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  Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  January 19, 2017 6:01pm-6:15pm PST

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of agriculture. but we just named sunny purdue so i want to congratulate you. secretary of agriculture. when i was leaving, i just saw general kelly and when i was leaving he's just to put it in the most basic terms, he's in charge of our borders. and they had on all of the stations that lots of things are happening along the borders like this tremendous security all of a sudden, and even before he gets there, they are saying wow, what a difference. what a difference. i was very honored to get border security, all of the border patrol agents, they endorsed trump. we had 16,500. i.c.e. endorsed trump and they
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know what is happening or already started because general kelly is going to do an unbelievable job in keeping us all safe. [ applause [ applause ] >> and speaking of safety, we have general mattias. now, i don't know if he likes being called "mad dog mattias" so i will not callhim mad dog mattias." i'll call him general mattias. in fact, it was the shortest senator interview i've ever seen. i think they are afraid of him, actually. but just in case you have any question, don't worry, he's going to pass. the cabinet members are doing really fantastic. i've watched most of it. i've heard most of it. they have really, really done a
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good job and i was very proud of them. i'm very, very proud of my picks. there is not a pick that i don't love. and if there was, i'd tell you right now. probably would, actually. i want to thank the cabinet for being here. i want to thank all of the senators that i see. you're here. i want to thank all of our donors, big donors, small donors, there are donors that got really, really generous a day after the election was won. i have a couple. they got so generous. i want to tell you, i just sent a big check. oh, great. should have sent it a week before. we love you, too. they are now officially a member of our party. we've picked up hundreds of thousands and millions of republicans, not only did we do great in the election, you
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remember we cannot get to 270. they were right. we got to 306. you cannot get it. i know, cnn i was watching. i was watching all of them in all fairness. all of them. the main networks, the cable networks, although, fox has treated us very well, i have to say. very well, very well. very well. and when i say well, by well, i mean fairly. but they were saying you cannot get to 270. i went to maine four times. for one vote and i got it but i didn't need it. this was a victory for all of us, a victory for all of us and in the audience, by the way, i see my great brother and i see ann marie, thank you for being here. i see my sister marian and david. where is -- there, right there,
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who happens to be a court of appeals judge. he is tough. she is tough. but highly, highly respected. i see my sister elizabeth, which is great. i'm so happy you're here. we actually have a very, very good family. we have a family. we have a family that gets along. my sons, look at them standing there. did they -- i say why aren't you campaigning today? eric and don and tiffany, who was incredible. and baron is home. but we had -- we had a great group of people, right? we worked hard. in the audience we have somebody that's under no pressure whatsoever because he's got a great quarterback named tom brady and a great coach and a great coach named belichick, bob craft. so good luck, bob. your friend tom just called. he feels good. he called to congratulate us.
