionaires or only successful people and i say would you like him to have unsuccessful people? if we're having cardiac surgery you go to the best cardiac surgeon in the world or if you're going into a war you would prefer to have a general, general mattis than a west point cadet and that's what's happened and what i would love to see and i think what will happen with him is he now knows he's president for all, i think you're going to see it in spades and in turn all of us need to give him a chance and to say great, now you're the leader,
12:51 pm
take those 100 days and fabricate that tapestry with congressional leadership, you have 535 people he's got to meld this way, he's not a dictator so that weaving of that tapestry which is his vision which incorporates all the threads of all of us in every walk in life can happen and it can happen if we all get behind it. he'll do it. >> and his first opportunity to do that his first opportunit that is his big address down on the mall, his inaugural address. have you spoken to him about it, have you seen it, do you feel confident he's going to set the tone you describe in the major address? >> yes, by the way, he wrote it himself. he's got the best speech writers available to him. he wrote it himself. he's written 13 best sellers. >> have you seen it? >> no, he would never share it with any of us, right?
12:52 pm
probably going to tuse it as a surprise for all of you. it's from his heart, well thought, and i think it will be a message to the world. and what we need to do as a message totd world is say, look, we can never be attacked by the outside if we're together on the inside. so, i think that's the first task. the first 100 days, domestic policies, immigration, tax reform, obamacare, education, he'll nail those and his team will do it. and foreign policy, he was the first president that ever reached out to the domestic diplomatic core. when we start this had he said, look, i want you to reach out to the domestic diplomatic core. i want to know what they think. i researched it, it had never been done. so, he said i want to do it someplace special. he did it in the melon building which he's been a crit of nato. we did it at a building in whic.
12:53 pm
>> best of luck. >> i hope it is a great inaugural celebration for you. we're going to take a very quick break. whether we come back, the inaugural is just getting started. stay with us. hey, come look what lisa made. wow. you grilled that chicken? yup! i did... n't. mhm, lisa. you roasted this? uhuh... n't. introducing smartmade by smart ones. real ingredients, grilled and roasted using the same smart cooking techniques you do. you own a grill? smartmade frozen meals. it's like you made it. and you did... n't.
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we are live at the lincoln memorial for the first major public event of the trump inauguration. we are going to have a concert with welcomes, the incoming president, and i think it's fair to say a new era here in washington and across the country. i'm jake tapper here with dana bash. this is a special edition of "the lead." just moments from now, the concert, the inaugural concert will begin and president-elect trump and his family will make a big entrance. tonight's feature performers include country music stars toby keith and lee greenwood.
12:58 pm
we will hear from the band "three doors down." i think it's fair to say president-elect trump will get top billing. the president-elect will speak tonight just hours before he will be sworn in as the 45th commander in chief. we're going to carry this all live, of course. and dana, one of the first people we're going to hear from after a patriotic opening will be the actor john voight who narrated donald trump's biography, the short little film during the republican convention. >> that's right. he is kind of a staple, a hollywood staple at republican conventions and inaugurations. as we've been talking about, hollywood does not tend to be very rah-rah republican, especially when it has come to donald trump. but john voight is certainly different from that. the one thing that struck me as we were standing here with tom barak we were just interviewing, the guy who ran this whole thing, the whole inauguration, is that everybody was sitting here on the big screens watching
12:59 pm
donald trump lay the wreath or at the tomb of the unknown soldiers. it was almost as if you could hear a pin drop here. >> obviously thousands of people here. we're at the lincoln memorial. behind us -- in front of us rather is the reflecting pool and the washington monument. there are thousands of people here, fans of president-elect trump. tom making the point this is a celebration, not merely of one man, but a celebration of america, of the peaceful transfer of power, of the fact that we have 220 plus years of such peaceful transfers of power in this nation, something to celebrate. and that this is really a celebration of that. this is really honoring that american tradition. but in addition to john voight, i believe one of the first big ones we're going to have is lee greenwood, of course, is going to be here. >> for those of us who go to republican and democratic rallies for a live-in, we hear a lot of greenwood.
1:00 pm
>> you hear greenwood at democratic rallies? >> yeah, depends where we are in the country. further west, south. >> it's fair to say this is a distinctly republican lineup of entertainers. >> for sure. >> was >> as we discussed earlier, there were other entertainers who didn't necessarily support president-elect trump who were invited to perform, who said that they would -- let's listen in. we're just being told that it's five minutes. >> five minutes away. >> thanks to my executive for producer for making me interrupt that. what i was saying, there is this idea of -- that a lot of entertainers agreed with of just coming to honor the presidency, honor the peaceful transfer of power, honor the event, honor the nation. but there was a backlash and a lot of liberals were very critical of those entertainers who said they were going to perform, and a number of them pulled out. but we will hear from some of