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he feels good. good luck. you're going to do great things. so i just want to thank everybody. we're going to have four incredible years. it's going to be something special. we have in the audience a special person whose worked very hard who married very well, it's my daughter ivanka. where is she? [ applause [ applause ] >> i sort of stole her husband. he is so great. if you can't produce peace in the middle east, nobody can. okay? all my life, i've been hearing that's the toughest deal in the world to make. and i've seen it. but i have a feeling that jared is going to do a great job. i have a feeling he's going to do a great job. so -- [ applause ]
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>> you're working with him. [ laughter ] >> and one other person i have to thank, so we had actually 18 people said -- 17 people running. it's 18 including gilmore. he was the governor of virginia in all fairness. is he here? yeah, he's here. so we had 18 people running and we had reince and i said before, nobody knew how to pronounce his name. it's a crazy name. they call him reince, steve wjut called him -- still not pronouncing it right, steve. but reince priebus, now everybody pronounces his name right. he's a star, and i knew that a long time ago. he had a problem because he sort of liked me. he didn't like me because of my personality, he thought i could win. he thought i could win. the great philis, she's a great
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woman. was a great woman. passed away six months ago. i went to her funeral in st. louis. and she came out against all of her fellow conservatives and said i am not endorsing anybody else but donald trump. i don't care what exactly he is. he's like an unknown quality, quantity but he -- he's going to win and reince had the same thing and reince was taking tremendous abuse and i want to thank, by the way, philis because she went through hell. philis went through hell in that last one-third of the year and turned out to be right but reince had the same thing. and reince sort of -- i always felt he favored me. like a coach who has a player and you sort of favor, but reince is fantastic. reince has been an unbelievable leader. now, he had to win because if he
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didn't win, it was over. he would have been fired. we would have said reince, you're fired, get the hell out of here. but he is an unbelievable leader. he's an unbelievable talent. and he's been my friend and he's been with me from the beginning. so i want to thank reince priebus and just in finishing up, tom called me. where is tom? got to be around here someplace. tom is a very, very successful guy. he became my party planner. in fact, every time i have a party, are you available? i'm having one in about two months, tom. he and all of his friends they
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came to me and said we'd like to run. i said what the hell do you know about running it? between stephanie -- where is stephanie? there she is. what a job. what is job you did. thank you. did he finally come through for you, stephanie? tom, thank you, stephanie, thank you your entire group, thank you. so far it's been perfect. the bigger one is tomorrow at around 12:00. okay? arlington national cemetery was so beautiful. so many people. it was incredible. so we went there and we laid the wreath with mike and it was beautiful and then we went to the lincoln memorial and had a concert and we thought it would be a small concert and never
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fewer people had it but what they pulled off was incredible. it was an unbelievable period of time but tomorrow seems to be the big one. i made a speech tonight about those live television cameras, i can't stand them. but actually, a couple of them are starting to get honest. but i thought it was a very good speech and so instead of saying it was a good speech, they are saying doesn't matter tonight, how will he do tomorrow? they never give you credit. but tomorrow we have a speech, probably around 12:00. it may rain. it may not rain. i don't care. doesn't matter. i mean, the truth is, if it really pours, that's okay. because people will realize it's
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my real hair and that's okay. [ laughter ] >> might be a mess but they will see it's my real hair. but we have a speech that i wrote and worked with steven miller around here someplace and steven is great. he's been with us from the beginning. steven and hope and corey and so many people have been so great. and i see my kelly ann. oh, kelly ann. come here. come here. come here, kelly ann. get up here. come here kelly ann. she's been so great. wow. so there is no den she won't go into. when my men are petrified to go
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on a certain network, i say kelly ann, absolutely, no problem. then she gets on and just destroys them. so anyway, thank you, baby, thank you. thank you. be careful. so this is a celebration of victory. you're my friends, we needed this victory, three weeks before we won, as you know, it was going to be the single greatest defeat in the history of politics. they predicted that this would be the greatest loss in political history, not even modern political history. they said in political history and i'll tell you one thing, i out worked everybody. i think i out worked anybody whoever ran for office. i learned that from belichick, right? but we out worked them and three, four, five speeches a day, all over the place and that
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last two weeks and the last weeks specially, there was something that was happening. i told the group today they cancelled their fireworks two weeks out and there was a little story they spent $7 million on fireworks, and they cancelled it and that's because history has proven that if you're going to lose, you don't want fireworks, right? and that was a good sign. and there were other good signs. but what we did on those last two weeks, especially in the last week, it was fun and we saw what was going to happen. we were pretty sure we were going to win. but again, thank you-all very much. we'll see you. we have an election coming up in two years. we're going to get a lot of senators and congressmen elected, a lot. we're going to get a lot of them elect elected. mitch mcconnell is here smiling so big. he loves those words and we are
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going to make america great again, greater than ever before. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. [ applause ] and there you have it, president elect donald trump, the last evening he'll be president elect speaking at a candle light dinner. good evening again from washington. the trumps tonight capping a very full day on the eve o